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  1. May I point out in my original comment I was somewhat vague in comment . This was because there was very little information as to what the gun in question was . A point I have made many times and asked people to give as much information as possible when asking questions . If it is being sold by a reputable dealer who can give you all the information you need including wall thickness ,bore sizes ,proof size ,etc. then on inspection YOU decide if the pitting is acceptable to you ie. minor surface pits then it may well be OK , as many guns are shot every day with some pitting in
  2. Depends on what the gun is , how much , how deep the pitting its wall thickness , proof status and what you are going to use it for . So the answer to your question is without it being checked by a competent person there is no fixed answer .
  3. An improvement on the hideous Heritage model . The proportions of the side plates are much better .
  4. All comes down to choice and you style of shooting . From past experience I would say if you have a very long arms or large hands , a semi or half pistol hand may be more comfortable and feel as though you have better grip . If shooting mainly high overhead birds then a half or full hand may help you keep the gun on your shoulder especially if shooting in the wet or with gloves . Some will tell you that "target guns" ,such as clay shooters , double rifles ,cape guns, are better with pistol grips , where as game guns are faster with a straight hand . Then again non of the above ma
  5. Yes , it should , however it may need some fitting/bedding but like a lot of these things they only way to be sure is to try it on and see .Forends can be a bit tricky . By the by " furniture " is a term usualy associated with trigger guards and other external parts not wood when talking guns
  6. Strikers for A1's , as aer many parts for B25's are becoming scarce , FN in Belgium were making small batches a few years ago .Top strikers could be interchanged with those for the Miroku's but for some reason bottoms could not . Memory is a bit vague on this but I recall that a Miroku would take a Browning bottom striker but not the other way round . Best suggestion is to get your local gunsmith to make you one if pushed .
  7. Having bored more chokes than I care to remember , it was never a favourite job, there are a few things to consider about boring them out . Time taken plus the gear needed will govern the cost . If the barrel is steel then there is usually no problem it using piloted reamers , the pilot being of an appropriate size behind the reamer to support it so that the tapered lead on the reamer enters the choke centrally the drive rod being supported with bushes mid way and at the chamber ends .I found it best to bore out in stages of between .005" and .010" depending on how hard the barrel steel.
  8. On a modern mass produced gun I see no reason why a new set of barrels supplied in their finished state can not be fitted in a couple of hours , proofing may take longer but thats another thing and could be over come . This would depend on the maker who would much rather you bought another gun . Older guns especially British made guns , even those made by the likes of Webley , which were hand built , so not interchangeable would need barrels made as one offs . So the choice is either use a gun that does not matter or a gun made for steel shot . OR Take a leaf out of the modern
  9. Early B25's , all made in Belgium , were sold a s Browning's in the US and as FN in Europe .Some signed as Browning gad FN logos on the heel plates . But Basically they were all B25's , the 25 being the year of design but production did nit start until 1929.
  10. If they are the correct pins for B25's then yes they should go straight in without any problem .Just make sure the striker holes in the action are clean and that the return spring is in good condition . The top striker can be interchanged with a Miroku one , the bottom was odd that a Miroku would not fit a B25 , but a B25 could be used in a Miroku [Or was it the other way round ? its been5 years and things get a bit hazy ] .But I would only do this if there was no alternate . There is always the odd exception that you will get with any production gun of its age but having changed m
  11. If she had been a male foot ball player it would have been all over the news .Sad . Having lost a young family member to cancer her death brings home the fact that for all the money and research cancer is still a major killer .
  12. The Yeoman you have will have no real value after 30 years . You like the gun , so why not just shoot standard velocity steel loads as normal , even if it means having the choke bored . If the barrels are damaged , no matter buy another Yeoman for £100 or less .
  13. Make sure the barrel is fully seated in the reciever and the foreend is screwed on tight .
  14. The illustration shows a faily standard Anson & Deeley action with a rocker safe and what seems to be cocking indicators . I can not see anything specific that would be an intecepter as I would expect .Must say if this is a Bikail then its unlike any I've seen .
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