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  1. Ferret664

    Meat grinder delights

    Oh wow that does sound good
  2. Ferret664

    Meat grinder delights

    Well having got a meat grinder about 3 years ago and using it once then putting it in the cupboard I decided last week to get it back out and give it a whirl . Well since then. I have made rabbit and pigeon burgers both amazingly tasty and simple just mincing with streaky smoked bacon , minced venison and made chilli and a delightful shepards pie . Now can't decide what else to put through it duck, partridge, pheasant, goose ? So many choices and so many fantastic recipes and meals can be had . What are others favourite things to do with minced meat ? Thinking of having a crack at some sausages soon 🤔 but never really had a tasty game sausage yet 🤔🤔
  3. Ferret664

    Rabbit numbers in your area?

    We are on the Essex/herts border and noticed a complete collapse in the rabbits in the last 12 months. We would annually take 2000-2500 rabbits and this last year we took just over 200 and stopped going out . And at this very moment we've never seen so few . We've had rhd1 in this area since the since the 90s as sent a sample to defra who confirmed this . so it must be rhd2. A friend in Wiltshire who has a 1000 acres says he has the same healthy population he has always had . ? So seems to be certain areas . Some fear it will be worse then when mixy first struck .
  4. I always use fibre unless shooting clays. This year on the pheasants I decided to treat myself to some hull high pheasant and hull high pheasant extreme both 32g 5s fibre and i couldn't have been more impressed. I don't shoot many pheasants only shoot a few beaters and walk around day and found these really dropped them . I used to use clear pigeon 32g 6 fibre but after trying these won't be going back for pheasants. Though I keep the clear pigeons for pigeons as I have always found them very effective on them
  5. Ferret664

    Beaters Day

    A great read thanks for sharing. this is exactly the kind of reports I had missed reading . Top job 👍
  6. Well today was our final day of the season same set up with me leading one team and my dad leading the other. Once teams were picked we loaded up and headed off . My team was to walk first and we had a long walk to sneak around the wood we were doing and blank the surrounding ground in . This drive is a wood with a 6 acre maize strip running away from it that we usually blank the wood into the cover crop then push the cover crop up a hill to the guns standing in a small valley but today we blanked the cover crop in and pushed the wood out the front which worked a treat and we really got round these sneaky old cock birds. As we pushed the wood through plenty shoots were ringing out the front and my team also had a few coming back . It was a fantastic drive to start and added 20 to the bag straight away !! Brilliant way to start the morning and most people had had a shot . Next we were stood as a small cover crop was brought down this held a good number of birds but with the low sun and no wind most kept low and escaped but one made a beeline straight for me and was folded up well in front to my first shot of the day . Was happy to see my brother take one beside me as well . Then it was another long walk for my team as it was so still with a hard frost we took the long walk round drives to avoid spooking the pheasants. We finally arrived at the back of the next wood to be pushed . This drive has been pretty quiet this season but held a few today which climbed nicely as this wood is situated on top of a hill and the front guns added a couple here. I fired 2 shots for a jackdaw that came over I was taken by surprise and rushed the first shot but there was no mistake second . Last drive before lunch and we were to stand a very small wood but as we were making our way to the front we saw 4 cock birds run out across the middle.of the field even though we had a stop on the hedge. There was still a few birds in the drive that went over my neighbouring gun but he was unsuccessful at adding any . I took two barrels and a very long bird he had missed but think I heard him scoff and my attempt. We then headed back to the yard and had a fantastic lunch. Then it was off to the start of 3 drives this afternoon in a very large wood we have. Well first was the cover crop outside of the wood which my team walked . A few cock birds were flushed and another couple added to the bag. Next we were standing as a big block of wood was driven down to us . I thought we we blank the ground in to our pegs and shoot on the walk up. Well here I shot a cracking 50 yard crosser which after a bit of a chase was retrieved and brought to had. Also took a single shot at a very long bird . I sent my guns to stand on peg but told them to keep a eye out behind as I was blanking in a bit of ground behind them . Which worked well and i pushed 2 birds out to my team that were both added then they turned and face the front where some more birds came through and a few more were put in the bag Last drive of the season was a long walk up the side of the drive just done to get to the other side of the wood we were going to drive. This drive was full of birds and as we were halfway through a cock birds flushed and headed for me and he was taken with a nice over the head shot . We carried on down and there were birds everywhere flying back left right and forward providing both teams plenty of shooting. I took my 4th and last birds of the day crossing right to left . He was hit hard first and crumpled to my second. This was a fantastic drive to end the season with with around 15 birds added . I was over the moon . We ended the day 53 head . I had 4 pheasants and a jackdaw so was pleased with how my season ended A few who remained after the shoot went out to do some roosting. With myslef taking 9 pigeons and everyone having a great roost and everyone getting some pigeons . Well that's the end of the season . Hope Every one had a good one and we can now look forward to next. All the best Ferret
  7. Ferret664

