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  1. button

    Eley 20g VIP game cartridges

    You ever get to Inverness or Fife?
  2. button

    Cabinet Keys

    Thanks for that will listen
  3. button

    Cabinet Keys

    While the same force they still have the units in each area before PS
  4. button

    Cabinet Keys

    Which part of PS do you call under if you don't mind me asking?
  5. button

    Cabinet Keys

    That's interesting as this is also under PS Going to phone this morning and find out what is going on!
  6. button

    Cabinet Keys

    Apparently it's in the HO guidelines but I have not been able to find anything
  7. button

    Cabinet Keys

    They said get one with a digi pad
  8. button

    Cabinet Keys

    Was it a "we recommend" or you must?
  9. button

    Cabinet Keys

    An FLO told me tonight that cabinet keys have to be kept securely, i.e. a locked key safe, keeping them on your person or hidden away is no longer acceptable? Anybody else heard this?
  10. button


    Very nice Got mine on the 1st of November, no complaints yet
  11. button

    28 bore v 20 bore

    Watch "My First Partridge Day With the 410 (Dave Carrie Shooting)" on YouTube Dave Carrie using .410
  12. button

    20g Side by Side wanted

    Hi I have a Ugatachea BL EJ 30in barrels Ex-display model like new Colour hardened action, chopper lump barrels If any interest let me know, gun in Scotland Cheers
  13. button

    28 bore v 20 bore

    725 28g? Is that new out?
  14. button

    28 bore v 20 bore

    Nice Let us know how you get on Despite what some say, I have a 28b SP and love it