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  1. Thank you all for viewing and kind words. GG Flickr:- GREENGRASS F1
  2. It must have been his first time 😍 GG 🙈
  3. I had to photograph some more Dippers as I was not happy with the previous images. GG
  4. Nice one Welsh. That sky looks well moody..
  5. Canon 5oo f/4 lens Canon 1DX mk1 body
  6. Dippers I stumbled across 😎 and yes I was in the water taking the shots.. GG
  7. Back lit initially. Then Neewer reflector... placed at an angle in front of owl to lift the colour and detail. GG Flickr:- GREENGRASS F1
  8. A nice topic to read through and some quality images. Shame we have lost one of our flock. RIP Tiercel.
  9. Thanks to all for viewing and kind words.
  10. Helped out with a local camera club with an Owl shoot, I managed to bag a few images in between helping with people new to photography. GG
  11. Thanks for viewing Ginger, yes can imagine his displeasure as about 20 cameras being pointed at him. However he was paid well for about an hours work. All towards the local rescue facility. Good learning curve for the newbies also. GG
  12. Great light and detail Dave.
  13. Cheers Dave, the images I post do not seem to retain the detail. I think it must be how I process them for PW. The larger images are better viewed on Flickr:-GREENGRASS F1 Thanks for looking in 👍
  14. Great Crested Grebe from a pool I used to shoot over many moons ago. GG Flickr:- GREENGRASS F1
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