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  1. I have asked the question reference the above to an old acquittance I mooched with back in the day. I can confirm the nearest Sika Deer is approximately a 3 hour drive of patch. GG
  2. Not observed any Sika on this location only Stags and Hinds. This beast later moved off with 8 Hinds. GG
  3. You should see his big brother..
  4. First one this year.. Unfortunately not my permission πŸ™„ and not the best light 20:00hrs.. GG
  5. Great capture thanks for sharing πŸ‘ GG
  6. Excellent workmanship πŸ‘ GG
  7. Herring Gull I think, a little far for the 300mm 2/8.. GG
  8. Dunlin Hoylake. Liverpool. Not the greatest light middle of the day. GG Flickr: GREENGRASS F1
  9. The Black Pearl Oludeniz Turkey August 2019. Just deleting old images to free up HD. GG
  10. Caught in cross wind unexpected. GG
  11. Just a couple of Coots from local water, nothing really moving.... GG
  12. Thank you all for viewing and repliesπŸ‘ GG
  13. The waiting game and a strong wind in your face. Mooching negative permission unfortunately.. GG Best viewed on Flickr: GREENGRASS F1
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