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  1. I wish I had that many around my way there used to be loads everywhere apparently but now lucky to see one every year, I have a permission where I do flush 3 or 4 from rushes and rough ground but don’t want to shoot one as this permission is right near my uncles where they seem to have become extinct, always wanted to try it though
  2. Just wondering if there’s any restraints that serve game in Sheffield? Would like to try jugged hare but can’t seem to find anything online, thanks
  3. Think I’ll do that then, and yeah my normal choice is eley impax but I bought these vip elite for fox
  4. If you zoom in veryyyy close just above the where it says 12 and two and a half inch you can just about see it but only just haha
  5. Yes it is marked down each side of the barrels just above where they touch the action
  6. It’s an English gun w h monk and yes it has been sleeved
  7. I will have a check on the box thanks everyone
  8. I can’t make anything out apart from the 2.5 inch, it’s just I have some 34 gram 67mm cartridges and I’m wondering if they’d be a bit much for it
  9. Can anyone enlighten me on what the max gram cartridges I can use in my 12 bore and also the choke I can’t make head or tail of it 🤯
  10. Was thinking they might be better for chest shooting crows and magpies at stretched ranges but if I can’t put them in the right place then will make no difference, will give them a try if I find some!
  11. I may just stick with the sub sonics I use eley and get good groups with them, wouldn’t like to risk damaging anything for a bit of extra power, was also thinking of something with a bit of a flatter trajectory until I can save enough for the hmr
  12. Am aware that stingers should not be used in some firearms with tight chambers but just wondering is it safe to use cci velocitors in an Anschutz 1415-1416? Thanks
  13. He did have a nice Annie hmr in went I went to get this but wallet wouldn’t allow it, i was advised against chopping this one as something about it having a slight choke in the end of the barrel and might affect the accuracy? But do prefer them on the short side
  14. Very nice! I prefer the short barrels but went for the long one because the gun was too nice to pass up, will put a pic up soon Have a slot for .17 hmr as well thinking of a tikka t1x
  15. I need to try a few different ones out see which mine likes, I’ve not bought a moderator yet do you know of any over the barrel designs other than the wildcat as the barrels a fair length and I think a reflex type would be better to cut down the length a bit
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