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  1. I thought it was for cleaning out your back flue!
  2. the Polis in Peebles! You will be lucky.
  3. Jct 21, M6 Liverpool, Southport. Jct 21 A74 is a better way
  4. I have shotgun and fac, when renewal came I payed extra £5 for air rifle, not as easy as that, they wanted separate forms for air rifle, told them where to stick it.
  5. check who you bank with, my bank does cover.
  6. If it was me, when all sorted out, id be looking for a new gun shop, stuff the pair of them!
  7. billytheghillie

    crow decoys

    The site sponsor A1 Decoys was doing some good deals .
  8. I think you are all getting a bit grumpy ( time of month, xmas, old age) 🤔
  9. Lidl are doing a cordless screwdriver/tool kit from Thursday the 5th, £25. I have one and its a great little tool
  10. DVLA came round to see it, but they couldn't find it.
  11. MOT, mileage, service history, location?
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