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    Shooting, Shooting, and a bit more Shooting!! Hunting on my days off.I have been shooting since the age of 12 (air rifle) I acquired a shotgun certificate at the age of 15 and a firearm cert' at the age of 25. (now aged 60) I used to participate in pistol shooting, in the good old days when they were legal, and owned many full bore & small bore pistols. I have represented Wales twice in International DTL clay shooting and also represented my county (Mid-Glamorgan) for many years.My shooting now consists mainly of vermin control - crow,pigeon, rabbit, squirrel and fox. I also did Deer stalking for a few years. One of my many other interests is photography, which I have been doing for at least 30 years.

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  1. I have 379 of the above bullets which are 39gr. Retail price is £30 - £31 per 100. Selling for £25 per 100 & £20 for the 79. OR £85:00 posted for the lot. Will also swop for 32gr of same.
  2. I certainly will. It's going to take a while to be complete, but once done, it's going to be a great place to shoot. And, it's only 12 miles from my home. I used to be a member of the old club that was there back in the 1980's/90's where I shot 44 mag /357 mag pistol and 7.62 rifle. Will do mate.
  3. Plenty of RFD's/shops within a 30 mile radius, and a few clay shooting clubs. The new range when opened will cater for 600mtr targets. Plans are also for air rifle, blackpowder, running boar, night vision events, ladies days clay shooting and more.
  4. I'll measure them later today and get back to you.
  5. FREE. I have these Oak logs that have been in dry storage for at least 4 years. Not sure if they are of use for anyone (apart from burning) but they are free. All I require is the cost of postage.
  6. I never actually went to Severnside, what with work, weather and family etc. I'll see if I can find the number and let you know. I'm still waiting for the range in Senghenydd to start up. So far, it's still in the 'signing papers' stage, but hopefully, things will start up soon.
  7. steve_b_wales


    As I mentioned in my last post, 'The Last Battle' poem is good to read.
  8. I've got a few wallets made by Lin, and they are excellent quality. Highly recommended.
  9. I came home from work this morning and mentioned to my wife that a works colleague spoke about the food Okra. My wife (bless her!) replied, 'I didn't know you could buy Whale'. No love, said I, that's Orca!
  10. I read it a few days ago in GunMart magazine, but have given it away now so can't check on it. EDIT: Here it is: https://www.targetshootingshow.co.uk/
  11. steve_b_wales


    I am so sorry to hear your sad news. My Jack Russell 'Cas' was into her 17th year when I had to make the terrible decision to end her suffering. She was everything to me, and more so when I lost my 14 year old son. I would be sitting alone in my home, deep in thought about my son, and she would wander into the room with one of her toys and drop it by my feet with eager anticipation of me throwing it for her to fetch. It was terrible taking her to the Vet's and signing the form ( it felt like a death warrant) to allow the Vet to end her suffering. That was nearly 6 years ago, and there's not a day when my wife and I don't mention her. I have photo's of her in my living room and a fantastic Pyrography 'drawing' that my very good friend, Mel b 3's wife Lin (also a very good friend) did for me. Like my wife and I, you will feel sad and 'down' at times, but then smile when you recall the many things she did to make you laugh.
  12. The above DVD for sale. Original and in mint condition. £4:00 inc pp
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