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  1. Bigbob


    Ive got the chance of a set of 225/65R17 instead if the ones on the truck 255/65R17 will they fit ? will it make much difference as im only planning on running it on them till the mot in october
  2. Ive got one of those in the garage five fly bags in the garden round the ferret and dog runs and the tennis racket zapper in the house lol
  3. I reckon there still corrupt but trying to clean up there act . My last boss was a barstool started off in the police left before he was fired who every leaves the police its a job for life ?. did 4 years listening to him he ran the anti terrorist unit one of the lads checked out total bull. Then he spent 4 years getting a degree , 4 years working as a security manager at a collage then he can to his and just before the 4 years where up he left before getting sacked for bullying discrimination & harassment it leaked threw to us his actions cost over 560k he didn't have a clue he could talk the talk but not walk the walk as his director said
  4. Aye its all in the wording our winnings coming second then the NHS get nought?? its a great gesture but stuff like that riles me that and Captain Tom donating money the NHS should be getting extra from the government if they need it
  5. Aye i work there and now have no wish to spend my free time there but when we met up i liked going to Weatherspoon's in George street cheap drink and a meal get your bum on a seat and stay there till i get flung out . the guys started going on a pub crawl and Tigerlillies know how to charge because they have a large chimney in a room and you can smoke there . Then it was fun to be back at work and hear the guys i spent £300 on Saturday how did i do that
  6. The only thing that bothers me is they where going to give the NHS there winning bonus round 11 million . Will the NHS still get there 2nd place money ??.
  7. Of course there's corruption in the police there like everybody else human . We used to joke when we where younger if there was a break in at a shop the beat copper had to beat the car to it to get his share But i know for fact of a police officer getting drunk and driving home from his local bowling club and his mates turned a blind eye . I work with a chief inspectors son and his dad flung him out because the amount of times workmates had a word in his ear about his son driving home from work after having a few drinks but he like the other guy was never arrested ??
  8. I honestly think it was Southgate's fault England had a good first half but after scoring quickly they settled down to defend they should of pushed for another goal then settled back to defend . Then he picked the penalty takers why put young subs on to take the penalties in the last minutes of extra time they hardly got a chance to warm up and touch the ball , The older guys they replaced take penalty's week in week out for there clubs ?
  9. Remember we are still behind England on lockdown but there still should be plenty to do , Transports not a problem with Taxi's ,Trains and Trams but you must wear a face mask
  10. Aye they showed it on the news a steward kicking there legs from under them as they smashed threw the fencing to get to the stadium
  11. Bigbob

    The Scots

    Theres going to be some confusion now 1966 er 2021 no 1966 i ment 2021 lets riot and battle anyway
  12. Bigbob

    The Scots

    But we just walk away from our defeats and don't Riot or Racially abuse our penalty takers Christ what would the English fans do if it did come home ?
  13. Bigbob

    ENG v DEN

    Aye wasnt it England fans that where banned from Europe ? fined for shining a laser at the other keeper before the penalty as well LOL
  14. Bigbob

    ENG v DEN

    Getting threw on a own goal and a soft penalty makes Scotland holding them to a nil nil draw a great result but nobodies mentioned it LOL
  15. Bigbob

    ENG v DEN

    Aye 5 minutes before it started it was 1966 mentioned 3 times get over it
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