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  1. Mice!


    It is satisfying catching the mice, i would rather they didn't come in, another two dead uns to dispose of, would probably be more but I've been away at work. Got home checked the traps and yes two dead mice. Going to buy some more traps, just to be on the safe side. Yeah I'm not keen on poison around the house or garden, trapping means you know you've got them 👍
  2. Hi Browning, can I have these please, PM me your details for PayPal please and I'll sort it tomorrow. Cheers.
  3. Missed it , working sounds fun.
  4. And the Norway ladies take better penalties than the England men's team, every penalty was pin point. obviously 😃
  5. quite enjoying this game Norway vs Australia, seen bits and pieces of different games and there has been some good stuff and great skill, they just to be getting on with it.
  6. No word of a lie, driving to work this morning a lad/ young bloke riding his bike no hands whilst typing with both hands, ok it was quiet and early, he put one hand on his handle bars whilst two of us went past him, he obviously didn't see what happened to Chris Frome 😯
  7. Fantastic news, be sure to report the sighting to one of your local groups (sorry if I'm telling you how to suck eggs)
  8. I'm on the fence on this one as I've heard different things, personally I think the cyclist should have stopped and then abused the living daylights out of the phone Zombie, if someone steps into the road and I'm driving I'm going to stop or swerve i hope. I've had people step into the road when I'm cycling probably because people don't realise how quickly you can be going, I'll be shouting and breaking before I go for an air horn i don't have. As for the Judge?? He apparently applied the Law?? We all know that the law is an ### common sense should have said your both Muppets.
  9. Said on the radio that the leadership will be decided by the end of next month 😯😯😯 i was thinking this time next week, right back to work get stuff sorted. silly me☹
  10. I'd like to see the Tories say were for brexit and fight a GE while Labour say there against brexit, then see how the chips fall
  11. Down to three now with Boris apparently having half the Tories behind him, it will be two tonight so Gove or Hunt against Boris. Then what? Cabinet reshuffles, some messing about and hopefully get on with brexit, or will Corbyn challenge before that seeing a weakened party?
  12. Mice!

    Home town

    The police over here do alcohol and drug tests now when they stop motorists if they feel the need, thought cannabis was one of the checks?
  13. Mice!

    Home town

    Have you seen the film Layer cake? There is a scene with exactly what your saying, class A drugs on the shelf at the chemists. I don't think it will ever happen mainly because the government that did it would be slaughtered for giving in to drugs, while addicts wouldn't care where they get their fix. It would make sense to take drugs off the dealers, but I cant see it happening.
  14. Mice!


    None this morning, phew! I can cope with seeing them in the garden, i know I have bird food about so expect a few about, but 5 in a week seemed a bit much. yikes😣 I've just noticed my neighbour has a new cage trap affair with two traps in it so his chickens can't get at the traps, wondering now how many he's had🤔
  15. Mice!


    Not sure I've had them a while, you can adjust how sensitive they are, under the heads is a small bowl to put the bait, I'm also using peanut butter, they have to put there head in to get the bait!! I have caught them across the legs when there's been no bait for a while if the slugs have had it, they must be running past and snap!
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