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  1. No its private but there is the odd dog walker that's not meant to be there 😡
  2. Nice work if the food is going down maybe they are starting to use it again, probably a good time too put your camera up to get an idea, I went to check mine yesterday a some little **** has robbed my camera 😡😡
  3. My first trapped squirrel this morning at the back of ares in the paddock 😁
  4. Great shooting mate 👍
  5. The one thing I have noticed in that wood I'm in apart from 1 oak tree there isn't many other trees that I think squirrels feed on tbh, probably why they are still using the feeders. And the cameras definitely do come in handy this was one of the reasons I went in the morning because there had been alot of activity in the morning from 7 o'clock onwards and loan behold the first squirrel was at 7.15am definitely worth investing in.
  6. Might remember that what when it goes quiet see if a phone call can get them out of hiding 😂😂 It certainly woke me up alright 🤣🤣 I knew there where squirrels still using the feeders from the camera footage it seemed like they like where the new feeder is in position 😁
  7. So finished work handy this morning and was at the wood for just after 6 got set up one feeder too my right and the new feeder to my left. I was starting too feel tierd come 7 o'clock and was just about too go home for some sleep and I noticed a branch move too my left in the corner of my eye but couldn't see anything moments later a squirrel runs up the tree straight onto the new feeder, she sits on top for a minute and then down grabs a peanut nice and settled and down she goes. I have woke up now so decided too wait a little longer 15 minutes later another appears this time heading for the
  8. Haha ye I would of too 🤣
  9. There definitely still using the feeder I think the food is going down faster now than ever before. And yes gives me chance to have a sleep after a night shift haha 👍
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