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  1. No sorted thanks to the very kind offer off Ladyjack much appreciated πŸ‘πŸ‘
  2. Hi Dean mate Gordon mentioned it to me but I think it was a 6v one I really wanted a 12v motor so I thought I'd just get a flapper instead but as usual with me I changed my mind again πŸ™ and now after a magnet cheers
  3. If anyone has a spare magnet for sale North East area im after one Thanks
  4. Morning folks Thinking of upgrading from my Hawke 3x9x50 to a MTC viper 3x18x50 or a Sidewinder 4x16x50. It would be going on Hw100 Any thoughts /advice would be great fully received Thanks In advance πŸ‘
  5. Needing some kind of set up for night shooting rats with air rifle can’t stretch to the likes of a pard so something like a nite site or decent red filter zoom torch lamp thanks
  6. Morning guys I would be grateful if anyone could give me their thoughts on the Deben tracer max it would be for rat shooting with a Hw100 or would I be better getting a smaller led torch only asking because night shooting is totally new to me so your opinions would be appreciated thanks in advance guys πŸ˜‚
  7. Morning folks question please , can you get away with a red filter scope mounted torch for night time rat shooting or do you really need a NV add on or Pard 077 or the like Any advice on the above would be greatly received Thanks in advance guys πŸ‘
  8. Has anyone got a choke key / wrench for a Beretta 302 lying around thanks in advance guys
  9. Morning folk I’ve a beretta 302 , I like the gun but not keen on the varnish/ lacquered woodwork so I fancy stripping it and just have a oiled finish, I know I’ll have to use nitromorse to strip it then sand it but can anyone advise as to achieve a darkish satin oiled stock finish and what products to use thanks in advance guys
  10. I’m looking into upgrading my Hawke vantage 3x10x50 ao. For a Sidewinder or Airmax 4x16 x50 any advice what your choice would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance folks πŸ‘
  11. Morning guys I’ve been reading in a FB group that a lot of folk insist on cleaning the barrel of their new gun before they fire their first shot I must admit I’ve never heard of that before
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