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  1. He certainly could, just watching the clips and seeing the back three running the ball back at the defence was a delight. That young winger who came on for Wales looks like he should be doing that, running back towards a broken defence would definitely cause problems.
  2. Up and out in ten minutes!! Do you sleep dressed πŸ˜…πŸ˜… The early bird got the squirrel well done mateπŸ‘
  3. I've just had some clips of Jason Robinson come up, when we didn't just kick the ball back, superb player.
  4. They certainly will be to other bird species, but lots of people will think they are just attractive birds, they won't see the damage they will be doing.
  5. Problem is they are bright birds and attractive, but they are going to cause problems.
  6. I'm sure there would have been if you said 22lr, but from what I've read even at that range if you hit its lights out, or you'll miss? 5 to add from yesterday 1709
  7. There was a report saying 9 swans had died in Blackpool.
  8. That's why us rugby league players call it kick and clap, the problem for me was how different they played yesterday when compared with the Ireland game, kicking high against wales is wasted, you would think they hadn't played each other often. I like the catch in the air, it takes a lot of skill, some definitely jump just to obstruct the catcher though.
  9. Superb that Pal, IL doesn't have a thermal unfortunately, I'd have loved to seen where the squirrels were disappearing to but I was very happy with my day, seeing reds would have made it fantastic.
  10. Morning mate, I had access to a golf course for the month while it was closed and they let me use a buggy, shooting in style πŸ˜ƒ I just used bird seed on here with added sunflowers, given the numbers around I thought they would be straight on it but it's taken them a month to start on them really. Normally I mix nuts, sunflowers and use chicken feed which I've been having good success with.
  11. I started watching the game earlier but kept getting a notice coming up saying this is not live, very annoying so turned off. Just finishing the second half now and I thought it was a terrible game, no real flow, England always seem to want to put the ball high against Wales but Halfpenny is probably one of the best full backs in the world, so why?? First half England always seemed to be in front slightly or it was bad ball behind them enough to inhibit the running game. Considering the way England played last week I'd say it was poor.
  12. Most gun shops will have second hand guns around that price, worth a look
  13. Chances are it's the same as an Axsor. https://www.airgunforum.co.uk/community/index.php?threads/logun-axsor-complete-stripdown-guide.89256/ A fantastic break down, although I just sent mine away to get sorted.
  14. @ditchmanyou had best look away mate!! Rather an enjoyable day for me today, I normally go after work in the morning and have a few hours knowing I have to get to bed, been a while since I've been able to wander at my leisure. And today my plan came together, I got on the M6 and it was awful but the weather said it was nice where I was heading, and it was! It was a beautiful day, no wind, no fog, no people. On site for 11:15 after the leisurely start and a squirrel in view straight away, but it vanished on me, I'd tried getting hold of a thermal for today but left it too l
  15. Does anyone know with the games that Amazon are showing can you only watch them live or from the beginning whilst they are in play? I'm sure I'll miss the start of the England v Wales game later, but I haven't watched any games on Amazon yet. Cheers and come on England!!!
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