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  1. Get the little disposable iron powder handwarmers and shove down the back of your glove. They last for hours
  2. Just leave it in my cabinet for a week and it will be rusted solid
  3. Should keep mine between the wife's legs in that case
  4. I actually tried a Greggs Vegan sausage roll and preferred it to the "meat" version
  5. spandit

    Trail cams

    Aldi haven't done them for ages but you can buy identical models elsewhere, albeit without the Aldi money back guarantee. I have an Aldi one and it's great. My other cheapy Chinese ones aren't as good (and had to resolder the battery wires inside once they became disconnected) but they're a lot cheaper
  6. I like it. It's not a Defender, though. Land Rover abandoned the utility market long ago and I very much doubt this will get back many sheep farmers who are used to their Hiluxes (Hiluxii?) The fact they've given it that name makes me less likely to buy it (not that I am in the market for a £40,000+ car at the moment :)) I do wonder how many customers actually need serious off-roading capability, though? Crossing the odd field or building site doesn't need 900mm wading or lifted suspension. Aside from those that enjoy playing off-road (and it's very enjoyable) I doubt there are many who actually do that many expeditions or serious off-road work
  7. Thanks. Mod ordered. Will let you know how I get on
  8. It's in the airing cupboard in case there was moisture somewhere. I've bought a new one that was on clearance from Hellfrauds. It has Bluetooth which the old one didn't. It's fitted now anyway and I've managed to fit the speakers in too without doing a lot of damage. Also tidied up a bit of wiring that I'd been meaning to for ages. Going to Goodwood in it on Sunday morning, weather permitting. It has coil per cylinder - they're fine. Engine starts and runs normally.
  9. Looking to buy the 9" removable Hushpower mod for my Anschutz .410 but it has a brass bead at the end of the barrel - are these brazed in?
  10. Took it apart to get the CD out. Still confused as to what's gone wrong, whether it's the faceplate or the actual unit.
  11. No. Don't have an MRI in my workshop yet!
  12. Doesn't have a code. It gets weirder... Since I took the stereo out of my Suzuki Jimny, I had the wiring loom exposed so plugged it in, knowing that the wiring is good on there (it's fine on my kit car, as it happens). As predicted, still dead but in my frustration I pressed every button on the front panel. Wasn't sure if it was my imagination but when I pressed the CD eject button, I thought I heard a small noise. Poked a CD in the slot and it switched on! The buttons on the front don't work as they should, though. The volume knob, for example, needs to be pressed in and turned (just turning it does nothing) and the FWD (>>) and BACK (<<) seek buttons change the input source. The source button switches MAX ON/OFF (whatever that is). The CD does actually play, but I can't change tracks. Took the panel off to see if there was any dirt in the contacts and when I put it back on again, it won't switch on and I can't get the CD out. Haunted, I reckon 😮
  13. Definitely getting power. Both red and yellow are fed from the same 12V line and a stereo I borrowed from another vehicle works. It's just bizarre.
  14. Was fitting a Philips DAB stereo into my kit car. I bought it specially a few years ago so it's basically brand new. Wired it in and it worked fine, even with the aerial in the boot. Went through all the hassle of cutting the necessary hole for it to fit in but inadvertently left the ignition switched on for a few days until the battery was completely flat. When I came back into my workshop I put the car back on charge again but the radio doesn't work now. It's getting power (battery fully charged and 5.7L V8 starts fine ) and the fuse in the back of it is intact. Even took it apart to see if there was an internal fuse but couldn't see one. Any clues before I bin £100 of of electronics? 😞
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