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  1. Sorry mate , although I agree with most of what you say , can we please have some punctuation ?
  2. Try Peter Dyson if you want one .
  3. I remember when gun shops took the time and had the experience to advise their customers on things like this , Be able to recommend instructors and fitters if they could not do it themselves . I remember when shops used do some alteration in the price of the gun . But I guess so many shops just sell stuff at knockdown prices all this is a thing of the past .
  4. The original gun was not £800 and I am sure who ever did the conversion did not bother to do any work on the stock so my comments stand . By the way has it been reproofed after someone drilled holes in the barrel ?
  5. In my youth clay shooter used 1/14oz loads so 2&3/4 guns were required , now they shoot 28gr loads so no need fo 70mm chambers . Problem is so many people want a gun that will do everything ,clays , game and wildfowling . so all sorts of gimmick like adjustable combes and multi chokes have become the norm instead of a gun for each discipline. Ff we translate this to vehicles they would all be driving long wheel base Transit Vans .
  6. I bet that stand cost more than the gun . Sorry but I dont see a problem , a low priced gun with a cheap finish that will not stand up to use and weather .So strip it off and re varnish , stain and oil or whatever if it bothers you .
  7. Please dont get me started on that one .😡
  8. I am curious as to why you want one ? Personally I have never seen the point unless you have specific physical needs ,but even then a permanent alteration would be better.
  9. A lesson to all that regular cleaning is an essential part of owning a gun.
  10. Never heard of this make or brand name . Without much more detail ,country of origin, proof details it is impossible to pass ant realistic comments .At £95 it wont be much .
  11. All depends on what you want it to do . If its a recoil pad the Pachmayer take pot of beating do need fitting correctly .
  12. You need a gunsmith .A gun shop is not necessarily the same thing . If they do not do repairs " in house " you need to find the person they go to ..Every hand in puts the cost up .
  13. O/U sidelock ? Sounds a bit strange for an Italian gun of that vintage . First guess is a broken striker . Only way to be sure is to remove it and see.
  14. This thread brought to mind an incident of some years ago about gun fit and the shooter . To be as brief as possible , a man orders a new gun from a smaller British gunmaker ,he is know to be a good game shot and a county clay shooter he is measured for the stock , he then goes to 2 shooting grounds that have try guns and is measured again . In consultation with the gun maker the measurements are coordinated and agreed, the gun built and tried before the stock is fully finished , some minor alterations are made . The gun is finished and delivered . The customer is delighted
  15. For what its worth here's my opinion from the other side of the counter so to speak . You can not it a gun to someone who has no experience of handling a gun or can not shoot. You can not fit a gun to someone who won't listen and take your advice . There are to many so called coaches who have opinions on what is needed not on what the customer actually needs eg . " I like long stocks and I shoot well ,therefore a long stock will make you shoot better " 70% of most shooters problems can be down to stance and mount . An experienced gun fitter does not necessarily need
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