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  1. You've got some shooting to do then 👍
  2. I've another feeder near these, as the crow flies and it's just been ticking over so I've been concentrating on the busier ones, but 5 gallons in a day is a lot of feed, have they got lids? That's why I shot this yesterday, I know it's only squirrels can take feed from the right hand feeder so I knew there were a few about.
  3. Well plenty to see, in my garden this week we've had Bull Gold and Greenfinch all on my feeders at the same time, quite a sight, lollipops ( long tail tit) Then the usual garden birds feeding there chicks, small pond full of frogs and Newts, then hedgehogs bumbling around at night 😁
  4. I could look at that view every morning quite happily 😊
  5. Another busy morning, I shouldn't have been out today, but this feeder over was almost empty when I popped in Thursday, so it was worth the drive up last night I hoped! And it certainly was, a slow start but it was cold and wet and didn't seem to warm up till after ten. But if your feeders work, there big enough so they don't keep running out then you will pull squirrels in from the surrounding area. Another 14 this morning a mix of mature females and kits.
  6. Mice!


    That's what I thought after a few minutes of what was on the news, and what was AR wearing 😅😅 if you can't take someone seriously then they only spout rubbish you very quickly make an opinion.
  7. It beggers belief, probably no bigger platform in the run up to an Election and he left early, just watching the news, talk about making it easy for your opponents 🤦
  8. 100%, people might want a change, but Labour will do nothing, unfortunately it might well be longer than 5 years, Labour will spend the first 3 or 4 years blaming things on the Tories saying its not our fault. Three things need sorting, stop the boats, send back those in hotels all across the country and fix the roads, that I'd vote for. If only, there's not a leader out there, just a few puppets.
  9. Well since you raised it the adds have gotten worse 😅😅 Go on @Teal flick the switch 🤣🤣 There is a post in there somewhere....
  10. Thanks mate, I took 4 the day before as well, the woods I went to were oddly quiet, but I like to get around as many as I can 👍
  11. Fair to say things went well yesterday, much better than expected actually, I kept thinking that'll be it and they kept turning up. The camera was showing 2 and 3 squirrels a lot, so I was expecting a few. I didn't shoot this wood in May, work and Stalkers meant I was just topping up, I started in here last summer and took 38, I'd only shot ten here this year so far and haven't seen much, but the last couple of weeks the feeder has been getting hit hard and now I know why, I shot 11 this morning!! Several pregnant females and females that had weaned young. Plus there were another two in the canopy calling, but the thermal had died. I'd checked my gun over the weekend, did some zero checks and chrono and everything was spot on, I never missed a beat today, shots were taken from the ground, wall, feeders and tree. I left here for a quick hour over the hill, thinking I'll have a check and top up, well the feeder was almost empty despite shooting 7 last week 😳😳 that's 4kg in a week, shot another 3 here, another female that had weaned, male and a kit, it's not nice but they grow into big squirrels. The day finished with 4 Jets entertaining me and leaving my ears ringing. Like I was never there....
  12. Mice!


    I don't disagree, but Labour has shown nothing, they probably don't know what they'll do in power
  13. Mice!


    He's tried before though, and got nothing, all it'll do is take votes from the Cons helping Labour, careful what you wish for.
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