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  1. Hedge Many thanks, more good advice which will be taken on board. I think my friend and I have found a "skinny" flight line at the farm this weekend. Had some nice ones, twos and threes committing to the pattern (at the moment it is a stationary pattern of half shells, with dead birds added as shot)... only trouble was we both shot poorly this time! Still a handful of birds for the pot and another lesson learned. I also borrowed my Boss' semi auto to try and despite a thorough clean the day before it was not cycling well, and was inconsistent. Don't get me wrong, I did not shoo
  2. Cheers Motty, will keep that saying in mind. Upon giving it some more thought I think it was as much about the fact that birds are still hitting the winter rape hard (as opposed to drillings) where I am in Essex. From above, I think the wind definitely went against me. Unfortunately the farmer didn't sow any winter rape for this year and I will have to make best with what he has sown. Oh well, still a lot to learn! Not seen huge numbers like 1000+ on fields where I have permission... put it this way would be very happy with a bag of 40. It isn't a huge farm and I count myself fa
  3. Gentleman I am very grateful you have taken your time to post these useful tips and comments. These will all be taken on board in the future. Old'un - it was more a case that the numbers were apparent when we set up, they were walked off and simply did not return. It was as though the wind was spooking/keeping them at bay. Also, despite our best efforts, the hide was flapping slightly so I wonder if this movement put any birds in flight off. J Dog - whilst we didn't see many generally, a handful of large (presumably older) pigeons appeared to be doing exactly what you des
  4. Cheers Lakeside, all noted. I think we saw the good numbers moving around, just may have been a little too late to the feeding party! My mate hit a cracker downwind within 5 minutes and we thought that would be the start of a good day... it just sadly didn't materialise that way. Won't stop me trying. Out again on Sunday so hoping for some better conditions, the right spot and a solid bag.
  5. Afternoon all, I am a novice pigeon shooter and fairly new PW member. I read as many posts as I can looking to pick up invaluable hints and tips. I had a free afternoon on Saturday and headed out to a farm upon which I have permission to shoot. I had been reliably informed by the farmer that he had recently drilled the fields and "pigeons were about". A friend and I turned up mid-morning, had a good stroll around the farm with some binoculars and to stretch our legs, in order to see where the birds were feeding. Unfortunately neither of us have the time mid-week to do as much re
  6. Following up on my last shoot report (posted 22nd Jan), I was rewarded with a great afternoon's shooting on Saturday 26th Jan. Again it was a rough/walked-up shoot on the Essex/Herts border. I was shooting a friends farm, consisting of about 150 acres of mixed woodland, cattle grazing, ponds and bogs. My friend, his 1 y.o. Springer and myself were the guest of the farmer. We were also joined by two other gents who were complete novices shooting live quarry for the first time. Given that fact, safety was paramount and we were very much trying to introduce two guys to the sport in a safe, f
  7. Thanks JDog. The "step-o-meter" on my mates iPhone clocked his entire day at 14 miles. I would say our little stroll would account for around 12 of those! Slept well that's for sure. I will enjoy the pheasant that bit more this weekend! Scutt - I agree, it was. The bag is always a bonus really for the 4 of us who are all stuck behind a desk mid-week and just enjoy getting out there. If we get a bird each for the pot generally we are happy and anything on top of that is great but it doesn't make it any less enjoyable if we don't.
  8. A handful of friends and I meet once a month during the season on a patch of relatively un-shot land, which neighbours an established wood, for a rough/walked up shoot. Last Saturday was our last shoot of the season. The farmer keeps the hedgerows fairly thick across the farm and there are two large copses of trees/small woodland areas. The River Chelmer trickles through the farm in an S shape from South to North - more stream-like here than its name suggests. As a result, the farm is teeming with an abundance of healthy, mixed wildlife - a decent sized proportion of which are of "wild" P
  9. Google Scrofa Hunting and look to get in touch with a chap named Mark Boulton who runs it. He will point you in the right direction
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