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  1. How's everyone been getting on so far this season? Had my first day out at Grafham yesterday. Was pretty tough but I managed 3 fish . 1 to a tungsten headed bloodworm and 2 on boobies (Not my favourite way of fishing but when needs must ) water is starting to clear and the fish are starting to hit buzzers
  2. Thank you for all the advice . That's the thing I I am always fishing a drifting boat downwind so can't see why it keeps happening. Think I might try shorter casts next time. I know when you.bank fish you want to let you flies drift round in the wind and make that belly to fish nymphs
  3. I do normally but yesterday there was no need for one on Grafham really was still having the issue That makes sense think I'm trying to do it with my rod tip too low . Also think im letting too much of a bow get in it before I try to mend. Should I mend as soon as I see a bow . Or is it cause I'm actually not retrieving fast enough to keep on contact as the boat drifts to my nymphs ?
  4. Hi all just a quick question when fishing nymphs from a drifting boat no matter how I retrieve (as in just keeping up with my nymphs as the boat drifts onto them ) my line starts arcing to one side and getting a belly in it even though my rodtip is only a inch or two off the surface. I've heard people say mend the line but how ? Do you just flick a little section at the end or lift the whole line and throw slack into it ?? As when flicking a little section it just comes round just as fast and surely lifting the whole line will only scare any fish in the area ?? Many thanks Ferret
  5. Just want to say well done to the England u20 tonight bit of a messy game but it all came good second half . Let's be hoping for a good result tomorrow
  6. How has everyone been getting on at the big reservoirs? Catches and tactics ? I was hoping to be out Thursday at Grafham to do a bit of buzzer and nymphing but seems a.bit breezy now 😑
  7. Do they not do a 8 fish catch and release ticket ?.
  8. Yes can't wait for season but think my start will be delayed by the wind was hoping to fish Grafham next week but doesn't look to promising. KFC we will share a boat hopefully a couple of times this season and have as much sucess and we did last time. Good luck with your new syndicate Hoping to get to pistfords a few times this season as well
  9. Has anyone tried this seasoning ? And if so how was it? Thinking of doing some pigeon sausage soon ? https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B00A5ZGGJO/ref=mp_s_a_1_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1550997335&sr=8-1&keywords=game+sausage+seasoning&dpPl=1&dpID=51qjRSdtH5L&ref=plSrch
  10. Just wondering with only a week till Grafham and other reseviors open where everyone will be fishing this opening week and season in general? For me Grafham is my main water with occasional trips to Rutland and thinking might give pitsford a try this year . Ferret
  11. Have done and will try a few but struggling to find a salami kit ?
  12. Just trying to find a good recipe for sausages and where can you get the stuff needed for salami like the wrapping for it ? Also watched some American vidoes for summer sausage as they call it but again don't know where to get the stuff for it ??
  13. Oh wow that does sound good
  14. Well having got a meat grinder about 3 years ago and using it once then putting it in the cupboard I decided last week to get it back out and give it a whirl . Well since then. I have made rabbit and pigeon burgers both amazingly tasty and simple just mincing with streaky smoked bacon , minced venison and made chilli and a delightful shepards pie . Now can't decide what else to put through it duck, partridge, pheasant, goose ? So many choices and so many fantastic recipes and meals can be had . What are others favourite things to do with minced meat ? Thinking of having a crack at some sausages soon 🤔 but never really had a tasty game sausage yet 🤔🤔
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