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  1. I prefer higher mags . Around 7x for 25 yds 10x for 35 yds And 12 x for up to 50 yds . And more mag beyond that . I would reccomend a 3 - 12 x 44 hawke This will do every thing you will ever need
  2. That is very nice looking .well done .
  3. They are part of bt. And will take your money and let you over spend and then offer no refund . Avoid .
  4. Sand pipers . Or possibly dunlin .
  5. Ok .so if you refill back to 200 bar .does the gun shoot well and back to expected point of impact at 33 yds.? .does this wandering off only happen as the pressure in the air tube drops ? This can be a due to a few factors . But i would say that the pellet is beginning to spiral as the pressure drops .
  6. Personally my minimum shot count is 30 from any pcp . I had one of my guns doing about 22 shots and it was a bit limiting . Couple of zero checkers at the start of a session.say 10 - 12 hunting shots and your starting to watch your air gauge and conserve the few remaining pellets you have wondering about the drop off at 50 plus yards.. I added a longer air tube and got the shot count up to 30+ (3 mags worth ) and now im happy and can take the gun on a nice half day hunt .
  7. The issue with old timber is . If it goes through any machine and the cutting blades hit nails etc then it can cost more than £500 repairing the machine - resharpening /replacing the blades resetting the beds plus down time in a work shop . Its not a risk worth taking for most work shops.even if you paid them to take the wood .sorry but thats the reality . Unless you find a buyer who wants it whole and looking like it is its almost worthless .
  8. Is it full of nails and screw etc .and creosoted ? Er . £20
  9. I get it with my .410 . Nsi loads .
  10. A little clarification please . So your using a daystatehuntsman fac .22 wirh jsb jumbo 16 grn And not the hw springer in the photo .? U change po aim after the first group and stick with it .and the groups slowy drifts off high and right as the pressure drops in the cylinder from what pressures start to finish ? I would check First your pressure /energy . Then .scope mounts tight . Silencer tight .stock bolts tight. Barrel tight .. Check in the silencer for a loose baffle .
  11. I hope they do expand .maybe i will have to shoot a few into some ballistic mediums . Clay . Gel .fruit. etc . Meat
  12. Very nice gun . Get her to bust a few stationary on the ground first .that way you can instantly see where she may be missing .and then the aim or head position can be corrected . After that get her on the moving ones. 15 - 20 yds should be ideal .as the pattern is smaller and easier to see where the misses are going . A small dirt bank will help .
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