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  1. .17 HMR

    Doesn't need a big margin of error when you hit a baby one, does it? Poor little thing...
  2. Rabbits

    I have a deal with a local butcher for each one shot (if it's of a decent enough size). If they're asking you then all the better. Work out how much ammo you're likely to use and double it. Charge them that?
  3. How many Rabbits are killed in 2018

    4 this afternoon with HMR Total 310
  4. Selling a car - we purchase any vehicle etc etc

    Park it in Liverpool, go for a coffee and then claim on insurance
  5. Handfasting Ceremony

    I don't know enough about Paganism to know whether their gods have the petty rules of the Abrahamic triumvirate.
  6. 3D printed tripod

    Tried it out last night - far too cumbersome and slow to deploy for rabbiting. Pretty stable though so if you were staking out a warren or den then it might have some use. For longer range deer stalking I can see the attraction but by the time I'm in safe 22LR range of a bunny it's too late and they've gone
  7. Handfasting Ceremony

    A girl with armpit hair gave me recommendations for a bakery on Saturday. She wasn't wrong. Embrace being at a ceremony that is about a couple's love, not some imaginary friend who tells them they must fear him
  8. Rusty knife

    For a fixed blade knife, length is irrelevant. Without good reason they are illegal to carry. Having it for the reasons you describe would be fine but leave it locked in the boot or buried deep in a bag rather than wearing it when you go to pay
  9. Rusty knife

    It’ll have a nice patina once cleaned up
  10. You don't know the half of it...
  11. It's bright red in reality but doesn't photograph well. Forgive me for being snappy - I live with my mother in law
  12. The laughing emoji would indicate otherwise but if so then as stated above, I wholeheartedly apologise
  13. Yes. Unless he was using the word "gay" to imply brightly coloured rather than homosexual. If so I wholeheartedly apologise although I hope you'll forgive me for remaining sceptical
  14. Already done, designed it that way from the start! Not sure the colour will actually make much difference - do rabbits see in colour?