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    1. strimmer_13

      Time off

      Annoying thing is I need supplies! I want to latex screed the garage floor. Need to make some racking. Resorting to making bird boxes which I'll place about on all these new walks I'm going on lately
    2. It seems to. Not every time but some times can be half inch out. But because of it we still have to check zero everytime whether it's a target or a lump of mud. Im not knocking them. I would of bought that last one I saw as it was 177, if the misses wasn't with me. Supurb gun.
    3. I recently saw a s410 in a gun shop for £350. For the other 350 you could get a scope and a pump and a years worth of pellets. I'm really not being biased here but I've been on and off using a s410 for about as long as they have been out, and one way or another had to check the zero nearly everytime we take it out. In fact the brand new one which was sent off to rat works for a reg, had to have a brand new barrel from airarms as the crown was ruined (from factory) and grouped like a 12bore. Now it's like a laser. Apart from that ridiculously stiff bolt. I think most are under the impression that the seals go more often. I could be wrong, but I own 2 pcps and one is regulated one not. I dont care which one I pick up. Doubtful if I'm out hunting I'll use more than 10 pellets anyway.
    4. No 2.2d. That's why mpg is shocking
    5. The options.... New? I'd get a Bsa ultra. But only because I've not owned one. Yet. If Secondhand? - Air arms s410, just couldn't justify £700 + new. Does nothing my £400 s/h fx doesn't, and I'm not knocking it at all. Supurb gun and laser accurate. Or a rapid 7. Or a super 10. Or a fx 2000. Or a falcon lighthunter. Or a gamo coyote. Or a fx wildcat. On and on and on 😂 Depends on budget tbh.
    6. Do you want to email them to me and I'll put them up for you? Pm me if you do 👍
    7. If you have the photo on your phone, get it on the screen, double tap the screen with your knuckle and it will take a screen shot. Usually they are only about 1/2mb so you can usually upload about 4 in one go before hitting the pw upload limit if that helps.
    8. I've been working in a field hacking up windblown and overhangs, many many hundreds of meters away from anyone apart from my boss ( and from trespassers with dogs who think they can just roam anywhere because they have a dog). We've had no contact as its all done by phone. I shall continue to work and its the same as if I was shooting. I'm in no physical contact with anyone, I'm away from civilians, in fact making sure crops can be yielded at maximum efficiency. I'm not saying they would fail, not a chance, but it's about profit and the farmer, let's face it, isn't in it for the fun of it. He wants to put as much down and get the returns. The problem stems with what is allowed. A golfer could argue he could stay easily 20ft away from another player. Or a tennis player, or a cricketer, a angler, horse rider or a cyclist (which Ive seen literally hundreds, most in small groups, all tightly together) ect ect. Dozens of sports, based outside, just waiting for the excuse to be given the go ahead, within parameters. Where do you draw the line? I wouldnt like to try and get the all clear in bascs eyes as I bet there are dozens of sporting orgs trying to get the same answers as a shooting org.
    9. For the hard of thinking, a response to basc asking this question
    10. As far as I know they are legal to post as nearly all of them don't fall under the air weapon category. A pistol can be sent 1st class signed for small parcel quite legally new or used. Different when it gos over .5ft/lb or there abouts. Has to be 2 tone unless you can prove your in a air soft club or using it for film. If they haven't done that they could be in the 💩
    11. 9/10ths of my ebay purchases are when I'm drunk. Usually a month later packages from China drop on the door step....
    12. I use that for everything, cleaning engines, carpets, windows, cookers, cars ect ect Really really good stuff
    13. strimmer_13


      I had excatly the same when I gave up smoking last Aug. Even had to go to the doctor, as that's when my heart problems started, going cold turkey so to speak. I'd get about 4 hours a night in about 3 stints. They gave me sleeping pills but id fight them. In the end I stopped taking them as they didn't work, and in the end I've resorted back to smoking after new year and i slept again in a regular pattern. Sounds like a bull story but I now sleep roughly 6-7 hours a night atm. More if I'm completely drained from work. Good luck as it's a pretty **** feeling.
    14. No they are called sportsguns and are not delivering Some do a 'transport' service where a rfd driver drops them off. Not 100% sure on how it works as Ive never bought off them, but used to go in Pellpax look like they still are. Could always buy secondhand and get it sent parcelforce 48. Costs about £15
    15. Only one i knew of was based in cardigan West Wales ill have a Google
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