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  1. Sorry, get to Exeter, but that's about it.
  2. 143 carts for sale. Readvertised due to a no show. £20.00 Based near Newton Abbot/Torquay/Exeter Devon
  3. As in title, 500 for sale. RWS - .22LR Subsonic HP 40gr Rifle Ammunition.22 LR Subsonic HP 40gr Rifle AmmunitionDescription•A special cartridge developed for low-noise shooting•The velocity is always below sound barrier•Also suitable for guns with silencers•Good function in single loaders•Reliable effect when shooting small game and vermin due to the hollow nose•Calibre: .22 long rifle•Lead bullet, 2.6 g, V0 315 m/s (barrel length 65 cm) £50.00 Based near Newton Abbot/Torquay/Exeter Devon Valid slot on fac required
  4. I went out today. Didn't shoot anything, nothing about, but managed to get my rifle zerod in. No problems, in fact, didn't see anybody at all.
  5. Thanks for the replies. Got a week off now, so going tomorrow.
  6. Just a quick one. I know the guidance re shooting says we can shoot as part of our daily exercise, but just want people's opinions. I have a 800 acre perm, which is in my village. I need to zero a new scope. The landowner has no problems with me doing this, but am I okay to do this under the latest restriction? I do carry out pest control on this perm. Also, should I inform the police to cover myself?
  7. As above.This trap can be operated by stepping on the pedel. Great condition,just not using at the moment. £40.00 collected. Near Shaldon/Newton Abbot Devon
  8. 5 boxes, plus 18,so 143 in total. £25.00 Located near Shaldon./Newton Abbot Devon
  9. That's good news. Just checked a couple of websites in tier 4 and they all have this similar message. Covid-19 Update: The gun shop is currently closed under the latest TIER 4 Government Guidelines. We are available for CLICK / PHONE & COLLECT strictly by appointment only. Please call to arrange your collection day and time slot. Our Gunsmithing service, air rifle repair and gun storage facilities are still available by appointment only. Please call in advance to arrange an appointment. (Items received must go into quarantine for 72 hours). So hopefully should be OK.
  10. I have just sold a shotgun to a chap who is in tier 4.Im in tier 3. Does anybody know if tier 4 rfds would be able to accept the delivery and complete the transfer with the buyer?
  11. It's as accurate or more so since chopping. Just need a good gunsmith who knows his stuff.
  12. Not sure where your coming from re; distance? When you say, 115 for a. 22lr is pushing it, thats was the idea. I'm not shooting live quarry and wouldn't at that distance. There are a lot of people shooting 22lrs out a lot further that 115 and to be honest, I'm pretty pleased with the groups I'm getting, just over an inch. I only shoot targets for fun and think with a basic CZ452 on a windy day that's good enough for me. 😁
  13. How do you get the wax off the ammo? Just thought I would show you these. 115 yards, a lively wind from the right, but quite happy with how the gun is shooting.
  14. The RWs ammo is very waxy. I have been having a problem with the metal 10 round magazine. Not only with the RWS, but anything I put in it. It fails to chamber now and again, I think the head is catching the chamber as I have to drop the mag, push it back in, and it's then okay. Will have to get another mag and see if that helps. I have noticed when this happens, a couple of the rounds have been slightly scratched and thinking this may be where the build up is coming from? The gun is working fine. I have been using it for targets at 115 yards. Getting reasonable (in m
  15. Just had a look at my. 22lr and noticed this build up of what I believe to be lead. Any suggestions as how to remove it without doing any damage?
  16. Just an update,barrel now chopped,went for 16" in the end. Took it out today to re zero. Very windy,shot off the bonnet with a bag,took a few shots to get it back to zero. This is my last group five rounds at 50 yards. Very happy with that.
  17. Lol not worried about anything else,apart from my guns,nothing else worth nicking.
  18. Thanks for the replies. He is a trusted known person, just wanted to make sure I wasn't breaking any rules.
  19. Just wondering on the rules on workmen, ie,plumber electrician etc,working in the house when I'm not there. I am having some work done but the plumber wants to come in whilst I'm out. Are there any rules regarding this as I have firearms on the property?
  20. Not getting a lot of use. Just out of curiosity, what might you have to trade? Might be looking for a nice rimfire.
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