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  1. That’s a nice car and would do well in the right auction . harnser
  2. Have a browse on net flicks . You will see all the weird movies you would like to see ,they mostly to dark to see awful sound quality and badly acted by non known actors . Total waist of money . harnser
  3. Always amaze me were they come from ?plough thr first furrow and there are hundreds of them . harnser
  4. This sturgeon woman is getting me more angry every time I see her on tv. She never mentions the union ,it’s always Scotland ,Scotland .scotland . I think that she wants to become the queen of Scotland . Dosent she know that we have a queen of Scotland who is more Scottish than she is English . I love Scotland and the good people north of the border and I have a number of good old boy jocks for friends none of them can stand the women . It would be a real shame for the Scots to leave the union ,for crying out loud we are all Brits . harnser
  5. Harnser

    Dianne Abbot

    You would have to buy two pairs as she only likes to wear the left feet . The most obnoxious woman I have yet to come across . Her and Corbyn are the jewels in the Tory crown when it comes to a general election . harnser
  6. I run a 2.5 l200 diesel . Did a 200 mile round trip the other week and returned 34.5 miles per gallon , that’s better than my wife’s 1800 Astra . harnser
  7. Go for the l200 with super select . Can be run permanently in 4 wheel drive and have selectable diff lock and traction control . Very handy when towing on road . Now on my second one . harnset
  8. Saw a picture of her in the press yesterday . She had a face like a bull dog licking vinegar off a scotch thistle . harnser
  9. I think you need to spend a few more quid with a lawyer and get some good advice as what your rights are with in the purchase of goods act . harnser
  10. On my last renewal I was told by my FEO that they were concerned about the number of thefts of guns from clay grounds . He said to me that it was gun owners responsibility to make sure that their guns were secure at all times . He told me that most stolen guns were stolen from clay grounds . I really don’t care if you believe me or not . harnser
  11. More guns are stolen from clay grounds than any where else . Mine are in the slip with me at all times . harnser
  12. Who the hell is he without Freddie . harnser
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