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  1. If im doing my usual listing to the music now about 10pm the answer will come to me .
  2. My curtains are tied in the middle and just hang each side of the window , but its the blinds i drop but you can still see some movement in them We only put the heating on for 2 hours in the morning 7am till 9am , then 5pm till 7pm then only November till April then she who must be obeyed will switch it off and the annual comment of ," Well put a jumper on " Will be heard threw out the house once more LOL
  3. Bigbob


    I get any amount from landscape at work for my sons wood burner cut to size dropped in a Makro 14 piece chocolate gateau every time after we loaded up both trucks then they said dont bother the next time your the only person that gives us stuff ?.
  4. Just before my central heating comes on I make sure all the windows are shut and draw the curtains or drop the blinds , Most of the radiators are under the windows and any programme ive seen about thermal images of a house the most heat lost is out a window . But with double glazing is shutting curtains etc a waste of time or does it help ?.
  5. Im sure legally it only says the burrows should be empty be you hear horrid story's about it not being used right
  6. While i paid £20 ( there's no set fee its all pocket money to the doctor ) its not a legal requirement and before Covid the BASC etc where questioning it
  7. My big cabinet is in a cupboard at the top of the stairs and my FAO tried to pull it off the wall LOL after i looked at him wide eyed i said its bolted to the wall and floor he said thats fine , Then i opened the loft and said my other cabinets up there with the big ammo cabinet next to it as i wouldn't be popular putting them away in there after coming in from lamping he just said "fine "
  8. Thats why i never post photos or videos , its the internet and the only exercise most of these folk get is moaning on the internet
  9. Yes they hit you for a couple of small amounts them if they go threw empty your account , my wife got a call from the bank fraud team at 9.15 pm they nearly got 13K out her account now she checks accounts daily
  10. Bigbob

    Had much snow

    Central Scotland the rain just moved 4 inches of the white stuff and the suns out
  11. I agree while the wife bought this house for the extra rooms i bought it for the garage and the drive i could park 5 cars on it till i stuck a drive threw garage attached to the house LOL But while saying my car is garaged my car is parked on my drive its done to knock a bit off the price of insurance ? then they park out on the road I think its like all the folk who where furloughed and delivery stuff now they didn't take out commercial insurance anther case of ripping off the insurance company
  12. What happens with all this snow and ice if there are cars, vans parked on both sides of a road and someone turning a corner etc hits one ? But the owner to get cheaper insurance has stated to the insurance company his /her car would be garaged or on there drive ? Do the insurance company's check these facts ? or just take the hit and sort out the claim ?. While the week of snow and frost here wasn't as bad as the big snowfall years ago where all the cars from side streets lined the main roads as they couldn't get out the side streets there was a fair few left out on the roads
  13. Bigbob


    There's a few sites on Facebook but they mostly refer to them as fur babies and start asking £50 each for them . I honestly can see the working ferret going the way of the honest working terrier it will only be a few lads keeping the working strain alive and totally differnt from the show Terriers /Ferrets
  14. Although i don't drink beer i generally do okay with freebies from the brewing department at the uni . they have a whisky tasting society and afterwards they trek back to the brewing dept and get a free crate of beer , Last time it was stuff the students had brewed and they put fruit in it i gave my son in law a mixed crate daughter said after 2 bottles he was away with it . This year i was talking to the technician's and they said they where having a clear out and i could take it roughly 1500 litres might need to split this one with the shift LOL
  15. I would be scared buying a older low mileage car then doing a lot of motorway or other miles on it things might give or not be used to it and cause problems One of the best cars i ever bought was a mobility Meriva car it had a few scratches on the plastic boot trim putting the wheel chair in and out but it had everything changed all the oils , filters and even window wiper blades
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