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  1. I've done a fair few with anyvan they'll quote you online and I've always had good experiences. Have a network of themselves and independents who bid on the job. You have plenty of time before Friday to get it priced up.
  2. Just spoke to Eley this morning, and they are now starting to go out to dealers. So will soon be available. I'm going to get some of the clay loads for snipe shooting, they should be spot on. They use Euro sizes, so a 7 is actually 2.54mm so approaching a 6.
  3. To be fair, there were two topics which we merged
  4. A while back I came across a lot of Moorland Groups on Facebook, they were putting out a lot of photos and updates educating people about management and the positive impact on wildlife, and some great photos of nests and newly hatched chicks. People were sharing the heck out of them. They were trying to be smeared by some, who said they were run by gamekeepers wives. Whether that's true or not I don't know, and I doubt to many it would matter. Clarissa and the Countryman used to do quite a good job of telling people about the goings on in the countryside, and I rather suspect that there is a gap. But media has changed, and TV isn't what it was. If there was some more good research and positive stories that could be published and shared online, I'm sure your members and the general public would help get the word out, if it was well presented. Fighting WJ (or whoever else) is a battle that can't be won as their minds are fixed. It would be better to focus on the vast middle ground of open minds, with people who are prepared to look at things with fresh eyes. In another vein, Aldi recently had Scottish wild venison steaks. Would be great if rather than just a few plucked birds in Sainsbury or waitrose, there could be game burgers or pie accessible as a healthy good value option in a bigger chain. An easy cooking option open to new consumers. You are in a good position to pitch to supermarkets, and then within the membership can make it happen. Why not find an engaging chef and crowd fund a small kitchen, choose a product such as sausages, burgers and pies that could deliver this. Make it happen. Heck there could even be a competition on the packet to win a clay shooting lesson, game fair tickets etc.
  5. You are right! There are quite a few who have been trying to get back for years. Usually the first thing they do is flounce to another forum and start mouthing off, and the second is that on a fairly regular basis they try and sneak back on. And then when banned again, they head off and do a bit more badmouthing about how rubbish the site is. And so the cycle continues, with a new registration only a matter of time... Pretty pathetic, and I feel a bit sorry for them really, as mostly desperate attention seekers.. But if you can't stay within the rules of the site, despite 3 or 4 warnings, and usually a temporary suspension first, depending on offence, only got themselves to blame! And on that note... back to Brexit topic at hand please!
  6. CZ list it under Centrefire rifles on their website: https://www.czub.cz/en/produkty/kulovnice/brno-rifles/brno-combo.html I'd list it as a rifle on G/W, but put the details in the model field and that way it'll show in the title field. That would be my suggestion, sorry we don't have an exact "rifle/shotgun" field, but that would be my advice and would be under FAC anyway. Good luck with the sale!
  7. Chaps I've tidied up this topic, please keep any questions on topic and don't derail the sales thread for these pups. Thanks.
  8. Saw this chap last week in local town. Never seen one like that before! I trap a few crows with varying amounts of white
  9. Teal

    Small bird ID please

    It's possible it was an escapee, but I wouldn't know from where. When I spoke to local ornithological society they weren't unduly surprised, but said it was a great spot. I wasn't looking for it, was just walking down track to check on sheep and a little bird burst up from my feet calling as it went. Instant thought was young partridge, but I had a good chance to view it as it flew, it had a striped back and I've seen them before in France. The society described them as an "eruptive migrant", and said this seems to be a good year for them, as they are getting quite a few sightings by their members. http://www.wiltshirebirds.co.uk/sightings/recent-sightings/6314-6th-july-2019.html
  10. Photos are on Gun Watch, for some reason they didn't come across with the listing: https://www.gunwatch.co.uk/guns/20593-AYA-No3-sbs-for-sale Hope that helps!
  11. Teal

    Small bird ID please

    No I can't really! How it gets accross the channel I don't know, they are such dumpy things! I guess the jack snipe is similar heroic migrant, but with jacks I kind of feel they have some booster packs in reserve but with a quail, I'm at a loss!
  12. Teal

    Small bird ID please

    Thanks @JDog! We would be fairly heavy clay lowlands here. I spoke to a couple of neighbouring farmers and they thought I had been smoking something when I said I'd seen a quail! I'm doing a bit of research on them now, would be fab if there is a pair. Extra incentive to stay on top of the corvids and foxes. I guess he could be moving through but he's not moved far in the last couple of days so hopefully he likes what he sees here and has a mate. If any more news I'll update, or with any other bird ID queries!
  13. Teal

    Small bird ID please

    Nice spot Mice, yeah they are usually pretty classic! We have a youngster here and it is seriously noisy! Very exciting news today.... I believe I saw the audio culprit and have a confirmation on ID! Thanks for all suggestions. I've now compared the calls of them to my audio clip above and it's a match. Can hardly believe it, but it's a quail! And I certainly saw one today. Feeling pretty stoked about it!
  14. £40/bale for 4 string hay was a fair price for hay last winter in the SW, some more some less. Works out about £140-150/t. Hay is too cheap most years, but stock farmers can't pay higher prices and horses can't eat it all..
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