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  1. Ultrastu

    Recommendations for 1st shotgun

    I like the ata Too . But bought a new kofs Take a look on utube at. "the gun shop " The latest vid is a comparison between the 2 guns
  2. Ultrastu

    Where did they go?

    Your lucky you have some rape fields to set up in there is virtually zero osr fields in north somerset this year. And non on my perms .i havent had any decoying since the last stubbles in sept .
  3. Ultrastu

    Nsi .410

    Yes i did .shot exactly the same place and pattern size as the gamebore carts so very pleased .
  4. Ultrastu

    Silenced shotgun

    Im a big fan of my .410 husher. Its a sh folding yildiz .with a saddelry and gun room moderator on the end. Its light and swings very well and kills what i aim at within 30 yds. So my gun was£ 120 and the mod 120 delivered so for £240 i got a great silenced .410 that is a keeper . I prefer it to a baikal (had one. Mate still has one ) and to the heavier longer mossy pump . (Well thats £ 600 new anyway )
  5. Ultrastu

    Nsi .410

    Well fired a few today .They recoil more and make more noise than the gamebore 16 grm that i usually use .but feel they are gonna be a very capable cart for decoying pige and crows . Very pleased with them so far .
  6. Ultrastu

    Nsi .410

    Im going with the experience i have With the guns i shoot . And will stick to no6 cheers
  7. Ultrastu

    Nsi .410

    Not me .not convinced by no 7.5 for clean kills.
  8. Ultrastu

    Nsi .410

    Just picked up a slab. £93 😭
  9. Ultrastu

    Nsi .410

    Does any body shoot these .410 nsi carts? Specifically the 19 grm no6 . Local shop has some in so might get a slab . Any thoughts ?
  10. Ultrastu

    Shock horror my HW100 goes wrong!

    Oh the joys of having a " regulated " gun Give me non regged every time .
  11. Ultrastu

    Stealth ghost type netting

    Yes it is .but get the hide right and you can move forward a bit and shoot upwards on an angle so say 70 degree upward .. It definatly worked on this day .it also provides shade on a hot day .for us and the dog.
  12. Ultrastu

    Stealth ghost type netting

    Mate and i use it for a top on a hide .it allows you to look straight up and birds coming over the top but they cant see down into the hide .this is very useful for crow decoying . We have had birds constantly veering off in the past(at the last second ) .with out it above us .but then it all changes when we add the clear view .
  13. Ultrastu

    Hawke Panorama EV 4-12x50 IR EV

    Ok cheers lloyd .i was looking for a map6 ret.
  14. Ultrastu

    Use or pamper

    Nah .buy more guns and enjoy shooting them too . Im definatly of the mind that a gun is to be used and not looked at. But i also have different guns for different purposes. Curently at 3 s. guns set them all up the same way .that way its easy to jump from one to the other . I do the same with my rifles