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  1. I remember whilst still working getting a puzzled look from a younger staff member when I happen to mention that I used to listen to the hit parade on the wireless. She didn't have a clue what I was talking about Mind you, there's probably a few on here don't either .......... and many many more who do Just waiting now for Tightchoke to come in with "Yea, my Grandad told me about that" Come on Dave, your comments please. OB
  2. I last used mine when my kids were young, so that must have been a few years ago as my son's 52 and the daughter's are 49 and 47. Why have I kept it that long ? Just might come in handy again sometime ........ now I know what it is OB
  3. Dad, good to see that none were wasted. Good report by the way. OB
  4. That, Sir is taking stick making to another level. Makes my amateurish efforts pale into insignificance. Wonderful craftsmanship. Thanks for sharing your skill with us. OB
  5. What did you end up doing with the 110 pigeons that were shot ? OB
  6. Here`s a couple that I`ve done in the last few days. The left one blackthorn, the right hazel.
  7. Yes I think that Bottletopbill ,Tightchoke and Kernel gadaffi are right, it`s the bike spoke tightener (and loosener) thingy. Cannot remember when I last used it, haven`t had a bike for years, but you never know, may come in useful one day . Thanks everyone, OB
  8. That reminds me of Compo showing Nora Batty what he had in his matchbox
  9. I`ve just found this in the shed and cannot for the life of me remember what it`s for. It`s quite a common object which I`m sure that I`ve used many times but my brain cell just will not function. Please don`t say tape measure ! This premature senility is a dreadful thing OB
  10. That's a good report of a lovely day out with family ChrisWill184 You should post more often of your days out in the field. Hopefully you will when this crisis is over. Thanks for posting. OB Nice report MM. That's another season they cannot take away. All in the game book I have no doubt. Looking forward to what next season brings I'm sure. OB
  11. I found that using the weighted loops, after a while the slot in the bottom of the decoy became enlarged causing the decoy to become 'floppy'. This I solved by filling them with expanding foam thus creating a new fixing for the point of the loop, if that makes sense. Also I now use a homemade wire cradle taking just two decoys with a looped (upturned U) that pushes into the foam. This is left in the top section and further sections added as the pole goes up through the branches, made easier by resting on a branch on the way up. I now can loft up to ten sections i.e 50 foot with the pole left in position. Normally a standard set of poles using five decoys and loops hoist the decoys up to about 33 feet ( 25 feet plus about 7 at a stretch). I've found that just two decoys hoisted to a higher level are more visible and effective than five lower down. 30 odd feet up into a tree sometimes is just not enough. The pole leaning up against the tree doesn't appear to put the pigeons off. I hope that the above makes sense and is of some help. OB
  12. Go on kiss and make up .........Oh better not
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