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    Vermin Control.
    Just had a 223 added to my ticket, looking forward to getting to grips with it.
  1. garlands rifle shoot dates

    Thanks Rob and the team. Another great day and a chance to catch up with some old friends and meet a few new ones. First class as always. 👍👌
  2. "im mainly......"

    Welcome back
  3. Shooting sticks

    Trigger sticks,
  4. A few snaps from yesterday

    Well done, great photos. There was a Red Squirrel seen the last year.
  5. I personally think you would be better taking it inside, if you have a trigger lock it can’t be used. You could even put a cheep padlock on the slip zip of put it on a hard box and lock it. I certainly wouldn’t lock it in my car for 48 hours, if your car goes so does your shotgun. You could keep the ammo in the car without the gun.
  6. Today's Magic Flight

    Excellent write-up Ben. We have thousands os Pinks here this year, it is an amazing sound as they take flight and come over you.
  7. **** ******* Facebook bad news?

    I thought there were more supermarkets offering game?
  8. Vera

    Stone house Is the same group as Crown Carvery, just more pricey. Crown Carvery had some really good deals, but not anymore.
  9. British Shooting Show

    I guess Saturday is the day
  10. Do I walk away from a permission

    That’s the passion, that’s the aim. Red Expansion we’ll be in touch.
  11. Semi-Pro Drill - Advice Please

    +1 unless your are doing it every day the Erbauer will do real fine. Remember De Walt is basically Black and Decker now I believe.
  12. Kwik fit

    Ha, ha only joking
  13. Hawk Harris

    Wow, it’s a beauty. 👍👍👍. Thanks for posting GG.
  14. Kwik fit

    Take it off the campus, change the wheel. Then drive back on campus - sorted.
  15. Ooh, Errr 🤔😊🤭