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  1. I know the feeling. My old man took a club from 1 manual trip to 20+ automatic traps, marvelous facilities and 50+ shooters a night... Its hard work, commitment and graft.
  2. Highland Industrial Supplies
  3. Nightmare about the finish, that's really disappointing. On searching GMK I have found that I cant actually get a camo SBE3 in the UK... so Looks like it will be another M2 in Camo this time. I only bought the other M2 about a week ago, but the old man now wants one... So, I will give him the black one and get myself a Camo one (purely for extra protection from the elements). Are you after a M2? I sold my last 28" M2 to a mate, he is looking to sell it when he comes home from working abroad. I can vouch for it being a good bit of kit. PM me, if you are after one. C
  4. I was out on the shore last week and run in to 2 other fowlers, all of us under 35. I had never met the other 2 in my life before.
  5. Evening team, I currently have a Benelli M2 and am going to buy another Benelli. Im most likely going to get a M2 in Max5 26"... but is the SBE worth the extra? Here are the questions I have, does anyone have any experience on here? SBE3 shoots high? True or false for you guys? SBE3 wont cycle 28grams? I don't currently shoot 3 1/2 but would if I had the option. Any real world reviews would be appreciated.
  6. Echo are decent saws, the don't have the brand name of Husqvarna or Stihl obviously but perfectly capable.
  7. Aye Greys about and had a 2 pinks tonight too. I haven't done much in recent years, but im enjoying it this year. Taught well!
  8. Evening team, I have a cheap 12G laser pointer that fits in the chamber. Its a knockoff Chinese copy it seems as if you rotate it in the bore, it goes all over the shop. Has anyone got a Sight Mark? and if you spin it in the bore, does POI change? Cheers!
  9. I genuinely hate DPD. Royal Mail get a slagging, but they generally work.
  10. I would expect to pay half of that ... at the most.
  11. Thanks, I will have a look at them on Amazon. Thanks, how has the season going for you this year? I was out at the dump a couple of times last week and got a couple of Greys.
  12. Cawdor118


    I have a DJ Greylag goose call, but im not that great with it. I would like to get a Duck and Pinkfoot call. What would you recommend that's simple and effective?
  13. I shot 2 geese with 10+ year old bismuth Eley Hi-Flyer 4's on Wednesday. It works...
  14. 😆 Yes! Im busy watching the football... I wouldn't bother getting it serviced either to be honest. Its nonsense.
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