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  1. What about White Friday deals?
  2. do yourself a favour and buy a pair of Aigles, your feet and wallet will thank you for it.
  3. Thats a crackin gun at a great price, i have the same one and love it. Dont think it will hang about long. Good luck with the sale.
  4. its a arrow Arada Ecoburn Plus 5, my mistake.
  5. cant use house coal on my stove as it burns to hot and would damage the riddling fingers, according to manufacturers blumf.
  6. about 3 to 4 year old, been used since end of September, yes used this coal before. It usually chucks the heat out and i end up opening doors.
  7. burn both, the coal im using now is £19.50 a bag and usually blasts the heat out
  8. My multi fuel log burner is not putting out much heat, at the moment im burning coal. A new liner was fitted last November, do you think i\t needs swept already?
  9. Remember, whoever smelt it, dealt it!
  10. See Lewis has lost his court case with Hamilton watches, just shows what a pillock he is.
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