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  1. In the time this was made barrels were bored spill a spill boring bar, This was a 12" long "square" bar with a sharp leading edge . It was backed with a wooden wedge or spill to expand it so that it bore against the inside of the tube ,this could be packed out with strips of card to expand it further . It rotated slowly as it was moved down the barrel scraping small amounts of metal away . After boring the tubes were lapped out with a lead plug dipped in an abrasive paste to polish . This was not the most scientific method but worked well for a couple of hundred years . Barrels in those times were measured with plugs as micrometer and modern instruments were not available or very expensive and the skill of the borers was such that they could be very accurate . This said it was possible that whilst boring a "pick up " happened so that there was score that needed to be bored or lapped out so increasing the bore size .It is not uncommon to find guns with differently marked proof sizes because of this . You have to bare in mind the gun trade was basically a cottage industry so scrapping something was the last resort and in those time no one really cared about such mundane things as bore sizes and chokes as long as the gun shot ,you learned to and how to use it . Provisional proof was at the time compulsory as well as sensible baring in mind that all the barrels were made of "damascus " at the time .When the barrel tube was made and whilst in its rough state it was submitted to proof and was fired with a suitable charge . If the barrel stood this then it was marked up and was than made up into pairs and finished , as no body wanted to build barrels with tubes were likely to fail . Yes I have thought of writing a book and several attempts have been made but when it comes down to it I'm just to lazy .
  2. It is a 12 bore . The 13 over 1 indicates the bore size was .719" at proof This was normal for many guns of the period .1925 rules of proof . This is assuming it was .719" as it could have been any size above that up to .729" due to the way the bores were "plugged ". If a .719" plug would enter up to the nine inch mark , but would not take a .729" it was marked at the lower size . There appears to be a proof date stamp on the short rib near the extractor leg hole . The crowns are the provisional proof marks The only accurate way of measuring chokes is to compare the chokes to the bore diameter say 4 inches behind the choke
  3. Whats wrong with a double trigger ? Instant barrel selection .Less chance of double discharge and failure to change over .Less to go wrong on an old gun for which ther will be no available spares .
  4. Churchill 's bought the old Birmingham company of Wrights who had made their boxlocks for years .Wrights were in Bath St until they were moved out of the center of the trade to the jewelry quarter .Up until this they were always called Wrights rather than Churchill .Several of my colleagues worked for them . Over the years Churchill had guns made by different makers either buying barreled actions for the likes of Webley and Scott who were in fact both owned by the same holding company .
  5. Briefly . It is called the Deeley Edge catch .Invented by [first name forgotten ] Deeley in the 1870's who was a manager at Westley Richards and was used on their guns up until modern times . The push button was invented by or patented by , there is evidence of earlier forms , by [again first name forgotten] Anson forman at Westley Richards in the 1870's . The names of Anson and Deeley are most associated with the now universal boxlock design know through out the world as well as the Deeley box ejector . The Birmingham trade frequently referred to a "boxlock " gun as an "Anson ". The Deeley catch had the advantage that it was made as a unit then fitted by the stocker . The Anson push rod needed more machining but was more suited to large production hence its increase in popularity . Small companies , often one or two man outfits who made guns or finished guns [thats buying in barreled actions , stocking and turning them out ] for the trade , used the Deeley catch as it was cheaper , required less machining so remained popular . It is still debated as to which is the best
  6. Most likely a "cheap " trade gun retailed by Churchill , not made but them . Its not good enough for some one to try and pass it of as a genuine Churchill ie fake the name .The quality of the barrel engraving is to good and I have seem some good , bad and quite honestly ridiculous attempts at making one gun into another . A picture of the proof marks will help to give an approximate age . If you want a number simply stamp any 4 or 5 digit number on the barrel action and forend . I have done this on many guns just taking the date or time to give them .
  7. O/U or SxS ? Lincoln 12 bore is not enough information for anyone to give sensible advice .Its a little like me asking can you tell me what tyres are on my Ford ,its blue and has 4 doors . Please also enlighten us as to why you need to know and what is the problem .
  8. Could be a simple cleaning job . Dried oil ,to much grease , dust and dirt .A weak inertia block spring in the trigger , safe button not going forward enough These guns do have an problem, with age , with wear on the cocking train so they do not cock fully thus the sears not engaging correctly . Best have it checked . Not a big deal to correct but it does need a bit of experience to do it properly and have the correct edges built up and timed .
  9. SKB use a steel alloy that had either a high chrome or nickel content , cant remember which , that were difficult to black .BSA used a similar steel back in the day and were "blacked with a type of lacquer . The gun in question is a modified design based on the Webley 700 . It is also my understanding that the Galazan RBL is yet another version of this . Coping is said to be the best form of flattery and like so many makers base their guns on previously tried and tested designs .
  10. Not an O/U , no multi chokes ,adjustable comb, and those barrels are definitely not 34 "" .How can any one ever expect to hit any thing I ask myself ????? Answer. He knew how to shoot . One thing no one ever talks about these days is shooting ability . Not being funny here folks but lets face it some of us , myself included ,will never be good shots no matter what we have or do .
  11. Is it an original gun or one of the reincarnations ? I heard an interesting talk from Foxe's great grandson at a Gun trade dinner several years ago . The old was a bit of a colourful character by all accounts .
  12. Dibble I have sent you a PS to yesterday's message .
  13. Try John Wiseman at Cannock .
  14. Dibble I will send you a outline of what to do and how to go about it , what you will need in the way of equipment etc next week when I have more time . Dating can be done within a window of years from proof marks and barrel addresses .
  15. First and foremost ignore anything you see on the comedy channels , sometimes called Midway guns fronted by a bloke called Larry . Rib relaying is a simple job of which I have done hundreds . That said like all simple jobs it is only simple when you know how and there are a number of things that are not always obvious at the start . Like how best to support them whilst soldering ,how many times to turn them , how many wire and at what spacing .Best solders and fluxes , type of torch , The list goes on . Preparation is a major part of the job and can make all the difference .One advantage of relaying ribs is that if it dose go wrong you can always start again . The missing body wire is the hammer axle . If it is missing then the hammers are not held in place which is putting a lot of strain on other action parts especially the hammer noses or strikers .As a result extreme caution will be needed when stripping as they are liable to fly out . Numbers , again no problem , I came across many provincial guns with no number ,so simple answer is to give them one .Just think of any 4 random numbers 4281 for example and stamp it on to the action and barrel .
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