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  1. Thing is though .when taking about pellet penetration depth there are so many factors to consider that the actual calibre is almost irrelevant . Just a small sample of factors to consider before the cal Weight .shape .length . Head style .skirt style . Composition .bc. cd. Velocity .range .
  2. I believe the exact opposite
  3. I like it . The focus is good .I'm a fan of vignetting.looks nice. There are a couple of distractions. The blanket is a bit fussy and the info on the cartridge box takes the attention away from the gun and carts. The game bag needs a touch more inclusion imo on the first pic and less on the second . But I like it a lot and is inspiring me to have a go at similar .excellent theme .more please. the first pic is definatly the best the gun stock leads the eye nicley into the frame then goes left towards the carts .maybe this is the side the cartridge box should be (
  4. My advice is do it . But remember if you hang 1 picture on a wall it grabs your attention .and makes you look and appreciate it. Hang 25 on the same wall and they all compete for attention and ultimately blend into one.and hence fail to be interesting . Less is defiantly more .don't go too complicated as it will fade and blend in time .med to large is good .a micro tat just make you look like a wimp. Design your own and own the whole process. And finally decide on a design and then wait for at least 6 months if you still want that design then fine do it .but if
  5. Well they do a bit .but not too much mind .
  6. The above is a chairgun graph green line is a sub12 ..177 exact Blue line fac .177 exact Red is sub 12 .22 exact Pink is fac .25 (45 fpe ) exact As you can see there is very little in it
  7. Cheapest ones in no .7.5 in your local shop . Next question . Choke ? Answer 1/4 .
  8. You know what figgy.its been a long time since I did some direct .22 v.177 sub 12 comparison experiments .think I will do some wind drift testing .with a few comparable pellets and report back . I might do some penetration tests also .
  9. just out of interest which pellet do you use in the fac?
  10. Ultrastu


    Vango banshee 300 Pro. In my garden
  11. Ultrastu


    So I do a lot of this type of walking camping . And if you going by your self (or with a small /med dog ) .a 2 man tent is ideal .a 1 man tent is possible but they can be very small and cramped and often not much lighter or pack smaller . For 2 people look for a 3 man tent .the vango range of tents are very good and are a British company . Specs and budgets to suit all .I have a few different ones but my current fave is the vango banshee 300 Pro. (I walk with my son and sometimes take my dog ) But take a look at the cairngorm 200 /300 and helium ul2 .
  12. I also prefer .177 as an all rounder gun . Main quarrys being . Rabbit. Squirrel .rat . Pigeons .crows .magpies. The advantages of a .177 over .22 imo. Are the flatter trajectory .allows for a more forgiving shot when estimating range over flat ground (rabbits ) and through trees (squirrel,magpies .pigeons .crows ) The lower bc and lower penetration is beneficial when hitting quarry in the head (rabbits .squirrel , and on the body of rats) Accuracy .I find that a .177 is generally more accurate around the 35 / 45 yd Mark than a .22 (it shouldn't be . But in
  13. .177 all the way for rabbits . Its a far better calibre it puts them down harder too with head shots (not body shots though -but then body shots aren't good in any cal really )
  14. What difference does it make to you exactly .? The difference it can make to the hard working lads on site .can mean the difference in going to work this week or being sent home and then struggling to find work for the next 6 months .unless this is causing u a REAL problem .then wind your neck in .as you may find the builders wind it in for you . There is a real new world phenomenon of sticking noses into other peoples business and it causes massive unnecessary problems .(especially true in todays climate of no jobs )
  15. I avoid dog owners who have there dog on a tight lead .like a water skier holding on . As I know there is likely to be an issue with the dog and hence the training . Dogs just ambling around near the owner . I don't give a second glance to and let my dog wonder over to say hello or the other way round .happened exactly like that with a beautiful tall grey dog only 30 mins ago when out in a field with my ess .
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