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  1. How about if all that extra lead is flying a lot slower than the lighter faster load .? Thats the issue isnt it ? Stuff loads of lead into a cartridge at the expense of powder /wadding etc .and end up with slower moving more damaged lead which patterns poorly and doesnt have as much energy .so when you do strike your quarry with say 10 bit of lead they are less effective than the say 9 you hit it with from the smaller loaded cartridge . I can kill full sized crows out to 30 yds with my 16 grms of lead from my .410 . Why ? cos it patterns well and hitting a bird with say 15 lead pellets out of ..410 or 15 pellets from a 12b is (at the same velocity and range ) is the same . The rest are wasted as they miss .
  2. Ultrastu

    12 gauge screw on moderator for my beretta urika

    Correct on all accounts above . Including the tricky to find the extended choke bit . Thats the biggest issue .
  3. I had that .when i shot my single folding .410 yildiz (with moderator ) at my little clay shoot and smashed most clays there . That started a few questions 😁
  4. Ultrastu

    IR filters

    I agree . Ludicrus lumens ir torch .t38 .amazing .
  5. Ultrastu

    What would you do...

    Best answer is dont reply to this thread . As is the famous starwars line by general ackbar . " ITS A TRAP "
  6. The correct answer (without counting ) For 32 grm of italian 2.7 mm is 294 pellets. Do i get a prize ? 😁
  7. Ultrastu

    IR filters

    Ir filters will only work on lamps with a filament bulb and not with a led . The ir filter will reduce the lamps range by about 75 % so your 200 yd lamp will make about 50 yds .
  8. Ultrastu

    SXP pump jammed up

    Had this on my mossberg pump . It only does it with layvale and hull carts Gamebore and nsi are no problem .If your barrel is a bit dirty especially at the breach then it will jam . Give it a good scrubbing .
  9. There are virtually zero pigeons around my way at the moment .I saw a few on beech mast last week. But thats it .
  10. Ultrastu

    Honeycomb shades

    I dont think they work . When i tried one it just made the image darker. Which i found unacceptable
  11. Ultrastu

    Bunnies in the mist

    Good bag for this time of year. Well done .what cal did you use ?
  12. This stuff is great well reccomended . You put it on and leave it for 2 hours then wash it off. ( most the green comes with it .) But the best bit is that for the next month your deck or path gets cleaner and cleaner the green totally goes by its self .. Lasts about 3 -4 months before you just have to sprinkle some more over and leave it .
  13. Ultrastu

    .17 hmr range

    🤤 Wow 4900 fps with what weight bullet.?
  14. Ultrastu

    .17 hmr range

    Thats very interesting . So the remmy is a .17 hornet ? Doing 3500 fps ish , In 20 grn ? But you prefer the cheaper easier shooting hmr for most shots and leave the hornet for the really long stuff? I presume . Please expand walker im all ears
  15. Exactly a pattern plate is a best case scenario especially for a crossing bird a flying head on bird might get all the pellets but then a bird head on presents a smaller target usually .