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    Just had a 223 added to my ticket, looking forward to getting to grips with it.

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  1. That should boost the car park revenue!!
  2. No point of releasing away from the site, they will fly back home!!
  3. Yes, very neat. Don't publish the location otherwise you will have droves of photographers camping out!
  4. It seems a reasonable response and if it has all party support then that is the way it will go.
  5. TT that looks delicious 👍. Pity we don’t have any around here. Maybe some day 🤔 Just have to make do with the Roe 🙄
  6. Fisheruk


    Just moved into another house a few weeks ago, loads of Starlings in this area PR4, none nesting in or house but brood after brood have appeared on our lawn over the last few weeks . All very healthy. Added bonus I haven’t seen a cat in our garden since we arrived. We’ve moved to a cat free area. 👍
  7. Sixteen 😳👍 another one for me this afternoon from a loaned trap. 1038
  8. Yes, excellent fishing. i agree a jet bike is an ideal platform for fish. I have had three and probably caught more fish from those than anything else. I sold my fishing boat after the first year, because I could get to places on the jet bike where I just couldn’t take a boat. I use to motor out to the white water across the sand bar at the end of the estuary throw out a short anchor, step off and spin for bass in the surf. Fabulous fishing. As my old dad use to say “you don’t need to have fancy gear, you just need to be where the fish are.” 👍
  9. No, only squirrels and rats! Another two today. Mature male and a mature female. 1021
  10. That’s attractive 🤭
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