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  1. spandit

    Wet shave.

    And the same price as Mach3 in Sainsbury's. TV advertising isn't cheap - they're running an identical scam as Gilette. Still a lot of plastic to land fill
  2. spandit

    Wet shave.

    DE razor arrived this morning and I managed to shave without cutting myself at all. I need a better shaving soap but enjoyed the ritual
  3. It would be exciting if it were...
  4. Here's a better picture of the lock with some bits removed - surprised the screws came apart with little difficulty and the trigger mechanism still works fine. I suspect that the lock is of some age but the stock is more recent - cobbled together as a tourist piece as someone said. My father doesn't remember where he obtained it. The barrel would be good for shooting round corners - it's not exactly straight (and it's blocked with something anyway). There is some lettering on the barrel but difficult to make out - an "M" perhaps?
  5. Looks identical to a Charleville type. Don't know if they were made under licence in North Africa
  6. The lock does look better made than the rest.
  7. I'd like to know if it's a genuine piece or some tourist tat reproduction. I'd love to get it looking decent enough to hang on the wall
  8. For as long as I can remember, there has been this old flintlock musket at my father's house. I thought it had been stolen but found it buried in the garage as I was clearing it out. It's pretty roughly made but can anyone shed any light on it? The mechanism actually seems to work but the barrel isn't attached so will need brazing/welding
  9. spandit

    Wet shave.

    My local Turkish barber burns the ear hair off. Tried it myself once with a lighter. Head hair is really flammable. I have a firearms certificate
  10. Expensive, those clays, don't want to break them... Still beat a police firearms officer by 12 points!
  11. Had a friend round to fire some warning shots relatively near some pesky clays. Didn't want my cocker pup to be worried (my older sprocker doesn't like bangs) but she was wagging her tail and chasing the unbroken clays when they fell. Had a whale of a time. Not working her but glad she's not disturbed by the noise
  12. spandit

    Aics mag

    No probs - it's for a friend
  13. spandit

    Aics mag

    Can I get in the queue if they don't take it, please?
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