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  1. Hi Mr Teal do you have any deal how to get into GunWatch,tried today most of the day but still cannot get into it.

    Colin Davies


  2. Just got one myself after posting that above! What a nightmare! I've switched it off, hopefully will take effect soon. If it doesn't I'll see what else I can do. Definitely wouldn't have been my intention, those full screen ads are horrible!!
  3. I think Google got a bit over zealous, and made a change without my approval, I've logged in and manually switched it back to how it was before.
  4. Thanks guys - PMs sent - yes lambing, plus young baby and a few other bits and pieces on. Sorry about the delay- thanks!
  5. Why didn't anyone report this post to the mods? It now seems someone has been scammed having made payment 21st November. 😞 Please if you ever have concerns about a gun sale, either report the post/topic or PM me so that we can take a look at it.
  6. I looked up the postcode (ME3 8DR) and there is very little woodland in the area, looks like mostly cereal ground, except the rspb reserve to east and SSSI to south. There is an unusual 'crop' I didn't recognise from the satellite view, but a google of David Long suggests it's pears. I don't believe that raptor persecution is widespread within shooting community. The RSPB often level the accusation at gamekeepers, and of course grouse moors, but the ground doesn't look at all suitable for game-shooting. So it doesn't exactly fit with their narrative. No doubt in my mind though that
  7. Just a comment, with no driven days at the moment, I bet a lot of woods that are shot are absolutely stuffed with birds. They have everything they need, and why would they leave with so little disturbance? Could that and it being a serious acorn mast year explain why some are seeing so few?
  8. Well I went out for a shot yesterday afternoon 2-4.30pm, and a few hundred cleared from the woods. They didn't seem to come back, but after a quiet start good flightline developed with the birds heading onto a different wood about a mile away. The wind was strong and favourable (in their faces), but coming over the trees the birds were high but plenty in range, picked 22, with a couple not picked. Fired a good few cartridges including a couple of bismuth that I'd put into my pocket in a hurry... Drove to Mole Valley this morning and every hedgerow oak had 30-40 pigeons in it. I don't know
  9. I think we all know that this has happened in the UK previously (bird of prey persecution). It is absolutely wrong. The question is to what extent continues today. Clearly it's a few bad apples, and catching one incident on camera doesn't change that. Hopefully they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I think almost all shooters would be pretty horrified to see this.
  10. @paul hart try posting a few select items or bundles in the other sales section - might attract the attention of those who haven't seen this topic?
  11. Thanks, it's only a small oak woodland about 2 açres. I tried to take photo but only on my phone so not sure you'll make them out. This is one flock, there were many! Quite remarkable actually. Strong winds forecast this week so hopefully in with a shout, but will be tough flighting them esp with plenty of leaves still on. I've taken off the photo as it's getting too pixelated to make out. In fairness it only shows a big flock, of non distinct blobs 🤣
  12. Here (West Wiltshire) we've just had a huge fall of pigeons. Never seen so many since moving here. Thousands on thousands. The oaks have a big crop of acorns and they've stopped off here for a while, going to try for a shot on Tuesday as they'll probably be moving on before too long. Fits the usual patterns and I think these are Scandinavian ones, taking a breather before the next leg of their journey. Will be interesting to see if any size difference if I shoot a few.
  13. You are right in what you say, but if you are relying on get-outs to justify doing something, it's not a good position. Adding a gun to those scenarios you have listed above does complicate it. I think caution should be applied by certificate holders as per previous.
  14. The problem is that the open air recreation exemption for travel appears to be limited to: public outdoor place. It's on this document under section 6 being exemption for leaving home: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2020/1200/pdfs/uksi_20201200_en.pdf As I have said previously shooters should be careful they are within the rules.
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