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  1. Tightchoke must be having a snooze. It`s only a 140 mile round trip for him. OB
  2. My flock coated decoys have a slot and a hole in the base for the lofting hook to fit into. They have over the years worked a bit loose (floppy), so I fill the decoy with expanded foam to form a firm fit, if that makes sense. The lofting hook fits into the hole and cross slot nearest the tail. Hope this helps. OB
  3. So very sorry to hear of your sad loss. Life can be very cruel, but take solace in the memories of the good times spent together. Chris
  4. I am currently using them and have had a form back from my GP to authorise the surgery to send MedCert the required information on my behalf. They seemed to get in touch with my GP pretty quickly after I engaged them, so am ever hopeful of a speedy response. Kent Police have extended my certificate by 8 weeks due to Covid. My FEO who is very helpful said that the extension also gives cert holders time to get the medical record requirements sorted. OB
  5. I agree, Jim could teach some of the modern day writers in Shooting Times how to encapsulate the atmosphere of the day. Not that I read ST these days, the best writers are now sadly long gone. Don`t need magazines when we have all the wide experience of those on PW, plus the banter of course. Excellent write up and what sounds like an great day with a good bag at the end of it. Many thanks for posting. More of the same please Jim. OB
  6. I’m hoping that the Fenland will go ahead. Always look forward to that most years. Not quite the same now that the late John Humphreys doesn’t do the commentary, but still a good day out. OB
  7. I know that Boo has said previously that angled joints are relatively easy, but that is if you have his skill and his modesty. They really look fantastic and set the sticks off a treat. OB
  8. What a great write up which made excellent reading. Please don`t leave it so long next time. Perhaps a weekly report rather than annually . Well done. OB
  9. Superb workmanship as usual. Keep on posting. It’s always a joy to view your skill at those sticks. You must have quite a collection. OB
  10. I got two from Paul and they`re excellent value and good products. OB
  11. Good luck with the new toy. I sometimes find that a flapper works far better than a rotary as it can draw them right into the pattern. Every day is different though, as we know. OB
  12. Well done Jacko that was brilliant. Thanks for posting, via JDog. It`s sometimes difficult to pick a bird when so many are coming in at once, so you did well. Keep them coming. OB
  13. Now there’s a first. TC missing out on a sale 😂
  14. Can I suggest that before you go ahead and buy 15 full bodied flock coated decoys, consider the time and effort it would take to loft all 15. If using a standard set of poles they will only be lofted to about 25 feet. Personally I prefer to use just two decoys mounted on a wire cradle but using a few extra poles to reach a height of at least 40 feet (50 feet if possible). I think that two mounted as high as possible are more noticeable and effective than five or more lower down. I leave the pole in situ resting against a branch which makes it quicker and easier than faffing about with the stan
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