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  1. Think more realistic that supplies of stock are going to run out. I am down to the last 2 bergara folding seats and the distributor/importer has shut down operations for foreseeable. If people are trading they will be running down their own inventories, as I don't think much resupply is going to happen soon.
  2. Teal

    Lamb meat boxes

    Thanks @themayor58 and @Welsh Andy! Be great to sort you both out with a lamb box, I still have a few left it anyone else fancies some 😊
  3. Teal

    Lamb meat boxes

    Sold quite a lot of these on PW now! I've had a number of friends request them so sending a big batch of lambs in on Monday - for delivery following week (31st March or 1st April). A half lamb box weighs around 6kg so it works out around £12/kg, with a half lamb box at £75 and a whole lamb box at £145 including parcelforce delivery to your home. They will be packed with icepacks and wool insulation, to keep them chilled and are cut to the spec below. These lambs are a little smaller than the ones I would usually send, so you may get an extra cut to make up the weight to give an average lamb box weight of 6kg and 12kg for whole. If you live locally (Trowbridge, Wilts) you are welcome to pick the lamb box up, see the farm, and save on parcelforce fee. These lambs are grass fed, although at the moment with my fields flooded they are in the barn eating our organic hay and some sheep nuts. Any questions please ask - thanks! Whole shoulders on bone Whole legs on bone Loin Chops (done as Barnsley chops) Rack french trim Breast - mince
  4. I've just removed this listing as a precaution as some things sound very strange about it. If anyone else has corresponded about it please send me a PM if anything sounded untoward.
  5. I like the look of this a lot! How was it? Could do with that today, horrible cold and wet on the farm (again!!)
  6. Not watched, but we burn oil wily nilly, and then send plastic to landfill. Strange.
  7. Enough of this squabbling. There is another topic regarding this already running: - this one has run its course.
  8. Thanks Sam! Much appreciated glad you are enjoying it 👍 @JTaylor91 @Mickris @Cockermax lamb boxes just collected by parcelforce they should text a one hour delivery slot tomorrow morning first thing usually! Thanks lads 👍👍
  9. Thanks @Mickris - replied! Nearly all gone now, anyone else interested please reply on here or via PM- many thanks!
  10. I can't understand this, why would you want the ones who have done this still to be at the top? That'd be madness. It's entirely their (shooting orgs) mess, that they have created. No one else can get the blame.
  11. Unbelievable. Couldn't make this up. Wish it was a bad dream. I'm actually in favour of the phasing in of mainstream steel and other lead alternatives, even was the first person in Northern Ireland to buy the eley steel ecowads, but this whole thing is a complete mess. Entirely created by our own organisations. Whoever thought it was a good idea to not consult either their membership, the industry or the shooting community prior to the announcement, is an idiot. They are not fit to represent shooters in this country.
  12. Fantastic photos and thanks for the additional information! Looks a remarkable find, I have a serious need to get saving for 2021!! Do you know why they stock with rainbows? It seems a shame in some ways.
  13. I've put a day fishing up on my local brook, in the WTT auction - https://www.wildtrout.org/auction/1-day-for-two-rods-fishing-the-wellow-brook It's tricky wild fishing, on a fairly overgrown stream, the fish aren't big but are lovely condition. The WTT have given us a lot of guidance over the past few years with in-stream management, with a pollution incident (from a tsunami of slurry) nearly wiping our section out completely in 2013 - http://www.bathangling.co.uk/tsunami-of-slurry-kills-fish-after-pouring-into-river-near-bath/ I hope the winning bidder enjoys the day, although if it goes for much more than the guide price I will probably include a pub or riverside lunch. As our annual subs are only £130. But it is for a good cause!
  14. Thanks @Cockermax! Great stuff - have replied - I still have a couple of boxes left for anyone else thinking about it .
  15. 🤣🤣... and if its the launch of a lead balloon, then a crash landing too... I don't often tune in to Fieldsports TV -but they have an episode tonight I believe, I'm guessing they'll have reps speaking, or is it all a big secret.
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