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  1. Can you take paypal? If so can I take 2 tins Thanks
  2. Nothing is entered on A's certificate only table 2 on B's is completed by person A
  3. May be I have not posted what I meant very well, I dont disagree with what you say but I was trying to highlight we have to accept there are different routes in to the sport, but I would agree with Scully each to their own as long as it gets eaten
  4. Exports in 2018 were £85 billion of which £51.2m were to the rest of the UK, only £33.8m were to the EU
  5. Surely by reading my posts I dont believe it can therefore I will not be wasting anytime looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, come to think of it judging by your answers you dont think it can either, if you did you would have shared so after all may be we have found something we agree on, the essential requirement for independence is missing! If you work it out please share
  6. Good explain how an independent Scotland will be funded, I genuinely want to know or are you saying you would take the leap without actually knowing the answer? If so good luck you will need it!
  7. Let's turn this around, judging by what you asked you do I respect that, explain to me how its funded? Check out the BBC website and read what's happened with Bifab, here is the link https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-business-54630628 In short.....yes
  8. Can you explain how an independent Scotland will be funded? This is the key question and yet no credible solution is put forward. NS keeps talking about increased borrowing powers, how is this to be repaid? Pretty fundemental I would say, if there is indyref 2 before putting a cross in Yes I'd ensure this is pretty clear, actually forget that do they know the currency that would be used yet? The plan has more holes in it than a big block of holey cheese
  9. If by they you mean the SNP, they are interested in themselves When they can put a credible argument forward how they would finance an independent scotland, I will listen, some how I think it may be a very long wait
  10. Some how they have turned it around to Scotland leaving the EU, but as you say the question was should the uk..... If it wasnt Brexit they would have found another reason to call another referendum, it they dont they font have a purpose or use, they certainly cant run a country, look at the deficit
  11. Bang on The question I would ask is if they are going to lose so much trade with the EU after Brexit, why are they doing so little in comparison with what they do with the rest of the UK while they have had access? What changes? Think we know the answer, nothing! I do know a number of businesses made plans to relocate should the result of the last referendum have been for Yes and guess what the plans are still there!
  12. What's Boris got to do with it? I for one have not said one is better than the other after all they are all politicians, but imho she certainly does not stand out, and from a business perspective and the needs of businesses the SG have no idea, take this past week she wanted Sky to show the old firm game free, was the SG going to compensate Sky for the money they paid for the rights? No, absolute genius! On a side note in an independent scotland we will not be able to enjoy our field sports as they will soon knock them on the head and if you believe different I would be interested to hear
  13. We must be watching someone different, the one I see stresses that she will not make the pandemic political and does nothing but that constantly passing blame and look to score points I would like someone to tell me these qualities that she has as I do not see any, I see someone on a mission at any cost to get what they want, let's see what comes out at the Salmond enquiry
  14. What baffles me is they want independence but they want to be part of the EU and have to abide by their rules. I guess if staying in the EU was so important to Scotland, you have to ask why did only 67% of the electorate turn out to vote?
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