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Found 8 results

  1. Selling various shotguns due to not using them and needing cabinet space and also a airgun I don’t use, I’m based in Fife would prefer collection but can RFD from Dundee (Anglers Choice) for £25 Fee and £30 post BSA SuperTen .22 Bull barrel carbine £400 - airgun comes with 2x magazines, 3-9x50 Ilum scope, has adjustable stock and trigger, plus sling points. .410 Lee Enfield MK.III SMLE £250 - 1911 made Enfield takes 2.5” cases and has the mount for a peep sight attached with sling points. Greener W.W. Martini Action 12G £80 - Takes 2 3/4” cases has a pink case hardened finish on the action does have some surface rust on the barrel and action. Baikal SxS 12G £150 - Takes 2 3/4” cases is in really good condition very tight action and woodwork in great condition Baikal O&U 12G £200 - Takes 2 3/4” cases marking on the barrel says 3” at over 6 Tons per square inch but haven’t had chambering checked for firing magnums yet, is a multi choke with some spare chokes in really good condition and tight action Mossberg 500 pump with 2 barrels £650 - Both barrels are marked as 3” normal barrel is a vented ACCU choke 28” and the other is a hushpower with fixed mod choke ideal for areas where noise is a worry. Gun is in really nice condition and ideal for all types of shooting. Open to offers
  2. Afternoon all I have a baikal mp153 3 shot semi auto camouflage painted for sale works absolutely perfect does not jam or anything cycles the way it should County Durham area selling as giving up license please get in touch for more information £300
  3. Slam everyone , Can anyone tell me the size of bead that are on Baikal mp27em thanks
  4. Hi, Can anyone help me identify the choke on my Baikal 27E-IC please? it has two sets of barrels, these are 26.5” skeet and these are 28.5” game any help would be appreciated 👍🏻
  5. Hi all, I've recently brought a second hand Baikal to use as a gun for pigeon decoying and ducks. Today was the first time I have taken it out, and when I was cleaning it I came across these two black spots in one of the barrels that wont move whatever I try. Any idea what they are? I'm not too bothered about them - the reason I got the gun in the first place was so that I didn't have to worry about it too much - I am however slightly puzzled by them. So far I have tried various brass wire brushes, leaving a patch soaked in 009 over it or an hour, general elbow grease etc... Useless photo I know, but its not the easiest thing to photograph - you can just about make out what I'm going on about though. Any help would be greatly appriciated
  6. Hello Chaps. I am a relative newbie in the world of Clay Pigeon Shooting, and I am well and truly enjoying my new found hobby. I acquired my shotgun certificate on the day I finished work before Christmas. When I first started the application process on the 10th October 2015 I sorted my photographs and filled my forms in and sent them off via recorded delivery. I then booked and had a shotgun safety and shooting lesson of 50 clays from my good friend John at Rixton and Astley Shooting Club who goes under the Pigeon Watch username "Webber" I would highly recommend this to a new shooter because as a BASC Shotgun Coach, webber will show you everything from which cartridge is recommended for shooting clays all the way down to the smallest details in safety and gun care in a nice and calm relaxed atmosphere, after I had completed the lesson, I was presented with a hand signed certificate of completion from webber. I then purchased my cabinet online and firmly installed it and then waited for the phone call from my FEO. The phone call came from my FEO on the 24th of November and he booked an interview for the next day! He came around and had a brew and a chat with me about general shooting matters, asking me how I got into the sport and general safety questions, he was really helpful and advised me on how to transport my shotgun and etiquette about gun ownership. He then asked me about my experience of gun handling, I then produced my certificate from Rixton and Astley Shooting Club, with which he was very impressed as the main points of gun handling is listed on the certificate and practiced on the lesson. He then inspected my gun cabinet. He was impressed that I had bought the more expensive five deadlock Brattonsound cabinet for extra security. after another brew and a chat he left in good spirits and told me it would be around eight weeks for the certificate to come through. Over the next few weeks I got all of my insurance with BASC sorted and began buying bits and bobs for my kit like certificate holder, ear plugs and glasses etc. I then woke up on the 18th December and there was my shotgun certificate sitting on the mat! I got straight onto webber and told him I would be bobbing up to his shop the following weekend. The following weekend I went to Norgas Cartridge Company in St Helens where I had an extensive choice of guns that where personally recommended by webber for my purpose of shooting clay pigeons. it's always the best to take the advice of a professional shooter like webber and not to jump straight in and buy the first gun that takes your eye. as you can buy a gun that will not fit you and be completely impractical for your purpose. You really need to think about the practicality of what the gun will be used for. webber then tried each gun in my shoulder and checked my eye level with the rib and we narrowed my choice down to two cracking guns. I decided to go with a Baikal Model 27 in 12 bore which fit me perfectly with a rubber stock extension. which he threw in for free with the kit I was buying! if that's not top notch customer service I don't know what is! I then had a very good christmas and eagerly awaited the boxing day shoot at Rixton and Astley and webber's birthday! I got there late because I am a lazy sod and slept in til 12PM I did manage to get a round of 25 clays in on the practice stand though in which I hit 13/25 with my new gun. Using Clever Mirage 7 1/2 28G cartridges, it's fair to say I went home buzzing! When applying for a shotgun certificate my advice as a newbie if you are local to Widnes/St Helens would be to take a lesson with webber to understand the aspects of gun safety and handling, and take the advice like I did of someone like webber who knows what they are doing and not jump in head first. All in all it took 69 days from sending the forms off, to having my certificate in my hands. Cheers to Webber for all of your help and advice! If you shoot at Rixton and Astley, I will see you there!
  7. Hi Could anyone shed some light on my problem please? My Baikal has been piercing primers on the bottom barrel on all sorts of cartridges. I've had the firing pins out and the bottom barrel pin is pitted and very black. I’ve cleaned it up twice now and polished the end with some fine grit wet n dry. The last time I did it I shortened the pin by roughly .5ml to see if this would help, but it didn’t. The pin is smooth and rounded with no lips or sharp edges. Something I have noticed though is that the slide that cocks the hammer is stiff on the bottom barrel. I'm not sure of the name of the part. Could this be the cause of the problem? If you click the link and scroll down the page there is a picture of the internals of a Baikal. The internals in my gun look identical even thought this is a different model http://www.sportinggun.co.uk/guns/53011 ... eview.html Help much appreciated.
  8. I am looking to buy a second gun. Only to be used by my guests so nothing special. I am willing to pay up to 50 quid . I am located in Cambridgeshire and I can colect from the area! Cheers!
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