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  1. Because your wrong, no one ever loses under Labour 🤪🤪🤪
  2. Mice!

    22 pellets

    Ha ha, glad you didn't say .177
  3. Mice!

    22 pellets

    Very generous I'll PM you 👍
  4. Question time, with no Conservative MP? They must all be out getting hammered, no one parties like the winner.
  5. Some yes, 45 commando are based at Arbroath and the young lads thought it was a good idea to go out and pick fights with them 😮 Great seafood and coastlines and beautiful scenery
  6. Mice!

    Xmas photo comp

    Stop burn the advent calendar first, 510 sporter? Slightly charred.
  7. Problem is all we hear are the SNP, and they make a lot of noise until Andrew Neil asks them questions. And I know your not all ginger English haters, that made me laugh, I made some great friends while I was up there. Well said. Very well said.
  8. I can understand all of that. Imagine if Boris just said ok a week friday you can vote, stay or leave, take it or leave it.
  9. Mice!


    And the Northwest, I'm just watching the special on the News, how the Northwest went blue😊😊 Corbyn and Brexit came up quite a bit. Wonder if he'll retire somewhere he has friends, somewhere warm and sandy?
  10. During the Election ditchy, NS said she would get the workers similarly skilled jobs to those they lost? The jobs wouldn't happen, there are Machinists jobs and relocation packages available at the moment in Scotland, I've been there done it, oil price dips and the jobs are gone. If she could magic up these skilled jobs then she should, it would be fantastic, but what about all the small businesses around Faslane that support the workers there?? Don't get it.
  11. No its England, when I lived in Arbroath the locals were obsessed with London, they thought because I moved from England that I'd made a fortune on my house sale, I'd been to London once as a kid. Constantly going on about how Scotland beat England before England won the world cup (football) at Wembley, I had no idea as I wasn't born, England this England that, London London London. And Bannockburn. The DUP backed May and got more money because of it, we're stronger as the UK. You don't hear the English saying let's split from Scotland Wales and Ireland, you hear it from the SNP.
  12. Scotland did vote remain not leave, the SNP had ref2 as part of there campaign. But I don't get what they are expecting, they had the once in a lifetime vote, lost and want another, seems familiar somehow?? That said imagine if they weren't in parliament making a noise. But I just don't understand how they could make it work, are they somehow expecting billions off England??
  13. Mice!

    22 pellets

    Fancy selling me a couple of tins 😉
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