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  1. Ye that's what I was thinking get in there before there morning feed. I was out with me dog at the weekend and actually sore a red and just made me want to shoot the grays even more 👍
  2. Atleast you got one tree rat down 👍
  3. Thanks guys, looking forward to seeing what my first bag will be then fingers crossed it will be double figures.
  4. So I gained a permission last week for rabbits and pigeons. But there's a small wood on the land so asked permission to put a feeder up and there was no issue. Put the feeder up Sunday and put a trail camera on it. Went and checked it the next day and already squirrels using the feeder. Dose anyone think this is because there is a lot of squirrels in the wood or do you think it's the same one using it a lot? I was going to leave it a couple of weeks before shooting the wood, went and set the hide up today so they can get use to it being there. While I was there checked the camera again and there was 850 pictures all squirrels.
  5. Have a look on pelpax mate they normally have the full length of the rifle on there, https://www.pellpax.co.uk/airguns/air-rifles/pre-charged-pneumatic-pcp-air-rifles
  6. Good too here that most of you think it's a good gun, seen as I ordered one a few weeks ago, when I had been looking at pellets tested though them all the reviews I watched seem too be they like the jsb or the aa, can't wait to get it and start shooting it. I'm not too fussed on how heavy it is as I've been use to my hw77 which is heavy. I do really hope it lives up too Weihrauch good reputation. 🤞 I was also looking at the aa but desided against them, let's hope I wasn't wrong for doing so.
  7. Lovely colours on the woodwork mine has certainly had a few bumps and scrapes in its lifetime, but will easily take down a woody 50yards that's the main thing 😁
  8. That's good to know I have a hw77 which was my dad's. Can't fault the build quality from Weihrauch. And every review I have seen has said the same. Its nice to here what other people think though. Cheers
  9. What is everyone's thoughts on the hw100? Weihrauch have a really good reputation so I just wanted too know what everyone else thinks?
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