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  1. Harnser


    The Middle East have never been able to claw its way out of the Stone Age . What with its tribalism and religion it never will . As you say they are not ready for democracy . harnser
  2. I have never shot one out after many years use stalking . Never shot out a 308 target rifle as well after many years use . harnser
  3. If you are aware of how much rib you can see when taking a shot then you proberbly poking . That bird that sneaks into the decoys and you throw the gun at it and kill it clean you won’t be seeing any rib or bead . harnser
  4. Harnser

    Big Thank You

    That’s a super effort. Well done . harnser
  5. Keep mine in the wife’s purse ,it never gets opened . harnser
  6. Back in the day you could buy them with a 26 inch skeet barrel and a half and full barrel . harnset
  7. As boys we used to trap and shoot hundeds of sparrows . My mother used to make sparrow pie as a treat . I carnt remember what it used to taste like but I loved it . harnser
  8. Harnser

    Home secretary

    Priti Patel or Diane Abbott for Home Secretary ,your choice . harnser
  9. Yes , used them all the time as boy in the 50s as they were half the price of waisted slugs . God they bring back memory’s of sparrow pie . harnser
  10. Pray tell me ,do vegans indulge in oral sex? harnser
  11. For many years I have entered home loaded ammo on my ticket. harnser
  12. You are obviously looking at a different ballistics chart than me . My chart gives the 130 grain .270 at 2702fps at the muzzle and the 168 grain 308 bullet at the muzzle at 2700 fps . The 125 grain bullet from the .308 shows 2668 at the muzzle . I still say the .270 hits harder . harnser
  13. A wonderful feeling your first buck . Mine was early 60s shot with a sporterised .303 British SMLE with open sites and military ball ammo . It is as clear in my mind as the day I shot . harnser
  14. Incidently if you go down reloading path you can use 30-06 brass . Just resize through the .270 resizing die and trim to length and bobs your uncle . harnser
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