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  1. Practically the 1st time out with my new Browning Maxus - Solway Steel 36G No.1, - a small skein of geese flighting over not extreme range but I had 3 and they were all stone dead. Maybe good fortune paid a part but I wont be looking to buy a different brand as they worked well and I have every confidence in them.
  2. That's a shame, as from a functionality point of view, KomodoPro LCD shooting sunglasses seem the best on the market unless anyone knows otherwise?
  3. My shooting vest just has one slotted in, which when you have a miss-mount that can occasionally happen, it just makes recoil more forgiving. The gun has an old school butt plate - solid. I rate the thin limbsavers and they can make things more pleasant when you get the rare day where you get to fire a lot of shots. 34G is not my standard load and I don't use 3" cartridges in it. Most shots choose a load suitable for the type of shooting planned and in my case with a 20g it ranges from 21g subsonic to 34g black gold. Clean humane kills whenever possible and over time I
  4. Yes, they claim they adjust in 1/10th of a second, but it sounds like that figure is from dark to direct sunlight. I think they would result in more birds seen than the times going from sun to shadow. Are you pleased with them? Are they comfortable?
  5. I have been looking at these KomodoPro LCD shooting sunglasses for a couple of years now and not managed to find any locally to try on. Has anyone got a pair as I have heard varying reports as to: 1 Wether they are comfortable to wear ? 2 Are they 'very' effective when you shoot into direct sun? So many times I am shooting on a very sunny day and think, " I wish I had a pair of those Komodo sunglasses, especially on the days I am paying for the privilege of shooting !
  6. Fair enough then. I use 34gram Black Gold 4 1/2 shot in a 20G Browning OU for late season game shooting and you you certainly know they are there even using a Browing Reactar jacket recoil pad - no recoil pad on the Browning though. I planned to get a 'Limb saver and fit, as I have used these in the past and they are well worth the £50 price.
  7. "The loads I have made are 36gm hw13 4s. That should prove plenty good enough for a few pinks on the marsh this season. " Surely not for your 20G OU ?
  8. Sorry, I was referring to the closer birds and on some shots he stopped his swing, easily done. At 3.06 and 4.33 you switched you shooting style to pull away- well almost and it worked! You picked up the bird, sort of locked on then slowly, (as the birds were also slow , which gave you more time, ) put on the required lead. Pull away give your brain time to learn the line, rather than trying to shoot with maintained lead, which at the moment is causing you to waver around a lot and often move off line. I use all 3 shooting styles depending on the shot, which comes with a lot of
  9. It's easy to pass judgement, but pretty well everything you missed you over led ! Often you had a good line but just too much lead. Those birds had little speed and had you been a foot in front of the beak you would have had most of them centre pattern. It's all about timing, not rushing the shot and using the time you have to plan the shot. Nothing wrong with true cyl and imp. Nice quartering away bird you had with the 2nd barrel. With the cartridges you were using they should have little chance. You would better of using far lower cost cartridges and spend the rest
  10. Some of the best shoots in the land are based around water/ watercourses as are tens of thousands of rough shoots. This is another good reason to leave !
  11. Some great shooting on some arcing birds there ! What size steel shot on average were you using?
  12. Never used it but as the densest Tungston 25X the price of steel I am sure you have got that right !
  13. Wow, that is some tungston load for a Hushpower with 3/4 and full !!! You preferred the 12g Hushpower then?
  14. I think it is accepted that Jon developed a moderated shotgun based on a manufactured gun. A lot of time and effort went into research and development, which has resulted in the quietest Hushpower 20g available at this time. I can understand his responsible approach given that the gun has not been proofed for steel. The earlier models were 3/4 and full and I am not sure I would be too keen to be the human proof test myself. What loads are the tungsten if you don't mind me asking?
  15. Spoke to Jon at S&G yesterday who developed the gun - who said 100% do not use steel shot in the gun. Sounds like you have done your own proof testing !
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