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    Lancs, Merseyside and N Wales
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    Vermin Control.
    Just had a 223 added to my ticket, looking forward to getting to grips with it.

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  1. Fisheruk

    GREY SQUIRREL KILLS list your 2018 kills HERE

    Three this weekend, two off feeders and the third under the Isuzu! 1473
  2. Fisheruk

    Red Kitten

    Don’t forget to post your grey kills Jerry.
  3. Fisheruk

    leather priest

    Well I’m glad I have mine. Already used it. Just the job.
  4. Fisheruk

    Mrs. webber R I P

    Very sorry to hear of your loss John. Condolences to you and yours.
  5. Fisheruk

    Greys on the deck

    Yes, well done. I love my Brocock Sniper HR. It is the standard power but really first class for the money.
  6. Fisheruk

    Red Kitten

    Great stuff Jerry 👍 makes it all worthwhile.
  7. Fisheruk

    Myxi in hares

    If is has been 60 years since Mixi was introduced to rabbits I doubt that it is Rabbit Mixi that has transferred. More likely a new Virus which has been introduced. Many landowners want rid of hares because of the problems a large population brings with regard to the unsavoury folk hare coursing.
  8. Fisheruk

    leather priest

    And our Postie is a very nice young lady!
  9. Fisheruk

    garlands rifle shoot dates

    Although a bit damp to start with, but thank you Rob and Co for another good day enjoyed by all.
  10. Fisheruk

    Sako or tikka

    I have both. Both are excellent. The Sako is a little more refined.
  11. Two please pm with postal address paypal payment
  12. Fisheruk

    G Clamps.

  13. Fisheruk

    garlands rifle shoot dates

    Bringing one of the twins with me and her boyfriend!
  14. Fisheruk

    garlands rifle shoot dates

    Is it Garlands next Sunday?
  15. Fisheruk

    leather priest

    And I’ve just received my Priest! I have to say the black plastic package got the family talking before I arrived home and no one guessed it correctly! 😂 Mel thanks again, brilliant quality. David