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Found 11 results

  1. Hi For sale is my Walther rm8 .22, (reluctant sale, but needs must), it has uprated hammer spring with a stainless top hat for smoother bolt action(is very smooth, see images - these internals are circled in red). it has also an air fective carbon fibre 2 stage shroud(makes this gun very quite). 2 stage adjustable trigger, walnut stock. Gun Is in great condition had very few absolute minor little marks, also has a full adjustable swivel bipod fitted(one of the bipod legs has no spring) . Message if interested please , Also has PAO red dot sight, and sling screw fitted also. chrono'd at avg. 11.4ft/lb with JSB exact diablos 15.89g .22. Also comes with original barrell weight and a custom bolt handle should you wish to fit it made with 9mm shell casing. and also the original fill adapter with a quick fill connector. Feel free to ask anything about this advert i am more than happy to answer any queries.!! Update: i do have a bsa gun bag for this rifle although it is tatty, but will send with it , should you want it. For everything seen and mentioned in advert: see below 👇 £200..collected.😁 Air rifle is in Grimsby, N E LINCS £225 posted.😁 Open to very sensible offers. Gun can either be posted for a fee after bank transfer, or how ever we arrange it, RFD or to yourself, either way no ship till payment received, or cash on collection. (May meet at a mutual location depending) no time wasters please. Daughter start uni in few weeks and I'm trying to raise some funds thank you. PLEASE Leave A MESSAGE ON the forums HERE or DM me if you are seriously interested, thank you for your time viewing my item. Or alternatively, Call/txt: 07555 213 043
  2. Hi all.Looking for some help please finding a permission that is fairly local to me.I live in East Cambridgeshire and am happy to travel up to an hours journey😊 I shoot .22LR. I am a family man and have been working for the NHS for nine years. I have decent shooting equipment and am reliable.Thank you 😊
  3. Hi All, New to all this so will have to hang in there. I am a fairly well experienced shooter, I have been shooting since about 7/8 years old - using multiple guns, different strategies and have hunted different animals through the years. I am 21 years old but to put it bluntly I have very much of a babyface. I have permission from a couple of different farmers in my area (Suffolk, East-Anglia) and have been going shooting every weekend for a while now, but I seem to have scared away all the animals and it doesn’t help the farmers have all the wrong crop for this time of year and I don’t tend to get much, if anything. So obviously I am wanting to find more places to shoot. The land I can shoot on I only have permission due to my family having permission first, we can shoot what we like when we like and go when we like etc. which is very nice. But the issue I am having is I people to think because I look young, I am inexperienced, therefore messy and do not follow rules, therefore not to be trusted & given permission “the youth of today” - I am really keen to find more places I can shoot but can’t seem to get through to the old traditional farmers in the area who are stuck in their ways. Any advice is much appreciated for how I can try to come across as being a “grown-up”. Many Thanks, Dale
  4. Hey all, just wanted to say a quick Hi from Cornwall, I'm a newbie to Air rifle shooting, I plan on joining 2 local clubs here in Cornwall to get acclimatised to my gun and the ethics within the shooting community, I am also fairly mature at 45 lol, my wife wouldn't agree with the mature bit, but hey ho..Eventually, I'd like to get some permissions to help out farmers or land owners.
  5. Hi all, I am new to the forum so hope you are all well. I have been shooting for about 10 years or so on a syndicate using a friends gun . I have recently got my license and been doing a lot of clay shooting at my local club (The Fennes). Im really keen to get shooting pigeons, crows etc and wondered if anyone from the Essex area could point me in the right direction? Im a friendly chap who has a real passion in the sport. I always have great respect for the land I am shooting on and the game I am shooting as well as being a safe shooter. Appreciate any help Chris
  6. Afternoon all, Are there any shooters local to the Tadcaster area that would be interested in a second gun or sharing any permissions if they are overly busy? Alternatively if anyone in the area would be open to me coming along (no gun) to learn the ropes and help out it would be greatly appreciated. There is so much land around where I live and it would be great to make some new connections in the area. Thanks!
  7. Hello to all I have recently been granted my SGC and open to meeting and networking with local shooters in the Tadcaster/ York area! I shoot clays up in knaresborough but hoping for some advise on getting in to pigeon shooting in the local area? Look forward to batting with you all
  8. Hello Lad’s, I’m rather new to shooting; I have had an air rifle since the age of 16 and acquired my SGC in the last few months (October 2013). I have been shooting jj’s (clays) once or twice a week since and believe my some miracle I have improved! More recently I have purchased an air arms s410 carbine and am really keen to use it in the field. I live in Bexleyheath so the only real shooting i can get is on golf courses, i have asked all within a 5 mile radius and either been turned away or given the polite ‘no’. Any tips or tricks? Cheers, Rob.