    Penultimate day

    Right today was my penultimate day on the pheasants a walk one , stand one day . With the walking team being able to shoot any cock birds coming back on the shoot my dad is keeper . I was team captain for one team and my dad the team captain for the other. It was a hard frost with some snow on ground bright sun and dead still not the best weather for getting round wily old cock birds but with high hopes we set off . Once we had picked teams it was off to the first drive which was a wood with a cover crop down it's side joining to another wood . My team would walk the first wood and cover into the other wood then stand as the other wood was brought down . This drive was pretty quiet but around 8 birds were flushed and 4 added to the bag 2 from each team so a nice start . I didn't fire a shot this drive. Next we were walking and pushed a section of our big wood round hoping to flush them to the standing team . This is normally a great drive but was very quiet today with only 4 birds being flushed but a member of my walking team shot a beauty crossing over the wood a good 40 yards infront of him that was going to squeeze out the side. Was a great shot to witness and well done that man . It Was then our turn to stand again but this next drive a small wood drew a blank for the first time ever with a couple birds running out where we normally have a stop . It Was then to the other side of the farm to push a small spinney which always holds birds and today was no different with the standing team getting a good bit of shooting and adding a few and my sister taking a cock bird coming back and a couple others on my team being unsuccessful on 2 cock birds curling back . I still hadn't raised my gun at this point but was glad everyone on my team had at least had a few shots . Then it was time for what should be the best and most varied drive of the day a small wood with a load of marshy flood ground beside it's known to hold a lot of snipe and teal . Well this time I was standing at the front of the wood acting almost as a stop as well . as a ditch runs straight out . Well once this drive started it didn't dissapoint with teal and snipe flushing in huge numbers . The guns to my left were having plenty of shooting at teal , snipe, woodcock and some pheasants. I had my first opportunity of the day as a group of 4 teal crossed to my right simple shots really and I fluffed it !!! I was amazed I had missed such a easy bird . Reloading and feeling a bit annoyed to have wasted my first attempted of the day I looked up to see a towering teal well above me and I just swung through and shot and dropped it must have been the highest teal I have ever shot !! Was chuffed. Then a Jay came down my hedge and I added that to the bag . The drive finished and everyone, front and walking guns had had a hell of a drive with 5 teal, 2 snipe , 3 pheasant and a woodcock shot by my sister which was her first one so chuffed to bits . Then was our last time to walk a wood that has a small river along the side of it. Our team lined up and pushed through slowly . This drive produced several good pheasant with the front team adding a couple and my team getting a few shots off and bagging one . I myslef didn't fire a shot but with my teal on the drive before I didn't care if I fired another shot today. Lastly we stood while the walking team pushed a t shaped spinney and cover crops down to my team unfortunately most of the birds kept low and were left but as the drive got near the end some started to gain good height and provide testing shots for my team who were facing a very bright sun . I had one shot here taking a cock pheasant coming from my left crossing me . There was a last splattering of shots and a couple more birds added and the day of over. We ended with 34 head . I had 1 teal , 1 pheasant and a Jay for 5 shots . We then headed back to the yard for a little bbq . Another lovely day over and one more to go tomorrow I shall report how that goes . All the best Ferret
  8. Ferret664

    Back at it again

    Thank you . Hope you have a good couple of last days . Mine are Wednesday and Thursday. Then roosting like you say to look forward to and spring and summer of fly fishing the reseviors. It's not a bad life eh ?
  9. Ferret664

