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  1. We we able to set up a rosta so that it wasn’t a burden to anyone.
  2. Well after two weeks concerted effort trapping in a 100acre wood and the tally was 31. 12 traps set and checked morning and evening a combined effort from a team of 7. So after the trapping push for two weeks it’s back to me to fill the squirrel feeder and see what it left to finish off the stragglers.
  3. At the end of another trapping week we have an additional tally of 12. Good joint effort. 1011
  4. Another 3 mature females and a mature male this afternoon from traps set this morning. 979
  5. I wondered why you had been out of action. 🤔 I thought maybe you were just protesting at golfers tramping over your patch 🤣
  6. Corrected running total, sorry folks for my mistake. 972
  7. Hi and welcome from a a bit further north.
  8. Wow, you certainly don’t aim to miss, sir 👍
  9. We have a privately owned conservation wood of 100 acres, close to where I live. There have been 20000 mixed native trees planted over 15 years ago and the owner doesn’t want grey squirrels because of the damage they do to the trees. I’ve been popping them off for a few weeks from one of my flip top feeders. Last week we started on a two week trapping push. There are six in the team and we are using 12 live catch traps. We’re using live catch traps because the occasional Red which has been seen. The wood is bisected with a brook and we started by setting the traps on the no
  10. I’ve just googled it and the Office of National Statistics records 5691 in 2019. That’s about 11 per 100000. That’s 109 per week in the UK. The adult population of the USA is 253,768,092 that’s a little less than 5 times the adult population of the uk The number of suicides in the USA is reported to be a bit over 48000 per annum. That’s a bit over 14 per 100000 Given the huge number of firearms in the USA, that’s not a massive difference. Still sad that so many folk in both countries get to such a point of despair that they think it would be better d
  11. How many suicides are there in the UK each day?
  12. Having undertaken a week’s trapping in a wood sharing the checking with six friends we have cleared another 14 greys. The traps have now been moved to a new patch of wood and pre-baited, we’ll see how many we get in this new area. 953
  13. Have you tried eating a lamb, the bones are very tough compared to a rabbit or squirrel. I always slit the bellies of rabbits or squirrels unless they have been unzipped by the 17HMR. Definitely peg them. I’m fortunate on one of the farms to have a field stretching out from a bank topped with a hedge. Ideal vantage spot to stake out the field. I prefer to limit the range to 100m for night shooting and the 6.5x55 doesn’t take prisoners.
  14. If you are converting to two flats you’ll need Building Regulation and probably Planning Approval. If you take the plaster off the outside walls they will need upgrading with Thermal Insulation to comply with Part L Building Regulations 2010 standard. Are the external walls cavity or solid brick/stone?
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