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  1. Can't believe how big and dark the bruise is where they extracted it. Why don't they just cut a bigger hole?
  2. No apology needed! One would hope the OP is out by now too
  3. Was out that evening. Don't have a lot of energy, though. Tried harvesting some willow just now to make a duck nesting basket but have had to come back inside again and sit down. Pain from the surgery still less than the pain from the gallstones.
  4. Had mine out on Thursday. Having been ambulanced to hospital on morphine twice in the last month, despite a low fat diet, I'm glad I won't suffer from gallstones again. Bruising coming up a lot now but otherwise pretty mobile and trigger finger still works, on the .223 at least. Missing the M, though. Codeine just not the same... According to https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/gallbladder-removal/recovery/ My wife has asked for a second opinion
  5. Has it really been that long of a gap since someone shot any more? Shot 2 day with the .223 - it certainly doesn't take any prisoners. Almost shocked at the effectiveness. 264
  6. We have a van round here with "Fencin' & Hedges" written on it in a familiar font https://www.facebook.com/fencinandhedges/
  7. Have a look for "tree fodder" or "tree hay"
  8. No, think it used to be used as fodder. Somerset renowned for growing good willow
  9. Went out this morning and planted a few more on the back of this...
  10. If anyone wants some live willow cuttings to start your own plantation we have plenty. The osier grows up to 14' a year (that's feet, not inches)
  11. Fantastic work. Looks like green willow so you might have issues when it dries but think I'll have a go myself
  12. I presume that’s M14x1. It is a thread Tikka use but they do use others http://tikka.fi/sites/default/files/documents/200036_Tikka T3x_T3 sparepartcatalogue 23042018.pdf
  13. I'd say do the Dsc1 first then book some stalking to put the theory into practice. It's a good course and a recognised qualification that will help your FAC application. No harm in applying beforehand, you might find your FEO gives you some good advice. Mine added a moderator slot as a matter of course - I have never heard of them quibbling over mods
  14. Only one today. Didn't even see it until after I'd just missed a rabbit with the 22LR. It was foraging closer to me on the ground so I shot it. There were 2 others up in the tree later on but only had the rifle with me so they'll have to wait for another day 310
  15. Not a good outing this afternoon. Haven't shot for a while and missed 3. Killed one and although I hit a baby bunny with a massive thump, it ran off so I'm not counting it as a kill. Don't feel good about that. 210
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