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  1. Says alot when they have to provide sample emails to send, can the membership not write their own?
  2. Drop me a pm may be able to help
  3. You get sorted for your chokes? I have some beretta victory ones here

    LM and IM

    1. Hence my comment it rules the 695 out! That may be the case but the new ones are still good guns and no way near the poor quality some would like to portray imho
    2. Ok, to be fair that's not what came across
    3. I have got three berettas, one been a white onyx, which I love, very plain but i like that and it works well, gets my vote and infact looking at getting the 20g version
    4. Well that rules a 695 out as that is new model, and the early 690 series are the ones with issues
    5. Good shooting What ranges would you estimate they were been shot at?
    6. Does the serial number have a GA prefix?
    7. What make is it please?
    8. Sounds like a good idea to me You only live once👍
    9. button


      Altberg are well within budget
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