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  1. So what im saying is you need to test a pellet at 20 30 40 and 50 yds and judge the best from that . If your gonna only shoot 25 yd bench rest .then by all means get the best pellet at 25 yds, it probably won't be the same one as 50 yds
  2. So a pellet that groups really well at 30 yds can be horrid at 50 .and equally a pellet that is just ok at 30 yds (say 15 - 20 mm ) can still be around 20 mm at 50 yds which is preferable (imo) to a pellet that does 8 mm at 30 but 35 mm at 50 yds . Some times a barrel can over spin (stablize )a pellet and be awesome at 30 yds but that fast spin can start to work against you at longer (+50 ) yards . Fx barrels are for long range shooting .so in my experience they can easily be bettered group wise at even 50 yds by my bsa barrels. But spank the bsa s at 75 yds plus .
  3. Kinda agree with figgy My belly crawling into range - days are over .i prefer to sit in a likely spot and ambush . It works better with the dog in tow also .
  4. Yeah i wouldnt panic just yet .. Ebola was x 1000 more deadly than this cold virus
  5. Ultrastu

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    Not in my mates mk1 fx wildcat . The .22 hybrids shoot about 3 inch at 100 yds . Normal jsbs 16 and 18 give around 1.5 - 2 inch groups . Though I havent put them through my bsa yet .
  6. Ultrastu

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    I think that there is currently a MASSIVE shift in terms of what we perceive an "airgun " can do these days . We have airguns of up to . 50 cal that carry more energy than some centre fire rifles .and are passed in some US states for deer .then there are the fx and others shooting slugs that hold accuracy and energy at huge ranges and then dump that energy very well on impact .
  7. Ultrastu

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    Im all for taking close range shots .they increase the chances of success exponentially. And your dead right .targets are in no way the same as live quarry ,not even close .
  8. Ultrastu

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    Its fine .to be fair he has a point . 200 yds is a long way . But the retained energy is fine (30 fpe ) The massive 60 inch drop can be allowed for with rangefinders . And the very high bc from a subsonic projectile should be stable out that far .leading to low dispersion . The biggest issue at 200 yds is winddrift but shoot on a calm day and that becomes next to void also . The real challenge is to the skill of the shooter not so much the gun I will take that as a compliment
  9. Ultrastu

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    Ok . This airgun- Is it the retained energy at 200 yds you have an issue with or the accuracy ? Or the trajectory .or the wind drift .? Just trying get your angle on it .. Cheers
  10. Ultrastu

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    Ok . What makes a .22 hornet suitable for 200 yd kill shots ?
  11. Ultrastu

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    You need to do some research.
  12. Ultrastu

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    Nice .all u need now is a slug barrel and some fx hybrid .25 cal slugs and your set for 55 fpe 200 yds kills .
  13. Id like to but mu .410 is a single barrel and thats a long way from my house
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