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  1. I want a picture of this squirrels hair cut when you catch itπŸ˜…πŸ˜… @Sciurus have you seen this week's weather forecast 😭😭😭
  2. How do you do it!! Is there a nicer new nurse at A&E you wanted to impress with your shirt off?? Good job you has one on!!
  3. Well I watched it yesterday, I watched the second fight where Wilder was simply destroyed, going off that performance he didn't deserve a third fight. Onto the third fight and I'd say Wilder had one good round, he looked muscle bound and awkward, from probably the 6th round onwards he looked exhausted, the difference between the two fighters in their corners was shocking, Fury was alert and taking instructions while Wilder looked out on his stool. I thought the fight should have been stopped by the 8th, Wilder kept taking a knee, and I was surprised Fury didn't hit him in that position, a few times Wilder swung, missed and was facing the wrong way. It seemed they let it continue simply because Wilder might get a lucky punch, but as the fight went on Fury just got better, his footwork and head movement kept him out of trouble, I didn't think he needed to grapple as much as he did, but he boxed well on the inside and obviously used his weight to tire Wilder.
  4. Cheers mate, I'll get some pictures next week, lots of ground cover but I'll hopefully find a clear patch.
  5. So big wood today, I arrived around 3pm on a glorious sunny afternoon, headed up to feeder one and there was an actual squirrel disappearing up the feeder tree! I waited a good while but it didn't show up again, although two pheasants were busy at the base of the feeder tree. I was very surprised to find the feed well down as its been largely untouched lately. Then I went wandering in a random direction heading for feeder two, I didn't see any squirrels as I pushed through the bracken in an area I don't go. I made my way into position at feeder2 and again there were two pheasants around the base, then I spotted a squirrel further up the bank, I gave it 15 mins then decided to try and get close enough for a shot as it was happy rooting around. (The pheasants do a good job of cleaning up. ) No sooner was I in view than a squirrel headed away from the feeder tree, no idea if it was the same one or another but it shot off. I went back to where I had been and enjoyed watching the birds coming and going, plus a little mouse just in front of me which kept catching my eye, there was a squirrel mooching further up again but I stayed put and up popped a squirrel on the feeder! It was head down feeding like a dog in bowl, I'd travelled light today, no sticks just the gun bag and game bag/seat so I'm sat with my elbow resting on my knee leaning against a wall. PFFT WHACK it dangled then dropped giving the pheasant quite a shock, nothing else showed so I moved up, a healthy young male, but with the usual chest of ticks although they looked small and new without the sores I often see. Entry wound. Exit wound, JSB heavies not messing around. I was stood looking around when a sparrow hawk came swooping in and landed in front of me, there is no way it couldn't see me but it just sat there, no doubt looking for the tits that frequent the feeder, it hung around for a few minutes then just hopped off the branch and flew away, beautiful to see so close. I then headed further up the hill, I've been so far before to a footpath but not further, that was today's plan a bit of exploration, and I hit gold, I found probably 6 mature sweet chestnut trees, fruit everywhere plus some big oaks, unfortunately there right on the footpaths but there are bound to be squirrels up there, and I'll be back up there next week πŸ˜€
  6. The power of recommendation 🀞🀞
  7. And it looked great as I headed into work tonight.
  8. It was ringing its mates giving the all clear. In comparison we were out Sunday in a park and you have to practically move them with your foot. Big wood tomorrow afternoon for a wander, see if they have been sleeping in.
  9. I went out this morning, but not till it was light. My idea was check the feeder at the golf course and walk through the wood to see if anything is about. The feeder was practically abandoned, just an inch or so of wheat, they had obviously rooted out all the good stuff and it was damp, not surprised after the rain over the last few weeks, I cleaned it out and put in a small amount of good stuff. I haven't seen anything at this feeder for some time now so I wasn't filling it. There was a heat source in a drey/nest up above me but I left it well alone as I know I have owls in the wood. I then took a walk and saw birds, lots of birds, pigeons blackbirds and everything smaller, but not so much as a glimpse of a squirrel. So after 2hrs it was back to the car, nice morning and I'm obviously on top of the squirrels here, or they've found food elsewhere?, I look right and probably a 100 yards up the road is a young squirrel just sat there!! Squirrels 1 Mice 0
  10. Finally, I've been looking each weekend, cheers for that.
  11. Got you!! Charged straight across the garden and up onto the feeder, small female.
  12. Here you go @Walker570 you'll like this. Taken from FB. Fella said he works from home and has rigged this up, a wireless doorbell ringer, when the squirrels climb onto the feeder they ring for attention!!
  13. I doubt it's re introducing, they have to have been doing effective control over a long period over a big area, but there could be a pocket of reds, definitely worth investigating.
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