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  1. Mice!

    Bit of a shock

    I wonder if they had the box set of "The walking dead" 200+ guns and no jail sentence, i imagine if you had ten in this country it would be a major police operation and ten years in prison??
  2. Mice!

    Good gunshop

    Welk it says its second hand beech and £150?? I haven't been in McAvoys in years because I've had no need, i get air at Bamfords and pellets. So what's supposed to be wrong with them?
  3. Mice!

    thermal imager

    I've only used a thermal once but was very impressed, we were squirreling and it made a huge difference. No movement needed from the squirrels they showed up nicely against the tree trunks so spotting was greatly improved. Bit pricey for my needs but i can see why folk use them.
  4. Mice!

    Country file tonight

    We'll they didn't show anything that wasn't already banned. And we already know farmers are having problems with folk coursing hares.
  5. Mice!

    Squirrel " Buster " call

    Cheers Accuspell, I've found my caller brings in magpies as well, and i get what you mean about not shooting on the feeder, its been a while since I've had a chance on a feeder, most of mine tend to be in the pines, the nuts tend to vanish when we're not about.
  6. Mice!

    Cheap scope and mounts combo

    Think i would have gone to my local gun shop and had a look what they had second hand. What have you gone for?
  7. Mice!

    My favorite time of year

    Been a great weekend up north, charity rugby event Saturday with 4 derby games and plenty of beer and banter Today was nice again so out in the garden shredding followed by a walk in the woods and fields, can't complain when you see a sparrow hawk a few metres away and a kingfisher goes by while the kids are playing in the river.
  8. Mice!

    Country file tonight

    Bang on the money.
  9. Mice!

    Squirrel " Buster " call

    I've had very mixed results with my caller, a couple of times I've used it and watched them come from a long way off to see what is making the noise, few times I've had them rush in on the ground and charge off again. But I've also used it with no joy at all. You still have to be unseen when your using it, but I've found i get the best results if you have seen some movement in the trees, then you know there out and about . A fella did a write up on the R7 forum a while back which was really good, I'll message him and ask him to put it on here because it was a really good read.
  10. Mice!

    The Secret Life of the Zoo

    We'll you couldn't release the animals if there weren't any? So having some breeding Tigers say in captivity is surely better than saying o well no more tigers.
  11. Mice!

    Not exactly sporting.....

    could have gone with "ram it" but it wouldn't be very polite 😂
  12. Mice!

    squirrel control

    I'm surprised the mice triggered the camera, cheeky blighters those Mice!
  13. Mice!

    falcon prarie

    https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Falcon-Titan-PCP-MK9-Lancet-Airgun-Regulator-by-Robert-Lane-made-in-the-UK/122813682038?_mwBanner=1&_rdt=1 https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Falcon-Titan-De-Twanger-For-instalation-it-the-reservoir-tube/123299375626?_mwBanner=1&_rdt=1 https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Falcon-MPT-FN-Titan-Variants-Air-Rifle-Tuning-Dismantling-DVD-by-T-R-Robb/122326433013?_mwBanner=1&_rdt=1 few there to get your teeth into.
  14. Mice!

    falcon prarie

    have a look on eBay for a DVD, i got one for the Axor i bought, tr robb, so i imagine there will be one for the Falcons.
  15. Mice!

    Aaron Ramsey