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Found 5 results

  1. Like many people on here I shoot from sticks made from B&Q garden stakes. I have a set of quads that I made and they're pretty good but difficult to move the aim point around should the quarry move slightly. A friend of mine came round to zero his rifle and bought with him a Kapita tripod system. It was extremely impressive, very well made but the price tag (£500) reflects that and it's more than I'd be prepared to spend. It's essentially a carbon fibre tripod with a ball mount on top. The ball mount supports the rifle but allows side-to-side as well as up-and-down movement. You can leave the rifle hanging off it and he demonstrated this with his Tikka T3x TAC (I think) - a heavy rifle. For those amongst us who are too cheap to spend out for something like this, I thought I'd have a go at making my own version. Having a 3D printer and a fairly good grasp of how to use the design software, I set about designing my own system. It actually took quite a lot of maths (which I enjoy) to figure out how to make it but by changing a single parameter I can remodel it into a bipod, tripod or virtually any number of legs. I also designed some ends to fit on the garden stakes and clamps to hold string to limit the spread of the legs. The whole tripod system consists of the following parts, plus M6 nuts and bolts to hold them together: 1) tripod body "hub" (3D printed) 2) screw on lid to hold ball in place and change friction (3D printed) 3) ball joint (3D printed) 4) spigot to mount to rifle (machined on my lathe from an M6 joining nut) 5) Picatinny sling adaptor with stud removed (bought from eBay - c. £5) 6) stake ends (3D printed) The Kapita system has a patented attachment method using magnets and a dedicated socket that needs to be inserted into the stock, although a Picatinny adaptor is available. I'm keen not to infringe their patent so haven't used any magnets (and frankly can't see what difference one would make). I also was not keen to drill my stock but fortunately had a spare with a Picatinny rail mounted underneath. To my surprise, it held the weight of the rifle (Sako P94S) without breaking, although there was a fair amount of flex in the system. At the time of manufacture I only had the red colour in stock but there is no reason it couldn't be printed in different colours (you can buy olive green filament, for example). The plastic used is PETG. The rod ends are really tight so don't sit quite as well as I'd like but a few minutes of fettling would make them fit better and it's trivial to change the dimensions in the CAD file (OpenSCAD, for those who are interested). Total cost of materials was under £20, including the sticks (£3.25 each), Picatinny adaptor (£5.89) and filament (£2.38). In use, the friction you can make by screwing the lid down tight isn't really enough to stop the rifle moving if you let go but it certainly lets you hold it quite still whilst moving the aim point around. Should be pretty quick to deploy in the field and the whole setup is very light. It doesn't fold up like the commercial product but then neither do my quad sticks and they're quite useful for support when walking on boggy ground
  2. Spartan Kapita accessories Titanium hook - was 45 I'll sell for 25 posted Quickshot adapter - was 35 I'll sell for 20 posted
  3. Spartan Kapita carbon fibre tripod. Virtually unused. Comes with original ball adapter however blaser one can be suppled at extra cost. I bought new for £450 - I'll sell for £360 ono Cheers
  4. hi all after showing my mate the set of the above that I bought from a PW a few weeks back for £50 posted he has asked me to enquire if any one wants to sell a set for around the same price .........if so drop me a pm please cheers hodge
  5. Hi Fellas, I'm after a Pinewood tripod to fit my Mkii Advantage Rotary but Roland has none in stock and no expected re-stock date. If anyone has one that they would like to sell, I'd be interested. Also, very happy to hear of any DIY ways you may have come up with to achieve the same result. Cheers!
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