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    1. No idea but did he call it in? Again not the bullet size (unless he was about 20 yards away) but the only reason I can think off is that he had a audience and he didn't have authority to do it. Im sure this was in another topic not long ago. BTW you used a brno mod 2, have you got a silencer on it? Seriously thinking of getting mine done
    2. .22 not the right cal .22 is absolutely fine on roe. Spot on in fact. On your ticket for humane dispatch of course...
    3. Company here in Gill which go everywhere, if they are moving south might be worth a ring. I've seen them work, they do a good job, as I drive past the yard daily. They don't chuck stuff about. About a hour from bristol.
    4. I've bought the cheap pen shaped cameras off ebay before, about 40 quid. Rubbish footage, carp battery life and useless sound. Bought dad a go pro hero 3 on offer for his bike and it's really good. So I bought a cheap go pro knock off which had amazing reviews and after watching youtube vids as a review bought one. That was complete junk as well. Buy a go pro.
    5. Ah ok thanks, pretty much the reason I'm going to leave the one I'm in. That and the website is useless and 3 times I've turned up on a 70mile round trip to find I couldn't shoot. I'll have a look north instead, as not actually interested in rough shooting, just range clubs. Thanks again
    6. If you find out anything post it up as I'm fed up with the club I'm with and shall not be renewing
    7. The back plate off and change the buffer. 6quid usually. Looks similar to every aftermarket piston you can buy off ebay or online. A guy in Australia does better units where its a bolt on the back instead of the useless slip washer bsa used.
    8. Because of the stock I'm guessing Mk1 Had a Mk1 30 years ago and it looked like that as i dont believe that any meteor since has had the groves in the stock But I could be completely wrong
    9. One of the ugliest guys on one of the ugliest women. Ive seen worse tatts tbh
    10. Get a set of old mounts and line with electrical tape, place them over the front or rear cylinder brass and tighten up. Use them as leverage or in a vice. When i done mine they were loctited in and really hard to unscrew. I scratched mine to high hell as I used a vice and a bicycle inner tube with a broom handle as a winder, but the vice kept slipping so it looks like a rats been chewing it but the quickfill adapter hides it thankfully. Now I know how to do it it's a very easy job. Defo worth having a detwanger, made a massive difference
    11. What about the handsfree Bluetooth in my lid? They just going to pull me for having it there as you can't tell when I'm yabbering
    12. Or if that hurts, I use a make up mirror, bit of spit, and polystyrene. Can make the calls longer, change pitch, saves the mouth from feeling like youve sucked a sloe 😂
    13. Alpha max 36g no3s. Even 4s. Never had one get back up
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