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    1. Same Playing cow boys with bsa superstars Had to dig it out my ankle and lie to mum why I had a fist size bruise and a hole from a 'rusty nail' 😂 Also in college we ALWAYS had airsoft fights in lessons. Anybody sat in front with big ears got it. Even the teacher turned a blind eye to it as long as he didnt recieve a round
    2. strimmer_13

      Air rifle

      A gamo cf30 in the 'for sales' section for 60quid.
    3. Been hammering it for a while. Not too bad, little bit too sweet after 2 glasses
    4. Well it was nice watching the long sunset From now on it only gets darker earlier And the little **** is still up Youd think he's had a red bull
    5. Just got to emlyn after 6hrs stuck on the m4 which is normally a 3hrs journey. Currently sat on the window waiting for my boy to nod off so I can go downstairs and have a cider
    6. I spray my work boots with wd40, swear it keeps them slightly dryer
    7. Had a go No way am I posting the groups 🙈 Lets just say I need some practice, and a lighter trigger for the brno. Never really noticed how hard it is rested - freehold its awful
    8. Isn't that a targetmaster not triggermaster? Suppose to be very accurate guns
    9. Was about to have a go but it's ******* it down, dont fancy lying in that
    10. Cracking scopes for the money, highly underrated
    11. Well ive just sold that mower. It's going to pay for a weekend away Total cost to repair £1
    12. Go in the craft section mate, loads on poles and such. Some swear by shop bought, I don't, but then I've got a bit of spare time to tinker some feet up. Those wilko poles extend from about 3ft to 6ft.
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