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  1. Binoculars

    +1 here you go £119 and crackin bins! www.ffordes.com
  2. Auto renewals.

  3. Good Dog Insurance ?

    None! They are all a rip off. I put £10 away every week for my dog. If I need to use it, it is there, if not your £££ in.
  4. Teacher bashing!!

    think you need to go back to school " I went to parents EVENING TODAY "
  5. Jim Bowen RIP

    R.I.P. will his funeral cortege have a caravan and speed boat in it?
  6. Browning 525 12 gauge

  7. Ranger Wildtrak or L200 Barbarian

    I'm on my 2nd l200, great trucks
  8. Nv help🤔

    switch it on
  9. River Tay Salmon Advice

    At that time it wont be to dear, try Newtyle. lovely fly water, and think its about £50 a day.
  10. Music links

    Genius, he left us way too early.
  11. New bins needed

    I bought these, really pleased with them. Minox 8x42BF £119.
  12. Aldi

    Heinz beans have went down hill recently, too watery a sauce, where as Asda own brand is far superior to Heinz.
  13. Aldi

    why would you shoot there? why not shoot out in the fields!
  14. Best and worst equipment purchases

    Best--Franchi Affinity 1 Worse---Photon scope
  15. Suzuki Jimny

    Not much of a challenge, driving on dry fields and tracks. My wee Kia picanto could do that, apart from the stream.