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  1. They’ve asked for a girl dog 🤦🏻‍♂️😁
  2. Colour would be the last thing on my mind as well has I already have a black cocker dog the kids have asked for a chocolate bitch pup as a pet 👍
  3. Moan about the price you could put another £500 on top of that and they would sell mate it’s a shame you never had a Chocolate bitch for sale as I’ve promised the kids one atb Dean
  4. Down load google earth mate then press the ruler top right move the screen to where you are and add point then move the line to where you want it and that will give you your distance no need for a range finder atb Dean
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Decoy-Camouflage-Pigeon-Hat-/184755460376?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286
  6. Got a call from the Dairy farmer about the Corvid numbers asking can I do something so managed to get over there Wednesday got set up went to move the car and a couple of geese turned up couple of crows came in and of they went ended the day with 9 crows 2 rooks 5 jackdaws and 4 woodies thanks for watching Dean
  7. Crows mate had the feathers on the beak and I’ve done it numerous times giving way to much lead hopefully I can correct it atb Dean
  8. 😂 that’s my shooting mate I was aiming at the back one and when the front one went down couldn’t believe my luck my shooting buddy still goes on about what a good shot it was😬 What decoys did you buy mate The Enforcer work well for me
  9. So done a few trips out to the rape field we had previously shot and noticed the pigeons were completely ignoring it but noticed a strong flight line at one end of the field so decided where the best place to set up to try and draw a few of it and went back on Thursday And it was no different Luckily managed to decoy a few of it with the Enforcer Decoys a magnet and two bouncers most ignored the decoys but managed a few shots thanks for watching atb Dean
  10. And you’ve seen them leaving the wood in the morning and returning to the wood when you scare them of for the last 4 days only to return back on the crops and your scarecrow done absolutely nothing intact they were landing on it atb Dean
  11. That’s my setup a jack pyke camo bag 120L a blue barrel and one of them padded swivel seats Carry’s decoys nets and other bits a pieces atb Dean
  12. Tight choke must be asleep 😴
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