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  1. its people like you who break the rules, and every other rule abiding citizen suffers for it! IDIOTS
  2. then you and your friends are breaking the rules.
  3. +1 i have one also, brilliant system and so easy!
  4. maybe someone looking at different type of drilling, and not ears!
  5. make sure its radio 1 , as all they play is carp.
  6. yep, im near Kelso and see all sorts except the walls, knew of 2 people who had one, one had a blown engine 1200 miles, the other just got shot of it as it was cheap chinese carp.
  7. go to screwfix, loads of safety glasses there. i use them.
  8. Yes Steve, i have a pair and they are quite good. I used them before i got my Howard Leights and to be honest i couldnt fault them. I still carry them with me as a back up. Worth the money
  9. Fancy a go at airbrushing, anybody recommend a cheap starter kit.
  10. wouldnt go to Gingers at Tweedhill, his is not a spring beat.
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