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  1. How many Corvids are killed in 2018

    20 magpies and 6 carrion crows in the larsen so far this year 298
  2. Hi Malcolm - we have a problem with the order link - they are in stock I will send you a PM so that you can order- thanks!
  3. Swallow, Swift and Martin watch

    Saw two swallows here (Wilts) on Friday, and then a pack of seven on Saturday. However, they didn't hang around and haven't seen any for the last three days. So likely they have continued their journey upcountry.
  4. Magpie/Crow call bird register!

    If anyone in Wilts/Somerset (BA14) needs a call bird, I'm catching a lot of magpies at the moment
  5. Are you British

    Crumbs, what a clown that fella must be. The internet takes all sorts. Of course it could be an elaborate ruse, and cover... but I must admit I don't entirely understand what I would be conspiring for (or against), not least on a pigeon shooting forum.
  6. Are you British

    You will note that I said: "It's not got superb resolution, but I think in time with more data and markers discovered it will become more detailed". I think that's a fair comment, I don't think my results will be that different actually as it tallies quite well with what I know of my family history. The only surprise for me was that I was not more Irish, but when I actually jot down the genetic makeups that I know it actually makes sense, as only my grandfather was "Irish", and even he likely had a mix a generation or two back. You can inspect your DNA chain as they let you download it, and could submit it to other platforms if you desire. I didn't know but my Mum also did it, and it automatically pings up notification of a close DNA match, 49% for what it's worth. I think if you go in expecting to know precise answers you would be disappointed. It's a guide and does't have great resolution, I don't think it claims to be precise. I wasn't disappointed by the data I saw. To be honest your second paragraph is a bit tinfoil hat for me.
  7. Are you British

    You can send off DNA samples if you are curious. I got given one from https://www.myheritage.com for Christmas, I think they are about £65. Turns out I'm 75% English, 6% Irish, 7% Iberian, 4% Finnish, and then a bit of North African and Middle Eastern for good measure. 0% Alien sadly. It's not got superb resolution, but I think in time with more data and markers discovered it will become more detailed.
  8. A friend of mine is involved with the WTT Charity Auction, and so each year I put a post up on here for him. They do some great work, and they always have some diverse sporting lots in their auction. Mainly fishing but some shooting, and various other bits and pieces too. A few years ago there were some real bargains to be had on there, I think there is greater awareness now, but there still might be something that is of interest This is the link, all the items are on eBay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/m.html?item=273100096604&hash=item3f9608c45c%3Ag%3AYGAAAOSwPnNaoGxJ&_ssn=wildtrouttrust&_sop=1 Thanks!
  9. Boris Threatens Reprisals Against Russia.

    To be honest the chap and his daughter were a soft target, and seemingly of little importance. The point is that [if you don't have a tin hat on] this was carried out because right now we are in another cold war with Russia, and we have been for some time. There has been a theatre in Ukraine, and there is an even more blatant one in Syria. Right now there is the imminent obliteration in Afrin - where Syrian (Russian) airspace is not being policed, the American allies there are going to be obliterated by Turkey (and their airpower) and jihadists, and there is nothing the US can do to stop it. Any land that Turkey doesn't capture will be seceded to Assad and Russia, without them having to fire a shot. There are cyber allegations, and even election interference that is alleged. As others have said. This is just another message and a prod from Russia, and goodness it's got to be a pretty reasonable deterrent the UK can't protect individuals within their own country from foreign agents. Time and time again Russia has seemingly out-manouvered the America (and its primary satellite UK, and to a lesser extent Europe). He has caught those in power flatfooted and is not afraid to play dirty. Everything is ratcheted up, and on the current trajectory who knows what will happen in coming years, but it'll not be good.
  10. A Friendly Warning.

    To be honest it sounds like a very fair solution and does seem that it was offered on the day back in August. Winter shooting for pigeons is probably the least reliable time to be guiding so if they have offered spring drillings or harvest shooting, it seems more likely that you will get a good day. To my knowledge it’s the first time an A1 guided shoot has been posted like this and everyone knows bad days can and do happen. There are clearly two sides to the story and A1 are somewhere in the middle. Everything here seems to be resolved and so I think this topic has run its course.
  11. Pigeon Watch gamebags - £5 off sale

    Impressive stuff!! Sounds quite a day, glad to hear there are still such big numbers in some parts of the country. Well done!
  12. Pigeon Watch gamebags - £5 off sale

    Don't get into an arm wrestle with @stu nesling ! @nic PM sent with details
  13. Bird flu again

    No is the answer. If geese and pheasants have shown up with it, then other wild birds will have it to. Shooting a few pheasants or geese would not help.
  14. Pigeon Watch gamebags - £5 off sale

    Thanks! PMs on the way, I have a few left of each, so if anyone else also interested please get in touch. Wouldn't want to be the man carrying the bag with 4 hares in it, but not surprised it can take them, they're really well made!
  15. Pigeon Watch gamebags - £5 off sale

    Thanks for the replies and orders - sending PMs now - bank transfer or paypal both fine, will message those across. Thanks for the praise Mel, you are absolutely right the materials are great quality, and it is getting very hard to buy the net these days. Could become a collectors item