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  1. Old Boggy

    Binos, Try Before You Buy

    Totally agree. I bought a pair of 8x30 (High Eyepoint)Jenoptik Jena binoculars at a Game Fair about 20 years ago after trying out several on the stand and paid about £80 for them. These are suitable for a glasses wearer like me and I`ve never found any thing to compare. I`ve got a pair of 10x42 Hawke Nature Trek and also a pair of 10x42 Hawke Vantage, both of which have good reviews, but my old pair always seem better, or perhaps more suited to me. A bit grubby now but still my `go to` pair. Not quite sure what `High Eyepoint` means but they just suit me perfectly. I don`t think that they are made anymore as I`d like to get a new pair exactly the same.
  2. Old Boggy

    Second time on the stubble

    Best of luck Ditchie. If you get half the pleasure that I got from my session, you will return a happy man.
  3. Old Boggy

    Second time on the stubble

    Thanks JDog. Praise indeed.
  4. Whilst this should have been posted in Sporting Pictures, as I did not take any photos, then here I assume is more appropriate. This week saw me on a rape stubble. Several fields of rape had been cut and the first I looked at yesterday was covered in pigeons but was being disced so best left once the tractor had finished as the dust created was pretty extensive across the field with the current wind. This will be looked at later in the week as I've found that birds still find seed on a disced field and are still attracted to it, sometimes more so, for whatever reason. The second, three small fields in total had birds down with a steady flightline to and from all three fields. These fields were out on the marshes and being flat provided little cover other than reeds along the dykes but did provide a cooling breeze in the heat and were therefore my favoured option knowing that comfort was to be the overriding factor over a large bag. My time out also was restricted to just two and a half hours so better to be comfortable I thought. Fortunately the fields had been cut short around all the headlands so driving was easy without that nagging thought that the 18 inch stubbles would be doing damage to my ageing little 4x4's undercarriage. Set up with my newly acquired 'desert' net (thanks again Cranfield) to the front and a slightly higher net to the back I was soon in position with just a couple of floaters, half a dozen dead and breasted birds on cradles and a flapper. The wind was on my back and any birds approaching would be from behind to swing round into the decoys or in front from the far field. They mainly came from behind which gave some testing shots as they took me by surprise but swung nicely round into the decoys. Sometimes their shadows were seen on the ground giving warning of their approach which alerted me in readiness for what was then a relatively easy shot. In this instance, it was the thought that I had done something right with the layout that gave me most pleasure as they decoyed well. I ended up with just 17 birds and none lost which for me was a most satisfying and relaxing few hours out. Also seen that afternoon were a pair of marsh harriers and a little egret, the latter becoming more common in these parts. On returning home, just outside my village a large field of rape recently cut was still covered in pigeons despite my pal shooting 81 on that field on Saturday. He was able to sell on his bag but declined to go the next day as our local gamedealer would take no further birds. For me however, my little session was more than enough and in comfortable and isolated surroundings, so I purposely did not shoot what would have been the most productive field. Others no doubt would disagree, but I am most fortunate in being able to shoot whenever I wish and do not have the time, inclination, or stamina to shoot bags of 80+ but admire those, particularly PC et al, who regularly return with such bags. For me little and often suffices, also in the knowledge that my meagre returns are not wasted as we tend to eat pigeon at least once a week all year round, with any excesses given to friends and neighbours. Thanks for reading. OB
  5. Old Boggy

    Wireless thermostat

    You may have to explain that to the younger contingent on here.
  6. Old Boggy

    Using satellite images

    It does make you wonder when Brexit is 'finally' executed, what will be grown, as presumably farmers won't have to grow at least 3 crops as currently under EU rules. Could be a double edged sword. OB
  7. Old Boggy

    Using satellite images

    If it's any help, I often use Google Earth in conjunction with the Met Office weather forecast (for wind strength and direction) to determine in advance which field,hedgerow, ditch etc will be favourable to set up, having already assessed flightlines to and from any particular field. Of course it won't show current crops but is still a useful general guide, prior to a final assessment/reconnaissance on the day. If you are not familiar with the area that you intend to shoot, it will of course help in pinpointing any roosting woods, but reconnaissance is really the answer. It stands to reason that familiarity and knowledge of the cropping cycles will also be of great benefit. In short, Google can be used as an aide, but nothing will equal a good pair of binoculars and plenty of use in my opinion. OB Sorry, was typing reply when Marsh man gave a more concise response than mine
  8. Old Boggy


    It might be worth sending Cranfield a PM as he had quite a lot of pigeon and crow decoys for sale a few weeks ago. He is a nice guy to deal with but he lives in Kent so postage may be an issue as he preferred collection only. Worth a try though, OB
  9. Old Boggy

    Tree or big shrub recommendation

    Hopefully JDog will be along shortly, he is the PW Guru on such things. Just don`t even think about Leylandii. My humble suggestions would be something like Pittosporum, the larger forms of Ceanothus (Californian Lilac), Laurel, or even Eucalyptus Gunnii if kept well trimmed to retain the blue rounded leaves. However, JDog will no doubt advise better on the subject. OB
  10. Old Boggy

    Neighbours dog

    Go and get the dog and put it in your garden. See how they like it
  11. Old Boggy

    Bee attractor

    Had to Google that one JDog. If you had said Lamb's Ear, I would have known. It seems to be the various Hebes in my garden that are the main bee attractors so far. Normally my Buddleia Globosa attracts the bumble bees but no so for me this year. Other Buddleias just flowering so hoping to get a good selection of butterflies. As you say, all give much pleasure. OB
  12. Old Boggy

    Could this really be sciatica? (Juncker)

    Sciatica my ****. I've had a trapped sciatic nerve in the past and could hardly walk, let alone stagger back and forth and certainly didn't smile. I've also had too much whisky in the past and staggered exactly like Juncker complete with silly grin !! OB
  13. Old Boggy

    Successful Sweaty Stubble Shoot

    Well, that seemed to work OK for the bag, now let`s see if the hide appears ! If so, I feel that I am very slowly dragging myself into the 21st. Century. Thanks for your patience, OB Yes, success at last. Now hopefully I can remember how I did it for the future.
  14. Old Boggy

    Successful Sweaty Stubble Shoot

    I think, if I`ve done it correctly that there should be a photo of my bag
  15. Old Boggy

    cant speed up magnet

    No that's correct for the Southern Hemisphere