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  1. This is from a different bush but looks the same to me ? Is this rosehip ? Really want to try to make some rosehip vodka so want to make sure got the right stuff
  2. They looks exactly the same to me even have the same leafs as far as I see ?
  3. Is that any better? Says only picture up to 3mb so hard to get a good one
  4. Is this a rosehip ? Was thinking of making a rosehip vodka ?
  5. Also made a batch of mirabelle plum jam
  6. Can you add cinnamon sticks to sloe gin ? Sure I read it on here before now That people use to? Is it any good ? My sloe gin has been sitting a week would it be ok to open it up and pop one in if I wanted to 🤔
  7. Well some are sitting in gin and rum and I can say they make a fabulous jam !
  8. Was just giving my kilner jars a shake when I saw a single grain of wheat in my blackberry whisky! Is this ok ? Won't effect the drink in anyway ? Many thanks Ferret
  9. They're about the size of a 50p . I have loads but won't let me send a picture above 3mb !? Erm not too bad Was thinking of making into jam ?
  10. Sorry me again Haha can anyone identify these plums please they're very sweet and darker inside then damsons
  11. Even sloes? Do you have to do anything to them? Also when I did my damson I just pierced them a couple of times and left the stones in ? Is that ok ?
  12. Hmm blackberry brandy now that sounds intresting !? Also I hear a lot of me of rave about raspberry vodka is it really as good as everyone says? Never tried vodka and not massively keen on raspberries but think might have to give it a go !
  13. Just a quick post to see what people have brewing this year? Sloes seem to be bountiful and the blackberries have been fantastic too . I have BlackBerry whisky Sloe gin Damson gin Damson rum And have also made a few jars of damson jam and blackberry jam .
  14. So would these be best picked now for him ect? As the one mine way seem hard and very sour or would it be like sloes as put them in the freezer to help imitate the first frost ? Sorry new to all this
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