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  1. billytheghillie

    Winchester Sx4 or Franchi Affinity?

    Welcome to the club, feed it, shoot it, clean it, and most of all enjoy it. Hope you cleaned them out first.
  2. billytheghillie

    Am I right in thinking.....?

    Good Luck Scully.
  3. billytheghillie

    Aaron Ramsey

    it would make me happy.
  4. billytheghillie

    Winchester Sx4 or Franchi Affinity?

    I have a franchi and love it,try it out, mines fitted like a glove, ohh and 7 year warranty.
  5. billytheghillie

    Norham on the Tweed flyfishing

    up here in the Kelso area its 1st April. think I would check.
  6. billytheghillie

    Norham on the Tweed flyfishing

    No,No,No, season starts 1st April for brown trout.
  7. billytheghillie

    Semi Auto Advise

    Yes franchi, I went from hatsan to the affinity 1, and its been faultless as well. Notice I spelled faultless correctly 😄
  8. billytheghillie

    22LR Moderators

    SAK About £40,buy one.
  9. billytheghillie

    which fox caller

    I have a icotec
  10. billytheghillie

    Stick wood

    A virgin in Great Yarmouth
  11. billytheghillie

    Stick wood

    Were they the cheap ones or the higher end range? Higher end range use classic race horse urine.
  12. billytheghillie

    It must be a record.

    It looks obvious that's the reason they signed up here.
  13. billytheghillie


    2nd dibs please.
  14. billytheghillie


    Why do you need 6 watches? You only have 2 wrists
  15. billytheghillie

    Bargain game shoot

    No insurance needed, I see.