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  1. 99s have a galling issue even with the anti galling strip fitted I had one do it straight out of the box turned out linkage rivet was to tight i would increase the budget and buy something decent even if it’s second hand
  2. it’s about the greed of both after money all it leads to is bad press for us and hogging the perms by so called guides charging the desperate to shoot very little
  3. lack of education is what happens when you have to work because one of your parents has cancer and compared to your advice to stay at home saving petrol my comment is a decoying novel mate
  4. with the frost few more have joined some taking acorns on edge of the rape watching today some were definitely now pecking at the rape with the acorns past their best
  5. pigeon shooting is like sex beg steal or borrow for it but never pay
  6. talent or not the famous taking drugs sets the example that leads to kids becoming junkies anyone famous taking the filth needs to made a nobody in very short order
  7. shooting on a wooded hillside company thought i was a cracking shot never let on most of them were from shooting at a bird ten feet in front of the ones i was dropping
  8. worst one is when they stall pulling away at traffic lights by time they get going it’s red again
  9. another step closer to the end at this rate only ones left with firearms will be the criminals
  10. very few feeding this afternoon most preferred catching the sun i see a move onto the ivy before the rape with no pressure to feed looks like a long wait this year
  11. you lot should try living here this sort of thing goes on all the time hot bed for lunatics and criminals encouraged by our lefty council loons now our unis are giving students kits to test their drugs are safe to take unless your child is looking for a degree in being a junkie best avoid sending them here
  12. with you so keen jacko wouldn’t want to be a pigeon on your perm glad i opted for the dummy method today having none of my pattern
  13. that’s what you are looking at thanks to doris idiot would have be untouchable had he just left as promised
  14. i went today expecting to blank wasn’t disappointed and used dead birds need some cold weather or the acorns to run out back to watching and waiting glad i give farmers good scotch for this game
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