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  1. Nikon Fieldmaster 4-12x50 side focus
  2. Anyone owned one of these or know someone who has? All owner reviews are very good overall, I'm just looking for a little bit more honest input before taking the plunge. Even open to alternative suggestions for a half decent 4 x 4 - not going to off roading etc. I'm looking for something that's a decent size, is fairly refined, has a bit o grunt and will get us around in Cumbria come winter time. Opinions / thoughts welcome :-)
  3. As it says on the tin really, sold all of my gear a couple of years ago to free up funds for house moves etc. Now finally managed to sort out a new rig etc. Blinding bit of kit and with a HFT club just a few miles from work - I'm a happy boy! Jim
  4. Finally got around to making the decision, cheers for all the feedback lads. Shouldered them both and fell for the Panther. I do much prefer a bolt to the sidelever of the HW100 - that's just me though. In the past I've done 70% hunting and 30% targets / HFT - I can realistically see that reversing the opposite way now as I've got a decent club just down the road from where I work. In a nutshell: Chuffed to bits and looking forward to getting out again! Jim.
  5. Now then boys, It's been a long while since I've been on here - mainly on account of me selling all my gear and taking a long break from my shooting. I'm all settled again now though and looking to get back into a bit of hunting and HFT again. I've got my cash together and am looking to make the purchase of a rifle shortly. In the past I've owned a Daystate, Falcon, an FX and Air Arms. I've narrowed my choice down to a Daystate MK4 (Panther) and a HW100. They're both excellent condition used guns and obviously both have different price tags. I'm prepared to shell out what I must as this is the gun that's going to be with me for a long time to come and I'm very much looking forward to regular trips to club etc with it - I just need a push one way or the other because I seriously can't make my mind up! I've shot them both in the past and I reckon I'd be happy with either, I just cant make the call. Grateful for your thoughts Cheers Jim
  6. One is a Collie x Lab and the other is a Lab x Weimaraner, both are basically lab size. We're currently paying £18 per day for the pair of them. The problem is that we've had a major upheaval at work and as a result had to find work pretty quick. We're now working in Stratford upon Avon (but the dogs are boarding back in Lincs) and are finding it a little difficult to find a rental place quickly that will let us have the dogs etc - we're getting the hours in work wise which is great but that's not helping with the search for accommodation, hence the boarding bill for the dogs mounting up (not to mention the fact that we miss them and want them with us etc). Jim.
  7. Hi guys, My partner and I are in the process of relocating. We have 2 dogs that are currently in boarding kennels but we are finding this quite expensive. I'm looking for some advice/ help as to other options or if any of you know of anyone who can look after them. (:we live in North Lincolnshire) Thanks Jim
  8. Chrono now sold to Chrisjpainter pending the usuals
  9. Just when all seemed to be going so well. Had viewings booked for tomorrow, called the agent for the 1st and most promising one and she tells me that it's been let this afternoon!! Then says that the other property I was due to view with her definately doesn't allow pets. Furious doesn't even come close! I wonder if the unprofessional scumbag (sounds harsh but I'm upset) would have had the decency to let me know if I hadn't happened to have called them myself today. Back to the drawing board again now, places are so stupidly thin on the ground it's unreal. Gotta love the "inform them as late as possible" style of business also. Fingers crossed for the remaining 2. Jim.
  10. Unfortunately not mate, I thought that it might be but a closer look at the instructions says that it's not recommended for rimfire etc. I think it has been designed exclusively for air fun use - sorry! Jim. Airgun not fun - predictive text!
  11. Good afternoon all, Following the departure of my cyclone, I'm having a bit of a clear out before we relocate. First up is a Combro cb-625 mk 4 chrono, in original box (inc instructions), excellent condition - still has the protective film over the screen! £35 posted seems fair. Second is my trusty Deben Tracer lamp. Comes complete with scope clip, switch and charger but best of all it has a slightly larger 12v / 7.2AH battery - little bit heavier than most but last a lot lot longer in the field. This has no lens covers I'm afraid, I did have a red filter, but I can't seem the find it as yet. £40 collected, can post at buyers expense also. Cheers Jim.
  12. Tom Hanks Gary Oldman Pete Postlethwaite Jeff Bridges Brad Pitt Kevin Spacey Jude Law on occasion (midnight in the garden of good and evil, gattaca). Bruce Willis - 12 Monkeys Al Pacino - Heat, Devils Advocate etc. De Niro - all the usuals plus A Bronx Tale, Sleepers etc. I reckon though that at times a really great film can be great because the cast were lucky enough to get a good, well written story - not because of the cast itself. Jim.
  13. Thanks for all the advice guys, we're going down again on Thursday to view a few houses and hopefully get our lass a job. The first place we're looking at might be ok with the dogs, and I'm told I can get a good reference from my current landlord - so I'm fairly hopeful at the moment. There have been plenty of people telling me to let the dogs go etc but it really would have to be an absolute last resort. And it really was great to have someone else's perspective on the whole thing. We'll have to see how it goes on Thursday and go from there I guess, although I can't actually picture moving down there and being without the boys to be honest.
  14. Good afternoon all. Bitter sweet situation I'm in really, I'm relocating from Lincolnshire to Cambridge week after next. Managed to get through 3 seperate interviews for my new job, now finding it very hard to find rental property in the area and impossible to find anywhere that will let me keep the dogs. Zak is a collie x lab, lives to retrieve and wants to spend every waking moment with you. Nando is a black lab x weimeraner, looks just a heavy set & muscley black lab really. Both boys are around 2 years old, obedient and very good natured. No chewing of furniture etc (anymore!) I never thought I'd either think or talk about letting them go but it seems it may end up being a decision I'm forced to make. Any ideas / thoughts very welcome Jim.
  15. Thanks to all that have been in touch, and apologies for my lack of contact - I have been spending my time going down to Cambridge and back to attend interviews since posting the advert for the Cyclone. The gun is now sold to Jega pending the usual arrangements. p.s - got the job!
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