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  1. It took a moment or two to work out what I was looking at, clever.
  2. Looking good there mate, not sure if you can be trusted with a road bike, but even a hybrid would transform your cycling. Which reminds me I need new inertubes 😁😁
  3. Mice!

    squirrel control

    Great news spotting a red, I don't know where you are but be sure to report the sightings, and nail those greys, having a red about should have you loading the car 👍👍
  4. Mice!

    Lewis Hamilton

    I don't doubt for a minute he didnt worked hard, all the money in the world won't make up for a lack of talent, ability or hard work, but you can't make it in motor sport without financial assistance. So he says he's been discriminated against throughout his career?? What about the support and backing he must have had?
  5. Mice!

    Lewis Hamilton

    That is serious money, all sports or hobbies take time and commitment, but that's a well paid weeks work just for the £600, never mind everything else that's needed on top. So for someone to succeed in that environment but say they were discriminated against is very strange indeed. I didn't go to university because of the cost, but thankfully did go to college, my parents thought it was a waste of time at the time, but happily ate humble pie years later. Can I say I was discriminated against because we were poor?? The difference is we were brought up with a work ethic, if you want more then go and earn it, it seems these days many have been raised being told you just have sit back and wait for hand outs, the state will provide.
  6. Mice!

    Pubs now open

    Well one of the lads in work said you had to sign in on the wi fi at the pub, this way if someone gets covid, you can be tracked. So lots will have been out, mingled, had a drink and enjoyed themselves fair enough. Others will have gone out, got hammered and had no idea who they met. Then they go back to work or home possibly taking the virus with them , wonderful. So is everything normal again? On the news last night they were talking about the thousands of cases every day in America, then Brazil, South Africa, Russia and India, it's not over, but it seems no one really cares. The country is kind of open while sort of closed????????????????
  7. Try the fancy chocolate gingers with whiskey 😛 I'll bet someone did it once a week deliberately 😁
  8. Is the correct answer, for some reason Aldi gingers beat everyone else's still st the moment. Although hobnobs and bourbons are good
  9. Mice!

    Lewis Hamilton

    This was posted on Facebook a few weeks ago when everything was kicking off, if any of it's true then he really is a hypocrite The thing I normally like about sport is if your good enough then its enough, I love some of the American films where being good, no really good at sport pays for someone's education and sets them up for life. The whole idea of different groups not being involved is ridiculous, if a bloke was green but amazing at something would anyone care?
  10. Mice!

    squirrel control

    Another this morning but it should have been more, my plan was to get to the wood around 6am, despite the wind and rain. It doesn't help when you somehow don't wake up till 645 and it's an hour away!! Decided to go anyway, the forecast was dry but windy so why not. As usual it was around 20 minutes for the birds and voles to come back out, and about 40 mins when a squirrel appeared, I didn't spot it till it was fairly close because of the trees swaying, it seemed to be looking straight at me, started towards the feeder then changed its mind and bolted? About 20 minutes later another appeared, again just suddenly there on the tree behind the feeder, it came down slowly then sat up on a tree stump nice and relaxed, pfft. The squirrel froze, gripped the stump then the tail whirled around, it dropped then rolled down the bank then kind of ran for about 8m before stopping dead. Pellet couldn't have been better placed, the squirrel was 45° off facing me, hit it between the eye and ear. Pellet came out on the opposite side below the ear at the back of the neck where the twig is, and yet it still made it around 12 metres from where I shot it, tough little critters. I had another one appear at the side of me probably 5m away coming from the main wood, it was that close I could see a line of ticks on its chest, we ignored each other for a bit then it scarpered. Another seemed happy just sitting in tree tops sunning itself despite the wind. I was over on the opposite side looking at different angles as I'd like to be looking at the main wood and watching the birds and thankfully identified Willow tits @twenty when another appeared above me!! It didn't hang around. So I'd turned up with two mags loaded expecting loads of squirrels but I think the wind put paid to my plans. But at least I know what's been happening to the squirrels I've lost under the fallen pine. There going to be in for a shock when I can turn up at half 6 a few times a week 🤨
  11. Mice!

    Fur Missile

    A thread went a little off track the other week with two guys talking about dogs, but this was great.
  12. Yes had something about ear wax, your on your own with the others
  13. Aren't you just 🤣🤣 shot count is very low in FAC ⬅️ that's what Villaman said, so why is the shot count low? It's a hunting rifle surely and yes I said how many rabbits can one person carry, I think forty shots for a hunting rifle is plenty if its fac. Not in sub twelve though if you like to plink as well.
  14. Not at all, Villaman said the shot count is low in Fac but its enough for a hunting session, I shoot an R10 and R7 so have plenty of air, but this Daystate is going to be lighter.
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