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  1. +2 for that. Couldn't agree more. Glad you enjoyed your first day.
  2. Will often be closer to 10:1 when driven! I think what gets me is that as someone wrote on the previous page, it's not like steel is a high cost alternative. You can understand the price differential if it was. And to frontload all the cost of development tooling etc on the product is surely a mistake. If it was a comparable price point I'm sure a lot more people would be minded to try it.
  3. Only found out the price after they imported them! Looking into it seems about the same as the price point in England. Shame really if they wanted to get good uptake would have been better to be a similar price point for the first couple of years. No idea why the extra cost, the r&d costs should be written over many forward years rather than trying to recoup straight away if they want the cartridges to gain traction.
  4. Just got a slab of the new eley pro eco steels, 28g 7s for snipe shooting in Northern Ireland. More expensive than I was reckoning, but want to stay the right side of the law, the test will be how they perform... hard to see enough people will buy them to get downward pressure on prices by starting at such a high price point though. £113 for 250...
  5. Teal

    Greta Thunberg

    I think you are the one who is misinformed. You do all realise that this is a United Nations conference right? That means all nations of the UN could be there, which is essentially every nation in the world. I hardly think that is cherry picking! You're all absolutely right it is a global issue, but if the biggest and wealthiest don't address their pollution, where is the leadership to set an example and a roadmap for the whole world to follow. And lets be clear it is the wealthiest countries that have by far the largest CO2 emissions. A few years ago Obama and the US signed up to initiatives, but Trump has ripped them up, without providing an alternative. Now who is the puppet?
  6. You're absolutely right, and it is only a hypothesis. As you say it is a big old sea. Just found it interesting. As you say no simple answers, and will need a mix of things to get it right. But bit concerning if those setting the quotas could be getting their population estimates so wrong. Good luck with the mackerel! The south coast has been really poor the past few years, at least it has for me!
  7. Teal

    Greta Thunberg

    With a few exceptions, I think it is a shame that people are focusing on the individual, rather than the points she is making. Regardless of your views, she is raising the profile of the issue, and whilst I don't agree with some of the things or some of the people she associates with. I think it is very important that it is on the radar. It is all too easily swept under the carpet for a future generation to deal with, and carry on regardless. I don't think there are many absolute climate change deniers on here, but it is unpopular to challenge the status quo, especially if it means telling people things they don't want to hear.
  8. I think the thrust of the article is about why the ICES is wrong in their mackerel assessment. I don't proclaim to be an expert, but if you read the article in depth I think it presents some good arguments about why the ICES assessment is wrong. There are serious question marks. Honestly I would advise not skim reading it, to shoot it down, there is a lot to take in. There seems to be some real howlers in how they (ICES) reached their numbers. Making the data fit their argument on population sizes, and applying arbritrary reduction factors, so on.. so that the data appears in the range they had expected. I do think there is some merit here. I see that ICES have in May made a big adjustment to NE mackerel quotas for 2019 - doubling them. https://www.undercurrentnews.com/2019/05/16/ices-doubles-northeast-atlantic-mackerel-catch-advice-on-revised-stock-status/ So they recognise an issue with their data. But perhaps it still doesn't go far enough. I mean earlier in the year they stripped Mackerel of its MSC certification based on their data which showed it was below the MSY, which is kind of a big deal. If that data was manipulated as the JCH hypothesis suggests then it could be giving all sorts of poor advice with respect to over or under fishing. Were the 1980s any good for salmon?
  9. Have a read of this- http://www.pelagisk.net/media/fm/9By4XvjHKl.pdf it's quite interesting. Just a hypothesis but having spoken to someone who has involvement in this area, she said "there is some plausibility, because mackerel fisheries are flourishing and even with a large quota being taken, continue to flourish, makes me wonder is there some merit to this idea". I believe there was an expectation that mackerel fisheries would collapse like others in the face of overfishing, but that has never happened, and the data recorded to estimate populations and then to base the catch quotas on seems to have a lot of problems with it. @henry d I can believe that about the seals, but it is easy for us to point the finger at things we can see, such as the cormorants goosanders, dolphins and seals. The most recent one I heard was large brown trout predating parr and should be smashed on the head! Of course they all do it, and they aren't helping, but as you said the problem is offshore and of mans doing.
  10. I fish on the Tyne, and it had been bucking the trend with catches and counts holding up. Helped (or not - depending on who you listen to!) by the innovative hatchery who reared a higher quality of smolt than many other hatcheries, and compensated for the lost spawning grounds from Kielder. However, August count from the riding mill fish counter is just in, and with the NE nets off and a lot of water I would have expected stable numbers of fish. But it was 2,160, which is less than a third of the previous 5 year average (6600). Maybe some of the missing fish will run later, but seems more likely they are dead. Probably at sea. Read an interesting thing the other day - Billy please correct if I am wrong- that habitat improvements on the Tweed mean that record numbers of parr are in the river, and smolts leaving. So the sea mortality must be horrendous. Did anyone read the paper a couple of years ago suggesting massive mackerel population explosion and its potential impact on the smolt run due to predation.
  11. It might be a privacy setting on your Google album, that only you can see them (hence perhaps logged in on your desktop you can, but logged out on mobile can't?)
  12. And it's cost WJ no more than the legal firm's time to write and post a letter. They've got plenty of money in the tank at the moment. Can't see this sort of thing stopping to be honest.
  13. http://www.ebay.co.uk have 10% off at the moment on everything bought and paid for by tomorrow midnight. Just a little headsup in case you were thinking of getting something on there. You have to download the eBay app and do the purchase through it, using the code PLAYAPP on the checkout page. Full details here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/b/Selected-Promotions/bn_7116140159?_trkparms=%26clkid%3D5884337954505493310 Purchase has to be more than £100, and you get a maximum of £50 off (purchase of £500). You can use the code 3 times. Just got myself a fishing reel I'd been wanting for ages.
  14. There is an account registered with the email address you use on PW, so try and login and worst case reset the password. It says it was logged in one hour ago so you may have figured out, if I can help further let me know via PM! Thanks!
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