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    Shooting, Shooting, and a bit more Shooting!! Hunting on my days off.I have been shooting since the age of 12 (air rifle) I acquired a shotgun certificate at the age of 15 and a firearm cert' at the age of 25. (now aged 60) I used to participate in pistol shooting, in the good old days when they were legal, and owned many full bore & small bore pistols. I have represented Wales twice in International DTL clay shooting and also represented my county (Mid-Glamorgan) for many years.My shooting now consists mainly of vermin control - crow,pigeon, rabbit, squirrel and fox. I also did Deer stalking for a few years. One of my many other interests is photography, which I have been doing for at least 30 years.

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  1. 'Off Air'

    I didn't miss me either. Yes it was, owing to the nature of the work we do.
  2. 'Off Air'

    Holiday. And I don't know how to get banned, because I behave myself.
  3. 3D Printing

    PM sent
  4. iPhone SE 16GB

    For Sale: The above phone is for sale. Excellent condition, no scratches, marks or dents. Unlocked. Screen saver and Tannc case fitted from new. Silver colour. Comes with charger lead. Sell for £135 inc RMSD. Also advertised elsewhere.
  5. 3D Printing

    I can't remember which member does the above?
  6. 'Off Air'

    Aye. One more strike, and I'm out!
  7. Computer problem

    I have a problem with my computer, which I'll try and explain. Basically, if I open a new file and transfer data (photo's usually) onto it, as soon as I highlight any other document/file. they remain 'highlighted.Moving the wheel on the mouse, makes the images larger/smaller depending on which way it's moved. I have to restart the computer to stop this happening. It's been like this for a long time but seems to be getting worse. Any ideas as to what's causing this?
  8. 'Off Air'

    Well, if the 19 'asking advice/please contact me' PM's I received while away, are anything to go by, then clearly yes I was.
  9. 'Off Air'

    Indeed I did.
  10. 'Off Air'

    I'm back.
  11. Binoculars

    Hawke Nature Trek are excellent and carry a ten year warranty.
  12. Two Shooting DVD's

    For Sale: (1) African Safari/Cape Buffalo Safari. Two films on one DVD. 14 Species Hunted. £14:00 inc pp (Approx 115 mins' run time) (2) Zimbabwe Elephant Safari /Big Game Hunt. Two films on one DVD. 16 Species hunted. £14:00 inc pp (Approx 127 mins' run time) These are original and in mint condition. Excellent viewing. The two can be purchased for £26:00 inc pp. £23:00 inc pp. No further reduction offered. Also advertised elsewhere.
  13. Hawke Vantage 4x32 mil dot scope

    Yes, still for sale. PM sent.
  14. Quake claw slings

    Please don't remove selling price after item has been sold.
  15. 'Off Air'

    I may be 'off air' for a week, as from tomorrow, with the possibility of not being on PW Anyone needing to contact me, please contact via PM and I'll see if I can view them, otherwise I will check them asap.