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  1. Watch for sale in paper the paper to Day ,with a genuine vegan leather strap . what is this country coming to . harnser
  2. If you go to court you are judged by a jury of your peers . The parole board should be the same , a jury of your peers , not a group of local do Gooders . The parole system has been nothing but a joke for years . I have dealt with these people for many,many years and have been amazed at some of the people they have recommended for parole .
  3. Mine was bought new in 1984 and is still mint and has been faultless. I think the 325 was the replacement the supperposed hand made guns . harnser
  4. No body has mentioned the best turning circle of all the pick up trucks on the l200 . Or the electric rear window ,though I am not sure what you would use it for ,may be shout at the wife riding in the buck or for poking long lengths of timber into the cab. harnser
  5. Can the hilux be run in 4 wheel drive on the road
  6. The L200 long bed warrior with the 175 horse engine .
  7. The L200 long bed warrior with the 175 horse engine .
  8. They have never forgiven us for bailing them out of two world wars. harnser
  9. The double rifle was favoured by big game hunters who were hunting big dangerous game . The double rifle handled like a shot gun and was faster to aim than a rifle . These guns were usually open sights and used at very close range ,some times as close as 20 yards. With the double you had two very fast shots and you tended to pull the trigger rather than squeeze it like you would a shot gun . harnser
  10. Have a look at the Georgia boot range. Fabulous boots ,tough and waterproof . They will also supply boots with two different sizes if you have one foot bigger than the other . harnser
  11. Stay away from land rover .Buy a jap pick up ,you have budget for a nice one . harnser
  12. Did have a look on eBay Simon but not sure of what the value might be . Both the coins I have are in far better condition than the ones offered for sale on there . They both have natural patina but no damage . harnser
  13. Long story cut short . I have acquired two ,2 new pence coins dated 1977 ,and 1979 and both seem to be in good condition . I have Been led to believe that they are collectable . can any body shed any light on this . harnser
  14. Nothing that a bag of dun donuts won’t put right . Get well soon . harnser
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