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  1. Picky I know but Lincoln is not a maker its a brand name . I suppose it all depends on your out look , how can you compare a rife maker to a gun maker [thats shot guns ] ?How can you compare a hand built Victorian hammer gun to a mass produced Mossberg pump action ? I guess my sentimental side would say Webley and Scott , when they actually made guns , Browning B25's or an A5's which was the first proper gun I owned .
  2. Can we please have a separate forum section for chokes Please .
  3. Seen quite a few .I dont know if its the quality of the components or just the luck [or unluck ] of the draw .I have said to many people if you are going to shoot steel shot use a cheap gun so its not a great loss if things go wrong .
  4. Chambers are slightly tapered toward the cones . The deeper the chamber the wider it is at the breech . As a result you can experience problems with extraction if using 2&1/2" lightweight cases . The makings of 2&3/4" / 3" is a way of saying dont use shorter shells . A story I heard about Ruger when complaints about extraction and ejection problems with their Red Label guns , was that " these are American guns made for 3" American shells . If you are using that short European **** you have to expect problems .True or not it has a grain of reality .
  5. The plastic shot cup is to stop the steel shot from physical contact with the barrel wall .I have seem a fair few older and modern guns with badly scored barrels because of steel shot and no shot cup .
  6. Gun fit or possibly not holding tightly enough.
  7. New one on me . Only thing I can say is if you "slam" it shut on some wide rib guns there can be a ringing from the rib . Even if the ribs were lose closing the gun correctly will not sound any different to most peoples ears .
  8. Can I point out that in My near 50 years of gun making and gunsmithing I personally have always used screw drivers . " Turn screws " I considered an archaic term was used for stylised case accessories not always practical for every day use . Many of mine had far larger handles , to give increased grip ,and thus torque ,as ell as longer blades . I had as many as a dozen screw drivers of different sizes on my bench for general use ,some were ground up standard screw drivers , some hand made .. Where as cased " turn screws" would have been ground to fit the screws/pins of the gun they wer
  9. No its called good taste .☺️
  10. There should be a law against people putting inappropriate recoil pads on English guns .
  11. .719 has no relevance to choke size at all .It is a nominal bore size . Choke bores can only be accurately measured buy comparing the bore size behind the choke and the choke size itself .Not all countries used the same choke percentages as we did in the UK often using degrees of .008" rather that .010" , the Spanish using a between system so each choke had its own range of size . Bore sizes were checked with a plug gauge . If a .729" plug was entered to the 9" mark , then a .729" plug was tried . If this did not enter the bore would be stamped at the lower size even if it was actu
  12. There are several reasons for this happening , it can range from a worn sear or bent on the hammer to a weak sear spring or loose stock or one of several other minor areas of wear . You do not mention the make of gun and with out examination any suggestions will be guess work at best . The gun must be considered dangerous and I strongly advise no further use until it has ben looked at by a competent gunsmith who knows SxS guns .
  13. The Churchill tapered rib was to draw the eye and to give the impression of a longer rib on short barrelled guns .It was raised so that the point reference which you do look at as a reference but not as a sight ,Americans take note . As most S x S game configured shotguns will shoot high if you do "sight down the ribs "the raised rib automaticaly brought this point of reference down . It does not matter what rib your gun if fitted with , or how long the barrels are you need to LEARN to shoot it as all guns will differ as to where they actually put the shot .Unfortunately some folk do not
  14. Its just one of those things some makers did . You mainly see them on light weight guns with short barrels . Like all ribs it makes no difference at all to the shooting .
  15. You need a slightly tapered pin that is a tight push into the "buttons" and they should pull-out .
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