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  1. 12 Opinel knife handles I make it. What say you Ditchy ? OB
  2. Isetta Bubble car with single cylinder BMW engine. Bought for £18 and sold for £24 a year later. First proper car was a `Sit up and beg` Ford Popular, registration number OFN 753. Then went posh with a Mini Countryman Reg.No. 7351AC bought for £165. Wish that I still had some of the registrations. It`s funny how I can remember car reg. numbers from years back, but sometimes don`t know what day of the week it is ........ or who I am. OB
  3. Sign outside a secondhand furniture shop in Herne Bay, Kent -: `The Sofa King cheap shop` The owner also had a secondhand white goods shop he called -: `Sell Fridges` OB
  4. Nice photo JDog and you were fortunate to get that close. I once watched a buck do its trick of diverting potential predators (in this case merely a group of amblers) from its family, a doe and four leverets, by boldly showing itself and gradually edging away from the form, occasionally standing on its hind legs (in boxing mode) until it thought that the danger had passed. It then returned to its family. Utterly fascinating. Thanks for sharing and reminding us of the wonders of nature and its inbuilt preservation. As said, hares are quite scarce in many areas. At one time around here and at this time of year it was common to see them in the young wheat, but sadly now a rare occurrence. OB
  5. Sounds like fat Sarah You need Ditchy along to sort her out. Seriously, you're right they can and do eat anything. I do also agree that they eat ivy berries whenever that are available, regardless of temperatures. OB
  6. Vintage cartridge extractors have become quite collectible. Even more so, if they are a well known make. I have a couple in 16g and one in 12g. OB
  7. Blimey, I'm only glad that I don't shoot clays. All that chopping and changing, it would do my head in, but if it makes people happy and gives them confidence, then good luck to them. Having shot fixed choked SxSs for about 55 years, I cannot even remember which of the earlier guns had what chokes, but now know that my fixed choked guns, one SxS and one O/U have 1/4 & 1/2 which work for me. My multi choked O/U remains at IC & 1/4 (I think) and the chokes don't get changed, only removed occasionally for cleaning. I think that it's more important to find a cartridge that patterns well in a particular gun and stick with it. Confidence, plus being able to hold the gun straight and to shoot at ranges within one's ability, where live quarry is concerned, is all important in my book. OB
  8. That's a nice kit. Not often that you get a cartridge extractor included in kits these days. OB
  9. I fully endorse that sentiment. OB
  10. You forgot to mention knife resurrection Ditchy, which everyone now knows you are the Maestro. 'Hiding your light under a bushel' comes to mind. OB
  11. The title is not a recipe, but what I found in the crops of the few pigeons that I shot yesterday. The reason being that there is an apple orchard about a quarter of a mile away from my little wood but somewhere that I do not have permission to shoot. This orchard is adjacent to a much larger wood (again, not on my bit) where clearly the pigeons are feasting on the rotting windfalls. It just goes to show that they really are opportunist birds finding food wherever they can. There is an abundance of rape around this area, but they obviously prefer the easy pickings of the apples alongside their roosting wood and so obviating the need to travel any distance for a feed. I`m sure that this is quite a common occurrence As others have noted previously, pigeons will vary their diet regularly eating small snails, but surely those pigeons would have been of French descent and must have flown in across the channel. What other strange food has been found in pigeon`s crops, I wonder ? OB
  12. Is that the one with a remote control ?
  13. I took delivery of the Commander seat from A1 Decoys last week. A few quid off in discount being a PW (and BASC) member helped and it was delivered within two days. Pretty good I thought. It is very well made, albeit not exactly light, but adjustable in height and also backrest position and height, so should suit most people. I had chance to use it yesterday and found it most comfortable over the three or so hours I was out, with no resultant back ache whatsoever. All in all, I am very pleased with it, so thanks again to Spower for his initial recommendation. OB
  14. 200 years old !!! Was that put in to see if we were paying attention Mick OB
  15. Not in Essex, I know, but have you tried John Forsey Guns in Welling ? They have quite a range of semi-autos and I know they stock left handers. OB
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