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    Shooting, Shooting, and a bit more Shooting!! Hunting on my days off.I have been shooting since the age of 12 (air rifle) I acquired a shotgun certificate at the age of 15 and a firearm cert' at the age of 25. (now aged 62) I used to participate in pistol shooting, in the good old days when they were legal, and owned many full bore & small bore pistols. I have represented Wales twice in International DTL clay shooting and also represented my county (Mid-Glamorgan) for many years.My shooting now consists mainly of vermin control - crow,pigeon, rabbit, squirrel and fox. I also did Deer stalking for a few years. One of my many other interests is photography, which I have been doing for at least 30 years.

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  1. I don't dial a call when driving. I only answer calls by just pressing a button. See post number 3!
  2. Update: Well it receives incoming calls, but I cannot use a voice demand to contact someone when in my vehicle.
  3. Yes, I am using voice commands, but only when I'm not actually driving. I'll get my wife to give me a ring when I'm on the way to work tonight.
  4. I've been using the above for quite a while, when driving in my car. It's linked to my mobile phone via bluetooth. For some reason, when I try and 'call' someone, a message says 'sure, but first we have to unlock the device', and I can't continue the call. The stupid thing is that if I try it in my house, it works! I contacted Plantronics and spoke to a gentleman from India. According to him, there isn't an 'unlock' option on the earpiece, which I agree with. After suggesting various things, he gave up! Any idea's what can be causing this problem? I don't mind purchasing a new one, but wo
  5. No, when purchased, it had 17" (235 / 65 / R17) wheel/tyre's on it. At first, General Grabber didn't do a 17" for it. My 'offroading' consists of dirt tracks, some very muddy/mucky, uneven ground and flat fields. It's used onroad 90% of the time. Lovely to drive on and off road.
  6. You shouldn't go far wrong with a Freelander. I bought a Freelander 2 TD4 13 years ago, and apart from a few 'repairs' it's going strong. I've only done just over 95k in it. I put General Grabber AT3's on it and it gets me around on rough, boggy ground.
  7. Here's the advert: I'm not sure if they are still available, but they are re-advertised frequently. https://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/414690-trail-cam-go-groupie/
  8. .204 Ruger modified case £5:00 posted.
  9. Couldn't you just raise your hide poles higher, if adjustable, and leave a gap at the bottom?
  10. Personal Contract Purchase. Basically, like hire purchase. Get the vehicle, pay monthly and at the end of the term, either pay the balance, hand the vehicle back and walk away, or trade it in for another one. A lot of my friends are doing this, as the monthly payments are usually less than on HP.
  11. PCP may be the way to go.
  12. Last Wednesday, I had 3 text messages within 20 seconds from 3 different 'companies', regarding items for delivery!
  13. I'm still looking around to be honest. I've been advised to keep my Freelander TD4 for at least another year, especially after having just spent the best part of a grand on it.
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