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  1. thanks for all the replys silly question, but in this day and age with mp3 players and all that, does it have a c.d. player? serious question.
  2. Anybody have one? Any good? Pros and Cons.
  3. where have you been man, we all missed you.
  4. same up here, farmers starting then stopping.
  5. well he done you out of 4 euros.
  6. Vax pet model, just put 2 new filters in it and its like brand new.
  7. sounds like your using light loads.
  8. P.S. you need a new gun slip, that one is way to small!
  9. it says low ground pheasant shooting, just google borders gamekeeper, Longformacus.
  10. Gamekeeper in the Scottish borders looks to be getting jailed. They found otters, goshawks,badgers, buzzards in a stink pit. What a idiot.
  11. I have a Hitachi soundbar, and lost remote control for it. I e-mailed Hitachi on Sunday night enquiring about price for replacement, and they replied saying one would be sent. Received replacement on Wednesday free of charge. Excellent customer service
  12. Watch the piggy bank get slimmer.
  13. make, model, thrust, price.
  14. As above, what you got.
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