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  1. 1 this afternoon out me garden not seen any for a long time in my garden they have obviously moved back into the orchard next door again. Total 2409
  2. That's a really good price
  3. If your a member of guns on pegs have a look on the classified add section there are quite a few on there but none for what you had been quoted all around the £10 mark.
  4. If you would post I would take these ill pay postage
  5. So today finally back out after being on holiday for 10nights most of the feeders had ran empty but where topped up by my mate on Friday apart from 1 which I did today. I seen 2 shot 1 today hopefully they haven't lost interest in the feeders and moved onto the natural food. Total 2328
  6. I will take the flapper with the timer if you decide to post cheers
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