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  1. The bsa lightening xl se .is a totaly different gun to the original xl . That is poorly made in spain and has a **** gammo trigger .ive never extolled the virtues of that gun .my mate had a gasram version of it and the trigger felt like mush .
  2. Jsb exact .airarms fields. Falcon acc plus .would be my go to pellets for that gun .
  3. Ultrastu

    The Germans

    Ive yet to shoot a bsa that doesnt like rws hobbys .out to 25 yds at least . After this , its the pellets poor areodynamic shape that lets it down not the gun .
  4. Yes you need a spring compressor (long sash clamp will do .)and a cut out tool to push around the rear cross pin . I made one out of an old broom handle
  5. Ultrastu

    The Germans

    This is me zeroing in my .22 bsa lightening xl tactical with .22 hobby pellets and a red dot sight .this was at 25 yds in a barn . Last year
  6. Ultrastu

    The Germans

    You will get the above results if . Your stock screws are loose . Your breech seal is worn Your mounts are loose /creeping . Your scope is duff. Your parrelax error is too great The pellets are clipping the moderator . Your using the wrong pellets The spring is worn or broken Your trigger control is poor . Your supporting the gun incorrectly
  7. This is where the fac .177 can really span the gap between sub 12 and fac air . I cant imagine anybody thinking a fac .25 cal or even a fac .22 with heavy pellets or slugs is a suitable tool for a walk around the barns like wise in the open fields after rabbits a .22 sub 12 isnt the most effective of tools due to its poor trajectory and wind drift . The fac .177 with a standard 8.5 or bit heavier 10.5 grn pellet isnt gonna be too much around the barns and at 900 fps gives a very flat trajectory for rabbits in the open . It really runs the middle ground well interms of versatility .
  8. I cant see a .22 lr being at all appropriate for shooting pigeons in any elevated position inside a barn .it will always over penetrate and then either damage or ricochet off what ever it hits behind . Maybe if you could bait them down onto the ground and take them infront of a soild wall or soil backstop. Personally id reccomend either a nice air rifle ..177 or .22 in sub 12 .or a .410 shot gun with no 7.5 shot or smaller and keep the ranges between 20 - 25 yds .silencer on the end as your inside a barn
  9. Mate thats the least of my worries right now .. This whole thing could really really out of hand and i wont be worried about the royal family in the slightest..
  10. Just as a thought. If we loose the queen and charles and william to this cv19 . Does that mean harry will have to take on the crown ?
  11. Not necessarily. With fac air you can set the power to what every u want . (Id your gun can handle it ) so the trajectory of a 900 fps .177 is basically the same as a .22 at 900 fpe and a .25 at 900 fps .its just the usually heavier .25 pellet will have more energy . This is a good post .
  12. Ultrastu

    Smk cp2

    I guess my stance is that i wouldnt risk having a section 5 firearm for the sake of an 8 fpe pistol . Too much good things in my life to loose for just having such a palty weapon.
  13. Those falcons have to be one of the most beautiful guns ever made . I really mean that .the lines are perfect ,in my eyes .
  14. No its not the overall weight of the gun that produces the wider variation of power in a bsa lightening compared to a hw 95 (who actually thinks that ??🤣) Its the length of the barrel ,piston speed , and amount of piston rebound and surge that creates the difference. If you dont understand how these and other factors combine inside a springer and make the gun fire the pellet and make the energy it does with the shot cycle .then please stop commenting on this thread .
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