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  1. Have you managed a closer look yet? The prices on GT do make it look an attractive package
  2. Was that the stock you had made in Portugal?
  3. You have to reveal what the impulse purchase was and let us share the happiness
  4. Two on Gunstar https://www.gunstar.co.uk/Shotguns-for-sale?sstr=bps
  5. button

    Clear Out

    Payment sent
  6. button

    Clear Out

    I will take the 28 bore snap caps Away today, back tomorrow Send me payment details Cheers
  7. It's the 690 series rather than the 680 series, wider receiver I believe
  8. My father has X3, 3.0 and he is getting c.44mpg out of it, beautiful engine, I used to have a 120 x drive which I thought was ok until I drove the 3.0 and suddenly felt rather underpowered! FIL has just changed his 335 m sport tourer x drive and again a beautiful engine and tbh there would be nothing I could fault with the car, sporty yet very practical
  9. That does not surprise me as the dealer want their kick back, but you are within your rights to pay it as soon as you want and just be charged a daily rate while it is outstanding A BMW dealer tried it on with my FIL and when I challenged him he was adamant you could not pay it, when I showed him the small print he was slightly red faced!
  10. Why even pay one payment? Just pay it off a day or two after pick up
  11. Looking for the above, anyone got one to sell?
  12. The practice do not have to put a marker on, mine didn't and wondered if it would cause issues but renewal went through fine with Police Scotland
  13. button

    Duck decoys

    No worries Thanks
  14. button

    Duck decoys

    OP - Is there any chance you can respond and let me know if sold or answer my PM Cheers
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