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  1. Sounds like it is cookie based, make sure you allow your browser to save PW cookies as they are what keep you logged in. As they identify your computer to the site. Could be adblocker related as there are a lot that advise blocking cookies (because they can also be used for ad tracking and so some privacy concerns).
  2. Teal

    Mammal ID

    Thanks for all the comments, I'm pretty sure it's a pine marten. I think JDog is right with the long hind legs. Hopefully will get another picture of it in due course.
  3. Think I know what this is, but just wanted to pop it on here, to see if anyone can confirm. Not the greatest of photos as from a trail cam. If it is a pine marten, I've not seen one before, and didn't know they were there. The other option is mink, maybe the photo not good enough to confirm? (Its not in Wiltshire!)
  4. Teal

    Gun watch

    I'm afraid I can't do credits for relistings you will need to do them as new listings, but I have applied sufficient credits to your account so it will work at no cost -thanks, W
  5. Teal

    Gun watch

    credits should be applied if anyone else needs please pm me thanks!
  6. Teal

    Gun watch

    Sorry about this yes have a payments problem... Will search for accounts who've posted here and be handing out free listing credits in the meantime, if you need more than 2 drop me a PM. And if you are only seeing this thread drop me a PM with your GW email address and I'll also issue credits for everyone else affected. Really sorry about this, had hoped it would be fixed but proving more tricky than anticipated.
  7. Hi Mr Teal do you have any deal how to get into GunWatch,tried today most of the day but still cannot get into it.

    Colin Davies


  8. Just got one myself after posting that above! What a nightmare! I've switched it off, hopefully will take effect soon. If it doesn't I'll see what else I can do. Definitely wouldn't have been my intention, those full screen ads are horrible!!
  9. I think Google got a bit over zealous, and made a change without my approval, I've logged in and manually switched it back to how it was before.
  10. Thanks guys - PMs sent - yes lambing, plus young baby and a few other bits and pieces on. Sorry about the delay- thanks!
  11. Why didn't anyone report this post to the mods? It now seems someone has been scammed having made payment 21st November. 😞 Please if you ever have concerns about a gun sale, either report the post/topic or PM me so that we can take a look at it.
  12. I looked up the postcode (ME3 8DR) and there is very little woodland in the area, looks like mostly cereal ground, except the rspb reserve to east and SSSI to south. There is an unusual 'crop' I didn't recognise from the satellite view, but a google of David Long suggests it's pears. I don't believe that raptor persecution is widespread within shooting community. The RSPB often level the accusation at gamekeepers, and of course grouse moors, but the ground doesn't look at all suitable for game-shooting. So it doesn't exactly fit with their narrative. No doubt in my mind though that a buzzard has been shot, and whoever this person is I hope gets the full force of the law, the police must have spoken to them. If there is some idiot shooting whatever flies over them, then they need their certificates taken off them. And hopefully a prosecution will be forthcoming, and perhaps there is additional recording or information not published. Timing is convenient, but although rare, unfortunately there are sufficient alleged incidents in the UK for the sporadic release at suitable intervals. Whether that's a tracker failing or something else. For the record, I don't think the RSPB are hiring hitmen to go on third party land and shoot birds of prey. And I don't think this one is 'fake news'. It is possible the photo of the dead buzzard on their page is of a different bird, it's quite normal for 'library' pictures to be used, although in this instance it would be misleading with the text attached, I don't think sufficient to discard the above comments.
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