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  1. 3 this morning on the golf course 1 adult male 1 young male and a adult female 3 came to the feeder 3 got shot. But the trees where alive with the bloody things. Total 2284
  2. I wish there wasn't any of the gray tree rats left then being close to Formby we might get reds back but I don't think that will ever happen. But I'll keep shooting them 😂
  3. Well think I am going to have to get my self a pair or try and make some thanks guys 😁
  4. OK mate cheers I might have to get me self a set think they would be better when I go the golf course as well. 👍
  5. No I haven't tried any to be honest I'm not sure how good they would be with a rifle as small as the leshiy would it work the same. But thanks for the advice I Might give them a go 👍
  6. 1 more this morning in the garden young female Total 2257
  7. 1 this morning on the garden feeder first squirrel for the L2 😁 Total 2254
  8. 1 young female just now from the garden feeder they have obviously moved back into the orchard next door 4 in 2 weeks now. Total 2161
  9. 1 just now in me garden a young male Total 2157
  10. 5 this morning from the golf course permission and not a single 1 came off the feeder 4 from oak trees and 1 out a beech tree must of seen 20 or so. Also that brings me too 100 so far this year 😁 Total 2085
  11. 😂 Ye don't think they will be running off when hit with a rim fire. Shot placement with sub 12 is crucial as well 👍
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