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  1. button


    Hope I manage the same!
  2. button

    20g Eley VIP Game Cartridges for sale

    You passing near Fife? If so I will take some Just seen it says Sutherland thought it said Sunderland! I'm near Inverness Wednesday - that might work Let me know
  3. button

    Beretta Tweed Name

    St James is one they do for sure
  4. button


    That's just what I was hoping to hear! Thanks
  5. button

    Side by Side Club

    That's not lowly! That's a beaut!
  6. button


    I agree but it is actually cheaper to do 8k over and pay the excess than it is to up the limit from day 1, figure that
  7. button

    Side by Side Club

    Me neither, I have a model 8 and have been on the lookout for others but never come across any as yet and have to say they are both very good quality
  8. button

    Side by Side Club

    Thanks Not sure there is no model number on the gun Looking at an old catalogue possibly model 7
  9. button


    Great - just ordered it
  10. button

    Side by Side Club

    Beautiful Just picked up this Victor Saraaqueta, can't wait to get out with it now!
  11. button


    Thanks for that, I take it the issues you mentioned would be covered under warranty?
  12. button

    Side by Side Club

    What gun is it?
  13. button


    Hi Thinking of coming out of company car scheme and doing a personal lease on a new L200 Babarian, been offered a good deal but just wondered what owners thought, looking at doing c 10k per year, what's thoughts on running costs etc? Any advice greatfully recieved Thanks
  14. button

    Baikal O/U stock wanted.

    One on freeadss £35
  15. button

    Complete refurb of shotgun

    Try Paul http://www.gunrestoration.co.uk/guns/guns-for-sale.asp