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  1. let me guess you went with the old talk to the police and cooperate advice to now find you have dug your own hole
  2. trust me when you force the police to produce any proof like all bullies they fold so fast it’s embarrassing we have the tools it’s just a case of knowing how to use them i would have staffs attempt to black mail plastered all over social media in ten secs
  3. no doubt he got the same advice as myself don’t rock the boat and cooperate with the police hence the mths and mths of misery and intimidation to surrender your tickets that follows the worlds worst advice
  4. positive shooting pr good on him let’s have more
  5. why do people allow the police to bully them time after time over tickets being pulled what’s wrong with you make a formal complaint to the chief constable immediately and don’t wait for a review that consists of a meeting where the police attempt to bully you into giving up your tickets nothing personal mate but until you take the gloves of kiss it all good bye
  6. there’s a easy solution when people ask a straight question give a straight answer instead of the sad old bashing claim act give no cause you get no complaints
  7. I am also waiting to see a reply from basc because the government have NEVER listened to them so why would they start now and during this current mess?
  8. same story in the south west very low numbers fields that are usually good for birds empty this year
  9. if there was anything to worry about someone would have been prosecuted by now the chance of anyone actually coming out to see what i’m doing is probably same as a lottery win and i don’t buy a ticket lol
  10. if you have crops they are flying over put your decoys out and they do come in nobody can deny they are attempting to damage those crops by the very fact they are attempting to feed unless someone can prove they dropped in to sunbathe you will be fine
  11. thought your opinions might be refreshing but being rude is not the way to go mate maybe you should tell us how it should be done as i obviously wasted the last fifty years if experience is talking rubbish
  12. only thing dum and dummer excel in is failure they couldn’t get water to run downhill
  13. ah the pleasure of endless waits in gateways gazing out over empty fields looks like you arrived now jacko (only joking mate) spend as much time there as you can nothing beats recon unless the bird loving neighbour cuts his beans after I just spent two days watching my side lol
  14. good effort that man fresh bean stubble next door cancelled it for me today but at least you had a nice few
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