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  1. Despite having had very poor sleep for the last few nights, partly due to the dog needing to go out at 1am and partly due to stress, I woke up this morning after having a very pleasant and erotic dream about Aisling Bea. I then checked my e-mail to find that I'd won £50 on the Premium Bonds. Later on I received a 'phone call from the company I'd ordered something from yesterday (a sewing machine servo motor) - they were very apologetic but said they were having to substitute it for a different model but as compensation they'd send it next day, rather than the economy postage I'd opted for.
  2. I'm planning on making a large one of these outside, using cob made from clay dug up from the ground, rather than bought in.
  3. Install Linux on it - it's really quite straightforward now
  4. Friend of mine sent me a link to some 3D printed breech flags that were shaped like magazines, but it was an American site and the models they offered were limited. Since I have a 3D model of the P94S magazine already, it wasn't too difficult to design and print these: The bolt can't be closed with one in place and it would be pretty easy to design a lanyard hole in the bottom to attach a larger keyring flag to. They're printed in two halves and solvent welded together.
  5. I have an HW60J in HMR if that's any help?
  6. Professional carpenter friend of mine uses Gladiator Glue - it's expanding in a gun style tube.
  7. I'll take some red oak if you have any left, please
  8. Had you actually been using it to hammer in fence posts? That's said as a joke... Wish I'd seen this sooner, great gun.
  9. Nasal douche with cayenne pepper
  10. Frankly you'd be better off using stock images: https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-m&ei=nmgqX4W0BtiV8gKIy5-4AQ&q=dog+silhouette You will not see the detail on top of a sign and getting your dogs to pose in such a way that they'd have a meaningful silhouette is likely to be a fruitless task
  11. You could edit the picture yourself to get the silhouette then use something like Inkscape to turn it into an SVG. You should then be able to send this to a metal cutting company. They might have welding capabilities too - not a complicated piece of work. Then get it powdercoated
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