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  1. Is this what your looking for https://www.doublegunshop.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=184157
  2. button


    Looking for the above, must be mint condition with an english straight hand stock Prefer 20, but will consider 12 or 28 WHY Thanks
  3. Not for a competitive shot looking to enter sxs only competitions
  4. https://m.facebook.com/premiergunsdoveridge/photos/a.566604766720749/2858589657522237/?type=3&source=54 PG had one in December
  5. Well you would have thought they should know what they made! Comparing it with this the engraving is the same as a 525 game https://www.guntrader.uk/guns/shotguns/browning/over-under/12-gauge/525-game-1-190315140352012
  6. Not making them? Theres another for sale on guntrader https://www.guntrader.uk/guns/shotguns/browning/over-under/12-gauge/b525-wildfowl-200117112654001
  7. C'mon you know the rule posts like that need pics
  8. I thought the sporter had a ventilated mid rib, game solid, may be wrong though
  9. I bought one from him, as described, sent to my RFD, not a problem would buy again from them
  10. Thanks for that, appreciate your advice
  11. Thanks, out of interest where would you view they sit compared to AYA and Arrieta?
  12. Looking at a Arrizabalaga sidelock soon, any body got one/had one, would be interested in thoughts and opinions in respect of quality TIA
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