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Found 8 results

  1. Hardly used .410 Baikal Hushpower 3 inch chamber, steel proofed, 14 1/2 inch LOP. As close to new condition as a used gun can get. This gun was fitted with the more expensive Hushpower removable baffle set (this was a more expensive option on first purchase). It is an exceptionally quiet gun and was the Hushpower "quiet as an air rifle" standard for many years. Shorter than the Mossberg Hushpowers so will actually fit in a standard Brattonsound cabinet. Some of the photos have reflections on them - there are no marks on the gun at all - it looks like new but has been used. Available for inspection in Swansea, South Wales or possibly along M4 corridor by prior arrangement. RFD to RFD transfer available at actual cost. Needs to go to make way for a new purchase. I'm looking for £275 OVNO.
  2. So I've been researching all last week about hush powers and I think I've made my mind up.... I currently have a .410 pedretti and it extremely quiet with subsonics but lacks the punch past 25 yards max so I'm looking at a 20g Mossberg. Before I buy it just wanted a few last opinions. I've read people saying it's a special cartridge so best to reload to get the most out it. Does anyone care to share their recipe with me? I've got a Lee in my basket ready to order already.... Is there any shells aff the shelf you would recommend to get me going? Will mostly be used for rabbits at night. (I have permission I've shot for a while with air rifle and 22lr etc and am looking to have a bit of fun and challenge my self (have a set of NVG's so will be using the shotgun with those and might try a lamp just to mix things up)) will also be used for feather round the stables and paddocks so noise is factor. And the final question with I've read a few answers to and some seem to contradict others.... how much louder is than the .410?
  3. Selling various shotguns due to not using them and needing cabinet space and also a airgun I don’t use, I’m based in Fife would prefer collection but can RFD from Dundee (Anglers Choice) for £25 Fee and £30 post BSA SuperTen .22 Bull barrel carbine £400 - airgun comes with 2x magazines, 3-9x50 Ilum scope, has adjustable stock and trigger, plus sling points. .410 Lee Enfield MK.III SMLE £250 - 1911 made Enfield takes 2.5” cases and has the mount for a peep sight attached with sling points. Greener W.W. Martini Action 12G £80 - Takes 2 3/4” cases has a pink case hardened finish on the action does have some surface rust on the barrel and action. Baikal SxS 12G £150 - Takes 2 3/4” cases is in really good condition very tight action and woodwork in great condition Baikal O&U 12G £200 - Takes 2 3/4” cases marking on the barrel says 3” at over 6 Tons per square inch but haven’t had chambering checked for firing magnums yet, is a multi choke with some spare chokes in really good condition and tight action Mossberg 500 pump with 2 barrels £650 - Both barrels are marked as 3” normal barrel is a vented ACCU choke 28” and the other is a hushpower with fixed mod choke ideal for areas where noise is a worry. Gun is in really nice condition and ideal for all types of shooting. Open to offers
  4. Hi all, my first post on here so go easy! Firstly to set the scene, I have shot my whole life, having had an extended break for a decade due to lack of money, and recently got back into this wonderful sport and purchased a new ATA O/U 12g which I am very pleased with. Years gone I dabbled in loading my own cartridges just to make basic shells, nothing fancy but did it just because I enjoyed it, so I have very basic experience in reloading. I have recently acquired some really good rabbit/pigeon/crow land which is near horse paddocks. The 12g scares the horses too much, so for fear of loosing the land I am wanting to see which hushpower options were out there. I have ruled out .410 because of the cartridge cost and limited availability, also quite frankly my shooting isn’t good enough in my opinion to operate a .410 to its full effectiveness. Also the load-your-own equipment for .410 would make it cost prohibitive as far as I can see (?). So this leads me on to the larger bores, 12 or 20. The Mossberg offering of both of these is far too heavy, I’ve tried both in gun shops and just felt far too unwieldy. So I guess my question is... Does anybody have any experience or thoughts of a basic pump action (e.g Hatsan), with a Hushpower removable moderator (the one where you send off an extended choke to them, £180 from http://hushpower.co.uk/Gunroom/SG_Hushpower.htm) and then also my ability to produce decent subsonic 12g which actually kills out to a decent enough range but remains at least ‘fairly’ quiet? Thoughts please from anybody with any experience in either reloading subsonic 12’s, or indeed anyone with a larger calibre Hushpower shotgun! Thanks in advance Jim
  5. 20g hush power o/u wanted for a farmer on one my main permissions, he's seen mine in action around the farmyard, and now wants one.
  6. Hey everyone, Looking at the possibility of loading my own 20 bore subsonic cartridges for a hushpower o/u, likely with a fairly large shot size and count. Possibly 30+ grams of #4? Can anyone point me in the right direction in regards to where to get data for such a load and what equipment I need? Totally new to reloading. appreciate that you can buy subsonic loads but by all accounts they're maybe not the best for what I'm after, which is corvids and squirrels. As always, thanks for any help.
  7. Caseylee


    Anyone have one to sell in Cornwall? Prefer 20g
  8. Moving overseas, so getting rid of a few bits and bobs. Just found a mixed box of Eley .410 cartridges. 75 x 3 inch magnum sub-sonics (18gm 6 shot) (Extra Long) 25 x 2.5 inch (12.5gm 6 shot)(Fourlong) 60 x 2 inch (9gm 6 shot) (Fourten) Free (collection King Lynn)
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