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  1. And what about the saddle owner?😳
  2. Not to GG’s standard but gives me pleasure.
  3. Yes, we feed the birds and get great pleasure from seeing them come into the gardens. Down in here Wales at the moment and we have multiple Goldfinches, greenfinches, Chaffinches, Blue Tits, Great Tits, Coal Tits, Robins, Great Spotted Woodpeckers, Blackbirds, Red Wings. The Red Wings and Blackbirds prefer the Hawthorne berries on the trees. Collared Doves and a Cock Pheasant hoovering up the bits dropped from the feeders. Since I’ve been removing the Grey Squirrels from the area over a few years we only have the odd one re-appearing and the small bird population have expanded dramatically. I’
  4. I wonder if our friends from BASC on PW could find out and let us know if it is legal to shoot them if you come across them?
  5. I had a notice from Hampshire Constabulary a few years back. On the day I was in Lancaster visiting a Vicar! They didn’t believe me and said I would have to tell it to the court. I wrote personally to the Chief Constable. Had a very quick response from his Deputy who eventually discovered that Dept of Transport had registered two vehicles on the same day with the same number. I wouldn’t have thought the computer program would have allowed it. But I had a nice message apologising for the problem and rescinding the notice.
  6. I’m with you TT, a man of his word. I remember talking to you about it. No question in my mind. 👍
  7. One from the top of a Hawthorne, couldn’t retrieve it from the thicket, so a free meal for the fox tonight. 1491
  8. If it is an all wheel drive vehicle be careful about running different tyres or wheels as you could knacker the transmission.
  9. Fashion, soon goes out. In thirty years when it comes around again the windows will be knackered and need changing anyway.
  10. Wish I was closer. I’m afraid that if I leave Wales they won’t let me back in. Anyway I’m self isolating having apparently been in proximity of someone who has tested positive for CV19.
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