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  1. Mice!

    FX Wildcat conversion to .25 ?

    none available at the moment sorry, he said he has sold some to people with Daystates but not sure which models. Also he said there is a video of a bloke fitting a carbon bottle to a wolverine if you google it.
  2. Mice!

    My wife (yet again)

    No it would be a disaster, it would be all your or our fault and cost you money, decorating or kitchen or holidays well at least she put a nice dinner together for us 😁
  3. Mice!


    on the news tonight a small group had busted locks at a sensory farm and taken up residence. Apparently Wigan council were threatening to fine the land owner if the "travellers " weren't removed?? Fat chance she has.
  4. Mice!

    FX Wildcat conversion to .25 ?

    I'll ask the question, there not quick at replying sometimes.
  5. Mice!

    PETA pillocks

    thats the thing its so easy for people to click on something their sent a link to, 60 seconds and then forget about it.
  6. Mice!

    FX Wildcat conversion to .25 ?

    This was the info with price, quite a few lads bought them, still interested?
  7. Mice!

    FX Wildcat conversion to .25 ?

    there was someone selling carbon air cylinders on the rapid forum, want me to ask if they fit the air ranger?
  8. Mice!

    To FAC or not to FAC

    Unless there up the tree? I've had my rifle from new twenty odd years and never filled it myself, yes sub 12 so 150 & 300 shots off the bottles or there about, costs a couple of quid to get them filled, or you get a pump and just top up.
  9. Mice!

    To FAC or not to FAC

    I haven't read anything yet to make me not want an fac air rifle, bit more range lot more stopping power compared with sub 12, what's not to like. and using the rapid as an example once the gun is made fac it can't go back so some shops have apparently got them sitting on shelves gathering dust, the barrel, stock and other bits can be sold but the "block" stays fac. That's why they can be cheaper there harder to sell on.
  10. Mice!

    Another glorious 12th, another protest

    There are some good links at the bottom of the article
  11. Mice!

    Another glorious 12th, another protest

    https://news.scottishgamekeepers.co.uk/2018/08/poorer-grouse-season-will-still-net.html?m=1 just seen this elsewhere.
  12. Mice!


    there was a case of pox in Formby recently with a dead red squirrel found, if you want a read of how uneducated people are or biased against shooting or controlling a pest species have a look on the Lancashire and Merseyside mammals group on face book, to be fair there were a lot of people saying shoot the greys save the reds but still an awful lot against any kind of shooting.
  13. Mice!

    squirrel control

    Strangely enough i only know of one walnut tree and its also by a kids play area, sounds like a trip out to see if there are nuts or squirrels on the tree.
  14. Mice!

    Help needed to identify and clean a gun

    I thought Ditchman or old pigeon popper would have snapped this up by now, especially as Mr C and dunks are now interested. once the gun is available on gun watch of course.
  15. Mice!

    Corbyn, the Clown that keeps on giving

    as a young 40 odd year old what i don't understand is how the leader of the labour party can constantly be tarnished with these sort of allegations and not have been sacked? looking at the Americans any sort of dirt and there gone, sometimes 🤔