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  1. Anschutz 525

    Yes. By Marocchi in Italy, I understand. They're still branded Anschutz and I seem to recall it says made in Germany on it. They're well made and highly regarded by some people (although others hate them with a passion)
  2. Anschutz 525

    As far as I know, my 525 is still for sale in my local RFD, Diamond Guns in Sussex. I have a spare magazine if someone wants one Sold it because the flash from the ejection port was distracting at night but it cycled low power RWS subs with no issues and many a bunny didn't go home as a result
  3. Karma!

    Hitler was, if nothing else, efficient
  4. Karma!

    Look out for a picture of a distressed home owner sadly looking at his vandalised trees in the Daily Mail sometime soon
  5. Karma!

    I'd rather get them interviewed by the police
  6. Karma!

    Went out just now to see if I could find it. I did. They've pulled over some newly planted trees in an attempt to get out. I've informed my solicitor
  7. Karma!

    They can take it out of the money I receive when I sue them for criminal damage to my nature habitat
  8. RWS  Titan 3 .223

    No wonder it sold - far too cheap! Triggers are amazing on these rifles and they have a real quality feel to them
  9. Karma!

    I am fortunate to be the owner of a few acres in the SE, which is comprised of 2 fields. The lower one is extremely boggy in places and had a small, rather overgrown and temporary pond. With the help of a friend and a big digger, we made a much larger pond, not realising that I should have sought planning permission first. After a visit from an enforcement officer, I duly submitted a retrospective planning application which after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing was finally accepted for submission in September with decision due on Christmas Day (because I'm sure they'd be working then!) The council planning officer assigned to the case sent a request for more detailed plans and information on December 21st, having only performed a site visit the week before. Obviously the deadline was missed and she announced yesterday she was going to visit today with a drainage engineer. I would be away at work all day and replied that I'd rather be there when they visited but she retorted that I wasn't needed and it was nothing to do with me anyway. After a threat that the application would just be rejected outright if I didn't allow them to visit the land, I relented, sending her a letter via e-mail to be careful where they step. Today, after her visit with the engineer, I received the following e-mail: To walk back to the road where they parked is about 150 yards and I'm gutted I didn't have the trailcam set up to witness the spectacle! I still think she's going to be difficult over the application but it cheered me up no end!
  10. ~75 American eagle HV 22lr

    Just have a plinking session!
  11. Rabbit numbers down

    The aim is to eradicate rabbits, not manage a healthy population. The small numbers recorded on here are a drop in the ocean
  12. Flask

    I got one of these for Christmas: http://www.jackpyke.co.uk/products/drinksware/cartridge-flask.aspx
  13. Titan6

    Be interested to hear how you get on sourcing a new barrel
  14. Brilliant / Dodgy gifts?

    I do hope you'll be loving and supportive either way
  15. Titan6

    Just apply for a variation