  9. Feeling pretty chipper with myself today after gaining another new permission this morning. My third in a couple of months. This one is just shy of 600 acres, over two farms, near where I live. Half of it is on the way to work so should be handy for checking flight lines etc. I had expected a hard slog to get access to decent land, especially with me being a "incomer" round here, but it's been much easier than I had feared. Now I'm certainly not looking to teach anyone on here how to suck eggs, but for what it's worth, this is what has been working for me................... 1. Get some cards made up with your contact details, stating that you are insured, experienced (if you are) and that you will respect their crops and livestock at all times. Vistaprint have some decent shooting themed images/backgrounds to choose from, with 250 cards for under £20 quid. 2. Dress the part. Put your best shooting gear on. (Not camou!...think gamekeeper, not scary paramilitary.) Also consider wearing a tie (yes really!) Put your tweed cap on. It's a universal symbol that you, like them, are a proper countryman... Look the part and they will think you are worth their time. Go in jeans and a trakkie top and you risk them thinking you are just there to case the joint for scrap metal. 3. Pick your moment. I have been sitting on my hands for three weeks because I figured no-one would want to be bothered by me during harvest. Now that I am finally talking to them, I've managed to drop that fact into conversation to demonstrate that I'm on their wavelength. I've had best results calling round on a Sunday morning, but not before 10am... Even farmers like the occasional lie in. 4. Be polite, and be brief: "Good morning my name is xxxxxx, I live over at xxxxxx. Sorry to disturb you, but I was hoping there might be a chance to do some pigeon shooting on your land?" .... That really is all the patter you need. When you get a "No", take it with a smile. ...."Ok, thanks for your time, can I leave you a card in case things change at all?" ... No one I've spoken to has refused a card. One thing that I really believe works... When they open the door, make a visible point of taking your cap off as you introduce yourself. It sounds like archaic old ****, but old fashioned courtesy still goes a long way with land owners, and who doesn't like to be a flattered a little bit? 5. Be organised. I carry a small A4, zip-up folder containing my shotgun licence, insurance docs, plenty of cards, a local ordnance survey map for discussing boundaries, and a notepad & pen. If you look even half-way professional at the door, they will believe you might be reliable in the field. That's about it really. It probably helps that I used to be a sales rep many moons ago, so am used to cold calling and sounding more confident than I am, but if you dress smart, think smart and look efficient, and at the end of the day you are offering to do them a favour, sooner rather than later you'll land one... It's just a numbers game. The hard part for me I suspect, is going to be resurrecting my field-craft after many years of doing 'eff all..... I can talk the talk, now I need to walk the walk....Better go read some more posts on PW !! Cheers all. Longchalk.
  10. Hi I am in the middle of getting all the paper work together for applying for my FAC and have a couple of question I'm hoping someone could help me with: The use of the rifles I am applying for is general pest control rabbits and foxes I am applying for a .17 HMR and a .22 LR, are these 2 guns sufficient or is it worth applying for a bigger rifle also like a .22 250, .220 swift or .223? And what amount of ammo should I apply for each calibre? Do I have to state expanding ammo or because its vermin control is that standard? Do I write moderators in a separate box on the forms to apply for them as well? I have also applied for a FAC 12g as well, is this easily granted or not worth the hassle. Any help appreciated and I am also based in Cardiff whiling to travel if anyone would like or needs a buddy when out shooting as I would like to gain more experience. Thanks
  11. Firstly please excuse the length of this post, but it is important I cover everything I want to say. I have been a member on this forum for some time, though I have had a sabbatical for the last 12 months give or take. During my last stint on here, I met many great members in person, I butted heads occasionally in posts and I spoke my mind where appropriate. I left the forum due to circumstances which I will detail below, but I wanted to throw myself upon the members here to assist me in my return to shooting. So, why did I leave..? I left as my personal circumstances meant I could not shoot anywhere near as regularly as I liked, I also required money of which I had invested heavily in shooting paraphernalia. You see, my wife is a serving Police Officer in W Yorks and moved from 9-5 day shifts, Mon-Fri to full blown shift pattern as part of the Ops Support Unit. This resulted & still does to a degree in my limited availability to shoot. We have a son who enjoys his sport and so it meant that I was the “responsible” parent for taking him to the events. I am a Sales Manager and I travel extensively as some on here know. I have delivered things, collected things and tried to help fellow members where I can. Well now I want to get back out there shooting!! I previously shot with a couple or three members on here, but I don’t want to get directly in contact with them asking to shoot as there partner again. This after 12 months absence I felt would just be rude and inappropriate. So as I don’t get the “get yourself out & find your own permission” statements, I want to make it clear I have not sat on my **** and not expected the world to do it for me. Over the last 2 years, I created a database of over 250 farms within 90 minutes’ drive of Wakefield where I live. I wrote to them all every 3 months either with a letter or flyer enclosing a business card. In addition I have approached over 35 farms locally in person to seek permission & finally I was a member of NPCC for a year. I should point out that as far as I am aware I didn’t contact any farms I had visited with other members, I made a specific point of weeding those out. The total result of many £££’s being spent was nothing other than a few days on NPCC land. My contact with farmers was that of either “sorry already got people”, “not right now” or “nah, do it myself”. So it is not as if I have sat back and not tried. My last letter to a select 75 farmers even offered a financial incentive, although only mediocre, it was a genuine offer. Sorry to those that object to paying farmers, but I really wanted to get something of my own to shoot on. I have continued to search the adverts in magazines and internet for small syndicates but again to no avail. I am currently in the process of rebuilding my kit, and this will take me a little while. So, here I am now; what am I looking for? Well I’m hoping someone will give me the opportunity to go out with them from time to time, not looking to acquire anyone’s permission either; that is just not me. I can’t shoot every week and I can only shoot weekends or evenings, but I am prepared to supply the cartridges of whoever takes me out and assist them where I can. Not saying I will give you the most expensive shells out there, but they won’t be the bottom of the range either. My shooting skills are average at best, I do my best and I shall be continuing to practice on clays over the coming months. I am a BASC member and I had my lessons at Park Lodge. I regard myself as enthusiastic and keen. So there you go, a bit of self-flagellation and honesty. So if anyone wants to invite me in the coming months, please PM me. Those that are unable to, not a problem and I wish you the best. In the meantime I will continue to seek out my own opportunities. Thank you all for taking time to read this post. :good:
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