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  1. Not as bad as that, although that would make for some good shooting! But bad enough for me to have shot 31 in broad day light whilst walking around!
  2. Sub 12 ft lb only on this one I’m afraid as there’s cattle in the sheds
  3. I’m looking for one person to help me out with tackling some rats just outside of Boston lincs. Must have a night vision setup as will be shot at night. This isn’t a permission it’s a few trips out with Myself to reduce the numbers. It’s on a small holding so will need sub 12ft lb air rifle and insurance. Ideally will be shooting in the week. side note, please don’t ask “can my friend tag along too” I put a post out on Facebook for one person on another holding i shoot on, and he turned up with a car full of mates thinking it was ok as they weren’t shooting. So please don’t ask, the answer will be no.
  4. Hi all as the title says We’ve got a team of 5 guns wanting a couple of days duck shooting in September or October 2020 in Lincolnshire. Many thanks
  5. Hi all! I’m Ashley, from sunny Lincolnshire! Thought I’d join and say hello, as over the last few years I’ve stumbled across some great advice from a lot of members on here!
  6. Hi all, as the title says, 2 guns looking for some roost shooting in Lincolnshire for feb 19 if anyone knows of anyone requiring some extra guns, many thanks
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