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  1. I head somewhere, that in later life, due to his mobility problems, his wife Prue used to set him up in his hide, put out the decoys, leave him to it and then pick him up at a pre-determined time. On one occasion, she left him with no cartridges. It was of course in the days before mobile phones. If that story is true, I can imagine the language being somewhat colourful on her return. OB PS A couple of years ago, I did handle his old Webley 700 (bequeathed by him to Will Garfit) and it was so worn, you could punch wads out with the muzzles !!
  2. Old Boggy

    Passports after Brexit

    Yes you're probably right there. I guess that the English company thought that they were automatically going to get the contract and jacked the price up. That's greed for you. OB
  3. Old Boggy

    Passports after Brexit

    What, the ones that are being produced in France ?? OB
  4. Old Boggy

    Jack's game

    Just got the box out and the volumes are as follows -: Coarse fishing (includes bass fishing off Herne Bay) That`s when you were allowed to catch them !! I knew some of the guys in the film. Gean Tree Furniture Heavy Horses Appleby Fair (this one includes `Pigeon Decoy`) Pony Riding Sheep Dogs Blackmore Vale (this one includes pheasant shooting) Pigeons (on a barley stubble) Fish Hooks Saving the Countryside There are generally four of five programmes on each DVD covering topics other than the titles so many many programmes. All interesting stuff, but I do remember seeing quite a lot of these originally so wondered at the title `Lost Episodes` until I read the booklet accompanying them which goes into detail that they were recovered by Jack`s Stepson Simon from being thrown away ! Once I get round to viewing them, I can lend them to anyone who would be interested. Sorry but as they were a present, I cannot then sell or give them away. OB
  5. Old Boggy

    Jack's game

    I totally agree MM. My first port of call when opening Shooting Times was Country Gun then Town Gun. Never been the same since although I do occasionally read it even now, but not the same anymore. OB
  6. Old Boggy

    Jack's game

    If you find one with 'Lobster Farming' on, I was there when it was being filmed at Reculver where they bred lobsters. It was fascinating to watch the lobster shed its shell and you ended up with effectively two lobsters side by side, one small shell and the other slightly bigger soft lobster newly emerged. Well worth finding and watching. OB
  7. Old Boggy

    Jack's game

    I've not had chance to watch them yet, but will let you know. I'm sure that they'll be fascinating. I've got some of Jack's Game as the one above with Archie Coats and other pigeon shooting videos on cassette and keep meaning to get them put onto DVDs. I understand that is possible. Just got to find a place that does it locally. OB
  8. Old Boggy

    Midland game fair

    Had an email 'pop up' thingy from A1 Decoys asking for help finding 'Ammo' their 15 month old springer that went 'missing' from the Midland. They asked for it's return with 'no questions asked'. Hopefully it is returned to the rightful owner once the microchip is checked by the new 'recipient', who no doubt will have paid a good sum for the dog from its second 'owner' !! OB
  9. Old Boggy

    4x4 for £2.5k

    Cannot comment on X-Trail or Terrano, but I've had a Vitara and currently got an old 3 door RAV4 just for shooting and can fully recommend either for reliability and good off road ability. OB
  10. Old Boggy

    Jack's game

    I got given a boxed set of 10 Jack Hargreaves DVDs for my 70th birthday recently entitled 'The Lost Episodes'. His programmes were a must to watch on a Friday evening. Met him a few times when he came to the Southern Television open boat fishing competitions off Herne Bay in the 70s. The likes of his programmes are never likely to be shown again. Whilst reminiscing, anyone remember a 15 minute programme on BBC I think by Macdonald's Hastings called 'The Other Mr Churchill' on the life of gunmaker Robert Churchill. OB
  11. Old Boggy

    Just what the doctor ordered

    Like you MM, I`ve got a few fields of bean stubble with plenty scattered over the surface with not a pigeon in sight. In the past I`ve made reasonable bags (for me anyway 30-50) on beans, but not so this year. Still plenty about on the disced maize though, so that`s my next short foray out. OB
  12. Old Boggy

    A day at the Seaside

    Any particular reason. I trust that he is well. I do miss his self deprecating style of writing, plus of course his horticultural knowledge and input. OB
  13. Old Boggy

    Another new gun?

    My oh my, I did wonder why you only see his initials referred to on this forum. OB
  14. Old Boggy

    Another new gun?

    Oops, maybe I've just got myself 2 points from the Mods, although I would have thought that if good service is received from a gunshop, they should be praised. OB
  15. Old Boggy

    Saturday great day out

    What did you do with the ferals ? OB