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    Vermin Control.
    Just had a 223 added to my ticket, looking forward to getting to grips with it.

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  1. I’m with Ultrastu, 👍
  2. Your location is North-west, if that is Lancashire Constabulary then I must second that as a good example of clear thinking control room staff. One of my permissions requires me to call before shooting in the Lancs Area. Always very friendly when I ring for a log number and very occasionally they call my mobile if they have a query whilst I am out. Police sometimes get a bad press but my experience in Lancashire and Merseyside are very good.
  3. They are just not going to sit around to be shot on the ground with.22lr. My experience is that they soon take the hint unless you are talking about when they loose their flight feathers at the moult when they have goslings.
  4. Not sure I could even get 400 in the back of my pickup 😳
  5. How the hell do you carry 400 CG. Most I have ever shot is 5 and that was as much as I wanted to walk off with!
  6. Never seen Canada goose skin on a duck yet!😳
  7. Hi Mike, welcome, from not far away. What do you get involved with?
  8. I really cannot see why we need semi auto cf in the UK. Bolt actions work well for me. Semi auto .22lr have their place for some vermin control, but the way some folk use them rattling off scores of rounds on a range is nothing more than overgrown kids playing with a Nerv gun IMHO. Not in my mind justifiable need to warrant a license. It is accuracy that kills, not just blasting away like a kid on an Xbox. There may be places in the world where semi auto cf’s are required, but my understanding is that the new laws in NZ will have exemptions for agricultural use. Bit like pistols in the UK for Humane Dispatch.
  9. I find that if you shoot one or two the others take the hint and move off to somewhere safer. It’s called survival.
  10. Sciurus, I reckon anywhere near you is too precarious to use any kill traps for squirrels. They can move huge distances and are now on North Lancs.
  11. It depends where you are. In Wales Charlie’s stores have them reasonably priced. Range stores are also quite reasonable. Don’t know of any really cheap places
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