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  1. Gunman

    Sbs help before I give up and sell it

    To tight a pattern at closer ranges make the difference between a hit and a miss . It is also fair to point out that a mono wad cartridge can have the effect of increasing the precieved choke over that of a fiber wad This may come a a shock to some but you can shoot very well with little or no choke .
  2. Gunman

    Sbs help before I give up and sell it

    .I wouldn't worry about chokes at this stage until you have gotten every thing else sorted. However when you do start hitting a few check that it is not over choked . Imp and 1/4 should do all you want , a lot of these came heavy choked so may be advisable to have them bored
  3. Gunman

    Sbs help before I give up and sell it

    Like everything else you need to learn how to use it. As a rule with an O/U you shoot above and below , with a SxS you shoot in front and behind, so you have to adjust your shooting accordingly So best advice is to have some one check your fit and stance and then a quick session with a coach who knows how to shoot a SxS. Dont give up but be aware that some guns will suit and some will not , Yeomans can be lifeless to some people so if you get the chance have a go with a decent English boxlock if you can ,
  4. Gunman

    Side by Side Club

    What kind of idiot sells a 16 bore as 20 bore ? This was an RFD? Any one who can not tell the difference should have his licenced revoked asap as he is not a fit person to hold one . What other cockups has he made that will cause buyers problems in years to come ?
  5. Gunman

    Midland game fair

    The late Jack Kaye on being asked what he thought of the CLA game Fair some years back said "it was the most up market car boot sale " He'd ever been to .
  6. Gunman

    Midland game fair

    Agree non of these fair are what they used to be . But as cost to the exhibitor have risen they have to take a lot of money to make it worth going .So many have decided its not worth the effort . Personally after an hour or so on gunmakers row , seeing the same thing over and over again . I was more interested in the peripheral stalls selling all manor of other goods and these seem to be in greater decline . The days of people going and buying large amounts of stuff and picking up bargains have gone as have the days of going onto the Shooting Times stand and talking to its contributors , now all they want is to sell you subscriptions .
  7. Gunman

    Side by Side Club

    One advantage these guns had over later deigns was that they had large lumps giving a greater surface area of bearing . Plus being a non ejector it does to need to gape as much when opening . As it has stood 2 reproofs from the original black powder proof its fair to say they dont make like they used to do .
  8. Gunman

    Dreams Beds .

    Up date just had another replacement mattress delivered . Exactly the same as the one they sent previously . The attitude of the staff is that they can not be bothered and if you do not believe the pathetic excuses they give . We have new machine to test our mattresses and its told us we have got our comfort ratings wrong so the firm mattress we delivered is the medium one you tried in the shop even though its labeled firm it is a medium . It wasnt the same one we tried in the shop but they just dont care .
  9. Gunman

    Dreams Beds .

    This last week has been a right pain . On Tuesday the conservatory fitters arrived ,3 hours late , to relay the floor base that was cracking up . The new floor is uneven and showing sings of cracking already . Today the bedding company delivered a replacement mattress ,this was to replace 9 month old one that was collapsing . We had chosen a different one in a "medium" softness . The one delivered was harder than the one we tried in the store and labeled as "firm" . When questioned they are trying to palm us off with the story that they have changed their labeling so a medium is now a firm but they claim is still the one we wanted . Is it just me ?
  10. Gunman

    Sporterising a Trap stock

    Not a problem any competent stocker , finisher or general gunsmith should be able to do it . You will have a B-----d gun that is neither one thing or another which will affect any potential re-sale value . If you are going to have it done then book a session with a stock fitter and have it done properly .
  11. Gunman

    Chas Bowerman Birmingham

    I think you will find the screw behind the fence is a striker retaining pin .
  12. Gunman

    Side by Side Club

    Please take great care as it looks as if the stock could be broken . Either that or, the hammer swivel is coming down below the lock plate , which could be a stretched swivel , a replacement that is too long or if the main spring has been replaced with one in which the bottom limb is an incorrect length . There is a risk that if shooting you could have the wood under the lock break off . If you take the locks out to look , cock them first to avoid doing any further possible damage , then lower the hammer to see if the swivel and spring come down below the edge of the lock plate .
  13. Gunman

    Beretta 692 loose forend

    Its a 5/10 minute job . Any Beretta dealer should be able to do it while you wait . But then again I've been told I do live in a fantasy world .
  14. Gunman

    Missing Screw

    As these things were all different it will be easier to get one made . It may have to have the thread in the spindle /cam re- tapped as it could be some obscure thread as many gun makers were prone to using .
  15. Gunman

    Complete refurb of shotgun

    Thank you .