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  1. we're busy all weekend so highlights for me😭😭 I'm hoping Japan somehow manage to beat SA, silly i know but they've played so well. England, New Zealand, Japan(😉) and who knows what Wales will do🤣🤣
  2. Mice!

    Trail Cam

    you can buy new for £30 ish on Amazon.
  3. Just watched the game and managed to avoid the result. Fantastic game, settled on the pitch. I'm sure the commentary team said the Japanese team have speant 240 days together this year!! Just shows how seriously Japan have taken hosting and playing in the world cup. Great fitness flare and defence, I'm sure South Africa won't be expecting an easy game.
  4. It would be great, at least it's getting sorted on the field, that's the main thing.
  5. Mice!

    how fast are you.

    how could people not remember Gladiators, and your definitely dodging the question.
  6. I saw that thanks, someone paid but didn't get the rifle, think I'd still want to pick up what i paid for, it's the same on all sites, a real difference in price. free adds recommend you pay with PayPal, but PayPal say you can't buy a rifle?
  7. It's nuts really the same rifle say AA S200 can be had for between £300 and £700 depending on private sale, gun shop and kit you get .
  8. Mice!

    how fast are you.

    Firstly tell us more😄 that is nuts, my misses has just said he's done a complete marathon at our sprinting pace!!!
  9. That's about what happened with Bundee Aki, they were both low, but I know what you mean, they brought in helmets in NFL to improve safety, look what that did.
  10. Mice!


    I certainly hope your right with regards to Labour. Your saying people won't have as much disposable income? I regard Sky tv/ cable, nights out, take aways, mobile phones, holidays, new cars etc as people having disposable income, hell people get Mac D delivered these days. how many people do you know who don't do the above regularly? I just can't see us leaving the EU affecting the normal working people, so no i don't see an economic impact.
  11. Mice!


    And that won't change, your pet needs a passport and you'll have to follow the rules for where ever your going. I don't see most of that happening either, there are new houses going up everywhere, fewer new cars? You rarely see old cars these days, people are happy it seems using finance to pay for everything. Inflation has been so low for so long a small rise could really affect people but that's because people don't budget correctly. I hope less people want to move here, we're full. The cost of care is constantly rising, us leaving the EU won't change this, hopefully rather than foreigners taking the jobs, they can go to people already living here, the jobs were done before the influx of cheap workers. As for the pound dropping? And at least it will still be the pound, lots of government positions haven't had a pay rise in years, nurses prison officers, the pay rises I've had don't really count as such, so I say again I don't feel us leaving the EU is going to effect us in any significant way that we'll notice.
  12. Anybody else been looking at free ads then today 😁 looking at second hand rifles is dangerous, so many out there and such varrying prices and kit you get 😭😭
  13. All these yellow and red cards are doing my head in, some have been justified but when the guy with the ball is dropping and weaving and the tackler is bent as well then that should be good enough, not the same as a high tackle, shoulder charge into a ruck. And there going back checking things that seem so minor, messing with the flow of the game.
  14. Mice!


    I'm not sure any of that counts to normal folk, if your going living abroad or travelling then you comply with whatever you need to. we're talking about living in the UK not moving to the EU, about the UK being in charge of it's own laws, tax etc.. Yes I do, I'm a machinist, can you tell me how us leaving the EU is going to affect me? Or a mechanic, sparkie plumber, or the hundreds of other normal jobs done by people everywhere, all this so called impending doom and gloom is just scare mongering as far as I'm concerned. I'm more concerned Labour might somehow sneek in at a GE .
  15. The other question is has he tried other peoples at the range? We could all suggest a different rifle from every known make but some will feel right and some won't, your old fella might be 5"2 or 6"8 small hands or mits like a bear? try to get hands on see what he likes and your halfway there 👍
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