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  1. so the country is flooding with illegal migrants hard drugs are available on every street and boris gumps priority is this rubbish either it’s fake news or the worlds biggest idiot is running the show
  2. good score for the deadly duo there still waiting for most rape to be cut here
  3. always thought theres something wrong with me freezing on the rape while farmers are the ones drinking the free scotch
  4. the best reason for farmers to give permission is hearing where they are and what they are eating from someone dressed to go with their kit on board not some day tripper in trainers looking for a perm
  5. nice one on your first ton a milestone for the memory bank
  6. good vid some nice shots manager is right they are not hanging about this year one of my stubbles will be in rape next week
  7. such a shame our best friends leave all to soon
  8. your question has the answer the dead birds worked so after all the effort to find them lug the kit and put it up why put a load of shiny plastic out stick with what works best dead birds
  9. good show there I prefer the air rifle now to the semi auto had another 20 today from stubble myself keep it up
  10. maybe one of the books are tips on avoiding the fbi over sex crimes with young girls or how to bang some old nag behind your wife’s back one might even have a list of tunnels to avoid ginger nut is way down the list of those who need to take stick from us
  11. discussing power is banned on the cry baby forum for power advice airgun owners club forum is the place
  12. i have been like that for a long time now all i used on stubble this afternoon with the pup was air rifle and eight dead birds only shot 23 but having to make them land for a rifle shot was more satisfying than a 100 day with the semi auto and far less weight to carry
  13. if we need the numbers partner will deploy everything bar the kitchen sink prefer just dead bird pattern personally feels more like you earn the birds
  14. the very reason i have never voted
  15. unis are now just brain washing establishments used to remove any free will or thought the young may have
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