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  1. Nice project for someone. Dan Bromley`Barrelblacker` would make a lovely job of those barrels. OB
  2. That sir, is most impressive.
  3. Andrew, Many thanks for that, but they seem to be HP steel if that`s what `Supreme` means. I will make enquiries to Just cartridges, Thanks, OB
  4. Andrew, I would be pleased to know if and where you obtain standard steel cartridges in 16 bore. I too shoot 16 bores and have struggled to get standard steel, only HP steel which I’m reluctant to use in my 16s. Thanks in advance of any reply. OB But not 16 bores I’m guessing
  5. Looking good. Are you going to polish the copper or leave it with its natural verdigris patina? It`ll look good either way, but with more character if left. OB
  6. He’s going to absolutely love it. Thanks again Mel and Lin of course for your kindness. So very much appreciated. Best regards Chris
  7. In a recent correspondence with Mel b3, I happen to mention that my daughter is a carer for Downs syndrome boys and girls and one such lad very much admired my leather wallet made for me and acquired from Mel & Lin some years ago now. Imagine my surprise when coming back from a few days away to find a small package on the mat with the wallet so beautifully made and wonderfully personalised by Lin. This was a gift, but more so as I know it will be treasured by Ritchie when he receives it. There really are some kind, thoughtful and wonderfully talented people on Pigeon Watch. Many thanks to Mel & Lin for this lovely gift. OB
  8. Hi Gerald, Welcome to the forum where I hope that you will find a wealth of diverse and knowledgeable people, although from your qualifications and experience, you will no doubt be able to bring much to the forum. Where abouts in Kent are you? OB
  9. This is the one that I keep in the car. It`s a Michelin DPS (Digital Power Source) and works well. Coincidently, I had to use it only yesterday as, due to the sudden drop in temperature, a warning light came on indicating that the front offside tyre was under inflated. This has happened in the past when the drop in temperature obviously drops the pressure slightly, but enough to set off one or more of the sensors. I think that I paid £25 for it and it`s quite reassuring to have it on board. OB
  10. Totally agree. We need more of his tales of old on here. OB
  11. OF Nigel Brown`s book has it made in 1936 Lovely little gun and quite rare by all accounts. Please post pictures once you`ve had the stock done. OB
  12. Great report of your first day John and pleased that you did well. Bobbie looks a though he`s spotted another duck coming over. I think that we need to hear more of your punt gunning adventures as I`m sure they would make interesting reading. OB
  13. The Highlanders were made by B.Rizzini. The Lowlanders we’re made by Sabatti. McAvoy guns appear to be an importer of Sabatti, maybe they can assist. OB
  14. Lovely gun that and at a good price as has been said. The stock work by James (Demonwolf444) is what we have come to expect from his skill and expertise. Absolutely stunning. Enjoy owning and using the gun. OB
  15. I’m really not into that type of gun but found that a most interesting and entertaining read. Thanks for posting. Maybe more of your shenanigans in the future. OB
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