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  1. spandit

    lots of leather shooting goods

    I've just acquired a sewing machine that can sew thin leather and just marking and cutting it out takes ages. These are remarkably cheap for the effort involved. Don't expect any competition soon!
  2. spandit

    They shall not grow old

    Beautifully constructed film. Glad I watched it without my 9 year old as I think she'd have nightmares. I wonder if the Germans and French have similar archives that could be restored in the same way?
  3. spandit

    Spice Girls Tour

    Not at all but slagging off a very popular group just out of jealousy that they're wealthy and not to your taste is boring. I think they were a credit to GB in 2012 and good luck to them
  4. spandit

    Spice Girls Tour

    They were brilliant at the 2012 ceremony - so much better than that old Scouser and that ghastly Emily Sandé who can't hold a note. If you don't like them then don't buy a ticket but I suspect they'll be sold out
  5. spandit

    .17 hmr range

    Destructive little round if you are wanting to eat rabbits - head shots are achievable though because it is accurate. I've had it pencil through squirrels at shorter ranges but plenty of rifle choices out there and ammunition widely available.
  6. spandit

    A Cabinet Problem.

    My gun cabinet was dropped and they replaced it straight away. Let us know how it turns out
  7. spandit

    VW Golf rant

    Took it to my local garage yesterday. They checked then cleared the codes, put it up on the ramp and took the lower tray off. They then gave the EGR a bit of a thump with a hammer and it hasn't come back since. I've been driving a lot more aggressively, which will wreck my economy but hoping it will keep things a bit cleaner. It has had the emissions "fix", yes, which is part of the problem. Pity because otherwise it's a great car.
  8. spandit

    Trail cam report

    Look identical to the Suntek ones I bought off here a while ago. As you say, fiddly to load the card but otherwise fine.
  9. spandit

    VW Golf rant

    After writing off my Audi TT a few months ago, I needed something cheap to run (and insure) to get to work and back. Bought a tidy 12 plate VW Golf 1.6tdi with under 50,000 miles, despite a friend of mine warning me not to due to emissions problems. Drove it for just over 3 months and then the EGR valve failed. I did pay for an aftermarket warranty which should help a little towards the cost of replacement but despondent that I have sunk £7,000 into a car that I won't be able to sell and that will probably need a new DPF too. Not the original owner so can't pursue a claim against VW. Even when I get it fixed I'll have to drive it more aggressively to stop it coking up again which will wreck the very good MPG I was getting from it. Wondering what to get next, won't be another VW, I can assure you (wouldn't mine the EGR valve going if it wasn't such a horrendous job to replace on this engine - I'm quite handy with the spanners but not going to tackle this one myself).
  10. spandit

    I really don’t get it

    Especially when we keep hearing about people increasingly using food banks.
  11. spandit

    I really don’t get it

    Rats, no Squirrels, not yet Crows, not yet (although never shot a crow as it happens) - there was a good video posted on here a while ago showing someone cooking and eating crow. I'd shoot any of the above as they cause problems but pheasants are bred for killing and to just bury them does seem like an awful waste. Trophy hunting does not sit well with me
  12. spandit

    Engineering help!

    Good going - doesn't have to be pretty but it'll probably outlive the rest of the lawnmower now!
  13. spandit

    One day more

    He has one day left until he's safe for another few months... She, on the other hand, had better enjoy the rest of today
  14. spandit

    Engineering help!

    I wouldn't have thought balance would cause a problem on a roller - not going fast enough. As ditchman said, just trace and cut one out of some steel
  15. spandit

    Tough rabbit to skin

    Stretched them out in the sunshine to dry and mother in law’s sodding dog has removed them. Really not happy.