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  1. Hi, I’m going to be getting my first Labrador pup and eventually want to be able to use whistle commands. Which model whistle do people prefer for the shore? Thanks in advance!!!
  2. For sale 1x light mod briley silver ported 1x Imp Mod briley silver ported both Mobil fit, used twice, ended up returning the shotgun so no longer required. £40 each
  3. Got an SXP and so far so good, not hit anything with it yet but could be due to the full kicks choke I put in it! Need to get some clay practice in. Still no word about the franchi!
  4. 👍🏻 Defo my next semi!
  5. Lakeland guns Workington bud but they’re now closed with lockdown obvs and the guy is selling up to someone.
  6. @Saltings got one of the new franchi affinity 3.5 elites only had it out twice and the cerakote has came off the action, magazine followed has jammed twice and the recoil spring has took the finish off the magazine tube. Pretty much lost confidence in the build quality so gonna get the pump as a stop gap while I save for an A400 which is what I wanted originally. So with it being away on warranty rather than missing however long of the season while it’s sorted might aswell get a cheap pump and get out. Who knows how long it will be away with this COVID carry on.
  7. Can’t see any available anywhere.
  8. Can only really get gamebore mammoth and eley lightning up here, I’ve been using a briley in the franchi and seems to give a nice even pattern
  9. What shells do you pair with the gun and choke? @flippermaj?
  10. Hmmmm, not filling me with that much confidence!!
  11. Are there any advocates of the Winchester SXP? If anyone has proven experience I’d love to hear it. I’m having a nightmare with a new semi and just wanting something I can rely on.
  12. Carlson delta waterfowl choke tubes, one medium range and one long range, used for a season but I’ve changed guns so not needed anymore. Benelli crio plus fit £60 posted
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