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  1. Red-legged partridge
  2. Yes on a boat. Just got this print back from the printers A3 size. It's going in the hallway when framed. GG 👍
  3. Great write up thanks for sharing your wonderful country. Image 3 omg what a view.. Great shooting nothing wasted.👍 GG
  4. I believe it was to cull protect livestock. The camera served me well but looking to ugrade to mirrorless very soon and invest in new glass got left behind at times with shutter rate and eye focus systems especially on bird in flight shots. I'm thinking of Canon R3 and 600f/4 RF lens may be the route I take. Thanks for viewing and apologies for watermark. GG
  5. Taken from the boat not into landscape images not my forte but thought some may get a feel for the location. Nice way of life not once did we lock the house doors, keys left in ignition of VW Transporter. No litter no graffiti no hoodies and I did not see one Police officer. Everyone polite and friendly. Nearest hospital 1 hour drive away. One lady gave birth prematurely neighbouring where I was located. They sent two Air ambulances. She gave birth to twins the second helicopter came with incubators to transport the new-borns. The hunters shoot Elk in the main which is plenty full and there are plenty high seats once you get out and about in the country. The Elk tastes amazing. Unfortunately for me whilst I was there the Norwegian government lifted the ban on shooting Wolves on the first day in my location I believe 13 were shot.
  6. WTE landing on some type of marker in the Fjord. Fantastic morning light, wind chill on the boat made my eyelashes freeze with my eyes running. Hope you find pleasure viewing as much as I did spending time with these graceful birds. GG
  7. Northern Norway and yes it was chilly. GG Apologies for watermark....
  8. Landing. Apologies for the watermark.. Its unfortunate as it distracts some of the detail of the image. GG 😏
  9. Apolgies WalkedUp. I don't enjoy viewing images with anything to distract from th subject also. Unfortunatley one person can ruin the enjoyment of others. That's if people enjoy viewing them that is. GG
  10. Mountain range Flatanger. Norway. GG
  11. Yates thanks for viewing, it was blowing the snow up nicely with a chill factor of about -12.. I also like the atmospher in the image. GG No Chris got home late Sunday 27th. Norway was quality if a little expensive. KLM did their ut most to ruin the expidition getting out to Norway and then getting home with all my gear. Never flying KLM again. GG
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