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    Just had a 223 added to my ticket, looking forward to getting to grips with it.

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  1. Maybe a root and branch restructuring is called for. A cull of staff and cutting of expenses. When an organisation has lost its way drastic measures are required.
  2. Wishing you well Steve, have appreciated your even hand.
  3. And they are crapping the cherry stones over our garden
  4. Congratulations and let her achievement be an inspiration to all who are oppressed and might be tempted to defeatism, whether black or white and any colour in between. In this country we have responded and facilitated, but it was this young lady who had the determination and right attitude. She is a great role model. 👍
  5. Fisheruk

    Co2 or not

  6. Another from the feeder this morning 909
  7. Another two this morning and yesterday’s, all young bucks 880
  8. Just one this afternoon beneath the bird table. Young buck 878
  9. .22lr is very effective
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