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  1. It’s advice like this freely given that makes this a good forum . Harnser y
  2. This thread is getting very,very silly . Harnser
  3. Simon ,when you are sorted out just let me know . I will arrange a day out with me and nige if we don’t shoot any pigeons we will shoot plenty of old squit . mick
  4. Simon ,they would be a treat to use today harnser
  5. Any body who wants one ,this is well worth a look , harnser
  6. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy’s harnser
  7. Don’t worry about kill ratio ,just enjoy your self . Just count how many opportunities you had on the ,hit em or miss em it doesn’t matter . harnset
  8. That’s a load of old none sense. Been shooting on my friends farms for over40 years ,never had written permission to do so . The man is a fool and I would tell him so . The all important thing that matters is that you do have permission .i also have the nod of the head when my neighbours farmers friends have pigeon problems . Two members on hear help me with the pigeons and they they don’t have written permission either ,sure they have been introduced to my friend but they don’t have a written Agreement signed by the farmer . Perhaps us old Norfolk boys do it a little bit different . harnser
  9. That’s a nice starter gun for somebody . Well worth the money . harnser
  10. I remember a few years back driving past the north London clay shooting grounds . Their big sign at the entrance was daubed with graffiti, “stop this cruel sport “ harnser
  11. I am sorry Motty, I must have misunderstood what you said . What did you mean . harnser
  12. If there was a referendum to ban all shooting and gun ownership the public would vote to ban shooting and guns . Gun owners and shooting are in a very very small minority harnset
  13. I think what he is saying is that if you shot that many birds in a day due to the numbers they wouldn’t be laid out to to cool in the field and would be left we’re they were shot . This would encourage them to start to rot . They would tend to go green around the vent and become unfit to eat . It doesn’t take long this time of the year . harnset
  14. Never been one for hot weather especially at night .two years ago I had air con fitted to the house ,what a difference can now sleep at night . I have woke up a couple of nights cold ,just pulled the covers over my head and crashed out again . harnser
  15. With comments like that you are not doing the shooting community any favours . harnser
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