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  1. This Cock Pheasant and a couple of friends came through a new feeding station I have set up for GSW. I was in a new hide with the hound. They were oblivious to us and just strutted around. Thanks for viewing. GG and Milo 🐶 Mate 1 Mate 2
  2. Barn Own near my Mom,s house. GG
  3. Blue tractor from a few back. GG
  4. Average yes compared to the others.. GG
  5. Happy Birthday Jonty and what a cracking gift from the MiL. GG
  6. GG Detailed image on Flickr: GREENGRASS F1
  7. I had been given the Heads up about a Stag on some land I have no permission on unfortunately. So I went after the beast anyway, worst case scenario I get shot and as my wife constantly reminds me that I am worth more dead to her than alive at the current insurance policy. So out I went at first light Mooching with the trusty Canon and 300 2/8. Easier to run with. This is the smaller one from three that I observed. GG
  8. Thanks for viewing and the kind responses. 👍 GG
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