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    Will sort later on today! Apologies for the hold up
  2. I have a building with a fair bit of "concrete cancer", with the steel within the concrete corroding in places. I've spoken to a few people and seem to get endless products but no two people seem to recommend the same thing. It is precast 180x100mm pillars- and to these are attached further of the same that are rafters that form apex roof. Joints are pins The pillars and rafters are structural. The remainder of the building is blockwork. I'm keen to get the pillars and rafters sorted and would appreciate if anyone could give any guidance on best way to do this.
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      Just started up still new to me

  4. Wow - amazing response! Thanks so much everyone!! I had 5 to sell, and all being well I think that is everyone on here who was after one will get! Will send PMs for delivery details. If collecting from the farm can take £10 off the prices as that's the parcelforce cost. Thanks a million! Will
  5. Amazing - thanks! We take them to Broomhalls - http://www.jbroomhallltd.com/abattoir-services-gloucestershire/ -it's a small family run abbatoir in the middle of a town. Would never take our sheep anywhere else, they are a very high standard of welfare. The butcher is done by another family firm - a few miles away called Woodchester Meat Company - hope that helps! Any more questions feel free to ask
  6. Copied details from my successful listing last year. Unfortunately a restaurant has let me down at the last minute and I have a number of lamb boxes from our flock of organic sheep for sale! I produce a small number of Organic Wiltshire horn x lambs each year on the farm. I took them in on Monday 6th January and having been hung for a week I am picking them up on Wednesday 15th. They are vacuum packed into following cuts: Half shoulders on bone Whole legs on bone Loin Chops (done as Barnsley chops) Rack french trim Breast - mince Pack of dice or sausages tbc. A half lamb box weighs around 6.5kg and will take up one shelf in a freezer. They will be packed with icepacks and wool insulation, and I can courier them to your door. The cost is £75 for a half lamb and £145 for a whole lamb including delivery to your door on Thurs 16th january. If you live locally (Trowbridge, Wilts) you are welcome to pick the lamb box up, see the farm, and save on courier fee. These lambs are Soil Association certified Organic and are grass fed. Any questions please ask - thanks!
  7. It's one of the things I really don't think looks good. The problem is because the ducks are fed on the pond. Seen people do all sorts, and get increasingly irate in the process, to produce (v. best case) a mediocre bird to be shot. If you want to shoot reared ducks feed them away and then fly them back or if you want to continue what you are doing, just accept you don't have to shoot them all.
  8. Teal


    It's amazing, highly recommend. Really took me by surprise. Tehran is just hideous blocks of concrete, so definitely spread your wings out from there, the people, food and the culture is incredible. Been to some great places but Iran was the one real standout I think in part due to perception of it being hostile & full of religious zealots. Drank a lot of tea, and hard to walk down a street without being invited into every house along it to be fed! A lot of very well educated people there too, and a real fondness for Britain which to say was a surprise was an understatement on my part. Unfortunately we aren't alone in despairing at our politicians. The people I met without exception (although fairly discretely) made it clear their leaders didn't represent their country.
  9. Super news -thanks everyone for patience. Was running a fix from something else, and the perfect two birds with one stone
  10. Has this just started today? Can you explain which button you are pressing to condense view, just trying to understand so I can see it and work out what's happening! Thanks
  11. This seems to be what they are saying. I've got to be honest when I saw the initial video report and he was talking about the stench being awful I imagined the birds were dead a while and had been dumped. Wouldn't have thought they'd have smelt unless dead a while but by all accounts they'd only been lying there an hour. www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-wales-50849740
  12. Teal


    Really hits home the mess of the world we've made. Thanks for posting.
  13. Thanks everyone who has been in touch. Pleased to update that Dodeer has got back to me, he's currently abroad and restrictions on his connection mean he is unable to access PW. However, he is back tomorrow and will then work through any outstanding orders to get them out.
  14. We've had a number of people contact us about this, and had understood that things were being sorted. However this hasn't happened and dodeer hasn't been on the site for a couple of weeks now. I will get in contact with him and try and work out what's happening, and to get all outstanding orders refunded. Could anyone affected who has not yet received knives please drop me a PM with number of knives ordered. Thanks
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