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  1. Try to shoot them at 20 - 25 yds .30 yds seems to be about maximum range . I use minimum 16 grm no 6 .gamebore .or often 19 grm no6 nsi .
  2. If person number one lines up to shake everyone elses hand .he will shake 6 times . When person number 2 lines up he shakes 5 times . (As he has already shook number ones hand ) 3shakes 4 times etc Equals 21 shakes
  3. So where u getting those from ? .as i dont see any on general sale .or even on the h+n web site . Also is that through an fx slug liner or standard st .or a rifled barrel . ??
  4. Ultrastu

    Fac rifle

    Its an old model . Probably hasnt had parts made for it in over 10 years
  5. Just beacause your rapid is set somewhere around 30 fpe .doesnt mean it has to stay there .you can tune it up and down as u wish to match the pellet you would prefer to shoot .most pellets should shoot pretty well out to 920 ish fps . I cant see a great reason to shoot very heavy pellets at 800 fps or slower . Try the usual 18 ,16 grn jsbs and h+n bismags and ftt .and see if any group well .failing that reduce the energy and choose a lighter pellet 14.3 or 13.4 jsbs . And see how the go . I like13.4 grn rs at 23 fpe they group well out to 70 yds
  6. Presuming .22 I would try the 16 grn jsb /airarms first And then the 18 grn version . Dont forget the 14.3 grn express and the 13.4 grn rs by jsb Ive found that bisley long range gold at 14 grns can also shoot well in fac . I personally prefer lighter pellets for their trajectory and terminal performance
  7. Ive seen that before on rabbits ive shot .Ive shot at rabbits in the past with sub 12 .22 and watched the rabbit duck the pellet but still heard a smack sound and suspected that id hit the ear as the head dropped . Killed another day with a faster pellet (rabbit couldnt duck in time ) and found the hole , like in your photo
  8. Don't bother . It won't mke it any more accurate and its just another thing to go wrong (and they do - often )
  9. Wait till its on the ground and shoot it there its more humane .
  10. Ultrastu

    Impact mk2

    How far out did you push the targets today ? .
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