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  1. It’s very dry on my patch ..my farmer friend is irrigating barley and wheat .a very unusual practice . harnser
  2. Harnser

    Teddy j

    Sounds as if it’s trying to go into diff lock or trying to come out . Try reversing up a little way and switching from 4 wheel drive to 2 wheel drive . harnser
  3. Sounds like a baby Norfolk black . harnser
  4. If they are putting games birds down they probably won’t want you shooting any where near the game crops . harnser
  5. Harnser

    Captain Tom

    He comes from an era when men were men and women were glad of it . harnser
  6. I have had most of the jap trucks and the ford . Al have been first classs and am now on my second l200 .whould have any one of them again . The biggest mistake I ever had was buying two discos , what a load of old rubbish . harnser
  7. May be seed left on the top or chick weed . harnser
  8. The corbinites are a bunch of has beens ,clutching at straws . What a shower of despicable people . harnser
  9. At least he got rid of abbacus Abbott . A shame really as she was a real asset to the Tory party . harnset
  10. Your a better man than I am gunga din . No way I would risk my health or my familys health to shoot a few pigeons . harnser
  11. Sadly I will be missing the spring in the field this year. The spring is my favourite time of year to be out and about watch the country side change . Being in the vulnerable group I have to stay inside ,trust me cabin fever is taking its affect on me . One good thing has come out of the lock down is that I have the cleanest guns in Norfolk . Will now go through decoy gear and service every thing that needs looking attention . we all need to comply to the advice from government to beat this emergency . Good luck to you all and stay safe . harnser
  12. Harnser

    9-5 rut

    Work carnt be all that good as you have to pay people to do it . I am living off the state and have no intention of looking for a job . harnset
  13. Harnser

    tison furey

    Proberbly the best heavyweight in the world . I don’t think any body out there could beat him . harnser
  14. Harnser


    +1 and air ambulance . harnset
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