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  1. Well having checked again for those Awesafe ear muffs they became available on amazon, so got some on the way Oooo you raise a good point, is there anyway of water proofing them. Maybe wiping some wax on the seems or something, thanks
  2. Thanks for the advise and suggestions everyone. Those Awesafe ear muffs look good especially for the price . I didn't even think the muff would knock against the comb of the stock, lIttle shame to hear. But as many of you have said I could just raise the muff a bit. The Napier Pro 9 those didn't even pop up when I was searching. I was wandering if the ear plugs didn't protect as much as the muffs do. Thanks again for the advise and suggestions.
  3. Hi there, I've been looking at ear defenders / hearing protection for clay shooting. I would like some advise from people on what works good. I've been thinking about ear plugs, rather than ear muff, but I would like some advise. As I'm not sure what the decibel reduction needs to be. Any advise would be helpful. Thanks
  4. Hello everyone, I've very new to shooting and very much want to get into it, and I've been wanting to join a forum to get some info, and after some searching I decided to join up.
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