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  1. had they not signed up to the ban i would have donated now it’s going on my lead stock pile life comes with consequences
  2. with micro plastic now found throughout the food chain rather eat a few bits of shot than a plastic wad and cartridge case those pushing this rubbish ignore the fact joe public’s biggest concern is the plastic not the shot
  3. probably a avon perm cut early to make whole crop birds pour out of the town to it need at least a slab to shoot but last year even that failed to produce sign of the numbers falling
  4. sorry for your loss loved ones may depart but leave many happy memories for us as a small comfort
  5. this is not down to the antis this rubbish would not have got of the ground had it not been for basc and co calling for a ban the blame lies full square with those we paid to represent us who then bite the hand that feeds them by calling for the rubbish
  6. have a shooting partner we reccy between us if one of us finds birds then we shoot in the next day or so it’s not a lot of mileage as we passed the furthest perms on and kept the closest ones
  7. yes perms in wilts avon and somerset but still very few birds despite the acreage today’s reccy biggest amount of birds feeding was only around 20 so tomorrow is a crow day unfortunately
  8. this is the sort of rubbish that used to come out of daughters uni same people who claimed the campus geese would mug you for your sandwiches lol
  9. had she been a member of the IRA she would be strolling the streets now safe from prosecution because the government does deals with terrorists when it suits them despite how many people their bombs killed
  10. land rover gets me close enough most places if i have to walk only kit i take is ten breasted out birds hide and seat very few situations it’s not enough
  11. with a wilts perm loading the seed trailer up today things can only improve hopefully numbers will now appear with the drill
  12. i think in any type of claim if found to be using steel in a unproved gun they would try to claim you were acting unsafely be very hard to argue otherwise with no proof mark
  13. wonder what shooting insurance providers will make of using guns unproven for steel should you need to claim the word void springs to mind
  14. nice effort there we all miss a few sometimes keep the vids coming
  15. you need a yes sir no sir i have no opinion of my own on there lol no loss this could be the air gun place to be if they keep banning everyone at least you can post stuff without hysterics over power adjustment here pretty fair shout really ps. you just got a permanent ban on there truth obviously not to their taste lol
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