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  1. New team member arriving next week looking for a medium dog crate I am in dover thnx Andy
  2. I push all the charcoal to one end so none under the meat .sear the outside over the coals then move to the end with no coals beneath close lid acts like an convection oven simples 😃😃
  3. I’ll take it send payment details
  4. Does anyone of pw massive have any on these adapters lying dormant gathering dust in a box somewhere looking for two or more thnx in advance
  5. What about gunshops ,they’ll struggle even more with no pigeon shells being sold ,decoy manufacturers and cartridges manufactures will suffer too .
  6. Fry off onions n peppers with spices first add strips of goose breast towards the end fry for 2/3 mins or will be dry serve in wraps with sour cream jalapeños salsa n cheese mmmmmm
  7. Yup just like eating beef fillet with slight tinge of liver
  8. crazycooker


    My pleasure bill glad to be of help
  9. She does all geese I shoot for me if asked
  10. crazycooker


    Congrats bill I look forward to having a lil shoot with you when you’re ticket comes through
  11. 20 Mins and £5 my daughter does them for me
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