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  1. Custom fit guards myself wife n daughter have them fit very well very comfortable forget there in
  2. iMovie from App Store just press pause n screen shot it
  3. I agree that it’s very hard to judge the shot patterns distance from the clay or the bird. How much you can actually gain from one who knows but got mine at very good price for some fun if any one wanna have go with mine I am in Dover there’s a clay shoot near by on Sundays or we go for a wander round the farm see what’s about
  4. Standard berretta optima hp 1/4 then 1/2 28 g 7.5s Lyle vale sporter shells
  5. 30-35 yrds Here’s my first video I am happy with the red dot I think it’s zeroed well was hoping to try some pigeons today but thinks I’ll pass
  6. Another freeze frames going and poof gone
  7. I zeroed mine at 30 yrds using a hi viz sticky target As per instructions I’ve left all setting as recommended apart from reticle I use red dot and remember to select clays or live birds and what type of gun u have it on here’s a screen shot and clearly see shot pattern 28 g of 7.5s
  8. Can u send me pics of the inside . Does it meet police standards ??
  9. A few hits n misses getting used to editing etc be kind to me
  10. Hi what do u use to edit the film as I have a shotkam but no pc just a phone or iPad
  11. Exactly so two went for a long hibernation I believe
  12. The wad doesn’t make it to the clay but does look like it though
  13. A friend of mine had some beaver issues in Kent too contacted NE and as beaver doesn’t exist in the county they said he couldn’t shoot em as they didn’t exist helpful ******* they were
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