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  1. Gunman

    best place for new firing pins

    I have made hundreds of strikers out of silver steel . Never hardened them as the steel in its normal state will be fine . Never had any problem or complaint. At a pinch a high tensile allan screw will suffice but they are a bit hard to turn .
  2. Gunman

    winchester 101 hard to break

    Similar but there are differences . Possibly a timing problem , that is that the gun is not starting to cock as soon as the gun is broken .This can be caused by wear on any one of the bearing surfaces on the cocking dogs . It could also be a loose forend .Signs of this are the strikers dragging in the primer . Another thing to check is that the extractors are not loose or worn and that the extractor cam is functioning correctly when lifting the extractor . There is the simple fact that the gun may not like the cases you are using , in so much they are expanding into the chamber so the cam is struggling to lift them , OK with one but two is to much . Add as it an old gun the chambers may need to be re profiled to suit modern cartridges as older guns made for roll turn over cases had a shorter cone and tended to be tight at the front ends . This is assuming the chambers are not pitted at the front ends which can also be a problem .
  3. Gunman

    Side by Side Club

    Always try , on any renovation work to make the end product look a well cared for and well maintain gun . Not a "dun up " old knacker . I have seen far to many nice guns ruined by over enthusiastic "restoration ". Wood work oiled to a nice luster and the checkering if re-cut should not be too deep or sharp , Metal work brushed , not polished and be careful as to which parts are blacked .
  4. Gunman

    winchester 101 hard to break

    Thought about it but all the fuss of licencing , security etc plus the fact I had had enough of gun work and wanted to play with other things . Dont mind offering advice but thats all these days .
  5. Gunman

    winchester 101 hard to break

    Several thing spring to mind . Broken or sticking striker / Cases swelling in the chamber , worn extractors / Action not cocking quickly enough on opening , this is a not uncommon fault due to wear on the cocking cam which can also have the gun not cocking fully /loose forend / barrel wings hard down on the action . Plus a couple of other things that could be a problem . Never mind all the advice about taking the stock off and oiling , get it to a competent gunsmith for a good check over . As you have only recently bought it you do not know what , if anything ,has been done to the gun previously which can cause problems if not done correctly .
  6. Gunman

    Who do you believe.

    From my long gun trade experience I was often asked to buy , frequently the seller would describe the gun as and the reality :- Mint , often like Wigglys being well chewed Hardly used often meant had been use quite a bit Like new , had been used quite a bit Good condition meant it still had some original finish and did not rattle like a bucket of bolts . Strange how these same people would be the first to find fault with any gun they wanted to buy . As to the Medalist debate , is it not high time that magazines and selling sights learnt enough to know that the gun was not made by Browning , just marketed by the then Browning UK ? This really shows a severe lack of knowledge by those who should know better
  7. Gunman

    AyA Yeoman sbs

    It all depends on the specific gun you are looking at . AyA's in general are decently made guns but a lot , as with all else , depends on age , usage and the amount of abuse it has had in its life time . I have seen 20 year old Yeomans that look like new and others a few years old that look awful . There are several Spanish boxlocks , Yeoman , Ugartachea , " Master" that are all solid and will last , but look for a good one with as much original finish as possible . One that does not rattle like bag of spanners and closes up with out sounding like a farm gate .
  8. Gunman

    Chas Bowerman Birmingham

    How about getting the stock off and a few pictures of the action ??
  9. Gunman

    Determining the age of an AYA 12b SBS

    My AyA book says 222,509/378,548 will be between 1966/1971 . Proof dates stamped on the barrel flat for those years are 66 -L1 67-M1 68-N1 69-N1 with a line above the N 70-O1 71-P1
  10. Gunman

    L/H Hinged Gunsafe

    An out fit in Preston called the Safe Shop may be able to help .
  11. Gunman


    Should have said" buy one get one free". Then we would have thought is was a bargain .😊
  12. Gunman

    Amazon Whetstone

    That a razor stone . Great on your cut throat . Question to ask is do want a scalpel or a cutting edge ? There is a difference .
  13. Gunman

    Side by Side Club

    Like the gun rack .
  14. Gunman


    It shows what a state Purdey must be i if they have resorted to posting on Guntrader .
  15. Gunman

    Are 67mm cartridges ok for 2 1/2 inch chambers?

    A lot will depend on the profile of the chambers in your gun. Many older guns had what can be called "roll over " chambers , that is a very short cone into the barrel that on view looks more like a step . If so I would try to avoid cases that when fired open up to over 65 mm . This may depend on the cartridge and the crimp and not all gases are the same . If the chamber has a "normal" tapered cone then there is no real problem . It may be wise to have the chambers plugged , that is correctly measured , as again older guns often had tight chambers , so may need to have be slightly opened up or re profiled to modern profile . I have done this on numerous occasions usually to help with extraction problems and providing the chamber is not deepened beyond the specified depth it will not affect proof status .