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  1. Don't get on top of them too quickly, who doesn't want to do a bit of shooting at work 👍
  2. Mice!

    Storm Dennis

    Problem is high speed trains sound good, personally a train service that runs properly and is affordable would be much better. As for the river Kent, its dropped 3 or 4 foot over night thankfully.
  3. Mice!

    Caroline Flack RIP

    I wouldn't normally post on something like this, I saw the headlines earlier and was stunned, she was obviously going through a rough patch but such a shame it came to this, her twin sister and family must be devastated. I don't do the whole love island, social media circus type programs, not my thing. But negative comments on topics like this aren't needed.
  4. Mice!

    Storm Dennis

    Staying in Kendal for the weekend, the river Kent is close to bursting its banks, its put down some serious rain today, but had probably 3 hours without rain, hoping it stays that way.
  5. Mice!

    New tool

    Coming on nice, less wind, less water, would be nice.
  6. Very nice, but we need a pic of the pup, I'd spend tonight in the pub though if the weather forecast is right.
  7. Mice!

    Scope caps

    That's as old school as it gets, the young lads don't know how to measure a thread, or not many of them anyway 👍
  8. Mice!

    Scope caps

    Should have said, I used thread gauges to get the pitch, measured the Male and female threads i had then worked it in.
  9. Mice!

    Scope caps

    White Nylon, it was left over from another job, and when he drops them he might see where they are🤣
  10. Mice!

    Scope caps

    So these aren't my finest work, but I wanted to see if I could knock some covers up between jobs, if they fit and do the job I'll make some nicer ones, @strimmer_13 send me your address and I'll stick these in the post, they'll cover up your turrets if nothing else. @bruno22rf The thread was something like M23x0.7/0.75 I had to use a 1mm insert as it's the smallest I could find, and definitely the first time I've used a scope as a gauge 😊 not something I'd want to do with an expensive scope.
  11. Mice!

    Pard nv008

    I've watched some videos of squirrel shooting in daylight, they look great, same with the ratting videos at night, range finder at the press of a button why would you not?
  12. Your right, but a waterproof coat and boots should be basic for going up mountain climbing, well walking. This weekend you would have looked like you were dressed for Everest.
  13. You and me both. I did my Duke of Edinburgh awards years ago, you don't go up a mountain in shorts and t shirt, you go prepared for the weather to change because the chances are it will. Going out in the weather we have had over the last few days is just plain stupid.
  14. Mice!

    Six Nations

    Don't say that the Welsh fans will savage you!! They always raise their game against England, and we're not firing on all cylinders.
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