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  1. whens the best time to scarify a lawn of its moss?
  2. maybe because he is holding gun near the muzzle when it is loaded, just a guess.
  3. Thanks Edd, i thought that was the case, not that i am going to do it.
  4. Why bother with all that? I went to my local farmers potato depot, picked up 2 of those big boxes that you see on trailers filled with potatoes , stood them on there side, and Hey presto instant log store. they cost me £5 each.
  5. Can someone answer this question? If i buy a air rifle in England, do i need to give my name and address? If not, whats to stop me doing this and taking rifle back to Scotland.
  6. EHMMM i think the oil has dried up, please send us some money.
  7. No, its to stop you cov-idiots coming up here.
  8. Yes, and remember, these guys do it all voluntary.
  9. The mountain rescuer who fell about 500 feet while on a call out for 2 cov-idiots was told he will not walk again, he remains in ICU.
  10. if its European size its UK 6 and a half.
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