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  1. A good friend of mine has unfortunately slipped a disc and so unable to take the two days he booked on the Cargill Beat of the River Tay 19th and 20th July. I believe the cost is £120+VAT/rod/day. But he would likely take ONO. I believe the rent includes ghillie for some of the time, but would need to put in touch with my friend for more details.
  2. Teal

    Poachers/Hare coursers?!

    I'm on the Somerset/Wilts border and the local police are being kept very busy by coursers. Couldn't say or offer opinion from your description, but the police advised me to call 999 if you see coursing taking place, and 101 to report it otherwise. They said they are having a big campaign on it at the moment (this was 2-3 months ago).
  3. Teal

    Neighbours dog

    For someone not in the know, this post was a little cryptic, so I had to search, for anyone else intrigued have a little read of this: https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=192&t=1538474 ! lol
  4. Teal

    PW Shop - Merchandise

    Some of you may have noticed, I've just set-up a PW Shop in the top navigation bar - https://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/store/ . Previously we would sell badges, stickers, bergara shooting seats, certificate wallets and gamebags via topics in the merchandise forum but unfortunately the PayPal integration for that no longer works. I think I have it all configured, but would love it if someone gave it a try and could give feedback. As a guinea pig for orders this week, I'll discount the gamebags and Bergara Seats by £5 each (this will be via PayPal refund of £5 after the order is placed), and any other orders eg: of certificate wallets or PW badges will include a complimentary PW car sticker. The prices listed all include delivery within the UK, and really proud of our products as they are all of super quality and priced really competitively.
  5. Teal

    Salmon rod /reel combo

    I'll caveat and say I'm only a newcomer to salmon fishing myself, but as most rivers in NI aren't that big, 14' might be overgunning a bit with esp. with the adoption of shooting heads. As you say money on lessons will be well spent, and try a few rods I'm sure Michael at AM could put you onto someone and maybe some rods to try.
  6. Teal

    Salmon rod /reel combo

    How longs a piece of string... there's a good shop in Newtownards AM Angling I'm sure he'll keep you right and have the answers. I bought a 2nd hand rod from him last year. With this weather salmon fishing has been pretty dire in the whole of British Isles as very few will be entering the river systems, there will be some fat seals in the estuaries, but when the rain does come hopefully things will pick up.
  7. Yes they are - I'll send you a PM as the ordering button isn't working at the moment - thanks!
  8. Teal

    .......... and even more plant ID.

    There's a really good app called PlantNet - it's free. Great for identifying plants, just take a photo and select flower/leaf/fruit and it pings up likely contenders so far it's been very accurate when I've used it.
  9. In your case where around a pen, and just for summer use probably not too bad, and will prolong. I went for a bigger panel off eBay and a waterproof charge controller (need to stop the battery from frying if you use a charging panel size eg 20W) rather than maintaining which is what the Aldi one should do. I use mine for sheep electric fence so need all year round charging.
  10. Teal

    Cartridge Collecting

    I was given a lot of 'old' (unsure on age but not that old IMO) cartridges. To be honest I was probably going to just use them. They're all French, I've held off using them in case there was anything of interest there. More than happy to put extra photos on if anything does look interesting.
  11. Teal

    UK shoot warehouse flapper

    Hi Blackpowder why not give them a call, they may not have received your email, and mightn't have seen this topic. I've tagged @R@chel so hopefully she will get a notification now about this topic and can reply. But do give them a call, I'm sure if they can help they will
  12. Teal

    Bergara Stag Folding Shooting Seat £75

    Hi Konnie - sorry for the delay, they weigh approx 3kg, the price is £82 including delivery if paying via paypal or £80 including delivery if paying via BACS transfer - if you drop me a PM with payment method you'd prefer I'll give you the details. Delivery is next day courier - thanks!
  13. Teal

    Bergara Stag Folding Shooting Seat £75

    Just a headsup these very fine chairs are now back in stock here PM me to place an order
  14. Teal


    I've been running a couple of larsens for a few weeks now, and have picked up 28 magpies and 18 crows to date. But this still didn't stop two pheasant nests being raided in the last week. Not seeing many magpies now, but there are any amount of crows still...
  15. Teal

    How many Corvids are killed in 2018

    20 magpies and 6 carrion crows in the larsen so far this year 298