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  1. Dont forget the auctions are where the trade dumps stuff they either cant or wont sell in their shops . Be very careful , remember as long as its in proof then they can sell it , but no guarantee and no come back. Yes you can get a bargain but you can also get stung . Remember commission on to of hammer price can add up .
  2. Some questions about one of these came up on doublegunshop forum recently .
  3. Look at the proof date stamp as all Japanese made guns would have been proofed in either Birmingham or London . There were some that were imported through Germany and would have been German proofed but these are very few and far between . Classic Doubles was a name used by several people on both sides of the Atlantic .The name was used on Japanese and Italian made guns . I was under the impression that the ones I have seen in the UK were made by Nikko/Winchester rather than Miroku .
  4. No mention of the firms name being operated in London Ontario Canada, by a guy called Frank Malin in the early 80's. They finished some Webley and Scott actions with the Boswell name , but also used Spanish barreled actions claiming them to be of English origin .This did not do the firms repute any good and all guns with the Boswell name from that period are "suspect".There are a few in the UK but most are in the US and Canada .
  5. Stance stance stance . No wonder they nearly fell over . Need a few shooting lessons these guys .
  6. Gunman


    Finding a traditional gun case that will take 32" barrels will be a problem as very few will take any longer than 30". It will also be very heavy . You could try Shaun Mears who dealt and revamped gun cases 01670 861154 .Havent had any contact with him for a few years but if he's still doing them tell him Graham from Fosters said to give him a call .
  7. A lot of these guns had trigger plates that when screwed up tight bear hard on the sears .Sometimes it is simply a matter of relieving the pressure on the plate to solve the problem .This can be done by either packing the plate bearing on the stock or by filing down the trigger blades . I do not say this is the only cause and it may well be the sears are worn but it is common fault. What ever the problem it needs to be checked .
  8. All a matter of leaning to shoot that specific gun .
  9. When a top leaver come to left of center with the barrels off the gun it means there is wear on some part of the leaver work .It may not be serious but it certainly needs to be examined and corrected . Dependent on the construction some bolts have a raised section at the rear which acts as a stop to prevent it from going in to deep . Others rely on the spindle to do the same if it is a Scott style . Greener cam type are slightly different but use the same principle and it is these that are most commonly going past center due to the weaker construction and smaller bearing surfaces . As with all mechanical devices guns do wear and need maintenance which unfortunately people seem to ignore , regular servicing , which is basically stripping a gun to component parts cleaning and re assembling , checking each function as it is done so can spot early signs of wear or future problems that can often be rectified at little cost compared to the higher cost if left or indeed corrected at the time eg. a loose forend iron , a screw that is not holding tightly , a worn axle , minor things that can be a potential cause of trouble . I may have advised a customer that its OK now but next year it will certainly need attention .Left a couple of years then it would be a much bigger job to correct . Point of my ramble is that things may not be as bad as they look, but any potential problem needs to be inspected and and assessed as they could be the signs of something serious . They are certainly signs of neglect .
  10. Basically they are the same gun with a few minor alterations which as far I was aware/could see , was mainly to do with altering weight and for manufacture. Like all makers they think that people will rush out and but the new model as it is "so much better " than the last one . So the alter the stock , ribs and engraving change the number /name and finish . Put some even more fancy looking chokes in and a new plastic box . I did not like was the ceramic forend instead of metal which to my mind had built in obsolescence which they seemed to be producing .
  11. Start with 1/2 &1/2 , stick to the same cartridge and see how you get on. When you have shot 50 or so , you will then start get an idea if you need to increase or decrease .
  12. Is that with the barrels on or off?
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