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  1. rayo


    Never been myself but my mate and his wife have been going back for years and absolutely love it
  2. Been looking on eBay and those bucket seats Covered in realtree and revolving seat seem just the job for carrying shell decoys and a net ,so looks like I’ll be ordering one Many folk on here use them ?
  3. rayo

    New gun day 😁

    I bought a used AA 400 and wish I’d gone for the 410 the problem with me I’ve got no patience and couldn’t wait for a 410 to come up for sale Can’t fault the accuracy of the 400 but would prefer a magazine as opposed to single shot Enjoy your new gun bud 👍
  4. I’m near Newcastle mate but have transport 👍
  5. Will do ,I didn’t realise the sold decoying gear cheers 👍 Yes mate a tad to far 👍
  6. Trying to get together a basic set up if anyone’s got any surplus net decoys etc thanks in advance 👍
  7. Morning folk which do you guys prefer , I’m in the process of buying decoying gear and would like to know your thoughts on the flocked decoys opposed to the standard un flocked ones thanks in advance
  8. Well I bought the 302 today in very good nick for it’s age and a bonus was it came with 3 chokes and yes I checked it was a three shot 😁
  9. Have been doing a little research on the 302’s and according to the shooting times all 302’s imported into the UK prior to 1989 were 5 shot ,so then when the law changed only allowing SGC holders to hold semi’s capable of holding 3 cartridges all 302’s had to be crimped and re proofed That’s something I didn’t know ,would hate to buy an illegal gun that hadn’t been modified
  10. While browsing YouTube I watched a few videos on the Hatsan 44-10 , didn’t know Hatsan made air rifles but going on what the reviews are they seem quite good
  11. Thanks bud didn’t know about that one 👍
  12. Thanks for the feedback guys ‘ think I’ll be going down the affinity route 👍
  13. Was pondering on buying a Hatsan Escort when a Franchi Affinity came into the equation any advice on what the Franchise’s are like for reliability would be much appreciated thanks in advance folk 👍
  14. rayo

    Closing a 525

    Quick update must have fired about 300 mixed cartridges through it and it’s been fine ‘ really happy with it
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