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  1. The old eley wasps were great pellets . There is a utube vid of some one testing .177 ones from a daystate this week - (old tin found from the 70s ) and they shoot very well .
  2. There aren't a lot of .410 steel options in cartridges and for good reason . Most .410s have a full choke (and that's not recommended for Steel shot .infact given the small bore of a .410 I doubt steel through any size choke is a good idea . Then you have the porting down most hush power barrels and that can't be the best idea with steel shoot going over them. So I'd say the idea of shooting ducks with steel carts is a non starter . And shooting them with lead is illegal . So I'd look to another option personally .
  3. With the airguns the birds don't tend to go very far after a shot is taken often just back up to a tree or on to a wire .they tend to stay close by .if the birds really want a field then a big bag can be had .I've had a few 30 ish bags before the real key is to keep the decoys as far apart as possible .probably 10 yds between them that way when the birds land they aren't immediately surrounded by plastic decoys and then take off again instantly . The key is to try and get them to stay on the deck for at least 5 seconds so you can get the shot away . I always go for h/l shots and tend to use my fac .22 or .25 .
  4. Cheers mate . I have to say .my mate and I are now hoping to hit 100 with the airguns .instead of the shottys . I had 34 last week with my boy and that could have been doubled easily if I wasn't letting him take most the shots (and misses ) .we are hoping when the wheat is cut to set up a couple of hides to maximise our chances. .25 cal at 45 - 50 fpe takes few prisoners . Also there is much less meat damage and as such are better for the freezer .
  5. That's 99 pige and a crow in the clicker. There's about 85 in the photo .the rest were in the next field and the hedge next to us .yet to be picked .
  6. Cheers at one time I had 3 pige come over high ad I dropped all 3 from My sa. Very nice to achieve. Farmer was very pleased with the result. There are a lot of pigeons around his year and still a lot of wheat to protect
  7. So my mate and I set up and a disced barley stubble this afternoon around 3 pm .there was a strong sw wind and rain showers .but the birds were keen to come and feed my mate opened the account with a lovely double with his 12 b ou.i had my 20b sa. With mod . The birds came in well and a bag was soon building..6 pm came and we got to 50 birds by having 3 birds between us .the 3 triple of the day . A call to my missus to see if I can stay out to last knockings to see if we could get a few more .and we were on for a longer evening session .75 came and still the birds were dropping in . 95 bird on the clicker and the pattern in front of us was just grey with birds. I had only a small hand full of cartridges left .so my mate accounted for most of the last few birds. I had a single cartridge left and we had 99 shot 1 to go .the idea was that we would both shoot the last bird in together to seal the 100th kill .Well in he glided at 7.45 and 2 guns fired but a single shot was heard and he dropped stoney at 30 yds .job done we the hit the 100 bird centenary . That's our first 100 bird day .I have a massive smile on my face .there were some amazing shots and some god awful ones as well .but the wind was blowing hard and the cartridge ratio was very acceptable . Brilliant. And the best thing was to share it with my buddy . Stu .
  8. Wellies were definitely the correct choice . The stubble was full of water and the ground muddy . We had a great day and 34 birds with the airgun might have been my record .if not its an excellent bag .the pige just kept dropping right into our pattern at 20 - 35 yds , but as always they lift off again after 2 - 5 seconds so quick accurate shooting is the key .many a bird dodged a pellet as we were often just a second too slow on the trigger . Brilliant sport .my boy loved it .at one point we had around 50 birds flock In trying to land just yards infront of us I wish I had filmed it .the words awesome escaped my boys lips .cheers guys for the kind words . If you get a chance to airgun pige like this take it, its a whole different experience.
  9. Cheers guys The air guns proved to be the best choice today . I could have doubled that bag by myself But the enjoyment came watching my boy take on these birds, misses and hits . It's all part of the enjoyment. He wants to go again .
  10. Thats my home made bsa bullpup .177 It's based on a scorpion t10 I'm using a. 22 bsa ultra fac .
  11. Took my boy out this afternoon over a fresh barley stubble we set up along a hedge with 12 plastic full-bodied deeks under the umbrella . The pige came in really well .not lifting off the ground If they were much more than 50 yds away after a shot . 34 birds picked . My boy dropped 7 It's been a long time since we shot together and this was a perfect reintroduction for him .
  12. Mines getting cut Tuesday. It's very ready (winter barley )
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