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  1. From experience, I highly recommend a working cocker if you can regularly take it walks - they have a lot of energy. However, Labradors are lovely companions and are simple to train, but they tend to be slower and are better suited to picking up rather than beating A Labrador is born half trained, a spaniel dies half trained
  2. Looking for some grouse beating this summer, if you know anywhere or anyone who could sort this out for me, please let me know! Thanks in advance, Ben
  3. I'll be shooting a 35 acre wood bordering stubble fields for the most part of tomorrow - I have both pigeon and crow decoys, and I also have loftable pigeon decoys with a set of lofting poles. My question is, what is effective at this time of year? Thanks, Ben
  4. I got mine in the post today and I can't get a good sound out of it! Trying growling, huffing, you name it! I sound like a dying duck every time, if anyone has a very detailed explanation (for idiots) or a helpful video (I have tried looking,but mainly American crow calls) I would be very appreciative. Thanks, Ben
  5. Hi PW! If any of you have experience with UTVs such as Kawasaki mule, John Deere gator, Polaris ranger etc. I would be very interested to hear your opinions on them. We do not own a farm, it will be used for logging, lamping, and transporting shooting/decoying gear around 35 acres of woodland owned by a relative of mine, so it will not take a lot of hammer, but we'd like it to be able to take on any realistic terrain, as well as hold a decent amount of equipment. I look forward to hearing from you, ATB, Ben.
  6. Thankyou for the warnings, however I'm planning on trying it in my garden (I live in the countryside) and I will have no guns near me - the nearest being locked away indoors - so if the authorities are called, I will at least have a leg to stand on.
  7. I am very much interested in this if it is still available
  8. Thankyou turbo33, I'll look at getting a call similar to the one they made ATB, Ben
  9. While dray poking in late February, some newborn squirrels dropped out of a dray squeaking away. While dispatching of the critters, surely enough, a parent squirrel came racing through the trees towards us, after giving it a barrel, I was wondering if squirrel calling could be effective? Maybe a "young squirrel in distress" call. If anyone has any experience with squirrel calling, I'd be very interested as to how you got on, also, if anyone has any sounds online that could be downloaded, I'd be very interested in trying this myself. ATB, Ben
  10. I recently purchased an ICOtec GC350 caller, and plan to use it for foxes next time I am out. I am aware these are illegal for use when hunting crows, but I'm fairly intrigued as to how effective an electric call would be. Does anyone here have any links to good corvid calls? Will post results if successful. ATB, Ben
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