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  1. strimmer_13

    Bayliss and Harding

    You could do some serious motorboating with her
  2. strimmer_13

    Any known problems with older audis 2.5 tdi?

    Yea just had a read and I think I'll avoid. Getting fed up of my e91. Tiny estates. I'll have a look at volvos then
  3. Looking to buy a audi a4 07 2.5tdi v6 automatic estate. Anything I should lookout for as I know the pd engines are great but I know nothing what to lookout for with the v6. It's on 135000 miles. Fsh. Any help what to look for Thanks
  4. strimmer_13

    Stormsure 15g Flexible Repair Adhesive.

    Used on my wetsuits, pretty good stuff
  5. strimmer_13

    Guided deer stalking north Wiltshire

    If yes I'm very interested Nice to get some in the freezer
  6. strimmer_13

    First flying lesson

    I've got glider lessons paid for. I've always wanted to fly but the thought of being up there without a engine or parachute bothers me slightly 😂
  7. strimmer_13

    Problems with Neighbours (again)

    That worked out quite nicely
  8. strimmer_13

    Tradesman rates

    As a carpet fitter, usually worked out roughly £15ph think 1 job figured out £50ph but another was roughly £5ph. Swings and roundabouts ect Tree surgery and hedge cutting £15-20ph or a full day £160. Staying with council full time tho as its my bread and butter and won't get a mortgage (yet) if I go self employed full time.
  9. strimmer_13

    Lynx reintroduction rejected

    I downloaded them all free of a US library site for my kindle. That man had balls of steel Found the site. - Archive.org. Has all of them on there and I downloaded into a kindle format. You don't have to read them online. Well worth a read
  10. strimmer_13


    All sold on the bay years ago. If I could source gate hinges/hangers in a rusty state I'd make more. Bloody expensive on the bay, and new ones whilst cheap look rubbish. So if anybody has any spare in bucket rusting away I'll take them off your hands Sod the woodwork I wanna drink at your house 😅
  11. strimmer_13

    Lynx reintroduction rejected

    Read Jim Corbett books on his adventures concerning leopards and tigers. Scary stuff.
  12. strimmer_13

    Lynx reintroduction rejected

    🐆 😂
  13. strimmer_13

    Brno opinions

    Mine likes cci mini mags. Never tried eley ammo
  14. strimmer_13


    Get a nice slab of timber with bark on as many edges as poss, ideally a inch thick. Make sure its longer + wider than the dimensions of your gun. Give it a good sand. Now the fun part. Go find some rusty old gate hangers, out of a old barn or wherever, grind off the thread to a point, sandblast them, then hammer them (chisel out a square hole roughly 1/2 to 3/4 of the thickness of the hanger) into the timber at set lengths of your gun to hang. Dab of gorilla glue on the end as well just to be sure. Varnish the lot (including metal) Sounds **** but the rustic look works and ive been making them for years, also as coat hangers.
  15. strimmer_13

    Clear out

    Straps and spotlights sold T shirt and fishing bag remaining for today then I'll chuck on the bay.