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Found 2 results

  1. Selling various shotguns due to not using them and needing cabinet space and also a airgun I don’t use, I’m based in Fife would prefer collection but can RFD from Dundee (Anglers Choice) for £25 Fee and £30 post BSA SuperTen .22 Bull barrel carbine £400 - airgun comes with 2x magazines, 3-9x50 Ilum scope, has adjustable stock and trigger, plus sling points. .410 Lee Enfield MK.III SMLE £250 - 1911 made Enfield takes 2.5” cases and has the mount for a peep sight attached with sling points. Greener W.W. Martini Action 12G £80 - Takes 2 3/4” cases has a pink case hardened finish on the action does have some surface rust on the barrel and action. Baikal SxS 12G £150 - Takes 2 3/4” cases is in really good condition very tight action and woodwork in great condition Baikal O&U 12G £200 - Takes 2 3/4” cases marking on the barrel says 3” at over 6 Tons per square inch but haven’t had chambering checked for firing magnums yet, is a multi choke with some spare chokes in really good condition and tight action Mossberg 500 pump with 2 barrels £650 - Both barrels are marked as 3” normal barrel is a vented ACCU choke 28” and the other is a hushpower with fixed mod choke ideal for areas where noise is a worry. Gun is in really nice condition and ideal for all types of shooting. Open to offers
  2. Hi, I am a UK citizen, but have been working in the USA (California) for the last 14 months. Whilst being quite experienced with firearms from being in the UK army cadets 25+ years ago (L1A1, SA80, No4, Bren, Sten, Brn 9mm) , I'd had limited experience with a shotgun (a few blasts on a 20 gauge). Anyway, whilst here in the US, (after gaining a hunting license) I treated myself to a Wetherby Vanguard 300 Winchester Magnum and a Mossberg 500 for trap shooting. I have grown to love trap shooting, and have blasted of thousands of shells here! I have just sold the rifle, and had no desire to attempt to bring it back to the UK. However, I really want to keep my Mossberg 500, and ultimately bring it back to the UK. I have a US friend who can look after the gun for me until such time as it is ready to ship, pending me aquiring a shotgun license in the UK. I don't yet have a shotgun certificate, but will acquire one on returning to the UK in April (I anticipate no problems with gaining a license) plus the necessary gun safe etc.. So I have a few questions I was wondering you long time UK shooters might be able to answer. My Mossberg 500 has an ATI tactical pistol grip extendible stock and short (14.5”) and long barrels (24”). I realise that the short barrel is a no-no in the UK, but the pistol grip with long barrel should be fine, right (see pic)? I believe UK law only allows a two shell tubular magazine on a pump action shotgun? My Mossberg 500 has a 6 shell mag, but came with a wooden dowel to restrict capacity to 3 shells (CA hunting law). However I hardly think a similar such dowel would be acceptable in the UK as it is too easily removed. So, are Mossberg 500 magazines in the UK restricted in some over way (i.e. permanently by a gunsmith?) or is a simple dowel good enough? After I have acquired my shotgun license, will my US friend be able to post the shotgun direct to me (from the US using FedEx) or will he have to ship it to a firearms dealer in the UK (actually that is how you must ship guns within the US). I understand I have to designate individual shotguns on my license, so will I have to wait until the shotgun arrives and have it marked on the license by the firearms dealer who received the shotgun? If the magazine has to be officially restricted to a two shell capacity, will a firearms dealer receiving the gun on my behalf be able to perform that service before releasing it to me? A lot of questions I know, but I really want to carry on clay pigeon shooting when I return, and I'd really like to keep my Mossberg. It's an awesome all round shotgun! Everything you see in the pic only cost me about 280UK pounds, so a hell of a lot less than what I'd probably have to pay in the UK, thus there's also a financial incentive to shipping over my current shotgun. I will probably seek to obtain a 'classier' dedicated trap shooting gun later, but the Mossie's just such fun! :-) Thanks for any help!
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