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  1. Not a great deal from the old GL, but it shows a bit more common sense than the wording of GL31
  2. I think that Ghilley on here loads 16g steel. Give him a try. OB
  3. I also like Salvage Hunters but that Drew Pritchard and his wife are so up their own bottoms. Despite that, it`s still a good programme. Feel sorry for Tee having to endure Drew`s self-opinionated chatter during those long drives around the country. OB
  4. Just read an interesting article in this weeks Shooting Times where Matt Cross asks Natural England`s Director of Strategy Implementation, Caroline Cotterell the following -: ST: "Despite repeated attempts at scaring, a farm suffered serious damage to a pea crop throughout the growing season. Can the farmer arrange for the pigeons to be shot over the pea stubble to reduce numbers and prevent damage next growing season ?" NE: " Yes, assuming that a crop such as peas - which will be vulnerable to serious damage by woodpigeons - is going to be sown by the farmer in the area." Her reply goes on to state that -: "lethal control of woodpigeons can be used where there is no alternative satisfactory solution. The farmer must take reasonable steps to prevent crop damage by other (non-lethal) methods, unless their use would be impractical, without effect or disproportionate in their circumstances.The farmer can authorise others to carry out shooting for them". I think that if this is correct, after all, a director of NE says so !, then this creates a good precedent to shoot pigeons over stubble, something that has appeared to be a grey area thus far. It also somewhat simplifies and makes more common sense to the precise wording of GL31. Sounds good enough to me. OB
  5. If you google -: thestickman.co.uk Run by Keith Pickering, he can provide images of game birds, dogs etc which are then either embedded in resin or he provides small clear plastic sheets 50mm x 50mm that you shape and set into the stick. Having said that, the image that you show looks like a metal/brass or enamel pheasant set in resin. Perhaps obtain a pheasant from tie pin or something and try that. OB
  6. Don`t have to prove that I`m an idiot or a reprobate, some of my previous posts do that quite successfully. Oh by the way, the knife thread, albeit derailed in places, was excellent and shows what an absolute talent that you have and shows how sympathetically in keeping the work was done. I`m sure that OF will be delighted, if he ever gets it back. Thanks for sharing its renovation with us. OB
  7. I bet there are many on here that have, in the past, sold nice guns and instantly regretted it. I know that I have. Once sold a W.R.Leeson 16g Sidelock ejector, albeit, sleeved, but nevertheless a lovely gun. OB
  8. That other Darne type gun is Zavettero Freres a link as follows -: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=zavettero+freres+shotgun&ie+UTF-8&hl+en-gb&client+safari OB
  9. TC, that's gone completely over my head, but being vertically challenged, most things do Please elaborate OB
  10. Thanks for that info John. Another maker, perhaps a family member as you mention was ZF, which I think was Z......... Frieres. Something brothers. My pal Stourboy has one as well as a Darne, both in 16g and they are identical in engineering, only the engraving differs. I think that the 27 or so inch barrels being French equate to 700mm which appears to be one of their standard lengths. As you say, expensive to buy new but cheap secondhand, in the UK anyway. Very much a Marmite gun as CaptC said. OB
  11. OF Are you referring to your knife, or Ditchy's nefarious deeds with fat Sarah ? OB
  12. Oh dear, I sincerely hope that my comments on that link were not too derogatory. The engineering and overall concept of the sliding breech is great. Getting used to it, however, is another thing. Once mastered, I'm sure that it would be effortless. They are good to shoot though. OB
  13. PMs not being received for some reason. I have PM'd you requesting your address by email. Thanks. OB
  14. Please be gentle with this old technophobe. I seem to be having trouble accessing PMs from various people on Pigeon Watch. As an example, I regularly communicate with Marshman and received a `pop up` notifying of his latest communication, but then had to wade through to find when we `first` communicated on a particular subject to find the latest one . I get a notification as a `Pop up` at the bottom of my PC. However, this doesn`t seem to appear as as a latest email in my in box. I`ve gone to `sort` and selected `latest on top` but have to wade through previous emails to find the latest one, if all that makes sense. It`s as if the `Sort` thingy isn`t working. Just recently (within the last hour) I sent CaptC a PM, and I think that he has kindly responded, but now cannot find either my PM or his response. I also posted in the Sales section a free DVD to which `Jif` has (I believe) sent a PM, but I`ve not received it. What am I doing wrong ? I thank anyone in advance of a reply, but please keep it in very simple layman`s terms. Many thanks, OB
  15. Don`t worry, you can pick an H&H Royal or even a pair of Badmintons for £12000 on Guntrader. That`s only about 600 days picking up OB
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