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  1. I've just recently brought a air arms s410 in 22 and was going to take it out a lot on squirrels on the pheasant feeders this season and was wondering if this was the place to post the tales of how I get on ?
  2. Oh believe me I know plenty about the grey tails . Am a keeper In Essex unfortunately we haven't had reds this way for many many years before I was even born !! We take between 200-250 yearly from the shoot
  3. Just what might be a silly question but is this a thread for squirrel control in areas where you're battling the grey tide to help protect reds or just a place to talk grey squirrel control just In general ? Sorry if this seems a daft question?
  4. Yes this went far more technical then I imagined 🀣🀣🀣
  5. just interested to see what people prefer when it comes to rabbit shooting with a sub 12ft/lb air rifle . I recently brought a air arms s410 in .22 but seems most people seem to prefer a 177 for rabbits ? I want mine for a general all rounder rabbits , squirrels , pigeon , crows ect and went for the more knockdown power of the 22 . I know 177 is flatter shooting. Is there really much in it ?.
  6. Our numbers this way have crashed apart from patches . How is everyone else doing? Used to average 50 -70 each time we went out at night . Now we are lucky to make double figures!!!
  7. Haven't posted on here in a while but have had fantastic sport at grafham most days filling our 8 fish tickets from the boats with many fish between 3-4lb with some up to 5lb and my biggest going 5.5lb this season . Had plenty off the banks too even in August the dam has been fishing well with many fish coming to shrimp and hares eara . I started tying my own flies this and have had fantastic success which is really pleasing . Especially with shrimps and a varaint of the pitsford pea I tie with a pink marabou tail which has been deadly !! Hope everyone else has been having great fishing after
  8. Fished grafham last Tuesday 2nd June . Which was opening day after lockdown had a cracking day with my dad we had 19 trout to the boat from 2.5lb to 5lb all around north shore to the boils by the damn . Diawl Bach and blobs accounted for a few but the hothead damsel turned out the winner with 14 fish on a di5 sweep ripped back just under the service . The quality of the fish is second to none and nice to see well grown on fish that have clearly thrived in grafham rich waters under lockdown and packed on a bit of weight . Can’t compare to fighting quality to anything else . League of their ow
  9. Fished chigborough again yesterday. Tough going was rammed when me and my girlfriend arrived at midday . Had to fish into the strong wind for the first hour or so but by 2.30pm we practically had home water to ourselves. Had a strange day fish were plucking once at size 14 cormorants twiddle back but that was all . Had two comorants ripped off which I've never had before and lost 2 fish . My girlfriend took the first fish to a hit ***** buzzer under the bung and was starting to get some takes though hitting them seemed difficult for her. I finally managed a fish on size 14 pink cormorant a
  10. You have to go onto their website and book online . Card only can't do cash when you get there . It is rook hall especially for some.reason even though its the smaller one ? They're allowing 30 people a day and I would say 20 of them were on the smaller lake . Though most people left by 2.30pm
  11. Fished chigborough yesterday with my dad . Turned up to bright conditions and a bit of a wind. Was testing out my new 5 weight which didn't like being pushed into the wind . Started off with a washing line set up. Size 14 hothead diawl bach , size 12 cruncher and fab on point after a hour my dad was the first to pick up a trout on a blob . Then 10 minutes later I took one on the diawl bach . Then as the heat of the day increased and the wind picked up it got a lot harder . Was quite a lot of people fishing as well so was hard to find a spot that had been rested a while . After getting fed up
  12. Damn auto correct haha hoverer line! Yes it's for the best really. Such a shame I had promised myslef I would fish much more regularly this year and was doing so well and had been out that last 4 week's in a row and Grafham was just starting to turn on😭😭😭
  13. Fished chigborough yesterday with the girlfriend. Had a great day on the bigger lake fished 3 hours landed 10 , lost 5 missed countless takes ! Mini black lures, blob and crunchers doing the damage! Was windy but a beautiful day to be out fishing.
  14. Well fished Grafham yesterday which was more like the north sea . Blowing a gale and pouring with rain and it's the first time out on a boat i have ever actually felt sea sick which was a first for me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ we headed over to the north shore but it was far to windy to fish even with the drogue out so headed to the south shore for some shelter. Had a fish follow and my boat partner lost one . Him fishing a di3 with a snake and me fishing a di5 sweep with a tadpole. Eventually the wind dropped enough for us to venture back to the north shore. We're eventually we found some fish . I took 5 to the
  15. That is a truly beautiful place to spend a days fishing πŸ‘πŸŸ
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