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  1. Derbyshire Dipper from last year.. Fast flowing water. GG
  2. Swan from last year. GG 2
  3. A few Black & White as the light was poor. Just deleting old images to free up HD. But also due to self isolation courtesy of that Bloody Virus. I am climbing the walls in between coughing my lungs up omg 🤢 GG 2
  4. Not old Rats just an old image. Yes wild Rats from local Reservoir. Just under 6 months to get the family on the posts I was setting up, feeding and waiting for the right light. GG


    GT from sometime back. GG Flickr: GREENGRASS F1
  6. As title GG
  7. Just deleting unused images from HD.. GG
  8. Carp on local ponds I have master key to all the gates 😉 GG ( no more mooching ) 1 3
  9. On route home, It had to be done!!! GG FLICKR:- GREENGRASS F1
  10. Grebe commissioned shoot for local angling club web site... Back to wildlife after a full on season of wedding photography.... Daughter managed to scank me for a new car plus insurance and the wife has taken me for a complete new kitchen and double glazing. ( Bitches ) I got a new camera battery and memory card 😰 GG 2
  11. Goldcrest from my old shooting grounds 😉 GG Flickr: GREENGRASS F1 😎
  12. Handsome hound indeed 👍👍
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