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  1. rayo

    Closing a 525

    Quick update must have fired about 300 mixed cartridges through it and it’s been fine ‘ really happy with it
  2. rayo

    Closing a 525

    Quick update I’ve just been back to his permission to try a few shots again .This afternoon I was using cartridges that he loaded himself so tonight I tried some of my clear pigeon and HB pigeon through and i could close it gently and it fired without any problems so I’m thinking it must have been his self loaded cartridges So looks like I’m buying it thanks for the feedback folks
  3. rayo

    Closing a 525

    The action is quite tight and the cocking lever is over to the right , I can close my lanber softly and it fires no problem
  4. I’ve got the chance of buying a used 525 so this afternoon I had a few shots with it and noticed if i closed it gently it would not fire as though the safety was on but closing it a little more forcefully there was a different sound from the action and it fired no problem , the lad recons it was just me closing it to softly as I’ve never fired a browning before I don’t know if this is normal or not the gun fits me fine so I’m tempted to buy it if it’s usual for Brownings to work like that any advice greatly appreciated and thanks in advance
  5. Must have been about 1974 when we were 14/ 15 yrs old my parents bought me and my brother a Relum Tornado each for Xmas from a mail order catalogue , all of our mates at the time also had air rifles so many a hour was spent plinking and shooting rats on the local tip . No one in authority seemed to mind and just let us get on with it In them days it was a case of buying 200 marksman/milbro pellets and we were away for the day with open sights now I’d be lost trying to shoot without a scope 😂 Happy days
  6. Yes realise that thanks
  7. I was out on the clays last Sunday with a lad who’d just bought a brand new Bettinsoli diamond He said he wanted to buy a brand new gun but couldn’t stretch to a Beretta so decided on the diamond . It looks a really nice well made gun . I’m thinking of buying one myself I’ve heard quite good reviews on them How many you folk shoot with a Bettinsoli
  8. In the process of upgrading my Lanber to a Beretta ‘I’ve seen a nice 686 special with fixed chokes 1/4 and 1/2 and that got me thinking I’ve only ever used them chokes in my Lanber so who changes their chokes regularly
  9. Thanks folks for all the feed back much appreciated
  10. Advice please can anyone tell me what’s the difference between the 325/425/525 sporters thanks in advance folks
  11. After owning a AA s400 .177 for a few months I find it incredibly accurate but I still yearn for a springer as well . I have an old BSA Mercury from the late 70,s and although in my hands is not as accurate as the 400 . I think ill be looking at the HW77/97 or AA TX200 to add to my armoury in the future
  12. Shot a few pigeons late afternoon yesterday whilst roost shooting , on breasting them I checked their crops and all were empty bar from one who had a tiny amount of rape in Is that usual this time of year for pigeons to struggle to find food or were these just unlucky in not finding any
  13. A shoot I beat for gave us a little roost shooting ‘so when arriving at the farm I had the choice of taking the short cut and chancing walking past this big fella or walking around the long way needless to say a long walk prevailed
  14. It's a 28 inch , I think I'll take a punt it's in good nick .its also fitted with a eazy fibre optic sight which I may or may not leave on . The rib does not seem raised high compared to othe trap guns that I've looked on google images so Hamster your probably spot on
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