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  1. Just deleting some old images to clear up HD.. GG
  2. Totally agree, true words indeed.
  3. You could be right but I am sure I still have a few of my old friends who could charge the bottle for me. Just for old times sake or comedy value ( me shooting again ). Not realy up to speed with the latest air rifles but if I recal correctly the Rapids were up there with the best back in the day. The Rapid 20 was the most reliable and accurate I came across. If I do make use of it I will endeavour to post some images. Cheers GG
  4. "Some like them, some don't" GG
  5. Long Mynd... GG
  6. Approximately two hours I would hazard a guess at. I did take numerous shots in bursts of 10 frames a second if my memory serves me well. From distances of 10 yards to 25 yards. Taken images 100 to 150 in total.. About four that are worthy of printing the rest get deleted. I had visited previously and not taken a shot. That's wildlife photography. The longest I have taken to get an image is 6 months which was the three Rats on top of an old post. Think they are still on Flickr: GREENGRASS F1 GG
  7. Your post made me smile as I posted something similar on a photo web site about 30yrs ago. Practice Practice then if you fail learn from the fail and move on..Never give up. Know your equipment and capabilities also your own skills. Know your quarry just like shooting. As your skills get better you will then require better equipment you will know when the time is right as your pictures become memorable images. Good luck GG 👍
  8. Good question, observe from a distance firstly and view where they are active also stay clear of nesting site. Move to the position you want to be in to take the shot. I have the image in my head prior to attending the location. Think about the light firstly then foreground and background, lastly the perch/environment. No hide or camo required. I did a great deal of Mooching back in the day with someone from this site who views surreptitiously. Eyes of a Pigeon and could hear paint dry. Shot with Canon 1DX.. Canon 500 F/4 lens with extender. Mounted on Jobu Gimble head mkiv and a FEISOL carbon tournament Tripod.. Hope that helps. GG Not at all they were well fed indeed. GG👍 Many thanks GG 👍 Cheers JDog. GG 👍
  9. Thank you all for viewing and kind words. GG
  10. Taken whilst visiting Long Mynd before lock down GG Large resolution image on Flickr: GREENGRASS F1
  11. Oh Nooooooooooooo. Tidy shooting Rimy....
  12. This Squirrel keeps stealing all my bird bait.. The Rapid 20 Cal may have to come out of retirement its not been out of the gun safe for about 10years.....or a BSA mk1 air sporter that's been given to me. Manufactured 1948 x 1954. Nearly as old as JDog GG
  13. Mixed Goose Fly By.. GG
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