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  1. Saw a picture of her in the press yesterday . She had a face like a bull dog licking vinegar off a scotch thistle . harnser
  2. I think you need to spend a few more quid with a lawyer and get some good advice as what your rights are with in the purchase of goods act . harnser
  3. On my last renewal I was told by my FEO that they were concerned about the number of thefts of guns from clay grounds . He said to me that it was gun owners responsibility to make sure that their guns were secure at all times . He told me that most stolen guns were stolen from clay grounds . I really don’t care if you believe me or not . harnser
  4. More guns are stolen from clay grounds than any where else . Mine are in the slip with me at all times . harnser
  5. Who the hell is he without Freddie . harnser
  6. My son bought a boiler cost 800 Jim had it fitted by gas engineer for 500 Jim . Plus all the the bits and pieces 1400 Jim all told . Seems to be the biggest rip off industry out there . harnser
  7. Harnser

    quantum computing

    I am am an abacus man . harnser
  8. Harnser

    Scotland Ref#2

    Bring back the barricades at kings Lynn and Barton mills . harnser
  9. Harnser


    The Middle East have never been able to claw its way out of the Stone Age . What with its tribalism and religion it never will . As you say they are not ready for democracy . harnser
  10. I have never shot one out after many years use stalking . Never shot out a 308 target rifle as well after many years use . harnser
  11. If you are aware of how much rib you can see when taking a shot then you proberbly poking . That bird that sneaks into the decoys and you throw the gun at it and kill it clean you won’t be seeing any rib or bead . harnser
  12. Harnser

    Big Thank You

    That’s a super effort. Well done . harnser
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