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  1. Barrel change

    would the .25 calibre not be more in demand than changing it to .22 either keep it that way for the rats or flip it on for a profit?
  2. squirrel control

    welcome headshot 303, give us some background then fella everyone loves a read about squirrel shooting. Are you in a hide? What rifle are you using? And be sure to add your squirrels to the total on the vermin section.
  3. Barrel change

    Different forum folk were talking about buying bsa Goldstars just because they wanted the barrels, apparently in demand.
  4. Ammo

    someone selling .22 subs in wales
  5. squirrel control

    Out early doors this morning, in the woods for 0615. Nice morning gentle breeze and cool, now its light earlier we can get to some different areas before the dog walkers are up and about. It was almost too easy this morning walked slowly around the corner and there is the squirrel sat on a bird table waiting for me it seemed, it seemed to be feeding really fast not happy, lent against an oak shot was about 69ft, sounds really far that way , one down within ten minutes, and i think that's four over the weekend between us. And one rat, half grown giving me the run around, in out in out for about ten minutes, everything seemed to startle it. Nothing better than shooting rats when there are ducklings about
  6. For the English lads

    yes they said on the radio this morning how perfect George would have been today.
  7. How many Rats are killed in 2018

    one this morning, half grown giving me the run around. 96
  8. one female this morning early doors 604
  9. A sad failure and a New Pup

    A very honest account, thanks for sharing. Hope the new dog works out and the old girl enjoys her retirement.
  10. For the English lads

    not even any name calling. Happy St George's day, with a new royal baby possibly.
  11. "im mainly..watchin' stuff"

    We have "packs" of magpies and Jays in the morning going around the trees and gardens, making a right racket with the blackbirds trying to chase them away.
  12. "im mainly..watchin' stuff"

    very nice, only seen a perigrine once when i was at barrow chomping on a gull. was the muted female a female bull finch? I had one last week, i hadn't seen a female before just the male.
  13. "im mainly..watchin' stuff"

    I can match you on most of those, swap the peregrine(wow) for a sparrow hawk, deer for a fox, does it count if its on camera in the night? No hedgehog yet and swap partridge for mallard. Squirrels are rare and the odd rat. And your lawns looking good for April. No magpies for you?
  14. Worst movie you have ever watched.

    we watched fight club on prime a few weeks back, wasn't impressed and I've got it on DVD I'm sure
  15. Cctv

    Do a search fella, there have been quite a few CCTV threads done before.