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  1. probably already out with archie on the pigeons rip jack
  2. fighting with what? hot air stern letters a hissy fit with no teeth they can’t fight anyone except the members
  3. manufacturers keep very quite to avoid publicity it’s the last thing they want when you take our money you should stand up and be counted IF they chuck organisations a few quid it’s guilt money for failing on the above
  4. for a start they could stage a boycott of any manufacturers involved in shooting who do not use their power to support us they stand by while we are going down the pan we have power it’s not being used
  5. i would be the first to sign up with a shooting organisation who had more teeth than a stern letter if you hear of one let me know
  6. have you read the comments on here? shooters are not stupid they know hot air when they hear it if ANY of the organisations have done such a good job why are we fighting to survive and don’t blame the anti nuts our own side is sinking us without their help
  7. nothing wrong with my eye sight i won’t be around when all your allowed to use and own is a catapult it’s not my funeral
  8. what influence not one shooting organisation has teeth bigger than hot air and stern letters
  9. let’s not forget there is more than one villain here if any of the shooting organisations claims of putting members and shooting first was true they would merge into one organisation to give us half a chance of surviving
  10. don’t laugh but most believed they were joining a organisation that could fight for shooting not some toothless old dog whose only teeth is a stern letter
  11. you tried and that’s what counts despite a reccy on wheat yesterday they were on whole crop stubble two fields away today half of what we seen didn’t return but managed 67 so worth going
  12. they could try telling the truth for a change unless it’s now normal to drag everyone out and cuff them up asap for a search this was NO normal stop and everyone knows it
  13. that’s what’s good about video and cctv now i seen the footage people can deny their watching a classic drugs marker stop all they like but it won’t change what they are seeing
  14. always some excuse to claim discrimination who’s fault is it when i get pulled over it can’t be mine!
  15. taking the knee is a token gesture to avoid writing a cheque big enough to make a difference
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