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  1. I'm really lost now, why would the buddy bottle have anything to do with the trigger? First and second stage on the R10 is two grub screws.
  2. Why were you undoing the bottle?
  3. They certainly do look squirrel like, and your flip tops aren't being used because you've shot them all sir 👍👍(and the natural food)
  4. I ended up carrying a ladder onto the reserve and putting my camera up high, it made things hard work but gave me piece of mind. Cheers Walker, there on the move up here but loads of natural food around, I'm always surprised seeing pigeons taking acorns off the branches, I thought I'd found a load of squirrels yesterday but it was 5 or 6 pigeons working through an oak tree
  5. I was going to put mine up this week, picked it up and found the wife has broken one of the clasps!! So I left it. I always expect mine to have gone, it's why I won't pay more than £30, are you on public land?
  6. I've been doing a few recon trips lately, cycling around and looking for squirrels, I'm seeing a lot of chewed conkers, sweet chestnut, acorns, pine cones, hazelnuts so it's no wonder the feeders are quiet. I went up to Big wood today, I've not been for two weeks and haven't shot it for nearly a month, the feeder just hasn't been getting used. I shoved all sorts in a few weeks ago, couple of hands full of green hazelnuts, fresh green pine cones from home and some over ripe plums, the lot was gone, plus the seed and nuts were getting low so its being used. It was a lovely
  7. Mice!


    I normally get the last hour then the highlights, the climbing, attacks and sheer effort today were outstanding.
  8. Mice!


    I'm surprised no one has mentioned the tour yet, the racing and climbing I've seen have been fantastic, with twists and turns galore. New young riders coming through taking over from the old guard. And the vast majority of spectators wearing masks as they have to in France, just a few areas on climbs where the nutters have got stupidly close to riders, some without masks. The end of today's stage was fantastic, watch the highlight show later.
  9. Me either, I had to go back and look again. Clever advertising
  10. You'll be fine on a tower, but I've no idea of cost, it will certainly be easier and safer than a ladder though. It will depend on what the tower will sit on as to how easy to move it is. I'd phone a hire company for a quote, and a scaffolding company, normal scaffolding may work out cheaper, then compare prices
  11. Mice!

    Forum change

    @Teal the red is much better than the green for those of us with lizard eyes 🙂
  12. Mice!

    Forum change

    Top right, it's a kind of Teal 😳😳 the old red against black seemed to stand out more 🤷‍♂️
  13. Mice!

    Forum change

    And the notification is in some strange green colour I barely noticed!!! Should I be wearing a mask?
  14. Mice!

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    I wake up and pigeon watch has changed.............NO!!!!!!!!!
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