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  1. Worked right threw being told there will be no pay rise this year of maybe next two years as well but we will give you 1 point 2 days holiday to compensate . Folk that where furloughed have been off 4 months bosses say they might no be able to work on site till January
  2. Bigbob


    Could i have 11 &13
  3. Get this ever other week unless i am looking for something i just delete all my incoming emails , and even if im looking for something i would never buy anything off the adverts on the internet on any of the sites
  4. Its a No from me to . I actually cringe when i watch Prime Minister's Question time I think do we pay these CLOWNS for this
  5. Bigbob

    Bad knee

    Wimp LOL I crash landed onto my left knee had it drained 5 times 6 cortisone injections , told i was getting a new knee by the time i was 60 then the specialist says there's still some cartridge in there see you when your 70 LOL i burst out laughing and she said hows that funny , i turned to the wife and said at least im going to life till im 70 . Only thing to do is loose weight and keep moving if i go down on my knees i pull myself up with my arms or shout on my son if hes there to pull me up
  6. A lot of folk are off and buying a puppy to take a walk , so the price is rising .But have they thought about what happens when they go back to work ?. poor dogs stuck in the house all day or left to run the streets or handed in to a rescue ?.
  7. Wont they just have to wait a fortnight and see if there's a upsurge of the virus there ?. Then you where among the rioters ?.
  8. No because we used to go to go compare and often they would price match but the last couple of years they couldnt and then this year a got a snotty little madam on the phone and that sealed the deal ive worked right threw this its the wifes car thats been put up the drive , i do 4 on 4 off so when im off we just use the truck all the time That seems to be the way to go they offer no discount for loyalty
  9. Aye 3 cars and the house for 17 years and that gives them the right to keep putting it up because you don't have to do anything we renew it automatically Well hell no the trucks tax costs £560 over a pound a day if i drive it or not so the savings will help there
  10. We started leaving Direct line at the start of the year and are moving over to Churchill as the renewals come up ,Direct line has no loyalty bonus they wait till you phone up then offer you a discount but after 17 years i said stuff that im leaving your only interested in new members maybe see you in a year , saving nearly £100 a time swapping over
  11. My old car used to do that and every second clown on the road flashing you thinking i didnt know about them and im thumping the switch inside the car , turned out to be a locking problem just had to stop the car lock it open it and start going again
  12. I can see a big difference in mine with the heat in the last two weeks but as usual weather wise we are two weeks behind the south
  13. Gave up watching it now record it and fast forward to what i want to see usually Adam Henson and the weather I cant be bothered with the rest of them and i heard it was dumbed down for the blondie bird as if it could get worse
  14. As said those companies pay a hefty wack each year to get rid of there rubbish and your dumping yours in there skip , So effectively there paying to get rid of your rubbish , Then if you put the wrong stuff in the wrong skip your contaminating the whole skip and it can be rejected and they got to pay more to get rid of there rubbish
  15. There's a supplier opposite the dump next to wellwood , thats where i got mine to do the mono blocking
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