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  1. The latest Robin Foxer videos show brand new thermal technology
  2. Your night vision spotter just allows you to see at night, the thermal works day or night if the temperature is right, you can scan an area and heat sources will show up, might be pigeons in a tree, squirrels, deer or like powler says above sheep or lambs, I was looking through some trees a few weeks back and picking up the sheep and lambs beyond them, it really through me for a minute. Best thing to see how they work is take a look on YouTube at a few videos.
  3. Mice!

    End of Watch

    She can sing, act and looks like that, and cook rabbit 😁😁 Even makes watching pitch perfect ok.
  4. Mice!

    End of Watch

    Great film, but Jake G is a strange one, in this film he's great the next he might well seem like an absolute nut case, Now that one was weird.
  5. It's the. 25 ultra I've looked at, but there never close by when they come up, I like the idea for say feeder shooting so a fixed range, they might be slow but there going to hit with a fair slap. When other guns have come up they tend to have a lonnnnnnnnnnng barrel so put me off. And the fact they don't come up for sale often second hand makes me think they must be good.
  6. I've been tempted a few times but not yet, I tend to read loads of threads every now and then, I'll get one some day.
  7. Long been said how they eat many foods before they are ripe, affecting lots of other animal's. Super session Nev. 1146
  8. I didn't think sprays were supposed to effect bees? Might be worth speaking to the farmer.
  9. If you can do a screenshot post that, they take up less space.
  10. Mice!


    There's a non working class, and they likely vote Labour.
  11. Lots of the new units coming out with new tech, I'm really impressed with my second hand Pulsar XQ23V it can pick things up way beyond shooting range. Definitely best to try and have a play with one before buying if possible, problem is now as its getting warmer in the mornings they soon red out, you will be amazed by what goes on around you though, and don't forget the rats at night.
  12. Mice!

    French Fisherman

    I know what you mean, but most will see France as trying to flex some muscle and that's the end of it, and you can drive to Scotland, Jersey aren't looking to leave either.
  13. That's it isn't it. Most of us won't give Scotland a thought most of the time, then we hear how much they want independence, problem is it likely won't work and then what??
  14. The first thing always comes to how will they pay for things, oil is always mentioned but the oil isn't Scotland's. The fact we never accepted the Euro over the pound was massive and The UK getting away from Europe is significantly different from Scotland breaking from the union, I still think that's the issue, being ruled from England. Most was always banter and given both ways but many were obsessed with London, which might as well be Monaco to most Northerners. It was strange for sure, guaranteed fighting outside the pubs, lads in work falling out over old seated iss
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