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  1. They are ****. Spend a extra 20 and get a cheap 3mm alder if you want something basic that doesn't flush out everytime you move
  2. For a split second there I thought he was on some sandy beach in the med
  3. I would offer even tho I'm about 15 odd mile away, but I'm working 6 days a week until late most nights. Unless it's a private sell that I could collect after 6pm or on a sunday I can't really help sorry
  4. Because daystate are **** 😅
  5. I've the xp which is the other remington. Awesome springer for the money once fettled. Tbt kit, polish ends ect ect Anyway I don't know if they have the same barrels, but mine hates accupel, it's flavour of choice is jsb exact rs. Sub inch groups at 25yards. But I had to bed that gun in, I've never had a springer that needed so many pellets through it to settle the barrel in. Must of been a tin of 500. I've never heard of good things of using nv on a springer either Oh mines . 22
  6. Well I took a trip to the shop, literally not been in there for 12 months, bought the gloves and the hoody as xl was sold out online. Well impressed with the hoody, I'll wear it a few times, and when it's wrecked i will wear it for fishing then 👍
  7. I had ich on my clown loach years ago. I messed up the temp and it stressed them, along with the disease and I lost them. Guessing it came in from pets at home when the misses and son bought some new tetras. Lots of £s gone. The treatment is a pain, many many water cycles to cure, and if I was you, quite honestly I'd get rid of the gravel if your starting again (if you've lost everything) as I wouldn't risk it. Or, and its a ball ache, get a big pan and boil the hell out of the gravel. I done that a few times when doing a deep clean.
  8. Well I gave £2. Wouldn't normally I'll admit, but the boy wants a red nose for school so he's got one.
  9. Well just received it It's bloody massive 😂 That will hold 500 carts easy, though you wouldn't pick it up
  10. Where are you based? Just checked your old posts I can see your half a country away, I'm no good sorry
  11. Pleasure meeting you mate, nice having a quick chat 👍 Take it easy down here, it's like the wild west 😅 Stay safe Matt
  12. Good book and a glass of plonk. Many, many, many hours will be lost then
  13. Just bought one 👍 Stupidly gave the last 1 away. Thanks for the heads up
  14. I'm in a similar conundrum. My bottle is coming to the end of its test, and if I can't find a place where it can be retested locally (I say within 20 miles), I'll just buy a new one. I'm going against the factor of buying new vs taking a day off work (2 x half days), driving maybe 40 mile round trip twice and the cost of retest (which I have no idea what the going rates are). Or just buy a new one from js Ramsbottom online. And go bigger, as I've learned 3ltr really isn't anywhere near enough. Or option 2, just buy a compressor and be done with the lot. I've also got stirrup pumps
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