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  1. Not familiar with this gun but trigger faults can be a pain as it is very difficult to see what is going on in actual shooting conditions . I dont know who the gunsmith in question is but unless you have spoken directly to him and explained the problem ,it may ,as has happened to me on several occasions , that what the problem is and what he has been told are not the same thing . That aside if it is a new gun then you should be offered and exchange or a refund if the problem can not be rectified quickly and permanently.
  2. Continental choke boring dose not equate directly to those we are used to in the UK .Not all makers used the same standard . Since retirement I have disposed of most of my lists of specific bore ,and choke sizes , but in general terms they are largely based on increments of .2 mm or .008" . The choking on small bores are different to those on a 12 bore , so full choke on a twenty bore would be .025/.030" dependent on maker . Continental gunmakers tended to use .622"/626" or 15.8mm/15.9 rather than the .615" as a standard used in the UK for 20 bores . Spanish chokes were different and used between sizes so a Spanish full choke on a 12 bore could be be 0.9mm to 1.1mm or .036"/.044"constriction
  3. Chances of finding a pair or even a single extractor that will fit are very slim and unless you know a friendly gunsmith who has a lot of old "junk parts . If you can find them a pair of blanks will out cost the gun and will need fitting and rimming , so welding with a mid carbon steel , filing up and hardening is your best bet Yes but if they are hardened correctly most DIY files wont file them >
  4. I've ground all my screw drivers to fit and when they needed to be touched up
  5. Fletcher ,Bland, Churchill . Westley, Dickson ,Lang , Atkin , Grant ,Lancaster, Evans ,Army and Navy , Holland , Cogswell Chubb , Linsley . Just a few of the names on guns leaving Webley and Scott's factory .either as barrelled actions , guns in the white or fully finished .
  6. It has one set of Birmingham proof marks on the barrels and action .So why would you think it has been re barrelled or sleeved ? If it had it would have had more marks showing . That aside even in day's past it would not have been worth doing either as it is a very basic gun .
  7. Bought in usually meant a gun bought from another maker , often cheaper guns to be sold under the Bland name .These would be fully finished and ready for sale .Many gunmakers did this as a means of putting a basic priced gun on the selves to complement their range . It worked both ways as they may have had orders for guns that were of a much higher quality than their norm ,that there workshops were not set up to make . These may have been barrelled actions that they finished or complete guns . This was before the Trade Descriptions Act so the seller claimed to be the maker . This was common acres the whole of the trade with many provincial " gunmakers" buying from the Birmingham Trade . Companies like The Midland Gun Co and Webley and Scott made many thousands of guns that bore the names of others on leaving the factory .
  8. They were superseded in1925 , again in 1954.
  9. I would think this was a "bought in" gun rather than one made by or made for Bland's . It has the look of a pretty basic Birmingham Gun and the fact that the stamp on the action is " doubled "suggest it was stamped after it was hardened . Post 1904 pre 1925 proof marks . NB the description as a " sidelock " is wrong .It is not a sidelock in any form , this is purely sellers hype trying to make it sound something it is not .
  10. Well I've only been gun fitting and dealing with peoples shooting problems for 40 years so I can only express opinions I have come to over that time
  11. Its all phycology . If you dont think the gun you have is the gun that best suits you then you will never shoot well .If you believe the gun you have is the one you have always shot well with then dont change . If you do every bad shot , every miss ,the little man sitting on your shoulder will be whispering in your ear , " if you had the XXXX you would have hit that ". If a gun feels right then it probably is , but like all else you have to learn to shoot it . Guns of different makes and models may well shoot differently . Exactly the same with chokes people get so convinced that one choke or another is the best or that they have the wrong one . Best advice I ever heard was , dont think about it just shoot .
  12. These come in several different diameters and as it is a colour hardened action the chances of getting the correct size other than from Beretta is slim . May have to be " coloured " when it arrives . Normally put in with a tread lock but I have known them come loose .
  13. The term " tube sight " has come to mind . The piece shown would be the front part the rear consisting of a pep aperture and Vernier adjusters .
  14. Some sort or part of a set of target sights .
  15. Gunman

    Gun cabinet

    6 gun cabinet by Phoenix Safe Company for sale .Bought 3 years ago .North Herefordshire . £75.00 .
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