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  1. The gamo phox with the complete set up . Gun ,scope , mounts ,silencer ,pump,bag pellets , for around £500 takes some beating as far as value for money and quality go .
  2. I've just had a look on guntrader and didn't see a single bsa xl tac like mine above for sale . Loads of wooden ones and supersports old and new The super sports and newer meteors have quite long barrels but this can really help kids cock the gun .but then they struggle to hold it on aim as its so much weight out front . If you looking at the bsa s . Try to avoid the ones which look like they have 2 triggers in the trigger guard .its a trigger and safety. These are basically gamo guns and the triggers are awful and the guns can be twangy . The bsas with the safety u
  3. So that top black bsa xl tac in my photo is a great gun for kids .if you look the pistol grip is almost vertical and the neck (the bit your thumb wraps round ) is thin .this means that smaller hands can get onto it better than the longer wooden version below . The stock is a touch shorter than the wooden one . The black gun is in .22 and I've detuned it to 10.5 fpe which makes it pretty easy to cock i can always add an extra silencer to the end for more mechanical advantage when cooking (like ive done with the wooden one ) My kids (11 + 10 ) shoot the black one better than the
  4. Not the evo version . The older comet as it was , Has a plastic stock and is basically a gamo gun with a bsa barrel on it .it wasnt the best gun I've ever shot . Most plastic stocks will make a poor to average gun shoot poorly .where as the same action in a wooden stock will improve the accuracy and whole experience . The wood absorbs the recoil and surge of the action making pulling the trigger more pleasant and adds some weight that can result in better accuracy . The bsa lighting xl tactical has a "plastic " stock but its of the best quality I've ever experience
  5. If you having to put it on your ticket .don't by the webley they are cheap and plasticky and boing a lot . Sounds like if he can't actually cock a gun right now he will be able to in a few months. I'd seriously look at something with a bit more quality though i wouldn't go for an underleaver the can be too heavy even for adults .I sold my tx200 just because it was too much to carry around and I'm no fairy . Hw 99 , hw30 Bsa lightening . Walther terrus Diana if you can find one And some of the remington guns are pretty good .
  6. I dont have a 12b but do have 2 x 20 bores I shoot along side my mate who has 20 and 12 b there seems no advantage to the 12 b over the 20 .until you want to go above 32 grms of lead . But we never have needed to. And both in the 12 and 20 s 28 grm seems the sweet spot for normal decoying . As for ducks . I dont have enough experience to share . 32 grm loads are fine in my 20 s/a .but too much in my light weight 20 ou .
  7. I can give you some excellent tips on bis mags when your ready 😀
  8. That should be better than most £150 offerings. could you push to £230 for a HW99 S excellent gun .
  9. I have shot a fair few pheasants. I started with the head at first .but its a big bird that can have a lot of energy, when you head shoot it switches off the control room and the thing just goes into super flap about mode .even more so than a pigeon . The H/L shot is much less frantic looking . Thats my experience and is why I prefer body /neck shot pigeons over head shot ones . you have to remember the brain isn't the primary organ on a bird .the heart is . The opposite for a mammal
  10. An airgun pellet to the head will certainly kill the pheasant but it will also go into a massive flapping fit ,rolling around all over the place for a few minutes in its death throws . A much cleaner method is to use a .22 pellet straight between the shoulder blades targeting the H/L area. This will result in a instant death and immobility.
  11. I can't see how that is relevant . He isn't on a game shot day with a load of hurrah Henrys .
  12. I have a bsa ultra in .177 That I use 2 different pellets in for different quarry .they are heavy 10.4 grn bismags and 9.5 grn hunter extremes. They perform differently to each other on impact but have the same accuracy .and trajectory .and poi . The bismag is great for pigeons and squirrels where a bit of extra penetration is needed .and the extremes are good for rats and rabbits where over penetration isn't wanted .I carry both on gun and swap as the quarry is targeted though a med weight (8.5 grn ) dome pellet can really be a do it all solution.
  13. I thought the new general licences effectively stopped paid days for pigeons and crows etc .?
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