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  1. Are you/were you happy with this rifle? Surprised they're not more popular
  2. You can buy powder blanks for nailguns in the UK but they're .27 calibre (https://www.hilti.co.uk/c/CLS_DIRECT_FASTENING/CLS_DX_PROPELLANTS2/CLS_DX_PROP2_CARTRIDGES/r4763) I have a starter pistol revolver with .22 blanks - it's pretty loud
  3. Interesting. They've done a neat job and the bead is in the right place
  4. I paid £125 for it. I'll probably keep it, in case there are any wild barn doors flying about
  5. Just tried and they both have this feature, thank you. I've measured the muzzle end with calipers and the new (shorter) one is definitely larger diameter so it does look as if someone has sawn the chokes off. Wonder why they'd bother? Not sure whether to take it back to the gunshop now... They both have the same markings:
  6. I'm not a Baikal fanboy! I just like the fact they're cheap and rugged. Like me* *not rugged
  7. That's interesting - I'll see if I can see a difference with my calipers. There are saw marks on the muzzle end but then there are on the longer one too. Not sure this one has selectable barrels unlike the older one, which I think does
  8. No, that's fine, I cleared that with my FEO months ago.
  9. I recently got slots for FAC air and mod but I used the mod slot to buy another one for my .223 One of my .22LR rifles came with a spare mod that is off-ticket (identical to the other 2, down to the lack of serial number 🙃) so would it be legal to use my spare one on a FAC air rifle? Saw a Webley Mastiff in the gun shop today and thought it was very nice indeed...
  10. That's a good idea - what did you use to stick them? The rifle cabinet is carpet lined but my shotgun cabinet is bare metal
  11. "This is the lockpicking lawyer, today we have a Chubb shipping container lock..." 2 minutes later... "So that's all I have for you today..."
  12. It's an old house with suspended floors - under the floorboards it's just bare earth and the cabinets are under the stairs where there's very little ventilation under the floor. I'm hoping to move them soon I vaguely know which is the loud end. With the tips I was given today, though, I'll get my trap out and see if I can improve at all
  13. Was hoping I could say I have a matched pair but despite sharing the same model number (Baikal 27E-1C) the newer one (on the right) has a shorter barrel and a slightly shorter stock/forend. I presume the markings "F 1.0 and M 0.5" refer to the chokes - top barrel being full and lower being half. Had an entertaining moment in the shop when, because I'm very much a shotgun novice, the owner was giving me some tips, one of which was pointing the gun directly at him (we double checked it was unloaded) to see I was looking down the rib properly. As I was stood with the gun in his face, another customer walked in and must have thought he was witnessing a robbery, although I'm guessing he saw the other customers in there looking disinterested so cottoned on quick I just wanted a second gun to hand to a friend when we're firing warning shots near some clays. Despite dehumidifiers etc. my cabinets are still really damp and having a higher quality bangstick would be a waste, especially whilst I'm so inept at using one
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