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  1. 4 today from the golf course the feeder had been completely emptied in a week so definitely more to be had. Total 1629
  2. Thanks mate yes on this permission alone I have shot over 40 and there is still more to be had, sometimes the squirrels will be abit nervous coming onto the feeder with the dead ones on the ground but the peanuts end up to tempting and they come on it eventually. The gun I'm using is the edgun leshiy in 177 the pellets I have been using have been the jsb heavies 10.34gr but I have recently been trying the Pro hunter swagger slugs the last clip on the video was with the slug, I've found they group really well so I will be testing these further. Again thanks for the feedback I'll kee
  3. 4 more off the golf course but only 3 recovered the 4th flipped into thick cover by the feeder unfortunately. 3males 1 female Total 1579
  4. Nice shooting mate good result there 👍
  5. Another 5 this morning off the golf course 3 females 2 males Total =1556
  6. This is what I have been using I just put half a cap in the bag give it a good shake up the day before I fill them up, don't know if it dose make a difference or not but they do seem to like it. 👍 https://www.quillproductions.co.uk/products/quill-aniseed-oil
  7. I have actually been adding a little something to the peanuts and it dose seem to be working 😁👍
  8. Well a cracking hour and a half on the golf course permission this morning 7 total 5 female and 2 males. Total 1543
  9. OK thanks will have a think and get back to get back to you 👍
  10. 8 this morning from the golf course 6 where youngsters 2 where mature males. Total 1516
  11. Hi mate I have got a 3 litre tank had it tested not that long ago with a new wip on it, where you still looking at getting rid of the 12 litre one? I'm only in Ormskirk so not a million miles away and I could always meet you part way?
  12. If this hasn't sold I will take it posted please
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