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  1. Same as me bud.A lovely rifle the 14 inch barrelled Annie👍🏻Have messaged you Jamesie.
  2. Very nice.Mine is the single stage trigger, also very nice, but the two stage is probably a nicer.Happy hunting.
  3. Nice, with the two stage trigger? Have just now messaged you as well. Have messaged you as well,thanks.
  4. Thanks,yes, the RWS are consistent.What .22LR do you run the RWS in?
  5. Look, it is all at the end of the day a matter of your opinion and mine.I cannot sit here and chat anymore as I am going out to do some not serious shooting.You hang by the computer or your mobile and when you come up with a decent title for the 'not fun day' video, please let me know.We can chat again when I get back from another fun day out, at least I will be out.
  6. Well, I guess as it is a forum yes, opinions are allowed, as is mine, which was I had a nice day.So if someone says they had 'a nice day out', then you say,'it was not a nice dayout', that is is an opinion, which according to you we are allowed to have.Actually the pad and the cardboard I was using have most definitely served me well in terms of shooting / bagging.You also have a nice day or chat in a couple of minutes.Well, you must be a 'serious' shooter as you have all the kit and get 'muddy',lol.Nice, now I know what defines a 'serious' shooter,lol.
  7. No probs. You know what they say about opinions.Dubious is an interesting word, as an adjective it means 'hesitating' or 'doubting', so I was not hesitant.Doubting, what are you doubting that I had fun or that I was not a 'real' hunter as I did not get muddy?Dubious can also mean 'suspect' or 'not to be relied upon'.So again, how do (given the last two definitions of dubious have any relevance to the video.So you are not trying to pick an argument, well, this is not true and in fact really does not matter whether you are or not JKD,
  8. The point was it was a nice day out. It was a nice days shooting IMHO, plenty of videos on youtube where you can see stuff being shot.
  9. A very nice day at the farm😊 Hope you enjoy the video.Thanks👍🏻
  10. Thanks Daniel, wow yes, welding.That would be more than a fair barter of services. P.S.I also have public liability insurance and third party damage insurance.Apologies,I should have included this information in my original post.
  11. Hi all.Looking for some help please finding a permission that is fairly local to me.I live in East Cambridgeshire and am happy to travel up to an hours journey😊 I shoot .22LR. I am a family man and have been working for the NHS for nine years. I have decent shooting equipment and am reliable.Thank you 😊
  12. A video of what I use and some basics of .22LR ammo.👍🏻
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