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  1. strimmer_13

    Help on mushrooms

  2. strimmer_13

    Help on mushrooms

    Found these today next to a footpath/bridge on a area I work on. The biggest is about 7inch across. Stems are not 'furry' and about 3-4" long. Smells of nothing funny just like a shop mushroom tbh. The tiny ones look like they have a pink tinge when ripped in half. Can I eat them? This one is slightly different from the others even tho it's in the first set of photos. It's more rounded on top whereas the other 2 were dipped more in the middle. Slightly lighter gills too.
  3. strimmer_13

    Pump Club

    Well I took it out today. What a weird gun! Very very different from the Savage 79 I own. The fact it nearly half cocks for you threw me off a lot. Just punching that last inch and slam her forward. Also the stock was too small so I couldn't get on the bead without aiming like I would a rifle. Obviously that didn't work out and had a dreadful experience. But when I gave up giving a **** from all the jokes and fear of losing to my old man (who's a devoted double barrel man and was so far ahead I wouldn't catch him up) I stopped aiming so to speak, gave up giving a ****, learnt where its going and started smashing clays tidy. Clay shooting has got to be 80% in the head. Once that was clear I could break em. Was a good day, new gun, few good laughs, more pumps than I've ever seen up there (another new sxp and a remington 120 spray painted gold (he done it as his mates always take the **** out of his bank robbers gun, he said he was going to do it pink, but the gold done the trick when he's smashing clays and they ain't). Only thing I would say is the lazy ********* with the o/u's who don't pick their shells up. Right next to the bins or in the stands. All the auto and pump guys did, but the lazy **** just couldn't be bothered to pick them up. Really annoys me that.
  4. strimmer_13

    410 single barrel shotgun project/ barrel only

    Well I won it, if you want to make a pattern of it to help your project, give us a pm and I'll send it to you to borrow if you've had no luck sourcing a barrel
  5. strimmer_13

    Red Dot Sights

    I've had great fun with red dots. Just remember to turn it off, or as I done, go to the pound shop alot and get those multi packs of those batteries. Think they are for watchs and fobs, but usually have a few cr203 or some such in there. Don't last long but gets you out the **** if you forget!
  6. strimmer_13

    Pink decoys

    😂 Wonder if it's the season for them!
  7. strimmer_13

    Pump Club

    Well went to avalon guns and picked up a sxp 👍 Think I'm in love 😍😂
  8. strimmer_13

    410 single barrel shotgun project/ barrel only

    If you make a few, offer them up for sale. I'd certainly be interested
  9. strimmer_13

    How much ?

    I'll stick with my £12 tesco southern comfort thanks.
  10. strimmer_13

    Red Dot Sights

    Only ones I've ever used I wouldn't take a shot at anything alive at 25yrds as you've no idea where it would hit - With a airgun. At 15 yrds doing chest shots on a pigeon would be fine. I'd just buy a hawke one, cheap Chinese ones are OK for clarity just the dots are massive. Great fun on rats at very close range, also using tennis balls rolled along the floor for target practice. 👍
  11. strimmer_13

    410 single barrel shotgun project/ barrel only

    Stay away from that! I'm winning it 😅
  12. strimmer_13

    Ben Fogle - Another Anti

    Tbh he was a tit before and still is. Lego headed ****
  13. strimmer_13

    Pigeon watch cert holder

    Shout out to whoever sorts the holders out, received mine last week and its excellent value for money. Not a stich out. And the green looks great too. Quality buy 👍
  14. strimmer_13

    Pump Club

    Your exactly the reason I join forums like this 👍 I shall see if anywhere stocks bornaghi carts and give the internals a light polish. I have a lot of fond memories with this gun, was my proper first 3". Still thinking about a revo or sxp for a laugh
  15. strimmer_13

    Using a lap top on your lap

    Only thing I know of is the sites that are unhealthy for me...