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  1. Mice!


    Looks like an FX now, I like it, the woodwork really let's them down I think. You'll have to wait till tomorrow for pictures 😊
  2. @Zapp can you move this thread to the air gun section, some great stuff on this thread.
  3. Mice!


    Not sure what you mean fella, the P15 is a cheap ish Chinese bull pup light weight and gets great reviews, have a look at pork chops other posts.
  4. I was sure someone else would have jumped on the Lube 😂😂
  5. I'm just pulling your leg, which lube do you use?
  6. I can understand that if your being competitive, but I just check the skirts are ok. He will be doing now, and two decimal places isn't good enough.🤭
  7. Mice!


    I looked at another last week, it had been fettled, new stock, huma reg different shroud, really looked the part. The stock made a huge difference not looking like a plank. But I've gone a different way, I pick it up tomorrow 😊
  8. Mice!

    squirrel control

    One of my favourite birds, when two males turn up in the garden it's like aerial combat as they shoot off. Hook line and sinker
  9. I saw this on Facebook earlier and thought it might be useful for your or others PC?
  10. Mice!

    Ferrets as Pets

    Some cracking advice already above, no matter what you do they certainly have an aroma. You can get chicken wings or carcasses from the butchers but as others have said they need fur as well. And I always found it easier keeping them warm rather than cool, summer brings flies
  11. Mice!


    See I can go with all of that👍 The last rat that was shot had 5 people watching through various windows, rats ain't tolerated.
  12. Mice!


    My misses never used to be keen, but she doesn't like rats and mice. She'd never pull the trigger on an animal but is happy to have a plink. And she has come around to shooting squirrels in the garden, she's a veggie but totally understands and sees the difference getting rid of the squirrels has made to the songbirds in the garden.
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