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  1. It’s an anschutz 1415-1416, at the moment I only have a cheap stoeger scope on it that came with an air rifle and I have ended up having to rotate the scope so the turrets do the opposite of what they say
  2. After a decent scope for my .22lr preferably mildot and wondering if one exists that has the adjustment turret on the left side instead of the right as my gun likes to eject the shells at the turret so they fall back into the chamber, thanks
  3. A bigger cabinet would be a much easier solution but where I have it bolted to the wall is right between the wall and a plug socket and it only just slotted between the two so unless they do a narrow but very deep cabinet I doubt I’ll have to make do with jigsaw puzzling them in upside down haha
  4. Ahhh thank you, was wondering as well as my cabinet is a bit tight for room and as well as a spare barrel not even sure if the original will fit in if I go for a 28 inch as it has a lockbox at the top for ammunition
  5. Does anyone know if a spare barrel has to be stored in a cabinet? Thanks
  6. I did toy with the idea of a pump as they seem a lot simpler and obviously you cycle them yourself but a friend told me there too slow to use but I suppose it depends on the person shooting
  7. Hmmm yes actually I suppose your right 😂 that does sound like a good deal, I know Edgar brothers seem to be the main suppliers of them and there not too far from me in Mac which brings me to another question if anyone knows do they have a shop that you could just buy one from or are they just a wholesaler?
  8. Cheers fellas I do quite like the look of the marine ones with the nickel finish on it! In my local gun shop they had stoegers and the owner seemed to rate them But I’m not too sure
  9. After a budget semi auto for vermin and maybe the odd bit of clays looked at a few different ones stoegers and such, but the one that keeps coming up is hatsan escorts, question is are they any good? Not looking to spend anymore than 3-400 pounds, cheers
  10. It’s an anschutz 1415-1416 but they do look very similar, and cheers I will be sure to remove the stock before I screw it back in
  11. Thanks so would it be best to remove the stock first I assume? Ahhhh never mind it’s come out easy enough
  12. Bought a bipod a couple weeks ago and been meaning to fit it but I have a sling swivel that needs removing from the stud and I’m not sure how to go about it there’s no screw or anything any suggestions?
  13. Was advised against this by my local gun shop as something to do with a slight taper at the end of anschutz barrels and it might affect accuracy
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