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  1. I would say on the whole clay shooters show a better standard of safety than game shooters, and before you ask I shoot game and not clays!
  2. Very nice wood Which marque?
  3. button

    Aya 53

    That's right chrome barrels are an extra, £144 The 56 is still marketed as a competition gun
  4. Brand new with tags Beautiful quality £70, happy to post but would need to find out cost Pm email address if you want pics Cheers
  5. Think SGC bought all the old stock, I just got another pair of plus 4s cheap https://www.sportsmanguncentre.co.uk/search?o=Bob+parrett&q=Bob+parratt
  6. Worrying? Pure class
  7. I too like the rounded forend I have a 28 bore and that has a beautiful forend, wish my 20 did!
  8. You might find this an interesting read https://www.guynsmith.com/product/midland-gun/
  9. Arrieta, hoping it arrives tomorrow! Will try and post a pic, won't compete with that beaut you have bought!
  10. Buy anything special? Mine is in transit and not arrived yet!
  11. Same here, even had one put it in an envelope after I signed it to take to post office to send, I wouldn't want someone doing it on my behalf in case they forgot!
  12. Is it sold? If not I'll take it?
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