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  1. Gunman

    Side by Side Club

    Having handled some thousands of guns in my time , I have become a little jaded in my appreciation's of what and what isn't a good looking gun . That said there are very few O/U's that come close to some of late 19C hammer guns . Yes the modern gun is "more reliable " but give them 90 years of shooting and then we will see .Having spent the majority of my working life on side by sides I do have a slight prejudiced that on the whole they had more style and were a much nicer gun to shoot .But maybe thats just Me
  2. Gunman

    Cocking problem. Bettinsolli diamond

    OK you have bought a ageing second hand gun in un maintained condition condition .You have spent money on cosmetics before you have had the gun out and tested it . Sorry to say this is a common mistake . The gun should be stripped down to component part cleaned and re assembled . These guns often have small springs on the cocking limbs that are prone to breaking and may well have broken so will need replacing . As the gun is re- built up you can check that the cocking timing and that the sears engage correctly and the trigger functions , checking the forend fit for tightness and that the cocking cam is bearing properly . There are several other things to check , the join or hinge lugs /trunions/ pins what ever you want to call them and the hooks on the barrel have not been messed with and look for signs of previous "work " You also have to consider 2 points that are unfortunately common unless you know the guns history . First that the gun has had its day /been shot out, and is not worth spending on and secondly you may well have bought some one else's trouble .
  3. Gunman

    Semi auto suddenly started not cycling

    They used to have a problem with the cartridge lifter "bending "or being twisted . I changed around 50 at one time .Armsan actually supplied new trigger units as these were new guns . If this is the problem it is possible to set them back but getting them exactly right is not always easy and not a job to be undertaken lightly as getting it wrong will scrap it . Having had to deal with a lot of auto's biggest problem is finding then actual fault .Cleaning and lubrication [please note lubrication as opposed to oiling ] shooting and getting it to malfunction then trying to work out why .So all the following need to be considered -- Feeding / lifter/ gas seals/mag tube follower/cartridge release catch/Cartridge and load /bolt return spring/bolt seating /extractor claw . etc et al .
  4. Gunman

    Boxall and Edminson

    Seems that the doors are shut and the plant and equipment is up for sale . Another nail in the coffin for the English gun trade . Bets on whos next ?
  5. Gunman

    Budget tires

    Looking for a set of not over expensive tires there's a lot of budget tires around , but so many makes that its hard to keep track and compare . So my good fellows for a small family car that does around 8,000/9.000 miles per year but is located in a rural setting any thoughts or preferences . Have had Maxxies and Davanti on past cars and found them not bad overall compared to some Goodyear's I had on an Astra .
  6. Gunman

    Loose action pin on Miroku MK70

    There should be a Allan headed locking grub screw , just above the cross pin on the left side of the action . Easy to see when the stock is off . DO not try superglue or locktite .
  7. Gunman

    Polishing a bore?

    Aluminum rod 3/8" slit one end about 2&1/2" .use a strip of emery cloth [220 grit] padded out with a piece of foam rubber or similar to make a firm fit in the bore .Lap up and down a few times . Then clean out bore with a cloth and repeat with finer cloth / paper and finish with 400/600 wet or dry . This the way we used to polish bores after blacking and if they looked dull when a gun was serviced . Although we used our honing machine as a driver and hand held the barrels wrapped in paper to avoid marking . Therefor I suggest you use the following way . 1 make sure the barrels are securely held in a well padded vice . 2 use a power drill to drive the rod but only at 350 to 500 rpm. The barrel will get hot so dont over do it . 3 no need for oil . 4 dont worry about "proof" unless the gun is marginal as you will be removing so little that most gauges wont even register . 5 if there is leading in the choke cone then turn cloth a couple of times until it has gone . 6 with patience and coarser grit cloth you can remove more metal . BUT doing this can result in pits being elongated [ drawn out in a circular way ] making the barrel look worse than when you started so not advisable . And last of all if the gun has multi chokes take these out first and polish out separately held firmly with gloved hands on a short spigot lap.
  8. Gunman

