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  1. So this confirms what others have written about on the topic: https://letsencrypt.org/docs/dst-root-ca-x3-expiration-september-2021/ Feel free to have a read, there is no problem with PW the issue lies with older devices that are no longer updating their operating system.
  2. I don't think the advice on this topic is bad, for some reason it seems older iPads are stating there is an issue with the certificate, but all other devices and browsers load without issue. It is certainly down to an interpretation of the certificate by these older devices. Neither of these are issues with Pigeon Watch itself. However, I will look into why and hope to resolve but as technology gets older it does become obsolete, and if you are concerned about security using a device that is no longer supported, and doesn't receive updates or patches is not sensible.
  3. Hi I'm trying to advertise on gun watch, wating for the confirmation email?

  4. cannot pay for gun listing, keeps saying payment cannot be taken,  have tried and tried with two different cards whats the problem??


  5. @wasps57 should be good to go now! 👍
  6. Give it a try now, I've just applied some free listings to your account 👍
  7. Teal

    gunwatch payment

    Applied 3 free listings to your account peejay, and scarecrow and Scully. Really sorry about this we have issues with the payment processing company, nothing untoward but payments cannot go through. If you need to list anything drop me a PM and I'll add listing credits to your accounts, really sorry about this
  8. Virtually known Hawkeye a heck of a long time, one of the originals and always came across as a great guy. Very sad to hear of his passing.
  9. Hi there will process that for you now, we've been having a few problems, thanks
  10. Ah yes about that... Just bought a new boat thought id treat my self to this as iv had a good month and iv wanted one for a while
  11. It's a local problem at your end, and I still think cookie related. Which browser are you using, chrome? If so try another one if you have a different one installed.
  12. God bless his soul. Must be another coincidence. We know lucasnorth (real name, and not from the TV show) lives in Leeds because he tells us this on his profile, and not to worry clearly different because the other Viking chap puts err.. erm.. is there more than one Leeds?
  13. Goodness you'd have to be a real idiot to choose a character from a spy show if you were trying to conceal your identity on a forum for some unknown reason. Seems pretty unlikely. But then again, whoever started the topic linked below was clearly a real idiot. To share a photograph of a landrover they bought when, erm, they didn't... And then the lying begins. Bit like this topic actually. Wonder if there could be a link🤔
  14. Sounds like it is cookie based, make sure you allow your browser to save PW cookies as they are what keep you logged in. As they identify your computer to the site. Could be adblocker related as there are a lot that advise blocking cookies (because they can also be used for ad tracking and so some privacy concerns).
  15. Teal

    Mammal ID

    Thanks for all the comments, I'm pretty sure it's a pine marten. I think JDog is right with the long hind legs. Hopefully will get another picture of it in due course.
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