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  1. Local off licence is called Amy's winehouse
  2. Yes . Had a walk over my perms with the dog on sunday morning .i saw 2 pigeons and 2 crows flying over in 2 hour walk.
  3. I did run a flooring business for 10 years .specializing in only hard wood floors . Worked the entire south west of england . .
  4. It was coffee and red wine that got me . I switched to decaff .and it solved the problem .the pills didnt help at all .
  5. You will find even if you acclimatize to perfection the pine boards when you come to glue them togehter they will be different widths especially on the ends where it shows most .this is because pine is very suceptable to moisture and expands and contracts readily .be aware of this.
  6. Its realtivley easy to find unfinished engineered boards. So you can paint /stain / oil as you wish. Id also reccomend engineered boards over pine boards .They are much much more stable and can be glued together to float over your existing pine ones. With the foam (and moisture ) barriers between.
  7. He said he is gonna paint them . I wouldnt take the old boards up and flip them over .thats a terrible idea. If your going to go to the effort of removing the old ones you might as well replace with new ones. It would be cheaper than messing about with the old stuff. Harry are you thinking of new pine boards from the builders merchants It makes a big difference to the advice i and others can give you .
  8. I take it your putting down new pine boards over old pine boards ? Is the room down stairs ,with a ventilated void below. ? If so you will find the old boards expand and contract with the seasons (moisture content) I would recomend that you fit a moisture barrier above the old boards and also a balancing layer of hard board before the new boards go down. Due to the nature of pine boards (they expand and contract a lot ) secret nailing them down might be the best option.
  9. Golden rule- never fix your boards down AND glue them together . One or the other. But never both .Aclimatizing the boards to the room they are gonna be in can be a good idea. But they need to be out of packs and packaging and be stacked so air can get to all sides of the individual boards . If you cant achive this then dont bother.
  10. This. Exactly. And why 110 is actually more dangerous than the 240 version .
  11. I changes mine to 1/4 and 1/4 and leave em at that .
  12. The other issue of ffp .is that your dots all end up being in random increments making it hard to remember or choose the correct dot .
  13. Its the box of federal cart that tell the truth. Welcome
  14. Sxs .flatcap and a old landrover . U sure your not in Yorkshire ?
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