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  1. some of the automotive places I've worked at machine to smaller tolerances than aerospace, this depends on the parts obviously and is so that every part is pretty much identical.
  2. And that's what its all about, trying to get things balanced. Keep up the good work, August is always quiet.
  3. You just reminded me, this happened to me a couple of weeks ago, bit of fog on my drive home, I turned at the roundabout and a car went past me!! I was gob smacked, i imagined they had pulled out onto the wrong side because of the fog, but had there been another car on the inside lane chances are I'd have been going head to head with them🤬
  4. can't believe that?? It seems crazy and they probably do it every week and get away with it. At this late stage they probably know you don't want anything going wrong, but hit the phones bound to be someone else available, I'd rather drive a few hours to pick up a Luton for the weekend than get bent over.
  5. I saw bits and pieces, I'd rather have hard warm up games than 50- nils, they show you far more about your squad.
  6. I tried loads on a few weeks ago, I've got wide feet, I was convinced the majority were sized wrong they were so tight. same with football boots, I lost one a few weeks ago so had to buy new boots, find some that fit was a nightmare, it's like my feet have spread out over the years.
  7. I bought a pair of Berghaus recently, sort of between a trainer and walking shoe, really comfy and gortex, £70
  8. Mice!

    The Sun

    we flew from Manchester last week there was the sun, and I think the Times? We scanned the Sun, I imagined the airport gets them cheap and the papers get their advertising seen??
  9. That sounds spot on, And i showed the picture to my daughter, it got a massive gasp!! Winner winner two horses, no fuss no hassle 😁
  10. This has been one of the funniest and informative threads for a while.
  11. My bad, i thought it was November for some reason 😣
  12. What was the international in aid of?? Given the season hasn't started yet I'd have thought both teams would be very rusty. Never understood the point of pointless internationals.
  13. Would you look what's happened, I cant get on line for a few days while sunning myself by the pool and Bruno is spending money😅😅 Sounds like your going to enjoy your new toy, have you ordered any of the vicious looking pellets yet? Ones with the cross?
  14. check your down pipes aren't blocked or gutters leaking, they could be adding to the problem.
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