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  1. yep its multichoke and its a 28" barrel
  2. its my gun, any questions please ask pretty much all the pellets ive used in this gun... sad really
  3. For a change from my smart phone a few months ago I changed to a feature phone and bought a CAT B35, an incredible little phone… I had it as an emergency phone so in the few months I’ve had it it’s sent a few tests and no more than ten minutes of calls so is in as new condition. The screen protecting film is still on it The CAT B35 is unlocked so will work on any network, Small, IP68 rated waterproof, rugged (manufacturer tests by dropping from a height multiple times), dual sim, monster battery life, I charged about once a fortnight, it’s a feature phone so has some apps that can be installed, email, Facebook etc… it’s a great little phone but I’m going back to a smart phone. Full spec: https://www.catphones.com/en-gb/cat-b35-mobile-phone/ I paid a just over a hundred pounds for it and want £70 collected from CF39 or CF40 area or £75 posted. payment by bank transfer or plus fees for paypal
  4. I am selling my DIY NV setup, only used at home for testing and taken out once. Total cost of all parts included was over £300, the Nite Tek package alone cost me £158 https://www.sure24.co.uk/kpc-e700mtc-camera-nite-tek-housing-bundle-for-mtc-scopes.html I am asking for £120 plus a tenner towards delivery. Payment by bank transfer or plus fees for paypal E700 camera, 16mm lens and filter removed Nite Tek E700 housing Nite Tek MTC scope adapter (also fits some other brand scopes) Monitor housing from Dave G, with 12v battery behind the screen. UK mains Charger X2 scope mounts T38 IR torch X3 18650 batteries (for IR torch) 18650 battery charger
  5. I bought a couple of Hunters Video DVD's from my local Gun shop recently, watched them and am selling on (bought far to many that are wasted money stuck on a shelf). they are: The Lord of the Pinnacles and My Very First Buck watched once and in perfect condition, although the front of one of them has a bit of sun fading. I'm looking for £14 posted for the two, payment by bank transfer or plus fees for paypal
  6. I have for sale one of Dave-G's Collet Chuck DSA Adapters, I bought it from Dave a while ago and changed my plans on the design so it was surplus to requirements... I'm after £30 posted for it but am open to close offers... payment by bank transfer or plus fees for paypal
  7. thanks to bigbloodydaddy for the fast and easy trade, his actually showed up before I even managed to get to a post office to send mine... top guy
  8. gun now has a new home, after advertising (half heartedly) a few times over the last two or three years, when my adverts are about to expire I get at least half a dozen chasing it... first guy pulled out, then back in but after not hearing from him or receiving payment for several days reluctantly sold to the next, a right pain in the backside sending it but all sorted. cant believe they charged me or rather the buyer £45 to send! shocking
  9. I heard the same when I was offered an older beretta, I had real concerns about buying a mid eighties gun over something newer which was a similar price... I posted on here at the time and so many people told me the same thing... buy the older one
  10. haha, im not that worried really, not like I have to sell it. saying that just spent loads on new night vision so would come in handy but had two more people contact me today for extra photos
  11. unfortunatly buyer has pulled out, so gun is still for sale
  12. bargain, my old falcon used to love these
  13. nnoo.... don't be saying that, one safes enough!!!!
  14. thanks, still don't like the idea of parting with her... but for once in my life mr sensible... and im putting in for a 22-250 so making room in safe for it... these 14 gun safes arnt what their made out to be
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