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  1. All cartridge manufacturers use pattern plates in research and development for all their cartridge loads. I think we can all see that there is a message there. This has been discussed soooo manty times over the years. Every single gun behaves differently with different brands, load weight, shot size, chokes, which is why there is only ever one way to determine patterns. Most people would be amazed at how well open chokes perform with certain loads especially with a 20 guage.
  2. A pleasure doing business with you - fast and efficient. Thankyou.
  3. Ah great , thanks for the feedback. Yes they are open Tue - Sat 9 - 5pm and the have Claymate system installed , so great when on your own. Abbey Ling always replies to messages and they have just bought 10 new traps, which they are installing in the next couple of weeks. I'm planning a visit very soon - can't wait 😃
  4. We were told they use them as a small midi as they were far toucher than pitch based clays and the the traps were wound right up as these particular clays had to travel a long way to reach the guns.
  5. I been planning a trip for sometime to Ling Shooting in Somerset and I wanted to find out what sort of sporting birds they offer, number of stands etc. Looking at their Website the terrain looks flat and the ground appears to be of a compact nature. The facilities onsite did look good. Any comments much appreciated.
  6. Missed this Fieldtester episode - so well done for posting. The Eco clays could be seen ok due to the combination of close range and a cloudy background. Never the less, both CCI and Laporte are working on a black Eco clay as I have already posted.
  7. I am slightly sceptical as due to the rpm they rotate at I would think the line would just be a blur - lets see.
  8. Ease off on the rum rations ! 8 pairs of guns - 5000 clays - 5 drives 165 - 250 / day depending on the level of hospitality
  9. They had them on a long looper down at Lower Lake in Cornwall - again tricky to pick up quickly. Both Lapporte and CCI are on the case though, they assure me.
  10. Close, but over the top and in front - bird not that fast. Calm that swing down !
  11. The boy is old enough now to have sorted out a .22LKR and has ended up with an old school wooden stock BSA Supersport 5 .22 LR with Parker Hale moderator. He just needs to organise a decent bi-pod now. There is no rail under the stock. Hopefully then he can tackle the rabbits that have outsmarted him with the air rifle all these years. Any recommendations would be great on what to buy and where or anyone who has the ideal used bi-pod for sale, we would be happy to hear from you.
  12. I am off to the Audiologist week to get a prescription to send to Vario, so if I have any hearing imbalance they can program that out for perfect hearing. I plan to take the CFG switch passives with me just to confirm how much ambient noise they block - perhaps they forgot to drill them but I like to hear what is going on out shooting and when communicating with others their voices sound like I have suffered industrial noise damage ! This is my accurate feedback on how I personally find them, so it is up to the individual to draw their own conclusions. The 2 market leaders offer a money back guarantee if not satisfied. Discussed this with CFG - no chance sir.
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