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  1. Well the night went to plan I will be leaving work in 10min so that means I will be at the wood before daylight and set up ready for the first visitor around 7 o'clock as long as they show 😁👍 🤞
  2. Nothing wrong with a quick hour 😂 my bag is packed all being well and nothing changes I'll be at the big wood in the morning for an hour 👍
  3. Never say never mate its always worth a go at bagging a few more 👍
  4. Great result mate well done that definitely is a red letter day 👍 still strange how the feeder wasn't touched though. By the sounds of it your in for some great shooting there mate 👍
  5. Yes I got the mk3 and that is extremely accurate really can't fault it and for the price you can pick them up for 👍
  6. I must say since I bought the s200 I've took a liking to aa 😁 but I must say my go to gun is the hw100 😂
  7. Just the one this morning but the feeder in the big wood is being used at different times of the day so will try and find a pattern and hit that when the weather not too bad. Total 265
  8. Has anyone read this article? And what do you think? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/science-environment-55817385
  9. Sounds like a good morning mate camera definitely paid off 👍
  10. Look forward to the results and pictures 👍
  11. Sounds like you need a morning at the feeder especially when there feeding so frequently 😁 It would cost you a fortune if it was nuts 😂 the small wood I have been putting a mixture of sunflower hearts mixed corn and peanuts and its always wheat being left mainly birds that though I think as its the same in the bird feeders at home they just throw the wheat on the ground and pick the bits they want little ******* 😂 Bug ers
  12. Its the same on mine though when I went and checked the one in the big wood there has been a gray on it twice in two weeks. This week it was actually feeding from it so possibly they will start to use it more now they no there's free food 🤔
  13. It's not that far from a road so I suppose it could of been hit then traveled and died. I couldn't find any sign of it being shot I did have a good look to see if there was any kind of shot wound 🤔
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