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  1. smoke and mirrors are how a police state operates not even seen any evidence why he has done it yet plenty hearsay of coarse pushing the usual stuff with careful attention to stress his heritage rather than he’s a home grown nut
  2. good shout there shot drill here Sunday wouldn’t decoy so put pattern way out gave them enough confidence to use sitty tree for a look so picked of 27 also count that as a win I think
  3. think having conscience is a compliment not a bait rare I give one out
  4. at least when pensioners die this winter from cold your conscience will be clear some things are worth more than money
  5. who needs who needs research the wild fowl still being here speaks for itself come to that so are we and still drinking water from lead pipes lol
  6. with lead in use from day one if that’s correct wild fowl would be extinct and probably us!
  7. nieces partner is quite open about saying the above when questioned about the size of his family we will be walking in their shoes with time
  8. a very tragic death with a murder in Lawrence hill last night it happens here most days now
  9. you are right the anti thing is a smokescreen joe publics concern is needless cruelty not meet anyone who objects to control once you explain the situation as for this rubbish they want your opinion but the horses mouth YOU are not allowed to give it unless it goes through basc the SAME people behind the whole thing even a blind man can see what’s wrong with that one
  10. sorry about the dog a new pup will really help take your mind of the loss hope you a good one
  11. the mast round here don’t seem to have enough body to interest them seen a few in wilts today on drillings but not enough for a go
  12. would that be like claiming to be a sportsman while at the same time allowing a lad to fire at birds all day when you can see he can’t hit a barn door with a brick or saying nothing when a woman fired eighty shots at live birds didn’t hit a feather and let her carry on when a sportsman would stop her is that hypocrisy? don’t ask me anything else scully ok
  13. let me clear any confusion I do not tell lies it takes to much effort and I don’t care about comeback for myself man or myth nobody tells me what to do that is for the wrath from above who are more than capable of setting me straight if need be so until you or anyone else reach their position keep the snide remarks the digs and sarcasm to your self waffle or foolish if anyone does not like a comment of mine say something but don’t be abusive or try to get a bite picking on others only reflects on your self not your victim thank you to scully and all for listening
  14. nice ferret there just missed a trip ferreting comedians place think it was roary bremners typical of my lot they catch thirty to rub it in
  15. I left it yesterday pointless thread now bound to be a vote which we wouldn’t win if rigged for us thanks to the excuses we would be flogging a dead dog (pun intended) we refuse to end needless cruelty so millions of dog lovers are going to end it and us at the same time why even discuss nobody listens it’s like we want to learn the hard way
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