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  1. @BenBhoy how are you getting on? Finding with the crows the trap in the open is definitely catching better, again it's the round trap that's doing the business for them. Caught 42 crows so far, and all only 4 of them were in traditional top entry trap. To the point I'm not running a crow in one at the minute, but have both my traditional ones on magpies ((but I've just about cleared them all now).
  2. 42 carrion crows and 18 magpies in Larsen traps so far. Very few magpies compared to previous years, but the crows keep on coming. Total 193.
  3. Yeah your assumption is correct, you'll not be able to population control muntjac by shooting the bucks. Too many variables but neighbours range will expand, and they will shift about quickly. Territories are pretty fluid anyway to be honest, who's to say where their boundaries are.
  4. Hi Grafix thanks for the topic, you're right there is a problem thanks for making me aware of it, looking into it now!
  5. Have I missed something, I personally thought BASC were in a good place recently. I do think there was a bit of a legacy and history (Swift and the next two) but that was some time ago and I thought they had left it behind?
  6. To be honest I'm looking forward to 2021 when the clock change is scrapped! But yes to the longer days and better weather - it really has been a very kind spring (and winter) in the SW.
  7. You shouldn't have to reset your password- once you change it, you just need to use that password for future login attempts. When you sign in, be sure that the "stay logged in/remember login details" box is ticked. My guess is that your browser has an older version of your password saved - and so when you login it tries the old (invalid password). If it prompts you to update password then select yes. I think you are using Chrome it should do that - if it doesn't let me know and I can tell you how to delete the old saved password. Just be sure to manually type in the password when it prompts you to login, and it should then give you the option to update your saved password.
  8. Hi guzzicat - can you give a bit more information, I've also emailed you if easier that way to be in touch. Do you just mean you are logged out - do you get any message when you are kicked out? Is it just not saving your password?
  9. Don't know -but I would say definitely pack the rod. You have a car and rod, and can find more about it when you were there. I know a friend caught a cracking brownie at Aimoni, a couple of years ago, was in mid-June. No idea if there was much else doing, or how that compares to anywhere else. Looked very picturesque from the photo guessing he was heavy nymphing in the deeper/faster water?
  10. Is this it: https://thelondonflyfishingfair.co.uk/ Looks like last year it was fly fishing and "wing shooting", which is a bizarre thing to call a British event. Not been, but although shooting and fishing are often grouped together - think it's a mistake. There is some participation overlap but not as much as people think. Seems this year it is fly-fishing only. I don't want to knock it, as promotion of fishing is great. But even if I still lived in London for me I can't see what I would get out of a fair like this.... but maybe I'm not enough of a tackle tart!
  11. I think that's why it took a while as not so many had them, either from the charity shoot or ordering from the PW shop etc. Usually contact us at the bottom of the page would work, but I think the parameters broke that as well! @Gordon R managed and a few others thanks! Just seen another topic has been posted about this, so closing this one and discussion can continue there:
  12. Apologies - thanks those who made us aware - this morning we did (what should have been!) a routine security upgrade on the forums. All went seamlessly! However, unknown to us it had changed some data storage parameters. This meant when someone tried to post a message or topic - it failed!! It took a while to work out why this was happening, but I think it should be all sorted now -apologies 😞
  13. Well that was an anticlimax lol
  14. I reckon PM is just about to resign...
  15. I'm not taking a position on the debate, but didn't the polls call it wrong the last time.
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