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  1. Bigbob

    Rag and Bone Men

    My mates cast iron guttering came down in the snow before it hit the ground they where chapping at the door "You want rid of that mister " After being told the second word was Off he had to put it in his garage till the roofers came to fix it
  2. Bigbob

    Law and order?

    The problem is the police have lost all respect due to there attitude and hitting easy targets like motorists while doing little to fight real crime
  3. Bigbob

    What Breakdown Service Would You Recommend ?

    I was with the AA my mother used to buy it for my Birthday present then one year they said my wife wasn't on it as my mother had removed her , my mother only ever paid the renewal , so i went to green flag and never had a problem , if your insured threw direct line you get a discount
  4. Bigbob

    How the other half live !

    my solutions simple second generation doles birds get nothing as they haven't put anything into the system , don't think i will be pm anytime soon but there's plenty jobs out there but they think they are too good to work
  5. Bigbob

    Anybody else noticed

    I noticed a couple of weeks ago all the trees are covered in fruit , seeds a sure sign i think that they are stressed and trying to breed thinking there going to die ?>
  6. Bigbob

    Cutting Hazel Sticks.

    I used to cut a stick and cable tie it to the rafters in the shed and leave it till i had time to sort it in the summer
  7. Bigbob

    Who's a silly boy then...

    Took it into his bedroom for something to play with , beggars belief
  8. Bigbob

    Hobbies besides shooting?

    Does that come under Fetishes ?. LOL
  9. Bigbob

    Hobbies besides shooting?

    Just spent the morning cutting and drilling pegs for nets so suppose i could add woodwork to the list
  10. Bigbob

    Barry Elliott aka Barry Chuckle

    They just had a new show on tv showing clips of folk doing daft things didnt think he was that old R.I.P.
  11. Bigbob

    Homeless crisis?

    Its happening here all the small villages are now being built into each other, its easier done as all the facilities are there for a hook up rather than build new sewers , elctric mains ect and another problem is NImBY everybody agrees we need lots of affordable houses then its Not In My Back Yard so what can you do ?.
  12. I don't see why we should pay a universal basic income ive worked since i was 15 and there looking at me now working till im 67 so i finish on the friday and drop down dead on the monday very handy for the government , my solutions very simple second generation dole birds get nothing they haven't put anything in to the system so they get nothing out don't need a basic income theres jobs out there ask all the polish that are working here doing the jobs the unemployed british feel is beneath them
  13. Bigbob

    Hobbies besides shooting?

    i make a few nets during the summer and like gardening till the ferreting and shooting season comes round again
  14. Bigbob

    Royal Mail Track and Trace

    I stay in central fife and its as if i stay in the highlands packages take extra time to get here and if you try tracking them it tells you there nearly there when it takes a another week to get them
  15. Bigbob

    Bee attractor

    Buddleia ? is a good one for Bees , butterflies ect and for sitting outside beside it on a warm evening the scent is great and just seems to linger