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  1. Funnily enough, just set another sharks tooth in resin and it’s worked really well. Previously I think it was too cold in the shed (last winter) and it took an age to go off. Just found some brass sheet, so off we go. OB
  2. Old Boggy


    Not so grand as yours, but one I made from some bits of roe antler. Seems to work OK. OB
  3. Very nice Boo. Do you use the plastic or set them in resin? Not yet tried the plastic and have had mixed results with resin. I do like the effect that the brass spacers give. Very classy. Just doing a couple of thumb sticks now so will look out some brass as I would like to try your idea. Thanks for sharing. OB
  4. You have to get up early to beat Dave 😂 OB
  5. Leicestershire. There’s loads all over that county.
  6. You can get ointment for Cromer crabs 😭
  7. I will therefore refer to my O/Us as having semi-pistol grips in future and not POW grips. Many thanks for the clarification. OB
  8. Thanks for clarifying that. So my O/Us have half pistol grips and not POW grips (I think !). Assuming half pistol is the same as semi pistol. Certainly sounds better than ‘round knob’ ! OB
  9. Beat me to that Dave. I was trying to find a photo of the one that I made with buffalo horn capping each end and the business end filled with lead and a leather lanyard. Unfortunately, I left it somewhere in the field, so have got to make another sometime. As said, it`s important to pin the caps. I don`t think that it`s entirely necessary to add lead as I did, as the weight of the antler is probably heavy enough. OB
  10. Totally agree. I use RC 28grm fibre wads 6s in my 16s and find them superior to Eley VIPs. Once you find a cartridge that suits, I think confidence then kicks in and you shoot better. Also, you know that any misses are down to user error without blaming the cartridge. OB
  11. Agreed, 7 1/2 lbs is too heavy for a 16 but each to their own I suppose. I did have a 16g Highlander for a short while and whilst it felt OK in the shop, once I used it in the field, I realised that it wasn`t for me. I have therefore stuck to my 16g Prestige (6 lbs 4 oz), my 20g Highlander (6 lbs)and of course my `not to be got rid of`16g side by sides,(all around 6 lbs) which I now use predominantly. Still waiting for someone to produce 16g steel (not HP) cartridge to use in my Prestige for my occasional duck shooting as I`m now running out of my rather expensive stash of Bismuth.
  12. That 16g for sale at Essex Gun weighs 7 lbs 7 1/2 oz. However, it’s a good price for a good gun and if it feels OK to you and not too heavy, then I’m sure that you won’t be disappointed. Well worth a look. Failing that, you could always take a trip across the Dartford bridge to Kent and have a try out of my 16g Lincoln Jubilee Prestige to see if they suit. Sorry, not for sale though ! OB
  13. The Highlanders were made by B.Rizzini. The Lowlanders by Sabatti, so as said, the Highlanders are far better guns. However, the 16g Highlander whilst a nice gun, weighs in excess of 7 lbs. I have a 20g Highlander and it’s a lovely gun to shoot and weighs 6 lbs. OB
  14. Just looked up the spec for the 16g Rizzini RB and it weighs in the region of 7 lbs 3 oz, so whilst it may be built on a dedicated action, it is, in my opinion (for what that`s worth) still heavy for a 16g. I would have thought that the ideal weight for a 16g O/U is between 6 lbs 4 oz to 6 lbs 8 oz going on the 96/1 old established weight to load ratio. However, like many guns, perhaps the Rizzini guns are so well balanced, that the weight feels right in the hand. I`m never likely to find out as sadly, they are now well beyond my budget. Anyone who`s never owned or tried a 16g i
  15. Maybe, but you do meet such a nice class of person in your dreams.
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