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  1. Mice!


    I'm on that list, but overalls and boots don't go well with hot weather. Meanwhile it's absolutely lashing it down, sounds like my caravan is being let washed and I'll need my wellies to walk back from the car!! Sunny Spain, if only 👍
  2. Mice!


    Don't we all, Spain might be nice.
  3. Tunnel traps I've seen others use only have on entrance 🤷‍♂️ but two traps sounds good.
  4. Bib and brace is a good option then mate, also worth looking at the pocket warmers you can get, I'm sure some pop them in their wellies as well.
  5. I'd only put one hole in, and put the bait past the trap so the rat climbs over to get to it, looks like you only just caught it 👍
  6. Mice!


    That should be an Autumn job. I can only just walk on mine in places, not a chance I could mow it.
  7. Worth looking at a bib and brace as well, nothing makes you colder than a gap for the cold air to get in, look at fishing ones if noise isn't an issue. My problem is I normally wrap up then go walk about and wind up sweating like mad 😅
  8. I can't think why she would have thought that? There's every chance if you went to a gunsmith for something to be made that they'd get it made by someone else then assemble it?
  9. Nothing like some controversy for a Monday morning.. I thought the ref had a good game, but he got this wrong, I appreciate there was a lot going on but the TMO should have helped him out. It apparently happened before in an Ireland v NZ game. So that's the second game where France have been saved in the 80th minute by a decision, they should be 0-3 now 😳😳 And I've solved England's problems.. Drop the lot and play the A team 😁
  10. Not really, not when most of the players have been around forever, the team that finished the game should be more like the starting team, with the old hands coming on if need be. They didn't even show what happened, I rewound it and the camera had moved off?
  11. 😁😁😁 Well I thought Italy had done it, I was cheering when the penalty was awarded, so unlucky the way it went.I know it was against 14 men for the second half but that was probably Italy's best performance, even the defence in the first half keeping France out.Or were France just bad?? They looked shattered at the end.
  12. It's good, till you start missing tackles, then there's no one can cover. I much prefer a good defensive line. It seemed we either kicked the ball away or knocked it on, loads of posts on FB about players back from injuries and not having game time, then they shouldn't be playing such a massive international game, and that's down to the coach. I still can't believe they dropped Steward for Furbank, FS was my man of the match in the last game, yet he didn't even make the bench, dropping a fit player who has a brilliant game is just ridiculous. England need a massive overhaul, players on loads of Caps but playing like they've never met. I'd welcome Owen Farrell with open arms right now.
  13. England were terrible, started well and I thought hang on! But no, unforced errors were punished with tries, no platform, dropped balls, yhe rush defence doesn't work for me. 4 losses on the bounce to Scotland, it was the one game they really needed to win 😪 I can't see it, Ireland are going to be looking at the grand slam, England haven't performed in one game yet, Ireland won't be messing around with subs, they'll want to put a big score on us, it's going to be a very tough day to support England.
  14. Belting 👍 I change colours each time I'm out depending on the conditions. And wait till you spot something in a tree, that you can't work out, and it turns out to be sheep outside the wood 200+ yards away 😅😅
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