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    The guy at the bottom of the road a fireman uses his garage to store parcels , the big lorry reverses up the street they unload it into his garage then a fleet of small vans turn up during the week pick up parcels or drop them off , the only thing is you see a increased number of vans coming up the street to turn and leave the scheme . Is it a good idea to earn extra cash or are there pit falls ?>
  2. Bigbob


    Every time somebody is off sick the Manager gets a supervisor to call them and ask " How long are you going to be sick for ?" I always answer till im better But isnt this a form of bullying if your sick your sick till you phone up and state your well and will be back on such and such a date ? or produce a doctors line The managers a well known bully who gets the supervisors to do all his emails and phone calls so nothings got his name on it incase HR want another word with him .
  3. One of the biggest house builders in the country where building near us and folk had moved in to some of the streets and it turned out they didn't have planning permission , the council closed the streets down for two weeks planning permission was granted and live goes on , I still laugh as i drive up the motorway and see the large advertisement signs
  4. Two so called top politicians (LOL ) would would be in trouble lacing up there shoes
  5. When i was at the garden centre i picked up another Venus Fly Trap , Ive never been able to grow these and i think this ones going the same way when i go out at night to lock the dogs away i catch daddy long legs etc for it come in a try to tickle the hairs but whatever i dothey dont close on the daddy long legs , flies etc ?.
  6. Im looking to change my truck local garage has a 16 plate great wall of china i went for a look but its done 115K just more than my 06 plate Nissan priced 7K
  7. I think they dumb the questions down for the so called celebrity's and he was the only one to get bounced LOL
  8. Think somebodies dumped a fter on you , probably find its a bit nippy and they couldnt be bothered with it
  9. Bigbob


    No mate but i work as security at a university and i know how inconsiderate the youth of today is , when this first started we had thousands on campus ," The i dont give a fig" brigade . The first case on campus they couldn't get away quick enough mummy please come and pick me up ?. They bailed leaving all there stuff in there rooms they couldn't get away fast enough At the start i was dreading it with the press coverage and i going to take this deadly virus home im just a grandad and am i going to carry it back to my grandson ? Well my grandsons just about to celebrate his 1s
  10. Bigbob


    No wonder there's a second spike on old boy was coughing over every one and everything , And these seniors are supposed to be the most vulnerable ?. , I would have the police make unannounced inspections no mask you got a immunity letter ? Fine thats £100 on the spot fine
  11. I used to have to clip the inner ear hair of my spaniel it let the air in and she never had much bother forget and the hair was often matted by wax etc and she was always shaking her head and the inner ear was red and inflamed
  12. Bigbob


    Is Dyslexia the new bigger illness than covid ? Spend Friday afternoon going round two shopping centres getting the scraps from butchers for animals , and despite Keep left signs and masks must be worn at all times in the centre the number of folk who are unable to read the signs amaze me and its not just youngsters a lot of older folk who should know better as well
  13. I had my 59th this week just a plain old meal with all the family , i thought it was great as we dont get together very often this year
  14. We have worked right threw looks like no overtime or anything for the next 3 years , we thought we might get a bonus as working with covid and the threat of taking it home to your family's but no joy there saying the place is on its knees and there looking for 70/90 people to take voluntary redundancy to save 6.9 million , But the people that have been furloughed are loosing 2.5 days holiday a month ?.
  15. Its blowing a howly and pouring down so ive settled down with a box set of Auf Wiedersehen Pet But Film in 1983 nearly 40 years ago where does the time go ?
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