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  1. I can only guess that there wasn`t any other available food in the area, as I`ve never noticed much interest shown on volunteer rape. You did very well on that occasion.
  2. This to my mind is the best post so far on this subject and one that I can totally relate to. Good for you Islandgun. OB
  3. Good to hear that you are well. Still no news on that Enticer though !!
  4. As title, I was wondering if Dave (Tightchoke) is OK, only he`s not been active on here for some time and I miss his sometimes cryptic comments, but more especially his helpfulness in all matters. I sincerely trust that he is OK. OB
  5. Unfortunately the farms that I shoot on no longer swath their rape. A common practice a few years ago, but as you say, spraying off seems to be the predominant method these days. I have had some really good shooting over swathed rape in the past, but being careful not to venture onto the swathed rows as the pods are very vulnerable at that stage and any disturbance easily sheds the seed. I was led to believe that the inevitable drop in yield (cast seed) was offset by the saving on spraying off. Obviously, views on this have now generally been reversed and spraying off with glyphosate is the norm. As everyone experiences, once the moisture content is between acceptable levels and no lower than 6% once sprayed off, then combining begins in earnest. Penalties in terms of loss of revenue to the tonnage rate are made if the moisture content is too high or too low. It`s always interesting to note how much seed is still spilt even with modern machinery as after harvest, the field very soon greens up with volunteer rape. This obviously is just as well, as it`s what gives us such good shooting at this time prior to the seed sprouting. I just wonder whether the spilt seed is prior to harvest and spilt naturally, or by the cutter bar. Has anyone ever had good shooting over volunteer rape ? The pigeons just don`t seem interested in what would appear to be a succulent food. Perhaps it`s that there is more appetizing food available at that time. Most of the rape is now cut or being cut around here, so just waiting for the pigeons to show an interest after being on triticale stubble for that last week or so. OB
  6. Yep, I went there around Noon and all shut.
  7. I think that the appeal of them for the French, who predominantly shoot, or shot walking up, so the lightness of the gun being an advantage and the slowness of reloading was not a real problem. Still good to own something of an aberration I think, if not just as a talking point. OB
  8. The difficulty in fitting, i.e. casting the stock over, is due to the fact that they have a long stock 'screw' not bolt, which goes from breech and screws back into the wood of the stock. Whilst it is a pretty rigid design, it does make casting 'on' or 'off' impossible. Therefore I understand that casting of the stock has to be requested at the manufacturing stage. I can concur with John that trigger pulls can be on the heavy side and difficult to adjust. Having said that, the one that I've used on occasion, was pleasant to shoot with lighter loads. OB
  9. Even closer to me so will have to have a look shortly. Always keen to give local shops (especially gunshops) a bit of businesses. OB
  10. I bet that you were a good swimmer then
  11. Well, what can I say. Ordered yesterday with an anticipated delivery between Saturday and Monday. They were delivered today !! So well done A1 Decoys. Excellent service. OB
  12. Cannot make any promises for a big bag next week but at least between us we can count up to twenty on our fingers. If we were Norfolkians, that would be twenty four 😀
  13. That sounds far too technical for this old Luddite My cocoa tins and length of string don't have apps.
  14. Denny, delays are forecast on the A12 passport control checkpoint. Also, the Essex paaand has dropped dramatically against the Norfolk groat OB
  15. Having mislaid my clicker, I decided that I would get another as a replacement. My shooting these days doesn't necessarily warrant using one as my bags of any note are generally between 20 and 30. On stubble, it's fairly obvious what's been shot and where, but when on rape I like to know how many should be picked. Anyway, ordered one with that 'river' company and the total cost including delivery was the princely sum of ..... wait for it.......£1.95. I did note that delivery was stated between 1st and 12th August and it was being sent (tracked) by China post !!!. Even so, how do they manage to do it so cheaply. It looks exactly the same as the one I've lost. I know, I know, I should try to buy British, but that's not quite so easy these days and every penny counts. As said, it's not needed urgently so delivery in this instance isn't a problem. Should have bought dozens and flogged them on here for a fiver each OB
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