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  1. Honestly, without bragging... i suspect i get to stalk in the best ground in the UK with respect to diversity. Hill stalking, woodland stalking, moor stalking and forest stalking and i cant exaggerate how much i prefer the 8x. If you were closer, you would be welcome to a look. I was 100% a "more is better" guy until i bought the 8x. Its a shame wisdom doesn't come cheaper!
  2. I had a set of Swarovski EL Range 10x42 binoculars, they were fantastic with what i would class as a warmer sight picture and optical clarity. I would however say they were harder to stabilize free hand as 10x is quite extreme. I have since moved to 8x54 Zeiss Victory RF and find the 8x much better to stabilize and actually are nicer to look through for my eyes with a colder sight picture. If you use sticks you can use them to glass off. I would honestly reccomend you try as many makes as you can and try both 8x and 10x to see what you like. I woodland stalk and hill stalk and 8x is more than sufficient.
  3. Never heard of it! I shall add it to the list!
  4. Absolutely fantastic and i thoroughly appreciate the feedback! I'm from Highland so used to small scale shoots. I generally have to travel to central Scotland for decent commercial stuff. Were planning 2 weeks in England-Shire, so we want to get about. Ill have a look at all you have mentioned. Best Regards, Cawdor! Smashing, i shall look at both.
  5. Use a smooth sided screwdriver to pry it around the pulley. Also, if its the same as my husqvarna, release the 'self-propelled' handle to release the belt tension.
  6. Why have you transitioned to slugs rather than pellets? Is it purely better knock down power? Also, why the crown over the impact?
  7. I'm keen for the doves, not so much the Jaguar. That wouldn't do anything for me unfortunately.
  8. Thank you very much - we appreciate it! I I live on the 500! Its some drive if you are in to that. Did a driven day in Invermoriston last year! Absolutely class and I would recommend it to anyone who can spare the cash. I'm very keen to do Ian Coley to "ogle" at the Krieghoffs. Haha - no worries! I would love to go to Africa... think its a stretch for her driving though 😅
  9. Appreciate the input, I shall give it a google!
  10. Evening All, Please excuse this topic as sounding like an X-Factor into! (sob, sob, sob) So we are due to go on honeymoon come May, but as you would expect its likely to get cancelled. Unfortunately, our wedding got cancelled by Boris last weekend too... So its been a hellish time for both of us and as you would expect, we have lost some amount of £££. We did however mange to get married at home - so we are delighted. Its times like these you are thankful for health and happiness rather than material possessions. I have an extremely understanding wife who wants to go shooting all around the UK as a plan B. Were both into Sporting, she likes some easier compak as she is a relative novice. So... We have never been to Devon / Cornwall, Norwich or Wales! Can this fine fraternity provide us with names of some commercial shoots in those areas that might be open later in the year for a couple of honeymooners? I would be interested in doing some stalking or rifle shooting too if it was available. Were seriously planning doing 1000+ miles going and seeing the things in the UK we have neglected until now. *fingers crossed she might buy me a Krieghoff when we swing by Bywell or Ian Coley haha! (suspect im being a chancer though haha) Cheers 👍
  11. We used to buy exclusively from Laporte - you would get deals on pallets of clays with them. I would personally go Laporte or Promatic if i was starting again.
  12. Sure you don't have the back mount at the front and vice versa?
  13. No worries! Yes the farm is 100% fine. The FX impact allows you to dial it right down to minimum 👍
  14. Do i need a specific variation stating ".22 fac air" for a fac airgun or can i just get one?
  15. I have both already. Why do you prefer it?
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