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  1. You bought your partner a Yidiz ??Have you no shame 😁😁
  2. What is the exploded drawing of ?
  3. Several reasons , lack of solder , thin ribs with not much area to hold and just flexing of the barrels through use . Having strip and relayed hundreds over time on guns from a few years old to those 100 years plus you can never really say without looking .Biggest problem with Browning's is the top ribs do tend to warp when taken off due to the fact thy are machined on the barrels ,so hopefully the top rib can be left on and just tinned down .
  4. Looks to have been made up from other parts .I would say middle to far eastern origin as it stands
  5. Strip and relay ribs is the only way to do the job properly . Any thing else as a short term fix will only need to be done again at some time . I hated it when stripping ribs only to find some idiot has poured super glue or epoxy between the ribs , the stink and fumes not good for your health .
  6. Well I suppose by the time the gun has been packed up and sent to someone who will do the work , his bill paid [£75,00??] packed up and sent back , then a100% markup on the work plus packing and carriage plus VAT and it will be quite high but £397 sounds like some ones having a laugh .
  7. Has it been reproofed since some one drilled holes in the barrels ??
  8. Unfortunatly its ony worth what some one will pay . As with all else condition is key so unless its in A1 condition I would think any offer over £ 25.00 is a good one .
  9. You have a gun that has been modified beyond the makers spec . You could try heavier loads but whether you need to go up to 1&1/4 remains to be seen . Have you spoken to the people who did the modifications as I would have thought it was there responsibility to see the gun worked or gave recommended loads .
  10. Give ASI a ring , they have always been very helpful .Save yourself time and money by starting with a new full sized plate that can be fitted and tailored to your stock . So here is the problem ,the butt plate is fitted to the stock and ground down to the wood , Take the plate from another gun and it may not fit , to big , no problem , to small no good . wrong shape , problem . I had a box of heel /butt plates for many guns , Beretta's , Miroku's ,Browning's , Aya , etc etc . very rarely did you find one that would go straight on another stock .
  11. Must be some photographic illusion as it looked to have a tinged edge which I thought was a leather end .
  12. I question the date you have mentioned. Top lever guns did not appear until the mid 1870's .What are the proof marks ?
  13. As it seems to have a leather covered end I would wax it .
  14. Aya's were not known for having a deep oiled finish . Many were coated with a stained lacquer or varnish .Personally I would take off the wood and soak it in thinners [acetone ] , brush out the checkering with a stiff bristled brush, I assume it was re cut when the gun was restocked , as it should have been . When it is fully dry the wood will appear to be "white" and will take any stain quickly so be very careful .Gently rub down to smooth ant lifted grain . It may be that red oil will be all that is needed and is a matter of trial and error and experience . So just try one coat to see and if it colours OK then continue with clear oil or what ever finish you choose .
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