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  1. finding they are really keen on sitting about at the moment myself i’m out for the next three days so hoping it’s changed well done for getting some top job
  2. same old hot air so as there is none so blind as them that refuse to see from now on certain people will longer receive invitations to any of my permissions on the grounds of safety especially mine should they see the light please let me know look forward to seeing everyone else as normal thank you
  3. i rubbed my hands finding two farms had a single field of rape but one field is the usual two bangs and gone and not a bird on the other one as of yesterday but on another farm they have gone mad for the seeds from the buckwheat sown as cover for the rape so i’m getting a few of that so not all bad think they have to much food for the rape seen them on ivy berries maize wheat stubbles yesterday
  4. put yourself in the farmers shoes the only man he wants to hear from that 300 pigeons are mowing his rape is the one dressed to go who then politely asks if you would like him to keep them of for the day as he has the kit with him because anyone else is wasting your time pigeon shooters don’t quit so get your kit on be that man and knock them doors until one opens
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