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  1. where is it? I cant see it.
  2. I looked on that big river site, asked for toy owl cuddly, some realistic looking ones on there.
  3. Winston will be looking in on this post, and then be disappointed 😥
  4. pardon my ignorance, but isn't the course fishing season ended?
  5. billytheghillie

    DVD player

    Asda, Polaroid DVD £22, Panasonic £29, cheap as chips.
  6. your a flash ***, mattress? all I had was straw!
  7. hate to say it, but a Austin Allegro!
  8. Aigle Parcours are all you will ever need.
  9. Yes, I have such equipment, let you into a secret, the shooting shops have that much of it, they are selling it!
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