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  1. Anyone use the above for 2nd hand laptops, techie stuff etc?
  2. why cant you drive them in 4 wheel drive on the road? my l200 could 4 wheel drive on the road.
  3. Im sure Steve B the moderator on here put a lot of us onto a great torch from the bay of plenty, it was cheap as chips and takes a 18650 battery. They were that good i bought some more to leave in the car etc.
  4. I use Ballistol Oil, google it.
  5. At the end of the day its just 2 pipes, some cost £50 and others thousands of £,s . Remember, its the nut behind the butt that is the important thing.
  6. wish i could, but us auld **** are useless with tech.
  7. Would that be the Bullseye 123 stuff?
  8. its a old rented cottage and have had some black mould in the bedrooms, i always keep the shower room window open as well.
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