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  1. I think it's an optical illusion. The chair was updated with new colour scheme, but as far as I am aware the backrest is the same length. When it folds it over it extends to where the feet (having been tucked in) sit. Just double check your chair, but I don't think it would have a much lower backrest, and certainly not twice as high. They're good chairs, good luck with the sale!
  2. Teal

    Badger problem

    You would be best off contacting your local council who should be able to advise. Disturbing badgers whilst occupying a 'sett' - which appears to have a wide definition - is of course illegal. And I'm not sure you would be able to encourage them to move on without causing them some disturbance
  3. FWIW generally there is an assumption of innocence. So the burden or proof would be on the other party to prove the future intentions of the bird. So rather than being a weak line of defence, it's probably a fairly weak line of prosecution. As said above if you are satisfied you are shooting under GL conditions, then you probably are. Shooting a jackdaw and crow at this time of year for protection of flora/fauna, would be on safer ground than, say in three months when we are outside of the nesting season. But that is my opinion, and you may be better relying on other GLs if you are shooting/trapping crows/jackdaws/magpies outside of the bird nesting season, or the immediate period prior to it.
  4. That's a very fair point Weston, I'll leave those images there for context, but please respect others. FWIW, my (limited) experience of this is different to HD. Although, I personally think it is right that pregnant women, or those with young kids get preferential treatment. However, there is some fraud that goes on, and that is a terrible abuse of the system.
  5. Subject: From Chris My goodness, he has a serious ego doesn't he! Thought the responses were bang on.
  6. There was a reason for it historically, but you are right there is no need for it now, I have set it visible for guests also
  7. RSPB are saying they only control crows, which is one of the things WJ are holding up as saying the others don't need to be controlled under a general licence.
  8. It's the value of a letter to Europe so currently that is £1.35.
  9. That'd be my guess too!
  10. He's in the South of Ireland so different rules apply. But you are right to control a magpie or crow for those reasons would not be permissible under GL in the UK.
  11. Wouldn't be the first time an agent tries to take a bid from a wall. Plenty fall through so don't worry too much, and remember there will always be another property.
  12. Teal


    Pretty toothless article but the BBC have put something up about it: https://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/natureuk/entries/649bdc51-c950-4e67-b488-7bf72fa46bfc
  13. Teal


    Was getting pretty concerned but this afternoon saw first swifts of the year on the farm. Three of them together. Hopefully more will follow. Had seen some in NI a few weeks ago so not sure where our locals were held up but glad to see them. Hope others are turning up elsewhere in the country. It's a worry so many seem to be missing. Egypt seems the wrong side of the continent for our swallow migration path, but I guess other countries may be trapping them also?
  14. Those percentages are what the polls suggest but it all depends on the desire to actually pop something in the ballot box Thursday that will reveal the results. I don't know the answer. These elections seemed to be pretty quiet really, and I'm not sure if that will have resulted in some parties getting a lower turnout than anticipated from asking them on the street. If one party really mobilised their vote or their voters felt much more inclined the results could differ very significantly from the polls. It's an unusual one. In good faith I couldn't vote for any of them. Voting for the party I least dislike is hardly a positive. I wanted to register my discontent, and I crossed through my ballot in the booth.
  15. Teal

    Content missing

    Is there a line that says Pigeon Watch community with a light blue background click on it to expend, it sounds like you may have collapsed the categories (and all forums within are thus not shown)
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