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  1. Had it a decade and done more foxes in with it than rabbits, just i dont use it anymore. Going to sell most of my shotguns next, I just don't have time to go out anymore
  2. Ive got back and shoulder problems, the joys of being built like a giraffe. 30/500 worked good, and like you I was only allowed a few weeks at a time incase I got addicted. Tramadol gives me a bit of a headache, and dehydrated me so I didn't bother much with them. I love valium, it was a god send when my muscles spazemed that much I struggled to breath. Plus I slept again! Zapain was just another form of Co codamol. Thankfully since giving up carpet fitting, I've not had much problems but I'm sympathetic to anybody that has to take these things full time. I remember sitting in a pub and
  3. I had the cuprinol battery one. I threw it in the bin after 5 mins. I'll look up your one 👍
  4. I tested it on 6x. Ill still try a different setting in the am. Still something went pop, it was honestly as loud as a jar lid opening, no hiss tho. I'm guessing the gas has escaped. As walker says it's going back regardless
  5. Am I being thick tho, should it go out of focus on a target if the ao is set for 3 times further? Apart from that it seems quite clear 😂 Definitely sending it back, not amused
  6. Yea it's ****ed. Parallax is screwed. Looking at a house 60mtr away, 10-15 on the scope doesn't focus, 20 ok, 30 sharp and stays sharp and the same all the way past 150 to infinity. It should go out of focus if im looking at a house 50-60 mtrs away on the 150mtr setting?
  7. No worse than the zoom adjustment. Just looking out the window with it now, seeing what's the focus like
  8. Quick question, I've just received my replacement scope from hawke, I chose a 4-12x40 vantage, as soon as I got it out of the box, I dialed the zoom, nice, bit stiff, played with the parallax and it was super easy to move, then it went pop! Like a jar lid opening and all of a sudden its now stiffer to move. It Still moves, but after literally 30 seconds of handling it its done something weird. Is this normal, it's been years since I had to buy a new scope??
  9. Thought parachuting was a bit bland tbh, had more fun on the bike at full chat. Not sure I'd have the nerves to defuse a bomb mind, I'd quite like blowing them up. Wish i moved to arizona when I had the chance years ago 😂
  10. Spring guide might be too long, think he makes then too long so you can adjust. Give him a ring apparently he's a great guy to deal with
  11. Ah never been in there, dorchester had some good prices on wmr ammo last time I was in with my mate, but i just find the salesmen (as that's all they are) pretty useless and at times quite rude. I gave up my wmr years ago as ammo was hard to find, and advised my mate to get one as it's a excellent fox round for sub 150mtrs (also I get to use it everytime we go out 😉). Anyway hes had enough of them too, and pays a little bit more and gets the ammo from Coombe farm as the service in there is excellent.
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