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  1. I have managed to calm my self down and have stopped sticking pins in an effigy of you know who . I think we need to slow down and see what happens next week . Let our shooting organisations do their bit and represent us . I think NE has dropped a ricket over the whole issue and are now trying to solve to solve the problem with out to much egg on their faces . Calm down boys it will turn out fine . Incidently I know of a good witch doctor who is married to a senior witch up holt way . harnser
  2. This is a serious threat to pigeon and corvid shooting . We as shooters should now get behind our shooting organisations and give them our full support and if necessary donate some money towards a fighting fund . Getting just about fed up with some of the negative comments on this post . Spoke to my farmer friend today and he livid about the whole thing . He is going to get in touch with DEFRA today and find out what can be done to stop this stupid matter . The land owners are the biggest lobby and in my opinion they should be complaining to the relevant government departments. Harnser
  3. Had the self same gun for years . Used it for a peg gun , proberbly the best copy of a best English sidelock you will buy for the money . harnser
  4. Simon , if you want to see one and have a good look at One the farm Foreman on my farms has John deer gator diesel with a cab on it . It is road legal and is insured as a farm tractor and runs on red . New they are about £20,000 . Fabulous piece of kit . Harnser .
  5. Go for a .308 . 150 grain soft point bullet will kill anything clean that you will want to shoot . I know of three estates in Norfolk that insists on minimum calibre of .270 for all deer . Harnser
  6. Go for the .308 . I have shot the venerable .308 for many ,many years in the stalking mood and in the .7.62 mood in target rifles . I have shot them out to 1200 yards and they will never let you down . The .308 is one of the most versatile rounds ever invented and has been wildcatted by many ,but in my opinion never bettered. Harnser
  7. I have always had certain reservations about centre fire self loading rifles simply because of the damage they can cause in the wrong hands . And yes I did have a centre fire self loader that was used for compition shooting all over the UK . When they were banned we went to bolt action and straight pull rifles . The comps were just the same ,but took longer to shoot . Not such a big deal to lose the self loaders Harnser
  8. Looks like a bit of penis envy to me . harnser
  9. Jap pickup . Now on my second l200 .previously Navarra and ranger ,would have either again . Biggest mistake was two discos . harnser
  10. It’s a very fine line between moderation and censorship. harnser
  11. Work is a four letter words for me . It carnt be that good because you have pay people to do it . Best job I have had is the the one I had now ,living of the state . harnser
  12. Hacksaw ridge . I tale of true heroism. harnser
  13. You might try pushing a cleaning rod down the barrel from the muzzle end and gently tapping the rod to push bolt back and eject the empty . I all ways used to weigh all myrifle loads with out exception . harnser
  14. Similar thing happened to me last week . My neighbour backed into my truck causing a nasty dent in my rear quarter . The man knocked on my door and told me what happened . The truck is in the body shop being repaired and my neighbour is going to pay the bill . Very civilised . harnser
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