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  1. crazycooker

    new home for labrador

    I rehomed Molly 18 months ago . We have gone from strength to strength we now beat n pick up 2/3 local shoots and she’s my shooting partner on my lil syndicate , I still keep in touch with her former owner
  2. crazycooker

    Mrs. webber R I P

    Heartfelt sympathies for your loss
  3. crazycooker

    canabis oil

    Mine are L1-L4 it does help hopefully not the placebo effect
  4. crazycooker

    canabis oil

    I have four prolapsed discs severe lipped vertebrae and degenerative arthritis it helps me but tastes like you’ve eaten a mouthful of rabbit pellets
  5. crazycooker


    Nope but have now 😂😂
  6. crazycooker


    For air gun or rifles
  7. crazycooker

    A Cheap day out.

    You used pay at pump it authorises £1 from ur account tomorow you’ll see the debit for your fuel . Well that’s how it happens at Tesco’s when I use pay at pump
  8. crazycooker

    CZ  452 .22 LR

    Ok np
  9. crazycooker

    CZ  452 .22 LR

    Would you sell scope separately
  10. crazycooker

    Photon rt 6.5 x50 inc Yukon sw30 mount £500 plus postage

    Sold payment received all boxed up ready for postie tomorrow
  11. crazycooker

    Scope mounts

    Can you not take gun to rfd with scope and get a set that fit
  12. Bought 1 month ago by my wife for myself mounted it on cz455 not my thing inc 8 X aa rechargeable batteries so basically brand new all boxes leads etc warranty card still blank or would swap for 357/38 underlever rifle or an optical scope
  13. crazycooker


    Last year I rehomed Molly here’s a picture from early quick drive round the farm That face says it all
  14. crazycooker

    30 mm high mounts

    Hi any one got 30 mm high mounts for 11 mm dove tail on a savage rm 93 in 17 hmr flavour before I buy new thanks andy
  15. crazycooker

    Pump for PCP or is tank my only option

    Google co2rifles they may be of consideration for yourself