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  1. Looking to the not to distant future think non toxic shot, will either the 16gauge or 28gauge have steel shot in biodegradable wads available, unless you can afford bismuth. 20gauge may be a better option.
  2. Why bother when clearly the goal is non toxic shot used in a biodegradable wad?
  3. Check his car insurance he may find miss fuelling is covered in his insurance policy, I learnt this the hard way after miss fuelling and paying for a company to remove the mixed fuel from the tank etc, then many months later spotted it was covered by the insurance, like a windscreen. Edit to say the fuel tanks have an anti syphon / anti accident spill flap that has to be negotiated to be able to syphon the fuel out.
  4. interesting https://www.gov.uk/government/news/end-of-the-road-for-grey-speed-cameras
  5. Assume their were signs warning you of speed cameras? I though all fixed speed cameras had to be yellow and visible not hidden within a traffic light system.
  6. Now I know why a single barrel semi auto is such a great choice, just the one barrel to worry about.
  7. Don’t think so it shows 2.31mm as English 7 shot size. i find this useful. http://www.####.co.uk/shotsize.htm
  8. Don’t listen to them, I have a Armsan 28ga which I was fortunate to pick up at a very good price. it is a great little gun, light to carry with a pocket full of cartridges. I smile every time I use it, be that on a walked up day, pigeons or clay pigeons. I do home load for it 21gm and 24gm, yes you can load similar for 12ga or 20ga but it uses a lot less powder than either of them and the fibre wads are cheaper. if steel shot eventually makes it redundant then so be it as it has been a joy to own and use and that hopefully will be the situation for a few more years yet.
  9. But this is an interesting read https://bioammo.es/leave-no-trace-behind/ Two years to decompose if composted longer if on the surface, is that really a suitable replacement for current fibre wads? The eco plastic wads Eley are using are gone in days. In temperate conditions, our ammunition will biodegrade within approximately two years They will biodegrade on the surface, although a little slower as there are fewer micro-organisms. However as the wads are brown they will not visually pollute the enviroment either.
  10. Gas seal, you have obviously found away to make the cartridges that suite and work for you, well done, but that is not an option for the majority that shoot the challenge is getting shooters to swap from a lead shot fibre wad cartridge at currently around £240 per 1000 to steel shot eco biodegradable wads at £419, paper cup wad £349. or bismuth at £1221. Per 1000. Assuming they can even be made in sufficient quantity. It’s a very big ask for the average working class shooter, who must either accept the extra cost, shoot less, or give up live quarry shooting all together, or continue using lead which in practice is what is happing and will continue to do so unless forced by law or cartridge importers/manufactures stop offering lead shot cartridges, which for now and probably the foreseeable future is financial suicide.
  11. Conor, that is disappointing but not surprising, I do not personally go wildfowling but have friends that do as members of a club will only shoot for their own table and if we’re found on club ground with lead shot cartridge would be expelled from the club. In my experience, game shoots however that end with a duck drive certainly are not policed in the same way and with many land owners requiring fibre wad cartridges to be used the choice until recently has been bismuth shot which being very expensive has not gained any traction. And it will be these ducks that most likely end up at the game dealers. compliance comes full circle to your statement that an effective and affordable alternative non toxic shot, biodegradable wad cartridge needs to be available, for all gun types. And importers/manufactures must phase out from the market lead shot cartridges for live quarry shooting. A Herculean task.
  12. Conor, if at the end of the government review they conclude that the health and environmental issues far out weight the “key principle of, that further restrictions on lead ammunition must not be imposed until effective and affordable types of sustainable ammunition are available in sufficient volumes to meet demand.” argument, Then clearly then the rug has been pulled out from under basc feet as you can only but agree with the such a conclusion and embrace a total ban on lead. Then it will matter not that their is no effective and affordable sustainable ammunition in sufficient quantity. which realistically could take a lot longer than the four years now remaining to achieve, if ever for some types.
  13. if they do not take the sgc what stops the person as soon as the police leave going and buying another gun? And if need be then some cartridges (they may have not handed all in).
  14. Sadly I do not think your GP can help, they will have removed them due to the potential as they see it of the behaviour escalating between you and your adult child. Once the police were called to what they probably classed as domestic violence their was likely only one outcome. Probably now at best a calling off period at worst your certificate revoked and told to reapply in a few years. No quick fix I fear, good luck and put your health first. Write to the firearms manager requesting they phone you to discuss the situation.
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