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  1. Wasn’t t even gonna bother posting this one was there all day Monday and had about 5 shots ended the day on one Woody out the tree next to me and a Corvid that i shot after packing the ShotKam away how two of these never dropped is a mystery 😱
  2. Unfortunately I never brought mine direct from A1 decoys I brought a job lot of decoying equipment from someone and that was in with it mate ☹️
  3. Saying how good it was then falls apart ***
  4. Nitehawk 12 x Full Body Flocked Crow Decoy With Feet And Stake Shooting Hunting https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00LC6G1MW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_MsAKFbN8JZB9P I use these and they seem to work for me atb Dean
  5. There was eight close shots and all were taken mate it was only the longer shots that I was missing I’ll try not to give so much lead next time thanks Dean
  6. After Tuesdays good couple of hours I thought I was in for a bumper day Saturday got there for 9.30 to the fields deserted which I thought was strange as there was Corvids all over it a few days before so got set up decoys out and could hear there chatter and calling from a few fields to the left and behind the wood to my right first one came in after half hour which was hit then another 10 mins later then nothing for at least two hours until the next couple came in it was like they were feeding in two large groups rather that the small group’s a few days previous plus there was no wind what s
  7. True I’m glad I went now 👍
  8. Yeah it seems I’m hitting more than im missing now 🤞 back at them tomorrow there’s pockets of them all over the land
  9. Think I’ll stick to Tuesdays from now on went on a new bit of perm not far from my other perm wasn’t going to bother as I wanted to get there early but ended up finishing work a bit later than I wanted to so never arrived until half one got set up and ready to go for 2ish then it went crazy they were coming in from all directions even landing in the tree I was set up under and the dead one not to far away which I dropped a few out of managed to get the ShotKam on after a few shots never had time to calibrate it but managed to get a few hits and misses and ended the day on 13 unlucky for some
  10. I’ll have them mate only around the corner from you
  11. 31 x £17 = £527 my bad 🤦🏻‍♂️ Price per gram was right though 😁
  12. 9ct gold is around £17 a gram scrap so it’s worth around £360 scraped
  13. The birds mount with the coat hanger looking square thing which goes in the holes on the side of the bird underneath the wings the spike goes into the ground then the two poles screw together then screw into the square coat hanger thing attached to the bird
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