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  1. Top is 1/4 Bottom is 1/2 I generally shoot bottom barrel first, so would also have the chokes the other way around. The further a bird is away, the more choke you need to keep the pattern together on the way to it. That's my theory.
  2. Flippermaj is your man on here! I see Mark has replied above... He will have Inverness North covered. Great guy too!
  3. Don't over think it and shoot when you feel comfortable! I was always of the belief that figure of 8 was only applicable with trap guns, but I'm not sure how true this is. Personally, i have shot guns with no bead (snapped off) and guns with a middle bead (yesterday) and if you put the barrel in the right direction the bird or clay is coming down. Genuinely, i can say i have no inclination of where the bead is when Im shooting.
  4. Cawdor118


    Its mental what $500k can buy you!
  5. Really not sure, but from memory they were about £600 - I got the ones for clay shooting and game shooting. If there packed in, i would happily buy another set.
  6. Cawdor118


    Aye, someone didn't want him around much longer! It fascinates me how long this guy would have been getting tailed by drones not knowing he was just like schrodinger's cat.
  7. I have a set of Cens i bought about 6 years ago. I should really get new moulds as my ears are bound to have changed a little. I just don't see the need at the moment as they are comfortable. They are worth every penny i paid for them. Buy once and cry once. Its your ears and you cant buy a new set.
  8. Scotland, but only by 50ish miles! Shame you weren't planning it a little further north!
  9. I wouldn't bother! There is a reason they ceased trading ... they are rubbish.
  10. If i still had my M2 i would have snapped your hand off! Nothing worse than the thumb bite.
  11. The MK38 and DT11 are in a different league and different types of guns in my opinion. DT11 is a competition grade gun, this specific Miroku isn't as common on the competition circuit. Personally, i would save the money and go DT10.
  12. What length is it? Remember they are long compared to a O/U.
  13. Lovely Binos. I had some years ago and the glass is great. ATB selling them.
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