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  1. you should have had the TX in a golf bag sir, wheeling it around would be much easier, select your calibre for the shot, 110 yards slight dip to the left on the green? Hmr it is, 25 yards sat in a tree? Out with the TX.
  2. Mice!

    Heads up

    Made me chuckle, brother 😉
  3. big difference between air guns and cars, for me there is next to no market for air guns in this country which is why i don't think cheaper imports will take over, I've seen machines and product lines move to China and India because there is money to be made from the cheap labour. Not many moving parts to go wrong on a mount Bruno, can't Imagine the Chinese or Indian manufacturers ever meeting the standards of Air arms or BSA. And I'm always surprised that air guns are still being developed, look at The FX rifles, must take some investment to come up with those.
  4. Really nice that BB, looks like it should be framed.
  5. West coast looking east, I'm working away now and it seemed a nice way to say I'm up
  6. Any reason you haven't looked at a Pro Sport? I always think the single barrel looks neater and the gun still gets great reviews, still an under leaver.
  7. I had an innova, it did nothing but leak after a while, it was a nice light weight gun though, 7 or 8 pumps if i remember right? Always fancied one of the Sheridan pumps, they just looked smart i thought. I'll have a dig see if i can find any articles for you.
  8. Cheers, I'd sent it the wife with the caption eating my breakfast 😎
  9. need someone clever to put up a split photo
  10. That's a great picture, conservation at its best 👍 Be a nice surprise, squirrel squirrel squirrel squirrel squirrel squirrel squirrel twig squirrel squirrel OWL.
  11. Nigel Farage has just spoken about launching his Brexit party, as the other MPs are going or gone on their Easter break. No sure what he can achieve but if your looking for a protest vote that's surely got to be it. Given the EU elections coming up he might have a few politicians worried.
  12. not as nice as your pic but its been a lovely week to be getting up early
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