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  1. No exactly the opposite . Red dots are parrelax free ie .Once zeroed to point of impact .I'd doesn't matter where your eye is .(terrible mounting of the gun is possible ) and the gun will hit where the dot is .so it's a great solution for beginners who haven't mastered consistent gun mount yet . The red ring is better than a dot imo.as a small dot can easily be lost against a bright sky .
  2. That's great while it works .but the op is looking for a different solution .
  3. Have you used a red dot scope on a shot gun .lb. ? I have I started with one and run it on my mossy for 3 years, the barrel isn't seen at all when your lining up a red dot with a clay or pigeon .and you can only see it with one eye .so a really good solution .
  4. That was a nice read. Yes I've been observing similar behaviour with the pigeons over a few fresh sown fields on my perm .
  5. I'd have to disagree with you on the. 410 carts from fiocchi and gamebore I'm not sure as to the antimony content .but irrespective of the percentage .they kill birds at ranges up to 35 yds with ease through my full choke .410 .The game bore I shoot are 16 grm and they drop birds as well as my 19 grm loads .
  6. I'd say the biggest velocity difference at range (40 yds say) between one cartridge brand and another isn't the starting velocity but how the wad holds the pellets together and for what distance before it peals away .a wad that say holds the pellets for 10 yds over another that holds it for only 5 yds will mean the 40 yds velocity of the 10 ydr wad will on average be greater than the 5 yd wad. Irrespective of start velocity .this is because when all together the pellets have a much higher bc retaining velocity and energy for a greater distance . This is why plas wads with an effective cup can pattern better and seem to hit harder than a fiber wad .
  7. Got my log burner going in next week . As a chippy .I have access to soooo much wood its free .should have done it years ago .
  8. No worries If you change your mind send me a pm .
  9. I'd be interested all the crow decoys . And the hide poles I'm local to you so can collect .
  10. I'd like to see lead and steel in 2 , 2.25 , 2.5 ,2.75 ,3 , 3.5 ,4mm Or another way to say the same thing 2 , 2 1/4 , 2 1/2 , 2 3/4 , 3 , 3 1/2 4 Standardised across the board With pellet count and weight on the box .
  11. Good heavens .the building trade is mostly imperial . And with good reason . 12 is a better number than 10 for dividing into.
  12. Army bergen . Cheap .tough, huge, and camo .
  13. That's because it's simple to understand.
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