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  1. Take it he didnt get the hint when he took Labour to its biggest defeat , he should of slunk away with his slimy tail between his legs
  2. Your too patient his furthest car out of camera would spontaneously combust
  3. After a busy afternoon where the wee mans tired out grandad it turns out shes sent SMA another email and the can of milk is still in the back of the wife's car as she followed the ambulance to hospital
  4. The daughter in law is far to patient for my liking i would have done both the next day
  5. Last week i spent a day with my son breaking logs up in his back garden i said what time you going out for a meal tonight ?. to be told the grandson 5 months old wasn't settling so they where just going to have a carryout delivered , i said mum will babysit but the daughter in law is a bit protective so he said its fine we tidied up and left Just settled down to a movie and meal at night the son phones us in a panic the wee mans screaming his head off since we left we head the 10 minutes back round and you know somethings no right a normal happy wee man is okay for 5 minutes and screaming his head off in pain , we tried NHS 24 but due to this virus we where on hold for 35 minutes so the wife calls a ambulance they agree something wrong and take him to hospital blues and twos . Turns up the grandson had turned his nose up at a bottle and my daughter in law thought it smelled funny , so the hospital contacted the maker SMA to be told yes its a bad batch number you got a paypal account and we will refund you the £10 I'm fuming there was no recall on there site , they knew about it and did zero the wee man had to get rehydrated in hospital and had bad nappies for three days . My daughter in laws emailed them again for a explanation and we are still waiting ? im for broadcasting it over social media ?.
  6. I work in security at a big university and management make a big thing of it even a tiny roach , Me i love it they smoke it it mellows them im nearly 60 im too old to go toe to toe with some of the young male students , when there drunk there in your face a couple of guys have been spat on in the face give me cannabis anytime Though last week a non student staying with his girlfriend high on cocaine was naked in a kitchen and the guy hospitalized 3 of our guys as they went to let his girlfriend into her room for a lockout , screaming and shouting they are breaking into my room First two cops to arrive did nothing till back up arrived 6 police and a dog to take him down
  7. There's a site on facebook and fresh game is going like the old **** off a shovel maybe also due to a certain virus
  8. I record it then fast foreword it to a part I want to watch mostly the weather lol
  9. He just looks a wee slimy barstool with that fake smile , since day one when he was charged she knew Sturgeon was his prodigy they where as thick as thieves hopefully she will be called as a witness ans as said mud sticks i hope shes really worried now , and for somebody who's usually got plenty to say shes never said a word about her mentor ?
  10. Why not report the potholes to the council then next time you get a damaged tyre wheel you claim against them , getting something back ? for your money
  11. We recycle bottles and cans in a machine at work and it gives you a 10 pence voucher to spend in any of the food outlets , after the prices for cans and plastic crashed i heard the bales of cans and bottle where being shipped to Taiwan as thats the only place thats interested in buying them
  12. Bigbob

    The Budget

    But has he not banked that the interest rates on borrowing don't rise he borrowed heavy so he didnt have to make the usual increases on fags, drink and fuel
  13. Never mind the corna virus i was groped by Alex Salmon which is worse the wee smary *** Some of the people who made complaint have chosen to remain anonymous is one of them Sturgeon ?? she was his prodigy and ust of known what was going down ?>
  14. I think its funny they ram all rubbish must be recycled on us , yet when a council bin lorry breaks down they throw all the bins on the next lorry contaminating the recycling and send it to landfill
  15. Bigbob

    Night shifts

    In the bad old days i did 3 nights 9pm till 7am , them on the 4th day you did 2pm till 9pm x3 first shift you started waking up about tea time at your work and if you had a few drinks when you got home it was a cheap night then the other 2 backshifts 2pm till 9pm let you do something in the morning or at night as most places where still open after 9 pm , then you did 3x 7am till 2 pm and you had all the rest of the day to do stuff or catch a couple of hours sleep if you want and then your first day off stated at 2pm you had 3 clear days off then you didnt go back till 9pm so it was like five days off it was a killer be we signed up for it and coped till somebody did a research paper on shifts and found that was the worst one and could take 10 years off your live work quickly ditched it and did 12 hours 4 on 4 off
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