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  1. Houses are selling for good money and fast down here. Next door went in 9 days. I personally wouldnt bother at auction
  2. Eb*y Solid rubber mat 372772265481
  3. Deleted my cookies 3 times so glad its not just me Pita
  4. What are you after/usage requirements? Ill be getting a np03 or 02 next week and getting rid of the ultra
  5. Must be the sun coming out
  6. Half expected to see handcuffs on the sides tbh 😅
  7. 24" barrel took a bit of getting used to but even with cylinder i was breaking 40 yard crossers Its not as noisy as my last 500 either
  8. 1.75 white, 1.19 red here. ****s hitting the fan
  9. Just checked online, bit short for me
  10. Whats the leg length on them? Im like a giraffe
  11. I have the night fox after walker mentioned one a while back. Still going strong after 3 years. 8 energizers and it lasts a good while, maybe 2 sessions. Rechargeables are useless and last half the time. I can say that it doesn't do 200 yards with the onboard ir, not that youd want to as it sucks batterys, but ive glued on a bit of rail and put a torch on. Now good for as far as my little l/lumens throws. For £100 odd quid, its great
  12. Bought this beauty on friday, took it out on its first clay day and done surprisingly well with it 500 slugster
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