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  1. Looking for a Weihrauch HW80K or BSA Lightning in .177 at a sensible price. £150 Max Doesn’t have to be pretty since it will be used for hunting but must be shooting straight and functional. Sold my PCP since didn’t use it but thought its always good to have a sub 12ft in the collection for shots you can’t take with rim-fire or shotgun.
  2. Sorry, for not replying sooner did not get notification of reply. I am in Southampton.
  3. Recently lost my FAC permission due to the land owner selling for housing development and oddly enough the builders didn't like the idea of me shooting around a building sight. I'm more used to rabbit shooting with Rimfire or pigeon and squirrel with airgun. I generally hunt for the pot and I'm a fully insured BASC member with previous hunting experience. I'm looking to get some more hunting experience around the Hampshire area if posible. I have 4x4 so guess it could be handy for lamping. Only have a small airgun only permission left which sadly seems pest free these days so the guns are gaining dust. Willing to just come along and watch until you feel you can trust me to shoot with you.
  4. Is this still available. Have Airgun, Rimfire, Shotgun and BASC insurance and nightvision. Have sent PM
  5. Sorry should read Viscous Coupling Unit & Prop shaft replaced in 2013.
  6. Must admit I'm beginning to wonder since I've repaired most things on the Freelander just put up with it since better the devil you know I suppose. Since if I buy another cheap 4x4 I could be in for more problems
  7. 1998 Land Rover Freelander 1.8 XEi (5 Door) 130000 Miles MOT July 2015 Good bits: -Lower Mileage Rover 75 Engine Fitted 2013 -New Prop Shaft & Differential 2013 -New Clutch 2013 -New Clutch Master & Slave Cylinder 2014 -New 4 x Yokohama Geolandar A/T 2013 -New Exhaust 2014 -New Rear Diff Mounts 2014 -New Fuel Pump 2015 -New Drivers Window Regulator & Motors 2015 -Roof Bars -Heko Wind Deflectors -Original Tool Kit -Water Proof Front Seat Covers -CD/Radio Stereo. Bad Bits: -Sunroof Not Working So Been Sealed Shut. -Few Scratches As Expected. SOUTHAMPTON £1100 ONO
  8. Considering getting a 2.8 pajero SWB but folk keep saying get a auto over manual? Surely an Auto would use more fuel also how much would fitting bigger wheels/tyres and lifting affect the MPG?
  9. THREAD REVIVAL I'm now looking for another 4x4 for under 1000. Basically i bought a Freelander 1.8 petrol that has been Ok but getting fed up with it since need a bit more ground clearnce and considering a Disco 300tdi or Paj 2.5 or Trooper 3.1 but at that price will be rust buckets and not the best MPG. But never thought about the Frontera 2.2D since was told to avoid since if the fuel pump dies there too expensive to repair?
  10. So £230+ then. I'll look for one a bit closer to home. Thanks
  11. How much with RFD transfer please since I'm in Southampton?
  12. Thanks for the offers folks but managed to get a couple of chokes now. MODS PLEASE CLOSE THREAD
  13. I'm looking for a set of Original Winchester Chokes for my Winchester 1200 at a sensible price please.
  14. Ian.S

    CZ BRNO .22

    Sorry for the thread revival but just bought a BRNO Model 2 E H and was wandering how long they where in production from and to since my date stamp on the gun says 01?
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