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  1. So what is your definition of sportsmanship?
  2. I think regardless of the sport people will want to push the boundaries if not the interest goes, and if the birds are been killed cleanly what's the issue? I know there will be some wounded birds but that is the downside, if they are picked quickly and dispatched, let's not kid ourselves runners dont only happen on extreme shoots I think the man pulling the trigger has to know their limitations and that is how I would judge a true sportsman I like to see the boundaries pushed How do you work out hundreds lightly pricked, could there not be hundreds of clean misses?
  3. Glad I don't have your cartridge bill! Ha
  4. Yes please Can you take paypal
  5. Think that is a bit harsh, i see no issue with what he does, If you have the ability
  6. I wouldn't agree with that if you read the full article
  7. Don't panic, just get them done by a pro https://m.facebook.com/pages/category/Professional-Service/Bromley-Son-Barrel-Blacking-Bluing-and-Browning-820775534655411/?locale2=en_GB Soon be sorted
  8. Shame may have had something for you
  9. Do you ever travel to Scotland?
  10. Is there such a thing as an investment?
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