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  1. Started cutting the maize around here for biofuel two weeks ago. Some fields cultivated within a couple of days of being cut so cannot always wait for pigeon numbers to build up but shoot it as soon as some interest is shown. Last year was especially good as strong wind and rain flattened the maize leaving many cobs on the ground that the combine couldn’t get to. OB
  2. I think that barrel length is very much a personal thing, so whilst short barrels may suit one person but not another. My 20g Macnab Highlander has 29 inch barrels which I find suit me well but perhaps that`s the overall feel and fit of the gun and not necessarily the barrel length. Having shot with short barrels previously (12g AYA 25 BLE) I found that they are quick to start, but quick to stop. Ideal for snap shooting but need a concerted effort to maintain the swing. That`s just my take on it, others probably find things differently. OB
  3. Went out to find some sloes today at my normal spots only to find very few in evidence, so it looks like the damson vodka will be alone in the shed this year. The two morello cherry trees in my garden were also virtually devoid of fruit this year, so any there were left for the birds to enjoy. It appears to be a regional thing to do with the weather at pollination time as Figgy said, so good luck to MM and anyone else who has an abundance of sloes. OB
  4. Looking forward to this. It's going to be very interesting and something that I've always wanted to do. Maybe one day. Thanks for posting thus far Alan. OB
  5. Please make time in the near future as I and many on here would love to see the progress of your excellent and obvious skill. That case is something to be extremely proud of. Great workmanship. OB
  6. If you do manage to get one, don't leave it on permanently as the dye from the leather will leech into the wood of the stock in time leaving a dark stain which is pretty difficult to remove. I once bought a gun with this thinking it would be easy to remove with bleach and rubbing down etc. How wrong was I. OB Good one JDog
  7. Nigel Brown`s British Gunmakers Vol.2 states -: "Thomas Dainteth, 82 Bridge St, Warrington, Lancs c,1886-c94, 138 Bridge St. c,1897, 121 Bridge St. c,1901-c.30 Dainteth & Co.58 Orford Lane 1955-57" Maybe the later listing was someone having bought the name, but just guesssing here. However, Boothroyd spells the name `Dainteith`, Brown spells it `Dainteth` and the above posts spells it `Daintith` so only the spelling on the rib of the gun may give the correct spelling. Hope that this helps. OB
  8. Is this correct that the licence has to be completed by the seller as there appears to be differing views on this or maybe it`s the discretion of individual RFDs. I`m just about to sell a gun privately and thought that my certificate can be filled out by my RFD and the buyer`s by his RFD without the need for any certificate to be sent anywhere. Stand to be corrected here, but interested nevertheless. OB
  9. That was a good report MM. Many thanks for sharing with us and good of you to give a youngster some shooting which I`m sure he thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated your efforts. Like you, I get as much pleasure nowadays watching someone else doing the shooting so long as I have a few shots, although you`ve got years on me, well one year anyway . Fodder radish/turnips not grown in these parts so thanks for enlightening me on that as I noticed the crop when last up your way and did wonder. ATB OB
  10. When I first heard that one it was 'WENDY' and 'WELCOME TO NEW YORK, HAVE A NICE DAY'
  11. Totally agree. I always wondered how they were propelled. Like Wymberley, I often stumbled across mortar bombs on the beach and cliffs as a kid, but the procedure then was to contact the local Bobby who would then get the bomb disposal squad to come and blow them up. Great to watch. However, the procedure if you trod on one was to throw yourself up fifty feet in the air and deposit your body parts over a large area Thanks Blackadder. OB
  12. Known in my day as a pearl necklace
  13. I can quite understand people having them for personal reasons and have seen some absolute heart wrenching poems etc of lost loved ones tattooed and can fully understand that. Also, I don't judge people that have tattoos, just wonder sometimes how they justify the expense against clearly other more important and needy things in their lives. What I don't understand is the somewhat bizarre patterns that you see tattooed. What's that all about ? I'm clearly missing something here. Must be an age thing. OB
  14. Or a "B" if your name's Bob Only a 'provisional' member TC ? Don't believe that for one minute
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