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  1. https://www.brownells.co.uk/GEL-COMB-RAISED-SBE-II/M2/SS Available on back order.
  2. I was £1256 for an Impreza P1... 7 years after i passed my test! 🤠
  3. Bywell - Great facility but very trap orientated (I shot a Wednesday). Thimbelby - Great value, great location but lots and lots of high driven birds. Everything is "shootbale" though. EJ Churchill (Swinton) - Expensive, nice location but again mostly high driven birds. Bisley at Braidwood - Easily the best shoot we attended this week, the choice is phenomenal. Its expensive though.
  4. £20k for unfavorable working hours. It doesn't look too attractive to me.
  5. Sam Usher - i just stumbled upon the same watch on Instagram. He's a AAA shot and shoots for Ian Coley.
  6. I know, assumed there would be nothing that close to the city? Westlands is really good, i did 2 days there a few months back.
  7. Evening, Can you all recommend me sporting clay shoots that are open in and around the following counties please? Northumberland - Bywell is on the list Cumbria - ? Durham - ? Yorkshire - Park lodge is on the list, EJ Churchill Swinton is on the list.
  8. I had a M2 and loved it. Only sold it as the 28" barrel felt like a snooker cue.
  9. Yes , I'm up and down to Aviemore practicing clays a far bit and never received a fine. I go 70mph in the dual sections and 60mph in the single carriageway. The 3.0l hilux struggles to do over 70 anyway! 🤣. I'm the same in the works wagon.
  10. Well done that man!
  11. And your effort was appreciated! Great set up and as I said before, my first ever "zero" score on a stand ha-ha!
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