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  1. Harnser

    "im mainly......"..Different...

    I think it’s unfair to say ungracious things about fat Sarah . She is known by all in the village and often described to resemble the back end of a corn fed shire horse . harnser
  2. Harnser

    Identify stock finish?

    That looks like a very badly finished stock .I would take it right back and refinish. harnser
  3. Harnser

    What Species Do You Enjoy Eating The Most ?

    Rabbit . harnser
  4. Harnser

    Bruised pigeon breast

    Eat it . Wait until you have shot your first deer to see blood and bruising . harnser
  5. Harnser

    L200 body work

    Thank you archi . Perhaps you could pm me his number and I will give him a call . harnser
  6. Harnser

    L200 body work

    Any body in or near Norwich do body work . I have a couple of lumps in my truck that need ironing out . Harnser
  7. Harnser

    Fruit of the oak

    Only one field of beet has been harvested so far and it was drilled the next day with barley . Some of my best days have been on beet stubble . Hoping to have a go a couple of weeks down the road . harnser
  8. Harnser

    Fruit of the oak

    Had a ride around the farms today and found lots of pigeons feeding under the oak trees . One field was winter barley that has two mature oaks just a few feet apart in the hedgerow. I sat in the truck and watched several pigeons dropping out of the sky and landing in the oaks . There were several birds feeding on the ground and the others soon joined them . They were having a good feed on the acorns . I walked over to the trees and disturbed at least 150 birds off the floor and in the trees . I went back to the truck and with in 15 minutes the birds were returning . Will have a crack at them tomorrow . harnser
  9. Harnser

    The Admirable Gordon R

    That’s a nice gesture Gordon . You have made a very nice man happier. It’s so nice to see the better side of pigeon watch and not the moaning and bitching side . Looks like you will be joining the exclusive ditchman knife club and a nicer gift you will not receive . Harnser
  10. Harnser

    Brexit? This is much more important.

    We know a man who could sort out a gizmo to make your honey flow . harnser
  11. Harnser

    SKY HD remote control

    Have you tried switching every thing off and then switching every thing back on . Harnser
  12. Harnser

    Spaghetti Westerns

    +1 harnser
  13. Harnser

    Cert has landed!

    Don’t get into the choke thing . Put quarter and half in the gun and forget the others ,take heed from an old shooter . harnser
  14. Harnser

    The admirable Ditchman.

    Next time we’re out we can play with each other’s ,I think mine is bigger than yours . harnser
  15. Harnser

    Can you identify the car?

    Morris Cowley ,to big for ruby . harnser