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  1. Sorry to say this is the future of Britain . The police will only act against those who they are not scared of , Thats us folks . They will not act against mobs of immigrants and religious fanatics for fear of being accused of racism . There are enough liberals and bleeding heart lawyers looking for the main chance as long as the tax payer pays . Get used to it folks its here to stay .
  2. Is it at half cock or does it have rebounding locks ? If it does then I would have thought the gun was later than 1870.
  3. Not terribly well up on these so it would mean a little research .Just that those locks were always referred to as Rodgers in the Birmingham trade .
  4. If not mistaken ,the Armstrong 20b action used to be know in the trade as a "Rodger"due to the type of lock work that used a coil spring.After the patentee .
  5. Unless they have changed from what I can see the ATA looks like a Beretta on the outside in so much they have copied Beretta but inside is looks like a Rizzini /Bettinsoili etc.So I expect the pulls are not as crisp you may like .
  6. Gunman

    Local Elections

    He doesn't care as long as his party gets the vote . He will justify it as a exoneration of pro eu lib/dem policies . Funny that when he wins its good , but when he loses we are all a bunch of ignorant racist idiots . Odd really .
  7. Its more a case of some one who might want to buy a number of them all in modern calibers .
  8. Hope I am not stepping on any toes here but I would like to ask the collective if any of you know any dealer who specialists in or deals with double rifles ?
  9. Point of order , you dont "change a fixed choke " You alter or bore it out .You can even have the regulated ,if you want to be posh .Correct terminology is important or we end up sounding like Americans .😉
  10. Try Liberon Finishing oil . Add a couple of drops of Terebine , leave to "dry" then hand buff with a drop or two of silicone oil .Takes a few coats but you can get a hard wearing gloss finish .
  11. Gunman

    20 Bore

    Choking is not always directly translatable between continental makers and what we except as standard . Spanish tended to between set limits for each choke size and tended to be on the tight side , Belgian worked in steps of .2mm [.008"] for example .Italians seemed to vary from maker to maker .
  12. Gunman

    20 Bore

    Old British 20 bore nominal size was .615" .Continental sizes tended to be .622"/.626". For 20 bore the actual bore size range was between .610" and .630" or 15.5mm and 16mm. After metric sizes were introduced in 19185 the nominal British bore size was .614"/15.6mm but may were actually bored to .618"/15.7mm or .622"/15.8mm due to many using continental sourced tubes . I dont quite understand the " 16 " as I would have thought this was the nominal bore which would have been.661"/16.6mm. Again continental guns tended to be 16.9mm /.665"[16 bore range 16.7mm and 17.4mm Without being able to see and measure it is hard to say other than to ask are you sure it is a 20 and not a 16 bore ?
  13. Afraid you have mistaken bottom photo, its a percussion muzzle loader . Have to look it up but didn't Crudgington and Baker show that the so called patent on this gun was suspect , as in Lancaster bought the rights not invented ?
  14. Interesting . Having worked in the Birmingham gun trade , 9 years at Webley and Scott I recognize and feel an affinity with these guys but at the same time see them using different techniques to archive the same results . The checkering tools used and the way they put their barrels together .
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