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  1. billytheghillie

    Boot recommendations

    check out John Norris, Penrith, he has Harkilas for £159 half price!
  2. billytheghillie

    Nexus 7 Tablet 2013

    Wanted as above, must be generation 2013 onwards.
  3. billytheghillie

    Peugeot 206 sport

  4. billytheghillie

    The Admirable Gordon R

    What, you, Perverted! I don't think so!
  5. billytheghillie

    FAC Grant

    Only have had great service from Police Scotland. Remember they will do renewals first before 1st applicants.
  6. billytheghillie


    +1 for the minox, also consider the opticron range.
  7. billytheghillie

    Scottish Borders

    Hawick! used to be the Queen o,the Borders, now is ------- well you can decide. I would advise you to go and have a chat with Ian at the Gunroom, St. Boswells, he will give you a few pointers.
  8. billytheghillie

    Scottish Borders

    The Borders is a big area, where abouts roughly.
  9. billytheghillie

    Hooks left in a fish's mouth research

    I know a angler who caught a salmon this season on the tweed, and it had 2 flees in its mouth already.
  10. billytheghillie


    need a pic
  11. billytheghillie

    Cert has landed!

    +1 Well said that man
  12. billytheghillie

    GP medical

    I can see this thread getting locked, wheres Burnley Dave?
  13. billytheghillie

    Train Driver/Guard T Key

    are the bus/coach ones not the same?
  14. billytheghillie

    GP medical

    Just to put in my tuppence worth, up here in Bonnie Scotland my Doc charged me £30 about 3 months ago for the paperwork. Second hobby? Think I would like a bit of dogging 😁
  15. billytheghillie

    The admirable Ditchman.

    what a coincidence, I work at Sprouston, Kelso sounds the same as Sprowston. Google, Stanley.E. Bogdan or Wikipedia, the man was a true craftsman. ( like Ditchy)