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  1. Has anyone got a choke key / wrench for a Beretta 302 lying around thanks in advance guys
  2. Morning folk I’ve a beretta 302 , I like the gun but not keen on the varnish/ lacquered woodwork so I fancy stripping it and just have a oiled finish, I know I’ll have to use nitromorse to strip it then sand it but can anyone advise as to achieve a darkish satin oiled stock finish and what products to use thanks in advance guys
  3. I’m looking into upgrading my Hawke vantage 3x10x50 ao. For a Sidewinder or Airmax 4x16 x50 any advice what your choice would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance folks 👍
  4. Morning guys I’ve been reading in a FB group that a lot of folk insist on cleaning the barrel of their new gun before they fire their first shot I must admit I’ve never heard of that before
  5. rayo

    Relum Tornado

    Got one for Xmas when I was around 14 yrs old thought it was the dogs ding dongs at the time
  6. Visit stansforth butchers and try their pork pies they are fantastic and just remember never go shopping on a empty stomach .Good luck purchasing your gun 👍
  7. Just been watching videos on YouTube for the Gamo Phox and for the full package Under £500 seem cracking value , I’m thinking of treating myself to one when things get back to normal
  8. Thanks going to give it a go sounds good 👍
  9. rayo

    That made me jump

    While digging my compost heap ‘out ran a large size rat 🐀 it’s a first for me . Hate the *******
  10. I heard it was Durham area but the person that told me had heard it off someone else so it could well be that case
  11. As the title says I’ve been told today that someone decoying pigeon in the Durham area during lockdown have had their gun confiscated by the police I don’t know how true this is or the circumstances but I was under the impression that decoying under crop protection guidelines was permitted . I think I would be on edge if I was to go decoying during this pandemic so haven’t bothered and will enjoy it more when we get back to normality
  12. rayo


    Better Watch your fingers then 😀😀
  13. Morning Folks Thoughts good or bad on the Stoeger M3000 . I currently own a Beretta 302 but would like a steel proof semi Thanks in advance 👍
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