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  1. On BBC Scotland channel, was shown on Sunday night, Of Fish And Foe, -- A family of salmon fishermen battle with activists to save their traditional way of life. Worth a watch.
  2. On checking the broken belt, it looked as if it hadn't snapped. On removing blade and cover for motor housing, along with some grass out came parts of my camo hide net! I suspect mice have been nesting in there and gnawed through my belt. P.S> when replacing blade, what torque setting do I use? Thanks.
  3. Thanks Strimmer your a star, just ordered one.
  4. You are correct, 1st thing that I done. Now the 64 million $ question , where can I get a belt at this current time? Many thanks for that.
  5. I have a Mountfield S461PD self propelled lawn mower and the drive belt has snapped. Cannot find much info online on how to change it. Is this a easy fix? Any tips and hints welcome. Mods, if this is in wrong section please move, thanks.
  6. you picked a fine time to leave me, rip
  7. Take it in to your local, they should give advice and sort you out.
  8. Check out Uttings, Top Gun Premier Plus Safety Glasses.
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