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  1. Yes mate £90 it’s an old magnet I was given but will never use and a camo net
  2. It is mate I’m gonna throw some other bits in a camo net and an old magnet that still works plus a couple of other bits I don’t use
  3. 10 full bodied enforcer decoys with bag pick up from Birmingham area close to NEC used a handful of times prefer the shells myself £90
  4. 💯 agree mate after I’ve taken the shot I feel I’ve rushed it
  5. Yeah mate calibrate it every time I use it saying that I done it one handed today . I was using 32g 6s clear pigeon Any tips would come in handy have you noticed something atb Dean Could be right but if a rush job today
  6. As I’ve been focusing on the Corvids I’ve been noticing a fair few pigeons landing on the power lines you’ll see in the background on the video so decided to break out the enforcer half shells to see if I could drag a few in well the day started of terrible and couldn’t hit a barn door the it happened I popped my 🍒 and had my first left & right 🥳 🙌🏻 plenty of hits and misses after but I was more than happy 😃 got caught out in the end though as I decided to leave at 5 o’clock come 5.15 it was pitch black and couldn’t see a bloody thing 🤦🏻‍♂️Hope you enjoy the video atb Dean
  7. Wasn’t t even gonna bother posting this one was there all day Monday and had about 5 shots ended the day on one Woody out the tree next to me and a Corvid that i shot after packing the ShotKam away how two of these never dropped is a mystery 😱
  8. Unfortunately I never brought mine direct from A1 decoys I brought a job lot of decoying equipment from someone and that was in with it mate ☹️
  9. Saying how good it was then falls apart ***
  10. Nitehawk 12 x Full Body Flocked Crow Decoy With Feet And Stake Shooting Hunting https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00LC6G1MW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_MsAKFbN8JZB9P I use these and they seem to work for me atb Dean
  11. There was eight close shots and all were taken mate it was only the longer shots that I was missing I’ll try not to give so much lead next time thanks Dean
  12. After Tuesdays good couple of hours I thought I was in for a bumper day Saturday got there for 9.30 to the fields deserted which I thought was strange as there was Corvids all over it a few days before so got set up decoys out and could hear there chatter and calling from a few fields to the left and behind the wood to my right first one came in after half hour which was hit then another 10 mins later then nothing for at least two hours until the next couple came in it was like they were feeding in two large groups rather that the small group’s a few days previous plus there was no wind what s
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