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  1. Bigbob

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    Not a chance in Hell she should be allowed back she might of been a child when she left but now shes matured up she wants back , What happens if shes a sleeper ?.
  2. Bigbob

    This Morning

    We where on the rabbits this morning and on a field of rape just over the hedge there where 1000s of pigeons right in front of industrial units its like they knew they where safe i took picts on my phone but there ****
  3. Bigbob

    Radio alarm clock

    Cheers thanks for that
  4. Bigbob

    Radio alarm clock

    Anybody any idea where i can get a radio alarm clock with the numbers in blue ?. To help somebody struggling to read the normal red numbers ?.
  5. Bigbob

    White Stuff!!

    It was minus 8 at 5am this morning never lifted and gritters been out since lunch time
  6. Bigbob


    I use the phone now to tell the time watches never last long when your sticking your arm down a rabbit burrow day in day out
  7. Of course the makers of The Jump have denied liability to even mention it would imply guilt they will stay silent till there lawyers produce the contract in court It seems we are falling into a American society do something hurt yourself and look for somebody to sue
  8. Surely she signed her rights away when she signed a contract ?. bet the money doesnt look so inviting now
  9. Bigbob

    Countryfile next week

    I normally record it and fast forward to adams farm then the weather forecast
  10. Bigbob

    Salt lick or similar

    If you want windfall apple you must see some still on a tree laying on the ground as your driving i find if these people cant be bothered to pick them if you chap the door and ask they often say help yourself
  11. Bigbob

    Garden waste collection

    My problem is why do i need to go to a recycling centre with my waste ? its a service i pay for and there's only 3 of us in the house 2 most of the time so i don't think our bins are particularly full but my real problem is the animals waste , it was a real problem when i had a garden but i've slabbed all the rear of the house garden so there's no garden waste now so i can power wash it down to a drain i put it . and i power wash all my bins to stop the smell . But cutting the collections in the winter is of no use to me the animals still make the same amount of waste . Maybe im a cynic but if the council cant work with the budget they have stand down admit defeat and let somebody who can have a bash , but i feel the same about the government horses for courses
  12. Bigbob

    Garden waste collection

    With 12 ferrets and 2 lurchers i would be filling quite a few street bins LOL
  13. Bigbob

    Garden waste collection

    Our garden waste bin went from fortnightly all year to monthly december till march which is a pain as i put all my ferret shavings in there and it stinks of ammonia and can have a few maggots but nowhere nearly as bad as the fortnightly pick up . ( the council operator said it was fine as long as there was no meat waste in it so i put all the carcasses and dog poo in a double bag and put that in the landfill bin , Which is half the size of the other 3 ( no doubt so they can save money ) and that does have a few maggots but the collectors never moan about it . But it means i have to take all the household waste to the recycling centre but im not taking bags of poo etc in the jeep as im paying my poll tax
  14. Bigbob

    Wage packets

    Aye we used to get them on a friday afternoon and straight to asda on a friday night to get the weeks shopping in LOL
  15. Bigbob

    Need a new truck

    ive got a nissan but its 12 years old but she must of been some truck in her day its still got loads of extras , the son drives a 66 plate ford ranger and rates that but he bought a back put new tyres on it but its some machine its like sitting in the captains chair on the starship enterprise , Then i drive a L200 at work and its **** the boss must of asked for a basic model then said i will have the one below that . Theres no reversing camera or sensors its like travelling in a cement mixer with a load of bricks going over a speed bump at 20mph is bloody uncomfortable if i need a new truck i would look at the navara