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  1. Mice!

    Brexit? This is much more important.

    Have you never put honey on Weetabix?? You must have!
  2. Mice!

    Crataegus monogyna

    Your bang on with the apple seeds, i think the program is called food unwrapped the lass always eats core and all and they were talking about how the seeds are poisonous but you couldn't eat enough apples to do yourself harm. Lets hope they do away with that then next year, makes no sense.
  3. Mice!

    Rambo fbp1

    going in the work bag for tonight, cheers chaps.
  4. Mice!

    Rambo fbp1

    well rogue male is supposed to be very similar to Rambo but I've read Rambo several times and Rogue male went to the charity shop. If you cant remember then your lucky, you can read it again.
  5. Mice!

    Rambo fbp1

    great book, but how is it political? In the way they want nothing to do with a vet?
  6. Mice!

    3D printing files/ideas sought for shooting.

    Get in touch with Spandit ?? Think I've got the right person, sure he's got some stuff on the Diy section.
  7. Mice!

    Home made bits

    So simple and effective 👏👏
  8. Mice!

    squirrel control

    Wife and kids were walking along the river and one fell out in front of them, little lad shot it apparently 😉
  9. Mice!

    Tradesman rates

    Doubt this is just in your trade mate, we have a guy who is 65 and i doubt he's ever been any good, must have just done simple stuff all his life, if you follow him and others on a machine you just start again its easier.
  10. Mice!

    Tradesman rates

    Stu, that's first class my wife wants to kidnap you for a while. Have a look a the play fort at Lowther castle, i thought you had built it for a minute. Your right there, my inlaws had real trouble getting folk round, when they eventually turned up they charged top dollar for average work.
  11. Mice!

    Tradesman rates

    Very nice as always Winnie, I'm agreeing with some of the above comments, I've always worked the unsocial shifts to earn more money but now I'm looking for a better shift meaning more time off without looking for the maximum wage, horses for courses.
  12. Mice!

    The admirable Ditchman.

    Not at all sir, they do look grand mind 😄
  13. Mice!

    The admirable Ditchman.

    How did you lot miss all the innuendos possible with "in the ditchman club" I'm thinking of the only fools and horses episode where they went to France with Grandad and all the fellas looked like him, is it like this in Norfolk??
  14. Mice!

    The Admirable Gordon R

    Nearly bought more tools 😅😅😅 very nice of you to pass on stuff you don't need, but you may need sn intervention. And you didn't miss much not going to Blackpool although the M55 is nice when it's quiet