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  1. Tried the primos cudnt get to grips with it so brought the acme watched the YouTube video and got it straight away even the jackdaws came flying in atb Dean
  2. I’ve tried a few seats and all were a bit uncomfortable after a few hours but sat in this for hours and not a problem atb Dean https://www.amazon.co.uk/A1-Decoy-Commander-Shooting-Spinning/dp/B07DVP9YY8
  3. Back out on the corvids Sunday ended the day on six some good shots some good misses 🤦🏻‍♂️ Won’t let me upload any more videos does anybody know how to string them all together into one video and get them on here atb Dean
  4. A1 Turbo flapper has worked for me on the corvids with a timer to slow the wing beat right down so much so I brought another and going to try the two out together Sunday plus you can get a discount using the PW forum code atb Dean
  5. I’ve found if you buy anything from them buy it through Amazon your items arrive early and will deal with complaints asap
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/202799721184 I use one of these does the job 👍
  7. Here’s a little video of my set up taken on my phone as soon as I get to grip with the ShotKam I’ll start putting more up hopefully Atb Dean IMG_3332.MOV
  8. Birmingham mate I’ve seen it all before mate being on the Hunting life forum I’ve been reading the forum for a few months and learned quite a lot thanks mate
  9. New to the forum and new to shooting I’ve been out a few times in the past as I’m more a lurcher man and enjoy my ferreting . Although last year I got to go out a few times a month shooting with a mate I decided to put in for my shotgun license and brought a shotgun and decoying equipment here’s a little bit of footage from last Sunday not much about and waited over 4 hrs for this one 👍 atb Dean IMG_3381.MOV
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