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  1. Ahhh I didn’t, do you mean just with like a rag or?
  2. I let it slam using the release button, I’ve stripped and cleaned it after the last 2 times I’ve been out as it was a bit wet and rainy, could I possibly have over lubed?
  3. I do normally use a side by side but after getting it was just itching to try it out and see how it was
  4. Would just lightly tapping the charging handle do that? forget to say as well it happened the very first time I went to shoot it, other than that it’s been spot on, bet that woodcock thinks it’s good as well haha
  5. Hi all just a quick question, a couple weeks ago I purchased a new hatsan escort extreme and have been very pleased with it, it so far has cycled everything I’ve put through it including my go to woodcock load eley impax, however The other day I had just got over a style so had took the cartridge out of the chamber and then when I was over I opened the bolt dropped it back in and hit the release, not a second later a woodcock flushes from a holly tree but when I went to shoot there was just a click! At the end of the day I tested it and fired it a few times and everything was going through fine, question is if what I’m assuming was the bolt not seating all the way, is this something that can be remedied by just lightly tapping it after I’ve hit the release
  6. Not sure what I’ll make of it to be honest only one way to find out though! Cheers
  7. Not sure if this is right section also forgive the silly question but if I was to try eating woodcock the traditional way am I right in saying I need to remove the gizzard? If so how do I go about doing this?
  8. Are they the blue ar500 plates? Found them on eBay just trying to decide what size to get, don’t want too big but the 2 inch one looks a tad small
  9. If I was to make my own gong am I right in saying the thicker the steel the better or would too thick be more likely to cause ricochets
  10. Ahhhh was going to say mine will be set further between 70 and 100 yards, may get one of these!
  11. What sort of steel would I use, and am I right in saying it should swing freely and be hanging off chains or something similar
  12. Just wondering if the spinner type targets on eBay are safe to use with rimfire, some of them say rimfire use but I’m not so sure about richochets
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