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  1. repair neoprene wellys

    You could try a glue I used for my wetsuits called 'black witch'. About a fiver, got hammered pretty good and didn't come apart. Maybe a option but think walker above is right
  2. Pigeons

    fantastic offer
  3. Bo & stinky people

    yup I work with this kind and we cut grass for a living
  4. Memory cards going AWOL

    what jaymo says. bought cheap of eBay and got sent fakes. after a quick look most 4gig are actually 256mb or less. even after a format it would still show a fake capacity. But on another note with a Garmin sat nav and a proper currys bought card, that occasionally throws a error. I just assume after being left in a damp cold car, and not used that often, that the contacts inside might need a clean
  5. .410 bolt action

    stick with 2.5 mate I'll not want to be responsible for something to go wrong! Cracking guns, Bargain price you got it for too. Have some fun!

    what I actually think he means is 'get well soon and take it easy'?!
  7. .410 bolt action

    i thought it was a 3" in the webley? im sure ive been feeding it 3" in my mates for over a decade with no issues?
  8. Pike Fishing and fish care?

    My local club in their guide/members book it advised you to not return pike. Was only 3 years ago. I was shocked as i only joined to lure fish for them. I'm with a different club now. Also they lost that lake anyway as a certain nationality decided to take that to heart and help clear it out along with other species. Was a bloody good lake, lots of fun and then it died within 2 summers. Shame
  9. grrrrrr

  10. Schoffel ???.

    bit unrelated as it's a work jacket but I've been issued a schoffel jacket and I can't say I'm impressed. Over priced is the understatement. Zips fall apart and lets in water like a sieve. Looks smart and is reasonably tough (has not been properly holed yet from thorns ect) but unfortunately I work for a crew where looks are more important than freezing your #*$& off. Maybe other ranges are better I couldn't say
  11. Motorcycle test

    Done my tests about 3-4 years ago. Mod 1 was the hardest and that's because it's in your head! Nerves had me but honestly if you've rode before you'll be sound and its over so fast. Also trust the surface - I did mine in the pouring rain and the grip was amazing better than any other surface you'll ever encounter. Like **** to a blanket. Enjoy it and good luck and on 19th post up the results
  12. James Bulger (petition)

  13. New AUDI Feature

    forgot to take the crimbo lights down
  14. bronze wanted

    just came across these. dunno metal it is but they are old tyre levers and I'm guessing bronze. Welcome to them but I don't think you'l be making a axe out of them but a small blade certainly