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  1. Erithacus rubecula

    This is a copy and paste from another message previously replied to.. What cameras you use? Canon 1D MK iv with Canon 500F/4 lens..Mounted on a Jobu Gimble head DMG-HD4 attached to Feisol Carbon Tripod CT-3372. I use Lightroom 2018 and Photoshop CC 2018. Try to do get everything right in camera. Once you have worked out the full capabilities of your camera and lens the editing is not really required only fine tunes for prints. Hope that helps. GG
  2. Erithacus rubecula

    Robin from one of my feeding stations. Nothing of note showing of late. GG
  3. Fulica atra ( Re posted )

    Hi Mice Initially shot in colour but the light was poor and the image appeared flat, opened in raw on Photoshop drop the highlights, up the contrast and shadows, crop to size. Open image then in full PS black,white gradient filter layer then curves layer and slight contrast balance. Then resize for web posting PW and Flickr.. I don't shoot in Mono. My work flow is through Lightroom and Photoshop.. HDR Photmatrix Pro 6.3 Hope that helps. Regards GG
  4. What u lookin at!!!

    Stunning bird, the hawk that is. Thanks for posting Phil.. I have only ever observed one previously take a single Starling once. Stunning to see in real time. GG
  5. Noticed this whilst homeward bound after a day in the field. From 60mph to parked up camera out on tripod and remote activation within about 20 seconds. From a nice warm car with thoughts of a hot shower and some hot food, to jumping out into freezing cold wind and getting abuse from vehicles passing me. Sometimes you just have to take it when its there. Data details attached for those who may be interested. Straight lift from camera with slight sharpening on tree line. GG
  6. Fulica atra ( shot )

    Captured this image this afternoon lying flat out in the snow which was blowing a blizzard. Managed this in-between loosing focus due to the snow flakes falling between me and the subject. Not sure as to keep in low res colour or transfer to B& W.. I like the image just for its bitter simplicity. GG
  7. Fulica atra ( Re posted )

    Canon 100 x 400 MK ii ( versatile and solid ) View some of my stuff on Flickr:- GREENGRASS F1 Thanks for looking in and taking time to comment I have observed the Coots fighting with the Grebes over nesting site rights, not nice and the Grebe lost. Before I had a camera unfortunatly. GG
  8. Gull

    Thank you all for viewing and taking time out to comment, noted and obliged. GG
  9. Fulica atra ( Re posted )

    Yes NB a great day to be out we must be mad LoL. I wish I had a pound for every time my wife and daughters say that to me. I agree with your comment ref Coots numbers, there does not appear to be that many coots or Grebes in my location this year either. I would have photographed your frozen facial hair for a record shot, hope you got what you ventured out for in the end. GG
  10. Fulica atra ( Re posted )

    Cold Coot on the move. Taken at local pond, only me out today 28/02/2018 for some reason. On returning back to my vehicle -4 showing on dash readout GG
  11. Gull

    I had been waiting patiently flat out on a frozen solid floor in fishing bay for a KF to come and perch up for me. However the KF had other ideas and only flew past me at high speed just to mock me. The fishermen then began to show up and put bait out for the local carp, no carp showing but a few Gull's were having a feast to the anger of the fishermen. GG
  12. hard slog

    Top effort and perseverance, the end result looks worth it. GG
  13. Red breast

    Great colour and detail. GG
  14. S & M

    Thanks for viewing and kind words, noted and obliged. GG
  15. Anas platyrhynchos

    Thanks for viewing and kind words, noted and obliged. GG