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  1. it looks like paid slaughter about the most damage you can do to shooting with a video camera what a moron
  2. if you ever get someone crying this is my perm just tell them to take it up with the farmer you never see them again!
  3. zero chance if unavailable I will have someone on a field next day every time without fail it’s one of the ways I keep my perms no such thing as stealing a perm your there to get a job done nothing else
  4. absolutely correct farmers own the perm not half a job joe never lost a perm but had more than one farmer kick mr slacker of and ring me
  5. I always go with (would you like me to keep them of for you) looking the part is half the job if your there ready to go it’s much more tempting to say yes
  6. sounds like your half way there picked up all my perms by knocking ready to shoot lot of farmers will take a chance if your ready to go even if it’s just to keep them of for the day farmers knock back day trippers in trainers waving perm slips all the time very rare I get a no these days
  7. after two years you must be doing something wrong check your using the right approach
  8. good effort there tidy bag for this time of year full marks for the friend help
  9. a man of epic talent sad loss rip
  10. that’s the truest post seen on here whole system is geared to supply the same lying rubbish every time
  11. on the money lie after lie after bare faced lie topped of with two fingers in voters faces obviously some people enjoy being taken for mugs
  12. s510 is best rifle for the money out there I never use the Qtec mod on mine not heard any complaints from those taken with a second shot yet mate had hw on approval same mag jams hence now using s410
  13. good luck with it seems to be less fuss about selling crack than owning firearms now
  14. worst attempt at heat deflection ever a spy not under arrest idiots lol
  15. he done you like a kipper £18 is fryway robbery
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