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  1. Aldi

    There clothes range wont fit they stop at xl which is roughly a 42 chest , and there fruit etc is fine if you eat it that day or the next as there on as close to minimum wage there hounded to throw the fruit in to the shelves as fast as they can and it bruises and goes off quickly . There was a undercover programme on Aldi staff no long ago
  2. Multimeter

    I got a Fluke 12 from the sparkie at work , work gave him a new one so i got his old one for a tenner . Just like you i only wanted it for occasional use the alarm dry cell batteries i get from him , i check to see if there goosed as there only for back up in the event of a power failure . but it got silly i had boxes of them and all my mates got what they wanted and i moved on to lithium
  3. Gun Related Number Plates

    Its no for me i try to do everything under the radar and even the folk next door hardly know what i get up to . My cousins the opposite a big mouth flying close to the wind and always seems too be in trouble its like he thrives on it , but as you get older you just cant be bothered with it
  4. Recommend me a vehicle.

    Surprised the nissan Pathfinders no on any list loads of room and pulling power
  5. How did you get your username?

    Self explanatory as well
  6. New mortgage

    All my plans where aimed at my old age getting better jobs for more money and time off , paid off my mortgage by the time i was 53 aimed to put the money i would be paying into a deposit account as when im 60 my first pension kicks in and i planned to live a lot more relaxed life , All i do is eat better we go out more and say i dont fancy cooking at this time wheres the carry out menu ?. But live is for living
  7. Perth Recommendations

    Go to Edinburgh and stay there
  8. Blackbirds

    Only way seems to be to net the area
  9. I’ve heard it all now.

    Appernantly that Adam Hanson gets ripped by his mates about having to dumb down the farming section so that Ellie Harrison can understand it
  10. Shoe bullying

    i have one pair of slip ons , one work pair of doc martin shoes one work pair of magnum boots and seven pair of 12 inch boots out in the garage for ferreting got to start the day with dry feet and 3 brand new spare pairs of boots in the loft
  11. Micro chipping

    Help im just up after a night shift and the wifes sprung this on me A friend of a friend gets a dog and whilst out it takes off and the dog warden ends up with the dog on hearing they have his dog he goes for it and is told as its no micro chipped he cant get it as its illegal , so they will micro chip it and when he pays for it he can get the dog . fast forward four days and the dog cant walk out the kennel and seems to be fitting and there thinking the chip is causing that ? I'm thinking the chips can migrate threw the body but don't cause problems as its only a grain of rice size , more chance its picked up parvo etc at the dog warden kennels ?
  12. Illegal pocket knife?

    You would need to google it but i think its over 3.5 inches with a fixed blade and you need a good excuse to carry it being out in the country etc , doing the shopping with the wife in tescos on a saturdays not . I stopped taking a knife out with me gutting rabbits when i get home but there's a small penknife hidden in the truck for emergencies
  13. Really not interested.

    Go slow on the retrieves if you sicken her game over try different things a little kids toy that squeaks may hold her interest
  14. Dog bite - what to do

    If a dog bites a human and breaks the skin report it to the police as said it may be a child next time . its a shame really as its a bad owner and no the dogs fault somebody who wanted a dog and couldn't or wouldn't socialise it too other dogs
  15. Couldn’t log on to pigeon watch

    I got the same at work but was told my server had banned the site as it contains weapons , they did the same with gambling but left on line bingo gambling and banned sky tv but left virgin , big brother at its best