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  1. Sportsman gun centre have sale on, if anyone looking for camo jacket.
  2. Anyone got one? any good in the ice and snow?
  3. Bit like buzzard, but not as strong as golden eagle.
  4. Google, Eye level Interactive Shooting Glasses, about £40, 4 different lens colour.
  5. bleach does the same, if not better.
  6. As above, for different light conditions.
  7. I have never heard or seen one, tell a lie, I saw one in a clock, but that doesn't count.
  8. You seem to be focusing on Beretta,s, try other,s like Browning, Miroku. you will get more idea and choices.
  9. do you get near the Borders? could be doing with that.
  10. Game or Sporter? Barrel size? I have a 525 28in game and love it, wise choice! (As long as it fits)
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