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  1. Killed a hedgehog.

    I've a couple of cage traps I recently bought and they are pretty rubbish. Is there a good place make of them to get - most seem the same. I had a different design when I was a kid and they just wouldn't fail me (had a long straight wire along the top which went through an O of the tread plate if I recall correctly. The ones these days seem to have a wedge cut out of the tread plate and a bar that slides across when they are trodden on and then shuts the door, but I'm not finding them great. Got Fenns set too and they are picking up an odd rat, but I know I have a couple left to get and think a baited trap will work well. I have the breakback traps in tunnels/bait box but they are avoiding them for now. I have some poison and bait boxes but would rather catch them if possible.
  2. grrrrrr

    Hmmm.. that seems most unreasonable of Pigeon Watch! Do you know when this started happening, is it a recent thing? Nothing should have changed from here (when the upgrade happened months ago we merged display names with usernames, in which case if your username wasn't your display name - dr. lecter) it might not show. The other angle is you might need to save the new password over the old one, as your browser may be caching an incorrect password. So make sure you type it in and if it says "this password is different do you wish to save..." click yes. Hopefully something straightforward like that if I've understood you?
  3. Old uk silver coins

    Find it hard to believe govt minted coins would not be at the right % silver, perhaps you have some earlier ones in there, great result though 👍
  4. Old uk silver coins

    I was in a similar position for a friend. Theoretically there are a couple of odd ones, but for circulated coins I researched it a bit at the time, and in the end took it to a coin dealer for scrap value. He gave me the full market price for silver, as he had someone after some specific dates for making jewellery. Depending on the date the silver content varies, prior to 1920 they were 97.5% (sterling) silver, but for your coins would be 50% silver. Maybe a bit over £1600 worth if my maths is right. Silver value seems to be on the down and has been for years, if only they were gold!
  5. Gunwatch

    Should be working again now sorry about that!!
  6. Gunwatch

    ShootingEgg is on the money (again) - thought this had been renewed, but hadn't. In the process of getting it updated now as have to generate a new certificate.
  7. Wabbitbosher Masonic Charity shoot

    Good luck with the shoot WB!
  8. gunwatch admim

    Woah - sorry chaps- dropped the ball on this one. Welsh1 and LordV you should be good to go, sportsbob, I've replied to your PM on here regarding getting you set up thanks! Anyone else with an issue please post on this topic, thanks
  9. North v South Charity Shoot 2018

    Thanks all. Been delaying putting this post up, but this topic has really spurred it on. As those of you who attended or read the threads over the years, we've had a cracking run with the North v South Shoots, however, 2017 ended up as a struggle to get a good turnout. I think a combination of things caused this, but what was really frustrating was that despite the date and location being announced in good time, the vast majority left it until the last minute to register. This added a lot of stress to the lead-up to the event, and also meant that others who may have come to the shoot not signing up because of the perceived low numbers, and indeed some of those who had said they were coming then dropped out as well. To everyone that did come, it was another really nice shoot, raised plenty of cash for charity and a bit of nice weather too! No doubt, there are other explanations why 2017 was a struggle, but with this in mind we recently had a mod catch-up to discuss the shoot, and the plan is to give 2018 a skip, and all being well to return in 2019 with the Charity Shoot. On paper it would have been at Orston this year, and so that will probably be the venue of choice for next year, certainly somewhere around there. To everyone who has taken part in the shoot so far, raised cash, or gathered in some amazing raffle prizes thank you! Also a big thanks to everyone who has helped on the day with raffle tickets/folding them/calling the numbers and of course the two Captains who led by example.
  10. Gun watch account activation?

    Should be good to go for you now Mike - thanks for the message
  11. Shotgun licence holder

    Thanks @TIGHTCHOKE! Yes how about one of these, they are the dogs danglies and with a PW logo to boot. Only £13.95 posted too!
  12. Semi-Pro Drill - Advice Please

    I have to say recently I have hired some kit from local hire shop (angle grinder and a diamond core cutter). Depending on the work you are doing if you can work out what you need to do and then hire for a half or a day accordingly I was amazed at how cheap it was. Maybe an option if not n ongoing need.
  13. @hod @drivinfish1 good news I have just received new batch of wallets! All 4 colours (black green burgundy and royal blue) now in stock 🙂 The order link in the first post seems to not be working at present I hope to fix it tomorrow in the meantime PM me to order
  14. Thanks all, it's already all wrapped up and waiting to go. Wish I hadn't opened it of course but too late for that.