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  1. Mitsubishi outlander

    I’ve had the Citroen c crosser and currently the Peugeot 4007 same car as outlander but rebadged but with a 2.2 Diesel engine luv it to bits goes everywhere I want never got stuck on fields or muddy slopes
  2. Hawke Vantage 4-12x50

    Look forward to receiving it
  3. Hawke Vantage 4-12x50

    Yes please pm payment details
  4. Semi Auto 3" wanted nin Essex

    If you only need it for a one off i can lend you a hatsan escort all black semi auto 3 inch chambered

    Pm sent
  6. RIP My faithful friend

    My condolences
  7. After having been lucky enough to have mollie join us we have had 2 days of picking up on a local shoot .Her speciality is pricked birds as she never gives up and to see her hunt out a dobbed down hen bird in long dry grass is amazing . I look forward to many a future season with her
  8. Hello from Kent

    Hi n welcome where do u shoot clays I use Marin gorse n Kent clays
  9. Leather Gun Slip - restoration

    Wear gloves that’s looks evil
  10. Do your dogs know any commands?

    High five
  11. Cz527 sportsmatch mounts

    Payment sent
  12. Cz527 sportsmatch mounts

    Yes please pm payment details
  13. Disgusting

    I picked up today as I am a chef in my village pub I was told to take 10 brace of partridge and20 brace of pheasants and a haunch of venison for the next shoot stew . To say I don’t buy a drink for a fortnight got a few in the wood then it happens again wooohooo
  14. $400,000,000+ commision.

    I can knock a few more up if there’s any takers
  15. Another old codger

    Think that’s the max but maybe I am wrong