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    1. If they wanted a non-lethal tactic he could of let me in there 😅
    2. Im on family duties today as ive been working too much, so not had a look about in a fortnight. Might grab the gun and have a mooch about later if im allowed. But ive seen big numbers (for around here) on the maize getting cut over the last week, bit annoyed as i asked to shoot and was declined, over the next couple of days hes had all manner of bird scarer's out, a new one to me - 50ft poles with kites on.
    3. No i think mods, guns and ammo they want nothing to do with and wont let you pay using the normal way. I believe you can still send the money over via friends and family, a way around this block, but as you know there is no security that way if things go south.
    4. I thought that might be the case. Sound advice again. 👍
    5. So the budget it roughly 800? Is that new, or would secondhand be acceptable? Again is that all kitted out, as a tank and scope can cost another 300. For reference you could find all of the above cheap and maybe sub £500 for a setup by a good search on freeads or bbs👍
    6. I dont think this kind of crime is reported more, fact is, 20+ years ago, idiots didnt run around shopping centers stabbing people. Something is majorly wrong with society, it has been the mainstay of global news to hear of attacks like this in the last few years, and not just the uk.
    7. Cheers fella Was hoping you were gonna say some magical ebay bargain 😂
    8. What camera are you using? Ive a old gopro hero 3 and its time i upgraded
    9. strimmer_13


      Same. Most ive seen since moving here. Im getting asked to blow drives off as customers are falling/slipping over them
    10. Beetle took 75% of 2 small fields i shoot on. Roughly 30 acres. He gave up and has beet on it. Thankfully didnt effect his other fields, but hes decided to sell up to development and in 5 years half his land will be a new estate if it gos through
    11. Ive got them as well. They were chucked in with a magnet i won drunk bidding on ebay. They are useless standard, infact id go as far as say they put pigeons off. Ive now painted bright white lines on the spinning wings and will be trying them this sunday. If they are **** ill pull them off and put some fresh shot birds on, if ive got some by that point
    12. You got quoted the same as me, even after back and forth about the said law regarding selling. I said i have no intention of selling and dont need it re proofing, as ive had it 15years already. Its a brno mod2, im not spending £200 on a rifle that cost £100. He stated thats its law, i said its not and left him to it. There's a engineering workshop not far away, need to pop in and have a chat see if they can do it cheaper
    13. If a racoon decided to bite my toe whilst lying there, id drop kick the ****** into the pool
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