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  1. These are my knockdowns Freshly painted for a sesh out to 100 yds with my fx .last week . The killsize holes are adjustable as above. Ive had them years, hit them with a hmr the other week (at 100 yds ) and still going strong . They are about £20 each but worth it . I bought them to practice for hft comps . They helped my win a couple of series. Today they live in my 25 yd garden for the kids to plink at .
  2. Thing is with group size is .we can all get hung up on it. But does it really matter ? Well unless your shooting bench rest comps where 2mm left of centre can be the difference between win or loose. Then id say not so much . Hft is shot out to 45 yds and they dont have targets smaller than 40 mm at 45 yds .and i think the smallest target is 15 mm up to 20 yds. Hunting - when persuing quarry its rare to shoot from a bench rested position, even prone shots (for me at least ) make up a small percentage of hunting shots . So rock steady is rarely guaranteed. So your never gonna be able to place your shot exactly to the mm where you want when hunting (and thats without taking into account all the other factors like. Wind , range , elevation, the animal its self moving. Etc etc . The old adage of 1 inch kill zone and all pellets inside it is still a good gauge of an accurate shot . I use my knock down targets .with 15 /25 /38 mm kill zones .place them out at random ranges (with out knowing them ) and shoot using my best skills to judge range and wind etc . If i drop them then im very happy . As gun and man are in harmony
  3. Ultrastu

    B2 refurb

    Ummm polyfiller pistol grip Lovely . Looks like paint will be the way forward
  4. Thats the first time ive heard of one shooting high . I guess the first thing is to see how low you can get your face on the comb .and then failing that either extend the butt pad .loose some timber from the comb or cant the butt downwards a touch where it meets the action .
  5. That can be due to lead build up in the barrel and that 4th pellet scrubs some of it off affecting accuracy just a touch. A barrel clean could help . Some barrels need to be kept clean others arent as badly effected (bsa s can run dirty for years and years ) Ive cleaned my oldest ultra once in 9 years.
  6. Ok this first group is a 5 shot at exactly 40 yds ..i was aiming bang on with 33 yd zero and there was a touch of wind right to left .this is a sub 12 .177 jsb exact .bsa ultra . This next group is at 75 yds with my .25 cal fx fac . Thats the type of accuracy im looking for in a .177 at those ranges . And for me bsa gets me there more often
  7. The images above just go to show why when testing a gun for accuracy you should do it at the furthest practical range possible. The 30 yd card shows most pellets to group well and similar to each other . Bit when its pushed to 40 yds some of the groups fall apart leaving clear winners and losers. I like the look of the weirauch magnum pellets .ie barracuda match / bisley magnum. My mate bought a brocock gun that was brilliant grouping at 30 yds but toatally fell apart at 50 yds. Irrespective of pellet.
  8. There really is only one usefull .25 cal pellet for sub 12 guns . That is the h+n field target trophy .at 20 grns It allows a fast ish speed (for a .25 ) and the low bc coupled with the 6.35 mm head makes for excellent energy transfer and reduced penetration . Which is great on pigeons and ferels. If i wanted an ideal ferel basher id probably have a light weight gun shooting ftts around 700 fps .or 22 fpe .
  9. Ultrastu

    best rifle

    I wouldnt say you can hit rabbits in the head at 150 yds but 100 yds is certainly doable as i have done .and 75 is bread and butter shot. It also still packs around 25 fpe at 100 yds. Which is more than my fac .22 at muzzle
  10. Ultrastu

    best rifle

    Nah .my mate was shooting his hmr out to 175 yds on coke cans and my .25 was reaching them at 150 yds. 175 yds was too far for the airgun but .125 was too easy.
  11. Are they rated at 200 bar .230 bar or 300 bar ?
  12. Ultrastu

    best rifle

    This is my sh .177 single shot mmc bsa ultra. It cost me £250 .and its very ligjt and accurate . By contrast that fx above would now set me back £1500 .BUT on sunday evening i was plinking at 38 mm knock downs at 90 yds .hitting around 80 % of the time . So its pretty good for long range shooting .
  13. Ultrastu

    best rifle

    To answer simply. The best airgun for rabbit shooting is An fac .fx wildcat in .25cal shooting jsb kings and a hawke sindewinder 6-24 x56 with sr pro ret Bsa ultra is short but not heavy .
  14. Ultrastu

    best rifle

    Do you mean fac licence or pigeon and crow licence ?
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