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  1. squirrel control

    have I imagined it or are you shooting in a beech wood? I was in a small beech wood last week and over Xmas, didn't see anything about at all, wondering if the lack of cover and cold wind sends everything elsewhere? Nice one DC, glad your still watching out for them in your garden.
  2. Stock refinish and tart up

    very nice indeed 👍👏👍
  3. Owl

    your getting quite good at this 😅😅
  4. Am online! 🎉🎉

    Everyone watched one channel together instead of being on pigeon watch Facebook and BBC iPlayer 😄
  5. New watch

    could do with a nice picture, suntanned arm optional 😎
  6. Italian cull

    Clarkson strikes again, apparently Bradford council have decided to ban grouse shooting on Ilkley Moor, he goes on to say he bought a farm which was nothing but grass, but as he likes a bit of shooting he planted maize, sorghum and mustard to keep his pheasants happy until he shoots and eats them, but also mentions the benefits to other birds he doesn't shoot. goes on to say Ilkley Moor when grouse shooting is banned it'll be all set up for ramblers, gorse will take over and cost millions of tax payers money to keep things in check. Clarkson could just be the sort of personality to take on the likes of Chris Packham on social media, and he would likely enjoy it to boot.
  7. squirrel control

    You can only try Longbower, his visit will coincide with the big bird watch then, if there are that many squirrels about it would be interesting to see how many tree creepers, thrushes, wrens, and nuthatches they manage to see, guessing it won't be many.
  8. Labrador rescue

    yes that's the one, my phone doesn't like me 🤔
  9. foxing

    Don't think I'm taking the mick, but what happens when they loose birds? Do they bill you. Back to the op looks like PW is stepping up and helping you out, hope you come out sorted.
  10. Labrador rescue

    Wife showed me something today on her local Facebook about the Labrador rescue centre in Eccleston. Can't get my phone to copy the link for some reason? think they were saying they had rescued two litters of pups? But it also mentioned them being 11months old from a puppy farm? Thought I would mention it I realise you don't know what your getting but there could be folk wanting a dog without paying top dollar so to speak and wanting to home a lab. If someone can get the link up that would obviously help.
  11. The Boris Bridge Proposal

    could just turn calais back into a garrison town again, or is that going too far?
  12. squirrel control

    get yourself to the charity shop Bruno and buy an oversized boot, so you can slip it on and off easily. stood watching a nuthatch and long tailed tits doing their thing this morning and boom! Squirrel pops out of next doors garden, sprints straight across into my other neighbours, couldn't believe my eyes, so there's one about but there a rarity on my patch.
  13. squirrel control

    O dear, hope your back on your feet soon ( and you were closer 😂) So how come none of the other chaps are covering where you normally shoot then?
  14. Theoben Radid 7 .22 Mk1 magazine Wanted

    Look at joining the rapid 7 forum, its a really good site loads of info and guys you can send your mags to for repair if you don't manage to fix them
  15. OK, y'all have woken me up.......

    well that's not good, still the knifes been blooded. so blood sweat and tears went into the making of this blade.