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  1. Well there you go. 1/4 choke at 50 to 60 yards. Teague did say that one characteristic of their chokes is that they did hold pattern density over a longer distance. Only time will tell how they pattern with clay and game loads in my Browning. I shall be testing: Clay - Fiocchi 24g fibre 8, Hull Pro Twenty 7 1/2 Game - Black Gold 32g 5 and 34g 4 1/2. Not sure what to expect with the clay loads but guessing the BG 4 1/12 will need 3/4 choke at range to get the required density. Looks like quite a bit of counting ahead then.
  2. Well, the Teague chokes are on the way and I will be patterning at 50 and 60 yards with different chokes, then recording the performance for my own interest and in the interest of possible clean kills.
  3. Sounds like you know your shooting evolution - 'Shotgunning' is an interesting ready even though very dated.
  4. George Digweed says, you will be handicapped if you don't adopt open chokes
  5. I assumed this is why Dave Carrie uses 3/4 and full in his Mirokus and Gerwyn Jones uses X full and X full in his Perazzi. Everyone has their view but chokes were developed for a reason and have been used for decades with great success. I can 100% say that at range, for me, pattern density is everything, which is why I change chokes when the need arises. I do a lot of shooting and choke makes a noticeable difference at longer range birds. I know my limit and with a quality cartridge the tall stuff is generally missed cleanly or dead. As you say pigeons are a completely different
  6. Nothing as grand as a B25 - Belgium made grade 3, 34 years old - nice wood and it does exactly what I want. Planning on shooting 150 sporting tomorrow as it my Birthday treat wether the Teague chokes arrive or not.
  7. I know Teague themselves are a great fan of 5/8, which must be for good reason. Anyway its my birthday tomorrow and I have treated myself to a basic 4 choke set in the case. I cant wait to see how they pattern at the longer ranges and to see if I have spent my money wisely !
  8. I agree that imp cyl can give uncanny results - clay shooting on Monday and with 24g No 8 a 45yard on edge going away broke well. Plus one of the best driven birds I have ever shot was with imp - maybe a lucky shot but it was stone dead.
  9. A syndicate I am in shows good birds, but on one drive in particular they can come over at 60 + yards and having the option to change chokes for that drive I would suggest is a more humane approach if you are happy to take them on. Pattern plates have their place and I know they have their limitations, but for assessing a gun / cartridge combination at longer ranges I would say they are invaluable. Teague, Gamebore, Eley, Hull etc. all use them and I am a massive fan. It gives you confidence in your equipment combination as you know what works. Accepting of course that shot stri
  10. How interesting. I am not advocating swapping chokes more than absolutely necessary, I would be happy to take on a 7 yard bird with true cylinder and 24g but a 60 yard edge on fast midi on report with true cylinder - I don't think many shots would be keen on that. Each to there own of course.
  11. I've been using a 30 year old quality Browning 20g 28" with standard Invector chokes for a number of years. The chokes are bog standard basic, just 1 1/2" long and as soon as you fit the 3/4 or Full you really notice the difference in recoil. Teague are apparently legendary at reducing the levels of recoil as the taper runs the complete length of the choke tube and they claim to hold a quality pattern over a greater distance. I am planning to go for the longest 20G available Invector Super Extended. This will increase barrel length to 28 3/4" approx. The thought of the
  12. Thanks, that is interesting findings.
  13. I am interested to know what specific improvements you noticed moving to these Teague chokes form the standard Invector Plus? Thanks That is a fair price.
  14. Next gen technology - I think you may have hit the nail on the head with that observation - thanks. I will go for the Isis green and report back when fitted and field tested. I'll post a couple of images for those interested. Thanks for all your comments those who posted. 😀
  15. Yes I have heard people speak about the weight issue. Its most likely going to be the Its Isis green pad or the Pachmeyer - still not 100% sure. I have had little feedback on the Pachmeyer whereas several people on here have given the thumbs up to the Green Pad.
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