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  1. We used to invite them on to campus to go round the car parks it was easier when they had tax discs i the windows to see how many where untaxed but its unbelievable the amount they catch I know big companies do the same in there car parks they just cant drive round and check As said i pay £540 for mine the wifes £160 and if they have no tax do they have a mot ?. or insurance ?.
  2. I always buy the frosted cheap stuff at Homebase , B&Q Asda or tesco , put them in a sheltered spot for a week or two and cram them into my tubs they always seem to pull threw And instead of £100s of pound to do the garden its down to £30, £40 each year
  3. Bigbob

    Goggle Box

    Love it OH Mary we are terribly Posh and every week shes got holes in her tights LOL
  4. We tried to pay cash for the wife's car but would of lost out on 2 free services because they would of made nothing out of it . Most folk just pay there money every month hand the car back after 3 years and get another one never own a car and get shafted for scratches , kerbing on the wheels when the garage does the final hand back check
  5. Bigbob

    Need another hobby.

    I like the peace of gardening and net knitting during the summer . or going raking in charity shops
  6. I carry a couple of folding penknife in the front pouch of the game bag and have another couple in the car if i need one whilst im out but got a fair selection in the garage and do most of my preparation work there then put the meat right into the freezers I only carry the gamebag for ferreting really and gut the rabbits at the end of the day to make lighter carrying , if we are lamping i just want to get home in the wee hours and leave the rabbits in a big plastic box and gut them when i get up the next day
  7. Aye all the tomato growers at work ask for a couple of rabbit tails each every spring
  8. Same here with direct line I got a increase from last year and when i phoned and said nothings changed He said let me have a look , I replied my family has 3 cars and house insurance and recovery with you Thats some loyalty bonus your giving me for nearly 20 years with you . He lowered my premium to less than last year Apparently they wont give you a loyalty discount unless you phone them and few folk do they seem to just accept the increase ?.
  9. The living room and upstairs bedroom windows glass was replaced there 12 foot long maybe 4 foot high all the rest where taken out seals replaced and re installed another 12 windows all the house apart from the porch i built that 5 years ago and those windows are still fine . When i bought this house the guy was proud to tell me he had the windows built to his speck they weren't worth a damn i've blackout blinds in the bedroom as i do night shifts and the wind used to rattle those about on a windy day no longer and its cheaper to heat the house now . Really pleased with the result boys started at 8 am and by 6 pm they had cleaned up and ready to go and far cheaper than replacing all the windows with new double glazing
  10. The wife got our windows fixed instead of replaced , they replaced 2 units that the seals where goosed and did the seals in the rest £1200 , instead of £5000 to replace them all
  11. Bigbob

    And the culprit is?

    I would go for Goose as well
  12. The system is wide open to abuse and it is , i think everybody must know somebody who is at it ?.
  13. If no catching move it about , you will hit a pairs territory and should start catching when they pair up sometimes it helps to raise it up a bit so the other birds cant sit above it ( i think being lower than a call bird threatens them ) ?.
  14. Bigbob

    Monkey Puzzle

    Chop it down new one priced yesterday in the garden centre £49.99 and go for a symmetrical one LOL
  15. Bigbob

    Monkey Puzzle

    Aye this but its going to look funny for a bit
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