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  1. Think if i reloaded .id try and make a 20 grm of 2.4mm lead cart with a fibre wad .if possible As the nsi carts i currently use are 19.5 grm of 2.7 lead with a plaswad .
  2. Ultrastu

    Sub 12 or fa

    True .and 1 of the reasons i dont shoot 34 grn .25 cal pellets .too close to a 40 grn .22lr . And obviously a .30 cal pellet at 50 grns going slower than a .22 lr could be more prone to bounce skip and ricochet .. Its speed and fragility, That reduces the bounce element .so a fast .177 pellet , should bounce much less than a heavy slow solid slug . (.22 pellet..22lr.... 35 cal slug ... 177 15 grn pellet ) take your pick .
  3. Ultrastu

    Sub 12 or fa

    Conversations evolve. Or at least they should do .unless they get boring and repetitive
  4. Ultrastu

    Sub 12 or fa

    I have to agree with this fully . My own experience with .177 in sub 12 and fac .is that the max range for inch kills is around 65 yds after which the dispersion massivley increases . I limit my .fac 177 to 65 yds and my sub 12 s to 50 yds . This is often touted as a reason not to get fac.177 .but the trajectory of the fac is much flatter and as such makes the chances of hitting that 65 yds target much greater . There is also an increase in rotational momentum with the larger pellets which helps with stability at longer range.
  5. Ultrastu

    Sub 12 or fa

    Bc s of pellets are just averages at best .obviously some pellets will be more consistent in the calculated bc over a shot string ..others will vary massivley. Generally the higher average bc of a pellet the more consistent those values will be .so a (high ish ) bc of a jsb exact .22 at 16 grn will over say 10 shots probably vary between 0.025 - 0.035 Averaging out at around 0.031 . The same .177 exact .going from 0.015 to 0.028 .a winder spread. Averaging out at around 0.021 .. The gun and barrel and a million other factors can alter the bc of a pellet from shot to shot .and even for a singular pellet in flight .. Bc is a good guess at best .but even so ,still a worth while tool .
  6. Ultrastu

    Sub 12 or fa

    Yep your right your bc of 0.015 is too low .well for a jsb exact it is .that bc is probably correct for a rws hobby .
  7. Ultrastu

    Sub 12 or fa

    Chairgun gives for a .22 jsb at 100 yds 5.6 fpe retained energy and for a .177 jsb at 100 yds 3.6 fpe . More than enough to go through a tin can Both with a muzzle energy of11.5 fpe
  8. Funny how john constable painted amazing clouds in 1821 in his famous. Hay wain picture .82 years before the very first airplane flight by the wright bros .
  9. There are enough real problems in the world without giving airtime to nutters who have nothing better to do . If they feel like they want to make a difference.they should start a useful business and employ people . That makes a real difference to the country and communities
  10. So 400 psi is 27 bar .. Most airguns operate between 230 and 100 bar .a pcp wont fire a pellet out of the barrel much below 50 bar. So there is your answer . NO .
  11. Yes do so .i have a few tips on fitting them .
  12. As above Usually just screwed in .mine was, try a pair of grips and twist it out .
  13. End of the day .a good gun is a good gun .it makes little difference what the brand name is .equally you can buy a duffer from a top brand too . Judge every gun (especially springers) on how they shoot and the accuracy they give .
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