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  1. I think that Seeland do one for about £50 or even the more expensive Napier Protector. OB
  2. That Loch Neagh looks a magical place to shoot. Always great to watch, especially the dogs on that long retrieve across the bay. Excellent video once again. Thanks for posting Big Al. OB
  3. Blimey, I only used to get 3 Bob from the village butcher for fresh rabbits ! That was in the early 60s though. Also used to take the odd one or two to school for dissection in Biology lessons. Got 3 Bob for a healthy rabbit, but 3/6d if it had tapeworm as that was more interesting for us to examine. Funny how the tapeworms were still alive long after the rabbits died. Still able to feed I suppose. A good little earner to subsidise the Eley .410 cartridges from the local hardware store. Happy days. The rabbit shooting, not school. OB
  4. Nice report there Dad. It's good to see that some are still getting reasonable bags. Even more so that they are on rape, although obviously also finding wheat. They've not started on the rape around here yet and probably won't until the first frost knocks it back a bit. The few I had coming into a favourite little wood in the week were all packed with hawthorn berries. Good luck to those finding them on the rape already. OB
  5. Yes, totally agree. Always interested in what Gunman has to say. A mine of information and experience. OB
  6. As JJsDad said above, Peter Dyson is your man. They do the whole range of checkering tools. Unless you know the exact lines per inch of your checkering, it sounds as though you just need a single cutting head and I think that they do one specially for tight curves etc. OB
  7. I'm exactly like you, use Bismuth in my 16g SxS but don't shoot many duck these days so not really an issue. Still got quite a lot of Bismuth 4s left which I bought well before retiring and am gradually using them up. At my current rate of useage I've got about five duck seasons worth left, but that's assuming I'm spared that long OB
  8. There`s a few of those here in Kent -: Wrotham pronounced Rootum Meopham pronounced Mepum and of course Trottiscliffe pronounced Trosley OB
  9. We had oak work tops fitted about six years ago and the tops received four coats of Osmo Top Oil high solid 3028 clear satin (oil/wax combination) prior to being fitted and two coats after fitting. We were told that they 'might' need a further coat after one year, but so far even with fairly heavy use, they have remained spotless. My daughter and SIL by comparison had used Danish oil and after just a year their oak worktops are showing signs of staining etc. Theirs appear to be a far duller finish than ours. Ours being quite shiny albeit called 'satin' but seems to be far more hard wearing than Danish oil. I am convinced that the number of coats building up a non permeable and hard wearing finish is the key. OB
  10. PM sent MM regards picking them up for you if interested. OB
  11. I think that during a long winter feeding predominantly on rape you can detect a slight difference in flavour, as opposed to say feeding on harvest grain. OB
  12. The adverts for them say 2 year warranty. Try phoning them, they may just replace out of courtesy as they are only a few months outside the warranty period. Worth asking. OB
  13. Trust you to notice those TC Well done PC. Very good cause.
  14. Totally agree, you really should write a book Marshman. If not, perhaps a weekly report on here during the wildfowl season and then a series of anecdotes of Norfolk life. Your posts are always a joy to read. Keep them coming. OB
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