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  1. All I can say is my local clay ground has a couple of yildiz .410 .ou's and they get used and abused and keep on ticking as far as I can see .obviously they have a gun Smith to keep things working but you can't fix rubbish so they must be built pretty well . My kofs .410 has had a pretty easy life so far ,so can't vouch for its long term strength.
  2. The 28 inch will be a touch quieter than the 26 .especially if your putting a silencer on the end .then again the 28 will push the silencer further away making it more front heavy . Recoil can be slightly higher on the shorter barrel too .due to less weight out front .and more muzzle flip . Basically .I your gonna put a silencer on the end get as short as you can .and if not buy the longer barrel .
  3. Wondering why your using the word co2 ? Have you filled it with co2 ? Or do you not actually own this gun and have never filled it .
  4. Waisted diabolo airgun pellets definitely ga . G1 is for a flat base projectile so a slug would come under that .
  5. The g number is the drag profile .ie the shape of the projectile. G1 is basically a bullet shape .ogive head flat base think .22lr . Ga is pellet shape . Waisted skirt . With dome head . Very different through the air due to the turbulence off the rear .
  6. Love to see this again on Wimbledon Common.
  7. The gamos and bsas share a lot of the same parts and tech . Mags barrel breech block etc .. The triggers on the bsa's are much better . But the gamos are serviceable certainly for some night time rat action .I dont know about the internal valving on gamo . But shot counts seem to be pretty good so can't be too bad (not like a kral or other cheap Turkish guns that seem to waste air badly ) . Maybe find a sh ultra in plastic stock and drop the nv on that .the uninterrupted top rail is brilliant for nv mounting . Ps .I also feel .177 is best for rats ,over the bigger cals The walthers are very front heavy .even the "ultra " short ones . Makes it far from ideal when scouting with nv at the eye .
  8. Definitely stick with a rifle over a bullpup .for ratting the high scope distance is a real issue with bull pups for the closer shots (most will be ) A gamo phox should be pretty good light and short enough and not expensive either new or sh . Also look at the kral npo3 . Adjustable stock length is very handy with nv rigs .
  9. That's a butterfly knife or ballisong .I know it's a saw .but it has a cutting edge- that's the legal terminology used and how sharp it is or isn't is not relevant . I would stay well clear of it .
  10. That's the same with a fire arm though .it's so fast to close a distance and make an significant strike with a knife .often faster than a man with a gun can react and get off an accurate/effective shot .you see it in America armed officers running backwards away from an advancing knife man at the same time Trying to get a shot off . A tazer actually stops a person faster than a bullet .and is actually the better more effective tool .certainly safer for all involved .
  11. Don't forget the squirrels impact on birds eggs . They can get everywhere and seem to live every where too .
  12. Thanks .I was thinking Welsh cocker spaniel .but the colour is wrong .
  13. I MUCH prefer a rear bolt to a side lever .biathlon style or a simple straight lever For me a bolt to the rear is in exactly the correct place for the hand to come up out of the trigger guard with no reach forward to a side lever .some side levers are so far forward you have to totally un shoulder the gun to reach forward to them .daystates are like this .
  14. If it was my money £700 ish I would buy a bsa ultra clx (60 shots in 177 .80 in .22 ) and a decent pump .Hills or fx . And that's it your done .it will work for ever and be light for hunting and accurate .
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