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  1. Perhaps I should get some and just wear them at home when the wife`s in !
  2. Old Boggy

    Lark decoy

    This reminded me of the old French song `A`loutte` (spelling !), anyone remember it ? Used to sing it at school. Translated it was about plucking a lark ready for eating. I bet the snowflakes if they`ve ever heard it, would go mental, or more mental than they already are. All part of French life then, possibly still is. OB
  3. Hi Dave, Regrettably, I am a little more that `slightly` deaf so require something that enhances speech when shooting in company. I may well look into Emtec. Thanks for your reply.
  4. Hi Dave, May I ask if the passive ones allow normal conversation ? Also, being pretty deaf, I fear that without the digital ones enhancing the normal speech/noise, I would not get any benefit. Shooting alone would be OK, but I often share a hide when pigeon shooting and conversation/banter is the order of the day. I suppose that I could try the passive and then upgrade if and when necessary. I cannot get on with 'cans' and currently use Napier Pro 9 which are good but obviously don't enhance any surrounding noise/speech. OB
  5. I take your point JDog , but if I reported my recent trips out, I think that I would be noted as a boring old f-a-r-t, but here goes anyway -: Tuesday of this week saw Stourboy and myself venture out for one of our short trips on a field of rape that, unlike what I read of 'up North', is doing quite well. I had seen a few in the trees the day before but on Tuesday there were only a very few and none down feeding. Our hopes therefore weren't high, but it was a bright day, no wind and as a consequence not condusive to a big bag or anything, which has been the norm of late. As we are both beyond our three score years and ten, the long walk to our chosen hide position laden with all the impedimenta necessary, was a bit of a struggle but kept the heart going .... just. We set up with the rotary complete with hypaflaps (no real birds kept from the last trip !) and a dozen flocked half shells. Our expectations were not high so we engaged in our normal 'putting the world to rights' conversation. What we then witnessed were small flocks passing over high due to little wind, but then some diving down from a good height to join our little pattern. They were decoying similar to those on drilling. We must have had something right. For a while we were treated to some cracking shooting (and missing) and managed about eight in the first half an hour. Not a lot by some standards, I know, but quite good for us particularly so at present. One element of our forays out is our lunch which has developed from a few sarnies, to pork and pickle pies (Stourboy even brought some mustard), cold sausages, fruit cake, chocolate bars and this week two large chunks of chocolate and courgette cake. I would add at this point that Stourboy's wife is good with all things 'cake' and supplies some wonderful stuff. I generally do the savoury bits. It's the only chance that I get to eat cake. My wife doesn't do cake, or much else if I'm honest. We never know what the other is going to bring to share so there's always a surprise. Anyway, during a lull, where it seemed that there wasn't a pigeon in the whole county, we set to and ate our lunch. We had the odd shot after 'lunch' and ended our short trip with 15 between us with none lost thanks to Stour boys lab Decker who does a great job marking and retrieving and thus saving our ageing legs. Another of the highlights of our trips out is watching the dog work, picking up the scent of any unmarked birds etc. We were more than happy with our 2 1/2 hours out and were even happier once we'd carried everything back to the car. Ours is more of a social event, much banter, the odd eye wipe and we always end with "That's another day they can't take away from us". The bag at the end of the day is unimportant, it's the getting out which is the main objective. There you go JDog, I bet that you wished you hadn't mentioned it now ! OB
  6. Not the motorised hypaflaps, but I do on occasion use hypaflaps on the rotary when I don't have real birds and they seem to work OK. On one occasion over rape, I started off with hypaflaps working well and changed to real birds after having decoyed and shot a few. They just didn't decoy anywhere near as well, so I changed back to hypaflaps and was immediately back in business. I put it down to the extra movement of the flapping of the wings on that particular day. As we all know, one day a rotary/flapper will work, another day it will put the birds off. Each day is different of course and experimenting is key. OB
  7. That's a lovely story Ditchy. It certainly proves that there really are some kind and thoughtful people about and your daughter is up there amongst them. It shows that you reap what you sow and is a true testament to her good upbringing and knowing the right thing to do. As already said, you must be very proud and rightly so. She truly is a credit to you. OB
  8. Another great video Big Al. Thanks for posting and keep 'em coming.
  9. I'm with you on this one Islandgun. My 20g Macnab Highlander is my 'go to' gun and handles like a dream. That Patrick Keen knew was he was doing when he got B.Rizzini to make them. Pity they're not still produced. The nearest is the B.Rizzini Aurum at more than double the price and without the solid top rib. For those in the 'side by side' club, I still like to use one of my side by sides, especially in my favoured 16g. OB
  10. I think he gave up that in 2018. Now it’s Oscar Waktare I think. OB
  11. Was in Rayleigh at the daughter's last weekend and would have had these. A bargain for someone. PM sent anyway. OB
  12. Nigel Brown's book states under regional 'gunmakers' -: William Hensman, 19 Bridge St. Boston, Lincs c.1913-c. 20. Hope that helps. OB
  13. Very sorry to resurrect this thread after 2 1/2 years, but I realise that I firstly I didn't thank Dodeer for suggesting John Forsey as a good contact for 16g steel cartridges and secondly follow up with what JF supplied for anyone interested. What John Forsey was able to get me was a slab of 16g Clever Mirage in HP steel. However, I was a little reluctant to use them in my 16g Lincoln as it wasn't proofed for HP, i.e. It didn't have the Fleur de Lys stamp. Others on here said go ahead and shoot them, but I ended up selling them and continued with Bismuth for my occasional duck shooting. Really this is a heads up to anyone who wishes to purchase 16g HP steel as John Forsey can supply them. I'm sure that there are other stockists in the UK that can do similar, but I have always found JF to be very helpful and a great guy to deal with. OB
  14. There are a couple of English (probably Birmingham) 25 inch BLEs on Guntrader, both with Churchill ribs -: 12g Playfair 25 inch with 15 inch stock £550 12g T.Adsett 25 inch with 14 5/8 inch stock in original case £850 Might be worth a look. OB
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