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  1. I would remove all beads .and just instinctively shoot the clay . Take it to the pattern plate to make sure your hitting where you think your " aiming " And adjust your comb accordingly .and repeat
  2. Ultrastu

    Lead ban

    Best line of defence is an attack . Attack lead free pellets as dangerous and wholesale unsuitable .
  3. Ultrastu

    Lead ban

    Lead free airgun pellets need to be banned on safety grounds . Notice a said lead free .not non toxic . I refuse to shoot them on safety grounds . They are horribly dangerous to every one around .only a lead pellet stops and splatters on impact with something hard . Gold might do also but I'm not suggesting gold pellets .so it's lead only and ban the rest until they can find something that deforms as well as lead .
  4. Ultrastu


    An increase in velocity can keep the external weather influences at bay for longer .improving long range accuracy . My higher powered guns certainly hold better groups more consistently at longer range than the lower powered ones . Of which I've plenty to play with .
  5. Ultrastu


    It's not energy as such that drives expansion but velocity . Presuming that you have a projectile designed to expand . 900 fps with a 30 grn .25 cal Won't expand as much as a 900 fps 8 grn .177 . The .177 is much more fragile than the big lump of the .25 cal
  6. Ultrastu


    Oh another plus for .177 fac . It uses less air than the equivalent. 22 or .25 for the same speed and trajectory . Villa man - it begs the question why do you have a .22 if the 25 cal is better .? What's the point of 30 fpe when you have 50 +
  7. Some lovely shots there with your semi auto .looks like that gun suits you very well .
  8. 🤣 Most likely. I believe the reason you haven't noticed an exit wound on a rabbit skull is because .22 lr sub hollow point bullets don't expand on rabbit skulls .the skulls are way to soft and shallow and fragile to even slow the bullet down let alone make it expand .as such the bullet leaves a nice neat 5.5m hole on the opposite side that is hidden by fur . The rabbit brain hemorrhaging usually come out of the ear .(as you will have seen) and hence not from the exit hole .
  9. Ultrastu


    It depends on your quarry and location . If your shooting rabbits over large fields .then the .25 will definitely out perform the .177 If your shooting squirrels in woods then the .177 will out perform the .25 . If your shooting round barns then the .177 wins .if your after rabbits and horses are in the paddock or sheep or there green houses about then the .177 wins . Really the. 25 is restricted to ideal locations and ground shots .the .177 isn't. And if your shooting .22 slugs they should be more restricted than .25 pellet. As they can ricochet and travel very far . If my shoot was up on the Yorkshire moors the .25 cal would be my first choice for fac air .but then again up there I'd probably go cf .for most my quarry as the ranges would be long with plenty of great backstops and wind all the time .
  10. Ultrastu


    For the same reason most people buy a 12b over a 20 . They think ooh .a 12b is soo powerful and will kill stuff miles away . But in reality the 20 will do virtually every thing a 12 b will do . Its just you can't stuff 45 grm loads into a 20b .not that any body ever does stuff 45 grms into a 12 b but for some reason they think they may do one day . The 20b will do every thing they need a shot gun to do .but they still buy a 12. I think its an ego thing .? . I'm secure enough not to feel like I need to shoot a howitzer . I will if its the right tool for the job but when the job can be done by a tool that is better suited I choose that. I'm interested in the disadvantages you see in .177 fac .what do you think they are .? Watch Andy of aar .on utube . He has a bsa r10 .177 fac and clearly loves it . I think when people do have them they really love it . Or they shoot silly heavy solid pellets and wonder why it's inaccurate and over penetrates every thing .and give up on it . Where as just use normal pellets and it all makes sense . You considering one mitch .
  11. Ultrastu


    To be fair IF I was to change my gun or be getting my first fac .177 now . I would probably go with a bullpup (fx most likely) to get a bigger air supply and longer barrel .this could mean its possible to use the new slugs more effectively. I feel they need at least 700 fps impact velocity on quarry to expand sufficiently . Meaning a 1000 + fps muzzle velocity is required .to get this your gonna need air and barrel length . I've pushed slugs at up to 900 fps which will expand at 30 yds but not really enough at 50 + . They need the speed to see the advantages (and a very good reg and lots of tuning ) out side of this a pellet is better imo.
  12. Ultrastu


    Is that me ? .😘 Yeah .I love it .it's by far my fave of the 3 cals I own . I can basically use where I use my sub 12s . but its reach and ability far exceeds the sub 12s . And I swear by the 8.4s jsb as the pellet of choice . At 40 yds my scorp is doing 11.5 fpe at 80 yds it's doing what my sub 12 is doing at 40 yds .I can take quarry out to 70 yds as the energy and accuracy are there . And almost aim bang on out to 50 yds . It's a very useful tool and would certainly be the last of the 3 to be sold . Basically it gives you all the advantages of the sub 12 (in terms of shooting angles ) Doesn't gulp air and the trajectory of the bigger cals . With enough energy to get the job done . I'm surprised it's not more popular ..
  13. I'd love there to be a.410 exemption . And to be fair it can be justified . A .410 load is half the weight of a 12 b cart (approx) so half the lead . Given that most .410s are used for vermin and not clay days or big game shoot days . Then the usual amount of shots taken comparatively will be much much less than 12b . So it's fair to say by allowing .410 to keep lead . Any 12b - .410 converts will shoot around 1/5 th of the amount of lead into the air as they used to (or probably much less ) .as has been said many times above .there isn't really a viable steel alternative for .410 .there should be a resurgence in .410 cartridges and guns with costs not too prohibitive .
  14. Yeah .that gun is broken if only doing 8 fpe .personally I'd avoid the hatsan also . They don't seem to have the hammer /valve balanced properly. And hence the velocity drops shot by shot .across the whole fill . This was certainly the case when I reviewed one years ago .but a recent utube vid (aar ) indicated they still have the same problem. Meaning longe range accuracy won't be achievable
  15. That's a fault . No reg or gun is designed to dump all its air . Sounds to me like the spring that holds the firing valve closed is too weak . When the pressure is above 100 bar that pressure contributes to keeping it shut .below and it starts to let air through it .probably needs a stronger valve spring,and then more preload on your hammer spring to tap it open more to get the power level back up. I would pursue milbro for a fix .if your paying for air your gonna be wasting a lot of it .
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