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  1. What pellets are you using .they weren't taking a lot of wind .
  2. My farmer last 42 the other week t a fox
  3. Cheers guys . I've just been looking at cartridge prices . I was thinking of chopping in a 20b ou for a 12b ou .thinking that the 12b would be cheaper for the 12 b carts Looking at jc. Web site the 20b steel carts are cheaper by quite a margin than the 12b steel's . the eco wads in 20b steel are £60 a 1000 cheaper than 12 . My local shop today the most expensive cartridges he had in his shop were 12b standard steel carts . Think I'm gonna stick with 20 b for now .
  4. Have to agree with that .. Not sure 16 fpe in .22 would be the best option . .25 cal at 40 + is much better .
  5. I looked up the miruko choke markings and it's 1/4 and 3/4 BUT we checked the chokes with a brand new gauge in the shop and the measured in perfectly at 1/4 and 1/2 . So I don't know if the 3/4 has been bored out .? The gun was nitro proofed so fine for standard steel .given the 1/2 choke. The Chambers were also 2 -3/4 not 3 inch .but then unless I'm buying some wildfowling carts (I won't) at 3 inch I doubt it's a problem.. Price is around £850 in mint condition . I like the gun but the lack of multi choke and super steel proofing is putting me off . ?
  6. Quick question .I've just seen a nice miruko .I think it's a mk60 . But seem to remember seeing a bc 60 sport on the action My question is it had super steel stamped into the side of the barrel but I couldn't see a fler de leys on it . Is it steel proofed ? Any one know . It did have the np .stamp . It's got fixed chokes at1/4 and 1/2 and 28 inch barrels . Cheers
  7. Spraying with wd 40 is a bad idea . If done to pellets that are shot out of a springer the oil may induce dieseling ruining accuracy. And in a pcp .my effect the pellet probe seal .by melting it or making it go hard . Either way don't use an oil
  8. So an average .177 8.4 gen pellet at 14 foot lbs .wil do around 870 fps . And a 16 grn .22 at 16 fpe around 670 fps . That's a lot slower .for a usable zero the .177 would be ideal at 40 yds and the .22 30 yds If your just plinking then the .177 is cheaper .the .22 on the other hand will smash stuff and bosh it over nicely as the momentum tends to penetrate harder materials . As for rabbits the nice flat trajectoryof the .177 will be great head shooting them over open ground and unknown ranges (14 fpe is plenty of power and will put them down fine with head shots .
  9. Depends on what your doing with the gun . ?
  10. They can go off .if you open a tin expose them to air and shoot say 1/4 a tin so air is in with the rest .they oxidise see. Best way to stop it is to put the remainder of the pellets in a small zip lock bag wrapped tight in your tin .
  11. It would probably punch you in the face also .as with no fore end grip you will probably experience more than average muzzle flip . I guess that's the idea of the porting?
  12. I have a kofs 20b with 26 inch barrels It's light weight and easy to swing around lovely in the hand .... and kicks like a mule .I have to limit it to med weight cartridges of 24 grm 21 s are better but then not so great on pigeons .
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