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  1. paulw6969

    22/250 ammo

    Any one know prices of it as don’t shoot that many so might not home load anymore
  2. paulw6969

    Lego technic

    Al large remote controle models considered thanks
  3. Weighs 1.7 kilo might scrape through £4.00
  4. Bernd klingner rifle shooting as a sport basic principles position and techniques £10.0 bernd klingner training and competition £10.00 bolt action rifles expanded 4th edition £10.00
  5. paulw6969

    Hushpower 410

    Wanted please single or auto close to camps as poss
  6. Wanted opticron or similar no top end ones please just something I can leave in motor
  7. Some one said to me they got 65 pence for muntjac cost more to load round
  8. Send me some pic p_d_willis@hotmail.co.uk how old is it
  9. What one do you guys have on 222/50 I have t8 but it’s heavy if your are walking about
  10. Camps are very good the only trouble is the home visit as there is only three of them and the cover a few counties but Clair will come and see you and she is not to be taken for a fool ,I had mine renewed bby phone as I have had it few years now good luck
  11. paulw6969


    Looking for moderator for 222/50 to replace t8 on ticket thread could be 1/2”
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