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  1. crazycooker


    Pm sent
  2. crazycooker


    Looking too see if anyone has 2 or 3 bipods 9-12 inch high before I go n buys new ones thanks
  3. crazycooker

    7 year old Yellow Labrador Bitch, free to good home.

    Can you pm me his details I rehomed Molly of here 18 months ago forever home worked n pampered
  4. crazycooker

    The Game fair - Ragley Hall

    http://Thinking of going tomorrow but what's the weather like today ? Don't mind the odd shower n wind but not doing much again like last year
  5. crazycooker

    CBD Oil

    Holland n barrett sell it on the high street
  6. crazycooker

    Scope rings

    Pmsent about cz527 rings
  7. crazycooker


    Don’t forget pomegranate seeds too Or roasted pine kernels
  8. crazycooker


    Hull comp x in 65 mm case very soft on the shoulder too
  9. crazycooker

    Target Club Required

    Google them . You have to contact them via website first
  10. crazycooker

    Target Club Required

    Deal and district rifle club We do Hythe n lydd was up the farm tonight zeroing my 223
  11. crazycooker

    Begara Folding Shooting Chair

    Pm sent boggy
  12. crazycooker

    Strange food combinations

    Try it let me know
  13. crazycooker

    Strange food combinations

    Toast then spread with butter marmite peanut butter then cheddar cheese then grill omg it’s amazing
  14. crazycooker

    Various Briley X2 extended chokes

    Are the optimas hp ie will they fit a silver pigeon 1
  15. crazycooker

    English Springer Spaniel.

    I rehomed Molly from here she’s a little cracker My first dog I would be lost without her now