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    Vermin Control.
    Just had a 223 added to my ticket, looking forward to getting to grips with it.
  1. Mink bait ?

    Mash up some fishy cat food and spread it on the raft for a few days. Then from the opposite bank shoot them with a rimfire when they come to lick it off. .22lr 50-60 metres or 17hmr across from the other bank of the lake at 100 metres. Very effective.
  2. Hawke Sidewinder 30IR Tactical 8.5-25x42

    Burton on Trent I think!
  3. Heads up (Lidl

    You have to wear something on top!
  4. 40 in Feb

  5. HH

    Great, thanks for posting GG👍👌
  6. Charging PCPs

    I’m sure you will both enjoy it. Envious of your wife enjoying your hobby. Mine just withdraws to her sewing room. Interesting she spends far more on her hobby than I do on mine!
  7. 5 from a loaned trap 1510
  8. Daily Mail

    This may not be politically correct, but absolutely bloody bonkers.
  9. Charging PCPs

    I have a Kral bullpup, nice light unit, might suit your wife. I use a pump and l’m 70. Bit like having a mini gym in the kitchen! Always good to exercise, but these young-uns! Ha Ha.
  10. Webley Eclipse

    Does that apply to the whole of Ireland, could understand Northern Ireland, but Eire?
  11. I have Avian on my FAC for my rimfire, and All Lawful Quarry. it would seem simple to ask for that condition when you apply or renew your FAC.
  12. 8 since my last post. 2 in loaned traps from folks gardens who also have Reds visiting. The rest with the 22lr golf courses and woods. 4 were off feeders this morning. 1503
  13. lynx escapes in Wales.

    Killing comes naturally.
  14. Stonechat

    Excellent, was that at Mere Sands Wood?
  15. Morning Sunrise

    Great photo, thanks for posting.