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  1. billytheghillie

    Woodwork/tool question

    The old axe I had, had a metal wedge in it.
  2. billytheghillie

    Shakespeare switch Rods ???

    Are you thinking 12ft? If so I would not bother, unless you are mainly targeting grilse. Also look at the Greys range, I was in the Hardy shop at Alnwick on Saturday and they have a Greys GR 50 13ft rated 8/9 line for £280 but reduced by 40% so about £160 odd. I tried this rod last week on the river, coupled with a Rio Outbound 8/9 line and it was a joy to use. If your budget can stretch to it, I would recommend it. 13ft is a good allrounder
  3. billytheghillie

    Bins suggestions please

    This ☝️ recently bought Opticrons Naturas (£260) 8x42 these are crackin bins, with a 30 year warranty
  4. billytheghillie

    Which and why. .17hmr

    with that budget £500 you can get a new CZ, and no need to worry about the barrel been shot out.
  5. billytheghillie

    any you tubers?

    I watch a lot of fly tying vids on it, and it is annoying when the guy has the wrong colour of shirt on. If you are going to be doing some close up work make sure your back ground is suitable.
  6. billytheghillie

    An expensive morning

    £800! a few more hundred and you could buy a new canopy.
  7. billytheghillie

    Variation questions

    Great result 👍 P.S. where have you been hiding? Aint seen you on here for a while.
  8. billytheghillie

    Gunsmith north east for touch up blueing on barrel

    Weldon gun room?
  9. billytheghillie


    why will there be no petrol or diesel in a few years time?
  10. billytheghillie

    Pick up Insurance

    who did you go with?
  11. billytheghillie


    try 24g carts, that's what I used when I had a 20 bore.
  12. billytheghillie

    Convector hearth

    why not get a log/coal burner stove.
  13. billytheghillie

    Battery Pressure Washer

    that's the one I was looking at
  14. billytheghillie

    Battery Pressure Washer

    Anybody have, use one? Any good?
  15. billytheghillie

    stubbs barbecue sauce

    if it fell off the back of a lorry, surely the jars would have broken.