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  1. I'll take some red oak if you have any left, please
  2. Had you actually been using it to hammer in fence posts? That's said as a joke... Wish I'd seen this sooner, great gun.
  3. Nasal douche with cayenne pepper
  4. Frankly you'd be better off using stock images: https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-m&ei=nmgqX4W0BtiV8gKIy5-4AQ&q=dog+silhouette You will not see the detail on top of a sign and getting your dogs to pose in such a way that they'd have a meaningful silhouette is likely to be a fruitless task
  5. You could edit the picture yourself to get the silhouette then use something like Inkscape to turn it into an SVG. You should then be able to send this to a metal cutting company. They might have welding capabilities too - not a complicated piece of work. Then get it powdercoated
  6. Hello. No, not yet. Had a lot on.
  7. Well, that competition ran and ran 🙄
  8. Saw these in a lot at the local auction - there were a couple of pairs. I've since worked out what they are for but thought I'd let others see if they know
  9. Got to take the whole damn thing apart again now as didn't measure the existing one... 😬
  10. Now that I've seen how simple a piece it is, I can probably make a new one - but don't they need to be hardened?
  11. Took it all apart which was considerably quicker than putting it back together again. Couldn't see any muck but have oiled it all up and will try again. It might be the ammunition that's a bit dodgy
  12. I need to work out how to take the pin out - I'm hoping there's a hidden screw once I take the trigger etc. off. It's a floating pin
  13. My hammer action folding 410 failed to fire the other day. I'm wondering if the firing pin is a bit worn. Any recommendations on how to get a new one? Spring seems powerful enough and it's all lubed and moving freely
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