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  1. Thanks very much for all the feedback, I went to my local RFD yesterday to try a variety of semi auto shotguns he had in stock, including the remi 1100, Franchi, and Beretta and a wood stock Hatsan Semi Auto. The Hatsan was used rather than new and was priced the same as that of the Beretta A302. After trying all of the above guns the Beretta for me felt a better fit. I am now the proud owner of a 1980s Beretta A302 in very good condition there is only a very minor mark on the barrel and one ever so small one on the stock. The action looks like new and on inspecting all the moving components
  2. Thanks for all the advice. Lloyd where about are you based and what spec and price is your 11-87. Thanks Dan
  3. With new guns available for under £400 from Turkish companies such as Armsan, Hatsan and Revo would you buy one of their pump or semi auto 12G or a more established but pre owned gun such as the Remi 1100, Beretta 303, Benelli, Browning Silver, Winchester SXP, Mossberg etc? I owned a Hatsan sometime ago and shot very well with it however found it to be very rattly. What would you do? New and Turkish or used and established with a £400 budget. Regards Dan
  4. So as you all know I did buy the ATA, shot not much less then my normal score, gun handled really well and looks the part too, lots of people were asking about the gun and were surprised at the price! Overall I'm very very happy! And your right, the wood looks excellent too! Has a feel of quality at a bargain price! And with warranty included I really can't moan. If I do end up upgrading in the near future, I think I'll keep the gun and use it as a reserve! I was speaking to an instructor at the clay ground who says he uses one for lessons. He's had it a few months and has had plenty of cartri
  5. I’ll let you all know tomorrow! Decided to take it clay shooting tomorrow! Shall see what happens!
  6. Just got home and after much deliberation I ended up buying a new ATA over and under with a bronze action. I'll let you know how I get on!
  7. Thanks for your replies! General consensus is to buy the ATA new then I take it?
  8. After recently starting a thread in regards to an ATA O/U I went to look at one and really liked it. However, I have since been looking at older Mirk's as well, for the same price as the ATA (around £550) I could buy an older fixed choke Miroku 6000 or Miroku 3800 for my £550 budget. Would I be better buying the tried and tested Mirokus which will hold there value better come re sale, or do I buy the ATA, a brand new gun with warranty? Both Mirokus are choked similarly at 1/4 3/4! Before I used to shoot a Hatsan Semi Auto mixed choke but always used the 1/4 choke, I fancied a change so have so
  9. Thanks all for your responses! I'll be sure to have a look at these! Sounds very promising, surprised about how much gun you get for the money!
  10. Thanks for replies! Quality is good I take it John? Or is it showing signs of wear ?
  11. Thanks both for the quick replies! Seems they might be worth a look at! Any good clay guns you’d recommend Mr C for the same price? I usually shoot 50 Clays when I go but every few months I shoot simulated game days which can be between 100 and 200 clays! Thanks again
  12. Hi all, this is my first post on the forum. I currently shoot a semi auto on clays but would love to go back to a over and under. I only want to spend around £500 on a over and under 12 bore. Ive been reading up on ATA's and can't find a bad review online. However, I have noticed theres not many available second hand and wondered what their longevity is like. I can't tell if its a good thing or not that theres not many available that are used. Anyone got one or any experiences they can share? Any recommendations on anything better for the money? Thanks all!!
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