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  1. Bigbob

    A Foxing Life By Mike Powell

    I will take it send payment details please
  2. Bigbob

    Permanent Weed Killing

    diesel mate did a patch on his garden 15 years ago nothing grows there yet
  3. Bigbob

    Problem with a dogs ears

    Had the same problem with my spaniel just clipping the hair inside the ear and letting the air get to it seemed to help then put in drops of Earex and cleaned them out if it got bad
  4. Bigbob

    Chicks dropped by Blackbird...

    Looking at the chicks head could that be bruising from a peck mark ?
  5. Bigbob

    Plum Tree

    As said some years can be hit and miss i was told it was resting after a bumper year but the short pollination time seems more plausible
  6. Bigbob

    Card payment melt down!

    Lady in the charity shop said my card machines no working , so i "asked can i pay for my books by cash then ?".
  7. Bigbob

    A classic wife over reaction.

    On my days off if the wives working I will do a couple of loads of washing them you get moaned at for doing half a job and leaving it on the clothes line , or stripping the bed and no remaking it , or the amount of ironing , now I just text want anything washed and get a reply No ,So I reply what about the curtains or cushion covers lol
  8. Bigbob

    Packham - when you thought it couldn't get stranger

    I know a few folk that do the same but we call them bait stations , mans a looney dont think he could do anything to surprise me
  9. Bigbob

    Drill bits

    Quizzed mini me about the drill and the cheap screwdriver heads he said theres a complete set of good ones dad , ust no left out with the drill for you to play about with LOL Ive got a feeling his dig money might be going up
  10. Bigbob

    UPS lying driver.

    ive never had a problem with any of them but being in central scotland its best if you treat it like being in the highland and allow a bit longer than they quote
  11. Bigbob

    Does anyone make their own raw dog food?

    Ive got a hobart used to put a shift in mincing up stuff for the dogs now I just got to Greyshill at Cumbenauld and if you buy £100 it drops from 90pence a kilo to 70 pence a kilo the guy that bred my pups comes up from South Wales with a van and fills it for his dogs and Frank Bird at Penrithfor chicken carcesses etc
  12. Bigbob

    Does anyone make their own raw dog food?

    Where in north east scotland are you from ?.
  13. Bigbob

    Royal wedding why should tax payers fund it

    I dont see why we should fund any of it apart from the queen and a spare , its getting ridiculous now that all her children want there kids protected by the police 24 hours a day , Andrews kids have more holidays than i have dinners the police protection squad will be queing up to guard her something like 17 foreign holidays a year
  14. Bigbob

    Own Up , Did You Watch It ( Or Some Of It ) ?

    Nope watered all my tubs then washed out the runs on the kennels came in showered the wife had it on , " I said its too good a day to be stuck inside watching tv and went into town got loads of stuff done had a full turkish shave head and chin then a massage i feel great , came home sitting in the garden reading a couple of mates called in for fox nets had a cuppa and a bleather a late tea and i will give the papers a miss today as they will be full of it . Take it when they did there vows to be honest and faithful to each other Charlie and camilla didnt burst into flames i would of watched that
  15. Bigbob

    Drill bits

    I was building up a garden bench today and i got a loan of my sons Makita drill which was adequate for the job but the screw driver bits where Work zone , And i struggled to put 60 mm and 80 mm screws in with out blurring the heads despite drilling it first , Is there better harder drill screwdrivers ??