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  1. Certainly wouldn’t want to be lugging that lot around! i have the same rifle and bought it because it is so light and printable. very accurate and amazing shot count, well over 400. Haven’t filled it in a year.
  2. Yes, you have done the correct thing to improve the roof space ventilation. The original sparking is the old BB747 type 1f. Non-breathable, which was fine when the house was built but with increased roof space insulation extra ventilation is required.
  3. 2 females today, put paid to their breeding 1710
  4. But that is a re-roofing job. I assume that if your friend has been regularly storing things in the roof that this condensation is a new thing. Check to see if the eaves ventilation has been reduced by fascia and soffit boards being clad with upvc. If it has been done recently get the company to come back to put more ventilation into the soffit boards and make sure the roof space has ventilation sleeves to ensure that the air can get up into the roof space from the eaves and blow through. As has been said before check that the insulation hasn’t been taken down into the eaves to block the airflow within the roof. You can get plastic sleeves which fit between the rafters over the top of the insulation to maintain an air gap above the insulation and this means the insulation can cover the ceiling right out to the walls so that you don’t get cold spots at the in the corners of the rooms which can lead to condensation and mould growth around the edges of the bedroom and bathroom ceilings. You need plenty of ventilation up above the roof space insulation if the insulation has been upgraded, from that which previously existed when the house was built, because the roof space would have been relatively warm with the heat escaping from below, when the house was built. With upgraded roof space insulation the source of heat from the living accommodation has been cut off and the roof space is now much cooler hence the condensation. PM me if you need further advice.
  5. The flip top feeders were all empty, down to the wheat which I put in the bottom just to keep their interest when they have finished the peanuts. Topped up the feeders with peanuts and a squirrel was down on one of the feeders within 15 minutes. Others were about feeding on the pine cones at the top of the Scots pines. Still one less. 👍 1672
  6. Right place at the right time!
  7. But the Swedes had it sorted years ago with the 6.5 x 55 for the Mauser!
  8. Nah, boring life, how can you have a garage that empty!
  9. Pigeons are on the Hawthorne here. They tend to go for the ivy in January and February. I think that it is more likely to be when the berries are ripe, rather than colour
  10. Have a look at the Brocock Bantam. They do them in McAvoy and will order FAC. The HR means Regulated
  11. Four more this morning Three off feeders and one on the ground 1592
  12. We are with BT fibre, 148-9 mbps download and 20+ mbps upload. Not cheep but fast!
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