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  1. Bigbob


    If tomatoes are nearly ripe cut them off the plant and put them on a window sill , still green put them in a drawer with a banana or make chutney apparently
  2. I feel sorry for what happened to him , But all the fuss and its been over the news for days since it happened , There was a young lad knifed to death the same day and there been no mention of him ?> Now there moaning about police numbers and need more police for protecting who cut the numbers of police in the first place Mp's & Goverment
  3. Bigbob

    Good old DHL.

    We Where out for the day got a email Hermes have delivered your parcel next door to number 20 got home and a four foot by three foot parcels sitting on the steps at the front door for everyone to see
  4. I got insurance with direct line £20 more than Churchill then at the very end she said i will just talk you threw the policy and although its not mentioned on the paperwork she said must have a tracker fitted . So i called my usual garage and he made a few calls and said nobody got back to me apart from this guy near you and we dont want to go to the main dealer as that will cost a arm and a leg . So i still dont know how much it will cost but will find out on Saturday but they said put it up the drive and block it in LOL So much for me wanting a comfortable driving car with 4x4 capabilities i would of been better getting another truck but i just didnt want something that big
  5. Phoned direct line , Avia etc its all the same must be a Range Rover Thing ??>
  6. Well 6 weeks after scrapping the pathfinder i gave up and bought a 15 plate Range Rover Evoque supposed to pick it up on Friday serviced and Mot'd phoned Churchill to insure it and i was told they wont insure it unless a tracker is fitted and running on it . I asked can i have another policy with a different quote and was told no . Got to phone the garage tomorrow to find out if there's a tracker fitted and running if not and i want to insure it with Churchill i will have to get one fitted and that means i wont get the car on Friday . I am going to phone Drect Line etc and see what they say and if a trackers mentioned but for fully comp Churchills price does seem too good
  7. Or the Commissioners knight hood up the swanney ??
  8. We went into a Brewers fayre for lunch half the menu was off due to fuel shortages LOL
  9. You got to watch one small holding put down rat bait and all the dead rats he picked up he dumped on the midden killed a load of magpies too , no loss but most companies wire there bait boxes down
  10. I honestly think its all about attitude youth of today think there better than they are " Im not doing that " Im not doing that for that " It will never happen but i would love to see you haven't put into into the system you get nothing out . With covid we have seen all prices rise and there going to get worse i dont think we will ever declare this country bankrupt but how big will the national debt get will it ever be paid off ?. Then when income tax and vat rise how many folk working will throw in the towel and join the ranks of the unemployed ?.
  11. Oh the embarrassment first the denial then when it didnt go away having to get a way out of a guilty plea . As said he wont be bothered still swanning about with his mates
  12. Cant beat a nice bowl of tripe onions and potatoes
  13. We had a family wedding and spent the last 2 weeks running about picking up and dropping stuff off and every time we needed fuel we got it despite putting £50 in the tank each time compared to the normal £20 there never was a fuel shortage the queues where caused by the same gullible clowns that caused the toilet paper shortage but you cant educate pork
  14. Just hang them on the washing line and hand wash with warm soapy water , Then you can decide how hard to rub if there spots of blood etc
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