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  1. Thanks Scully. It`s a lovely gun but just isn`t getting the use that it deserves, in preference to a couple of my other guns, a 16g SxS BLNE by G.Bate and a 20g McNab Highlander. I`d rather it be put to good use by someone who would cherish it. OB
  2. Old Boggy


    Hopefully it won`t blow too much of the blackthorn blossom away also. My flowering cherry lost a lot of its blossom last night.
  3. An absolute bargain for someone. Stunning wood. I`m surprised that it hasn`t been snapped up. Best of luck with the sale. OB
  4. He certainly does. Boo`s work is remarkable. A very talented guy. OB
  5. My own experience of maize, now grown for biofuel, is at drilling time, if there is any seed at all left on the surface (now fairly unlikely with modern drills) and this is usually dressed with a red anti-fungal dressing, the pigeons don`t appear to take any notice whatsoever. I don`t think that it`s the dressing that puts them off as a similar dressing is used on barley and wheat and the pigeons certainly aren`t put off by it then. Some seed is invariably spilt around the headlands where the tractor turns but this can be quite minimal and therefore doesn`t seem to attract much attention.
  6. What a great report of your day out. Your persistence is certainly paying off at the moment. Many thanks for posting. Keep them coming. OB
  7. You are spot on there Jim. It does say elsewhere in the book that some of the illustrations were by John Paley so well done on that. Also award yourself a house point for mentioning that the forward was by Archie Coats but take it away again for spelling his name wrong 😂 No ‘E’ in Coats. PM me your address and I’ll get your bottle opener in the post. OB
  8. Bit of a clue then. Scully was close, it is from a pigeon shooting book, but who by ? OB
  9. Back to the drawing board with most of that I`m afraid Scully OB
  10. Carrying on from the thread of the best sandwiches for the pigeon hide, can anyone tell me where I obtained the attached illustration. The first person to name the book, author and illustrator will receive (whether or not they need or even want ) one of my antler bottle openers, similar to those in the photo. Now I know that some members already have one of these so this is restricted to anyone else. Those already in receipt may by all means PM me with the answer. OB
  11. I suppose that this would be considered a bit over the top then
  12. Nice write up GingerCat. I was out for my couple of hours yesterday afternoon, having looked at a few possibilities with very little hope of even getting a shot as my chosen venues, plans A, B and C barley drilling, bean drilling and a rape field were all completely devoid of pigeons and that was mid afternoon when recently they had been feeding. Sat and watched some dropping into a bare patch of rape on another field, so decided to give it a go, with the usual expectation of putting the birds up and them never returning. I was spot on with that assumption, but better to be out than not,
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