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  1. Ha ha - take it she doesn't read PW
  2. This has just appeared on GT What a beaut! https://www.guntrader.uk/guns/shotguns/webley-scott/side-by-side/20-gauge/702-200120180312565
  3. I would take the decoys when we meet if you still have them
  4. Are you going to give a Perazzi a try?
  5. Ha brilliant, first rule of sales never assume! I went with a mate to look at guns and when he asked to look at a EELL, the guy looked him up and down and walked off, clown, my mate had just sold his business for a good few million and has cash to burn! Which o/u you were looking at, the One made by Perazzi?
  6. Have an Arrieta 25 myself, great wee gun
  7. Far from it, after having been in a company car scheme for years and having the usual BMW's, VW's, Audi's etc came out two years ago, took the plunge and got the L200 and have no regrets at all, go for it
  8. This may be of interest depending on your location https://www.guntrader.uk/guns/shotguns/aya/side-by-side/12-gauge/4-boxlock-190718104931001
  9. As above BNWT £35 + postage Please note this is generic image can email actuals if required Size medium Cheers
  10. In a nutshell they hate wealth creators, something that every thriving economy needs, which then in turns creates employment and so on and so on, just like the SNP!
  11. Well we have an L200 and have to do all the above but I wouldn't certainly call it hopeless, we find it far better than a car, granted parking can be a Pita buy hey walking an extra 500 yards across a car park is hardly an issue to put me off having it!
  12. This one has definitely had a good snooze
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