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  1. Thanks for the quick reply Dave, I will get back to you in the week for one of the module boxes just have to decide what to make..... Tom
  2. Dave I want to try and build my own NV do you have a wiring diagram to do it and if you use a reversing camera monitor what wires do you use . I'm slow when it comes to wiring and I don't want to burn anything out.. Also how do I buy a couple of your housings..... Thanks.... Tom
  3. Mine started in the early days of downloading and email with the Monty Python saying "Don't call me Shirley" but everyone thought I was a girl, very awkward,..... So now it's Dontcallmetom and for joining Callmetom
  4. Just joined and wanted to say hello to everyone I was looking to make my own Night Vision add on for shooting and as I'm going to Australia in Jan. thought I could take it with me... And came upon this site. What drew me to the site was the way people talk to each other and seem to be interested in each other's problems and help them I have been shooting for 40+ years and originally from Birkenhead but now living in Northern Ireland..
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