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  1. To be fair to the dafties... a British Army of 50,000 John Smeatons booting Putin in the stones would be terrifying. 😂
  2. The SNP dont represent us all and were not all English hating gingers. 🇬🇧 I agree! The silent majority want the union. Unfortunately we cant air it publicly for the 'morons' will pounce. It's hard playing 'whack a mole' with morons.
  3. I truly believe the people that want to leave in Scotland get annoyed and want to leave for exactly your last statement. "billions off England??". Its ignorance like this that people in Scotland can not be bothered with. It would be "billions of Wales, NI AND England". *P.S. you may not have meant it that way. But its how it reads.
  4. Look at the opinion Polls... off the 50+ done about 8 have been in favor of independence. I personally don't think it will happen! Oh and remember, Nicola wants a confirmatory vote... so, in the event of an independence vote, so will Scotland.
  5. Christ, good luck taking 1000+ Serving and Ex Paras to court over parachute regiment tattoos. I suspect the lawyer perusing them would end up getting turned inside out like a sock! Its a knife, crack on.
  6. 80:20 rule must apply eventually. Doubt ill ever see the difference myself though.
  7. Ha-ha... me too mate! I'm only asking out of interest as to claim you are "the most successful cartridge manufacturer ever" would be phenomenal for marketing.
  8. Has anyone ever compiled a table or list of the most successful cartridges per year? With the wide variety of choice out there, I'm surprised the marketing guru's haven't jump on the chance to say "we won 'x' trophies this year". You see Gamebore White gold with Digweeds success' - what about the rest? Which cartridge has won the most major championships?
  9. Looking for a newer one with the titanium bits you have mentioned. Its very hard to find a decent example in Scotland for whatever reason.
  10. Cheers, i shall give them a call.
  11. Has anyone got a second hand Super Sport you would like to part with. Ideally 30"
  12. Brilliant thanks, unfortunately never made it to Auldgirth as we made other plans. I thoroughly recommend the Westlands cabins, however 3-5 hours of jacuzzi each day has taken its toll on me - my skins now like leather ha-ha. I dropped in by NSC on Friday and met Stuart who kindly gave me a shot of his Parcours - Lovely beast, but just too light for me. I think I'm still in the market for a K80 though as they are things of beauty.
  13. Mostly DTL and Olympic disciplines. Nice enough cafe though,
  14. Nice one Nigel, enjoy it! there isnt much clay shooting on the west coast so it may not be what your used to!
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