    Back at it again

    Well I hope everyone isn't getting bored of my reports got 2 more day after today then I will be done for the season . Anyway here's the events of today's shoot. Had my 3rd beaters day today on a local shoot I beat on . We met in the yard and drew pegs (i drew number 2) as this was a walk one stand one but when walking you could shoot birds coming back . First bit of excitement of the day was I forgot my dog leads for my jack russels!! So had to borrow 2 and my 3rd jack won't go far from me and actually retrieves so she was left to sit by me So first drive saw me standing on peg 2 . The other team pushed through a small block of rough ground to a cover crop. There was a few birds in here but most kept low . I took a half decent cock bird to my left and saw my gun to a right shoot a brilliant right to left crossing partridge which was motoring as it was blowing a gale. The sun was really low and a pain on this drive as it was all day . Next was our turn to walk a tiny spinney with 2 bits of cover either side this has been very quiet this season but we flushed 6 birds out to the front guns and 5 were shot and was one to low so left . It was our turn to stand again and was a long walk for the walking team who brought a lot of bramle and cover into a cover crop in a dip . There was some stunning birds here that caught the wind and soared like a Phoenix . I dropped a woodcock on this drive my first and only one I will take this season. Then saw a hen leave the cover crop climb come right for me before swinging in the wind and becoming a crosser I hit her first barrel and again hard with the second and she glided into a drive we were doing later which I searched over and over again and couldn't find her despite great efforts which dampened my day a bit. I also took two shots at another hen my neighbour missed but was more hope then expecting. Then was our turn for a long walk up a ride to bring in one side of a large wood with a cover crop at the end . This was very quiet for the standing team with only a few birds flushed midway though and nothing at the flushing point but I think around 5 were added to the bag here . Next was my last stand and boy was I in the hot spot . The flushing team brought a large stretch of wood down which is very thick and the birds can come from start to end of the drive . Well straight away I saw a cock bird coming over the trees my way and I as I lift for my first shot he dipped as he got over the trees causing me to lift my head and miss badly first barrel but managed to gather myslef and lean back and take him with the second . He landed with a splash in the pond behind me. No sooner had I reloaded one another one came the same line and did the same thing and again I lifted my head and missed horribly with the first and again managed to recover and drop him with the second . Then another bird headed my way this time I waited to she had cleared the trees and took her more as a crosser dropping her first barrel . Then again I heard the cry of the walking team to see another hen coming my way and I resorted back to my bad habit on the earlier cock birds and lifted my head and missed but again correct myslef and folded her second barrel . So was happy to have got all 4 birds that came my way but frustrated to keep repeating the same error first barrel Last drive of the day saw us sweep a hedge into a spinney then walk the spinney down I was on the outside and was told to walk ahead as they squeeze out the side here . Well a cock pheasant tired his luck and was hard hit first barrel and winged with the second . My dad sent his spaniel to get the bird when to my amazement the cock bird sprang up and not only ran but flew along the hedge we had walked up. My dad's spaniel dissapered in hot pursuit and I had given up hope of this bird being found when I looked back to see the spaniel coming back with the cock bird! Was well chuffed as I hate to lose anything . Carried on down the spinney and I dropped another hen here . We then turned and pushed through a big block of wood to the standing team and this held several birds with plenty being added here . I managed a jay which took the second barrel as I don't know how I missed the first. So was the end of another great day out in the field . I ended up with 7 pheasant picked. One lost sadly , a woodcock and a Jay. For 18 shots which is a few to many for my liking but you can't hit every shot . We then headed back to the yard for a coffee and hot sasasuge rolls and Cornish pasty. We ended up with 46 head . Cheers and good luck to everyone on the last few days of the season Ferret
  10. Ferret664

    Beaters day number 2

    Right well today was my beaters day number two Which was on the shoot my.dad keepers . Again walking all day with my dogs. Again a cock bird only day . First drive is a small wood with a load of marshy boggy ground with a good splash of water . Which always holds a lot of teal and snipe and the wood normally holds a few pheasants but was very quiet on the pheasant front with only 4 in the drive. Two came over me but were too low and were left. another escaped back through the line without a shot . One did go forward and was dropped . There was a lot of teal and snipe and I wouldn't like to say what the front guns fired for 3 teal and a snipe !!! I never fired a shot . Next drive was a wood just beyond this drive . We lined up and started pushing forward . First thing too come back my way was a hen which I left and as we pushed this drive forward it seems we were going to have another disappointing drive . When a high cock bird came curling back my way hit hard with the first barrel and even though he was coming down gave him a second to make sure he wasn't a runner . Reloaded just in time to see one coming almost down the same line again a cracker. stoped my swing on the first barrel and missed behind but swung right through and cleanly killed it with the second. Next drive was bringing in a long spinney as such that normally holds a good amount of birds and today was no different with plenty going forward and the front guns firing plenty of shots . I had one cock bird come back and was cleanly taken first barrel to fall beside me . Then we headed up and blanked a wood into a 6 acre cover crops normally a banker for back guns but not a bird came back and all went forward in one go but the front guns added a few here . One more long walk up the hill before lunch to push a wood . No shots for me here again but some lovey birds were presented and taken out the front . This was our morning done and back to the yard for lunch. 45 head at lunch so not bad thought we would have had a few more but everyone was having a good time so that all that matters . First drive after lunch was a cover crop of mustard with the birds flying back to a big 70 acre wood. Half way through this drive a cock bird came swinging through to my left and I swung round a folded him nicely first barrel. A few birds went forward and the guns shot well . Next drive was very disappointing with only a few pheasants seen but loads of woodcock which was nice to see and a couple of those were added . Nothing came my way this drive. Then long walked back to push another block of the 70 acre wood this drive had plenty of birds and produced some real crackers for the front guns . Had a couple of hens come past me all left then I saw a high curling bird which at first glance I thought was a hen but then I saw was a cock bird at which point he was a good 50 yards up and crossing sharply . To my utter amazement he folded to my first shot stone dead . This has to be one of the best pheasants I have shot for a long time . And was very pleasing and was my last shot of the day and what a way to end it with . Did one more drive which was very quiet and but a few went forward but most escaped out the side . I never had a bird came near . So drew a end to the day a cracker and I was pleased to end 5 for 7 shots without missing a bird . Total bag was 73 head . We then headed back to the yard for a fantastic bbq with red deer that i had shot in october in Scotland, fallow and muntjack , pigeon and partridge and pheasant and normal sausauge and burgers (pork) . what a way to end a beautiful day .
  11. Ferret664

