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    1. At least there is a badger tho 😂
    2. strimmer_13

      Raccoon Dog

      Quite a lucky animal really, if it does escape I doubt I'd pull the trigger on that unless it was really close and positively id it
    3. I'm with the council, so pretty safe tbh, just i dont fit in with this councils bend you over strategy. I've never said nothing before as they were self governing but the local councils have merged so I know I've a bit of protection there, tho Im not fooled to think I'm a asset. Atm having serious health problems which I didn't know about until after cv19 and nothing related. Knowing what I know now, I probs shouldn't of volunteered to work. I was planning and building up to going self employed this summer. Not going to risk it until I get all fixed health wise, but a kick up the *** might just work as well. Well news is I haven't been sacked, mainly as they have no grounds other than me upsetting the system. Early days tho, but after I pointed out a few home truths, things look to be changing/dare I say it, improving. I kicked off yesterday as the gator was leaking diesel quite badly and I said if I came off my bike on the way back and forth to work, I'd walk in and not very politely go nuts. It got fixed straight away... Cross the t's and dot the i's. See what happens.
    4. Hobbit. It pains me to say it but as I stated in the other thread, all the orcs look ****. All the dc films, nowhere near marvels cgi.
    5. Took a while but think I found it
    6. This is what I cant understand. I'm not with basc anymore, I was until 3 months ago but I couldn't justify the membership expense vs what I required (plus all the other failures). But the wildfowling clubs and the other shoots where its mandatory for the insurance, by putting it up a extra £5 wouldn't of gained the flak it has, no doubt they would of lost a few members looking for a cheaper deal like me, but it would of again be better to off consulted it's members first (but they don't seem to do 'consulting' with its members) and give a option and a way forward. But they didn't. Again.
    7. Same as the butterfly comments I've read on here, some don't have the chance to do any shooting until the weekend. I for one work 6 days a week and only shoot Sundays. If I worked shifts I'd be out, but I don't and use my holidays to go shooting when I can.
    8. Yes but its valid until the 31st of July. Plenty of time to hook more members before they take it away (along with your cash).
    9. Yes somebody mentioned it in another thread. Quite seriously what the **** is going on, I've seen no real logic towards its members in years. Probably the best org we had is just clutching onto the bowl before it finally gets flushed down the ****ter.
    10. Thought it was a loop pile carpet for a moment
    11. Definitely wow. Not a story I'd be able to share.
    12. I still have 32mm brace and drill for using when I put in yale/cylinder/night latches. Much better cut, and you don't go punching the surface off the other side. Also bits like that, I've been known to cut the bottoms off to fit standard cordless drills...
    13. I just like Ron pearlman. Loved him as hellboy.
    14. Your right. The hobbit was a disgrace compared to lotr. Why they chose to do so much in cgi, and let's be honest, b movie grade cgi apart from smaug, the previous films were stunning as so much of it was done with amazing extras and makeup. The main baddie in the hobbit looked like a character out of a badly done 90s computer game. Watch the lotr, honestly it's a stunning set of films that only get better with each one. As for other movies, I do like a lot of commercial junk, the new godzillas I love, pacific rim 1 was ok, no 2 rubbish, cloverfield was alright, as said in the other thread Trollhunter was great, aliens was great (1,3 were OK, 4 was pretty good). I like all the tremor movies, obviously the first the best.
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