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  1. spandit

    FAC wording

    For some reason the AOLQ thing seems to indicate that you can shoot anything within reason but not as a primary use of the rifle. For example, if you were granted a .223 to shoot foxes with, you wouldn’t be breaking the law if you happened to be out and shot a rabbit with it, but it’s not been granted specifically as a bunny gun. Likewise you might be out with a 22lr after rabbits and a close range fox could be a suitable target but it’s unlikely that they’d grant a 22lr purely for doing so. Whether or not it gives you the legal right to shoot deer, subject to calibre and permission, is an area I’m not qualified to comment on but if you’re already going on the stalks then it doesn’t sound as if you have much work to actually do so just play their game and end up with the conditions you want.
  2. spandit

    To FAC or not to FAC

    I'll give him a call, thanks. My new licence came through with a slot for FAC air on it which hasn't cost me anything and as has been said before, a box of CB is a lot cheaper than an air rifle set up
  3. spandit

    To FAC or not to FAC

    Anyone know where I can buy CB longs in the SE? I very much doubt Diamond Guns in Heathfield stocks them
  4. FEO came round for visit last Monday to discuss my coterminous renewal. New licences (with extra slot for FAC air) arrived on Friday. It can be done, so don't know why some other forces seem to take so long
  5. spandit

    To FAC or not to FAC

    Would you fire a CB long up into a tree, though?
  6. Well, I assembled the following this afternoon (from left to right): 1) 5 shot mag with finned base for easier extraction from the rifle - this performs perfectly although when full you have to have the bolt open to insert it. It means you can't have 6 shots at your disposal. This is something I want to look at but it's a fairly minor irritation 2) 5 shot mag with single shot adaptor base - you can insert this magazine upside down and use it in single shot mode. The normal magazine bit works fine. The single shot base doesn't quite hold the round high enough so needs some more work. The home made prototype seemed to work fine so not sure why this one doesn't. At least it clips in place firmly regardless of which way round it is inserted 3) 10 shot mag. This holds 10 rounds and can be inserted with the bolt closed. Oddly, first 4 rounds feed fine, rounds 5 and 6 get pushed a bit high, then 7 through 10 feed fine again. I've tried a few different spring tensions but need to work out quite what is happening here before I start selling any. You can just make out a 22LR dummy round in the top of the 10 shot mag - they're pretty good for testing how many you can fit in a magazine but quite stiff in the breech and too soft for the extractor to get a decent grip on
  7. Yes I do... That was a home made one. I've just had the professional ones delivered (like the ones in the picture above) but haven't assembled them yet. It's printed to the same plans so should hold 10 shots (although like my 5 shot magazines, I think you have to have the bolt open to insert it when full, but I'll check when I test it, hopefully later today)
  8. 1245 after my little folding .410 came into use for the first time
  9. Thanks. Pity I've had no offers to test them locally. The Weihrauch I can test myself but the spring will be awkward to make
  10. Professionally printed order arrived today. Here's my prototype Sako Quad .22LR magazine and my Weihrauch HW60J magazines. Haven't had a chance to test the latter (or the P94S magazines that came too) but thrilled with the quality
  11. spandit

    Lap dog for disabled wife.

    Rescue centres often struggle to rehome older dogs, must be one near you
  12. spandit

    Credit cards

    Shouldn't matter if you pay it off every month...
  13. spandit

    To FAC or not to FAC

    My RFD doesn't rifle shoot but glad that he has the facility to refill should I need it. Got to within 2 feet of a squirrel today as it poked around the other side of an oak tree - nearly got to wallop it with my quad sticks. There was a couple blatting around in the hedgerow too. Think it might be the way forward.
  14. spandit

    How many Rabbits are killed in 2018

    5 tonight with HMR 1589
  15. spandit

    How many Corvids are killed in 2018

    1 magpie with HMR who had flown down to check out a rabbit I'd shot 1543