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    I'm not addicted to coke I just like the smell of it !!!
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  1. Hi Gerry Yes he is, thanks. 👍
  2. A couple got up but nothing of note.. A few squirrels gave him the run around LoL. One day maybe.


    Got out this morning for a some fresh air, just me and the hound. Mooching. GG 😎
  4. GG Full resolution images: Flickr: GREENGRASS F1
  5. Mooching over an old Flight pond I used to shoot over but now just feed the ducks and take pictures. Mellowed in my old age. GG Flickr:- GREENGRASS F1
  6. God knows I had been fast asleep until my mate parked up and then after a good hike came across the location. Very hilly with plenty of sheep. GG Think the image was taken about two weeks before posting, deleted now as it was not worth keeping. I just presumed it was nest material at the time, as I could not think what else it could be for. Thanks for viewing. GG
  7. Mooching over Derby GG 😉
  8. From some of my permission GG 😎 1
  9. Thanks to all for viewing and kind words. Just heading home after a long meeting ending up in the Joint Stock. Birmingham... Ready for bed.. GG
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