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  1. Mother & Daughter

    Mother & Daughter GG
  2. Bradgate Park

    Yes it does have that calming effect on me. GG Who said romance was dead. Pleased it has fond memories for you Scotty. GG
  3. School Boy Error

    I can imagine you struggle to get served at the pub when its happy hour
  4. Bradgate Park

    Image from a few years ago taken whilst waiting for the light to shoot the deer rut. If posted previously my apologies, just clearing up the HD on my computer. GG
  5. Just a Gull

    Thanks Figgy for your kind words, noted and obliged. GG
  6. Just a Gull

    When the light is not great shoot the gulls is my thing!! GG
  7. Falco tinnunculus

    From back in the day when I first started out into wildlife photography think this was taken with a Canon 400D body and 70 x 300mm usm lens no IS. Hand held, I had the camera body but no lenses as I was out off work. So my mate very kindly gave me the lens. GG
  8. Hawk Harris

    Thanks to all for viewing and taking time out to comment. GG
  9. British Shooting Show

    https://shootingshow.co.uk/the-show/buy-your-tickets/ Hope the link works GG
  10. Sitta europaea

    Cheers Telf GG
  11. H e r o N

    Thanks for viewing and taking time out to reply GG
  12. Stags

    Thanks for viewing and taking time out to reply GG
  13. A few snaps from yesterday

    Nice images Dave and composition on the static birds. Which reserve did you go to?? GG
  14. Hawk Harris

    Paid shoot images now sold. GG
  15. H e r o N

    Life,s not always Black & White, except when theirs no descent light..... GG