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  1. I agree .N E should be taken to task over this whole issue . The advice give ref the scare shows ,the cutting down of sitty trees ,the model pigeons with the wing bars showing ,the sitting down in the middle of the field dressed as a scare crow , where are these people coming . absolute proof they know nothing about the running of the country side . I would like to ask them how many trees I would have to cut down on my farms to stop pigeons roosting in them . They are a complete bunch of fools and should be answerable to government. harnser
  2. Not quite so . I just returned a lease truck after four years . I asked if I could buy the truck and they said they couldn’t sell it directly to me but could sell it to my wife if she wanted to buy it , harnset
  3. I have my truck and my wife’s Astra insured on one policy with aviva . The cost is £500 per year .A price I am happy with I did try else where on renewal and couldn’t beat it . harnset
  4. Sounds like it only has the original action . Although done by Purdy not really a original gun . If a lesser make may be described as a triggers broom . harnser
  5. Living off the state and no intention of looking for a job . Work is a four letter word to me . Work carnt be be all that good ,you have to pay somebody to do it , Harnser
  6. You will be protecting a future crop that may be grown in the area. As I read it you don’t have to scare the pigeons of the stubbles to shoot them as you are there to shoot them to protect a future crop . harnser
  7. That women has put it in writing . See old bogeys post harnset
  8. Caroline cotterill from NE has stated that pigeons can be shot over stubbles if the farmer is going to grow any crop that will be liable to damage from pigeons in the area during the next growing season . The actual words are in the area . See old bogeys post . This is good enough for me and I will be shooting the stubbles Harnser
  9. Harnser

    National Service

    What makes you think the armed forces would want these people . They need people who can can wipe their own back sides and tie their own shoe laces . harnser
  10. A little while back ditchy was inquiring if any body had an old open target site that he could fit on his air rifle . I had one that I had not used for many years ,one that I used to shoot out to 1200 yards on my target rifle . Living just down the road I met up with Simon and we had a yarn . He offered me money for the sight to Which I refused and said that he could have it . a couple of weeks later I received Simons first stag handled knife gifted to me . You have all seen these knifes and can see the amount of skill that has gone into the making of them . I have number one and the protertype that I will keep and use . Again thank you Simon . harnser
  11. Proberbly responserbly for taking more guns off the face then any other . Used them extensively in the 70 s . harnser
  12. If this is the case shooting stubbles ,then there is no reason to employ none lethal methods as you are there to shoot the pigeons to prevent future damage . I like it . harnser
  13. Let’s hope some sense prevails from this total fiasco. Thank you David for the up date . Harnser
  14. Meat is there all the round if you know how to harvest it . Veg is seasonal . harnser
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