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  1. Ultrastu

    Moderated .410 - Range

    30 yds tops .Anything beyond is total fluke .. I like my birds around 20 yds .were the pattern has opened up enough but not too wide as to leave huge gaps . So for me the ideal range is 15 -25 yds . To be fair 40 yds is kinda the max range for my modded 20 b 45 yds is definatly too far to be reliable .. And thats with 32 grm loads .
  2. Ultrastu

    Thoughts please pcp v springer

    Buy yourself a pump for around 100 quid and pump your tiny s200 up in less than a minute .and enjoy the gun u already know and like .
  3. Ultrastu

    Clay ground fall out

    Most clay grounds only allow no6 shot and smaller . If some one loads up with 3 or 4s then the max range with a tail wind can be significant and still carry a fair bit of energy .
  4. Ultrastu

    Moderated 28 bore?

    I was having this exact conversation last night . Id love a modded 28b . Ideally a ou .
  5. Ultrastu

    Would you take the shot?

    Yeah 🤣 The above shows your lack of understanding of ricochet of certain calibres , energy retention and fallout range.
  6. Ultrastu

    Would you take the shot?

    That hedge in question can occasionally have live stock behind .it .but i awlays check if there is cattle in the field as i walk past the gate and a quick looks confirms if there is or isnt . On the occasion above there was'nt .and if there is .i dont shoot towards the hedge . Further across the field (75 yds ) it goes steeply upwards about 100 yds elevation into a wood .so unless there is a cow (checked .there wasnt ) the risk to anything other than a fly is ZERO .You asked for opinions on the saftey of the shot .(knowing its a bad shot ) and then are suprised that people think its a bad shot . Wow . This is a simple question .but one you dont feel comfortable answering. I wonder why .? 🤔
  7. Ultrastu

    Would you take the shot?

    So has that land been passed for .17 hmr .? Or have you decided its suitable on an open ticket. ?
  8. Ultrastu

    Would you take the shot?

    There is no way on gods green earth id discharge any gun (even sub 12 air gun ) within 100 yds of a pub garden when its was being used .let alone a .17 hmr . The self regulation post was spot on .
  9. Ultrastu


    You know. A .410 hushpower is your solution? Dont you. Great excuse for another gun .
  10. Ultrastu

    Tramlines wheat field

    You sure thats wheat .? Looks a lot more like barley .. As the wheat .is weeks and weeks away for ripening yet .
  11. Ultrastu


    I shot a rat at 30 yds with my .25 cal 45 fpe .using 25 gr kings .aimed in the front half .but might of hit the middle. Of the body .i had a huge squeel and a bounce but he disappeared down a hole . So really .the pellet weight and energy wont make up for bad shot placement . By contrast .ive shot hundereds of rats with a small crosman pistol doing 5.5 fpe and flat heads around 10 yds with head and neck shots .to totally polax them and stop them in their tracks .
  12. Ultrastu


    Id say .not enough difference to notice . As you are finding . What would be required is a projectile that fragments on impact .but i doubt really that even a .17 hmr is gonna do that in the shallow depth of a rat .. To get as close as you can to that . .your gonna need as light as possible pellet with the fastest speed and the flattest /hollowest point . Problem then is accuracy .falls off .. You could try the predator polymags ? But remember fast and fragile is the key .a .177 rws hobby at 1000 fps .might do it .. But accuracy ??????
  13. Ultrastu


    Yup .very hard to drop a rat instantly with a body shot. Unless you use a shot gun or a .17 hmr .
  14. Ultrastu


    Then if your at 30 fpe area .the extreems should be perfect .if your not getting clean kills with those pellets at that energy .then your accuracy is the problem .Failing that get a hush .410 And load with 7.5 shot and shoot out to around 25 yds .
  15. Ultrastu


    Extreems are great pellets very accurate ..though i dont have any experience of them in .22 . The problem i see is that at 19 grns in sub 12 they are too slow and heavy to expand on contact .and will not really perform any better than a round head . For body shots to the front end (to stop rats in there tracks ) a .177 extreem is a much better choice..its heavy enough to retain good energy at 35 yds but hits hard like a flat head (close in ) and expands dumping a lot of energy . Perfect for fast moving rattus