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  1. Super truck gun for some body harnser
  2. According to the papers yesterday packham is being let go by the BBC for using his tv profile to get people to back his views . harnser
  3. Despite all their lack of remorse ,take it from me they will be crying their eyes out asking for their mothers when they are banged up . I have seen it so many times before in the past . harnser
  4. Harnser

    Sir Tom.

    A proper man and true gentleman The sort of person that the honours should go to . People who done good things for others and this country. harnser
  5. What is it ? Absolutely useless for my needs I will stick with my l200 .The traffic jam ditchy got stuck in was the old boys mowing the grass down the centre of the country lanes . harnser
  6. Very good guide . They should use you at IKEA to write up their instructions . harnser
  7. It’s very dry on my patch ..my farmer friend is irrigating barley and wheat .a very unusual practice . harnser
  8. Sounds as if it’s trying to go into diff lock or trying to come out . Try reversing up a little way and switching from 4 wheel drive to 2 wheel drive . harnser
  9. Sounds like a baby Norfolk black . harnser
  10. If they are putting games birds down they probably won’t want you shooting any where near the game crops . harnser
  11. Harnser

    Captain Tom

    He comes from an era when men were men and women were glad of it . harnser
  12. I have had most of the jap trucks and the ford . Al have been first classs and am now on my second l200 .whould have any one of them again . The biggest mistake I ever had was buying two discos , what a load of old rubbish . harnser
  13. May be seed left on the top or chick weed . harnser
  14. The corbinites are a bunch of has beens ,clutching at straws . What a shower of despicable people . harnser
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