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  1. Thanks guys- sold a lot through PW once again - really appreciate the support - enjoy the lamb!
  2. Thanks guys! Will drop you PMs with details 👍🙂
  3. I have some lamb boxes for delivery this week, they are our rare breed barbados blackbellies. Ideally I am selling whole boxes which will weigh minimum 12kg fully butchered and vacuum packed. They are £145 including 24hr delivery to England&Wales, or £125 if I can deliver myself more locally (West Wiltshire/Bath area). Cut spec is: Whole legs bone in x2 Whole shoulders bone in x2 Mince (from the breast likely 1.5-2kg) Barnsley chops Rack french trimmed x2. Because this batch are a bit smaller to make up weight will include some extra cuts as appropriate. Sold a lot through PW over recent years, and have a few to shift this time. The meat is delivered chilled in insulated packaging having not been frozen.
  4. Should be gone, another google automatic update
  5. Thanks guys! Very kind! I think that's them all accounted for. LPJA and misterclay will drop you both a PM
  6. Due to a last minute cancellation 🙄 I have a couple of lamb boxes to sell, all vacuum packed and chilled these are from my rare breed Barbados Blackbellies. A whole box weighs minimum 12kg and consists of 2 legs, 2 shoulders, two racks, 6 Barnsley chops and mince from the breast. Delivered next day in insulated box the price is £145 including delivery so about £12/kg. Sorry for lack of notice, if any extra info needed please just ask!
  7. Good timing - it's free! Thanks @Marka11 as luck would have it going to nip out roost shooting for a couple of hours tomorrow afternoon! @222mark and everyone else affected yes - dragged on and on too long. Sorry about that. Things much simpler now - hopefully!
  8. Several years after we shifted all the gun sales off the forums onto Gun Watch, they are now coming back. As some may be aware for some time there have been problems with paying for listings on the platform. I had really been trying to find a solution with the payment provider, but as time has dragged on, and on. I have now called time on it. So as from immediately, if you are looking to sell a gun, you will be able to start new topics in the private gun sales forum. There will be a short period of overlap where listings from Gun Watch continue to come through onto Pigeon Watch, but in the near future, a notice will be put on there, and this will be shut down with all traffic directed to the PW forums. Any questions please do ask. The guidance topics will be updated in due course, but for now I just wanted to put this up here as I know some people have been waiting weeks (or longer) to list guns for sale, and now they can. I would also like to quickly say I have really appreciated all the support and use of Gun Watch over the years by members, it is a real shame to shut it down, but in truth the software would have soon needed a serious upgrade and at the present time I just don't have the funds to do that in any case.
  9. So certainly my ASHP has a program (think they all do) that runs weekly to boost it to 65degrees to do this. However, I think this is a relic, because so long as your hot water cylinder is not air vented (which it won't be)- it is chlorinated supply from mains that feeds it, and a sealed unit. So it's an inert holding tank that remains chlorinated where legionella could never establish or survive. However, under RHI requirements you have to have the weekly boost anyway - so even if it were an issue, you have the weekly heat boost cycle. My ASHP can actually do 65degrees on its own - most use immersion though. That said ASHP efficiencies drop off the higher temp you go, so you lose some efficiencies if you hold the tank at higher temps than required - hence you have a bigger cylinder than normal so you don't have to keep it at 65degrees at all time.
  10. We are going to be moving away from Gun Watch and back to the forums for sales. Will be this week. We have had problems with our payments provider and they seem irreconcilable. Great shame, really sorry it's dragged on a lot longer than I had hoped, but I had wanted to resolve it.
  11. Disgrace. Lost faith in politics and politicians years ago. so depressing MPs vote by the colour of their tie not their conscience. Will write, not that it will achieve owt. As a keen fisherman seen the damage first hand to our rivers. The majority share of our water companies are internationally owned by foreign pension funds, sovereign states or the super rich. Not really sure why we are putting their interest above our citizens, country, wildlife and health. But money and influence talks. If you want to be depressed visit the River Wye, but all of our rivers in this country are in a bad state.
  12. Just put in an ashp on the barn conversion I'm building, does have ufh and insulated to a bit better than building regs. Makes sense. But hard work for older properties or if using radiators. Amazes me how it strips the heat from the air, and the panel shows how much heat it is getting from the environment relative to electricity consumed. Regarding hot water you do need a bigger cylinder because it won't heat it to the temperatures of gas/oil.
  13. So this confirms what others have written about on the topic: https://letsencrypt.org/docs/dst-root-ca-x3-expiration-september-2021/ Feel free to have a read, there is no problem with PW the issue lies with older devices that are no longer updating their operating system.
  14. I don't think the advice on this topic is bad, for some reason it seems older iPads are stating there is an issue with the certificate, but all other devices and browsers load without issue. It is certainly down to an interpretation of the certificate by these older devices. Neither of these are issues with Pigeon Watch itself. However, I will look into why and hope to resolve but as technology gets older it does become obsolete, and if you are concerned about security using a device that is no longer supported, and doesn't receive updates or patches is not sensible.
  15. Hi I'm trying to advertise on gun watch, wating for the confirmation email?

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