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  1. Teal

    Photo loading

    thanks Andy and all those on the thread who gave the heads up !
  2. Teal

    Bird ownership

    I have to be honest, I'm surprised at the speed that some advocate escalating this. If they're a neighbour you'd be well advised to try and get on. You've said that they can't come onto your ground which is absolutely fair enough, but I personally wouldn't race them to the award for being a bad neighbour.
  3. Teal

    Photo loading

    Thanks all, didn't know about this. But you are all right, yes we have a problem at the moment! We made a server change yesterday and that will have caused this. It will likely be early afternoon before this is fixed - in the meantime please know we are aware and will get it fixed ASAP. Very sorry about this problem.
  4. Teal

    Red Kitten

    Great stuff - always presumed they were born early Spring, is it quite common for them to be born in the Autumn? Last year I trapped a lot of grey squirrels here, but felt a bit futile. Although no prospect of reds ever being in this part of the country I think I will start up again this winter, if nothing else than to help the songbirds.
  5. Teal

    Mrs. webber R I P

    Very sad to learn of your loss Webber, my sympathies for you all
  6. Teal

    unexplained wealth order

    Yes probably! I didn't want to sound too much like a tin foil hatter I couldn't say if it is worse now than ever, and if not London it would be somewhere else. But what strikes me is that now more people are aware of it, and there is gesture politics that tries to pretend the country is on top of the problem. I guess that's what bothers me more than anything, because it's just not true!
  7. Teal

    unexplained wealth order

    There is a lot of dirty money in London, and it is being laundered on prodigious scale. It's part of how the place works, and authority either understaffed, incompetent or turn a blind eye to it. They'll have their reasons for targeting this person, who doesn't seem to have even made an attempt to show it was clean money, but there will be many others who are off-limits. Much of the finance and investment world is very murky and London is no different unfortunately.
  8. Teal

    Half or Whole Organic Lamb meat box

    On it! Sorry just in was selling haylage in local auction today, will reply to everyone!
  9. Teal

    Half or Whole Organic Lamb meat box

    Wow -thanks guys!! That's amazing, I only have 2 boxes from this batch to sell so that is me sold out! If anyone else is seeing this post and is interested, I have some smaller lambs (twins mostly) who still have a bit of growing to do, who should be ready in early December. Drop me a PM and I can give you details nearer the time. Honestly means a lot to have this support you will not be disappointed with your lamb boxes. Will PM bank details or can take paypal also - thanks Fatcatsplat + Daz!
  10. Teal


    Nearly posted on the topic earlier, but decided to hold fire. Good to get these things cleared up, and not descend into a flame war. It's certainly an unusual one with those two species. Certainly they can both be very damaging, so good to see licences being issued where required.
  11. Bit short notice this one, but a customer has let me down. I produce a small number of Organic Wiltshire horn x lambs each year on the farm. I took them in on Monday 1st October and having been hung for a week I am picking them up on Wednesday 10th. They are vacuum packed into following cuts: Half shoulders on bone Half legs on bone Loin Chops Rack french trim Chump steaks Breast - mince or burgers They will be packed with icepacks and wool insulation, and I can courier them to your door. The cost is £75 for a half lamb and £145 for a whole lamb including delivery to your door on Thurs 11th October. If you live locally (Trowbridge, Wilts) you are welcome to pick the lamb box up, see the farm, and save on courier fee. These lambs are Soil Association certified Organic and are purely grass fed. Any questions please ask - thanks!
  12. Teal

    Shakespeare switch Rods ???

    Those shakespeare rods get very good reviews, I had the oracle scandi d/h. Superb reviews online, but for me (let a couple of others have a cast with it too) it was too soft and I just couldn't get on well with it at all. Sold it, and have a different setup now. I like the idea of a switch rod but no experience of them. Give the rod a try before you decide to part with your money would be my suggestion
  13. Teal

    Steel Brands

    Part of the issue might be that it is hard to buy, I guess they must have very limited production runs? It's a shame as more would use it if they could get a biodegradable wad steel cartridge.
  14. Many a time when stalking trout on small streams, I've spotted a trout on the bottom, and spent a fair bit of casting effort, only to discover I've been covering weed. The right proportions in a slight current, it can look more fishy than a fish!
  15. Teal

    Acorns needed

    Also happy to help Steve if you need any more. How many acorns are you after?