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  1. button

    New Ceasar Guerini guns

    How much is the blinged up one?
  2. But the number is on Gunstar anyway?
  3. button

    Shopping centre for sale.

    Really sad Just adds to everything else that has closed down in or around the high street
  4. button

    Are side by side guns obsolete

    Had them about 2 years I saw that on Paul's site, was almost tempted, bought a couple off him in the past and never been disappointed Looks lovely, would be good to know the serial number to see where it is compared to mine from memory think mine begin 14...
  5. button

    Are side by side guns obsolete

    That is a cracker, I have a pair and really like them Where you get it from?
  6. button


    Any good value cartridges for pigeons/crows No problem
  7. button


    Do you know as yet? No problem if not available, will head to gunshop tomorrow
  8. button


    How much? I'm also in Fife so may be interested LMK Cheers
  9. button

    Brady gunslips

    Pm sent
  10. button

    Linsley of Leeds Gunmaker

    Happy memories of going to the Leeds shop when I was a nipper staring at the guns followed by fish n chips at Dennis's
  11. Was that the one on GT in Fife?
  12. button

    Who do you believe.

    I traded in a browning which was in mint condition but had been used plenty by the time I got home it was on GT The description was " a real sleeper, fired less than 20 cartridges since new" Not sure where they got that from as I never said that!
  13. button

    Use or pamper

    Wow, love Perazzis, whose was it?
  14. button

    Use or pamper

    With all due respect it's all relative to the individual and if someone has worked hard and saved hard to buy an SP3 then to them it could be worth more than a Purdey or Boss to somebody who is very wealthy
  15. button

    FAC Grant

    I pretty sure everything will be fine - sounds ad though progressing fine, pretty sure if there were concerns they would have been in touch by now