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  1. Good man. Wouldn't be a challenge if it was easy
  2. I think the chances of her making advances on me are significantly lower than my chances of a 1-hole bull group from standing...
  3. Sporting rifle, yes, and although I used 22lr it doesn't really matter it's just that ammo is cheap so it's not an expensive bit of fun. Any target is fine, although if we are taking this global there should be a standard
  4. She's very pretty but I think her voice would irritate me which is why I would turn down any of her advances should we meet. My decision.
  5. I am famed for my modesty. I'm very modest. Super modest, folks. You won't find anyone as amazingly modest as me
  6. If I was I'd have posted significantly better results!
  7. They're fun to shoot but difficult to see where you're missing
  8. I'd like the extreme spread to be consistently within 2 inches - should make headshots possible. Ah. Now the stalking directory black dot of doom doesn't allow zeroing - it's designed to simulate a real world scenario. Just don't publish your warm up shots if you do them! Or just have more than one attempt! I have a dedicated range at home that I keep mown. Wouldn't see a rabbit if the grass was long anyway
  9. I reckon I could hit it from sticks or a bench rest - my rifle is certainly accurate enough Cheers. My second attempt was a little better but not all within a kill zone.
  10. Sorry, I misunderstood your question. Yes, that target looks useful.
  11. 10m is a bit close. Could quite easily shoot at a scoring target from further away. Your .25cal should be fine at 50yards (FAC, I recall?). Getting much closer to a rabbit is difficult - that's what I'm interested in practising for
  12. No, there's no prize either! Being able to shoot accurately from standing would massively increase my rabbit bag as by the time I've deployed the sticks, they've often scarpered
  13. On the stalking directory they have a simple shooting test called the "black dot of doom". Thought a similar thing on here would be fun. Simple rules: 15 rounds, 50 yards. 5 prone, 5 sitting/kneeling and 5 standing. No supports/rests allowed aside from slings. Edit: no zeroing or warm up shots allowed. Your rifle should be zeroed already and I, for one, don't take warm up shots in the field. No time limit. Ultrastu suggested using scoring targets - I think that's a good idea. When I get hold of some I'll have another go. My first attempt, from left to right: prone, sitting and standing - need more practice when standing obviously. Target analysis: Prone: Sitting: Standing: Had another go and did a bit better but more practice definitely in order as I feel I'm too reliant on sticks
  14. Found a CTEK XS3600 battery charger in a skip, full working order. Wasn't too thrilled, though, because it was mine and my mother-in-law had thrown it away because it was in her eyeline and not currently plugged into something. The other stuff she threw out would make you cry... 110V 9" Makita angle grinder with transformer for example. She threw out all of her late husband's plumbing bits and then promptly had to buy a load more to fix some plumbing.
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