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  1. I have 24 in 2 x 60L bags. i leave them all together.
  2. Just a quick review from a non affiliated customer - Myself and the old man were down at Morton today - lovely wee shoot with reasonable prices (Circa £7 for 25 birds). 4 x rounds of Skeet and a round of ABT were welcome changes of my usual Sporting conquests. I must admit we were both surprised how well we did considering we don't shoot many trap disciplines. Lovely people and a very welcoming club. I would recommend if you are in to any trap disciplines!
  3. Easy 10,000 - so a lifetime and some for most folk.
  4. To quote Alan Turing? - "Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine."
  5. Good skills - good memories of the place.
  6. I spent the £110 on a new long pad from Brownells when i had a M2. Sold the M2 now and have kept the pad just in case i get another in future. Even £50 is a lot for what it is.
  7. This is exactly it! its purely an Itch to scratch. I wouldn't bother selling the DT10.
  8. Now, the Benelli is hideous in my opinion! I currently have a DT10 so its something premium i'm after.
  9. I really like them! There is something unconventional about them.
  10. My apologies, i think i put the american name up. Its the super sport in the UK. I was in Macleods of Tain and he had a pro with the high rib - surprisingly it fit like a glove and i really liked it. I was going to go down to Bywell, but i couldn't face the 600 mile round trip at the time. I may just have to bite the bullet.
  11. Evening all, I have taken a serious liking to the K80 *super sport but i have never tried one. Is there anywhere in the UK you can go and try out one? It would also interest me to try a Parcours just in case it feels better. I know there are a couple in my area, but i don't know the guys that well. Cheers!
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