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    Just had a 223 added to my ticket, looking forward to getting to grips with it.

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  1. One this morning foraging under the Oak tree 1504
  2. From the point that the drains from the two properties combine it is not your problem as the law places the responsibility on the drainage company United Utilities or whoever is the drainage company in your area. Next time it blocks call the drainage authority and they will sort it free of charge.
  3. The glazed roof has been set too high. You need a decent upstand against the brick but the window sill is a restriction. You could remove the lead and increase the falls on the flat roof and then renew the lead , but you may be better advised not to use lead again but fibreglass, which will not require the rolls and can be had in a lead grey colour
  4. I have found that a raft baited with mashed up cat food spread upon it for a few mornings, then bait again and stake out with the hmr from the opposite side of the lake and pop it off from the other side of the lake.
  5. Hi and welcome, where abouts are you?
  6. It’s been very slow, with none coming to the feeders for several weeks. Had a call this afternoon and one from a loaned trap. 1467
  7. A racer that can’t find its way home is nothing more than a feral pigeon with bling 😂
  8. It’s not a top class racer if it cannot find its way home!
  9. I use a leather tripod seat, have been using these for more than 10 years, I find them very comfortable. I usually set up with my back to a tree trunk which I use as a backrest Quality Tripod Chair/Hunting Chair/Hunting Tripod seat/ shooting seat. (Brown) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0789GRGFK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_mSKADbX611M0E
  10. I always buy a whole box of milk 12, never had a problem
  11. Fisheruk


    I’m still looking forward to being out of the EU. After a a few bumps in the road and everything settles down it will be interesting to see if the remainders will change their rhetoric
  12. Yes, I too agree with Bruno. I would say at least a kilometre. I have been shooting a wood for 15 years and they still keep coming. The local firearms dealer, who is a local shooter as well has said he has noticed less grey squirrels in the area, over the years. By plugging away at them your efforts act like a sump, draining them from the surrounding areas.
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