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  1. Air Rifle Law?

    I dont think so .as long aa its secure. And cant be easily accessed by minors .so hidden or locked in the boot . I can think of loads of reasons
  2. Kite

    I cant see the string

    Well done walker mate I had an afternoon like that yesterday .very cold but beautiful to behold the scenery .shot my 20b and killed 3 nice birds .last 2 were a nice pair .
  4. Different zeros on a .177 gun

    This is just to show how different zeros effect the sight line trajectory .on a gun .
  5. Roll on summer....

    I went out this afternoon from 3.30 -5 And it was very cold .though i wrapped up well .had 3 pige.for 3 shots with the 20b . The last 2 floated into the deeks and i dropped them both spot on .
  6. The Cat meets the Viper tamed by the Belita.

    So say you were in the usa ,shooting prairy dogs .and you had the den around 50 yds. You could use the above set up and confidently take dogs all around the area (35 /70 yds ) quickly without having to range them individually. Just aim bang on and shoot .
  7. The Cat meets the Viper tamed by the Belita.

    There u go .the trajectory / inrelation to your scope lune of sight .for the same 177 sub 12 exacts .with a 12 inch high scope . (Most it will do ) As you can see .if you want to shoot only between 35 -70 yds. You can effectively aim bang on .with no hold over or under .ie for long range shooting . But for closer that 35 yds your realy gonna struggle to hit owt. Having to apply 8 inches of hold over for a 10 yd rat.
  8. The Cat meets the Viper tamed by the Belita.

    What sort of shooting do you use your fx for .? If its general allround hunting with shots between 15 and 45 yds you will be fine as you are . (No suprise there then ) Out of interest how high is the scope above the bore ? Bullpups can struggle with a hft course . Especially if the setters are in the habit of setting very close targets with tiny kills .Before i shoot a comp i practice my close range stuff more then the long shots .i practice. 8 ,9, 10 , 12 , 15 ,22 yds shots the most with 8 mm kill zones. And i use a scope set a 1.5 inch high .
  9. The Cat meets the Viper tamed by the Belita.

    My wildcat has a 2.7 inch high scope and this helps with long range shots out to 90 yds which is the guns intended perpose The opposite is obviously true and is why bullpups are wrong for close range work. Like ratting. Often see a bloke buy a .22 bullpup for ratting .shooting around 10 yds and they wonder why they cant hit any .its cos the scope is too high abive the bore . You NEED it as close as possible.
  10. The Cat meets the Viper tamed by the Belita.

    .177 airarms both red and blue lines same everything except scope height. See how the higher scope alows a more forgiving range estimation further out . Where range estimation is naturally more difficult . Which is why if you habitually take long range shots , and as long as your stable ,is an advantage over a low scope mount .
  11. The Cat meets the Viper tamed by the Belita.

    Thats either a joke or your just trying wind him up . Please stop
  12. what mag scope to use

    This thread is starting to sound like the ."you were lucky" montypython sketch Were 4 rich gentelmen try to prove how poor they were when young . I can shoot further than you at lower magnification .. "You were lucky to shoot at 4x mag .I had to shoot fleas at 200 yds with only a red dot sight with one arm tied behind my back "
  13. The Cat meets the Viper tamed by the Belita.

    Well the airarms 200 .is lost when it comes to stock fit (terrible imo.) And its a single shot so no fast reload .and its not regged and has a flimsy bolt and scope mount naff trigger. .there are lots to stop me from ever buying one . Mines bigger than everyones
  14. The Cat meets the Viper tamed by the Belita.

    My wildcat is a fac .25 at 45 fpe .
  15. The Cat meets the Viper tamed by the Belita.

    everybody sould drive a ford focus ..surely its all the car every one could ever need. ?? No ? Same argument . People are individuals and they like (and can afford) different things . Ps my £1000 fx wildcat can drop rabbits at 90 yds. So it was worth that . To me .