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    1. Great those 3010s, imho better than the gators I use now
    2. Think I needed to cut about 1/2'' off to fit mine, it wouldn't compress either. Worth it tho, it's now excellent
    3. I agree tbh, no way with my own money would I buy one. Not for 18000
    4. No worries mate was just trying to push my sales along 😂👍
    5. All taken down as listed elsewhere
    6. Its not got any makers name on it, just the length, and proof marks for 950bar
    7. Hes a gorilla. No fear whatsoever. Had to do it like that as its surrounded by clay lined ponds. Notice the ratchet straps at the bottom? The twin had rotted out, so had to ratchet them to hold em together/stop them splitting whilst he chogged it down. Its my second job, not got all my tickets yet, still saving. Do it tho, get them all, tree rescue, cutting at height, it's bloody good money, bloody expensive tickets tho. And gear.
    8. Dunno if anybody loves doing tree work, im learning it atm, I'm more used to cutting hedges, but this guy I work with has balls of brass. Think this photo should sum it up Here's what it looked like before Still got neck ache from looking up
    9. Anywhere there is water. River banks are covered in the stuff. Willow will happily grow 6ft in a year in the right conditions. Bear in mind, it's great cover but unless you keep hammering it back, it will turn into the tree it wants to be. Buy a hedge cutter and hammer it down every year to a desired height. It's very easy to cut and manage, and will pretty much grow anywhere. Also laurel is poisonous when ingested, not that I've heard of cattle eating it.
    10. Nope still for sale. Its going on ebay tonight, with the scopes 😉
    11. Because I used to drive for hertz delivering about a half dozen different vehicles a day. After a few years it starts to annoy you every vechiles characteristic of when it wants to start stop. They are not all the same. Only one i liked was golf automatics
    12. That's a **** load of pigeons And it worked
    13. It is amazing the tar that comes out! First time I done some it never ceased to amaze me. Like popping a black head, I'm sat there thinking - where the hell was all that hiding 😂
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