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    Shooting, Shooting, and a bit more Shooting!! Hunting on my days off.I have been shooting since the age of 12 (air rifle) I acquired a shotgun certificate at the age of 15 and a firearm cert' at the age of 25. (now aged 60) I used to participate in pistol shooting, in the good old days when they were legal, and owned many full bore & small bore pistols. I have represented Wales twice in International DTL clay shooting and also represented my county (Mid-Glamorgan) for many years.My shooting now consists mainly of vermin control - crow,pigeon, rabbit, squirrel and fox. I also did Deer stalking for a few years. One of my many other interests is photography, which I have been doing for at least 30 years.

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  1. Anschutz 525

    Yes. It took a bit of haggling etc but I managed to get it in the end. I haven't seen the rifle yet as it's in transit to my RFD, but hoping to pick it up later today.
  2. Which digital caller ???

    As above. I've owned mine for many years. I have a British animal sound card which works well.
  3. Anschutz 525

    I'm pleased to say that I've puchased a lovely 2nd hand 525 yesterday, and will be collecting it from my RFD friend tomorrow.
  4. cz 452 .22 WMR.

    I think they all are 1/2 x 20 UNF.
  5. Fox club

    It should work, but stake the carcass to the ground so that the fox doesn't just pick it up and run off with it. I would also add a bit of smelly bait, such as cat food.
  6. Coins for sale

  7. Coins for sale

    For all you numismatics out there: Sir Isaac Newton 50p coin x 2.. Uncirculated and struck by myself yesterday at the Royal Mint Experience day. These coins will not be put into circulation. IThey are selling for between £40 -£75+ on Ebay, plus postage: Will sell for £45:00 each including recorded delivery postage: One SOLD.
  8. Hi all

    Welcome to PW.
  9. ERMA rifles

    Although I'm looking to purchase an Anschutz semi auto rifle in the near future, I was talking to a friend of mine who mentiond the Erma make. Has anyone used one, or own one and what's the overall opinion of them?
  10. Anschutz 525

    Thanks. Just checked and they have stated 'In Store Purchase Only' so not sure if they would be prepared to RFD transfer it. I'm still going to look for an Anschutz 525, but out of interest, has anyone used or owned an ERMA semi auto? My RFD friend has one in his collection that he would sell, although no price etc has been mentioned.
  11. Anschutz 525

    Just like Schmidt &Bender Germany/Hungary.
  12. Anschutz 525

    Are they made under licence for them?
  13. Best hmr scope

    The Hawke Endurance 30 range are excellent, and carry a 10 year guarantee.
  14. Anschutz 525

    PM sent regarding the above.
  15. Anschutz 525

    That's what I like to hear.