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  1. She had probably gone looking for him because he said he wouldn't be long.
  2. Oh happy days, bag em up 👍
  3. Mice!

    Artemis P15

    I'd say look at the AA200 again mate, you know you like that gun, and it won't give you scope issues, or maybe even an Ultra, although that might just be a step to far for you 😅😅 Or what about a TDR
  4. An ultra is probably perfect then, but you'll get more shots from a scorpion, although they can be rare second hand.
  5. How old are the grandkids steve? Is weight a factor? If your ratting at night and adding NV it's more weight again. Usual suspects, Ultra, Scorpion . https://www.airgunforum.co.uk/community/index.php?threads/full-pcp-setup-brocock-compatto-mk1-in-22-cal.334454/#post-3342742
  6. You can't handle the truth! Or the truth will never out, one or the other.
  7. So sorry to read this Yvonne, I normally have the emotions of a rock but your poem had me filling up.
  8. I have no issues with that, I said to my kids, for the next 80 minutes the French, sorry Welsh hate us and we hate them, then afterwards you go and have a pint together. I'd say Wales is the team I always want England to beat over the other home nations. But the French will always have a special place, I'm looking forward to watching the end of the game and listening to the comments. Can't wait to play the French, just hope it's not a Welsh referee.
  9. I was behind, I had the game recording but I've just stormed out my own front room before I started swearing in front of the kids. The first half was a farce, that ref shouldn't ref another game ever. On the back of that the first half was terrible, thankfully the mrs took the kids a walk and things settled in the second half, Itoje should have been subbed, he's brilliant but the ref had it in for him, Jones should have seen it and managed it. England did brilliant to get back to 24-24 the Welsh played some great rugby in little phases, the players coming off the bench doing
  10. Mice!

    Artemis P15

    It looked nice that one, I was put off these when the price jumped up but the quality was iffy, but if they've been sorted then there supposed to be nice.
  11. Were the other dead squirrels still on the floor? They may have been spooked?
  12. That's what's been suggested and makes sense to me, they should use the female pheromones in those good nature traps, they'd be fighting to stick there heads in.
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