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    Just had a 223 added to my ticket, looking forward to getting to grips with it.

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  1. It might be that you are restricted on the terms of your FAC., and if so you must abide by the terms of your certificate. It may be that your own FAC is restricted (or as some may say - closed) without Fox as a condition except on your centre fire guns. For those who have an open ticket and condition of “All Lawful Quarry” it is perfectly Ok. From the evidence of the post it did the job. The use of a .22lr near to housing is often preferable to avoid disturbing residents, always assuming there is a safe backstop and it is safe to use the 22lr.
  2. An early start yesterday was the first time the weather and commitments had permitted me to get out for a week. The feeder was out of nuts, but there was still wheat at the bottom, which we leave there to keep them interested after they have scoffed the peanuts. Filled the feeder with nuts and settled into the hide which Mice and Mick C had built a few weeks ago. This hide is proving to be very productive. 15 minutes later Squirrel comes down the 60 foot pine tree to which the feeder is attached- result. Clang as the 42gr, soft point from the .22lr Chiappa hits the steel back stop on the feeder and another mature male hits the dust. Don’t get runners with 42gr of lead passing through heart and lung. 1398
  3. Well l woke up this morning at 5.00am and was surprised that the storm had not arrived. Out into the woods and after a two hour wait this little fella arrived on the feeder 1388
  4. One yesterday after a 3 hour wait at the feeder and one this morning after a two hour wait. This one today was a very cagey large male with huge nuts. He took 2-3 minutes to come down the pine tree, stopping every couple of feet and checking all around at every stage. Eventually he settled down for his last meal. 1386 https://ibb.co/z6WdqsL https://ibb.co/KVTTSwQ
  5. At last the rain has stopped. One this morning of a feeder with the .22lr Chiappa An immature male. 1364
  6. That should boost the car park revenue!!
  7. No point of releasing away from the site, they will fly back home!!
  8. Yes, very neat. Don't publish the location otherwise you will have droves of photographers camping out!
  9. It seems a reasonable response and if it has all party support then that is the way it will go.
  10. Another one this morning off a feeder 1173
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