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  1. He is a has been ,with out Freddie . harnser
  2. Harnser

    Honours list

    Many years ago I remember the coxswain of the silly isles lifeboat being awarded an MBE for rescuing all souls lost in a helicopter crash in the sea . It was a very difficult rescue requiring superb seamanship . He was interviewed the next day and came across as a most unassuming man you could meet .A real hero and well deserved the honour . That’s the sort of person who should be honoured . Not the sports people and the celebs. harnser
  3. If you want piece of mind ,get rid and buy a jap pick up . Believe me I have been there with land rovers . harnser
  4. Harnser

    Honours list

    I hope next years honours list will include Sara Gilbert and Andrew pollard and their team for their stunning work on the COVID virus vaccine. These are the people who should be honoured , not the the celebs . harnser
  5. My wife drives a 09 Astra 1.8 auto with 22k on the clock and 6 stamps in the book . Had it for three years and it has been faultless . One previous owner and genuine mileage . She would not get rid of it and says it will see her out .This is the original little old ladies car that goes to Tescos twice a week and church on Sunday . harnser
  6. If want a proper pair of boots .look at the Georgia range . harnner
  7. And we are still giving them millions in aid each year . You couldn’t make it up . harnser
  8. An old keeper friend bent a piece of fencing wire around the action of his 1100 and adjusted so that the empty’s hit the wire on ejection . They all fell at his feet . Not very pretty ,but it worked a treat . harner
  9. I have a beretta gas gun used mainly for pigeon shooting . I have used it for driven shooting and there is no better gun for the job . Low recoil and ease fo loading . Shame so many see the self loader a no ,no on the peg . harnser
  10. You here lots of silly tales of MPG for pick up trucks . I run a low mileage 2010 l200 warrior . I recently did a 150 mile round trip and returned a solid 34 miles per gallon at an average speed of 60 mph . I was more than satisfied with the trucks performance. I have had most of jap pickups and 2 discos ,with out a doubt the land rovers were both rubbish ,both for performance and reliability. Every time I see a Land Rover on the road I cross my self and say a prayer for the driver . harnser
  11. Super truck gun for some body harnser
  12. According to the papers yesterday packham is being let go by the BBC for using his tv profile to get people to back his views . harnser
  13. Despite all their lack of remorse ,take it from me they will be crying their eyes out asking for their mothers when they are banged up . I have seen it so many times before in the past . harnser
  14. Harnser

    Sir Tom.

    A proper man and true gentleman The sort of person that the honours should go to . People who done good things for others and this country. harnser
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