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  1. Ok thanks for your advise, I was thinking of applying for my FAC soon as .17HMR would make short work of the rabbits. I have alot of experience with one. Funnily enough I had been looking at the Pard aswell, to upgrade from my Yukon 6.5. i like the idea of a shotgun for runners and in some areas would be safer than a rimfire. Cheers
  2. K.K.B

    Air Arms TX200

    Not sure where you are based, but I have a full length Mk3 if you are interested (I am in Bedfordshire)
  3. Hi all, Does anyone have any experience with the 12 bore Pedretti silenced single shot shotguns? I've had a Mossberg 500 .410 Hushpower which blew the pattern with every cartridge I tried, had the 20 bore Investarm which I sold (after hearing you could not get steel shot up to humane killing speed through one, although a very effective tool with lead shot)... But after talking to others that have loaded their own cartridges with steel and used them to good effect through Hushpowers, I'd like to try a 12g so I can go up a couple shot sizes and still have a decent amount of shot going down range to have the similar effect as lead. I will mainly be using the gun at night on rabbits with Horses living 250-300yds away Any feedback is appreciated either about the gun itself, subsonic 12g in general or about steel shot being used in silenced shotguns. Cheers in advance KKB
  4. I did look, but couldn't see anything and it's not listed on the website either.
  5. So I have a slab of Pigeon Extreme 5-34g, but I have no idea if these would be safe to use in my gun (even though a 3" chamber with 2 3/4" cartridges) I am out tomorrow and would like to use them. Does anyone know the service pressure of these cartridges and if they are ok to use in my No.3?
  6. Do you think the gun was stamped wrong then?
  7. I have a folding .410 with 76mm chambers That's a good idea, I had contacted Gamebore in hope of a reply, but still waiting. I'll contact one of the proof houses to get some confirmation.
  8. Here is a pic of my barrels as requested above Ok, cheers for that. I will contact them and see what they say about it.
  9. Hi all, It's about time I made my first post, I've been reading this forum for years. Anyway I picked up an AYA No.3 3" Magnum the other day in excellent condition, serial number and code date it to 1964, but I'm noticed that on the barrel flats it appears to be proofed to 900kg. What constitutes a "Magnum gun"? I thought the majority of these were proofed to 1200kg. Also being a 3" chamber, does that mean I can put any 3" commercial cartridges through it without any worry? Cheers
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