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  1. For trap bait he’s just using maize He took the Grey Squirrel Management Training Course, which I helped put together and deliver with British Red Squirrel last November. The course covers all aspect of Grey Control trapping and shooting together with ecology and the law. It results in the successful candidates having a Lantra certificate of competency, which some landowners find helpful when granting permissions. We are rolling the course out nationwide this year and I’m doing training in Devon next month with others planned in March and April.
  2. Yep, my alarm responds directly and within a few seconds to my phone anywhere in the world with internet and/ or 4g. I can log into the cctv and see whether it is family checking on the house or anything else. So far nothing else! The IR glow from the cctv cameras tells everyone they are working and not fake together with the motion tracking cameras. Not cheap but worth it.
  3. The squirrels certainly are getting fat. This was the female trapped by my friend on a golf course this morning. He’s had 13 off the same golf course this year so far.
  4. Another female trapped by my friend on the golf course. 130
  5. 5 trapped by my friend in a neighbouring garden wood and one trapped on a golf course today 129
  6. I’m not taking offence, but you need to know the terms of the GL before you shoot any live quarry. Just look at the Red List and memorise something likely to be or have been in your area, then you’re home and dry. The last thing you want to say if confronted by anyone is that you are doing it for fly tying feathers. You need to be savvy and realise that those who disagree with shooting things will be trying to catch you out and will likely be recording you. Pick a bird, Woodcock if you like, and have it in your mind before you may be confronted. Then you shouldn’t have a problem.
  7. Provided you’re sure that species is in your area where you take the Jay
  8. They’re in my garden, 6 and 8 on the feeders at the same time, both gold and green, plus chaffinches and of course sparrows.
  9. The terms are quite specific, protection of Red Listed birds, you’ve got to know which birds you’re protecting.
  10. When they get to those proportions they will cause serious crop damage, far more than pigeons, who many on here control whenever necessary. They are classed as vermin on the general license in the UK as well.
  11. One off a woodland feeder yesterday, a 540 gram Female. This morning no greys but this fellow and a couple of his mates were there.
  12. One off a woodland feeder yesterday Female 540 grams. Total 80
  13. I’ve used Gorilla glue very successfully to glue the heel back onto my leather walking boots. I used one of my clamps to put pressure on it for 24 hours and trimmed the adhesive foam off around the edges when it was set. I’ve used the boots for a year since, no problem.
  14. Excellent craftsmanship, and I guess that sticks done a few miles.
  15. It was a shilling a tail when I started, but people just let enough survive to keep the income coming in. I was getting sixpence a week pocket money in those days and could make a couple of bob on a Saturday morning with my air rifle!
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