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  1. strimmer_13

    Aquarium air pump

    Aqua air pump ap2 Found in the garage, fully working I put a toggle switch on. Collection gillingham dorset £10 posted
  2. strimmer_13

    Grounds for divorce?

    Never played golf in bed before
  3. strimmer_13

    Still ms260

    Mate i dont wanna ruin your thread, but if the jug and piston are sound in there youll probably get another £70-100 on the bay
  4. strimmer_13

    Grounds for divorce?

    Mine rips frozen peas open in the middle of the packets. Ive tried teaching her to use scissors on a corner to no avail I have a big list tbh
  5. strimmer_13

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    Ill have a word next time they land
  6. strimmer_13

    Vehicle fault code reader

    Ive a ebay £10 job. Brought up the codes and wiped the warning lights and old fault codes out of the cars system. Only thing that was a pain is actually googling the codes, many sites/forums offered different explanations. Got there in the end tho, and its sat in the draw ready for when i need it. Good bit of kit
  7. strimmer_13

    Rabbit numbers in your area?

    None around me, north dorset, but over on my perm, loads of burrows and thats in yeovil. Back for a shoot in west wales 2 weekends ago, newcastle emlyn had loads, infact it was the air rifle that had em, but down on another shoot in Pembrokeshire theres none.
  8. strimmer_13

    Pigeon shooting permissions

    Offer services in exchange for shooting. Definitely works. Problem with the beating route is if i would of done that id have zero holidays left for work. Every option above works and shauns list hits the nail on the head. But nobody mentioned the boozer, get chatting, worked for me in the past. Just avoid all the *****, and dont make a **** of yourself either. 1 too many in there can ruin you for miles.
  9. strimmer_13

    sitty tree question

    If im out and about just having a walk and enjoying myself, id probably be more inclined to give it a chance. But if ive been asked, its dead the easiest way possible, and if that means 28gs up its *** when its sat down, so be it.
  10. strimmer_13

    Good gunshop

    Just had a look at malmo, as im in bed dying of man flu, but they've a pro sport for £150? That cant be right?
  11. strimmer_13

    Gun Sale/Snobbery ?

    Lets have a pic then?
  12. strimmer_13

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    Not that funny but i thought id share
  13. strimmer_13

    Still ms260

    Typical Just bought a 261 for general work or id of had that. Great saws, and at that price wont hang around. Bargain.
  14. strimmer_13

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    295135 Keep sharing