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  1. Damn auto correct haha hoverer line! Yes it's for the best really. Such a shame I had promised myslef I would fish much more regularly this year and was doing so well and had been out that last 4 week's in a row and Grafham was just starting to turn on😭😭😭
  2. Fished chigborough yesterday with the girlfriend. Had a great day on the bigger lake fished 3 hours landed 10 , lost 5 missed countless takes ! Mini black lures, blob and crunchers doing the damage! Was windy but a beautiful day to be out fishing.
  3. Well fished Grafham yesterday which was more like the north sea . Blowing a gale and pouring with rain and it's the first time out on a boat i have ever actually felt sea sick which was a first for me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ we headed over to the north shore but it was far to windy to fish even with the drogue out so headed to the south shore for some shelter. Had a fish follow and my boat partner lost one . Him fishing a di3 with a snake and me fishing a di5 sweep with a tadpole. Eventually the wind dropped enough for us to venture back to the north shore. We're eventually we found some fish . I took 5 to the washing line on a Hoover line 4 took the blob booby on point and one took a size 12 black buzzer which made my day nice overwintered fish just going over 3lb . My friend took 3 fish one about 3.5lb all to a black snake. So in the end 8 to the boat which considering the weather I didn't think was a bad result for us
  4. That is a truly beautiful place to spend a days fishing πŸ‘πŸŸ
  5. What length leader do you fish ? If you struggle maybe just a 12 foot leader with 2 flies spaced 6 feet apart ? Or have a lesson with a casting instructor? I self taught myslef to cast and after much practice over the years can manage a 22 foot leader with 4 flies if I need to if the fish are deep and I want to reach them with buzzers but generally stick to 18foot with 3 flies
  6. It's strange sometimes but that's fishing . I will stick to my reseviors fishing. Fishing Grafham Sunday so will be happier drifting on a boat fishing with a team of flies rather then just a single one .
  7. The big fish lake. It's about a 2 and a quarter hour drive for us so though we might as well try for a big one . Normally we don't fish places . Reseviors are my norm
  8. Well I blanked πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ I tried everything I fished from floater to a di5 , tried each line 4 times, went up and down the water level, slow retrieve , fast retrieve , roly poly, nymphs , buzzers, snakes , lures everything. Think I tried 50 flies in total . Had 2 pulls and 2 follows all day . One follow was a biggie at least double figure I would say who opened its mouth at my fly then turned away last second . I did manage about a 8oz pike though πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ my dad had 4 . 1 to drifting mini lures under the bung and 1 to dead drifting a lure without the bung and 2 to pulling . One was on his last cast of the day reeling in and he caught a 12lb 2oz rainbow
  9. Well was windy down at chigborough this morning started off on the bigger lake (home water ) . I started off with a floater with a blob on point as a attractor and a buzzer on the dropper and my girlfriend started with a Hoover line and a small blue damsel first 20 minutes produced nothing. So I switched to the Hoover line and my girlfriend went to the bung with a buzzer. Another 30 minutes and nothing counting down flies and not a touch. With nothing risings went to a.di3 and second cast first fish of the day in the bag, had several more nips and tugs but was another hour and several spot changes before I finally managed to get another 2 on the di3 . My girlfriend lost one then landed one on the tungsten headed damsel then quiet again had some follows but finally managed one more to a buzzer . So not bad few hours 5 fish landed 2 lost and several tugs and pulls
  10. Heading to chigborough again Sunday and Lechlade next Wednesday will post results on here 😁 feels good to be out again
  11. I’m on the Essex/Herts border
  12. Has anyone noticed a increase in rabbit numbers again ? We were devastated a couple years ago by that second haemorrage disease but have seen a real bounce back in numbers recently which is nice to see .
  13. Fished chigborough today early from 7am-12 . Was pretty hard to figure out what they wanted . Started off with a mini zonker on point and a buzzer on the 4 weight and first cast just letting it drift around static took my first fish of the day. Then it was 3 hours till we got another this time my girlfriend fishing a single buzzer under the bung . We were seeing fish just under the surface I tried the washing line with heavy and light buzzers while she continued with a single buzzer about 18 inches under the bung . She missed one more and I never had a touch . We moved onto the bigger lake . Home water (16acres ) and after chatting to a very nice chap who was just leaving who had had 5 fish and pointed us in a good spot . I set up with a blue hothead black blue flash damsel and after trying counts down to 20 I got my first tug then another and another but wouldn't lock up. It took 3 casts with a 20 second count to finally hook up and land my second fish . Then I let my girlfriend use my rod and she missed a take and the fish moved back up in the water column as next fish came to 5 second count this time on a red hit head black red flash damsel . Then we put on a barbless version as was fishing two fish plus catch and release and in 2 more casts landed 2 fish . One each then I lost one more before it was time to go . And enjoyable few hours fishing
  14. I must say I'm itching to get out again. Really can't wait for the Grafham to open. Hoping to fish chigborough this weekend with my girlfriend to get her some more practice ready for a day out on the boat on Grafham mid April but the bloody wind and rain has.other ideas!!
  15. Thanks very kind maybe one day 😊 Haha will do hopefully mid March time will post on here. My biggest of today 6.5lb phone pictures don't do their size justice!!
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