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  1. Caesar Guerini competition Maxischokes. These are new and have never had a shot through them. Cylinder Skeet Modified Improved modified Light full Full. £28 each posted. If you want 4 or more then I will throw in the case (also new) for free!
  2. IC and LM Chokes sold. The others are still available.
  3. Caesar Guerini Maxis Chokes Extended. These are new 2020 chokes having never had a shot through them. Constrictions as follow: Cylinder Skeet Improves cylinder Light modified Modified Improved modified Light full Full £38 Each, Posted. If anyone wants 4 or more I’ll throw in the case (also new) for free.
  4. Mikeats, as clanchief said your current chokes will say what system they are. If your interested in Optima (not HP) then PM me and I'll put you in contact with my bud.
  5. If they're Optima and not Optima HP, I can put you in touch with a friend that's selling a full set for a good price.
  6. It'll be the latest 2014 entry model. For info on how to use it look here http://cbcdn1.gp-static.com/uploads/product_manual/file/278/UM_HERO_ENG_REVB_WEB.pdf
  7. I got a GoPro Hero (2014 entry level) for Christmas with head mount. It will be a couple of weeks before I get out for a shot with it and was wondering if anyone has some footage they could post/link. I've watched a couple of reviews and the video quality seems pretty good, my only concern is that it has a wide field of view as standard and you cannot change this to narrow as with other models and that seems to be the best setting for shooting. I guess the wide FOV may make the birds look further away than they actually are and harder the see in playback (although I'd look like a better shot).
  8. ok guys thanks for your input, will probably go down the polystyrene route.
  9. My gun cabinet is installed in my loft (only place for it), I keep my guns in socks inside it and have loads of silica desiccant and a napier VP90(in date). The guns seem to be fine and I've had it up there a couple of years now but I recently put a humidity indicator in and it changed colour pretty quick indicating damp. Can anyone recommend and relatively cheap method to remedy this problem?
  10. I have just purchased a 682 Gold E. Unfortunately it only came with 3 extended chokes. I'm after original Beretta ones, light modified (orange band), modified (green band) and full (grey band). Ideally the older version that has a plastic coloured band as oppose to the newer coloured metal band, their proving harder to get hold of than I imagined!
  11. PAV331

    Gun fit

    Definitely get a lesson or two. Although you may begrudge forking out, a reasonable instructor is money well spent and may save you many hundreds or even thousands of pounds in the long run. They should set you on the straight and narrow from the start and save you from the frustration of firing countless amounts of carts into thin air trying to figure it out complex issues like gun fit and eye dominance for yourself. If you walk away from a lesson and aren't thinking it was money well spent and that you've made good progression, then find another instructor.
  12. I brought one of these last September. 32" Black action and teagued. The gun is 26 years old, but In mint condition, I paid a £1050 for it from a dealer. The build quality is fantastic, far superior to my later 686 model and feels more like German engineering than Italian. For me, it shoots very high (even for a trap gun), I tried shooting registered sporting with it for a while as i preferred the trigger and balance to my sporter, but eventually switched back as targets both at distance and dropping were tricky to judge with the guns high POI. As a trap gun though, especially DTL, brilliant o
  13. Ok that's great. Thanks for your replies. Just have to wait for 'the one' now.
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