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  1. Its funny isn't it how a good day can make you change cartridge. I only tried those extremes 2 years ago and had a great day in that wood taking the best pheasant I have ever shot and some real lovely crosses through dense canopy and haven't looked back since(actually had my best ever.season that year as well ) but like I say everywhere else I just use clear pigeon 30g as I know they're far too much cartridge for anything else round here apart for that one wood ..
  2. This is a subject that always fascinated me . What are peoples choices and why ? I only shoot a few beaters days and keepers days (obviously with covid not this year unfortunately but here's hoping to next season) and am on the Herts/Essex border so birds aren't that high . I generally use a 30g 6 normally clear pigeon but I switch between high pheasant extreme 32g 5s depending on which drive . I always shoot as a walking gun as I like to work my dogs and on one shoot there is very big wood and I use the 32g 5s there to great effect. I pick my birds very carefully and I find shooting through
  3. Ferret664


    I know what you mean rabbit numbers this way are very low but I've gotten a new permission which seems to be running alive which is nice to see
  4. Ferret664


    Well they seemed to work well tonight. Took 6 rabbits. Furthest 40 yards and flatterned them.
  5. Another one today foraging around in the leaf litter s410 put pay to that. 1440
  6. And another one . Nice 27 yard shot this one 👍
  7. Ferret664


    I followed it for quite a way and it just ran and ran and never stopped i lost sight of it eventually. Carried on looking for a while after that but never found it .
  8. Ferret664


    How do people find them? They seem to group nicely through my s410 carbine but the other day I hit a squirrel a bit low ( was going for a head shot and rushed it as it was so close and pulled down ) hitting the squirrel in the shoulder . He was broadside to me standing on his hind legs . He was only about 10 yards and it looked like it thumped him but didn't penertrate and he merely ran off not looking any worse for where ? Now I know it was my fault with the placement but I have shot plenty of squirrels at similar range (never more then 10 yards ) in the body in the past and never had any
  9. Finally after the rain had let up after 4 days !! Managed to get out and bag this chap . Only about 8-10 yards flicking his tail at me.
  10. I only take one woodcock a year for myself to eat . Only if I had the chance at a left and right would I take 2 but the chance of that has yet to happen 🤣 i think they're beautiful birds that deserve great respect and are a joy to see
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