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  1. Indeed, but they all looked to be lead shot in the video, may be time manufactures discontinued live quarry cartridges in lead shot with plastic wads.
  2. Why bother with any plastic type wads when you have fibre at 91.9% pattern, better than most plastic wads.
  3. That chart is very old now so possibly no longer correct. Also it shows or assumes “C” to be parallel sides in my experience they are tapered and the taper may have an impact with how firmly the primer seats in the primer pocket. Have used a lot of Fiocchi amd Rio primers in Fiocchi 28ga cases, both stayed in. as ag12g said try FES they stock both Fiocchi and Rio.
  4. They are using laser in Rome to move them on.
  5. Could try these people they do not list a 10gauge but may make one for you. http://www.shotgunchokes.co.uk/shop/product-info.php?prodname=Gauge-Reducers&id=30494
  6. Mr Packham thinks it just nature and not a problem. Carrion Crows, Magpies and Jays are scavengers and predators. They will eat the eggs and chicks of many species, and have been doing so for thousands of years. That doesn’t make them a conservation problem any more than Blue Tits eating caterpillars are a conservation problem. Species eat each other – it’s ecology. https://wildjustice.org.uk/general/what-will-defra-do/ pity nothing eats him in the food chain.
  7. Or it burns very poorly and dirty. put a little lose nitro powder outside and set fire to it and watch how it burns completely different to that of black powder.
  8. The violent crime reduction bill made it law that to purchase metallic cartridge type primers from an RFD ie large rifle primers you need to have an FAC with a rifle on it that requires the large rifle primers. My friend used to load the .410 brass cases and decided to give up doing so. Guess you could get somebody with such an FAC to buy them for you, as the law does not apply between private individuals. May be an inconvenience, but with the police trying at this time to tighten controls on reloading components, let’s not give them any cause to do so.
  9. That’s crazy you have at least one of the vaccine companies producing it for zero profit, why do GPs need extra money for doing what should be their job in the first place. The bill for this pandemic is going to take generations to be paid for.
  10. No trump cannot play he has tested positive for COVID.
  11. Because the FEO is not medical qualified, and no marker would be added to your medical records that you own firearms for ongoing monitoring of your medical suitability to own firearms. £50 your lucky mine was twice that. GP are businesses and the medical report is private work, rumour has it they are getting £10 per COVID vaccine jab they do.
  12. Given non essential shops are allowed to operate by click and collect it followed that people must be allowed to visit the shop to complete the click and collect process, within a sensible local distance, otherwise why allow click and collect. FEO is not their to enforce the COVID legislation, hell most forces are not even able to do what they should be doing processing new applications and variations.
  13. However their was no click and collect for non-essential businesses in the first lockdown. pellpax are still delivering guns direct to customers front door.
  14. Surely it will be up to the individual delivering and collecting the firearm to the RFDs to decide if the journey is essential, many reasons why it may be considered essential, the person selling may have lost their job and be in urgent need of the money then the person collecting may be unable to work from home and their journey to or from work passes the RFD they are collecting from. Given RFDs can operate click and collect cannot see how it is their responsibility to police the actions of the private individuals involved in the buying and selling. The RFDs probably also need the income
  15. It won’t be just game shooting that is financially hit it will be the non-business local small clay shooting clubs, they will have seen a loss of income due to the now three lockdowns and Tier system. But will still have bills to pay like insurance and rent for the ground. Being clubs and getting no government money it may see some close, if they don’t have the money to pay the next lot of bills when due. Challenging times for shooting of all types.
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