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  1. Make a profile on gun watch and it should link your name. Also believe you get one listing a year free
  2. Yea I cut a door like that big sod on the right and it folded in about a inch on itself, any tips how to stop that?
  3. Yea pretty much the same, cut hinge side first, sand the bottom or top so can get a good earth, weld hinges on then cut the other 3 sides. All the while if its flat most of the water stays in and only get a few pops. Then get the flower pot, mark out the top for funnel and cut that too. Ill be having a go at a 50kg bottle soon enough, once I sort out another welder as this ones 16amp and my garage ain't, the last one I cut, the door was huge and it folded in on its self, how do you stop it bending inwards under its own tension from being formed - with out hammering it out of shape?
  4. Think a hard case down the side would be easy to fix off the luggage rack. As long as it don't rest on the exhaust. Anytime I've had to I just broke the barrels and chucked it in a rucksack, but not the rifles.
  5. See I've never had any of that, might pop a bit but I always cut the door when it full of water and laying on its side.
  6. Wait for it...... Time police will be along shortly 😅
  7. Make sure they are completely empty, unscrew the valve on top, usually a 32-36mm spanner, put the hose pipe in and fill with water. Up to you if you leave it over night, I just cut them with the angle grinder as soon as its filled with water
  8. Just received, well pleased it's like brand new Thanks again 👍 Matt
  9. Have you got the dimensions please?
  10. This should be in the joke section but I actually think this is serious
  11. I've had to think hard for this one. I can sneek a extra black bag in the wheelie bin at work in the office staff dont see me
  12. Brooklyn nine nine on Netflix atm. First thing since mandolorian I've bothered with. Apart from that, it's all youtube.
  13. Its a new woodland/perm of about 5 acre that's never been shot. On first entering he saw no signs of action, and left the feeder in a good spot (nice situ for a hide). Not a single bit of bait taken in 2 weeks, so he moved it 30 yards, and he reckons about a 1/4 of that feeder is going every few days. I personally think for nearly 2 hours laying on the deck (he wanted to as I have the chairs....) he done alright. Plus breaking in the fx in 177 as he's never had a 177 before. Ill make him another couple of feeders and get a trail cam out as soon as I can travel over there for a peruse
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