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  1. crazycooker

    Begara Folding Shooting Chair

    Pm sent boggy
  2. crazycooker

    Strange food combinations

    Try it let me know
  3. crazycooker

    Strange food combinations

    Toast then spread with butter marmite peanut butter then cheddar cheese then grill omg it’s amazing
  4. crazycooker

    Various Briley X2 extended chokes

    Are the optimas hp ie will they fit a silver pigeon 1
  5. crazycooker

    English Springer Spaniel.

    I rehomed Molly from here she’s a little cracker My first dog I would be lost without her now
  6. crazycooker

    Webley & Scott 920 20 gauge

    Thnx for the interest sold pending the usual for collection on June 18th
  7. crazycooker

    Webley & Scott 920 20 gauge

    400 views and not one offer reduced in price too cracking 20 b multi choked 30 inch barrels
  8. crazycooker

    Webley & Scott 920 20 gauge

    Reduced to £400
  9. crazycooker

    Webley & Scott 920 20 gauge

    This is my gun
  10. crazycooker

    4x4 options

    I’ve had Citroen c crosser and Peugeot 4007 both are 2.2 td and are Mitsubishi outlanders rebadged selectable 4x4 and diff lock never let me down yet
  11. crazycooker

    22 rimfire range

    Thnx again that was my thought as well we all have basc insurance too nothing permanent in the land just moveable gongs n spinner targets only using the land when clay shoot is open and no bangs after 430 due too planning permission
  12. crazycooker

    22 rimfire range

    Ok thnx for the reply . But it’s more like a few of us are having permission slips signed to use his land for target shooting it will not be open to the public just myself and few mates
  13. crazycooker

    22 rimfire range

    Hi I am looking for advice I’ve been offered the opportunity to set up a rimfire rifle range on a clay shoot ,the land is cleared . All targets will be moveable so we would set up when we are able to shoot and the bring it all back into safe storage .Would I be correct in thinking that as the landowner will be giving permission for us to use shoot over his land standard personal insurance would be ok . No membership is being charged all owner of the clay shoot hopes is that we use his shoot more often . No money is changing hands to use the land. I look forward to hearing from the pigeon watch massive
  14. crazycooker

    New member to the family

    Let the fun begin
  15. crazycooker

    Fallow Haunch Advice

    Salt n pepper then in a roasting bag with thyme n garlic cloves 1/2pnt red wine and water mixture then low n slow in the oven simples use juices to make gravy