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  1. Unfortunately the laws of physics apply even to steel shot, and hence steel pellets being less dense than lead and hence then two sizes larger will quickly lose any initial velocity advantage very much quicker than an equivalent smaller lead pellet. New powders are irrelevant in fact steel powders are just slow burning powders that were used for heavy lead shot payloads. In the U.K. the maximum velocity of steel cartridges is set by CIP, where as for lead cartridges CIP set a maximum pressure rather than velocity. Hence lead shot can always out perform steel. Likewise tungsten based heavy shot will always out perform lead.
  2. Was not one of the key benefits of Brexit to take back control of the U.K. boarders clearly priti Patel is failing to do this, rather so much easier for her to persecute further law abiding gun owners. nobody knows the history of these immigrants as they land with no documents to identify them, potentially, terrorist, criminals, rapists etc are possibly among them. The only way to stop it is to put every one of them when they land on the next boat back to France, when they then realise they are wasting their money they will stop paying the criminals providing the resources to facilitate them crossing the channel. Then we have taken back control of our boarders but no government has the balls to do so, especially priti.
  3. Looks to me as guntrader media has asset striped the defunct guntrader and purchased the data probably for a £1 data is brought and sold by various businesses, but does one not have to give permission for data sharing in that way?
  4. As Charlie T said it’s pattern that kills together with penetration, so the recommendation is to go up two sizes in shot size for steel, which to then deliver the velocity/energy and pattern for high (extreme) birds will require such game shooters to be using 3.1/2inch chambered semi autos, not your 2.5inch or 2.3/4inch fine English gun. However given the nature of the sport then tungsten based shot may become the norm for such extreme shoots.
  5. I will be astonished if on the first of November police forces that currently require the GP report to be submitted together with the application form and fee stop doing so and then follow the HO statutory guidance. If they don’t will that finally push the door abjure for a judicial review or is the fact that it continues to be guidance and not primary legislation mean it is status quo? we will soon know the answer.
  6. My understanding is that tragically in living memory every mass shooting in the U.K. has had a contributory factor of a failure within the firearms licensing process by the police, but no Home Secretary is ever going to come out and say so publicly, career suicide to do so.
  7. What a load of rubbish the home office have written they obviously do not live in the real world. 2.33 put on hold for six months, what if that is a renewal will you be in illegal possession of firearms? 2.34 change GP practice, GPs work on postcode catchment areas so quite possibly you will not be able to change GP practice even if their is another GP practice in your area. Then even if you could change GP like a friend tried to do, the new practice refused to complete the medical report for six months until they get to know you. Clearly at this time the applicant must contact their GP to get the report, will be interesting to see what happens in November, but this is NOT primary legislation just statutory guidance so expect the chief Constables to continue to cherry pick the guidance. And of course the risk that any GP who does not engage in the process will not add a marker that you own firearms so no long term benefit, just a one if five year MOT. Clearly the mess continues and will do so until it is part of a GP contract to engage in the process, but don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen.
  8. CPSA rules ban the use of home loads at CPSA registered competition. I doubt anybody could tell the difference in noise between a 28gm and a 30gm or even 32gm load. Grounds may restrict shot size, as I think CPSA do to size 6 due to pellet energy and fallout safety zone. I doubt many could tell the difference between a probably made reload and a commercial cartridge. Have shot at a lot of grounds for practice and have never been asked about what cartridges, other than restrictions on wad type, I am shooting they care about one thing that is taking your money.
  9. Unfortunately it is far more complicated situation and not always known to a consumer, unless the right questions are asked. The world is trading carbon offset from one industry to another. “ In practice this means that suppliers could purchase fossil fuel power but sell it as a green tariff or 100% renewable energy!” heavy read; https://www.ukgbc.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Renewable-Energy-Procurement-Carbon-Offsetting-Guidance-for-Net-Zero-Carbon-Buildings.pdf
  10. Oh stand corrected, thank you, so how much is membership anybody know.
  11. The police and crime act 2017 provision was referring to HOG2016 and we all know how well that went. “have regard” but not legally bound to follow or comply with it. A situation that is unlikely to change, unless the new HOG delivered all that the chief Constables want or it becomes primary law.
  12. Trust Frank and Sue Harrington’s pay their £7,200 combined annual membership fees wonder what the club do with the money other than paying farmers to shoot their ground. Guess if it works then so be it.
  13. Statutory guidance - oxymoron just publishing it does not make it statutory law that requires primary legislation, a bill that has been agreed by both Houses of Parliament and has been given royal assent by the monarch. Feel sure the shooting community would know if that had happened.
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