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  1. Bigbob


    Which is why ive waited a month hoping for a answer
  2. Bigbob


    Hi Anybody know or had dealings with 16boreFan I bought and paid for the warrener dvd then went on holiday i contacted him when it wasnt here after two weeks when i came back and he apoligised and said he would look into it . But he hasnt been back on here since the 17th of june so not answering my emails ?
  3. What gets me is what we pay ministers mp etc for aurguing like school kids in a playground and everybody saw how bad it was for the nhs during covid then they offered the nurses a misery offer after saying they would stand by them Its fine being on £60.000 a year holding the country to ransom to get a rise but then all other prices go up so your no better off
  4. Now its been on the telly every loony will be at it . anybody interfering with my will be risking a right hook while im defending myself of course
  5. Same here thanks arrived today
  6. We have five bird boxes in the garden i dont feed the birds but this year we had a blue tit nesting in one next to the lounge window in a lilac bush i used to sit out side and watch them poping in and out and it was a tight squeeze .She seemed to just start incubating as we went on holiday for a week and i was surprised to learn blue tits only incubate for 15 days when we came back i could sit on the seat and watch them buzzing in and out all day i think it was a second clutch because if the dogs where laying on the slabs under the nest there would be 3or four of them queuing up on the fence to go feed the chick . Them the other day it was all quiet so at night i had a look in the box and there all gone shame i was looking foreward to seeing the fledglings being fed on the bushes on in the garden but i saw a blue tit having a look in another nest box so heres hoping
  7. We where with direct line for year and they only discounted new members unless you phoned to complain so i move every year theres no loyalty discount now
  8. My only problem was they where deporting 7 those airbuses can hold 250/300 and they wont have luggage they could get more in the hold running 24/7 Rwandas happy to have them it could be all over by xmas
  9. Wee Jimmy like Wee Eck only had one plan THE SCOTTISH OIL WILL PAY FOR INDEPANTS there never was a back up or plan B Now she will borrow to get what she wants and then when we are totally screwed walk off and leave her mess for somebody else to sort out We cant afford to live under her rules now hows it going to be come xmas when the prices go up again and all she does is blame the english parliment
  10. How long has Sturgeon been in power up here ?. Hospitail waiting times are nearly double the set targets more folk than ever are needing food banks . I feel im being victomised for being Scottish needing a airgun licience and also a snaring one And all she rattles on about is independance shes got a lot to sort out before she should ever mention that again She like her mate Salmon only want there name is the history book as the first president of Scotland no matter how bug a Fkcu up they make of it and theres a hell of a lot of scots fed up of her up here to
  11. I double checked it in A handguide to the Wild Flowers of Britain and Northern Europe LOL
  12. I thought the best way to treat it was inject the stems but it must be repeated for 5 years to kill it out ? Digging it out wont work as every little bit of root you break off and leave a new plant will grow from
  13. Aye you can cut them back to your boundry but they belong to him so offer them back to him and if hes wise he will leave you to dispose of them
  14. Aye Welsh Poppy the plant to right of the last pict is a weed though
  15. A report i was reading showed Jermey Clarckson Did more for the countryside in one seriers that that bunch of clowns have done in 30 years i always record it watch it on fast foreward then usually only watch the weather
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