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  1. Did have a look on eBay Simon but not sure of what the value might be . Both the coins I have are in far better condition than the ones offered for sale on there . They both have natural patina but no damage . harnser
  2. Long story cut short . I have acquired two ,2 new pence coins dated 1977 ,and 1979 and both seem to be in good condition . I have Been led to believe that they are collectable . can any body shed any light on this . harnser
  3. Nothing that a bag of dun donuts won’t put right . Get well soon . harnser
  4. According to the news this morning ,the government wants to instigate more restrictions on gun ownership . I am not surprised after the horrendous shootings last week . harnser
  5. Strip every thing electrical off it except the lights and it may last a couple of months . I would still carry a bucket of fuses in the glove box . harnser
  6. The main problem with any 4x4 is that you tend to get stuck further from the road . Not that it matters with a tractor pulling you back onto the asphalt . harnser
  7. Depends on how far apart the trees are harnser
  8. I see Richard Branson flying off into space. Perhaps he should be spending some money on training his staff all about customer service .a tele comunication company that you carnt get in touch with to speak to some body ,when you do finally get through you have to speak to somebody who dosent speak English very well. Carnt wait to get away from them . They just do not care harnser
  9. Still receiving visits from the men in black. harnser
  10. I will bet it was a triggers broom . The biggest mistake I ever made was the two discos I bought . Total rubbish and money pits .harnser
  11. Nice to see somebody over coming a disability to get into shooting . Good luck to you . harnser
  12. Have tried a gas operated auto . A gas gun in twenty bore would reduce recoil quite a lot . harnser. o
  13. There’s an old saying in prison parlance , you can tell how civilised a country is by the way it treats its prisoners . We are the most civilised country in the world . harnser
  14. I come from an age when men were men and women women were glad of it . My wife would never allow any body any to refer to her as ms. We to have been mr and Mrs for 57 years and proud of our roles . harnser
  15. Just had my l200 tested . Has never failed a test . What I did notice was I have only done 1500 miles since the last test .Lock down has kept me in . harnser
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