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  1. You are within the law providing no shot goes beyond your boundary and the noise causes no nuisance. However, as Walked up said, game birds normally taken on the wing so it would be deemed most unsporting. OB
  2. Another for Paul. I`ve not dealt with him before ordered a set of hide poles plus a bag and they were delivered most promptly. The poles are lighter than my old ones but still very strong and have a larger kicking `foot`which make them easier to get into the ground. First class product and service. Thanks Paul, OB
  3. What a great photo. I bet both you and the dog are eagerly awaiting your next trip out. Thanks for posting. OB
  4. What a lovely account of your trip out. A very persistent and well deserved retrieve by Bobbie. Thanks for sharing. OB
  5. Another great video Big Al. Thanks for sharing and posting. The dogs earned their sleep. Was that the delightful stone hide on the edge of Lough Neagh that was visible at the beginning ? Well done and look forward to your next, when normal service is resumed. OB
  6. Very well said MM. Totally agree. Having just returned from a little bit of a roost shoot where the total pigeons I shot was two, I also saw a small charm of goldfinches and the first flock of fieldfares this winter, plus of course the now common couple of buzzards, so all in all a lovely couple of hours out. It`s not always about the shooting. OB
  7. Does he no longer have an article in Shooting Gazette ? I`ve not seen a copy for months. OB
  8. They are brilliant. Well done indeed. OB
  9. You got me wondering, so I thought that I`d better check and attach a photo of what we`ve used. OB
  10. The directions on the tin said it was food safe and was recommended by the kitchen fitter. OB
  11. I have a pair of Howard Leight electronic muffs and as John above says, they can interfere with the gun mount. Also, as I wear glasses, I find that I get some noise ‘break in’ where there is a gap at the arms of the glasses. However, they are good when in company. When shooting alone I use a pair of Napier Pro 9 which cut out the noise far better, but don’t allow any other noise i.e speech or bird song etc. OB
  12. Our oak kitchen work tops were initially treated with around five coats of Osmo and have since had a couple of coats in the seven years and have remained like new. In contrast, my son in law was advised to use Danish oil on his and he is forever rubbing down removing stains etc after only having been installed for three years. My advice for him to use Osmo was ignored ! The younger generation always have to learn by their own mistakes and we know nothing it would seem. Osmo oil would therefore be my choice on the OP’s pine. OB
  13. Hi Lucas, If you go to the top of the ‘Craft & DIY’ section, Dinkield has pinned an excellent post showing you exactly what to do. OB
  14. Oooh, left hand stock as well. Even better for this southpaw shooter. When you say 28 bore barrels ‘as well’ does that mean you have 20 & 28 bore barrels for it ? When, or if, my numbers come up ( not much chance as I don’t do the lottery), that is the gun that I would aspire to, in 20 bore at any rate. Thanks for sharing. OB
  15. Me too. Farmer7, have you ever considered a 20g Macnab Highlander ? There`s one on Guntrader for £625 which is a good price. It was originally shown as a non ejector but this was queried and the advert has now been corrected to ejector as were all the Highlanders (I think). If you want something a little better looking (same gun internally) then there`s a sideplate version, but more than double the price, but still a nice looking gun and made by B.Rizzini, the better of the Rizzini clan. Worth a look. OB
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