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  1. Great light and composition Dave
  2. Helped out with a local camera club with an Owl shoot, I managed to bag a few images in between helping with people new to photography. GG
  3. Christian will this fit a 40 inch chest if yes then I will take it off your hands at asking price!! GG 👍
  4. Canada Goose Back Lit!! GG
  5. Taken on some water permission I now have access to. Original image on Flickr:- GREENGRASS F1 GG
  6. Looking up @ the Moon from the back of my Mom's. GG Apologies the image looks poor when I upload. Now posted on Flickr:- GREENGRASS F1
  7. Located whilst mooching 😎 GG
  8. Taken on a local pool near my Mom,s. I have permission for this water and the land owner has provided me with a master key for the gates to come and go as I please. Which I thought was very kind. GG
  9. A big well done to you Christian, you should work for the RSPB.. You must be close to God as named Christian and walking on water 👼 GG
  10. First time out in snow and I think he likes it.. GG
  11. Happy Christmas to you all vIew on Flickr for the larger image. Flickr:- GREENGRASS F1 GG
  12. A quick snap at local pond. Canon 300 F2.8 is MK1 lens. Canon 7D body MK1 GG Flickr:- GREENGRASS F1
  13. Canon 300 F2. 8 is. MK1 Just getting used to it now. GG 🧙‍♂️
  14. Many thanks to you all for viewing and kind words. Full file size on Flickr :- GREENGRASS F1 GG 👍
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