    Lack of shoot day reports ?

    Thank you scutt and scully for sharing both great reads
  12. Ferret664

    Beaters/rough day

    Thank you all for your kind words . I have a few more beaters/rough days on a couple of other shoots and hopefully we report back how they go .
  13. Ferret664

    Beaters/rough day

    Well today was my rough beaters day . As I am the keeper on this small shoot I walk all day and work my 3 jack russels and act as a walking gun . First drive of the day I and a couple of beaters pushed a small spinney into a pond that is surrounded by tall conifers which usually hold a few wild duck but as the front guns were getting round the duck got off and escaped unscathed! But this drive normally holds a.few pheasants as well . So I walked down and actually ending up stand on peg 1 as the beaters pushed through the conifers . And several pheasants were flushed mostly hen but a few cocks provided some shooting for the standing guns . I had several hens pass by then a cock bird went over my neighbouring gun too low for him but started to climb once past him . I swung round and at around 40-50 yards hit him square and he folded . That was it for me for the first drive one for one so pleased with that . And the standing guns had 2 more to show for the shooting. Our second drive we blanked a bit of maize into a wood . The wind was starting to pick up now as we pushed the maize down into the wood 8 hens went into the maize but 2 cocks snuck out low and wide typical !!! So we lined out along the wood and pushed it down into the left had corner. As soon as the drive started I heard a few shots from the front guns and as I was bringing down the left had side ditch of the wood I heard cock bird and just turned to see a towering cock pheasant rocketing over me ! I just managed to lean back and got a shot of which abosultey folded him in the air ! Carried on pushing the wood and a good few birds were pushed over the guns and a couple more cock birds were added . Just as we were about to finish the drive a jay tried to sneak past me but was unsuccessful falling to my first shot. Next drive a long walk bringing in hedges into a long cover crop . Here we pushed a long grass cover one side and a maize the other. This drive normally holds a lot of partridge but was quiet today. Anyway a few pheasants mostly hens showed and really climbed in the wind but a few cock pheasants also showed and my dad took a cracker of a crosser must have been a good 50 plus yards . Just as we were about to finish this drive a cock bird flushed from the ditch behind the last beater and began to go back I was on the other hedge and as he got a good 50 yards thought I will take him and to my amazement he crumbled dead to my first barrel ! What a start to the day 4 shots 4 birds ! Next couple of drives were quiet for me. pushed a wood that had a good few cock birds in but these birds were elusive and mostly snuck through the line unscathed think only 3 were added here . Then another cover crop along the river was done and again I didn't fire a shot but there was a bit of shooting on this drive and boy were those pheasants motoring !!best part of this drive was seeing my sister take a cock bird that after a 10 minute search for was account for. Next we pushed a cover crop with a pond hole along it where most of the birds from that last drive flew into so hopes were high here . Just as we were about to start though around 30 partridge snuck out the side!! we pushed on with a few pheasant going over the line but with only 4 standers on this drive as we had 2 walking guns on the flanks cause of the wind the managed to escape . One partridge came rocketing my was I swung through and hit it with my first and to my amazement it carried on swung and fired again and hit again but still it carried on I called back to my sister who was a walking gun back behind me and she finished it off neatly with her second barrel!! This was her first ever partridge and made the day for me . last drive was quiet a few birds in but they kept low or escaped out the side and I managed to miss a pigeon and two shots at a duck !! but a enjoyable day ending with 20 pheasant 1 partridge and a Jay. A few of us stayed for a bit of roosting and was rewarded with some challenging birds in the wind . I was pleased to end with 15 pigeons for 20 shots on the roost
  14. Ferret664

    Lack of shoot day reports ?

    Not just pigeons I used to love reading all pheasant/partridge / duck reports . Peoples excitement over upcoming days or first ever days or beaters looking forward to their day they have worked so hard for . Some people could write such fantastic and detailed reports you could almost feel you were out in the field with them !
  15. Just wondering why no one seems to write up reports for their days in the field anymore . Used to love reading people’s write ups and now there are hardly any who do anymore ?