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  1. button

    Wife's gun

    These look rather nice https://www.guntrader.uk/mobile/gunDetail.php?NewGunID=171031191401006&skipNo=0&perPage=15&Filter[NewType][Shotgun]=1&Filter[NewMechanism][Over+and+Under]=1&Filter[Calibre][20+gauge]=1&Filter[Make][Sauer%2C+J.+P.]=1&Filter[Model][ARTIMES]=1&sortField=poa&sortOrder=asc
  2. button

    Side by Side Club

    May be we should look at selling our guns at the other side of the pond! http://www.gunsinternational.com/guns-for-sale-online/shotguns/armas-garbi-shotguns/garbi-black-sable-de-luxe.cfm?gun_id=101021068
  3. button

    Just started oil finish again

    Make sure you show us the finished result
  4. button

    Just started oil finish again

    Still shooting trap or is this the start of the move away? Looking forward to seeing the end result, I'm a sucker for nice timber
  5. button

    Just started oil finish again

    Stunning Pal, you keeping the Black edition or is that going?
  6. button

    Shadow Voter engagement minister and voter ID

    I have been in the sector for over 25 years and I am never surprised at hearing stories like this. Next time just pay it into your account and then walk to the ATM
  7. button

    New parents

    That is probably my biggest regret leaving it too late, I'm 41 and number 2 due in three weeks, number 1 is three, and it is the best thing ever. Plus you can use the "I need to get a .410...." excuse, every cloud and all that
  8. button

    Shadow Voter engagement minister and voter ID

    Clearly the staff do not know their job as banks should accept scg/fac Proving_your_identity1.pdf
  9. button

    Side by Side Club

    Thanks for that
  10. button

    Side by Side Club

    Not sure when it was made, I have tried to date it using the Spanish Best book, I think it would be 1960s. Any other suggestions on how to date it? It is beautiful quality, I obtained it from the estate of a collector, who appears to have polished it more than he shot it. I have not seen another model 8 other than one in a US auction. I keep thinking I will sell it but just can't seem to bring myself to part with it.
  11. button

    Side by Side Club

    Hopefully over the next couple of weeks. Not decided but open to and recommendations/suggestions
  12. button

    Side by Side Club

    My Sarasqueta model 8
  13. button

    Side by Side Club

    Just picked up a new Ugartachea 20 bore, 30 inch barrels, absolutely delightful balance. Looking forward to trying it out. Really enjoying the side by side club, keep it up
  14. button

    Browning B25 A1 Magnum

    Me too, I thought it was a typo? So it is actually an AYA? would love to see a picture if so not something I have come across
  15. button

    Side by Side Club

    Really like this Where did a 117 fit in the range?