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  1. strimmer_13

    Benelli semi auto will not cycle

  2. strimmer_13

    Certificate extension

    Thanks 👍
  3. strimmer_13

    Certificate extension

    Stupid question Which one? Can't even find a direct number for Dorset firearms
  4. strimmer_13

    Certificate extension

    Hi all Quick question As I've mentioned before I've moved to Dorset and been here a while now. I've informed the police of my move but never had so much of a response of a email, phone call nothing. Sent multiple letters via post and email. Ive bought and sold guns since being here and informed my last firearms team who were brilliant and responded straight away (Dyfed Powys at llangunnor) who informed me it's all on record and not to worry as they will pass on the information. Anyway the point I'm getting at is that my licence is nearly full and I need a extra page as I fancy having a clear out soon and fancy some new toys 😉 Who should I apply to? Dyfed Powys or Dorset? My licence is still under Dyfed, as I'm now glad I didn't get it sent in for the address change with the lack of response time (2+ years) and Dyfed usually respond the same day. On the other side is I'm due for renewal in Jan, shall I just get it all out the way and get a fresh licence that way?
  5. strimmer_13

    Treating softwood for outside use

    Used to get that free from pallets years ago. Tough wood.
  6. strimmer_13

    Betws y coed salmon

    I usually stay in nant peris, in the campsite opposite the pub (next to mountain rescue base), but this time stayed at llanberris. Didn't bother doing any trekking this time as I couldn't be ***** carrying the nipper. So done a load of castles and shell island. I love it up there, used to go 3 times a year before moving to England
  7. strimmer_13

    Betws y coed salmon

    I used to live in cenarth and would watch this every year. But never appreciated it as a kid. Sat there watching the struggle was better than anything you watch on tv
  8. strimmer_13

    Betws y coed salmon

    Stayed in Snowdon for a few days and had a wonderful walk around betws. First time I've seen salmon jump in years. Think they were salmon and not sewin. Spent a good half hour watching.
  9. strimmer_13

    vorsprung durch technik

    If you saw the marks left behind at the end, you'd think it was a ****** up horse 😂
  10. strimmer_13

    Treating softwood for outside use

    Go up the tip and get the slats out of a old bed frame. Planed all around ready and usually quite strong. Some might be wide enough to do the 3" you need. Failing that I've used a old pallet denailed and sawn to size.
  11. strimmer_13

    .22 WMR or .17 HMR??

    Cheers dekers, pretty sure it was ballistic tip tho as I kinda thought it was a gimmick but they did work well. Hard as hen's teeth to get hold of to. Poa was about 2" higher at 100
  12. strimmer_13

    .22 WMR or .17 HMR??

    Just out of interest to other owners of the wmr, what was the make of round that came in 2 case colours? I remember the brass case was all I used for bunnies but also by the same make there was a silver case which was (might sound stupid) like a mini mag (as it's already just that) and added another 20 yards easy for Mr red. Both ballistic tip. 10 years ago I last used them and I just can't remember. Also I believe both same weight head
  13. strimmer_13

    Heads up gun auction

    Don't think there is one there this time. Think they had about 4-5 at the last, got outbid tho. I stick to my budgets as I'm seriously tight!
  14. strimmer_13

    .22 WMR or .17 HMR??

    Most realistic ranges at night the wmr will take the fox. I only moved onto .222 as I thought it would help on the range. Tbh I was useless (me not the calibre) past 150 yards so stuck to what I knew. Hope you enjoy it and get a few