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  1. billytheghillie

    Two little owls and a semi auto 🦉

    thanks for quick reply 👍
  2. billytheghillie

    Two little owls and a semi auto 🦉

    how do you get on with the sam neat? I have one and TBH im carp with it. Any tips?
  3. billytheghillie

    Think i need a new mattress

    it will be 8+ years old, what about these Eve mattresses that are advertised?
  4. billytheghillie

    Think i need a new mattress

    For the past few months I have be getting up out of bed with a sore lower back. After about 1/2 hour it seems ok. Is my mattress on the way out? It is a old memory foam one,any suggestions?
  5. billytheghillie

    Land Rover to move to Slovakia

    Said on radio that jaguar are going to solihull
  6. billytheghillie

    Hatsan Escort Assembly - help please!

    Edgar brothers might be worth a call.
  7. billytheghillie

    Tool idea for gutters / truffins.

    buy a gutter hedgehog, stops all the leafs.
  8. billytheghillie

    Fabarms Semi Autos good/ bad

    I have had a Franchi Affinity One 12g for about a year now, cant fault it.
  9. billytheghillie

    Stihl 2 in 1 Sharpener

    Anyone use the above, or just the conventional file?
  10. billytheghillie

    Range Rover v Discovery

    No difference, they both cant stay away from the garage ☹️
  11. billytheghillie

    Has law and order broken down in this country ?

    the answer is a big boat!
  12. billytheghillie

    alcohol & gun license

    you say your GP shoots, but is he a alcoholic?
  13. billytheghillie

    Wivenhoe, Essex

    Anybody stay close to here? Elizabeth Way is the street name.
  14. billytheghillie

    Mosquito Repellent.

    Avon, skin so soft 👍
  15. billytheghillie

    Benelli M2 Essential

    try the franchi affinity, cheaper and out the same stable, i have one and i love it 👍