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  1. rayo

    Fat on pheasants

    Thanks for the advice folks much appreciated
  2. rayo

    Fat on pheasants

    Going to try making some kind of pheasant casserole .Am I right in leaving the fat on for more flavour thanks in advance
  3. rayo

    BSA R10 mk 2 (reliability advice)

    Yes Bruno you probably right I was wooed by the looks ( wife will also agree on the basis of how often I change motorbikes 😀) it’s been a problem with me for years You made a good point tho
  4. Looking to buy my first sub 12lb pcp in .177 . I've seen a lovely r10 mk 2 on the gun rack complete with scope £550 . My original choice was going to be a AA 400/410 until I saw the BSA. So I went home and researched it but I have read there's been quite a few problems with regulators on the R10's . Has anyone on here suffered the above mentioned problems . The gun comes with a 3 month warranty and would ask if the regulator was covered . Any advice greatly appreciated folks
  5. rayo


    Are the Royal Enfield's still made in India? . I know a couple of lads who often hire them when in Goa . With more and more of the new bikes loaded to the hilt with electronics it must be nice to have a bike like the Enfield that even I could do some of the repairs if needed 😂
  6. rayo


    Cheers Mark
  7. rayo


    Can anyone tell me if Widdrington is on every Sunday and is it fibre wads only Thanks in advance folks
  8. rayo

    Triumph Tiger 800

    Know what you mean that’s why I part-exd my 900rr blade for it done some good tours up the west coast on the blade but I prefer comfort now 😅
  9. rayo

    Triumph Tiger 800

    After years of riding nowt but Hondas I decided time for a change and bought a 800 Tiger and had a few days down the Black Forest via Luxembourg.Got to say I’m very happy with my purchase
  10. Morning All Can anyone please point me in the right direction on how to repair a 2 inch split in my Hunter neoprene wellington. Would a bike puncture patch do the trick? Thanks in advance
  11. Recieved my shotgun renewal certificate this morning after less than 3 weeks from sending it in to Northumberland FAO . Had my interview over the phone , must admit I'm impressed on how quickly they processed my application . Never heard anything from my GP surgery as to regarding any fee they might have charged for their input but I'm hoping no news is good news on that .
  12. Found it , the last time it was used was when I last renewed my licence All sent of now ??
  13. I'm in the process of renewing my shotgun certificate and haven't a clue where my cheque book is , it's been that long since I used it so the hunt begins ...
  14. rayo

    Couple of bits

    pm sent
  15. Can anyone tell me if plastic wads are allowed at Bebside Cheers