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  1. Fry off onions n peppers with spices first add strips of goose breast towards the end fry for 2/3 mins or will be dry serve in wraps with sour cream jalapeños salsa n cheese mmmmmm
  2. Yup just like eating beef fillet with slight tinge of liver
  3. crazycooker


    My pleasure bill glad to be of help
  4. She does all geese I shoot for me if asked
  5. crazycooker


    Congrats bill I look forward to having a lil shoot with you when you’re ticket comes through
  6. 20 Mins and £5 my daughter does them for me
  7. Your more than welcome glad we could be of help your more than welcome anytime
  8. crazycooker

    Hawke 8x56

    Sorted please close
  9. crazycooker

    Hawke 8x56

    Just found this scope Andy
  10. crazycooker

    Hawke 8x56

    Don’t suppose anyone has a hawke 8x56 scope they would like to move on thnx andy
  11. Hi just wondering has anyone got some quad sticks with heads like viper flex knocking about before I buy new thnx
  12. Hi try John at hawkinge http://www.####.co.uk/ fes.co.uk
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