    Is something missing? SKB 200E

    Variously called a "short rib " or "tail piece " . This is not a structural component ,but if this has come loose and been lost worth getting the rest of the ribs checked for soundness . There is a story about these gun which seem to be a modified version of the Webley & Scott 700 and very similar to the later Connecticut Shotgun RBL .
  9. Gunman


    Looking at the time period that Bonehill manufactured it was a time when ejectors were really only just getting to common . They would have been expensive and unless you had your own design you would have been paying royalties to others . There was also the simple problem of adapting your action to accommodate them and to utilize a tripping motion . Bonehill's who had had a long court battle with Greener over his action which Greener claimed infringed his patent , a case that went to the Lords , action did not suit itself to easy conversion . Some of their box locks did have an intercepting sear arrangement many of which I'm sad to say were could problematic and were removed , often if a gun was restocked .
  10. Gunman

    Side by Side Club

    Westley's did build some guns that looked like a pin fire conversion but were built as a center fire . I suspect that they used the same action . There is a dovetailed plate that fits into the action face and the strikers work on a cam principle , with what to all intent , are pinfire hammers . Some guns of this period were also made to be duel ignition so could be either pin or center fire , I suspect that some makes doubted that this new fangled center fire would catch on so they hedged their bets . A usual tell tail that it has been converted is there is a "filler" on the top of the barrel where the recess for the pin has been . As well the way the extractors have been retrospectively fitted , but that is a harder one to spot as there were numerous methods of extraction in the early days .
  11. Gunman

    Choke Question

    Why is there so much **** talked about chokes ? Either you can shoot a gun and hit your target or you cant . Blame the chokes is nothing more than an excuse for you missing . Yes there are circumstances when too much or too little choke can be a disadvantage as can be the cartridge used , gun fit , stance and mount . But in my near half century in the gun trade the instances of the choke being wrong , and usually to much choke for the shooting done ,has been in the minority of most shooters problems . Take the gun out and shoot it if you worry that each time you pull the trigger that the choke is not what you think it should be YOU WILL MISS ! A mate of mine bought a gun he liked 40 plus years ago , he has shot all over Europe , Grouse , Pheasant ,Partridge ,Doves and Pigeons and Ducks and Geese . Asked what choke the gun has he said he had no idea and didn't really care or want to know , "just point in the right direction and pull the trigger ."
  12. Gunman

    Loose action on an AYA Yeoman?

    Without inspection it is not relay possible to suggest in other than the widest terms . If the play is in a side ways movement when open , this is not uncommon . If the forend is slack/ loose then this will also give the impression of greater looseness . AyA's do have a habit of the "knock in " joint pin coming loose in the body so need to be checked . If so pointless in trying to do anything else until this is sorted. AyA's also tend to have very shallow cut outs in the bolts so with wear there is little chance of building up the bolt and need the bites to be welded and re cut . Make sure that the barrels are not hard down on the flats as this will put added strain on the bolt . Not sure what you mean about the rib support but as AyA's have brazed ribs this will not be anything serious . Unfortunately the cost of remedial work could run to more than the gun is worth if done correctly . Labour costs run the same per hour no matter what the gun , and gunsmiths do like to eat occasionally .
  13. Gunman


    Bonehill's were generally well made and the higher grades exceptionally well finished .Keep it as a black powder gun as with proof these days you could end up with a bag of scrap . Some sympathetic renovation to make it look well cared for rather than "done up ". Unfortunately the English gun market is dead so any money spent will never see any return . Suggest money spent be on the mechanical side , joint and spring which if done correctly will not be cheap .Anything else can be done a bit at a time .
  14. Gunman

    Scottish Boxlocks

    Above the .729" on the right barrel there is what looks like the original proof date stamp . Not clear in the photo but may give you a date .
  15. Gunman

    Winchester 101 “off the face”

    Which part specifically ? I did have a contact who was manufacturing some Winchester parts , extractors , strikers and some springs . Dont know if he is still around but may be worth a shot , if you excuse the pun .