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  1. i passed a shopping centre this morning packed no social distancing farmer called me to shoot some peas just been for a look windows up of coarse field is right outside his living room window so I think it’s a case of having to go
  2. exactly all being said to stop people going out defra had their chance time to make our own choices
  3. after cheshire backed a shooter the police would be hard pushed now to do little more than ask you to pack up any claims of taking your ticket would be scaremongering
  4. after the lack of proper response from defra i’m ringing some perms tomorrow if they are happy i hit the drillings having the sense not to touch the perm gates or contact anyone i will decide if to go or not
  5. don’t think the drive comes into it you can crash going to the shop or so called essential work if cutting people’s hedges is acceptable so is sitting in a empty field
  6. credit where it’s due basc asked defra to rule as defra don’t have the common sense to give a straight yes or no it’s time to exercise your own common sense if to shoot or not
  7. you could have included the swearing everybody has a day they shoot like a blind man chucking bricks or more than one in my case lol
  8. i wouldn’t worry after reading all the negative comments any further calls for help from the police will no doubt be meet with taser and arrest there’s no helping some people
  9. don’t take it personal mate the police monitor ALL forums so all we are doing is kissing goodbye to any chance of further police support for us utter madness
  10. i had buckwheat on couple of farms as cover for the rape this year pigeons turned up when it went to seed but only on one farm which was a bit strange
  11. rightly or wrongly on this occasion the police supported one of us so let’s see positive comments NOT negative ones or don’t whine when you see no police support for us
  12. top marks to the cheshire police and your self a lesson in common sense take note southern forces this is how it’s done
  13. at last a force with sense well done derbyshire for treating us like firearms owners and not children how decisions should be taken good work derbyshire
  14. claiming my OPINION is having a pop proves my point david thank you
  15. if you moan about basc your a knocker but if you get abuse for it that’s opinion called double standards mate
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