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  1. Now the .410 chat has got my attention, you surely not so low a person to leave us hanging C'mon
  2. button

    Commercial property purchase help

    With all due respect without full facts I would not be making an offer, unless you put it in subject to valuation and before you ask I am not a surveyor, but that will give you everything you need in order to decide what to offer
  3. button

    Commercial property purchase help

    I understand about saving costs etc but this could save a lot of money in the long run and if you are financing I would expect the lender to make it a condition of the lender especially if the said property is going to be used as security. Find out which valuers are on the lenders panel
  4. button

    Commercial property purchase help

    Have you had a property appraisal done? That would be my starting point. If the lender has got one, get a copy that will give comparables, comment on investment value, what incentives you would be required to give to secure a Tennant and would also give basis of how they have come to value, it similar properties within the area
  5. button

    Any venom rifles for sale

    Don't have a venom but have a Sandwell Fieldsports Banshee, which is similar but stands out from the crowd
  6. button

    Denton & kennel myth?

    There is a pair of Somerton guns on GT for £9000, that is not a typo!
  7. button

    Beretta 693 Field

    I believe they are based on the 690/692 which is wider action than the SP to give better/different balance
  8. button

    Beretta 693 Field

    The newan 693, think I preferred the English forend that they did before https://www.guntrader.uk/guns/shotguns/beretta/over-under/12-gauge/693-180724150642004
  9. button

    Holiday reading

    A Shootings Man Creed - brilliant read
  10. button

    Beretta 693 Field

    Did you go std or Deluxe? What is the wood like?
  11. button

    Gunmark Leather Motor Case

    Looking for the above Must be mint Thanks
  12. button

    Beretta Dt 10L

    I saw that, beautiful specimen Hope you enjoy ithe ATB
  13. button

    Beretta Hoodie

    Sold pending funds
  14. button

    Beretta 693 Field

    I really like the field version, especially the forend shape Some of the deluxe ones have some very nice timber on and not too bad a price