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  1. Wouldn't worry I posted on the 13th of August and never got a reply but then the OP has only posted twice and not been on since 12/8 so looks like he only joined to sell the shooting
  2. button

    Browning Esprit

    Looking for the above Must be mint and original, seen the ones on GT but would prefer to buy private WHY Thanks
  3. I work for a PLC so the pay is the same regardless of location except London where you get an allowance
  4. Missed that, made sense to me
  5. They are so ugly, yet I love them, although not sure about gold, that's a step too far for me, but if they were been given to me sure I could get used to it! Some recent adverts I have seen suggest Richard Faulds is using K guns although appears still using CG on the circuit Ross Neville certainly uses his K guns to great effect, maybe not convential but certainly effective!
  6. When you say 20g, what type of gun are you talking, I presume not a box std 28" job?
  7. Moved up 20 years ago, best move ever and the shooting is great as are the people!
  8. Interestingly one of the guns in the test was a Gamba, must say the Daytona is good looking gun
  9. What would you say is the most popular choice among the serious guns?
  10. After reading the thread regarding the 2k clay gun, starting thinking about dedicated high bird guns that have steadily been coming on the market, from the likes of Miroku, CG, Perazzis etc and then dug out an article where Chris Batha field tested various specialised guns including Perazzis, Farmers, William Powell etc and interestingly the two that he rated the best was a 725 and MK38 trap gun both 32" and both grade ones and it did get me thinking are these more expensive guns actually going to be any better, aside from the cosmetics, or is the specialist high bird gun really just a marketing ploy? What's others views?
  11. Is that the Gilsan special edition?
  12. button

    Clear Out

    Can you send me a pic of the handguard please
  13. I know, how dare you buy anything nice for fear of upsetting someone, the fact you work hard and enjoying having nice things is just wrong!
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