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    1. Don't use a cheap tube one, i had one for my lid on the bike and the footage was ok but it had the most annoying ticking sound quite loud. Get a shotkam or make a bracket to fit a go pro.
    2. There's a question with a million answers 😂 Budget? Caliber? Style - pcp or spring? Range? Ftlb? New/secondhand?
    3. I'd be a little upset paying a fee and not being able to use the land? I know its no good arguing with the keeper, what he says gos, but maybe the nppc or whoever should of been aware of this. Keep plugging away fella
    4. Sensible lad Nice photo btw as said get it framed 👍
    5. Yep gauge and turn knob I threw. Sorry. All I wanted was the bottle as it was out of date and my grand plans for the door stop never materialised anyway, its still sat on the shelf collecting dust. Anyway I've got a spare hose if you needed it
    6. You know I lobbed a guage last year as I thought id never have a need for that. Bloody typical. Kept the bottle as I wanted to weld fins on it to make a dummy bomb door stop for my garage 🤣
    7. Its on the new years list of things to do! Just got a shed to finish building, a chainsaw to change the clutch springs on, then the carb tuned, car to sell, just got 4 massive floodlights to fix up and sell, then I might have time to do that. Inbetween working 6 days a week.... Jesus i need summer to come fast so I can have some more daylight 😂 Ah forgot, the ******* tumble dryer broke last night, I've got it in bits all over the garage. Waiting on ebay now...
    8. Problem is he'd probably be a hero in the nick. As Lloyd said, would of been handy to of been shot straight in the face at the scene.
    9. I've still got that pump in the garage waiting for a seal kit to be fitted. Bought it 4 months ago. Thinks it's a sheridan blue streak in .20. Bought it, put it in the rack and not looked at it since 😕
    10. The way i learned a long time ago, was the distance between fence posts. Sounds daft, but i started with only a few fields and the posts were about 5mtr apart. If I saw something along there it took a second to figure the distance. Take a tape next time your out, measure the space between, it will be fairly accurate for the whole length as fencers are a pretty ocd bunch I've found and stick a target next to each one out to 40 yards and practice your mildots / holdover 👍
    11. £100???? ******* hell is that how much it costs? I've only recently bought a bottle as I was having a few medical problems, but that's not far off what I paid for a new 3ltr. I say new, I bought it from sportsman gun center, and after being reassured its brand new with 3 years of test left, the local (ish) dive center says it actually only has one and a half left as it had been in their store for over a year. I ******* hate that shop run by halfwits who sell **** to halfwits like me, I should of done research first. Anyway rant over. Sorry. Dont sell your pcp, buy the compressor, you'd regret it if you did sell up. You have a verminator don't you? Can you connect the compressor straight to it? If it will do figgys 7ltr in half hour, should fill a pcp in 5mins without it getting too hot
    12. Don't want to sound like a party pooper pigeonpopper, your not planning on filling a out of date bottle are you? I know you can do want ever you want, but just thinking at these pressures I'd want the peace of mind knowing my tank hasn't any issues before refilling at home, I.e getting it tested. It honestly scares the **** out of me just refilling my guns, which aren't tested if you catch my drift? Tho this compressor looks the dogs bolloxs for people who don't have local access to dive centers 👍
    13. I'm following this with interest. Not for airguns but I fancy knocking about some longer stuff, sub 300 yards and the hawke lrf400reviews ain't amazing on amazon. Was thinking is these £70 jobbies on ebay accurate enough.
    14. OK ill be realistic, read all of David gemmells books multiple times, Douglas Adams the same. Reread Robin hobbs lot as well and are excellent, going with Brent weeks and Simon scarrow. On the theme of hunting, Jim Corbett books are outstanding and in essence truly terrifyingly in parts, that man had balls.
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