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  1. Teal

    Westmorland Red Squirrels

    Very good reading, and I really liked the idea of using thermal to identify squirrels easily,.
  2. Teal

    The French yellow vest protests

    I don't think there is much appetite for them leaving!! Even considering Germany's economic power, I'd reckon the French are probably the most integral part of the EU, part historical part constitutional reasons. The movement has been hijacked by the same anarchist elements that hijack most large scale protests in France. They certainly have genuine issues and grievances though. If it was the Middle East it would probably have been live fire though. That was the red line, in all countries bar Bahrain and it's Gulf acolytes, which are still our pals
  3. Teal

    Hooks left in a fish's mouth research

    A friend lost a salmon a couple of years ago at the net with a line snap, and he was devastated and pretty much stopped fishing for the morning. Will be sure to send him the link. Most of my fishing is wild brownies with barbless, and it is a bad feeling if the tippet snaps, didn't happen this year, but the one before I had real trouble with tippet, ended up trying three brands before I was happy. But from the sound of things, not as bad as it could be, thanks for the share
  4. Konor

    I registered with gunwatch a few days back so that I could put my gun up for sale but have not heard back ,would you be able to look into the delay ?



    1. Teal

      Sheep skin

      Interested to hear how you get on, I'd be interested in tanning mine. I was led to believe there is a narrow time of the year when the skin and wool is suitable for it, leave it too late and it's a waste of time. Good luck!
    2. Teal

      Gunwatch account

      This all has been sorted If anyone else has problems in the future please drop me a PM, or use contact us at the bottom of the page like krwigan did. Sorry didn't get onto it sooner for you, but glad all working now
    3. Teal

      London protests

      It's got people talking about it, and I think that is their aim. They are concerned that by not talking about it we are sleepwalking into a disaster. There is a real lack of agreement about what is happening with our climate, but I think there is agreement it is changing because of us. The longer nations put off doing things about the climate, the harder it will be to make those changes. Whether it is the right way to protest the jury is out, but I think it is a topic people and governments need to address, as we are screwing up the planet in all manner of ways mightily fast at the moment.
    4. Teal

      Eriswell Shooting Ground

      Don't usually post about members account status publicly. But happy to say the same as I sent them in email back on 13th July. "I have checked, and this is because you previously had an account on Pigeon Watch, and it was banned some years ago (2011) following breaking of our rules. Therefore this registration is a re-registration which is not permitted in our site rules and has been banned."
    5. Teal

      Pigeon watch cert holder

      You know, it completely slipped my mind. I'm so sorry about this. Hopefully will remember tomorrow and get the ball rolling - thanks for the reminder! (now where's my zimmerframe).
    6. Teal

      Pigeon watch cert holder

      Thanks all! Yes they are a great bit of kit - @EMcC - yes we have blue, black, green & burgundy in stock - you should be able to order them from the PW Shop: https://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/store/category/1-shotgun-firearms-certificate-wallets/ Hope that works - we also have some very good gamebags, the bergara seats and some other PW merchandise
    7. This is an interesting topic and some good ground is being covered. I know there are some strong opinions but please keep things civil, a couple of pages back came pretty close to getting the topic closed. But right now is on a good footing, by all means discuss these things but please don't let it get personal. Are they actually high pheasants, or is it achieved through low guns, is my personal view. Stretch the distance and you stretch the ethics. Which I guess is the crux of the topic with how far is too far. An exceptional situation on a day is one thing, but every drive positioning the guns such that the birds are at the limits or beyond of capability of ballistics, I really have issues with.
    8. Teal

      Do English people actually want to work?!

      Where abouts in Wilts Munzy?
    9. Teal

      Game bag

      If you are in the market for one, we do a really good one on Pigeon Watch made in England too Found other gamebags at this price point or lower don't tend to last very well, but with this bag it's not a problem, and strong enough to carry as much shot game as you can!
    10. Teal

      Bergara seats.

      Very neat tool! If you wanted someone to see it you could email to Ruag who have always been very good and they are the UK importer, and might be able to show it to Bergara? Appreciate you may not wish to having been blanked by Bergara previously.
    11. Well done Molly! Sounds a good day, good dogs definitely put more birds in the bag of course flushing them in the right direction, but also from sweeping esp when guns are vague on birds shot and location of them.