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  1. OMG is it still in print ? Last one i saw was so thin ithought the pages had been torn out .
  2. Gunman

    Gun fit

    A good way of checking is to mount the gun then using only the hand on the forend move about as if you were shooting . If your hand is not far enough forward or your grip is not enough or you are not pulling back hard on to your shoulder then the gun will "jump" when fired and hit you . Repeat with only the hand on the grip as if you were one armed . Gun and man should move as one , I used to do this with people , getting them to mount the gun then I would hold the muzzzel and try to move the gun . If I could move the gun in the mans hands it was a sign he was not holding tight , if he was he would be moved with the gun . This can be noticeable particularlly when shooting left to right crossers [right hand shooter ] that you hit but left to right crossers you miss offten because instead of pushing the gun into you shoulder as you swing right you are allowing it to move onto your upper arm as you swing left , the fore hand pulling the gun away from you as you swing . Hope that make sense to you .
  3. Gunman

    Gun fit

    Gun control , Not licensing but position of hands and grip .Basically you may not be holding it hard enough .But with out you standing in front of me I can not really say so can only suggest based on many years of dealing with similar problems
  4. Gunman

    Gun fit

    May be that you are not holding the gun tight enough into you shoulder. Dont mean to be funny in any way but many problems like this can be over come with slight changes to your stance and mount . This is an not uncommon problem with unfamiliar guns .
  5. Why do you want one ? Simple question but you may think this is the way forward for you but I would suggest you explore all other options first . Have yo consulted an experienced stock fitter ? Thats someone who actually does alterations not some guy at a club who try;s to sell you something you dont need or pushes his preferences on to you . Unless you have specific physical needs most standard stocks can be adjusted to some degree . It may also be that a simple change in you stance and mount can make all the difference.
  6. I have issues with the idea that a guns "balance" is on the hinge pin .I have held many many well handling guns that did not balance on the pin but mounted and pointed excellently . As long as the weight is distributed between the hand an 1" either way should make no difference . Long barrels can make gun nose heavy , a dense grained stock can make it stock heavy and in some case this can be to the shooters advantage .Try balancing a 32" O/U with multi cokes on its pin yet people swear by them . Years ago when an apprentice one of my tasks was to take the finished guns from the shop to the warehouse for packing ,all the same model all the same weeks production yet some guns seemed to be lively others dead in your hands . I have stocked many guns with longer than original stocks and changed barrel lengths with both sleeving and refitting with little noticeable affect on the guns handling . So with out actually mounting the gun you can never really know . Only point with this particular gun is that it is overpriced in today's market even for a comparatively rare old gun .
  7. Have you shot it or are you just trying with fired cases .? Cleaning will have little effect unless they are so gummed up/rusted they hardly work at all , but is seems to be the go to cure all advice on PW 🙂. Enfield spares covers most of the points I would have made and long experience has taught me that ejector problems can be a bit of a headache . There can be many factors including the tightness of the action , forend , how fast you open the gun, timing , worn extractors /chambers and the simple fact some guns for some unknown reason just dont like some cases . One thing I will say is that you can NOT check or regulate ejectors of any kind with snap caps . Things that in my opinion should be banned . Fired cases if fired from the gun you have or caped cases .
  8. Gunman

    Firing pins

    Was a while since I dealt with them . Easy to get them made by any competent gunsmith .
  9. Gunman

    Firing pins

    Try Graham Wainwright , G W Shooting Services , 01536763978
  10. Gunman


    Transfer Grain?
  11. Going on safe with recoil ? If so not an uncommon problem with O/U's and and need a new safe spring . But it could be any one of several other things that without stripping down and examining would be impossible to say . It will , no doubt , be suggested that lubrication is the answer to all gun related problems but in this instance I doubt it .
  12. Parker Hale marketed several different guns under their Banner . It would be of help to all if further detail and may be a couple of photos . There are several factors which can affect a guns opening and closing and some guns are just stiff due to springs being compressed and cocking rods camming ,ejector trippers dragging etc etal . Some of these can be overcome with lubrication some will need the care and attention, polishing and easing. Not a job for the inexperienced as so easy to get it wrong and cause more trouble . Yes a good wash out of old oil and muck and re oiling can help but you have to accept that with budget guns they are never going to be perfect and some are a lot less perfect than others .
  13. Lazar engraving can be fantastic .But like most things its the programming that is the cost. So OK once you have made your program it can be reproduced over and over . But having spoken to some one who dose it He explained that the programmer has to reproduce every line curlicue and detail,for that gun, so a program for a Beretta con not be used on a Browning or a side by side .
  14. Is it an auto safe and if so does it go on safe after fireing ? It is not always so noticeable with an auto safe but worth checking either way .
  15. Do you mean not re-cocking , as in when opened and closed the hammers dont cock ,? Or do you mean the single trigger not changing over to engage and fire the second barrel ? So the problem is best described as not changing over . The reason I ask is that if the gun was to be given to a gunsmith with the instruction that the gun was not "cocking " he would be looking for a very different problem .
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