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  1. Bloke next door and his family spent a couple of weeks putting artificial turf down in there back garden , Now when they pick up the dog poo they get a basin of water and rinse the area down ?? i will stick to my slabs LOL
  2. Bigbob


    One of the supply drivers was accused of clipping a delivery drivers wing mirror dropping stuff off at a ressie on campus , There wasn't a mark on the mirror and the driver said you got to come down to the logistics building and we will swap over details , He swore and drove off later phoning in to swear again reckon he was just a chancer without the correct insurance to be delivering but what he didn't know is once your on campus there's 4 cameras at any one time watching you LOL
  3. Cant remember the amount of nights out ive spent with a shepherd as his flock was attacked one time we had 10 guns out and this dog was like a ghost nobody saw it coming or going just dead sheep , its luck ran out after a couple of weeks one gun with a policeman nailed it and we had all the proof we needed . The same farmer had a guy that bred Saint Bernard's next to him one just walked up to the fence and grabbed a sheep the other side of the fence , I dont even like taking my dogs out ferreting in the spring i honestly believe there stock proof but a couple of hill sheep bursting
  4. I have a small corer that you stand on and it take a core of earth out you brush these up and fill the holes with sharp sand but it depends on how good a lawn you want one place i go to the play croquet on and could play crown green bowls on there lawn they hate any rabbit about the place , you could hire in a machine spend a day caring for your lawn and give it a good start for the spring ??>
  5. Looking for a copy of Terriermen and terriers 2 by John Broadhurst
  6. A tin of tomatoes lowers the acid in dogs urine just mixed in with there food once or twice a week
  7. When we paid off our mortgage the bank sent them to us after a couple of months we bought a fire proof safe and stuck them up in the loft with other documents
  8. Aye nice wee double threaded net that should catch them well
  9. Wash it with water clear the scab off and see it there's a build up of puss and clean it out thats going to make the dog feel better at least
  10. The wife works for a tv company ive loads of channels only ever watch History , or Dave The wife will watch reality shows and i will watch dvds on my laptop
  11. Two elastic bands if/ when the skins damaged etc easy to replace
  12. My back gardens all slabs LOL . But ive loads of tubs dotted about and i cant remember what it was called 4/5 of bulbs to a tub to get a great effect in spring and summer and before xmas the bulb shoots where 6 inches tall
  13. Lately ive been doing alright , Bags of potatoes , family packets of crisps , energy drink , alcohol free beer , crates of desperado , and lately hoodies LOL All the food was going out of date and the catering dept. had to get rid of it The hoodies only come in Med , Large and Ex large but at least the kids enjoyed them LOL LOL
  14. Bigbob

    Tiffany ring

    Have BEER will trade ?. LOL
  15. Golfers are the same during a round of golf they just go into the cover drop there trousers and ****
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