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  1. Any home tuning is absolutly pointless / daft .without a chrono . Take it to a shop if you dont have one .
  2. Sounds convincing . Certainly all the birds i hit yesterday with the 7s were very dead in the air .including the crow . Cant always say that with no 5s But then 1 box of 25 is hardley a big enough trail . Thanks for the info stone park
  3. If the floor was previously finished with an oil or oil based varnish i hugely reccomend recoating with an oil and not a water based polyurethane lacquer. It will be very patchy when dry . If it was finished with a lacquer to start with .you may get away with a lacquer on top .but i wouldnt put oil over it .again it will look patchy .. The key is to get ALL the existing finish off . Its very hard work . Good luck .
  4. Ramdom orbit sander is what u need This will remove most the scratches .but your gonna have to work hard .as going across the grain with a belt or drum sander will put really deep scratches in it and id never do that unless the floor was so cupped as to be almost beyond repair. You have made a lot of work for your self . Even the drum sander with the grain will require work to get the scratches out again a random orbit sander and work up through the grits from 80 up to 120 . Go down to 60 grit if you have to but dont use 40 its too scratchy. 80 .100. 120 . And 150 if you want a perfect finish . (If you using an oil ) 120 if a lacquer.
  5. I have a 1/2 fixed choke mossy .with the barrel porting isnt very effective with standard no 7.5 even at 25 yds .so i shoot heavier lead. 5 and 6 s and try and take birds around the 35 yd area where the pattern has opened up a bit and i can hit pigeons. This leaves the close in fast moving birds hard to hit with the slow tight ish hushpower mossy .and when i do hit them they are smoke. So with my relativley new ou .I decided i want a fast moving gun with a wide pattern ideal for closer birds that when hit doesnt turn the bird into cream cheese . So ive been shooting it with cylinder and 1/4chokes or 1/4 and 1/4 And trying the samller 7.5s. Like i said above the hull 7.5 s are ok up to 25 yds But get a bird at 35 and they have been walking away .with both chokes . These bornaghni carts seem to be the ideal ballance for what im trying to do .. I have 3 guns i dont need all three to do the same thing. They each fullfill different rolls. The mossy hush will now be a crow gun .using mainly no5 .for that slower and higher flying bird . Cheers all .
  6. Cheers Brian/b725 .This particular rabbit was doing a lot of sitting and not moving ..he sat and didnt move a muscle for 5 mins .then mived to the tree and did the same . I watched, made my calculations,decided the shot was on and made it .all the while he didnt budge a jot . Doesnt usually happen like that .but did this time .
  7. Sorry. I cant justify the price on one of those mods . Look pretty - designed to part you with your cash probably .
  8. Thats interesting . Id guess that the 280 pellet count comes from an italian brand and is 2.4 mm . And the other an english brand at 2.3 mm for 330 pellets ?? Im probably wrong tho
  9. Thanks hamster . That makes sense . I think if i could find some no 6.5 / 2.5 mm would be about perfect. But for now these bornaghi carts come pretty close to it .and they are cheap also which is nice .they certainly shot where i expected them to which is half the battle .
  10. I picked up a box of bouraghni 20b 28 grm no7.5 s On Friday and shot them today at some pige over wheat .. I decided to put my cylinder choke on the bottom barrel and 1/4 on top . The idea that the 320 pellets of 2.4 mm would fill the open pattern out to 25 / 30 yds .they certainly did .i shot some lovely birds crossing and going over the top pretty close in and fast . I even had a crow at about 35 yds and killed him clean . By contrast some 28 grm hull 7.5s 2.3 mm or so idnt kill as well around 30 yds . Those italians certainly know how to load a fast punchy cartridge . Think i might by a slab im impressed . So 2.4 mm is a uk no7. With around 340 pellets per 28 grm Anyone else shoot a no7 ?
  11. Have you actually checked your choke Mine is 1/2 from factory . Have you actually checked your choke Mine is 1/2 from factory . I havent got the means to accurately measure mine . Also i had it reamed out a touch by s&gr. As a few pellets did clip .
  12. Thanks mice . I practice quite often .. I practice in the wind confirming the data that chair gun gives and how the different mph of the wind alters poi,at different angles and elevations . (Who knows that if the exact same wind blows from the right as from the left .the poi will be different. Due to the rotational spin of the pellet . (And the faster the twist rate the more pronounced the difference) I practice with all my guns and know their limitations in terms of accuracy and consistency . The fx .25 is by FAAAAAAR the most consistent at the longest ranges . What's also interesting is i compare it to my mates fx .22 fac .putting them head to head .and have found some very interesting things at 100 yds plus . For instance my .25 has a slightly higher bc than my mates .22 . he runs his around 930 fps. Mine at 885 fps . The .22 up to around 100 yds drifts slightly less in the wind than the .25 bit the dispersion is generally a bit larger . Its all very fascinating. I dont post about every shot i take and be assured i practice plenty with all my guns and consider my hunting shots carefully before firing .
  13. Ultrastu

    PCP ID

    S.w.p. Safe .working .pressure .
  14. You notice .how i havent gone away or crumbled under pressure ? You see im defending mine (and yours also ) right to shoot and to make our own judgements about the ethics of a shot . What your doing is FORCING your opinion on others and would have me banned for ..... something .taking my right away as an individual to make the correct desision .Its a " government knows best "idealogy and they will dictate to you what your allowed to do . Its the state of the world (especially in europe ) at the moment. And it leads to a very sad and dangerous place . Please think for a moment about what ive said its important for all shooters.and us all in general .
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