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    1. Its amazing 👌😂👍 Nearly forgot, cracked black pepper as well
    2. No no no. 4 Crumpets with grilled cheese on so it melts in, a lightly fried egg on each, Branston beans poured over the top of the lot, dash of hp sauce. Pure heart attack on a plate and one of my favourites. 👍
    3. Keep it and do your main test 👍
    4. My bosses 18 plate navara Full of gear (chainsaws ect) not thrashing it very high 30s very low 40s. Towing the chipper mid 20s. Town driving about 28-29.
    5. Window shopped, not been in as didnt sell my kidneys in time
    6. Asking the real questions Next i want to see a steel target on the kayak, and with that, shoot it until it moves across the lake. Its been a long day today...
    7. His opening lines at the start about the way the british used to be 200 years ago shut her up. I was laughing my **** off
    8. Just watched it. Really good, even the misses shut up and watched it with me
    9. Have to by contract. Me and a mate have chosen to work in between so we can use our holidays in the spring when it suits us 👍😉
    10. **** Christmas. Buying over inflated rubbish, to give to people who aren't truly grateful, for it to end up in the charity shop about july time. Only reason the tree is up is i am trying to do something for the boy, but still not having a roast, its a bbq as standard and has been for years if its not raining.
    11. Yup again i ordered the magnet kit (forgot the pw discount 😣 Anyway cut a long story short, they apparently tried delivering 3 times, i was phoning them to recieve lie after lie and at one point even got hung up on. And im not an aggressive caller... 2 weeks later, i had to pay for redelivery to a new address as they wouldnt leave it at my local post office and took it to pooles depo some 40 mile away. *******. I detest using them
    12. I bought the same branded one out of sportmans store in dorset. Its alright, its a bit darker than it looks which is better for this time of the year. It doesn't look like the picture either they use. If you want ill take a pic later. Its not my favourite net but its not the worst. In fact, a cheap, shiny piece of ****, off that wish app, is my favourite as its not so snaggy, easier to blend by integration of natural grasses ect and drys quick.
    13. Well do it. Get the parts online, best off sticking to a mossy 500 or remi as parts are more freely available. If it does not work out, resale the parts and keep the original gun.
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