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  1. Speak to @grrclark on here, a font of knowledge and knows a lot of the lads down your way in to serious shooting. He may be able to recommend an instructor also. He has been very helpful to me and I have been in the game years 👍
  2. Recknagel - they are extortionate at £26 a piece... but they wont snap. https://www.alanrhone.com/products-recknagel.html
  3. I agree, its a game of engineering knowhow and expenditure.
  4. Because no amount of money would have made Mo run faster - hence, he done his feats by himself? F1 is a waste of oxygen. Its all about money with a pinch of skill?
  5. Ha-Ha Beckham tried his best for years... still no knighthood. 😂
  6. Where did he pick up that ridiculous accent from then? He proclaims he is a man of the people... aye, very good. Bit of a sweeping statement. Im certain 99.9999997% of them are perfectly decent upstanding individual's.
  7. 1 x set of ex police genuine goretex socks in size 8. They are too small for me. £20
  8. I was unfortunate enough to loose one Cens digital ear plug last weekend whilst out. I am going to replace them with a new set in the coming days. Would you go for the DX3 or DX5 and where is the cheapest place to get them? Cheers!
  9. Still after a 30" super sport if anyone knows of any... hens teeth.
  10. I believe its to become one of the biggest gun rooms in Scotland? Where does one get enough guns to become biggest over night, or do they already have a shop somewhere with some of the guns that will transfer?
  11. Westlands is great, stayed for 3 days and shot 400+ clays there... Bisley is even better though, its got about 5 options at every stand and honestly, you need 2-3 days at it to shoot all combinations without getting sore. Both are excellent and both worth the 4hour each way trip for me. However, of the 2 Bisley is the best.
  12. https://www.brownells.co.uk/GEL-COMB-RAISED-SBE-II/M2/SS Available on back order.
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