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    Just had a 223 added to my ticket, looking forward to getting to grips with it.

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  1. I have a direct number for the local constabulary control room, always give them a call and advise them I’m going vermin shooting, they make a log and text the log number to you. Very often all done and dusted within 2 minutes. It helps to have the postcode of the area you are shooting ready for when they ask.
  2. I knew I should have kept the one I had 🙄
  3. Just too tame. I used the alarm mine when someone was snooping about the back of ours a few years ago. It went off one night, I caught a glimpse of the guy leaping up and over the flat garage roof. He never came back! If it it not petrol, that type will come back for something else.
  4. Fisheruk

    Re heat

    Make a pot of fresh of fresh expresso coffee in the morning and warm the last mug up in the microwave in the afternoon. Never had any problems.
  5. Still they keep coming, out before dawn and this big mature female arrived. Back home before 7.30. The key is to keep at ‘em. 499 Who’s going to claim the 5 ton !🤔
  6. Because it is a genetic modification it is species specific. Reds and Greys cannot interbreed. Things are moving fast in the genetics world.
  7. It means you are having an effect 👍
  8. My understanding is that the females would continue breeding but only produce male off spring. The model would show that by releasing a few hundred gm modified males within a decade the breeding population of greys would be finished. Time will tell.
  9. Great to see you’ve go your permission in South Lakes. Squirrel burgers tonight! 🤔
  10. Another two from the feeders with the FX Verminator 497
  11. It reminds me in my younger days when someone hit the end of a 303 with a centre punch, with it was clamped in a tube in a bench vice. You wouldn’t believe how quickly we all hit the floor as the slug ricocheted off the Harrison lathes and around the metal work shop eventually embedding itself in the forge having gone through the side if said forge. Quick lesson learnt!
  12. Fisheruk

    9-5 rut

    End of the shooting season? Plenty of other things to shoot. Get at those grey squirrels, reduce their numbers and give the song birds a better chance this spring.
  13. That makes the running total 453 Another three this morning by a public footpath. Only recovered two as the third dropped into a bramble thicket. Total is now 456
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