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  1. Tbo- it was a toss up over the super Vinci and the a300 for me- the Vinci being an ineria gun: I had read some reports of the super Vinci (3.5" chamber) being limited to 2&3/4" 28g loads- which I thought mite limit its clay abilities but I since know u can get cheap 28g fast carts for clays. Also given my a300 doesn't reliable cycle less that 28g- I now think I should have got the super Vinci instead (less cleaning needed!) If u don't need the 3.5" chamber the 3" Vinci would b my first choice. I know a lot of negative review in the states about them- but a lot of good reviews too!
  2. I have a a300 extrema, which as figgy say is now badged as the 350. My gun has been faultless on heavy 3" goose loads cart, all game carts of various lengths weights and 28g clay carts. It even cycles 67mm length carts as long as they are 28grms minimum. I had some problems with lighter clay loads of 21g it doesn't seem to like these- but this may be more down to speed of the carts or the rails if they are not clean / oiled. As it a gas systems it does get dirty, but u can clean it pretty well withou fully stripping it- in fa t I have mine for 2 year with close to 1000 carts through it wh
  3. Lloyd90- you are correct in your assessment of he series of events I think my wife has more knowledge than she is shared with me. Either she told them or she has told her for end a number critical but of the puzzle and then have called police. Too many small details that could only have come from her one way or another. I think my wife has with not told me what has accuratly happened/ what she said to them when they approached her too, she keeps letting extra bit of information drip feeding to me that she hasn't said to me bite for. I'm totally paranoid about who, and confu
  4. Cheers lads, it's perhaps not as terminal as I first thought- personally I don't see me getting cert back soon. It all circumstantial evidence but I'm sure it will hold enough water to convince the Feo that I shouldn't have access. Really annoying that his could happen over conjecture and rumours, allegations without substance- not my idea of justice!
  5. Mel b3, Thanks that's probably one of the best bit of advice posted. Will the police hold the guns for me or give a period of time to seek improvement in my home life first? Is this something they offer / request? Or do they just either give u the guns back or crush them? My guns are worth a fair bit of cash so if it's all or nothing I'm going to fight to get them back.
  6. Walshie you have summarise the events as I understand them correctly. I have no reason to tell u anything other than what I have been informed. If it sounds odd to u guys spare a thought for me- I'm having to defend against this changing position. I have an idea about who and why all this has come to a head. I suspect my wife is still not throwing straight die, as she knows who is responsible for the anno call and why they are able to give details of events only a few people know about. Basically i suspect she has fed the anno this info over the last 6 weeks and our recent argument ha
  7. He didn't give a reason: I offered that he may not have wished for my wife to have keys to a cabinet that may hold guns in the future as being why he took he action he did- he didn't confine or denie this idea. My wife said they were looking to take carts too but couldn't find them. To be honest I don't understand why if they thought I was going to shot my self, and as the Feo said this'll was a primary concern, they didn't come to my house first- why go to my wife's place of work first? In now a bit sceptical about the police motivations / what they are now telling me I'm actually bei
  8. I'm splitting hairs- he said keen to get these keys back to u ASAP. I said no rush just wanted to make sure they weren't lost.
  9. Actually he didn't ask- his starting position was he was keen to get them back to me. I said no rush on my part I was mainly concerned to know where they are, as we were searching the house last night looking for them.
  10. He said there are some one smaller allegations that still need investigated before he could share these with me. I'm totally confused now!
  11. Up date - Feo called me today to say he had the keys and would I like like them back. Also he said he was concerned about the ease at which my wife found the keys, I think this is a bit double edged as he asked her to look for them after she said she didn't know where they were, when she found hem she didn't know what they were for or how to access our attic to get to the cabinet! I took r opportunity to ask him why my guns had been lifted as the police haven't told me this directly- he said that was because a source said I had said I would shot myself. And that the source had said the
  12. Thanks guys, she is willing to amend the confomation she gave to the police about what I supposedly said regrading shooting the cats- she is unsure of what I did say ( probably beacuse she didn't hear me say it) and that is enough to provide doubt / contraindications over the issue- basc inform me this will help me, not least because it's the truth- but I'm less convince the police are interested the truth. It's a totally mess tbh: that a domestic, no violent non threatening, argument between a husband and wife has resulted in some serious consequences, initiated by those that should have
  13. Thanks for the replies, I shall try to answer some of the questions raised; For clarity; I have an idea about who may behind the call, not that it matters now, but my wife has confided in her family and friends about our recent arguments, and Also the 6 week old one where she thinks I stated I would shoot our cats. This is the most likely explanation as to why the caller waited 6 weeks to make a call and quoted verbatim what my wife had charged me with saying. My wife is the one who has repeated the line; you said you are going to shoot our cats- she has done so to the extert that she
  14. Hi yes I'm a me,bet of BASC- first thing I did was call them just before police arrived to collect the cert, they are going to sit in with me when I'm eventually called in for re interview to assess my suitability to get my sgc back. BASC wouldn't give indication on likely hood of success- understandably. I just wanted to know if other PW members have experienced similar domestic events and what the outcome was. BASC tell me in Scotland they deal around 2-3 cases a week like mine so not uncommon.
  15. Sad times fellow PW readers, Last Thursday police Scotland turned up at my wife's work, hauled her out, interviewed her, took her home and got her to search the house for my cabinet keys. Took the keys and removed all my guns. Asked where my cert was- she didn't know. I was out of the house at the time, driving north for a holiday with our daughter at my parents house And had my cert with me in the car glove box. What is known; 1) allegation put to my wife only- anno caller claimed I had threatened to shoot our family cats and he / she concerned about safety of wife and child.
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