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  1. I imagine with the rate they normally breed, there is likely to be growing immunity to VHD and populations will recover in time, although not immediately. Still seeing them on the trailcam here but haven't seen one with my own eyes for a while, I admit. I have plenty of places they could shelter from aerial predators should they so wish
  2. I've eaten iguana in Mexico - it's very tasty. Texture of a firm fish but tastes like chicken, like most things 🙂
  3. https://amp.theguardian.com/environment/2021/nov/28/hope-rabbit-hotels-can-help-britains-decimated-population-bounce-back
  4. Are those FAC air rifles? Some nice shooting there
  5. I have one of these drones and they are amazing. You do, however, have to be registered with the CAA (£9 a year, simple online test). The video quality is outstanding and the way it stabilises in breezy conditions is little short of remarkable. I've never managed to film a deer with it, though. Mine has been very useful for inspecting blocked gutters (on my own house) and taking photos of my new woodland. Here's a video I took in Cheltenham of someone else's trees:
  6. Very nice but you can see the lines. Try enabling ironing in your slicer?
  7. It's a great course - well worth doing. The police look favourably on those that have done it too when you're applying for a deer calibre
  8. Had a very enjoyable time at Kibworth Shooting Ground. For £10 they lent me a brand new Browning 725. Think it was defective, though, because it wasn't very accurate 😄
  9. It also looked dodgy in my rucksack and I didn't really have space anyway as it turns out
  10. I've decided to leave the shotgun at home. As far as I know, you can hire guns at the club and it's not as if mine is custom fitted or going to improve my lacklustre performance. I'll be travelling on a couple of trains and a coach. It's against their terms of carriage and I'd be worrying about it
  11. Even if it was a gun, I'd say "no, it's not dangerous". I will see how it looks in my rucksack...
  12. It's not listed on their conditions of carriage: https://tfl.gov.uk/corporate/terms-and-conditions/ticketing-and-travel-conditions-of-carriage The only references to firearms I can find is that you aren't allowed to film people using them: https://tfl.gov.uk/info-for/media/filming-and-photography/filming-and-photography-on-tfl?intcmp=1594 As far as I'm concerned, I'm covered by Section 19 of the Firearms Act. I very much doubt I'd be stopped if it's tucked into a bag
  13. Can you please link to this rule? I can't find the reference Hoping it will all be discharged somewhere near a clay pigeon, or at least in the same county
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