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  1. LB, there appear to be two lots of marks listed, one is the proof marks,(Spain - PMT on Shotguns) but when I googled `Spanish trademarks - PMT on shotguns` (NOT Spain -PMT on shotguns) it came up with the same list that John listed. However, I`m still trying to work out what `***s` to a nun is. Perhaps I`m being thick here. OB
  2. If you google `Spanish gunmakers marks`, it comes up with `Spanish trademarks - PMT on shotguns` What pre menstrual tension has to do with guns, I`ve no idea OB
  3. Many thanks for the replies Dave and John. I think that I had already suspected it was knackered but still had to have a tinker. I’ve found a small local company (that has been highly recommended) that will deliver free and take the old one away for a nominal amount so will arrange that today. I don’t mind fitting it but it’s the humping and getting rid old the old one that I don’t mind paying extra for. OPP, thanks I will take your advice and check it while the guys are still here. Ben, thanks for your advice. I’ve never bothered insuring white goods as the cost over the period can far outweigh the initial cost of the item. Maybe I’ve been lucky and have never bought top of the range goods anyway. OB
  4. Are there any washing machine engineers who can give a bit of advice please. I’ve plumbed in plenty but never repaired them. Washing machine went through its normal cycle but did not spin out, only drained the water out. The drum would not turn. Took the back off to find the belt broken. It feels like the bearing has seized as the drum is very hard to turn. Tried some WD40 type stuff in the bearing which improved it a bit but it feels as though the bearing had ‘ovalled’ as it was hard to turn at some point of its revolution (if that makes sense). My question is, I would have thought that the drum should run very freely without the belt on, is this the case? A new machine is probably cheaper than a new bearing is my guess. Thanks for any comments. OB
  5. We used to keep a couple of goats (a Toggenburg and a British Alpine) as my lad suffered from asthma and I read that goats milk was good for that and eczema. I thought that it would be good for the kids to help out with the milking, mucking out etc. but the novelty soon wore off and I ended up doing the milking etc.every day. We did put one of them (goat that is ) to a male goat and had two kids, one nanny and one male. I was told at the time not to keep the male, feed it up to about six months and then cull it, which we did. I must say that the meat when cooked in a slow cooker was delicious. Tried other cooking methods which didn`t turn out quite so well as the slow cooking. Never found it bland whatever method was used. Also never tried it curried, so cannot comment on that. OB
  6. That’s what makes this forum special. Generous and helpful people abound amongst its members. A good free offer from Mickanles and kind thoughtfulness from Marsh man. You just cannot beat that. Well done both. OB
  7. Come on John (Marsh man). Just down the road from you and that manual flapper will get you back to basics and keep you fit whilst in the hide 😂 OB
  8. Hi Bill, Never an easy decision whether to have the other knee done or not. One of my shooting pals now in his 80s had quite a lot of grief with the first one for a few months and was hesitant on getting the other one done, but now he’s glad he did and timed both operations immediately after the duck season to allow him a bit of recovery for the beginning of the next season. Good luck with whatever you chose. Kind regards Chris
  9. Morning John, Funnily enough, I put them up in my ‘space’ and she said that they are too good to be hidden, so has agreed to have them in the front room. You’re right about how the years go by so quickly. Just have to savour every moment. Thanks Bill. You’re so right, in my head I feel about 30-40 but try to do anything too energetic for too long and your body soon tells you differently. Hope that you are now fully recovered from your ops.
  10. Thanks Dave. Try to forget birthdays these days, well mine anyway, not nearest and dearest’s of course. Thank you. I’ve watched it being done and as you say, not at all easy. I greatly admire people with such talent. Thanks Mel. You no doubt can appreciate the time it takes having seen Lin’s lovely work.
  11. I was given these two pyrographic pictures by a shooting pal yesterday as a birthday present, which as you can imagine, I was absolutely delighted with. He is a very talented guy and has done some amazing work. Felt that I just had to share my good fortune receiving these bespoke images. They are already hanging on the wall in what I erroneously refer to as my office, but what is in fact a space under the stairs, the only space in our tiny abode where I`m allowed to indulge my passion. OB
  12. I am enjoying your recent write ups Scully, so please keep them coming. The odd photo of those wonderful views would certainly be a bonus and most welcome. Thanks for posting.
  13. What a lovely report of your day out. It’s good to hear that you’re out and about with gun again and enjoying what we like best. Also good that youngsters (assuming Rod is under three score years and ten) look after us oldies when they need to. The ability to drive up to the hide position certainly makes for an easier day. That was a good bag. Glad that you are on the mend. Many thanks for posting. OB
  14. I just had to watch the re-run of that just to see him get it wrong after explaining all about the planets. The look on his face was classic.😂😂
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