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  1. Old Boggy

    Stock checkering tools

    Ghilley, just checking whether you received those checkering bits I sent you on 5th.January. Trust that you are OK, but you haven`t replied to my PMs. OB
  2. Old Boggy

    28 in a 20 bore

    I shoot 20 bore and 16 bore and have separate cartridge bags for each, colour coded on the straps with tape, i.e yellow for 20g and blue for 16g. I also have separate bags for non toxic shot for my duck shooting similarly colour coded but clearly marked 'non toxic'. However, I once grabbed the wrong 16g bag (non toxic) for pigeon shooting and found myself using Bismuth (about £1 a throw) on the pigeons. It did improve my kills to cartridge ratio, or perhaps made me more selective on easier shots. Never made that mistake again . OB
  3. Old Boggy

    28 in a 20 bore

    I use Could have cleared more than the nasal passages JDog !! OB
  4. Old Boggy

    William Powell perdix

    I too have a Macnab Highlander (B.Rizzini) and cannot fault them. Have had three in all. There are a couple of nice sideplated Highlanders on Guntrader at less than half the price of a Perdix so would allow plenty of money to have them fitted. Just a thought. OB
  5. Old Boggy

    Where did they go?

    Very good advice from one who knows. OB
  6. Old Boggy

    Butt pad, sanding to fit

    Brilliant idea TC
  7. Old Boggy

    winchester 101 hard to break

    I used to own a best quality Pape BLE which by design had what I think was known as a single cocking dog (perhaps Gunman can correct me on that) instead of two individual cocking levers protruding from the knuckle of the action. This meant that when both triggers were fired, the pressure in cocking the springs was double, acting on one lever only to cock both springs and seemed excessive. It was OK when only one trigger was fired. I don't think that there was anything at all wrong, but was by design. It appeared that the leverage required was quite great as the single 'dog' did not protrude from the action knuckle but was under and at the front of the action (if that makes sense). Again, perhaps Gunman can confirm what I believe to be the case. There was no doubt a patent taken out for this. I was once told or read (I think In a Dig. Hadoke book) that the 'single cocking dog' was only used on better quality boxlocks, but was never totally convinced as the design seemed a little less straight forward than normal. OB
  8. Old Boggy

    Clockwise Or Not ?

    You obviously were and looked younger then, (nearly 11 years ago) but look decidedly happier these days. Also, I note that you angle one arm of the rotary higher than the other, as I do myself, or maybe it`s just the angle of the photo. Thanks for looking out the photos and posting. OB
  9. Old Boggy

    On Demand Shooting

    I see what you did there PC. Your aim certainly pleases the farmers, not so the pigeons. OB
  10. Old Boggy

    Are side by side guns obsolete

    Any chance of a photo of your Pape. I had a 16g Best quality boxlock Pape BLE built in 1901 and also another BLE built in 1911. No doubt that you have received details of your Pape from the current owner of the Pape records, Rodney Ford. OB
  11. Old Boggy

    On Demand Shooting

    Like you MM, I would be happy with 20 birds and would then head for home. I admire PCs absolute dedication and then after a gruelling session, to have the patience to set out the bag in true PC immaculate style for the photo. Well done that man. OB
  12. Old Boggy

    Are side by side guns obsolete

    I have shot for most of my life with side by sides, having owned (and now regretted selling, mainly for financial reasons) some lovely English guns. It is only in the latter years that I've used O/Us and find that I shoot reasonably well with them, if not a bit better than previously. As Dave at Kelton has rightly said, the fit of an O/U is not quite so critical as that of a SxS so I suspect that my SxSs were not quite right in terms of fit, exacerbated probably by my shooting style, or lack of it. In the early days, however, we didn't even know too much about chokes, let alone gun fit, but just made do with what we had. My 16g Lincoln Prestige (proper scaled down action) and my 20g Macnab Highlander are my 'go to' guns, but the 16g AYA still has its place when walking up or I feel the need to 'itch' the side by side 'scratch'. For me, the side by side still retains the pleasure of ownership, feels lively in the hand and is a joy to use. I couldn't and have never been without at least one in the cabinet. There are some real bargains to be had right now in the S/H SxS market so no excuse for everyone not to own one (or two). So if anyone has an old 16g Dickson round action that is taking up space in their cabinet going for peanuts, please let me know. One can but dream. OB
  13. Old Boggy

    Clockwise Or Not ?

    The rotary I use (15 or so years old from UKShootwarehouse - their lightweight version) allows adjustment of the angle of the arms. I generally have one laying almost horizontally and the other about 30-40 degrees (if that makes sense). Thus when rotating, the pigeons, whether dead birds or artificial (hyper flaps), don't look as though they are on a merry go round (to quote PC above). I do however have each pigeon tilting inwards as if in landing mode. Seems to work for me .......mostly. OB
  14. Old Boggy

    On Demand Shooting

    As many others on here do, I always look forward to and enjoy your weekly Saturday evening report. It certainly is a good distraction from some of the carp that I have to endure that the wife watches on the television. This report indicates your experience telling you which location to possibly avoid in favour of a better and more productive opportunity. Something that some of us (well me anyway) would probably settle for the first opportunity of pigeons seen. Well done and thanks again for posting. OB
  15. Old Boggy

    Plant ID

    Thanks JDog. I thought that it might be one of the David Austin roses. OB