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  1. Thanks for the info I appreciate it. I think they did mention at one stage that they did something with a spring that was weak. But they did not clarify if it was the main spring or the striker return spring. I'll open it up at some point to identify the issue to the best of my knowledge. And if there is nothing obviously wrong I'll send it to a gunsmith.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I'll have a look
  3. He travels allot for work, so he might be up your way sometime soon. What have you got at the moment for what price ?
  4. Hi all, I am asking on behalf of a family member who recently got their SGC and are looking for their first shotgun. Does anyone in North Essex / Suffolk have a Beretta 686/Browning 525 or similar for sale ideally with a barrel length of 30".
  5. I am after a semi auto as a back up gun. Does anyone have a cheap and cheerful semi- auto for sale in the north Essex Suffolk area ?
  6. You are right I had not considered this malfunction. It's just frustrating when you follow best practice and take your gun to someone who "knows" what they are doing instead of tinkering yourself to ensure you have a safe firearm. And then what you get in return is a gun that does not function correctly and is potentially unsafe. And then to brush off the issue as snap caps. Boils my blood just a tad.
  7. Snap cap or not the fact remains the gun catches the closing face of the barrels. Not the snap caps. Even if I get rid of the snap caps there will sometimes be a situation where the hammers are down and I have to open/close the gun. So as per my gunsmith/RFD advice I need to deepen the gouge on closing face every time I get in this situation because it will hit the firing pin.
  8. Thanks for the info, I am certainly going to investigate and attempt to find the problem myself before I take it back to a gunsmith. So I don't get the wool pulled over my eyes again.
  9. Great thanks I don't think those are local to me. I'll do some research and ask arround to see if I can find someone local
  10. I rest my case. So it's not a good idea to use a gunsmith that works for an RFD?
  11. It is a reputable RFD with a long history and a gunsmith onsite
  12. How about I get rid of one and keep the other 🤪. I have not heard convincing enough evidence from either side of this argument. I sit on the fence It's a Bettinsoli. It's got the usual bettinsoli symptoms and they have been tinkering with it in an attempt to put it right.
  13. No I have not but, I certainly believe it now. The gunsmith was convinced it was catching on the snapcaps. And seemed not to take into account the very evident gouge in the closing face of the barrel. To be honest at this point I am not sure exactly what they have changed and what not. But I think you are on to something the bottom firing pin definitely sits more proud.
  14. I have had a bit of trouble with my over and under recently and it's had 4 visits to the gun Smith. The last time I picked it up from the gunsmith I got home put stap caps in it and released the springs. When I got to my next shoot I opened the gun to take the snap caps out and it got stuck closed. I did manage to open it with some gentle force and it shot fine. When I got home and started cleaning the gun I noticed the bottom firing pin sticking out more than usual and a small chunk of metal missing in the closing face of the bottom barrel. This is when I realised the barrels are catching the bottom firing pin when i close the gun. Obviously this only happens when I have used snap caps to unload the springs. This has never been an issue before so I went to the gunsmith this morning and their opinion is that this is caused by snap caps and I should put them in the bin. And always leave the gun cocked. So basically now I can't open or close the gun if the springs are not cocked. Does this seem correct ?
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