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  1. Teal

    Lost Ferrets

    I imagine they will sort out the hierarchy again in a few days. Great to hear you got them both back.
  2. Phew! That's very good news. Patch must have done the trick afterall!
  3. And it's not worked ☹️ will keep trying.. but likely a few more days..
  4. Sorry about this it's been a real pain, I've just installed a patch and fingers crossed this will solve it....
  5. @paul hart of "the pigeon shooter", has a lot of equipment that he is selling off. One of the warehouses had some limited flood damage. I understand it will be very well priced. He is a Trade Member, and will be posting up items in the Other Sales section of the site. But in the meantime if you wish to contact him, you are best to PM, or 01405 862539 or 07903245760.
  6. Teal

    Forum change

    I understand a patch is coming out tomorrow to fix the issue we are having with trade guns being listed repeatedly. I am hoping it will also address the iPad issues, but if not I will keep trying on this. If anyone could take a screenshot and PM it, with any errors or to show the problem would be very helpful - thanks!
  7. Teal

    Forum change

    We've had a similar comment from one other. I hope you don't mind me asking, but is it a fairly old iPad?
  8. To be fair the number of scams online is unreal, and so it is just not stuff the police do. There's very little disincentive for web criminals. Caveat Emptor.
  9. Teal


    Always had a good experience with the MET, and well worth praising. Great stuff, although you did already post this before, and it was moved to General Shooting Matters- so link is above. Thanks
  10. Teal

    Forum change

    Why that's a vibrant aquamarine! Only a shape shifting lizard would not be able to see that clearly! Roger wilco -noted - will try for red.
  11. Very unlikely, the police view these things as civil matters. If they do write anything down, it'll be crumpled on a piece of paper and flicked into the recycle bin. They will say speak to trading standards, speak to action fraud and speak to whoever you made payment with. If they even do that.
  12. Teal

    Forum change

    This is to protect against shape shifting lizards, who are feared to have infiltrated the membership. Seriously though, which/where do you mean?
  13. Teal

    Forum change

    Is this on the mobile/tablet? If so I can see what you mean! Will get onto that asap.
  14. Teal

    Forum change

    It has, there has been a series of patches and security enhancements released and to apply them it also required an update of the appearance. This is the default version, we usually do make some small adjustments from this to suit the site. I know changes to the layout are seldom popular, so please bear with us, it was not of our own choosing.
  15. Looks like it may be offline, not sure how long, or if permanent?
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