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  1. Currently with EDL but am looking into alternates as it is time for an annual review .Been in the house two years ,electric cost was underestimated year one so higher years two .Only had the new Fischer heaters installed end March so not able to give direct comparisons new/old as to previous years .As the old system failed January and had to use alternate room heaters this last year will not be true usage cost .This coming year will give better comparison to our previous houses bills . I reckoned even if it cost £200 pa more to run it would be economic over 15 years set against the cost of installing a full oil/gas fired hot water system.
  2. Have a look at Fischer products .As our house is all electric and had the old ducted warm air system ,no gas in the village and did not want to go to the expense ,mess and plain inconvenience of the installation of oil tanks boilers and piping we went for these .After the survey they were fitted in 1/2 a day . Still Use the immersion heater on economy 7 in a well insulated tank so a hour and a quarter does all the hot water we need most days Not the cheapest to run but comparing the cost of installing a hot water system it was the best option for us .
  3. A couple of years ago I was given a leaflet by a protester about boycotting a locally arrived circus because of " animal cruelty" . I did point out there were no animals at this particular show .She said that was beside the point .
  4. Blair and Brown who did their best to ruin us .
  5. Gunman


    Petersburg NY
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    Sitting by the river surrounded by forest watching the birds when I hear bang followed by bang bang then bangbangbangbangbangbangbangbangbangbangbang . Yep now I know I,m in the US .
  7. Typo I should have put 1/2 choke as .012" not .014" .Then again a thou either way will make little difference as it will depend on the cartridge , a fiber wad will give you a less choke efect than a mono wad ,or as it has been pointed out 7/10 paces farther or closer to your target effectively .
  8. Yes ,Info from Boothroyds Directory of British Gunmakers . Boothroyd wrote several books and was an authority on the history of British gunmaking history and collected as much info as he could on names and addresses and know histories . Boothroyd wrote to Ian Fleming after the first Bond novel and advised him about Bonds pistols suggesting the now famous Walther PPK . As a way of thanks Q was named Major Boothroyd in later novels .
  9. Boothroyd lists - Thomas Daintith 121 Bridge Street Warrington , c.1900. No listing in English Gunmakers as prior 1900 . Try looking in Town directories for that period Libraries should have them .
  10. I do think you should dress for the occasion .These are game guns so appropriate clothing should be worn .
  11. 20 bore chokes- Full .025" 3/4 .019" 1/2 .014" 1/4 .006" imp cyl .003" These are based on a bore size of ..618 or 15.8mm" so a little leeway may be considered . A lot of continental guns used .622" as standard but not a hard and fast rule . A few thou wont make a lot of difference won't make a lot of difference .
  12. Have you tried a gun shop Thats what they are there for .
  13. Having worked on new and therefore very stiff to open guns , as well as guns that have been re-jointed for proof so again tight , You learn different techniques to open them . You do not use the ball of the thumb on the leaver as you very quickly end up with no skin and a very sore /strained thumb , so use the heel of the thumb , that is the thumb laid along the leaver so that the base of the thumb pushes more than the ball, exerting a more even and less painful force . When opening the gun hold it in such a way so as the comb rests along the forearm so that when the lever is opened the gun can be "thrown" open utilizing the downward pressure of the upper arm onto the forearm and in turn onto the stock .The "jerk" will then use the barrel weight with the hand on the forend to open the gun without undue force . It has been my experience that many shooters who have experienced difficulties in opening guns soon find that a simple trick, like those above , will alleviate most of their problem .
  14. So basically you are suggesting easing the forend iron so that it does not bare on the knuckle as much .
  15. Sorry in the delay .To honest I have only seen the Chapuis so dont know what they are like inside or there reliability so I would have to say unless you hear otherwise the Beretta . Not saying the Chapuis is of any lesser quality or reliability but I can only go on my experience .
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