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  1. There are currently other topics running on BASC - this topic on legal expenses cover has been locked as it is derailed, and descended into other disputes.
  2. Can I have a fact check on that please? Please give more information. Sounds a lot like dogs danglies to me.
  3. Yeah - that'll be because an invalid character - glad all good! Will get your account validated now
  4. Teal

    Small bird ID please

    That's a very good idea. Will give it a shot, at least will have done something. Good news that they will be fledged. I'll report back if any flushed! Hopefully push any leverets out also. My neighbours mower isn't so fast, but it is front mounted and offset - so has a far wider width than you'd think which would catch things out. Last year it got a cat and a magpie in the same field. And judging by the bird activity I suspect a lot of small mammals. Yes @Mice! we have a better number of hares this year - a couple of years back there were as scarce as I've known them, due to long-dogs. Although I'd never caught them on my farm, have seen them on neighbouring, and police attended a few times. This year the neighbour has maize growing so they won't get a chance to run them. Natural England say we are just in Grey Partridge country, but I've never seen or known anyone who has. We do have a mountain of foxes this year.
  5. Teal

    Small bird ID please

    Great owl photo @Mice! Not sure why I didn't post at the time... Anyway bumping this topic up as today pulling ragwort from my hay field and what should I flush but a quail! Watched it for 200m before it pitched in on far side of the field. Checking the dates on this topic it's almost exactly the same. I've not heard any calling, but in fairness the field is a half mile so I've not been there in the evenings. The issue I have is, I presume if nesting it'll be in the field, and it's 24 acres. With the forecast at the minute I need to cut the grass for hay end of the week. I just can't justify not cutting it. So I'm hoping it won't have set up nest yet - or will be just passing through. Unless anyone has bright ideas. Don't like the idea of chopping the nest if its there. Typical it's the only field I'm taking a hay cut off this year!!
  6. Definite scammer, account deleted do not continue conversation!
  7. Right this is very topical issue, so we've let it slide for a while. But once again we are going to revert to the site rules: These topics and ones on cats require constant monitoring and removal of offensive posts. Pigeon Watch is not the place for this discussion. Thanks.
  8. In my opinion, Yes. Honestly I'm amazed people are giving them more time to get things in order. You are a lot more tolerant than I am!! Time and time again I've been disappointed. I can't stomach paying/rewarding it anymore. You might get some concessionary breadcrumbs, or a few soundbites. But there is not going to be real change unless the membership wakes up, and the truth is for most members their sub it is like a utilities company or a bank provider. So the sleepy majority will stick with, as even though people are aware it's not great they have huge inertia. Some will say 'change the organisation from within', but they say that because they know 6 months down the line you will have the enthusiasm and stuffing knocked out of you, as you realise for all your good ideas and energy, if your face doesn't fit you won't get in. I've seen it with some on here, and they don't even clear the first hurdle. And if you did get in... well have a look at the sort of things that have happened: https://www.dropbox.com/s/72o8xhzlkif2bsj/170227-BASC-Executive-Summary-final.pdf?dl=0 . No doubt the ones who were kicked out were simply 'bad apples', and in no way representative of culture. But it's pretty disturbing that this behaviour has gone on.
  9. It's too endemic to change, if you don't like it the only way is to leave in my personal opinion. Far too sleepy an organisation to mobilise the membership into requesting change. Just look at the calibre of some of the board the members vote for. You are pushing water uphill, if you can't support it, stop supporting them, imo. Otherwise keep paying and accept what you're given. There is some to like, not a lot though.
  10. +2, thanks Steve 👍 look forward to continuing to reading your posts particularly when you are bagging up on crows 👍
  11. Thanks lads! Knew some on here would have the answer! Clearly been rumbling for a while, they get myxy every few years, but this year was the first that rabbits were becoming a little more numerous starting to see them down hedges that had always been barren. I think in part that was down to more aggressive fox control, that said there is no shortage of foxes here despite this. Being all pasture I quite like seeing a few rabbits about, but guess they'll be hammered in coming months. Ah well at least I know why, thanks again!
  12. Last year a three quarter grown rabbit I was watching bolted ran 20 foot and then keeled over dead. There was a bit if blood around the nose, and it was very strange as otherwise not a mark. In the last 24 hrs I've now found two quarter grown rabbits in good condition dead, I'm not sure how many others have died and I just haven't found them! Clear eyes and again blood around the nose. Photo below. I didn't see these ones snuff it but my guess is, it is the same thing. Clean eyes, I remember reading some time back about a viral haemorrhage disease but don't recall much detail. I appreciate everything dies at some stage but the odds of finding one let alone multiple dropping dead suggests a genuine health issue to me. I'm happy to cut it up if anyone knows what to look for? Anyone else seen similar? Rabbit population here isn't high but was building up.. Photos of most recent below
  13. I didn't renew my membership. Since then I've not had any reasons to think it was a bad call. Shooting is getting more complicated (especially with licencing), and more expensive in general. There also seems to be more legislation coming in. In fact, it seems to me that a lot of the time the Orgs are complicit with it! All this has happened under a Tory Govt too - imagine how many changes if a Govt really wanted to impose things. They keep getting opportunities to prove themselves, but they keep on rolling over or putting the blame on others. In their justification for non-renewal it says: Q: In the years that the policy has been in place, has it made much difference? A: Whereas there have been some individual successes the police have maintained gross inconsistency, indeed in some cases it seems to have been worse. --- Yes that sounds about right to me... an acknowledgement that the present situation is terrible, but at the same time an acceptance of it. The voice of shooting... seems fairly inaudible to me.
  14. @theshootist Thanks so much for the kind words ! Thrilled to hear it is going down well Our favourite cut is always the shoulder, which is sounds like you still have ahead of you I'm sure everyone who ordered has realised, but I just noticed my original post said whole shoulders. At the last minute we actually decided to cut the shoulders and legs in half this time, with the lockdown had a lot of requests from people so they had the option of a smaller roast, but could cook both halves together if a whole was desired. Hope that was ok! For anyone else interested, looking like it will be 5th or 6th August for next lamb box deliveries (will be taking lambs in on 27th July). Will put a new topic up nearer the time for that.
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