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  1. Was they the new style or old style
  2. I use a 90l drum inside a jack Pyke bag and it’s perfect high for me
  3. What hide poles people using iv found the pinewood ones to be the strongest and have the longest spike into the ground but as they don’t make them any more I’m after a second hand set or some other poles what you all using ??
  4. Shame this ain’t the pine wood hide poles
  5. I can get hold of them though a mates shop how many you after
  6. I’m after some pinewood hide poles
  7. For sale is my nvm14 gen2+ night vision the tube is spotless only selling as this is a spare also comes with a cobra dsa £750
  8. Night force nxs for sale in mint condition with all box and papper work these come with life time warrantie £1100
  9. its from Carl at nightvision gear uk it's an armasight one so will have a much better tube than an atn one It's between 2/3 years old i no longer use it
  10. For sale a nvm night vision unit with a laser ir and a dsa "day scope adaptor" I have used this unit to shoot foxes out to 250/300 yards with year identification of target cost £2100 just for the unit plus ir and dsa
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