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  1. Afternoon all, Myself and my good lady are planning shooting Bisley at Braidwood next Tuesday. We then plan on another shoot elsewhere in the area. Are there any other shoots in the North of England or central Scotland that are worth a shot? We primarily like sporting. I was thinking about Bywell? I shot NSC92 last weekend and have shot both Cluny and Auchterhouse in the past. Cheers
  2. Action closed push safety entirely forward open action trigger drops out Is this not working?
  3. Is it possible to buy a gun from NI and take it back to Mainland UK? Obviously you need to hold permission. Whats different in NI compared to the mainland and are there any restrictions?
  4. Great review! thanks for that. I must admit i did consider the charging handle to be too long as well... I would cut mines if i get one. 26" looks the ticket!
  5. That's the very stand! I just couldn't work out where i was going with them at all. I must admit, i did like the fact it was all the way around the pond. 93 was exceptional considering the conditions earlier in the day. I'm pretty sure i seen you at stand 2 when 'PeterC' was asked to wait before he shot? It was a trap refill. Very good day out anyway, i enjoyed it.
  6. Yes, made it down and a very interesting shoot it was, especially with the wind. Its a lovely location and you guys did a great job. I was rather disappointed with my shooting after a brilliant start - but that's life. I had the first zero on a stand i can remember in my shooting life, so very well done to you ha ha (stand 7? 2 x left to right on the telehandler). You weren't wearing light green by chance? topping up traps? Cheers ** What was the winning score by the way? I would have expected high 80's?
  7. I cant find it. I was last a member probably 5 years ago... my name doesnt feature.
  8. I think you will find quite a few issues with the F16 online. I believe one is the "F16" emblems peeling off.
  9. Yes mate. I must admit, this is something i hadn't considered. If the A400 was all black and didn't have grey i would have gone for that.
  10. I could, i have a cracking dealer locally. I'm just not in any hurry or desperate for a Semi at this present moment.
  11. I believe this comment is a little harsh.
  12. Arm them with Tasers, guns are a little excessive. Ultimately, most police officers don't want armed. But a taser, is like a bigger batton.
  13. I do fancy one for whatever reason! Just need to shift the M2 first. I really need a 26"
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