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  1. Comments observation from John at Folkestone Engineering Supplies who supplies a lot of home loading components. The use of steel shoot is nothing new, however restricting it to being used only within biodegradable wads adds challenges to implementing it effectively within all guns in use today. As our customers know to date we have not stocked non toxic components. As has been said on the forum, the only biodegradable wad available to home loaders at this time is the cardboard cup wads available from Clay and Game Reloading. We did buy samples of the water soluble wads in March 2016 the cost of them was considerably more than the price of fibre wads and non biodegradable plastic wads and hence concluded they were not viable at that time. These wads were and I believe still are only manufactured in 12gauge. We know of no testing that has been completed with them using tungsten based shot. We still have remaining a few samples if anybody visiting us would like to view them. Both B&P and Gualandi currently list no biodegradable wads. Should it become commercially viable and hopefully with the support of the suppliers we would stock the water soluble wads or alternative manufactures products when or if they become available together with steel shot. We will also look at alternative shot types like Bismuth and solid Copper shot but they are far more expensive than steel shot and this we believe will considerably limit their appeal. No need to panic we are on a five year journey and we will continue to offer lead shot whilst it is legal to do so and thank customers for their support. Best wishes, John. Mods if this is inappropriate to post please delete RB.
  2. Sincerely hope this how it works out, but the big risk now is that the shooting organisations have now made it very easy to implement a total lead shot ban, why? The EU is expected to implement a ban very soon or after the voluntary transition period people carry on using lead to shot game using say a number 7 shot clay cartridge, then the government turn round and again implement a total lead shot ban. All current steel shot cartridges with biodegradable wads which is what we are being asked to use are considerably more expensive than with lead or normal steel cartridges so we urgently need to see this returned to parity and not just for 12gauge. The future is far from certain.
  3. Yes they are not biodegradable, I guess you could always pick them up after the shoot wash them and reuse them lol Current state of biodegradable wads is; the cardboard cups sold by CG. the wads Bioammo are making to use in their own cartridges in Spain, as released as the recent shooting show. the water soluble wads eley and Rio are now using, again made in Spain by a plastic company. Only the cardboard cups are at this time available to home loaders and all I think are only 12gauge. control the wads control the price of cartridges, we have moved from a position of lots of price competition due to lots of manufactures to that of three.
  4. The banning of lead shot for all live quarry type looks like a poor attempt at trying to ensure large estate commercial game shooting continues when as has been said WJ don’t agree with releasing and killing non native birds so shot type is not the be all and end all. and I certainly do not object to anybody legally enjoying any type of live quarry shooting.
  5. Even if in an ideal world you were paid to maintain and keep the coverts for the benefit of future generations and wildlife via subsidies? Always assuming of course you could get planning consent for the houses lol
  6. I did this year do a simulated game day and it was a very good (cheap) and sociable day, so if all live game shooting came to an end from the enjoyment side It may not be the end of the world. however I do believe it or not accept that game shooting creates jobs and profits for the gun trade, farmers, local businesses etc and is a way of life for many. Hopefully quality of bird presented should be more important than quantity. the outcome is out of my hands given WJ has issued a JR it’s wait and see how it all concludes.
  7. But lots has changed since then they did have internet or WJ or need to be politically correct lol they still hunted foxes on horse back and they had never heard of non toxic shot or plastic wads, times have changed the past is no guarantee of the future, you cannot wind the clock back only live for the now and wonder if the mega amount of non native birds we now release is fit for purpose.
  8. Farmers are only temporary owners of the land for the benefit of society, Is it not possible to financially reward farmers to look after the land for the benefit of future generations and where they can grow insect and bird friendly crops and maintain hedges and trees after all they get subsidies and grants for all sorts of things. So why not to help keep nature in balance and fight global warming, and maintaining the countryside? Moorland Association set out their shopping list for stopping damaging upland areas wants from defra so why not treat farmers the same if they had to reduce their income from game shooting.
  9. I am sure when your grandfather reared game he did so in a compassionate and considerate way enhance the enjoyment from the farm was it to make money? flora and fauna as I understand it gets substantial subsidy money paid to farmers these days so may be the value of land need to be considered in a bigger picture.
  10. Yes more game in my younger years than now and still do crop protection, but game shooting has changed from rearing a sensible number of birds killed by the people who daily lovingly look after them and finally eat them to a very large commercial business making money with an end product that the guns don’t want and a consumer level which is behind that of the numbers produced.
  11. But two wrongs don’t make a right, so call for better treatment of the broilers.
  12. No but that is irrelevant, more native wildlife more nature reserves, more trees to fight global warming, solar farms, more houses none of which will be labelled barbaric. Life will go on.
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