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  1. Bigbob

    Christmas presents!

    I hope i get some new books but both the kids work for the same pub chain and there ong to be home for xmas with there partners thats enough for me as they work in different parts of the country and its rare for them to get the same time off
  2. Bigbob

    Blue tooth

    just got the wife a 62 plate astra its supposed to have blue tooth but when she presses the phone button to set her phone up the display reads phone muted . anybody help ?.
  3. Bigbob

    Responsibility for bridge?

    Put a weight limit on it seems okay , if your prepared to take your buckets to the other side of the bridge so the council motor can uplift them and any other heavy vehicle that might deliver to you
  4. Bigbob

    SKY HD remote control

    I can see why the sky advisor said if the volume works that it as you bought the remote from argos not sky but i was going to say try code 0065 to see if that works but youve got it working now
  5. Bigbob

    Problems with Neighbours (again)

    I haven't spoken to the couple on my right for 8 years and to be honest it wouldn't bother any of my family if they never spoke again shes a screwball and hes under the thumb , i honestly don't know anybody outside there family that speaks to them except the oldest daughter she saw scene and stopped visiting years ago , the old couple on the left are the salt of the earth and it would worry me if they never spoke to me again as we like to do the little bits and bobs for them
  6. If this falls threw i will have them
  7. There all the same i got halfords to fit a bulb in my car took it for a mot the guy asked what you been doing the bulb is upside down and loose you have to take the battery out on this side or the air filter on the other to put bulbs in this type of car , after that i did it myself
  8. Bigbob

    Christmas & Christmas Dinner!!

    The daughter runs a pub for a well known chain the last couple of years she gave her staff the day off , good management from the manager LOL. And the family stood in and served the meals . The daughters boyfriend cooks my son tends the bar and the wife washes up im just a meet and greeter Its a very humbling experience you got your folk thats already booked , then the folk thats booked across the road but its shut so come into complain , travellers looking for food and folk just dropping in as the pubs open mostly old folk dropping in for a coffee and making it spin out Usually christmas dinner is xmas supper about 8 pm in my house
  9. Bigbob

    Hunting pellets

    Try ebay they have somebody selling sample packs of pellets last time i looked it was 15 lots of ten different pellets and see what suits your air gun .
  10. Bigbob

    Auction question

    Most are 15 % to 20% plus vat
  11. Bigbob

    How cold?

    Back to the rain now
  12. Bigbob

    How cold?

    It was supposed to be minus 6 here at 5am the countryfile forecast says back to normal rain though
  13. Bigbob

    Where the heck is Corbyn?

    Hopefully away on a long holiday with Dianne Abbott
  14. Bigbob

    Shooting wild goats - news story

    When i was stalking for the forestry commission all those years ago at Rannoch we used to shoot a few wild sheep in the blocks with the agreement of the estates as there was a big worry about sheep scab then , if the estates wanted the sheep that where in the blocks it took a big effort with a lot of men and dogs as they where wild as hell and bolted as soon as they saw somebody , and if you got them out the forestry blocks the sheppard had to do it slowly and try to walk them home as with the weight of the fleece they often could overheat and suffer from pneumonia
  15. Bigbob

    Shooting wild goats - news story

    Something wrong when shooting alien vermin takes up the first spot on the scottish news and the guys that stole the Rolex watches from Gleneagles and got over 20 years is in second place . That snp mp from Argyll and Bute want to have a long hard look at himself wanting goat shooting banned when in brings in much need revenue to the area at a lean time for most guest houses and estates