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  1. looks like mango worms... don't google it if you are of nervous disposition.
  2. Cawdor118


    Both were great. 90/10 is more for the SBE3 I have heard. I haven't had a problem hitting with them
  3. I suggest you go buy 15k cartridges and don't bother with plugs - you don't deserve your ears. I would give a nut (as long as it was a dud) to have lived through the 80/90's music scene. Best music ever! 😂
  4. That my man, is a travesty!
  5. Lots of people have recommended this guy on here before. I have no experience of him personally though. https://www.doveridgeclaysports.co.uk/our-resident-gun-smith/
  6. Cawdor118


    I have no idea of the age of either of them, though I would presume the current one is newer in line with steel proof marks. Good guns though. Physically, there is absolutely no difference other than a stamp as far as I can tell.
  7. Cawdor118


    I have had 2. The first one never had the mark. My current one does.
  8. Magic! appreciate the feedback. Mental at 15k a pop they weren't keen to get a new store on board. Beggars belief in fact. As in this one? Again, thanks for getting back.
  9. Looks awesome, I have seen it on the internet. I wonder if they will have any Krieghoff's? Can one you enlighten me once you have been please?
  10. @samboy - have a look for a S/H Croots on eBay. Awesome quality.
  11. Price now £250 posted
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