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  1. The SNP blame WM for everything and I'm not joking! Our neighbour blamed WM for kids been overweight! Nothing to do with the fact they go to McDonalds 5 times a week!
  2. Victor Sarasqueta for me, my whole interest in them started after reading a copy of "Spanish Best", this the latest one I got
  3. If you are looking at moving some on drop me a PM would be interested Cheers
  4. If ever you decide to sell, put me on the list
  5. If not sold I'll take em Cheers
  6. button


    Find a climbing frame - great for pull ups
  7. Is it not above on the valuation? S/N 80382952 although my eyes ain't the best
  8. button

    Honours list

    GD already has a MBE http://shootclay.co.uk/2011/07/30/interview-george-digweed-mbe-19-times-world-champion/
  9. This for sale? Once lockdown over may be interested in this Did it have sling swivels fitted?
  10. Ha was just going to ask if interested in trades
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