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  1. button

    Webley vulcan ks

    One just gone on Guntrader
  2. I would have said that was a POW stock but may be I'm wrong
  3. You'll be back on the peg before you know it!
  4. Sorry to hear that, hope your on the mend Atb
  5. I see the 20 is out now have you had a chance to look over one?
  6. For £140 I'd be getting a leather slip, to me it it just looks a mocked up one, may be wrong but you can get a Blaser Slip, I know that's not what your after but thats £130 and it looks £130 worth, that looks like a £25 slip thats been printed on, just MHO
  7. I'll take it Pm me your details Cheers
  8. I have two brownings, same on them both
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