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    I've been interested in these for a bit, you never really hear a bad review about them. What's always scared me off buying any small brand gun was parts, but i suppose with the help of forums now, parts and servicing have become easier to manage as in general somebody will have a idea and point you in the right direction. Nice gun btw, tho I know it would never fit me 👍
  2. One part of my job on a shoot I worked on years ago was shooting and trapping cock pheasants (also drakes) at the end of the season. Beaters day was also only cock birds. Anyway off point, but i shot quite a few in my time there and as stu said above, no matter what I shot them with, air or rf, in the head always resulted in them flapping. They are dead but moving is all. I wasn't allowed to chest shoot as the meat would be damaged and unsellable. But that's not to say I didn't at times as I knew a lot of the meat went north for animal food processing and a 22rf stops them in their tracks as i
  3. My bucket list is to hit 200 (not on a main road I might add). Plenty of airfields to go on and if not I might just have to pop to Germany for a weekend with my mates. As for shorts, I wore jeans once, and felt completely unsafe. He'll get a max of 18months, out in 6. Had a small bird hit me in the chest at 70 and that felt like I'd broke a rib. Then hit a pheasant 2 years ago, I found a part of it still lodged in the radiator in the first lockdown. Never mind the fairings and blood splattered everywhere, I left a big brown trail for about 100 meters 😂
  4. Yea turn mobile data off on your phone and connect the ookla speed test on WiFi. See what you get then. Just out of interest what speeds are you paying for, my mother who lives on top of the preseli hills in west wales only gets .5mb/sec as her exchange is 4 miles away. Its awful. I had 8mb/sec on my 3g dongle going back a few years
  5. Download a speed test app on your smartphone. Make logs about 3 times a day and complain. Sounds ridiculous as well, but turn the router off for 5mins as well and try again
  6. Its 75hp I wouldnt worry. Got over taken by a 125cc a while back. Slowest thing I've ever driven, can't do 70 on a motorway, even slower (it's possible) if it's windy 😂
  7. Yup or people who want one who are on the rob. Generally no questions asked about goods being nicked if it's boxed. Ideal time for a robber to nick a system with crimbo around the corner. This I'd say is just jacking it up, maybe he's set up a few accounts himself to bid it up himself and his mates to do it too.
  8. I try my dam hardest in my van but the ****** wont go over 70. In fact I apologise to any motorists on the a303 stuck behind a Ford transit connect doing 50mph, I do have my foot pinned to the floor just I bought a low powered bit of junk 😂
  9. Raging coke head has a heart attack. Not surprising really is it.
  10. I'm a straight man, but I'll tell you what, it nearly turned me to the other side 😂
  11. Main 3 dyes/stains I use are jacobean, Medium oak and rosewood. Tho I find the rosewood vile and resort to mixing a few up. Never seen polyurethane on a gun stock though. At least it will last 😂 Dont know till you try
  12. On my one I went for 1080p at 60fps just because it was smoother than the 30fps at 4k.
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