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  1. So did they charge you with drink driving or drunk in charge of a vehicle ?
  2. I’d be interested in the 20 b and possibly the 410 mount if you might split
  3. I’ve commissioned a pair from another maker these are the blank handles
  4. Fallow buck was first to pm just awaiting his decision
  5. Free to a good home cycles subs n hv rounds hawke scope 10 round magazine Screw cut 1/2 inch unf got a mod if required too 22 rf semi auto collection from Dover forend drops to turn into forend grip vacant slot required first to say “ mine” gets it Hopefully in this current climate it’ll help someone out
  6. crazycooker

    Job lot

    Arrived safely to day thnx
  7. crazycooker

    Job lot

    I’ll take ladies past undergarment pad please
  8. Browning 525 liberty light in 12.b Monte Carlo stock about 6lb with 21/24 g shells sorted my wife loves hers
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