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    Just had a 223 added to my ticket, looking forward to getting to grips with it.

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  1. Sitting quietly outside this afternoon I heard one churring in the trees behind. 30 minutes later it arrived on the flip top feeder and the clang of the lid woke me from my snooze. Collected my rifle from inside and returned to enjoy the sun. 2 minutes later it returned for another nut and I was waiting with the crosshairs already on the feeder. Last meal for the grey. 2281
  2. Yes, it certainly gives a thump when it goes off
  3. Two today one young female with the FX Verminator and Hades off a woodland feeder and another indeterminate with the 4x4. 2273
  4. I understand, I have one as well.
  5. The trap can only be used in the way it was designed. I have one and there is nothing said about a cage, but the side plate must be in position. They would normally be mounted vert on a tree trunk.
  6. Very effective, there’s a side plate which you remove to bait, can be use horizontally but most common vertically. I’ve got one if you would like to see it, Kev.
  7. Another three for my dangerous but effective friends in their gardens. One young male and one young female died of lead poisoning when visiting a feeder. Another young female mistakenly went into a trap. Didn’t end well for her. 😳
  8. Exciting times, when you get a new patc full of the greys, you’ll be breaking records!
  9. Well after a long wet wait in the wood this morning, hearing a couple of squirrels calling and moving through the canopy, cascading showers of rain drips as they went. Then at 9.00am one comes along the ground and up onto a feeder. A large male. 2237
  10. Welcome back, blast f the past!
  11. Fisheruk


    Sub 12 ft/lb definitely will not assure an humane kill. Therefore unlikely to be lawful. Why not ask if there is anyone on PW, near to you who could humanely dispatch for you. Where are you based?
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