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    Aye i was going to give them to a mate for a 13 plate yeti but he was coming to pick them up today and never , so maybe after checking his tyre size there no use to him ?> im sure i will get rid of them i dont want them laying about here
  2. Bigbob


    Anybody know what these tyres fit could they be off a BMW ?>
  3. Bigbob


    I did a deal from a guy that bought a skoda and bought a set of winter wheels and tyres with it , these where never used and the skodas long gone so ive ended up with 2 Yellow sea 215/35ZR 18 /84w , and 2 Sunitrac 215/35ZR 18 /84W Now i dont think these are Skoda tyres ?. turns out he was storing a set of BMW tyres for a mate and i think hes took the skoda set and ive ended up with the BMW set ?. It was all in the past so i cant swap the tyres LOL
  4. It didnt help them they werent too clever 9 correct in the final chase
  5. Bigbob

    Ferrets as Pets

    If your on Facebook there sites on there about ferrets and there mainly house ferrets
  6. Bigbob

    Pension info

    Dont think so looking at the figures they offer me a lump sum and a pension When i got paid off i got my lump sum the accountant said if you trust your wife put it in her name as she doesnt pay tax , and my pension was just sitting there rising at the rate of inflation each year
  7. Bigbob

    Pension info

    Yes i'm waiting to see what Cheadle Hume will offer me for MOD pension but with the other i get a predicted forecast on my age and service to play with on the computer
  8. I never forget Valentines day as its the wifes birthday LOL so i wouldnt dare book tickets for a shooting show
  9. Bigbob

    Pension info

    I think if i get my MOD pension at 60 i would put in for volunteer redundancy at my work but i would have to wait till im 61 to get the 85 rule , where your age and service equals 85 you can retire As ive a new grandson by then i will be able to do stuff with him more than babysitting LOL and if needed i would do a couple of shifts a week stacking shelves etc Something non stressful and just do a bit and go home
  10. Bigbob

    Pension info

    I work in security at a university we are the only department that doesn't let us reduce or hours or work from home LOL One shift is made up of ex military or police and the view is take the bigger lump sum taking a bigger pension you have to life till your 93 to gain out of it and believe me this squad would know how to save a penny but i only work 4 on 4 of so only six months of a year so with holidays and sick i dont think i can work less ?.
  11. Bigbob

    Pension info

    Right ive hit the big 59 this year and the M.O.D. are wanting my National insurance number etc so when i hit the big 60 next year they want to start paying me my 20 year pension from 35 years ago and im looking for advice on any pit falls Take a bigger lump sum than pension As 1 i wont be here for ever and the wife will only get 50% of my pension As 2 a bigger pension plus my wage now will knock me into a higher tax band ?. Any ideas or how i can gain out of it as i've already paid tax etc on this already i don't want to pay more than necessary?
  12. I asked the same with direct line as I've been insured with them for over twenty years and have house and recovery with them , and I said what about a loyalty discount , the guy said we only offer that when u phone ?
  13. I'm maybe too old but these days I'm really surprised by the people I would say are afflicted have a job in power
  14. Bigbob


    This morning the sidestep gave up the ghost on my pathfinder , i knew it was going to happen the front bracket rusted threw ages ago and the step moved if anybody stood on it , Well this morning the middle one broke so i took the step off . I was prepared for it last time i took the step off for a look i found there was 3 L shaped brackets onto the front middle and end of the step bolted on to the step and held onto the truck by 2 studs bolted on to the chassis , now the nuts are rotten and corroded and last time i was at the garage i asked about fitting a bracket i had made up but they wouldn't touch it ?apart from spraying the nuts for a while then spending a day tackling it is there a alternative ? getting them welded on ?
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