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  1. Could the damp cold weather have made the wooden stock expand ever so slightly and is now touching the barrel . I'd have thought only touching one side would be bad news for accuracy .bit of sand paper might be in order .
  2. .177 for rats .rabbits .squirrels .22 for pigeons .crows So thats .177 for fur .and .22 for feather .
  3. Ultrastu

    Artemis P15

    How heavy is your wildcat ? I thought u bought that as your walk about gun ? Obviously the size of scope u bolt on the top has a big baring on the overall weight . I've just put a fixed power 4x32 on one of my bsa ultras and its surprising how much lighter the over all gun feels compared to ultras with bigger glass . Worth a thought . Maybe a 2- 7 x32 scope
  4. My mate had a cz 452 a few years ago (which he mistakenly sold ) that love these cci s above all others .not only was the accuracy there but the terminal performance of them is something to behold .I remember dissecting a shot rabbit and the 3 deformed segments tracked off in different directions effectively making the rabbit feel like it had been hit by 3 bullets at once .they are impressive .
  5. Ultrastu

    Artemis P15

    I had a play with one a couple of years ago in a shop .think he was asking close to £500 for it . It felt like a £250 - 300 gun to me, I left it on the shelf
  6. I can't give a yes or no answer to fashion. As I don't know or care . I do know of some of the plus sides and negative aspects of shorter barrels though So this post isn't for dunks. I have 2 shot guns with 26 inch barrels .an ou.and a sa. I chose these as I find them much more manageable in a small hide close to a hedge .also I intend to fit moderators to both of them in the future and the shorter the better . They kill just as well as any other barrel length imo. They are louder and as the gun is shorter and lighter there can be a bit more recoil and muzzle lift
  7. Thats how to do it with a.410 get them in nice and close and let them have it . He obviously knows his guns limit and picks his shots well within it . Excellent shooting.
  8. So that shed is 3x2 treated timber studs . With breather felt stapled to it .and then the ship lap screwed to it .it has galv band across it for wind bracing . This is just a potting type shed. but if you want it more secure .use chip board on the inside of the studs makes it much harder to break into .
  9. I use feather edge fencing boards on the sheds I make seems to work well and is cheap .u can paint it also to make it look nice You can see the back of one painted grey and the gates I made to match the fencing in the same style You can see the back of one painted grey and the gates I made to match the fencing in the same style As said above ensure good air flow at the eves of the roof to reduce condensation and hence rot .
  10. My mate had a mossy 500 hushpower in 20b .Great gun .Nice and quiet etc .but long and heavy . He decided he also wanted a standard barrel to go with it .so he got one and we tried it out .the gun now being much lighter and shorter .upon firing a cart kicked like a mule with his normal carts (28 grm loads ) He had to shoot 21 and 24 grm loads to try and tame the beast .suffice to say he immediately resold the barrel and stuck with the hushpower one . Whether this relates to the .410 I dont know .
  11. Behind and under a lot of those birds id say . And a second shot at a going away bird is virtually always a waste of cartridge imo.
  12. My mate has one . And loves it .its his go to gun now .he seems to work best for him .he has the adjustable stock version .which makes a lot of sense to me .
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