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  1. I had a Welsh whisky a while ago and it was like fire water.
  2. That's who I was thinking about yesterday, he has to replace Hogg who had a shocker. That's then the high ball sorted. I'd drop him just for the trip, those things don't get missed at this level, if he had been red carded its game over. I've not watched the highlights yet to see what I missed.
  3. But you'll have song birds, red listed and amber and trees no doubt. There is a big difference between shooting the odd grey because it's there and targeting them though, that's when you realise just how many are in an area.
  4. Great post Chris, but did you mean WENT to 😅😅😅 But joking aside you obviously had great teachers and wanted to learn. Like you say many these days haven't got the very basics which is a real shame. Very good 👍
  5. A lot depends on where you are and what goes on around you. Where I'm shooting is mostly greys with a couple of small patches of reds, move north a touch to where @Sciurusis and he has more reds with greys again. If we and many many others weren't keeping the pressure on, then these greys would be free to breed and move, this would then put pressure on the reds. The area in Westmoreland with the most reds probably kill less greys because the areas around them stop the greys getting there. This screenshot is from a fella who does full time squirrel control for the purpose of stopping tree damage down south, shoots off feeders, lots of them. ############$$ ######### 815 squirrels, so how many squirrels would there be damaging trees if they were left to breed?
  6. Just watch the numbers grow next year 👍
  7. I watched the game, I think your above comment should say caught no ball, just constant knock on's from high balls, the camera panned round the players in the stands, I think Hogg is dropped next week Welsh fullback has to play, they never seem to drop high balls against England. Not sure the wings did much else. I thought the first half set things up, the stats showed SA had had to work harder, second half was all SA, without possession you just can't score points. The debatable try?? Soo next week it is.
  8. There are a few on here like Latin, maybe Boris has been reading PW Absolutely pointless trying to learn or teach this in schools, I'd rather the kids had another hour or so doing something physical or practical or fun.
  9. If you are moving people around you will likely need a month off anyway to let it heal properly, take it easy.
  10. I was in and out in the afternoon going back probably 26 years, that's what makes you wonder why such a long wait. Does your work not have any sort of insurance that could pay towards the opp, I'm thinking you have done the injury working?
  11. Well, I must have checked the weather for Friday morning 50 times over Thursday and resigned myself to not getting out, imagine my surprise walking out to see dry ground and light cloud? Driving away from work there was even a nice sunrise!! Well that can mean only one thing, the woods. I was in the wood for around 615 and as I approached the feeder a squirrel was moving away!! Hopefully it will be back. I'd decided to sit in a different position, looking down and across the feeder rather than up, I struggled to get the sticks at the right height but otherwise the position was good, or so I thought. I had to kneel up to get the angle right so not ideal, but shortly afterwards I can hear claws on the tree above me, so I freeze and wait. Across the canopy and down the tree, then onto the ground where I couldn't see it clearly, then up she hopped onto the feeder, Pfft Whack and roll away, 6:45, straight away the woodpecker and birds were straight back in. Number 99, I gave it half an hour and nothing else was seen, the rain had started and I wasn't comfy. So I moved up the hill a touch to another spot I had looked at, with this view, much better. So I'd moved my gear a few metres, been and filled the feeder, it was slightly down and collected #99 I had a sit down to double check things were comfy, thinking I'll pack up at 8, no sooner had I sat down than the barking started! I wasn't expecting this, it was above somewhere, then 5 mins later down the tree it came, twitching and nervous, it never made the feeder, he paused head down on the tree and waited too long, Pffft Whack flop onto the ground, not a twitch number 100 was down. I took 23 from feeder 1 here last year, these two today make 45 this year, I've shot three locations with feeders and picked up a few moving around. I don't doubt there are more around, there are signs they are starting on the Hazelnuts despite them being small, but there are certainly less breeding than when I started. 20 squirrels in total for July. The added bonus this morning was the Roe buck, he was magnificent, I spotted him when I went down to collect the second squirrel, I'm wearing dark green and in the gloom and shadows, I'd looked around with the thermal and couldn't believe I hadn't seen him, once I knew he was there it seemed obvious, we just watched each other before he started tossing his head and roaring at me, such a surreal sound. I reached for my phone and realised I'd left it on my gun slip!! Maybe next time.
  12. I'd say there is a big difference between being full time and professional. I'll compare Judo because I know how it works against tennis or golf. Only the top few Judoka will have full sponsorship, most are at Uni doing full time education and training, 3-4 sessions a day, they love the sport and the lifestyle, training and competing all around the world, the travel and accommodation is often paid for but that's it. Then its other jobs, fund raising and training around those. Compare that with a pro golfer or tennis player earning who knows what and it's a different league entirely. This is why I like the Olympics, its watching the minor sports, knowing what the athletes have to do to be at that level. I once competed against a lad, he beat me in the heats then in the final, he had two coaches and looked like he wasn't really trying, he beat me so fast in the final it was unreal, I was told to Google him, turns out he was a junior Olympian and had carried the torch at the games and he was giving away probably 8 kilos. Another league altogether.
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