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  1. Hi is anyone selling any roosting days mid febuary onwards in southeast kent 2 places if posible Cheers in advance
  2. Ok mate if you get a chance to have a look at one would be great How much are they with delivery ?
  3. If posible mate i do alot of air rifle shooting as well and concelment is key ive seen them from america in camo and allso in olive/military green Many thanks for inquiring
  4. Hi i see your still selling these do you do any of the other colours olive green or the camo print or are they all the basic sandy colour ??
  5. Cheers t i found one local to me £50 with a fill as well
  6. Cheers guys il have a google 👍
  7. And if so does anyone know a place that does it in southeast kent canterbury area Cheers
  8. Can i get my bottle retested its not been done from new and it run out about 18 months ago. Its been sat in the corner of my bedroom and is in very good condition no damage rust or anything dodgy looking. Cheers guys
  9. The charger i currently use is not powerfull enough so ive been looking on the bay of plenty and found a cheep trickle charger its 1.5 amps. Can you use these as a standard charger as im not bothered about leaving it on all the time as i have several diffrent batterys
  10. Try morghew park estate its near maidstone on the m20 they do guided pigeon shooting its not to far from dover hope this helps
  11. Just use a normal fold up carp barrow i just bought one dont know what i was thinking trying to carry all that gear without one
  12. Got your pm many thanks ive replyed Got your pm many thanks ive replyed
  13. I was using my turbo flapper yesterday when i noticed only one wing was correctly flapping the other side didnt look rite at all turned it off and on closer inspection the arm seems to have come of its mounting inside as it was totally limp . Ive only used it a handfull of times i was wondering if its worth trying to take it apart and make the repair my self or is it a send it back to a1 decoys for them to sort out i only bought it at christmas.
  14. agreed i have an aya 53 that i just had fully overhauled & teagued it looks and shoots beautifully
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