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  1. I just bought a set from molevalley, should be a popup on the link with 10% off if you subscribe to their newsletter and its your first order: http://www.molevalleyfarmers.com/mvf/store/store-home There are plenty of fakes out there, and with the discount it seemed the cheapest place where you know they are genuine
  2. BT...a short(ish) rant.

    Get a couple of wifi boosters/repeaters and use your neighbours credentials (with their permission) on them to give yourselves a good connection until BT can sort it out. If needs be put one in their place closest to yours.
  3. Can’t stand this new layout

  4. Disgusting

    I didn't realise it was this bad, there are often rumours and old wive's tales that are re-spun time and again regarding unwanted gamebirds. But most always discounted them, as they were often spread by those with an axe to grind, and related to badly shot or damaged birds that were unfit for human consumption. However, this year [for whatever reason] so many more are writing about it on PW. Like others I know of a shoot and the gamedealer wants to be paid to take the birds, where previously he has always paid. For now it is a case that everyone can have whatever game they would like from the day. But for many shoots the supply would be too much for the guys there on the day, even if they are distributing them. Just have to ask where the European market has gone, CharlieT alluded it's shrunk, but I'm not sure why. With a weak pound surely British game should be better value than ever for export? If true I think it is terrible, and will tar shooting for years to come. If someone asked me to explain the alleged practice, I simply wouldn't be able to, other than say it is not something I would ever take part in or support.
  5. Indian Taste of Game night 7th Nov Leicester

    Fantastic to hear, only wish this one was a bit more local. It sounds a good evening. Game is so versatile, it really would be good to see more restaurants using it in season, and getting it to new audiences!
  6. No of new posts

    Is it saving passwords on other websites? Have you tried: Open the Settings app Scroll down and tap on Safari We're looking to change password store settings. So tap on Passwords & Autofill. You should notice that there's a switch labelled “Always Allow” – Turn it ON Back onto topic - there was a dip in posts in the first few days after the update, but things are building back up nicely again now, as others have said probably to be expected with things moving round and getting used to the layout.
  7. hello teal

    iadvertised a hatsan 20g camo on pigeon watch I paid using card and I cant find the add ?

    wondered if you can point me in the right direction 


    1. Thanks for the headsup, I’ll try and fast track the order!
    2. Imminent Forum Software Update

      Unread content should now show by default since last visit to the site. The limit should now be increased a bit
    3. Imminent Forum Software Update

      @Dave-G give it a try now with an image?
    4. Imminent Forum Software Update

      Assuming you are using a computer, if you have it copied right click and paste? Or ctrl+v, provided you have already copied it? I think it then pastes in direct. Alternatively you can upload by dragging file where the paper clip or clicking "choose files..." - this is below the text box.
    5. Imminent Forum Software Update

      Frost here too. I'm trying to bring some woodcock in on this moon! Top right click on the three line button, it will then popup a list of things, but at the top a message icon you can click to go to view messages/inbox. Also when a new message comes in I think you should get an indicator up there? New content is the button again top right, but the one on the left (if that isn't an oxymoron). The button to the right of that currently shows "my content", but is not working quite as intended, as it only shows own topics, and not posts, so work to be done there. Final button is search.
    6. Imminent Forum Software Update

      Not just you, I've put a temporary fix in for that. Hopefully now sorted - will put a more permanent one in soon. I think someone asked before about emojis - they should now work.
    7. New stream

      Are you on a mobile or computer?
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      On mobile will need to go to the user profile to see location and post count. Compromise of what information to show with limited space!