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  1. spandit

    Will I get a sgc

    I'm not convinced most people would take this course of action. You have a conviction for violence, albeit spent, but if the police reckon you would have shot the bloke given the chance, your likelihood of gaining a SGC is slim at best. Combined with depression this makes it even less likely. The SP30 shouldn't really be an issue. However, as others have said, be honest and polite - this will give you the best opportunity. You might have to settle shooting with your mate assuming you're not a prohibited person (5 years after a suspended sentence). Good luck!
  2. spandit

    Bad handling of guns on television

    Not sure if that was a genuine mistake or Han Solo just bragging without actually knowing what he was talking about. Maybe the Kessel run has different routes? Watched Ratatouille tonight. That pump action shotgun held about 30 rounds...
  3. spandit

    Tough rabbit to skin

    I retrieved them slightly worse for wear but otherwise useable. They're thoroughly dry but aside from a tiny test piece I haven't made the string yet. I've 3D printed a gearbox to wind it. I'll see if I can get round to it next week
  4. spandit

    Yet another Plant ID

    Funnily enough I have a load of it growing in my field - escaped from next door. Don't know what it is
  5. spandit

    Wisdom required

    I'd enjoy the fact they're being used as intended. Can't do anything about it. At least they're not in a skip. Unless the lack of £1,000 30 years ago meant you lost everything
  6. More discussion than I expected, thank you!
  7. spandit

    New Jimny Launch

    I'd like to modify my Jimny to a pick up as it was about 1/4 the price of a UTV but has a radio, winch and amazing heater.
  8. He is a pain but mainly because he doesn't get the structured exercise he needs. Mother-in-law is disabled and generally just lets him run around loose outside. As a 1-year old cockerpoo he doesn't like staying still but seldom gets told "No" - if she leaves the room for 5 seconds he starts howling - when she goes out and I'm dogsitting I have to just turn the telly up (having him in our side of the house means he runs upstairs and leaves poo everywhere).
  9. I doubt it. The plunger can't move forward any more so it's only the weight of the firing pin itself that would be pressing on the primer - same as any other rifle. In actuality, my rifles are generally carried cocked with the safety on so there is tension on the firing spring - if one of them were dropped and a sear moved, it's possible it could fire, although I'm pretty sure they're tested for this. With the plunger forward on my .410, there's no tension on the spring and nothing to actually move forward Break action is a lot quicker, I'd say. Barely any squirrels around here anyway and every time I see one it's run away from the dogs before I get in range (my mother-in-law seems baffled by the fact that her untrained puppy keeps bolting off to follow my dog, despite the fact that he's supposed to be on limited exercise as he was limping badly yesterday - 3 times I had to bring him back because she won't put him on a bloody lead)
  10. I presume like most firearms it's a free floating firing pin - pretty sure my rifle pins would all protrude out of the hole if you tipped the bolt down, just not with enough force to dent the primer
  11. Difficulty with that is that to lock the bolt is quite difficult - it's very tight. Without the bolt cammed in, the ejector falls out and so would the cartridge
  12. Just curious as to how other owners of shotguns (or rifles for that matter) without safety catches carry them in the field? I have a single barrel bolt action Anschutz .410 and it cocks when you chamber the round (Lee Enfield style?). By holding the firing pin plunger spring tension and pulling the trigger, I can decock it again (and cock by pulling the plunger back again) but it's a lot noisier and slower than a conventional safety catch. Do others stalk around with the gun cocked or wait until the last second before cocking it (and potentially missing a shot from running game)? My other .410 is hammer action which is a lot quicker to cock but it still has no safety, per se
  13. spandit

    3D Printer Discussion..

    I bought my printer from Technology Outlet so generally use their brand. Oddly enough it's cheaper to buy on Amazon than it is from their own website.
  14. spandit

    Drones over Gatwick

    Hard to shoot down anyway
  15. spandit

    Drones over Gatwick

    Pitot tube or static port?