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  1. kiffy

    What is an older Beretta?

    I heard the same when I was offered an older beretta, I had real concerns about buying a mid eighties gun over something newer which was a similar price... I posted on here at the time and so many people told me the same thing... buy the older one
  2. kiffy

    Beretta 682 x trap 12 gauge

    haha, im not that worried really, not like I have to sell it. saying that just spent loads on new night vision so would come in handy but had two more people contact me today for extra photos
  3. kiffy

    Beretta 682 x trap 12 gauge

    unfortunatly buyer has pulled out, so gun is still for sale
  4. kiffy

    Bisley magnum 22 3tins

    bargain, my old falcon used to love these
  5. kiffy

    Beretta 682 x trap 12 gauge

    nnoo.... don't be saying that, one safes enough!!!!
  6. kiffy

    Beretta 682 x trap 12 gauge

    thanks, still don't like the idea of parting with her... but for once in my life mr sensible... and im putting in for a 22-250 so making room in safe for it... these 14 gun safes arnt what their made out to be
  7. kiffy

    Beretta 682 x trap 12 gauge

    subject to payment gun has sold
  8. kiffy

    Beretta 682 x trap 12 gauge

    lord kiffington... got a nice ring to it just tried weighing on my kitchen scales. to heavy for them... so a VERY unscientific weighing, jumped on bathrooms scales holding gun, then again without gun and seven pounds different. if you want accurate im sure I have luggage scales somewhere to be honest im not sure the correct way to measure LOP, by that I mean does tape go to top of butt pad or centre of but pad or where you measure on trigger. so I just put a tape on the stock, photos below hope their ok as tightchoke mentioned, is mobil chokes.. two in gun, two spares and choke key
  9. kiffy

    Pard 007 45mm collar - swap for 48mm

    thanks for the replies all, found my swap now
  10. kiffy

    2019 Chilli Growing thread

    got my reapers and paprika in this weekend, now ive got an allotment (took it on this time last year) and a greenhouse on it im keeping greenhouse at home just for chillis
  11. kiffy

    Pard 007 45mm collar - swap for 48mm

    I put a vernier on my viper to measure before ordering my pard and ordered a 48mm and a sleeve to take it down to 46mm. my air rifle has the same viper but since putting it on two years ago ive not even zeroed it in so no rush on a second. thanks ant mass, might be in touch soon
  12. kiffy

    Pard 007 45mm collar - swap for 48mm

    asked and they wont swap, they are the cheapest around and theres a 12% discount code so cant complain.. and you guessed right, ive two mtc scopes
  13. kiffy

    Pard 007 45mm collar - swap for 48mm

    that's where I bought my pard and 48mm, have the 45 coming that's no good to me and I've a pair of scopes that are 46mm so thought id put it out there... never know
  14. hi folks, have a Pard 007 en route that's coming with the 45mm collar, anyone have a 48mm the would like to swap for my 45mm?
  15. kiffy

    Night vision scope add on + Night vision spotter

    that's a bargain price for someone.... looking at the build cost of mine as ill be selling soon and build to sell is one hell of a difference these days