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  1. Many thanks Fisher, there are a few overseas trips planned for 2022 as 2021 was lost to Covid including several lucrative Weddings. I will post the images as they become available. Hopefully towards the end of February should be something special.. Good Luck to you in 2022. GG Milo🐶
  2. Goldfish I don't believe I have had any interaction with you previously. But I do find your seven word post disrespectful. However I have just viewed my personal messages but nothing from you requesting permission to download and use my image. This is the normal route most members take and I am more than accommodating the majority of the time with a full resolution image being forwarded. The other option is an unsightly watermark stuck on every image I post in the future. Happy New Year.
  3. Little Owl from earlier in the year, just deleting old images. GG Milo 🐶
  4. Hi Wymberly Pleased the image reached all in order. Thank you all for the kind words. GG
  5. Red Squirrel 300mile round trip.. Be aware of copy right legislation within image. Metadata stored in an image file stays with the image. Metadata is essential for identification and copyright protection. Metadata are also key to smoothing workflow, easily finding digital images via search – online or offline – and tracking image usage. GG
  6. Think he had just completed Rutting https://www.flickr.com/photos/70747475@N02/51702835718/in/dateposted-public/ Click on the link above if you want the full image... GG Milo🐶
  7. GSW Harsh light at times, such is life. GG Milo 🐶
  8. Excellent work Peter, thanks for the images. GG 👍
  9. Great video to watch Simon thanks for all the effort you put in and sharing. Pleased to see the old lad out with you he still enjoys being in the field with you that was obvious. You make a good team. Thanks again GG 👍
  10. Whilst waiting for GSW to come into my set up on some old permission this afternoon. I thought its very Q... I began to make a coffee and what should come and land on my brand new perch positioned about 10ft away. Yes a female Sparrowhawk, oh what a nice surprise indeed, pity the light was poor. Nearly spilt my coffee on Milo, but managed to avoid him thankfully and managed to shoot two bursts off.. GG Milo🐶
  11. This one did not get wet. GG
  12. As title waiting for the Sun.
  13. Cheers Walker happy memories for you. GG 👍 Cheers Roy. GG 👍 Thanks for viewing. GG 👍
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