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  1. Teal


    Really hits home the mess of the world we've made. Thanks for posting.
  2. Thanks everyone who has been in touch. Pleased to update that Dodeer has got back to me, he's currently abroad and restrictions on his connection mean he is unable to access PW. However, he is back tomorrow and will then work through any outstanding orders to get them out.
  3. We've had a number of people contact us about this, and had understood that things were being sorted. However this hasn't happened and dodeer hasn't been on the site for a couple of weeks now. I will get in contact with him and try and work out what's happening, and to get all outstanding orders refunded. Could anyone affected who has not yet received knives please drop me a PM with number of knives ordered. Thanks
  4. Have you asked him for a refund?
  5. Teal


    I've made another adjustment, so will see if that makes a difference but to be honest earlier in the topic I already reduced it to minimum setting allowed on Google AdSense and I haven't touched it since. We sell products through the site, certificate wallets, gamebags, badges and car stickers. Which is one way to raise costs to cover running the site, but the other is advertisment income. It's not a huge amount of money and could look to moving to subscriptions if people were keen?
  6. @Dunkield perhaps might have a suggestion
  7. Hi @dodeer have you any more available in size 40? thanks!
  8. Teal


    We've not changed anything but Google must have gone a bit keen as yes it is a bit much! Made a couple of adjustments now, and if still is overkill will have a look tomorrow when on the computer 👍
  9. +2 for that. Couldn't agree more. Glad you enjoyed your first day.
  10. Will often be closer to 10:1 when driven! I think what gets me is that as someone wrote on the previous page, it's not like steel is a high cost alternative. You can understand the price differential if it was. And to frontload all the cost of development tooling etc on the product is surely a mistake. If it was a comparable price point I'm sure a lot more people would be minded to try it.
  11. Only found out the price after they imported them! Looking into it seems about the same as the price point in England. Shame really if they wanted to get good uptake would have been better to be a similar price point for the first couple of years. No idea why the extra cost, the r&d costs should be written over many forward years rather than trying to recoup straight away if they want the cartridges to gain traction.
  12. Just got a slab of the new eley pro eco steels, 28g 7s for snipe shooting in Northern Ireland. More expensive than I was reckoning, but want to stay the right side of the law, the test will be how they perform... hard to see enough people will buy them to get downward pressure on prices by starting at such a high price point though. £113 for 250...
  13. Teal

    Greta Thunberg

    I think you are the one who is misinformed. You do all realise that this is a United Nations conference right? That means all nations of the UN could be there, which is essentially every nation in the world. I hardly think that is cherry picking! You're all absolutely right it is a global issue, but if the biggest and wealthiest don't address their pollution, where is the leadership to set an example and a roadmap for the whole world to follow. And lets be clear it is the wealthiest countries that have by far the largest CO2 emissions. A few years ago Obama and the US signed up to initiatives, but Trump has ripped them up, without providing an alternative. Now who is the puppet?
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