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  1. Is it snowing yet

    We are fortunate this time Scotlands got no snow but i live in a cul de sac and although you never see or know anybody else in the street everybody came together and cleared the road to get in or out it could of been bad as you come up a slight incline then it goes down a hill to the turning circle where the grit bin is and by day 2 of the snow that was empty . The only guy as usual who did nothing was the guy next door took early retirement and maybe figured as hes not going out and in he dont need to clear it I was looking at getting a solid metal pulling bar for my pathfinder there only £25 but do you need a tow bar on your car to put it on ?.
  2. Key fob

    I got sent to timpsons the shoe repair people when the buttons on the spare key wore out they changed the battery and ended up putting a metal frame inside the key told me to go for a coffee and 30 minutes later and £30 lighter it was done
  3. Three Books About Gamekeepers

    There's nothing there yet ?.
  4. Is it snowing yet

    Nice to see Scotlands missing it for a change
  5. SACS festive message

    Nice reminder i think my renewal is Jan 1 st
  6. What’s for Christmas?

    Any hunting shooting books dvds and just to be sure i buy my other things myself so they cant get me socks , pants etc but i leave a opening for the broons or our wullie annuals or a bottle of vodka
  7. Rabbit Numbers

    Theres good rabbit numbers about but there patchy and you have to put in the miles to get them
  8. HEADS UP John Norris DEALs

    I thought i might be in luck boots reduced to £60 but they dont have size 14 s only 16 s and i thought my feet where large
  9. New boots

    hoggs of fife country store at Cupar is having a four day sale this weekend there lots of bargains to be had
  10. Too much packaging

    There's too much of everything these days and to compensate the council now have given us more bins with the landfill being half the size of the other three forcing you to recycle , i've stopped buying papers now so there room in the paper one but come xmas its going to be a month before all the paper and surplus wrappings are away , i toying with the idea of buying a incinerator and burning most things including the the dog and ferret ****
  11. Artists

    I find to get a nice picture done you got to pay well a lot of artist drawings of animals fail in the head area its either to fine or too long you pays your money and takes your chance
  12. Fenn trap maintenance

    When i first get them i weather them then boil them up in oak leaves which makes them nice and dark and threw time the patches of surface rust only helps blend them in , if i touch them at all its a touch of olive oil over the spring then wipe off any surplus
  13. Those phone calls...

    Got the sky blocker you got to programme in the numbers you want to accept , if anybody else phones it rings you pick it up and get a message so and so on 0000, 000000 is trying to contact you press 1 to accept this call , 2 to accept then block 3 to allow calls from this number or 9 to go to your voice mail .some weeks i pick it up just to make sure its still working
  14. Sit in the garage and knit nets got a heater telly music system all the parcel guys just come up next doors drive and give me a shout
  15. 2017 the worst year of my life

    Dropped over three stone im supposed to be in better condition than before i went off , Thing is im the third guy i know that went out and next day floored by chest infection , Something in the wind ?.