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  1. strimmer_13

    Guess the pellet

    jsb I reckon
  2. strimmer_13

    Huawei mobi help ??.

    I've the older mate 7 and as mentioned I can't remove unless removed from phone contacts. I found it easier to just block them in the end
  3. strimmer_13

    A classic wife over reaction.

    I got my ear chewed off for that too recently
  4. strimmer_13

    Garage/workshop ideas

    nowt better than a bloody great man cave of a garage looks good
  5. strimmer_13

    Two Classic Gamekeepers Books

    Good reads - I've got them both.
  6. strimmer_13

    Photo ID Rant

    cant remember why as 8+ years ago I got refused my fast track application at the post office for using my firearms/shotgun licence. They would not except it. Neadless to say we had a dingdong as it stated online it was allowed
  7. strimmer_13


    I only ever put mine in the cabinet if I'm away as I have to shuffle guns about. But if they were worth a few bob I'd certainly not hesitate to get a extra cabinet. Most of my kit is locked up one way or another apart from my air rifle. Stupid really.... but I can't justify the cost atm
  8. strimmer_13

    pheasant back fungi

  9. strimmer_13

    pheasant back fungi

    I will. Thanks for advice
  10. strimmer_13

    What would you do?

    500-800 acre farm. 20ft electric fence. Few nice ponds, bit of a wood in middle. Tarmac the perimeter so I could take my lambo and bikes up and down the ranges I've dug out and put up a nice log cabin. Oh and my own vine yard For £132,666,000 odd Id hope one was Donald Trump
  11. strimmer_13

    What would you do?

    Only 6? Jesus wept they must be expensive in their prime
  12. strimmer_13

    pheasant back fungi

    I didn't know you could eat them tbh. Is there anything similar about that I might pick by accident that might make me err... well, dead? I have family that forage but I'm useless so i avoid it all (apart from puff balls) as I don' want a dose of the mentioned above
  13. strimmer_13

    177 recommendation

    His kits are spot on. Got one in mine. Smooth operation and decent fella to deal with too
  14. strimmer_13

    Mauser 107 and Moderator Zeroing

    I had the same years ago. Used some bad rounds that hardly left the barrel and eventually one clipped the end and the silencer was ruined. 6" groups at 50 yards. Throw it in the bin before it becomes dangerous
  15. strimmer_13

    BBQ planned?

    Think I had them last year. They were lovely. Not blow your head off hot but a nice warmth. Same as asda did jumbo Newyork style sausages but discontinued around august. Just when you want them. ******