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  1. Looking for spare 5-round or 10-round .22lr magazines for Anschutz 1416 rimfire rifle. Original factory ones ideally - with black plastic slide-off base plate. The ones for .17HM2 are the same I believe. Thanks.
  2. Thank you, very kind offer. I am only 30 mins away. I don't have any reloading gear yet, just doing the research, but thank you.
  3. Currently researching all aspects of this side of the sport to hopefully start reloading soon, initially .38 Special / .357 Magnum, possibly .223 Rem at a later date. Which reloading manual would those with experience recommend, or is there perhaps better information available on-line? Is a hardcopy manual a must-have for a just couple of calibres?
  4. Anyone reloading .38 special or .357 magnum for underlever rifle? What is the cost per round, assuming reuse/already having the brass?
  5. Anyone own or shot any the of the currently available .22lr AR style semi-autos? I'm looking to get one soon. Considering: S&W M&P15-22 Kriss Defiance Tippmann M4-22 Southern Gun Co. V/W22 Lantac LA-15 Hammerli TAC R1 Pros and cons and opinions please. Any others to consider? Thanks all.
  6. I plan to shoot .22 bolt action in the club target competitions at different ranges, and various other disciplines with semi-auto, some yet to evolve due to club expansion (new site just acquired). I will shoot at my club, but also at another where a relative is a member. This will be my first FAC, I currently hold a SGC.
  7. That's why I'm asking really, there doesn't seem to be a standard figure. As you say, large differences in figures granted for the same "good reason". Perhaps it is down to some having several guns and shooting different disciplines. Certainly some different numbers amongst those I have spoken to at the clubs I've attended recently. I think I'll try for 1200 along with a bolt action and a semi-auto and see how I get on. Thanks.
  8. What ammunition quantities have people had approved by their FLO for club target shooting using .22lr at first FAC application? Home office guidance states an allocation 1000 not unreasonable for target shooting, but a serious shooter might wish to possess up to 6000. What sort of figure is the norm for a typical club target shooter - 2000? I want to ask for a reasonable figure, and not sell myself short or ask for 2 or 3 times the normal amount. Thanks.
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