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  1. Condition: Used but like new. Two Optima HP Beretta flush fitting chokes. 2 x Teague Titanium marked UK ½ and ¾ Changed gun, so these no longer fit. £75 posted
  2. Condition: Used but like new. Four Optima HP Beretta flush fitting chokes. 2 x Teague Titanium marked UK ½ and ¾ 2 x Beretta stainless steel marked as IC (1/4) and M (1/2) Changed gun, so these no longer fit. £110 posted
  3. Disaster struck when ejecting a cartridge as the complete extractor and empty case ejected into an area of grass. Fortunately I found the extractor but not the tiny threaded retaining pin. I have bought a replacement Browning / Miroku Ejector Retaining Screw Part No. B1334114 from gunspares which they say fits all Ciroris from .410 up to 12 guage. My gun is 40 years old and the thread on the new part is different. Does anyone know the correct thread size and thread pitch so I can order a tap - to tap out the extractor to fit the replacement pin and loctite in. I know this is a common Browning fault. Any replies most appreciated.
  4. How old is this model? Thanks
  5. I spent months researching and debating this subject. In the end I came to the decision that whatever I bought I would be keeping for many years and also you generally get what you pay for. So I went for the Vario Revolution 6. Not a lo cost option, but they are they use digital technology and the results speak for themselves. The ease of use and ability to change modes so easily bring them to the forefront. Having the ability to change modes when say by a noisy waterway of onto Gamekeeper mode when you need to hear birds breaking cover on a drive or wildfowling is invaluable. I found nothing else comes close.
  6. Sounds like a case of 'reassuringly expensive' are the 2 words to link !
  7. 100% true and its certainly good to flag up why pattern is so important on further range birds, which is why I will be moving to UK No6 as soon as I get time to get on the reloading and pattern testing.
  8. No 6 shot will always give more effective kills at 50 yards for the comparative very few people in the shooting world who can consistently put the bird within the pattern at a true 50 yards, due to increase in No. of pellet strikes as we all know. This fact can be demonstrated if you shoot a set clay with a 5 and then try a 6 - the difference is striking and is far easier to quantify as the effects can be clearly seen. This can be easily seen on the pattern plate also. Which is why I said in a previous post some of the best / highest (within range) birds I have seen consistently 'killed' as in stone dead in the last few years, were shot using 28-30gram No6 fibre wad. You can never argue with the science but people always will.
  9. I'm thinking 20 guage lighter load = reduced pellet deformation and pattern disruption, whereas with a 12 the shorter shot load length within the barrel is more forgiving due to less pellets in direct contact with the barrel and more in contact with the wad.
  10. So are you a fan of UK No 6 ? If so I can understand why, there clearly being such a disparity between energy failure and pattern failure with No 5 above 40 yards and increasingly more so as shot size increases.
  11. I think they may longer be available as cant see on their website - shame.
  12. Yes - top quality but quite expensive for beating, but would last.
  13. Wow - thanks for all the replies, excellent ! Duck Dri and Sealand have also been mentioned to me - not sure how they fare ?
  14. I've actually been at a lifetime I have no hesitation in taking advice from others real life experience of different products. I beat on all of the above types of terrain. Rather than mention brands that I know others use I was waiting to hear from our members. Needs to be respectable to fit in with the sort of game shoots I am on. Deff no camo ! I am thinking a decent bombproof beating coats are going to be 125 - 200 ball park, leggings maybe 65 - 125. I'll take a look - thanks
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