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  1. Hence why the Ukraine are still being supplied with weapons, so still able to fight, any physical damage is being done in the Ukraine and no American, British ect soldiers and dying like the Middle East, so the public aren't calling on their MPs to do anything or bring the troops home. But Putin has done it twice in recent years without any major reaction from the West, so why would he not? These people never have to do the things they do, but they do it. The reason Iraq is being used as an example is the action and reaction, Saddam invaded, this threatening oil and Saudi so the West flattened Iraq, Saddam ruled a harsh regime and carried out acts against the Kurds that needed addressing, but it was the invasion which brought action, I doubt any invasion is ever legal, but I don't think that ever concerns the invader. I can't think of another example where there has been an invasion where NATO has acted to stop it, why did the US and UK act to stop Saddam? Oil is my best guess, as Kuwait aren't members of NATO. I don't see how it being 20 years or 5 makes any difference. And Saddam couldn't strike back against us. Thus is why Russia is different, they can strike back against Europe, turning off the gas could be a massive blow. The Ukraine seem like they will keep going, despite the cost and those paying games will let them, it might take Putin turning the power off to stop the West supplying the weapons keeping the conflict going.
  2. Probably youngsters, there is always an influx around June and July, some I had the other week only looked like yearlings.
  3. Mice!


    Guess it would just give you a bit more range, and Whack if you were pushing a slug in fac, giving body shot options if needed, but less power than the bigger calibres so the projectile isn't traveling as far. It's a shame you can't have a mess with a 177 in fac and just put it back to sub 12, just to see how you get on.
  4. Thanks for that Bolly, so it's a no from me. but good luck with your sale.
  5. I can't decide if these are the same size? If they're the same then yes please. If it's posted.
  6. A lot of people tried them, a few say they work but in huns tuned for them, I don't buy it. I just think in sub 12 177 pellets work great, I couldn't be happier with my R10 using jsb heavies, fac and slugs are the next step up I think.
  7. Mice!


    What makes you think that? If it was right then why would anyone shoot fac air rifles? @Ultrastu did some good posts a while back on 177 fac, the increase in velocity is what gives you accuracy at range
  8. I've often thought I should have one, but the boot and back windows are all tinted. And I'm sure the fuel tank is enough to make them cautious, but I also very rarely have the bottle in the car, just the rifle. Good idea
  9. A few folk keep saying the makos work in sub 12 but I just can't see it, it's always a 25mtrs shot, which any pellet can do, so for the cost I still think there aimed at fac. And nice to see you posting sir.
  10. Not just oil, minerals and metals, otherwise why would we care what goes on in Afghanistan,? Its a brutal place to live, with soaring temperatures in a harsh landscape then someone comes along telling them how to live? Or wants a pipeline to go through their farmland. I clearly don't agree with a lot that goes on out there, but I also probably wouldn't last 5 minutes as its a totally different way of life to what we know. It was Africa, then India, its always somewhere where the native population are in the way of extracting gold, oil, timber etc. Ukraine is not a far removed place out the way which nobody is concerned about, they live in a similar way and culture to us, that's the only reason I see people getting so emotional about it.
  11. See what you mean when it's put like that, I was thinking how does just the Ukraine losing bring us all down.
  12. An immediate neighbour sure, it happens in London and lots of other places daily, unless it's the town or place you live in then no one pays attention? Ukraine aren't our Neighbours, I'd never given the place a second thought before this kicked off, I doubt others had, some will have travelled there or maybe had a holiday, but the way the media and many others are reacting you would think they were our closest allies. Given the large number of Polish people living here I could understand the reaction had it been Poland being invaded, but I still think its to do with Russia being the bad guys and whoever else is involved the good?
  13. How do we all loose? If that was the case we wouldn't just be sending supplies and it would already be world war three!
  14. So like a few have said, it's different because it's closer? There has been ongoing conflict for the last 8 years so there has been aggression from both sides. I'm quite shocked by your 1,2,3 comments, it reads like it's happening far away so doesn't matter, the East will never live like the West, but if they don't matter then why should what's happening in the Ukraine, there exactly the same thing being done in different parts of the world. You could argue that Saddam invading Kuwait was just the same as what Putin has done, only he wasn't close by and didn't have Nukes so the West rolled in and two wars later the area is a settled peaceful country of prosperity, only its clearly not is it. The bigger issue is that the conflict in the Ukraine is affecting us directly, energy prices are up, filling the car diesel is £1.75 near me, food prices are up. And there is the threat or suspicion that Russia might not stop at the Ukraine, I can't see it, not in the near future anyway because they'd be over extended and clearly haven't just pushed aside the Ukrainian people.
  15. It absolutely is, and you are right, but wars are dirty, and this was why I didn't expect the Ukrainian government to fight, because long term they can't win, areas are being reduced to nothing and I doubt many who have left will return or be able to. But would it have lasted this long without Europe and others arming the Ukraine? I don't think so, they're being supplied and supported from a far at a massive cost to themselves while European leaders and others watch on.
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