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  1. billytheghillie


    Not much of a jeweller 😲
  2. 2nd one looks like a bomber, 1st one orange muddler?
  3. Will be on the look out in Kelso for your work, unbelievable, stunning
  4. they are on the shopping list
  5. yes i have been doing them.
  6. Well sitting here with one of those boot splints on my left foot, all day my two feet felt as if they were on fire, even walking does not reduce the pain. Going to start climbing the walls soon, its getting unbearable.
  7. Aye the guid auld days, wish Jack Hargreaves was still going.
  8. I agree Ditchy, what a load of clap trap! Should do a film about me or some real ghillies going about there duties, i guarantee it would be better viewing and not all scripted.
  9. Anyone suffer from the above? Recently, when getting up in morning my feet feel as if they are on fire, and painful to walk. Looking on the web it sounds like Plantar, bought a splint to try out, so will try it when it comes. Meantime anyone any tips?
  10. +1 THIS, i have mine a few years now, crackin gun and not to heavy. Yes 7 year warranty, but doubt you will need it. Buy it, use it, clean it you wont regret it
  11. Do what others have done, get on Shankies Pony and get out there.
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