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  1. that’s the best advice i seen on divorce with children setting the wrong example always reaps what it sows only a fool gambles on seeing future grand children
  2. the gov had no intention of allowing a prosecution to succeed same as they had no intention of making those bombers who murdered people face justice just to get a deal done shame on the lot of them
  3. just back from a reccy think the drought is more pigeons than rain looks like birds will be few and far between unless rape patch’s pick up
  4. as she starts most days with a black eye my only regret is she didn’t go sooner who said life’s not fair lol
  5. rubbish always gets what it deserves in the end causing misery cost mine her grand child put anyone before your kids you will lose every time
  6. full marks to the chaps for helping davz out nice one boys
  7. the truth is often unpopular but at least i can remember who paid for my wallpaper lol
  8. four years to leave in name only is no success let alone a roaring one still using the eu corner shop is not trading with the world by any stretch of the imagination
  9. only a fool would class the damage wild justice has done shooting as failure gloating like this will only turn more people against us big mistake
  10. i was offended so many thought mine would end up digging a hole by torch light at 3am what sort of monster do they think i am a gentleman always helps his wife dig the hole!
  11. entire country to pick from best we can come up with for the job is a liar who dumped his family for a bit of scrag end voting at least once in my life will have to stay on the bucket list
  12. sorry open forum have to use your imagination
  13. depends who’s at fault I left the rubbish with a bag of clothes and a tv took the kids house everything cleaned her right out cheats deserve nothing
  14. price of listening to a lie i’m afraid none of my mans buyers will pay the extra for steel shot birds
  15. good report there rape patch’s can produce a tidy bag sometimes
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