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    Just had a 223 added to my ticket, looking forward to getting to grips with it.

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  1. They are on the Red list, why on earth even ask.
  2. PPU is often considered budget but in in my opinion it is just very reasonably priced and good quality. It is plenty accurate enough for me. It just depends on whether it suits your weapon, and you have your ego under control 😳 - 50mm discs at 150m is good enough with the 223 and 100mm discs at 200m with the 6.5x55 will stop anything I want to shoot. The reality is Roe deer are normally 60-80m. Fox 100-120m At 65p and 86p per shot it really isn’t worth loading. My Granddaughters can shoot orange clays of a bank at 100m with either the 6.5x55 or the 223 all day long. 139gr. soft poin
  3. I have the Aldi range of 20/40v power tools. Angle grinder, impact driver, reciprocating saw and chain saw and hammer drill. The whole lot go into a Bergen rucksack. Looking forward to a little project.
  4. I’ve have a Percussion fleece, must be 15 years old and I still wear it under my Ridgeline waterproof. Very comfortable and it hasn’t given up yet.
  5. There’s an old IBC on one of my permissions, I think I’ll have a go at setting it up . Just need to take four slotted posts and my battery power tools.
  6. Brilliant 👍 The easiest I’ve ever found to field strip the bolt mechanism is my Browning .22lr semi-auto. Field strip down requires no tools.
  7. I like the slotted posts idea for legs. 👍
  8. These are pretty good https://www.tannertrading.co.uk/waterproofs/flexothane-classic-rotterdam-trousers-olive-green/
  9. Look at the red list, plenty of those birds likely to be where you shoot. Just memorise a few, then if you are challenged you have the correct answer.
  10. Both my 6.5x55 Swed, and my 223 shoot well with PPU., still £85/100 and £65/100 respectively from Henry Krank. Still very similar pricing. Handy if you can call and collect.
  11. Fisheruk


    It stands to reason without so many people going to the troughs in Brussels from UK the future of Eurostar was always going to be in the balance. If it is French owned it’s their problem.
  12. Air gun ambush from a good hide in front of a tray of peanuts. Top it up at a regular time and they will get use to using it and then you can sit and wait.
  13. So you’re armless 🤣
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