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  1. Think you will find that scotch pies are made with mutton.
  2. im with you on this one, joined 24th april, ist post 24th april, FISHY!
  3. well done chaps, and Dazv buy a bigger cabinet, you will need it when that letter pops through the door.
  4. I have a packet of go faster stripes if there are any good to you.
  5. why line the pockets of lawyers? you are 2 adults, sit down and sort it out! thats what me and my x did.
  6. yes it was cold, but saw small dark olives on water and a few parr, smolts taking them.
  7. spotted a swift up here today, borders.
  8. Looks nice will have a look at the T&S, not read it yet.
  9. Quite right, you can never have enough. Shed is looking great, well done you
  10. because i am a auld foggie and havent a clue about tech
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