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  1. Changing passwords won't do a thing, it's a nice idea but people shouldn't really be using the same password for multiple things anyway but the data leak of names and addresses is already out there.
  2. It was a while ago, I don't recall the exact vulnerability, I wouldnt go into specifics anyway in case it got into the wrong hands but I'd spotted something really easily spotted during normal use of their website and reached out to offer help (if it was normal use then its likely to be 1 of a few types of vulnerability). I read on reddit earlier that somebody else did too. Totally ignored. I totally agree with you hackers are one step ahead (typically) but even had they not had been advised of just some general security concern and they just hadn't realised, I think either way they need to be held accountable for this. There couldn't possibly have been any half decent testing on the security. There are a lot of sensible people panicking over this breach.
  3. Hackers weren't 1 step ahead here, Guntrader were 1 step behind. They were already advised, they just didn't listen
  4. They should be doing everything within their power to keep their subject data secure, at the very least be listening to security reports from their own customers. It's negligence, it's the very definition of it.
  5. There's another thread. As I said in there, they need to be shut down.
  6. GunTrader are an embarrassment, I tried to warn them of security vulnerabilities in their platform back in 2019 (I have the messages to prove it). They didn't reply to me and I was explicitly clear that it was not a sales pitch and that I was offering to help for free. I even gave them my number and invited them to call me any time. They need shutting down. It's blatant disregard for security and when you're responsible for collecting a database of gun owners' details the least you can do is pay attention. They say the user details aren't necessarily those with licenses, come on - behave.
  7. I left Catton on Saturday just gone with a bit of a different opinion, to be honest. Was in a group, all shot at least 130 each, didn't see a single no bird. Was busy with corporate, can't disagree with that, and we did have to walk past a couple of stands - but we didn't really find ourselves waiting (at least not any more than we would be elsewhere with 'real' shooters practicing), and it was a nice surprise to see that a few of the stands actually had multiple set-ups on them, so once you were in there we had enough variety to keep us busy. I'd recommend they do this again, it worked well. They dedicate Sundays to comps and (I think) Wednesdays too? So can't ask for more than that since they need to operate as an 'adventure' place to stay in business, I imagine. Re the quads, I don't begrudge a bit of noise, doesn't seem the right sport for that haha Obviously everybody's experience is different, I'm not discrediting yours, I'm just wanting to add a bit of balance since I'm impressed with how they run it.
  8. Looks like a lovely ground. I've been to most grounds but not visited here yet, left a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth last time I spoke to them though over one thing or another so didn't plan on visiting. If it changes hands I will visit happily, issue was with the owners not the ground.
  9. Liverpool based? May have shot at the same comps a few times. Will check out he other forum too mate thank you Thanks mate 👍
  10. I have started shooting gun slightly down. Like a soft mount I suppose. I haven't heard many other people mention this - but I find with gun up I have X amount of seconds before I become increasingly aware of the barrel more so than the clay, which is not good - especially for a below average shot like myself. With gun down I feel like I don't afford myself the luxury of noticing the massive gun in front of me for too long. Might just be me.
  11. Hailing from the glorious Liverpool. Been shooting sporting CPSA comps (badly, at best) for around 3 years Hoping to keep up with what major events are coming up and maybe some tips if you have them
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