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  1. Harnser

    help/advise please

    Similar thing happened to me last week . My neighbour backed into my truck causing a nasty dent in my rear quarter . The man knocked on my door and told me what happened . The truck is in the body shop being repaired and my neighbour is going to pay the bill . Very civilised . harnser
  2. Harnser

    Def 200 tdi running problems.

    I would have thought sucking in oil would have caused blue smoke . harnser
  3. Harnser

    Regular Stock ?

    If Americanism it mean average . harnser
  4. Harnser

    It must be a record.

    I think it’s disrespectful to ask for shooting on a first post ,how ever I have taken quite few novices out with me for a days pigeon shooting from this forum to give them an idea of what it’s all about . I have always invited newbie members who contributed to this forum and who asked the right questions . It’s nice to see the faces of novice pigeon shooters when they killed their first birds over the decoys . harnser
  5. Harnser

    I phones in schools

    Just seen on the news that I phones are to be banned from being used in class . Does any school really allow kids to have their phones on in class ? harnser
  6. Harnser

    Car point inclinometer

    I don’t know simon , there’s sand dunes 12 feet high at bacton . harnser
  7. Harnser

    Tumbler media

    Crushed walnut shells or crushed corn cobs ,any reloading supplier will have it .put a little drop of brasso in the tumbler it will shine your brass up . When the Media gets dirty tie it up in an old pillow case and put it on a cool was in the washing machine . harnser
  8. Harnser

    Limited numbers new Guerini Invictus 111

    It’s the appeal to the tackle tarts that they are looking to . All the makers will offer something new in their latest model to to try and sell some guns. Go and buy a B325 or 686 or 687 and you will have a gun that will last a life time . The only part that I have had replace on any of my guns is strikers . harnser
  9. Harnser

    Wee Eck

    He must have been very desperate . I would have rather goosed fat Sara or mulbarton Mary . harnser
  10. Harnser

    Can anyone crack this code???

    It’s all very simple ,it says hi fat Sara see you down the chip shop on Friday ,ditchy harnset
  11. Harnser

    Hearing loss- anyone suffer?

    My son who is 52 had free nhs hearing aids fitted last week . His hearing loss diagnosed to working in a noisy environment . harnset
  12. Harnser

    Hearing loss- anyone suffer?

    Something wrong there . Your dad will be entitled to lemonades on the nhs . harnser
  13. Harnser


    Was he at fault ? No mention on the news who was to blame ,still he did have two good witnesses in the car with him. harnser
  14. Harnser

    Speeding enforcement

    Following a HGV truck around Norwich NDR yesterday day at 70 miles per hour . I am sure they a limited to 56 miles per hour . Harnser
  15. Harnser

    28 in a 20 bore

    There’s an interesting video on you tube where a 20 bore shell was loaded into a 12 bore on purpose just to see what happened. The 12 bore fired the 20 bore shell straight out of the barrel with no damage what so ever . They were so surprised they tried it twice more ,again with out any damage to the gun . Incidentally none of the 20 bore shells were recovered . harnser