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  1. I have never personally subscribed to the figure of 8 thing. It seems alien to me in fact - Its way to much to concentrate on. Personally, ditch the middle bead and cover the clay with the barrel.
  2. I have seen this on vehicles with 70-100kg shafts and its not pretty. Its like a steel strimmer.
  3. Did mine a year ago at about £500. Bloody typical.
  4. GunLine Camp Perry chequering tools. 20 + 22 sets available I inherited them and have never used them - however, they may have been used. These are nearly £300 per set on Bronwells - Im looking for £75 each set. (If you think im wildly wrong, please enlighten me).
  5. Jupiler or Spaten are nice
  6. Apologies! They aren't known as that in my trade. I was worried that grinding will soften the tip. I shall eBay "turnscrew drivers".
  7. Evening team, does anyone know of any decent thin flat screwdrivers for removing a trigger guard screw? It must be less than 1mm slotted. I don't have a driver that will fit so need to buy one.
  8. But you only have 49... in 7 different pens 🧐
  9. "Touring the UK"... well 4 locations in England maybe.
  10. looks like mango worms... don't google it if you are of nervous disposition.
  11. Cawdor118


    Both were great. 90/10 is more for the SBE3 I have heard. I haven't had a problem hitting with them
  12. I suggest you go buy 15k cartridges and don't bother with plugs - you don't deserve your ears. I would give a nut (as long as it was a dud) to have lived through the 80/90's music scene. Best music ever! 😂
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